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Picture (Not) Perfect

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“Jungkook. I need you to stay after class,” Hobeom, Jungkook’s conceptual photography professor said to him. Jungkook was confused. He was a good student, why would he need to stay after class?

Once the rest of the class had filtered out, Jungkook nervously walked up to Hobeom’s desk.

“What is this about? Was my last assignment not good?” Jungkook asked. He was sure he read the guidelines over and over. Everything should be perfect, like it always was.

“It was good. Don’t worry. But I do have some concerns about you,” Hobeom said. Jungkook swallowed roughly. He had never gotten in trouble before. Not since high school anyway.

“Okay uh…what’s wrong?”

“Your technique is near perfect. Every photo you take looks like it has been taken by someone with years more experience than you have. You won’t have any issues finding work once you graduate,” Hobeom started.

“Thank you, sir…” Jungkook said. He didn’t want to hear what Hobeom had to say next.

“But this is conceptual photography, Jungkook. Your technique is good but it’s not enough for this class. Your photos are amazing, but there’s nothing behind them. If it’s a picture of your girlfriend, that’s all there is to it. I want to see more from you. I don’t just want you to be good, I want you to be interesting,” he continued.

Jungkook kind of knew what he was talking about. Concept was never his strong suit.

“I’m giving you an extra assignment this week. I want you to take photos of anything you want, and anything that makes you feel something for the week. And don’t delete a thing. When you come back in on Monday, we’ll go through your photos together,” Hobeom said. Jungkook nodded.

“Okay, sir. I will do my best,” Jungkook said. And Hobeom dismissed him.

As Jungkook walked to his apartment, he considered Hobeom’s words. He was always concerned with being perfect. He never wanted anything out of place. He had been so concerned about perfecting his technique that he became boring.

As an artist, could he make it with technique alone? Probably not. Nobody liked a boring artist.

If he wanted to photograph weddings and charity events for his entire life it would probably be okay, but that’s not really what he wanted to do with his degree.

He was an artist. He wanted to make art.

Jungkook unlocked the door to his apartment and walked inside. It was quiet, which meant Seokjin wasn’t home. He tossed his stuff onto his desk in his room and laid down on his bed.

He really didn’t know how to be interesting. He was talented, but that was probably the most interesting thing about him. Everything else was pretty generic.

He was a broke college student, he had a girlfriend, he had his circle of friends, he had a job serving tables. It was almost funny how incredibly boring he was. How was he going to come up with interesting photos to show Hobeom in a week?

Jungkook took his phone out of his pocket and checked his messages.

Jiho: Hi baby~ how was school today?? I miss you!

Taehyung: Mario Kart tournament at mine and Yoongi’s place tonight, be there or be square!

Seokjin: I’m going to work. See you at Taehyung and Yoongi’s tonight.

Well, at least he could take his mind off of how boring he was with a good ol’ Mario Kart tournament.


“Jungkook! You came!” Taehyung said as he opened the door for him. Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“Why would I not be here?” Jungkook asked. Taehyung shrugged and moved aside so Jungkook could come in. Yoongi, Namjoon and Hoseok were already sitting on the couch.

“Hey Kook,” Yoongi said and the other two mimicked his greeting.

“Seokjin will be late. He has work,” Jungkook said, sitting on the floor in front of them.

“Cool. Hey Tae, when’s your little friend coming around?” Namjoon asked. Jungkook whipped his head around to look at Taehyung, who was sitting next to him now.

“Uhh probably within the next half hour,” Taehyung said.

“Friend? I thought you said dates weren’t allowed on boys’ nights?” Jungkook asked.

“He’s just a friend, Jungkook. I think he would mesh well with the group, so I invited him,” Taehyung said.

“But Jiho’s not allowed over,” Jungkook complained. Jiho had been banned from group hangouts and Taehyung always used the excuse that she wasn’t part of the group. Now his new “friend” got to be a part of things? It was unfair.

“Yeah but she’s a girlfriend. It’s different,” Taehyung said. It didn’t seem that different. This guy still wasn’t part of their group.

Jungkook didn’t argue any further. Taehyung’s logic was impossible to debate with since it usually wasn’t logical at all.

But it still bothered him.

There was a knock on the door shortly after and Taehyung pretty much ran to the door. He seemed enthusiastic for greeting someone who was just supposed to be a friend.

The door opened and Jungkook heard a soft voice.

“Hi! I’m glad I got the right place, I was worried,” it said. Jungkook immediately didn’t like the sound of this guy’s voice. What kind of man had a voice like that? It was high-pitched but somehow raspy. It didn’t sound good.

“Come in! They’re all excited to meet you,” Taehyung said. Jungkook almost rolled his eyes.

He looked over at the man that Taehyung invited. He was little, shorter than Yoongi, and he was wearing an oversized sweater that made him look even smaller. His hair was fluffy and his cheeks were red. Overall, this guy just seemed incredibly soft. Almost to the point that it made Jungkook sick. If this dude was a food, he’d be cotton candy for sure.

And Jungkook didn’t like cotton candy.

“Hey guys. This is Jimin. Jimin, this is Hoseok, Namjoon, Yoongi and Jungkook,” Taehyung introduced. Jimin waved and the rest of the group waved back.

“I think I know you,” Hoseok said. Jungkook saw a flicker of recognition in Jimin’s expression.

“Yes! I just transferred to the same school as you guys. You’re in the dance program right? We had class together today?” Jimin asked.

Hoseok hopped up from his seat to get closer to Jimin. He took Jimin’s surprisingly tiny hands in his own.

“Yes! You’re so precious oh my god. How did an angel like you befriend Taehyung?” Hoseok said. Jungkook almost gagged.

“We had English together today. He told me you guys were playing Mario Kart and I love that game so he invited me,” Jimin said.

“Well, welcome to the gang! You can sit there.”

Taehyung gestured for Jimin to sit down next to Jungkook on the floor. Jungkook wasn’t too happy about this. He already didn’t like this guy’s whole vibe.

Jimin smelled disgustingly sweet. When he sat next to Jungkook the aroma wafted over to him. Jungkook kind of wanted to vomit.

He was also hyperaware of how Jimin’s thigh was gently brushing Jungkook’s. Why did this guy have such big thighs? Why did they have to get in Jungkook’s space?

“You’re Jungkook right?” Jimin asked. Jungkook’s eyes moved from Jimin’s thighs to his eyes. His voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard. Jungkook nodded. “Nice to meet you! Do you go to school with us?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook said, keeping it short. He wasn’t overly interested in conversing with this guy.

“Oh…What’s your major?” Jimin asked.

Jungkook didn’t answer, but instead held up his camera. Jimin hummed in response.

“Jungkook takes really nice photos, but I heard he got in trouble from Professor Hobeom today,” Yoongi said. Jungkook turned around and scowled at him. He hated that Yoongi pretty much knew everything about the photography department, especially about Hobeom’s students.

That’s what he gets for befriending one of the top photography students at his school.

“I see…” Jimin said. Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“I didn’t get in trouble. I was just given an extra assignment. It’s not a big deal,” Jungkook lied. It was a big deal to him. It cut him really deeply actually.

“What kind of assignment?” Jimin asked. Jungkook groaned. Did this guy ever stop asking questions?

“Don’t worry about it,” he snapped. He didn’t actually mean for it to come out as mean as it did. Jimin looked surprised.

“Sorry I asked…” he said as he turned around to talk to the guys on the couch.

When Seokjin arrived they started playing the game. Jungkook was excited. He won every Mario Kart tournament they held for the last six months. It was lame, but it was something he knew he was good at. It was bound to lift his self-esteem.

However, Jimin had never been at any of their past tournaments. The two of them were alternating first and second place every race. Jimin was good, really good.

“Ooooh! You getting scared Jungkookie? Jimin’s better than you,” Taehyung teased. Jimin was giggling next to him and Jungkook wanted to make him shut up. Jimin’s very presence annoyed Jungkook, but now he was ending Jungkook’s streak and laughing about it.

“You better watch out Jungkook. I’m coming for your streak!” Jimin said. Jungkook wanted to knock the controller out of his hand, but he refrained from doing so. If he was going to win, he was going to win fairly.

But he lost. Jimin ended his streak.

Jimin stood up and cheered and all the other’s joined him, but Yoongi. And Yoongi would probably be up there with them if he wasn’t so tired all the time.

Jungkook could be a good sport. If anyone else ended his streak, he would be okay with it. But he didn’t like Jimin. Not even a little bit. So getting beaten by him felt like a slap in the face.

“How does it feel to lose for once, Kookie?” Taehyung asked, poking him in the cheek. Jungkook smacked his hand away.

“Shut the fuck up, Taehyung,” Jungkook said. Taehyung ignored his angry tone and went back to celebrating with Jimin and the others.

“Well I should get going. I have class at eight tomorrow. Thank you so much for having me. I had a lot of fun,” Jimin said. Jungkook held back the rude comments that built up in his throat.

“Bye Jimin! It was nice meeting you! Hope you can come back soon!” the others said. Jimin waved goodbye to everyone, but he avoided eye-contact with Jungkook.

When he was out the door, it felt like a relief. Jimin made him uncomfortable and angry. He couldn’t really explain it, but his presence made Jungkook so uneasy.

“So…what do you guys think of him? He’s very…” Taehyung started.

“Hot?” Namjoon interrupted.

“Yeeesss!!” Yoongi pretty much moaned. Jungkook was taken aback.

“Yeah that’s totally why I sat next to him in English in the first place. It’s not every day that a mega hot guy just appears out of no where,” Taehyung said. Jungkook was appalled.

“Wait…you guys really find him attractive?” Jungkook asked.

“Dude…yeah. He’s hot and cool and a fucking dancer. He’s like a wet dream come true,” Namjoon said.

“I mean I don’t usually like the cute type…but I’d do him in a second,” Yoongi added.

“I don’t see it,” Jungkook said.

“Well you’re straight so your opinion doesn’t matter,” Taehyung said. Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“Did Jimin tell you why he transferred here out of no where?” Hoseok asked. It was odd for someone to transfer so late into the semester.

“He just said he didn’t like his old school and he wanted a fresh start,” Taehyung said with a shrug.

“Oh well. It’s always nice getting a new friend,” Hoseok said. Jungkook chewed on his bottom lip. He felt like he needed to be honest.

“Guys…I really don’t like him,” Jungkook admitted.

“Jungkook. It’s just Mario Kart. Let it go,” Seokjin said sternly.

“It’s not that. I already didn’t like him before the Mario Kart.”

“Well…I don’t really see what’s not to like. He’s really sweet and funny and he likes the same stuff we do. I think you’re just cranky about getting in shit with Hobeom,” Yoongi said.

Jungkook honestly hoped so. Jimin seemed like a good fit with everyone else, Jungkook didn’t want to be the odd one out.

But something in his gut was telling him that it wasn’t like that. He wasn’t supposed to be near Jimin. His instincts were telling him to keep his distance.

“I’m gonna get going. I told Jiho I’d spend the night with her,” Jungkook said, getting up from his place on the floor.

“Okay Kookie. See you tomorrow,” Hoseok said. The others mumbled their goodbyes and Jungkook walked out the door.

During his walk to Jiho’s place, he couldn’t get Jimin out of his head. Jungkook was never the type of person to hate someone for no reason, but he just had a bad feeling about Jimin. Something about him rubbed Jungkook the wrong way.

It was more than just losing at Mario Kart, and Jimin being favoured over Jiho. Something deep inside him was telling him that Jimin was trouble. And Jungkook wasn’t interested in getting into trouble.


Seokjin: We’re in the studio with Hoseok and Jimin! Come eat!

Jungkook rolled his eyes at his text. They had only met Jimin yesterday and already he was eating with them at lunch. Jungkook didn’t see the appeal. What was there to like? His voice was annoying, his laugh was intolerable. Maybe he was hot, but only three of his friends even liked men to his knowledge. Why did the others like him so much too?

Still, Jungkook made his way to the studio. Everyone was already there when he arrived. Hoseok and Jimin were dancing and the others were sitting against the mirror, eating and cheering the other two on.

Before Jungkook started eating, he snapped some photos of Hoseok and the others. Then he remembered his assignment. He was supposed to shoot things that made him feel something. He supposed dislike was also a feeling.

He shot some photos of Jimin as well. He wanted to delete them, but he knew he shouldn’t. Hobeom would want to see them.

When the music ended, Hoseok and Jimin caught their breath and sat down with everyone else.

“You know, Jungkook is a really good dancer too,” Hoseok said. Jimin looked at him with interest.

“Really? I’d love to see that,” Jimin said, with a smile.

“Don’t feel like it,” Jungkook mumbled. Jimin stood up and tugged on Jungkook’s arm.

“Come! Let’s dance together!” he said, giggling away.

Jungkook ripped his arm out of Jimin’s grasp. Jimin stumbled back, barely avoiding falling over.

“I said I didn’t want to. Do you fucking listen?” he snapped. He was meaner than he wanted to be again, but he didn’t feel good enough to apologize.

Jimin glared at him and Jungkook knew he was about to lose it.

“What’s your issue with me? You’ve been mean to me from the start. I left my last school to avoid people like you and you don’t even-“

Jimin cut himself off and walked out of the studio, slamming the door behind him. Taehyung and Hoseok got up and ran after him. Jungkook felt frozen.

“Jungkook what’s your problem?” Yoongi asked.

“Yeah, you’re being such a jerk for nothing. He didn’t do anything to you,” Seokjin continued.

Jungkook knew they were right. He was being unreasonable.

“Guys I’m sorry. I just really don’t like him and he was tugging on me and stuff. I just snapped,” Jungkook said. He knew making excuses just made him sound worse.

“You better apologize to him. Taehyung and Hoseok will be pissed if you don’t,” Namjoon said.

Jungkook knew that he had to. But he really didn’t want to. Any interaction with Jimin was just the worst. Jimin was just the worst.

But he didn’t want his friends to hate him.

“Yeah okay. I’ll go say sorry.”


Jungkook found the others in the cafeteria with Jimin. He wasn’t crying or anything, but he did look really angry. Jungkook couldn’t help but pick up his camera and take a photo. After all, it did make him feel things.

Just not good things.

Jungkook approached them and Taehyung and Hoseok looked just as pissed as Jimin. He cleared his throat.

“Can I talk to Jimin alone?” he asked. Taehyung looked like he wanted to say no, but Hoseok was already leading him away by the hand. When he was sure they were out of hearing range, Jungkook sat down across from Jimin.

“Come to yell at me some more?” Jimin asked. Jungkook thought that Jimin’s voice would be shaky, that his lip would be trembling. But Jimin was firm. He was strong.

“Listen. I don’t like you. I’m sure I’ve made that clear. But I know I shouldn’t have yelled. I’m sorry,” Jungkook said. It was as sincere as he could make it.

“What’s your issue with me? Did you find out I’m gay? I find that reason hard to believe considering you’re friends with Taehyung,” Jimin said, spite clear in his voice.

“It’s not because you’re gay. I don’t care about that,” Jungkook said. He was straight but he wasn’t a homophobe.

“Do you know? About…” Jimin was suddenly speaking quieter. He was waiting for Jungkook to fill in the rest of the sentence, like Jungkook knew some type of deep secret about him.

“No. I don’t know a damn thing about you okay? I just don’t like you. You rub me the wrong way. Your voice pisses me off, your demeanour is obnoxious. I don’t have a good reason okay? It’s just that simple. I don’t think we’ll get along,” Jungkook said. Jimin frowned.

“Fine. But I’m not going to stop hanging out with them. I don’t expect you to either. Just be civil, okay? Then there won’t be any problems,” Jimin said. Jungkook nodded.



“You’re pretty,” Jungkook said, running his fingers through Jiho’s long, black hair. She smiled up at him.

“So are you. How was your day?” she asked, leaning up to give him a kiss.

Jungkook thought about his fight with Jimin. More accurately, he couldn’t stop thinking about his fight with Jimin.

He had never met someone that pushed his buttons so much. Even if Jimin so much as breathed audibly, Jungkook was filled with anger. Every feature on Jimin’s body pissed him off. His eyes were uneven, his lips looked weird, his nose was too small, his thighs were too big. Jungkook could find something wrong with everything.

He had never been like this before. He never found so much to dislike about someone. Especially someone that didn’t do anything wrong.

“There’s this guy who’s getting on my nerves. I can’t figure out why,” Jungkook said.

“Really? Well…when did you meet him?” Jiho asked.

“Yesterday. I don’t know what it is about him, I just can’t stand him. But he’s friends with my friends so I kind of have to hang out with him,” Jungkook said.

“Well…if he’s with them, why don’t you come see me instead?” she said. She smiled and started tugging him toward the bedroom. Jungkook smirked.

“That doesn’t sound so bad I guess.”


However, Jungkook was not counting on Jimin hanging out with them at every second of every day. He really underestimated his friends’ relationships with Jimin. Every time he went to the studio to see Hoseok, Jimin was there. Every time he went to the cafeteria to eat with Taehyung, Jimin was there. Jimin was always there.

For the next few days, Jungkook couldn’t get away from him. Seokjin had even invited him over to their apartment one night for a cooking lesson. Jungkook could only go to Jiho’s place so much.

On the bright side, Jungkook’s camera was filling up. Jimin made him feel so many negative feelings, and every time he felt one. He snapped a photo. And so far, Jimin hadn’t caught him. He didn’t really want to explain that he took a photo of him every time he hated him particularly hard.

On Friday night, Taehyung and Yoongi invited the group over again to watch a movie. To Jungkook’s dismay, Jimin was also invited. He and Jimin agreed to keep it civil, and Jungkook planned to keep that up.

Outbursts like the one in the studio were things he tended to avoid.

Jungkook sat in his usual spot on the floor, and Jimin was on the couch, as far as he could be from Jungkook. He had barely said two words to Jimin since their fight, and he wasn’t upset about that fact.

The less Jimin said to him, the better.

Jungkook found that he couldn’t focus on the movie. Jimin’s presence was a force that he couldn’t keep his mind off of. He didn’t know if he wanted to yell at him, or fight him or what.

So Jungkook decided to take a picture of him.

When he turned around to set up his shot, he was taken aback by the look of it. The lights were off, and the only light was the light from the tv. Jimin looked really good. For Jimin anyway.

He took his time setting up the perfect shot. And just before Jungkook took it, Jimin turned to look at him.

They made eye-contact. Or more accurately, Jimin looked at him through the viewfinder. Jungkook inhaled sharply, and he pressed down the button and took the photo.

The moment felt strangely intimate. Usually he didn’t care if someone saw him taking a photo of them, even if they were a stranger. But having Jimin look at him while he shot him was like a completely different experience.

He felt like Jimin was looking into his soul. Like he saw Jungkook’s deepest secrets.

Jungkook quickly put the camera back in his lap and turned back to the movie. He could feel Jimin’s eyes remain on him for a moment before he turned back as well. Jungkook felt like his heart would beat out of his chest.

Why did Jimin have such an intense effect on him? Jungkook started flipping through his photos and looked at the one he just took.

It was breathtaking. Jungkook knew he was a good photographer, but this photo was something else. He wondered if it looked that way because of how it felt in the moment, or if other people would be able to look at it and feel the intensity too.

Jungkook gripped his shirt over his heart. He could feel it beating, and he wanted it to calm down.

It was just Jimin. It was just a quick glance. It was just a photo.

So why did it feel like so much more?

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“Jungkook, why don’t you tell me what pictures in here are different. I know you know,” Hobeom said when Jungkook brought him his flash drive filled with his pictures. He took a couple thousand, it took a long time to go through them all.

And he did know exactly which ones were different.

“The ones with him in it,” he said, pointing to a photo of Jimin on the screen.

“Right. Your technique gets shaky when you take photos of him. It’s like you don’t want to look at him for long enough to set up a good shot. But because of that I can really feel some emotion towards him. You should explore this. Spend more time with him,” Hobeom said.

Jungkook’s heart sank. He sort of knew Hobeom would say that when he handed him the photos, but he was hoping he wouldn’t. He didn’t exactly want to spend more time with Jimin.

“This photo in particular. There’s a lot of feeling here, Jungkook,” Hobeom said, pulling up the photo that he took of Jimin that Friday night, where he caught Jungkook for the first time.

Jungkook agreed. The photo was objectively beautiful. But there was also a sort of mood to it that made Jungkook’s heart race. Every time he looked at it he was reminded of Jimin’s eyes piercing his soul.

It was the best photo he had ever taken. But he didn’t like the subject.

“I don’t mean to be a pain, but I actually really don’t like him. If I could find some other topic that would be ideal,” Jungkook admitted.

“Well, if you can find something else that shows you can express yourself I’ll allow it. But for now, these photos are the best I’ve seen from you. They’re really good. I’d like to see more,” Hobeom said.

He dismissed Jungkook with that, and Jungkook felt sick.

He didn’t like spending time with Jimin. He was hoping his friends would grow tired of him and they could go back to normal within the week, but that didn’t happen. And now even his professor wanted him to spend more time with Jimin.

It felt like the entire world was against him.

Just then, he felt someone grab his forearm with bruising strength and turn him around. He was met with Jimin, the man that the entire universe wanted him to be around. The man he couldn’t escape even though he wanted to so badly. And he didn’t look happy.

“Oh god. You’re the last person I want to see right now. What do you want?” Jungkook asked. Jimin’s frown became more exaggerated.

“Why are you taking pictures of me?” Jimin asked. Jungkook groaned. He knew this question was coming sooner or later, but he was hoping it would take longer for Jimin to catch on. He wanted to at least finish the project Hobeom was making him work on before Jimin got angry with him.

“Listen, I take photos of everyone. Even strangers. You’re not special,” Jungkook said. He was lying. Jimin was special, in a way. Just probably not in the way Jimin was thinking.

“But you take more of me than anyone else. I don’t like it,” Jimin said.

“You’re so full of yourself. If you must know, you’re an interesting topic for me, because I’ve never photographed something I’ve hated before. My photos of you look different, and my professor likes them. I’m trying to find something that interests him more, but I haven’t found anything yet. Happy?” Jungkook explained.

Jimin was fiddling with the sleeves of his sweater. They were too long for him, why did Jimin insist on wearing clothes too big for him?

Jungkook’s eyes trailed down to Jimin’s thighs, where the pants were stretched tight. Jungkook wondered how Jimin managed to squeeze his legs into pants that tight.

Jungkook looked back up at Jimin’s face. He had a slight pout on his lips, and his eyebrows were knitted together. He looked almost like an angry kitten rather than a man.

Jungkook naturally lifted his camera and snapped a photo of him, right in front of his face. Jimin let him.

“Whatever. I just don’t want my photo getting spread around. I don’t exactly want to become a familiar face around campus,” Jimin warned. He looked around as if he thought someone might be listening.

“Don’t worry. If I can find a new topic I won’t be taking any more photos of you. I don’t really want to see your face any more than I already have to,” Jungkook said.

Jimin looked at him for a while longer. He looked like he was deciding whether or not to tear Jungkook a new one right there in the hallway.

“Fine. Just don’t put them anywhere,” Jimin said. Jungkook sighed.

“Fine by me.”


“Who’s this guy in all your photos?” Jiho asked him as she went through his camera. She was laying on her bed next to Jungkook. He peeked at what she was looking at, but he already had a feeling he knew.

“Oh, that’s Jimin. He’s the guy I told you about. The one I don’t like,” Jungkook said.

“So why do you have like a million pictures of him?” Jiho asked. He looked over her shoulder and he realized he really did have a lot of pictures of Jimin. It looked almost like he was obsessed with him.

“He’s my subject for a project. I didn’t want him to be, but it sort of happened that way,” Jungkook said.

As Jiho flipped through the photos he realized that he only had two photos where Jimin actually looked at him. And even though Jimin smiled a lot, he wasn’t smiling in either one.

It almost made Jungkook feel special in a way. Like he could affect Jimin’s mood differently than other people could. Even if it was in a bad way.

“He looks very familiar to me, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen him before,” Jiho said. Jungkook hummed.

“I don’t know. He just transferred to our school like a week ago,” Jungkook said. Jimin didn’t really have a common looking face. He wondered where Jiho had seen him before. Mistaking him for someone else wold be difficult.

“Weird. I swear I’ve seen him before,” Jiho said. Jungkook pulled her in by the waist and kissed her neck.

“Why are you so interested in him? You gonna leave me for him?” Jungkook asked. She kissed his lips gently.

“Of course not.”

He kissed her and held her tight. But for some reason she tasted bitter.

And he was craving sweets.


“Okay, okay. Namjoon tell us about your first time,” Taehyung said. They were all sitting around the table at Taehyung and Yoongi’s apartment. They had all been drinking, and Jungkook was definitely feeling tipsy.

Maybe more than tipsy.

“Honestly it’s not that exciting. I was sixteen and I was at a party. Got drunk, met a girl and we had sex in the bathroom. She was a lot more experienced than I was, I think she was rather disappointed,” Namjoon said.

The whole table laughed, and Jimin laughed the loudest. It was irritating. Jungkook wasn’t happy about him being here, but it was seeming more and more like he had a permanent spot in their friend group. He and Taehyung had been inseparable. Hoseok was basically obsessed with him.

It seemed like Park Jimin was here to stay.

“What about you, Jimin? Tell us about your first time,” Taehyung said, nudging Jimin with his elbow. Jimin’s face was red, and Jungkook didn’t know if it was from the alcohol or the embarrassment.

“It’s not really interesting,” Jimin said, laughing nervously.

“Tell us anyway!” Hoseok said, wrapping his arm around Jimin’s shoulders. “Your story has to be better than Namjoon’s.”

“Um, okay. I had just turned eighteen, and this older guy was really charming. He was a lot older than me though. Like at least twice my age. I knew there wasn’t a possibility of a relationship even though I wanted one. But that didn’t really stop me from getting bent over his desk,” Jimin said, taking a swig from his beer.

The group erupted in howls and laughter. Jungkook was more in shock than anything though. What would an older man want with Jimin?

Maybe it was the alcohol in his bloodstream, maybe he just wanted to understand the appeal, but Jungkook started picturing how Jimin would look bent over a desk like that. He wondered what Jimin might sound like, if his cheeks would be as red as they were now.

He shook the thought before it could continue any further.

“Shit Minnie! Did you sleep together more than once?” Seokjin asked.

“Yeah, we were sleeping together a couple times a week but he ended things after a few months. I actually saw him again recently and we started things up again. It was pretty amazing actually, but it ended really badly,” Jimin said, sighing.

“Badly? How?” Taehyung asked.

“I won’t get into too much. There was a lot wrong with what we were doing. But the worst part was when I found out he was married. He was married when I was eighteen too. I was so smitten with him but he had a wife the whole time. I felt pretty awful,” Jimin said.

His eyes looked so sad. Whoever this guy was, he cut Jimin deep. Jungkook picked up his camera from the table and took a picture of him.

“What a scumbag. You deserve better than that, Jimin,” Hoseok said, cuddling Jimin close. Jimin smiled into their hug, all of the sadness in his eyes was gone.

Jungkook couldn’t help but feel a little bit angry. The story was brutal, but Jungkook couldn’t figure out who he was mad at.

“Couldn’t find someone your own age?” Jungkook said, anger clear in his tone. Usually he would have held comments like that back, but the alcohol was affecting him a little too much.

Jimin was glaring at him. But instead of starting a fight he just rolled his eyes.

“What about you, Jungkook? Tell us about your first time,” Jimin said. He was refusing to make eye-contact with Jungkook, and Jungkook wondered if he had hurt Jimin’s feelings.

“No that’s boring. We all know it was Jiho, and she’s like the least exciting person on the planet,” Taehyung said, waving Jungkook off with his hand.

“Hey, watch it,” Jungkook warned.

“Who’s Jiho?” Jimin asked.

“Jungkook’s lame ass girlfriend,” Taehyung said. Jungkook was getting annoyed. Jimin had pissed him off enough, and now Taehyung was just making it all worse.

“What’s your issue with her? You’re always so rude about her,” Jungkook said, slamming his drink down on the table.

“Oh…is hating someone for no reason something that upsets you?” Taehyung retorted. Jimin snorted at Taehyung’s jab.

Taehyung got him there. He really couldn’t say anything about that.

“Yeah well at least I don’t bring her around. You’re perfectly fine with making me uncomfortable with Jimin’s presence,” Jungkook said, gesturing toward Jimin. Jimin was looking down at the table. He looked like he wanted to leave all of a sudden.

“We all like Jimin. You’re the only one that likes Jiho,” Taehyung said. Jungkook was getting progressively more pissed off.

“You know what? I’m out of here. You guys can have fun without me,” Jungkook said, standing up from the table. He grabbed his jacket and walked out the door, ignoring everyone calling out his name.

He was going to go to Jiho’s but he somehow ended up going home. He slammed the door to his bedroom and paced around. He ran his fingers through his hair as he tried to calm himself down, but he couldn’t get rid of his rage.

Jimin arriving ruined everything for him. Even his own friends hated him now. And the worst part was that he couldn’t even blame them. He was being a dick. He was fully aware of that.

He could still feel the alcohol in his veins. He felt lightheaded. He felt really bad.

He laid down on his bed and his thoughts drifted to Jimin again. He felt bad for his comment about Jimin’s old flame. He felt bad that he was causing Jimin to feel unwelcome in such a kind, loving group. He felt bad that he couldn’t even give Jimin a good explanation for why he hated him so much.

He groaned into his pillow. Why couldn’t he get Jimin out of his head? Every time he had time on his own to think, his thoughts went straight to Jimin. Jimin, Jimin, Jimin. Even when he first started dating Jiho, she didn’t consume his thoughts like Jimin did.

As he drifted to sleep, all he thought about was how he should have taken more pictures of him.


Jungkook woke up with a raging headache. It took all his strength to even open his eyes. The dim light from outside was too bright. He felt blinded every time he blinked. Jungkook was glad that it was at least quiet. Seokjin must have stayed at Taehyung’s.

After about an hour of laying motionless on his bed, he checked his phone. He had a surprising amount of messages. He was expecting everyone to ignore him after his behaviour last night.

Seokjin: Taehyung wants to talk to you. Text him back.

Yoongi: Sorry things got awkward last night Kook. We’re gonna fix it.

Taehyung: Can we meet up and talk?

Jungkook groaned. He didn’t really want to talk to Taehyung after last night. He didn’t want things to erupt into another fight. Taehyung could be very difficult to reason with, even when it should be easy.

He scrolled through his messages, until he got to an unknown number.

Unknown: Hi, it’s Jimin. I’m really sorry. I’ll stay away if you want me to.

Jungkook screamed into his pillow. Now Jimin was making him feel guilty. All his thoughts and regrets from the night before returned.

He found himself saving Jimin’s number into his phone and responding right away, before he texted anyone else back. He tried not to think too much of it. Anyone would respond to a new number first.

Jungkook: It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.

He scrolled back up to Taehyung’s message and texted him back. He knew he would have to face him sooner or later.

And sooner was probably better.


He met Taehyung at a cafe in their school. It was the halfway point between their apartments and Taehyung claimed that their pumpkin spice lattes were the best. Jungkook was not about to argue with him.

Jungkook arrived first and bought Taehyung his drink. It was a peace offering of sorts. Taehyung was usually less cranky if he had some caffeine in him anyway.

Taehyung arrived, and he didn’t look as angry as Jungkook expected him to. He looked more concerned than anything.

“You bought me a drink?” he asked with a smile. Jungkook returned it.

“Yes. Drink up,” Jungkook said, handing the cup to him.

Taehyung sat across from him and started drinking. The silence was killing him. He wanted to get this over with.

To his surprise, Taehyung said something about it first.

“So…I wanted to say sorry. What I said was out of line last night. I didn’t know you and Jimin had a kind of truce going on, and I attacked Jiho needlessly. I’m sorry, Kook,” Taehyung said.

Jungkook was pleasantly surprised. He was mostly expecting to fight when Taehyung arrived, but this was much nicer. Maybe Taehyung was finally maturing.

“It’s fine. I’m sorry too I guess. Jimin didn’t deserve all the shit I gave him before. We don’t get along, but I didn’t have to be mean,” Jungkook said. Taehyung hummed.

“He told me a lot about what happened at his old school, and why he left. The last thing he needs is someone being mean to him for nothing,” Taehyung said. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him.

“I can’t imagine Jimin having a hard time with people other than me,” Jungkook said.

“He was bullied, Jungkook. A lot,” Taehyung said.

Jungkook almost spat out his drink. Even though he disliked Jimin himself, he always thought Jimin seemed like the popular type. He couldn’t imagine someone like him getting bullied.

He suddenly felt a lot more terrible about all the things he said before.

“Shit…” Jungkook said.

“Yeah…I don’t care if you dislike him, but please be nice. He’s been through a lot of shit,” Taehyung said. Jungkook nodded.

He never meant to be a bully to Jimin. He really couldn’t pinpoint his issue with him at all. But he knew he didn’t have to contribute to Jimin’s stress and anxiety. He didn’t want to be the reason Jimin couldn’t get over his past.

He pulled out his phone and sent Jimin a text.

Jungkook: I’m sorry. I’ll be less mean, I promise.


Things went back to normal quickly, and Jungkook was thankful for that. Even if he hated Jimin, he was able to admit that Jimin didn’t deserve to go back to being friendless at a new school after being bullied at his last one.

Jungkook had promised to keep it a secret that he knew about Jimin’s bullying situation. Only Hoseok and Taehyung were supposed to know about that. He assumed that expressing he knew about it would only cause drama, so he kept his mouth shut.

Even though he was very curious about why Jimin would be bullied. Jimin and bullying didn’t seem to go hand in hand.

Now, as he was showing his next weekly batch of photos to Hobeom, he was feeling a little less annoyed at seeing Jimin’s face on the computer screen over and over.

“What’s his name?” Hobeom asked, skimming through all the photos of Jimin that he had taken. Finding a new topic wasn’t going well. Hobeom was still stuck on Jimin.

And Jungkook had to admit, his photos of Jimin were unique. He was growing attached to them as well, even if he couldn’t get attached to Jimin.

“Jimin. He’s a dance major here,” Jungkook said. Hobeom hummed.

“I’d love for you to get more photos of him dancing then. The few that you have are quite beautiful. There’s a lot of feeling that can be explored here,” Hobeom said.

Jungkook gulped. He hoped he would be able to catch Jimin with Hoseok so he wouldn’t have to shoot with him one on one.

“I’ll try, sir,” Jungkook said.

“Okay. See you in a week,” Hobeom said.

Jungkook immediately pulled out his phone and texted Jimin. He still couldn’t believe he saved his number. He wondered if Jimin saved his number too.

Jungkook: Where are you?

Jimin: Studio. Why?

Jungkook sighed. He hoped Jimin wasn’t alone. But he had a feeling that he would be.

Jungkook: Coming.

He jogged lightly to the studio that he knew Jimin would be occupying. When he opened the door he was disappointed, but not surprised, to see that Jimin was completely alone. He was sitting against the mirror on his phone, probably taking a quick break.

His cheeks were red, and his hair was a little wet, sticking to his forehead. He had been working hard.

“Hey,” Jungkook said, trying not to sound to awkward.

“What’s up? Are you looking for Hoseok?” Jimin asked. Jungkook wished.

“No. I just had a meeting with my professor. He wants me to get photos of you dancing, so I thought I would catch you while you’re still here,” Jungkook said.

“Finding a new topic didn’t go over well?” Jimin asked. Jungkook almost forgot that he told Jimin about that part.

“No. He still likes my photos of you the best,” Jungkook said. Jimin grinned a cheeky grin.

“Well, I am very beautiful. I can see why he likes them,” he said. Jungkook rolled his eyes before fake-gagging. Jimin stuck his tongue out at him.

“I’d like to get this over with, so get dancing,” Jungkook said, trading places with Jimin against the mirror.

While Jimin set up his music, Jungkook adjusted his settings and took a few test shots of Jimin. He was making a face in one of them while he searched through his songs, and Jungkook had to admit, it was kind of cute.

For Jimin anyway.

Jimin started the music and got into position. When he started dancing, Jungkook felt nostalgic. He used to dance here with Hoseok all the time during his first year. But he was too busy now. He missed it.

Also, Jimin was incredibly talented. It was something he had noticed but never really acknowledged before. He moved with both power and grace. He looked completely natural. It was a talent that Jungkook definitely envied.

Add that to the list of negative emotions that Jimin made him feel.

Jungkook continued to snap photo after photo of him. But then the choreography slowed down, and Jimin’s movements changed from fluid and powerful to pure sex.

His hips were moving, and his head was thrown back. His eyes were closed, and Jungkook could hear that he was out of breath.

He didn’t dare put the camera down. He felt like this was something he couldn’t look directly at or else he would leave this room a completely different person.

Jimin opened his eyes then, and looked at Jungkook. There was the intensity he hadn’t felt since that movie night, when he first caught Jungkook photographing him. Jungkook’s hands were shaking.

Jungkook held his breath, and continued to take photos. He almost felt like he wasn’t allowed to be here, that he shouldn’t be looking at Jimin like this.

He didn’t put the camera down until the song ended, and all he could hear were Jimin’s breaths.

“I hope you got what you needed, because I have to go,” Jimin said, running his hand through his sweaty hair. He walked over to the speakers and unplugged his phone. Jungkook’s eyes followed him. There was something so interesting about the way Jimin moved, Jungkook didn’t want to look away.

He got up and brushed himself off. He waited for Jimin to grab his things and followed him out the door.

“My place is this way. See you at Taehyung’s tomorrow?” Jimin asked. Jungkook was surprised at how friendly Jimin was acting. Maybe it was because Jungkook wasn’t antagonizing him.

“Yeah. See you tomorrow,” Jungkook said. And then Jimin did something really unexpected.

Jimin smiled at him. A real, genuine smile.

Jungkook felt something in his tummy. Like some sort of tingle.

But he ignored it. He didn’t smile back. Even though some part of him wanted to.

He watched as Jimin walked away, still unable to take his eyes off of him. He took his camera out again and took one more picture of his back.

Jungkook wondered if it was his feelings toward Jimin that made his photos of him so beautiful, or if Jimin was really just that beautiful on his own.

Someone snapped him out of his dreamlike daze by smacking him on the back.

“Hey Kookie! What’s happening?” a familiar voice said.

“Hey Yugyeom. Not much, just about to head home,” he said to the other man.

“I saw you talking to that new guy. You lucky dog,” Yugyeom said. Jungkook made a face at him.

“What are you talking about?”

“You know…the new guy. Jimin or whatever his name is. Word is he’s a total freak. You’re a lucky man,” Yugyeom elaborated. Jungkook had never been more confused. He had been hanging around Jimin for a couple weeks now and he had heard nothing about him being a freak.

Well, besides sleeping with an older, married man. But he assumed that wasn’t common knowledge amongst his classmates.

“I really don’t know what you mean. Did you forget I’m straight and I have a girlfriend? Why would I need Jimin for sex? He’s a total brat anyway. Nothing sexy about him,” Jungkook said. Although he knew that wasn’t completely true. Jimin definitely had at least a little sex appeal when he danced.

Not for Jungkook, but maybe for someone else.

“I don’t know. I know some people from his old school and they told me he’s down for anything. Apparently everyone’s got a video of him doing some kind of sexual act,” Yugyeom said. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him.

Why would people have sex videos of Jimin?

Then Jungkook remembered what Taehyung had said about Jimin being bullied out of his old school, and a sudden flare of anger ignited within him.

“Just shut up. That wasn’t him okay? It’s just rumours,” Jungkook said. He wasn’t sure if any of it was true or not in all honestly, but that didn’t matter to him right now. It was his first instinct to get Yugyeom to stop talking about it.

“But I totally-“

“Yugyeom! Just. Shut. Up. It wasn’t Jimin. He’s not like that,” he snapped.

He never thought he would be snapping at someone in Jimin’s defence. But today seemed to be full of surprises.

He stomped away and ignored Yugyeom’s calls for him. He opened up his phone and found his desired contact. He pressed call and held the phone to his ear until he heard a voice on the other end.

“I’m coming over. I need to talk to you about something.”

Chapter Text

“Jungkook what’s going on?” Jiho said when Jungkook burst into her apartment. He was still hot with anger. He didn’t even know what to do with himself.

“I need you to remember where you’ve seen Jimin before. It’s important, okay?” he said. He wasn’t angry at her, but he knew it probably seemed that way. “I’m sorry, baby. I don’t mean to be mean, but it’s really important.”

Jiho bit her lip in thought. Her eyebrows furrowed.

“I don’t remember, Kookie. I’m sorry,” she said.

Jungkook didn’t want to talk about the topic in more detail, but he knew he would have to if he was going to get her to remember anything.

“Did it have something to do with a…like a sex scandal?” he asked, mumbling the last part.

She bit her lip again and then her eyes widened in realization. Shit.

“Yes! I remember now. My friend, Soyeon, showed me his picture some time ago. She said he got caught sleeping with a professor at their school. The man got fired and everything,” she said.

Jungkook exhaled hard. He felt like he had been holding his breath since he saw Yugyeom. He was really hoping that Jiho knew him from a camp when they were kids, or something silly like that.

He didn’t know why it was bothering him so much. He and Jimin were far from friends. But the thought of him getting bullied again really made Jungkook feel sick to his stomach. Jimin was annoying but he wasn’t a bad person. He didn’t deserve that.

“You haven’t seen any videos of him, have you?” Jungkook asked. Jiho shook her head.

“No, Soyeon just showed me an online profile of his. But she said she had seen videos,” Jiho said. Jungkook kind of wanted to find this Soyeon girl and tear her a new one.

“Well, if any videos get spread around at school, promise me you won’t watch them,” Jungkook said.

“Okay, I promise,” she said. She seemed more annoyed than anything about this.

“And promise you won’t talk about it at school,” Jungkook continued. He really wanted to nip this rumour in the bud quickly.

“Yes, I promise. What’s the big deal anyway? I thought you didn’t even like him,” Jiho said. Her tone seemed accusatory. Why wasn’t she seeing the problem with all of this?

“He still doesn’t deserve to get bullied,” Jungkook said.

“He’s the one who slept with a teacher. Everyone and their mother knows that’s stupid,” Jiho said.

Jungkook couldn’t believe her. This was baffling.

“You’re kidding…He still doesn’t deserve to have private videos spread around the school. And he got harassed until he moved schools. I know him. He’s a nice person and he didn’t deserve that,” Jungkook said. His voice was getting increasingly angrier and louder.

“That teacher got fired because Jimin couldn’t keep it in his pants,” Jiho retaliated. Jungkook felt like she had just slapped him in the face.

“If you’re going to be this inconsiderate, then I’m out of here. You can text me again when you realize how ridiculous you’re being,” Jungkook said. He heard Jiho yelling after him but he walked out the door and slammed it behind him.

He hoped she would get her head out of her ass soon.


Taehyung: Have you seen Jimin lately?

It had been two days since Jungkook walked out of Jiho’s apartment. He hadn’t heard from her yet, and he hadn’t seen Jimin either. Jimin was supposed to go to Taehyung’s the night before, but he called last minute and said he was sick.

Jungkook had a feeling that was a lie.

He had to admit, he was worried. And his camera was looking pretty empty with his main subject missing.

Jungkook: Not since Monday. Why?

Taehyung: We were supposed to meet for a project today and he didn’t show up. I texted him but he didn’t respond.

Now Jungkook was definitely worried. Was it a coincidence that Jimin was M.I.A. right after Jungkook found out about his supposed scandal? Jungkook didn’t think so.

Jungkook: Where does he live? I’ll get him.

He expected it to be harder to get an address out of Taehyung, but it only took two minutes for him to send it. He immediately started walking in the direction of Jimin’s apartment.

Jungkook didn’t know what he would say to Jimin when he got there. He just knew he needed to make sure he was okay, and take some photos of him while he was at it.

Jimin’s place was about a five minute walk from school. It was a small building, with a brick wedged in the door. Jungkook wondered if he would get beaten up by a large security guard the second he walked in.

But he made it safely into the building and walked up the stairs to Jimin’s apartment. Apartment 305. Jungkook hoped Taehyung gave him the right address. It wouldn’t be the first time that he messed that up.

Standing in front of 305, Jungkook started getting nervous. He didn’t know why, he was just going to talk to Jimin. But his heart was beating fast and his stomach felt sick.

Eventually, he got up the courage to knock. Then he waited.

A man who definitely was not Jimin answered the door. This guy was probably just as short, but a lot thinner. He looked at Jungkook expectantly.

“Uh…Does Jimin live here?” Jungkook said. Smooth.

“Yes? Who are you?” the man asked. He was intimidating for such a small person.

“Jungkook…” he answered. He knew that didn’t tell this man anything, but he couldn’t really think of a reasonable thing to say. They weren’t friends, or classmates, or anything really.

“One moment,” he said. He closed the door in Jungkook’s face, and Jungkook just stood there, listening to the footsteps in the apartment.

He kind of hoped this guy would tell Jungkook to go away, and that Jimin didn’t want to see him right now. But those feelings went away when the door opened again and Jimin stood in front of him.

“You look like shit,” Jungkook said. Jimin was in sweats and an old t-shirt that was way too big for him. His hair was a mess too. He immediately regretted saying he looked like shit when Jimin scowled. “Sorry. Don’t close the door.”

“I’m not really in the mood to deal with you being a brat,” Jimin warned.

“I didn’t come here to be mean. Big surprise right?” Jungkook said. Jimin looked at him suspiciously.

“Why are you here then?” Jimin asked.

Jungkook held up his camera and took a picture of Jimin quickly.

“Can’t take photos of my subject if I’m not with him,” Jungkook said. Jimin rolled his eyes but he let Jungkook into the apartment.

It was little, like Jimin. But it was a disaster.

“Sorry about the mess. Let’s go to my room,” Jimin said, leading him through the apartment.

“Are you trying to get me in bed with you?” Jungkook teased. Jimin snorted.

“No thanks. I’ll pass.”

When they got into Jimin’s room, Jimin laid down on his bed facedown. Jungkook took a photo of him. He looked ridiculous.

“Did Tae tell you where I live?” Jimin asked. His voice was muffled by his bed and it made Jungkook laugh.

“Yes. He told me you’ve been absent for the last couple days,” Jungkook said. Jimin groaned.

“Didn’t feel like going to school,” Jimin said, turning his head so he could speak normally.

“Why not?” Jungkook asked. He had no idea if Jimin would ever open up to him or not. But asking couldn’t hurt.

Jimin sighed a heavy sigh.

“Taehyung told you, didn’t he?” Jimin said. Jungkook swallowed hard.

“A little. He didn’t tell me the stuff about the videos, but he told me you were bullied,” Jungkook admitted.

“So it spread to you too? I guess I was stupid to assume it wouldn’t follow me here,” Jimin said. He looked so heartbreakingly sad. “Come lay down. I don’t like you standing there.”

Jungkook moved to the bed and laid next to Jimin, making sure to keep his distance. He didn’t want Jimin to get the wrong idea. Whatever the wrong idea was.

Jimin’s bed smelled so sweet. Jungkook almost gagged.

“Yeah. A classmate of mine knew about it. My girlfriend did too,” Jungkook said. Jimin lifted his head to look at Jungkook properly. He looked so tired.

“Is that why you came here?”

“What do you mean?”

Something in Jimin’s expression changed. His eyes were dark, and they almost looked hungry. Jimin rested his fingers gently on Jungkook’s chest and slowly started trailing them down. His fingertips felt hot and Jungkook felt more sensitive than ever.

“Did you want to take me for a ride? You want to see if I’m really worth losing a job over?” Jimin said. His mouth was so close to Jungkook’s ear that he could feel his hot breath.

Jungkook could hear his own heartbeat in his ears, and he was scared that Jimin could hear it too.
Before Jimin’s hand trailed down too far, Jungkook grabbed it, holding it tight. Jimin seemed to snap out of whatever state he was in and he laughed. But it didn’t sound happy. It wasn’t his usual laugh. He rested his head on Jungkook’s chest.

“My life is over. I wish I could go back,” Jimin said. Jungkook could hear his voice cracking, and the last thing he wanted was for Jimin to cry.

He stayed still for a long time, not knowing what to do about having Jimin cuddled up to him like this.

Eventually he noticed that he had been running his fingers through Jimin’s hair absentmindedly. That was definitely not supposed to happen.

He sat up and started setting up a shot. Jimin looked so vulnerable right now. He didn’t know what else to do but start taking photos.

Jimin was looking at the camera, and it was making Jungkook’s mouth dry. His eyes were so piercing. They always made Jungkook shiver.

“Does your girlfriend know you like taking photos of me?” Jimin asked.

“She does.”

“And she’s okay with it?”

“She knows I don’t like men. I don’t think she’s too worried,” Jungkook said. The click of the shutter was relaxing him. Every time he took a photo he felt his anxiety lessen.

“I see.”

Jungkook continued taking photos of him. And Jimin would every so often move so Jungkook could get a different angle. It was somewhat calming, but also somewhat nerve-wracking.

“Do you think I’m dirty now?” Jimin asked. His eyes looked watery, and Jungkook started worrying again. He just really didn’t want Jimin to cry.

“No. I think the teacher you slept with is gross. Sleeping with a student is a scummy thing to do. And you said he was married right?” Jungkook said. Jimin nodded.

“Yeah. He’s divorced now, obviously. What else do you do when you find out your husband is sleeping with a male student?” Jimin said. He rolled over onto his back, and Jungkook could see the details of his body through the thin t-shirt. Jimin definitely had abs.

“Did he have permission to take videos of you?” Jungkook asked as he took more photos.

“Yeah he did. I thought it would be hot. I don’t know who ended up leaking them though. I’m sure it wasn’t him. It lost him his whole life. Then I became a slut who was sleeping with a professor for better grades, who cost such a well-loved man his job. How could I be so evil and manipulate him like that?” Jimin said, using a dramatic voice. Jungkook chuckled a bit.

“Did you at least get better grades?”

“No,” Jimin said with a laugh. It seemed more genuine this time, and Jungkook made sure to get a picture of it.

Jimin fell silent after that. Like he was remembering everything that happened to him. Jungkook felt bad for him. He had been through a lot and it really wasn’t his fault.

“Thanks for coming. I feel like you’re the only person who’s being completely honest with me right now,” Jimin said. Jungkook felt those words in his heart.

“No problem.”

“So Jungkook…” Jimin said, giving Jungkook a sultry look that made his heart stop. “Why do you hate me so much?”

Jungkook gulped.

“I don’t really know. When I first saw you I just remember thinking you were so…sugary,” Jungkook said. He didn’t really know how else to explain it.

Jimin burst out laughing, and Jungkook realized he didn’t find the sound as irritating as he used to. In fact he was quite happy to hear it.

“Sugary? What does that even mean?” he asked.

“I don’t know. You’re like a candy that’s so sugary that it makes your teeth hurt. That’s what I felt when I first met you,” Jungkook said.


“I think I was also mad at you. Taehyung never let Jiho hang out because he didn’t know her that well. Then suddenly you came along and it’s like the rules changed. Everyone was making exceptions for you that they wouldn’t make for my girlfriend of two years. I was mad about that at the time,” Jungkook said. Once he said it out-loud, it sounded completely petty and stupid.

Jimin hummed.

“I didn’t know that. I guess I can kind of understand,” he said.

“I think I just have to realize that Taehyung and Jiho don’t get along. It has nothing to do with you. And honestly, I’m really mad at her right now too. I haven’t talked to her in two days,” Jungkook admitted.

“What happened?” Jimin asked.

She said bad things about you.

“Nothing really. It was just a stupid fight. But she really got on my nerves. I told her not to talk to me until she smartened up,” Jungkook said.

“I find that if your friends don’t like your significant other, they’re probably right. Taemin always said that that teacher I was sleeping with was bad news,” Jimin said. Jungkook should be mad about what Jimin was saying, but he agreed with him for once.

“I feel like anyone would have said that though, dumbass. Who’s Taemin?” Jungkook asked. He realized he probably had thousands of pictures of Jimin just from this sitting.

“Roommate. You met him already,” Jimin said, gesturing to his door. “He’s the only friend I have from before I switched schools.”

Jungkook was glad Jimin had at least one person who knew all of this about him and didn’t hold any judgements. He deserved at least one trustworthy friend.

“Why else do you hate me?” Jimin asked. Jungkook couldn’t believe he was really having this conversation with Jimin. And Jimin was smiling during it. It seemed like some sort of parallel universe.

“You smell terrible,” Jungkook said. Jimin giggled and swatted at Jungkook with his strangely tiny hands.

When Jimin’s giggles died down, he reached out and touched Jungkook’s camera.

“Can I see your photos?” he asked.

The request made Jungkook nervous for some reason. But he took the camera from around his neck and handed it to Jimin.

Jimin started flipping through the photos. He was quiet for a long time, and Jungkook was starting to sweat.

“Wow…I do look like shit,” Jimin said. They laughed together before Jimin looked back at the camera. “The others were right though. You take beautiful photos. I’ve never seen myself like this.”

“My professor really likes how I shoot you in particular. He says my technique gets shaky, and it makes my photos of you unique. Even though I didn’t want you as a subject, I had to agree with him,” Jungkook said.

“Does that make me special?” Jimin asked. Jungkook could tell he was just teasing, but he wanted to say yes anyway.

“I guess.”

“Shouldn’t your girlfriend be your muse? Not some guy you hate?” Jimin asked.

Jungkook had thought about that a lot. Hobeom had always found Jungkook’s photos of Jiho to be vapid and shallow. He loved her, he really did. But for some reason it never came across in photos.

Why Jungkook was able to find a muse in Jimin, he didn’t know.

“I don’t know. Apparently my mind doesn’t work that way. I get more passion and inspiration from anger I guess,” Jungkook said.

It felt odd having a conversation like this with Jimin. Especially when Jimin hadn’t dropped his smile. Jungkook had been smiling quite a bit as well.

“I don’t think I hate you. Not anymore at least. You still smell bad though,” Jungkook teased. Jimin smiled bigger, and his eyes disappeared. It was a pretty adorable eye-smile.

“Fuck you,” Jimin said. He gave Jungkook a light push.

Jungkook took his camera back and started taking pictures of Jimin again. Jimin was smiling shyly this time, like he didn’t know what to do. It was cute. Jungkook couldn’t deny that.

“I should probably get going. Taehyung was wondering about you and I never got back to him. Should I tell him you’re okay?” Jungkook asked, standing up from Jimin’s bed. Jimin stood up after him.

“Yeah I’m okay now. Tell him I’m sorry for missing our study date,” Jimin said. He looked sorry. He hoped Jimin knew that Taehyung forgave easily.

“I’ll tell him. Will you be at school tomorrow?” Jungkook asked, leaving Jimin’s bedroom. Jimin followed him to the front door.

“Will you?” Jimin asked. Jungkook was taken aback by the question. Why did that matter?

“Yeah, of course,” Jungkook said.

“Then I will too,” Jimin said with a cute smile.

The response did something to Jungkook. He felt like he had been tickled. He tried to hold back a smile, but it fought its way out. Jimin smiled even bigger when he noticed.

“Bye. See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow, Kookie. Bye,” Jimin said. Hearing the nickname out of Jimin’s mouth made Jungkook feel strangely happy. Like they were finally on good terms. Or at least better terms. He couldn’t promise himself that he really liked him yet.

But he felt good as he left Jimin’s apartment. And he had a ton of new pictures to go through when got home.

All in all, Jungkook felt like it was a successful visit. Maybe more than successful.


“Explain it to me again,” Taehyung demanded. They were in the school cafeteria after class, and Jungkook swore that Taehyung would end up dead by his hand in a few minutes.

“I already explained it like a hundred times. I went to his apartment, we talked, I took photos of him, then I left. That’s all that happened,” Jungkook said.

“So why was he suddenly back at school the next day. And he’s been in a good mood since then too even though there’s rumours going around. I thought you guys hated each other,” Taehyung said. Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“Look, I can’t explain it any better than I just did. You’re acting like we slept together or something,” Jungkook said, picking at his food.

“Well…I mean that’s kind of what I thought happened,” Taehyung said. Jungkook dropped his spoon in his soup.

“What the fuck?! I’m not even gay, Taehyung,” Jungkook said, probably too loudly for a public cafeteria.

“I’m just saying! You had a fight with Jiho, went and had a suspicious ‘talk’ with Jimin, and now you both seem like you’re in good moods even though you shouldn’t be. Also I was ‘straight’ before too. Things change Kookie boy,” Taehyung said.

“We didn’t sleep together. I swear, we just talked about the rumours and then took photos. I was only there for a little while,” Jungkook said. Although he’s sure there is no convincing Taehyung once he’s made up his mind.

“But why would he talk to you about the rumours? You’re an asshole,” Taehyung asked. Jungkook glared at him from across the table.

“I don’t know. He said I was the only person who was being honest with him and he told me everything. You coddle him too much,” Jungkook said.

Jungkook was honestly really happy that Jimin opened up to him. He felt like it improved his photos of Jimin quite a bit. He felt more comfortable in his presence and he felt more comfortable behind the camera.

Jimin seemed more comfortable in front of the camera as well.

“So when are you two gonna date?” Taehyung asked. Jungkook was really about to smack him.

“Never. I do still have a girlfriend you know,” Jungkook reminded him. Taehyung looked like he wanted to say something, but he kept his mouth shut. Jungkook was glad.

Jungkook felt his phone vibrate. He pulled it out of his pocket.

Hoseok: Where are you?

Jungkook: Cafeteria. Why?

Hoseok: Jimin is looking for you.

Jungkook sighed. There was really only one reason Jimin would be looking for him. It meant something happened that had to do with the rumours.

“Gotta go,” Jungkook said before standing up. Taehyung looked confused but he didn’t ask any questions.

Jungkook went straight to the studio that Jimin and Hoseok always hung out in. He opened the door and Jimin was alone inside, pacing and tugging on his hair.

“Hey. What’s wrong?” Jungkook asked. Jimin looked up at him, and his eyes were teary. Jungkook was suddenly a lot angrier than before. He felt ready to fight someone.

“These guys in my class…they were watching a video of me,” Jimin said. He wrapped his arms around himself, almost as if to make himself smaller.

Jungkook was pissed. He wanted to find these guys and rip their heads off.

“Where are they?” Jungkook asked. Jimin held onto Jungkook’s sleeve, weakly keeping him in place.

“I don’t want you to make a scene. I just wanted to tell someone,” Jimin said. Jungkook wanted to ask why he didn’t tell Hoseok, or Taehyung. But he already knew. Jungkook wouldn’t hold any judgement toward him, and Jimin knew that. He trusted that.

“You don’t deserve this. I hope you know that,” Jungkook said. He knew his tone was harsh and not comforting at all, but he hoped Jimin would focus more on his words than how he said them.

“You haven’t seen the videos right?” Jimin asked. He sounded desperate and heartbroken.

“No. You know I wouldn’t watch that,” Jungkook said. Jimin looked down at the floor.

“I know…I just wanted to make sure,” he said.

Jungkook took Jimin’s face into his hands and roughly squished his cheeks together. Jimin looked ridiculous like this, Jungkook almost laughed.

Jimin frowned and it just made him look funnier. Jungkook snorted.

“Why are you laughing at me?” Jimin asked, but his voice sounded silly from having his cheeks squished.

“You should always look like this. It’s much better,” he said. Jimin continued to frown until Jungkook let his face go.

“Listen. You can’t escape the rumours right now. And the videos have made it here unfortunately, we can’t help that. But you have me, and Taehyung, and Hoseok, and the rest of the guys okay? We’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you, and we’re not going to judge you for this. It was out of your hands,” Jungkook said.

Jimin nodded, but he didn’t look like he really believed it. Jungkook squished his face again.

“Hey. You better believe me. Do you think I would lie to you?” Jungkook asked him.


“So, enough doubting me. And if I see anyone watching those videos there will be hell to pay. Believe me when I say I’ll protect you,” Jungkook said. He didn’t know where all of this was coming from. Just a week ago, he was the one bullying Jimin. Now he was taking the role of some kind of protector.

“Let go of my face,” Jimin said in that funny voice again. Jungkook snickered before releasing him. Jimin started rubbing his own cheeks. Jungkook liked how they chubby they looked. “I’m not a girl you know. I don’t need you protecting me.”

“I know you’re not a girl. I’m not protecting you because I think you’re weak. I’m just saying that sometimes it’s hard to do everything yourself when the situation is like this. You don’t want more attention on you, right?” Jungkook asked. Jimin shook his head. “Right. So let me do this for you.”

Jimin smiled and bit his bottom lip. Jungkook felt relieved to see him look happy again.

“Thank you. I feel better now. Where can I get a boyfriend like you?” Jimin asked.

“We’re limited edition. Sorry,” Jungkook joked. Jimin laughed.

Jungkook felt his phone vibrate again. He checked it and noticed he had a message from someone he wasn’t expecting. Why could he not escape drama for even a moment?

Jiho: Can we talk? I want to make up.

Chapter Text

Jiho sat Jungkook down on the couch in her apartment and got him a drink. Jungkook didn’t really know what to expect out of this conversation. She said she wanted to make up, and Jungkook hoped that was true. He hoped she wouldn’t make this into a big mess.

When she sat down next to him, she took his hand.

“I’m sorry I was mean about all that stuff. Forgive me?” she said.

Jungkook was shocked. He didn’t expect to get an apology out of her, just like that. She was usually the more stubborn one in the relationship. Jungkook usually apologized first.

“Why did you even say that stuff?” Jungkook asked her. He wasn’t about to just let her off. He wanted an explanation more than an apology. He wanted to know that she didn’t mean any of it.

“I think I was jealous,” she said, avoiding Jungkook’s gaze.

“Jealous? Of what?” he asked. What did Jiho, his girlfriend, have to be jealous of?

“Jimin. You’ve been talking about nothing but him since you met him,” she said, a pout on her lips.

Jungkook supposed that was true. His world had revolved around the guy since he showed up. It wasn’t intentional, but he had kind of left Jiho in Jimin’s dust.

“Shit. You’re right. I’m sorry. I just have to spend a lot of time with him for school, I guess he kind of became my priority,” Jungkook said. He really had no idea how he started prioritizing Jimin over his own girlfriend.

“Well and you got so worked up about his scandal. You’ve never gotten like that about me,” Jiho said.

“To be fair, you’ve never had videos of you having sex spread around the school,” Jungkook said.

“That’s true. I just want to be the most important person to you, and I felt threatened by him. Will you forgive me?” she asked.

For some reason, his stomach felt sick. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t like the words that left Jiho’s mouth. He held his hand over his tummy, hoping that would help.

It almost felt like she was asking, “will you put me before Jimin from now on?” and Jungkook didn’t know if he could do that. But still, he wanted this fight to be over. He wanted his girlfriend back.

“I forgive you.”


“What changed between you?” Hobeom asked, scrolling through Jungkook’s newest batch of photos.

“What do you mean?”

“These photos are different than the ones from before. First of all, it seems like you two are alone together,” Hobeom started. Jungkook flashed back to sitting on Jimin’s bed with him, looking at him through the viewfinder. Remembering the intimacy of it all made him gulp.

“Also, he’s looking at the camera in almost all of them. These are starting to look like all of your other photos,” Hobeom said. Jungkook started panicking immediately.

“Are they not interesting anymore?” he asked. He would rather die than become boring again.

“They’re still more interesting than your other photos. It still feels like you’re trying not to look at him, even though they are shot with more confidence. So, what changed?” Hobeom asked again.

“We talked. I don’t think I hate him anymore,” Jungkook answered.

“So why are you scared to look at him?” Hobeom asked. Jungkook’s brow furrowed. He wasn’t scared of Jimin, not at all.

“I’m not…” Jungkook said. But the words still felt like a lie leaving his mouth.

“You seem scared. You take pictures of him like you’re scared,” Hobeom said.

Jungkook remembered feeling sweaty and nervous when Jimin looked at his photos. He had never felt like that with anyone else when they looked at photos he took of them. What had made Jimin so different? Why was he scared for Jimin to see them?

“I don’t know,” Jungkook answered honestly. He wished he knew why he felt any of the emotions that he felt toward Jimin. But he didn’t. He didn’t understand at all.

“I want you to figure that out. That’s your next assignment,” Hobeom said. Jungkook nodded, and he was dismissed.

Jungkook felt like Hobeom was a counsellor. Why was he meddling around in Jungkook’s relationship with Jimin so much?

He was in front of the dance studio before he knew it, and he opened the door. Hoseok and Jimin were in there dancing and fooling around together. Seeing them having fun made Jungkook smile and he took some pictures of them.

“Kookie!” Hoseok yelled when he noticed him enter the room.

“Hey. Just came to take photos of my muse,” Jungkook said sarcastically. Jimin smiled and rolled his eyes at him.

“Oh well I have to go anyway. I have…class. Or something. Have fun guys!” Hoseok said. Jimin was giving him an annoyed look, and Jungkook wondered what this interaction was all about. It seemed like Hoseok didn’t really have anywhere to be.

Hoseok packed up his bag and walked out of the room, leaving Jungkook and Jimin alone together.

“Hi,” Jimin said, and he almost seemed nervous. Jungkook had taken countless pictures of him by now, why would Jimin be nervous?

“Hey. I just bought a new memory card so I can fill it up with you. I can’t believe someone who isn’t my girlfriend is making me spend so much money,” Jungkook teased. Jimin giggled.

“Sorry. Don’t you have enough photos of me by now? How many do you need?” Jimin asked.

“It’s not really about the amount. It’s about changing how I see things, and understanding how I feel. And apparently, I don’t understand how I feel at all,” Jungkook explained, remembering what Hobeom said about him being afraid of Jimin.

“I see. Do I confuse your heterosexual feelings, Kookie?” Jimin asked. Jungkook shoved him by the shoulder.

“Not like that. But, it’s actually kind of funny. My girlfriend got jealous of you,” Jungkook said. Jimin’s eyes widened.

“Really? Did you guys make up?” he asked.

“Yeah. That’s when she told me she was jealous of you,” Jungkook said. Jimin smirked and Jungkook regretted saying anything.

“Do you want to give her something to really be jealous about? I’m already famous for sex, you know,” Jimin said. Jungkook knew it was supposed to be a joke, but he felt his cheeks heat up and his palms get clammy.

“You’re only famous for sleeping with a teacher. Don’t be so full of yourself,” Jungkook said.

Then Jimin got into Jungkook’s space. He could smell Jimin’s disgustingly sweet aroma, and his face was only inches from Jungkook’s.

“You really haven’t seen the videos, have you. I’m famous for a lot more than just sleeping with a teacher,” Jimin said. It was almost a whisper, and Jungkook could feel it in his bones.

He remembered what Yugyeom had said about Jimin being a freak. He licked his lips.

Jimin broke his character and started laughing. He pulled himself out of Jungkook’s space and walked over to the speakers to pick out his music.

Jungkook felt stuck in place. He didn’t know what just happened, but he knew it had an effect on him. One he definitely didn’t like. One he couldn’t recognize.

He didn’t feel like he could look at Jimin directly, so he looked at him through the viewfinder.


“I don’t really understand why you didn’t just tell us, Jimin. We could have helped,” Namjoon said.

They were at Taehyung’s, and Jimin had finally told the rest of the guys about what had happened at his old school. Although it took him a couple drinks to get it out.

“What could you have done? You couldn’t stop the videos from spreading. You couldn’t stop the rumours. I was just hoping you guys didn’t find out,” Jimin said.

“I guess. I just hope you know that we’re not going to judge you for that. Shit happens, sometimes you bang a professor,” Namjoon said.

“Have you ever banged a professor?” Seokjin asked.

“No. But if there was a hot one who was down I wouldn’t say no.”

“You’re so dumb,” Yoongi groaned. Jungkook looked over at Jimin, who was giggling.

Jungkook was happy Jimin finally came out with it. He didn’t feel burdened with the secret, but he knew that the other guys wouldn’t think any different of him. Jimin was the victim, and anyone with half a brain could see that.

“We’re here for you, Minnie. Just tell us if guys are giving you trouble. We’ll take care of it,” Seokjin said. Jimin smiled sweetly and nodded.

Jimin looked good right now. He had an oversized, black sweater on and the collar of it was hanging off his shoulder. Jungkook studied the skin that was exposed. It looked soft. Jungkook wanted to reach out and touch it.

His cheeks were red from the alcohol, just like they were the last time they drank together. And his lips looked soft and wet and pink. Jungkook licked his own.

When Jimin turned and made eye-contact with him, Jungkook didn’t look away despite being caught staring. Jimin smiled at him, and Jungkook felt lightheaded. And he was pretty sure it wasn’t just from drinking.

Jungkook had left his camera at home for once, but he wished he could get a picture of Jimin right now.

“Let’s go play a game. Enough of this sappy talk,” Taehyung said, standing up from the table and moving to his couch. The rest of the gang followed, but Jungkook wasn’t in the mood for playing.

He laid down on the floor next to them. All of this drama with Jiho and Jimin combined with his school work was making him exhausted. He felt like he was going to fall asleep.

At least until he felt a weight on his body. He opened his eyes and found a pair of pretty, piercing eyes looking back at him.

“Hi,” Jimin said. He was straddling Jungkook’s hips, and had his head resting on his crossed arms on Jungkook’s chest.

“Hey. Why aren’t you playing?” Jungkook asked. The weight of Jimin on top of him felt comfortable and warm. He liked it.

“Don’t feel like it. Wanted to hang out with you,” Jimin said, giggling for no reason. Jungkook had never met an adult man who giggled so adorably. It made him feel warm on the inside.

“I don’t even have my camera,” Jungkook said. He realized now that his hands were holding the back of Jimin’s knees, almost as if to keep him in place on top of him. He didn’t take them away, but instead started massaging Jimin’s legs softly.

“That’s okay. Do we need it to hang out? Am I only a pretty face for you?” Jimin asked. Jungkook could smell him, and it was making the room spin more than it already was. Jungkook wanted to wrap him up in his arms and take a big whiff.

“I guess not,” Jungkook said. He moved his hands up Jimin’s thighs and gave them a squeeze. They felt good in his hands, so he kept squeezing. “You’re little everywhere else but you’re big here.”

Jungkook realized he probably sounded really drunk, but Jimin was drunk too so it didn’t really matter. Jimin smiled and Jungkook was always happy to make him smile.

“Guys like it. But that’s not the only place I’m big,” Jimin said with a wink. Jungkook felt his face get warmer.

“You’re gross,” he said, slapping the meat of Jimin’s thigh. He couldn’t think of a more clever response.

“I meant my ass,” Jimin said, giggling loudly.

“No you didn’t.”

“No I didn’t.”

Jungkook found himself laughing with Jimin. He was having a hard time remembering why he didn’t like Jimin in the first place. He was cute, funny, nice.

And he was pretty hot. He understood now what his friends were talking about after they first met him. Not that Jungkook was into guys, but he could definitely see the appeal now. Jimin had a sexy quality about him that was hard to ignore.

“Guys, Jungkook and Jimin are making out,” he heard Taehyung say. Jungkook realized their position was more suggestive than he would like it to be. Especially since his hands were still essentially groping Jimin’s thighs.

He removed his hands quickly and sat up. Jimin moved off of him, but he had a pout on his face while he did it. Jungkook was upset about having to move too.

“We’re not making out. We were just talking,” Jungkook said.

“I usually don’t feel up my friends’ thighs while I talk to them,” Taehyung said, sending a wink their way. Jungkook was blushing like crazy.

“I was trying to seduce him. It didn’t work,” Jimin said. Jungkook pushed him.

“Jungkook, just admit you have the hots for Jimin. It’s getting tiring,” Yoongi said. Jungkook was sure all of the blood in his body was in his cheeks right now.

“I don’t have the hots for Jimin. I still have a girlfriend, even though you guys like to ignore that fact,” Jungkook said. There was a collective grumbling from the rest of the group. Jungkook didn’t want to start another fight, so he just rolled his eyes.

“I should get going anyway. My roommate wants to go for breakfast tomorrow,” Jimin said, standing up on shaky legs. He started walking toward the door and putting on his shoes.

“Jungkook, walk him home,” Taehyung ordered.

“Why me?” he asked. Why was he being given babysitting duty?

“Because you’re the closest to the door,” Taehyung said. Jungkook knew it was a bullshit excuse, but he also didn’t like the idea of Jimin walking home alone when he was this drunk.

He got up and followed Jimin to the door.

“You’re coming?” Jimin asked. Jungkook nodded and Jimin gave him another pretty smile.

They left the building together and started walking to Jimin’s place. After a few minutes of silence, Jimin started laughing really hard.

“What?” Jungkook asked. He was completely perplexed. Nothing funny had happened at all.

“You’re walking me home,” Jimin said, barely containing his laughter enough to say it. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him.

“Yes? What’s funny about that?” Jungkook asked.

“Am I your girlfriend?” Jimin asked. He was still laughing uncontrollably, and Jungkook was starting to laugh too.

“No. You’re an ugly boy,” Jungkook said, pinching Jimin on the arm. Jimin yelped in pain and smacked him.

“Hey! I’m not ugly,” Jimin said. The pout he was giving him was precious.

“No, you’re not I guess,” Jungkook admitted. Jimin smiled, and Jungkook felt lucky that he had so many of these smiles directed at him tonight. Jimin’s smile made him feel funny, in a good way.

“If I was a girl, would you date me?” Jimin asked. The question threw Jungkook off. He suddenly felt flustered.

Saying yes would be compromising in so many ways, but he didn’t want to say no either. It would feel like lying.

“You wish,” he said, opting for a joke answer instead of actually thinking of a real one.

“Maybe I do,” Jimin said.

Jungkook’s head snapped toward Jimin so quick he was worried he would get whiplash. Jimin wasn’t looking at him, just fondly smiling forward. Jungkook wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be a joke or not.

He decided not to push it further. He would take it as a joke.

“How’s your girlfriend?” Jimin asked after clearing his throat. Jungkook was glad he changed the subject before things got awkward.

“Okay. I told her I forgave her, but I’m not really sure if I do. I still feel angry. Her apology didn’t feel real,” Jungkook said. He felt like she was deceiving him somehow, although he really had no reason to think that besides just feeling.

“You should tell her then. Secrets are no good in a relationship,” Jimin said. Jungkook hummed.

“The reason we fought is because she said bad things about you,” Jungkook confessed. Jimin laughed.

“Wasn’t that back when you still didn’t like me? Why would it bother you so much that she was mean about me?” he asked.

Jungkook still didn’t know the answer to that. It almost felt like Jungkook was allowed to be mean to Jimin but no one else was. It was a childish way of thinking, but he couldn’t help it. Jimin made him feel childish.

And why did every question Jungkook had about his feelings toward Jungkook remain unanswered? Why couldn’t he understand their connection? Their relationship? It felt like he was constantly walking through a maze, hitting dead ends.

“Why do you affect me so much?” Jungkook asked, hoping Jimin would have at least one answer for him.

“Because I’m perfect,” Jimin said.

Jungkook looked at him, and his cheeks were more red than before, probably from the cold. His eyes looked a little bit sleepy, and his neck had goosebumps on it. Jungkook’s eyes lingered on Jimin’s lips. They were so plump and pretty. Jungkook didn’t think he had ever seen lips like his.

If Jimin wasn’t perfect, he was pretty close. That’s what Jungkook thought while they drunkenly walked to Jimin’s apartment.

His mind might change tomorrow.

“I wish someone could think I’m perfect. Dating is gonna be hard with those videos floating around. How am I supposed to tell if someone really likes me or if they just want to see if I’m as good as I look?” Jimin asked with an exasperated sigh.

“Just don’t date,” Jungkook said without thinking. Jimin looked at him with wide eyes.

“I want to feel love too, Jungkook. I don’t want to be single forever,” Jimin said.

Jungkook knew it was reasonable to want to date. But the thought of Jimin meeting someone and falling in love didn’t sit well with Jungkook. He didn’t like that idea at all. He didn’t feel like he could trust other guys with Jimin.

“I don’t know. Guys are shitty. Just be careful I guess,” Jungkook said. He started scratching the back of his. His stomach was starting to feel funny again.

“I know, Jungkook. Once I met a guy who was mean to me because I was too ‘sugary,’” Jimin said, snickering. Jungkook gave him a mean look but Jimin continued laughing. He held onto Jungkook’s shirt and laughed against him.

Jimin was warm. When he let Jungkook go, he missed his heat.

They arrived in front of Jimin’s apartment, and Jungkook felt kind of sad. He was having a good time with him. He didn’t want him to leave yet.

“See you later, Jimin. Sleep well,” Jungkook said. He tried to turn away but Jimin grabbed him by the wrist. Jungkook turned around, and Jimin looked more red in the face than he did before.

“Wait…uh…” Jimin said. He was looking at the ground and fidgeting with his clothes, but he wasn’t letting Jungkook go.

“What’s up?” he asked, trying to get Jimin to come out with it. Jungkook was tired. He wanted to go home and sleep.

“It’s late. You should come up with me,” Jimin said.

Jungkook thought his heart was going to jump out of his chest. Jimin wanted to spend the night together. Jimin wanted to sleep in the same space together.

But they were just friends. Why did it startle Jungkook so much to think about the implications of it? He stayed over at Taehyung and Yoongi’s all the time. Why did this feel so much different? Why did Jungkook feel so warm and dizzy?

“You don’t have to. I just thought it was late and you’re kind of drunk so maybe it would be a good idea,” Jimin said. His grip on Jungkook’s wrist loosened, but he didn’t let go completely.

“I don’t think I should. Jiho would get mad I think,” Jungkook said, remembering what Jiho said about being jealous of Jimin. Jimin looked sad, and Jungkook hated it. He wanted to go up with Jimin and wipe that expression away.

He wanted to stay, he really did. Part of him was screaming, telling him to just go up with Jimin and sleep in his bed next to him. But the other part of him was saying that it was a bad idea. He would regret it if he did.

“She doesn’t have to know,” Jimin said, sliding his hand down from Jungkook’s wrist to his hand. He toyed with Jungkook’s fingers and Jungkook let him. Jungkook could barely hear him over the sound of his own heartbeat.

“What happened to honesty in relationships?” Jungkook said with a teasing smile. Jimin frowned.

He ruined the mood. His decision was made.

“Fine. I’ll see you soon then,” Jimin said, letting Jungkook’s hand go. Jungkook almost reached out and took it back. But he didn’t.

“Bye. Sweet dreams,” Jungkook said. Jimin waved and Jungkook watched him enter the building.

As Jungkook walked home all he could think about was how much he wanted to be warm in Jimin’s bed, taking photos of him and making him laugh.


When Jungkook walked into class, he was barely awake. He sat in his usual seat and put his head down on the desk.

He spent his whole weekend trying to forget what happened with him and Jimin. The hand holding, the thigh touching, all of it. It wasn’t normal friend behaviour, and Jungkook didn’t want any more of it.

Drunk Jungkook obviously had different priorities than sober Jungkook did.

He didn’t take any pictures of Jimin over the weekend either, and that bummed him out. He had barely any new stuff to show Hobeom.

In his tired daze, he realized that there were noises coming from the group of four people behind him. It took him much longer to realize that there was moaning coming from a computer. And the voice sounded familiar.

Jungkook shot up from his desk and looked at the group of people huddled around a laptop. Yugyeom was there, and he seemed to be enjoying whatever they were watching. Jungkook hoped he was wrong about what it was.

Yugyeom noticed Jungkook watching them.

“Hey, wanna see your friend in action? I know you said it wasn’t him but it is definitely him. It’s pretty hot,” Yugyeom said. It felt like he was purposely antagonizing him, and Jungkook was just cranky enough to fight.

He walked over and slammed the laptop shut. He ignored the whines and complaints of the four people watching, the owner of the laptop complaining about his roughness.

“If I see any of you watching this shit again you’re going to regret it,” Jungkook growled. He had never felt so angry. He couldn’t believe these people would watch something like that, and in public too.

“What’s your deal, Jungkook? These videos are already all over the internet, what’s the problem if we watch them?” Yugyeom said. Jungkook wanted to punch him so badly, but he knew his position at the school would be jeopardized. It was really the only reason Yugyeom still had teeth.

“They were leaked without his permission. How would you feel if your private videos became public?” Jungkook asked. Although he was sure Yugyeom wouldn’t give a shit.

“Why should I care about your slutty friend regretting posting these videos on the internet? He probably got mad that the professor wouldn’t leave his wife for him and got revenge,” Yugyeom said.

Jungkook was fuming. He couldn’t believe what was happening right now. He had never been one for physical violence but he was about to resort to it.

“You better hope I don’t see your ugly fucking face off campus. Nobody’s going to want to use you as a model when I’m done with you,” Jungkook threatened.

Before Yugyeom could respond, Jungkook went back to his desk and gathered his things. He didn’t care about missing class today. He didn’t have anything to show anyway.

He just wanted to see Jimin.

Chapter Text

Jungkook burst through the door of the studio, red hot anger still flooding his body. He looked around for Jimin, but he didn’t see him. It was only Hoseok and a couple other dancers. He cursed under his breath.

“Kookie? What’s up?” Hoseok asked. He could obviously see the anger on Jungkook’s face and was taken aback.

“Where’s Jimin?” he asked. Hoseok looked a little bit worried, like he didn’t know if he should tell Jungkook Jimin’s location. “I need to talk to him really bad. Please tell me where he is.”

“He’s at home. He said he wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t come to class today,” Hoseok said. Jungkook whipped around and left the studio without even saying goodbye or giving Hoseok an explanation for his mood. He was on a mission.

He couldn’t even remember the walk to Jimin’s place. He had never been more filled with rage than he was at that moment. He didn’t even really know what he would say to Jimin, or if seeing him was really a good idea right now. He was on autopilot.

He couldn’t think of much else besides punching Yugyeom upside the head.

The brick in the door was still there so Jungkook was able to walk into Jimin’s building. The walk up the stairs felt too long and tedious. He just wanted to get to Jimin faster.

He stood in front of apartment 305 and knocked on the door. But he didn’t hear anything on the other side. Jungkook groaned loudly. He should have walked away, but he had a feeling Jimin was in there. He knocked again, harder this time. Still nothing.

“Jimin? If you’re in there, it’s me. I want to talk,” Jungkook yelled. He hoped that Jimin would hear his voice and answer the door.

He waited some more, and just as he was about to give up and walk away, the locks started moving. The door opened and Jimin was standing there. He looked tired, Jungkook wondered if he really was sick or if he was just exhausted. Either way, he wasn’t good.

“Hi,” Jungkook said. Jimin stepped aside and let him into the apartment. Jimin’s smell was overwhelming inside, and it caused Jungkook’s mood to change a little. He didn’t feel as angry anymore.

“You can sit on the couch. My roommate isn’t home,” Jimin said. Jungkook did as he was told.

After Jimin locked the place up again he joined Jungkook on the couch. He kept his distance, and Jungkook wished he didn’t.

“Hoseok said you were sick,” Jungkook said. He had already guessed that that wasn’t true, but he thought he would make sure anyway.

“I am in a way. I got emailed my own sex videos. And the list of people it was sent to was huge. I didn’t really feel like showing my face on campus today. Shouldn’t you be in class?” Jimin asked. It was only nine in the morning, Jungkook’s class didn’t get out until the afternoon.

He got some pleasure out of the fact that Jimin knew that.

“Yeah but I almost got into a fight in class. I decided to leave before I snapped,” Jungkook said. Jimin looked surprised.

“What? Why?”

“I’m guessing the people in my class received the same email you did. They were watching it,” Jungkook said. Jimin pulled his legs up to his chest and hugged himself. He looked so tiny and vulnerable.

“Did you see it?” Jimin asked. There was panic in his voice that Jungkook wanted to get rid of immediately.

“I told you I wouldn’t. I did hear some of it though. Sorry,” Jungkook said. Jimin’s face turned red and he buried it into his knees. Jungkook reached over and scratched the side of his leg. He was only in a t-shirt and a pair of boxers, so Jungkook took the opportunity to feel the skin of his leg directly.

It was soft. Really soft. Just like he always knew it’d be.

He remembered his camera, and he picked it up and started taking photos of Jimin. Even though he was sad, he still looked cute like this. So tiny and soft. He didn’t want to miss out on these shots.

Jimin didn’t seem like he minded.

“I wish this would end soon,” Jimin said. Jungkook could barely hear him.

“It will. It’ll blow over soon enough. Things like this always do. You’re not that hot anyway,” Jungkook teased. Jimin glared at him.

“Put your camera down,” Jimin ordered. Jungkook was confused but he did it anyway. As soon as it was on the coffee table in front of them, Jimin lunged into his lap.

Small punches were being thrown at him while Jimin laughed. It didn’t take long for Jungkook to grab his small hands, immobilizing them, and then using his other hand to tickle Jimin’s side. Jimin was laughing loudly, and Jungkook could see tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

“Please…stop,” Jimin said in between laughs. His attempts at freeing himself were becoming weaker and the tears eventually left his eyes. That’s when Jungkook decided to stop tickling him. He didn’t want to make Jimin cry, even if it was only from tickling.

Jimin collapsed against Jungkook’s chest, trying to collect himself and catch his breath again. Jungkook could feel his heartbeat and he hoped that Jimin couldn’t feel his as it slowly increased it’s pace.

Jungkook’s throat felt dry.

“I almost peed myself,” Jimin said as he sat back up properly.

“I would have killed you if you did,” Jungkook said, rubbing Jimin’s side where he had tickled him. He couldn’t stop touching him, and he was glad Jimin let him.

“I’m gonna have bruises now and it’s all your fault,” Jimin said, sticking his bottom lip out.

“You’re not sleeping with anyone right now. No one’s gonna see it,” Jungkook said. Jimin slapped his arm.

“You’re mean. I’m single by choice,” he said.

“I never said you weren’t,” Jungkook replied. He lightly scratched Jimin’s side again, making him giggle cutely.

He still didn’t understand how a grown man could be so cute. He was really like the human embodiment of cotton candy. Just fluffiness and sweetness. Jungkook kind of wanted to take a bite out of him.

But maybe not.

“What did you want to talk about?” Jimin asked. Jungkook had almost forgotten that he came here for a reason. That he wasn’t just here to tickle Jimin into a better mood.

“Right. I was just angry I guess. About people watching your videos. And I just…wanted to see you,” Jungkook said. The words felt weird leaving his mouth. They tasted funny.

“You wanted to see me? Why?” Jimin asked. There was a smile tugging at his lips.

“To make sure you were okay. Or…just see you. I don’t know,” Jungkook said. He wasn’t really sure himself. All he knew when he left the classroom was that he wanted to see Jimin, he never thought to ask himself why.

“I’m starting to understand why your girlfriend got jealous of me,” Jimin said with a wink.

“Shut up. Do you wanna get tickled again? Because I will,” Jungkook said, giving Jimin a quick jab to the side as a warning. Jimin yelped and smacked Jungkook in the chest.

“No, no, no. Please don’t. I’ll be good,” Jimin said. His fingers curled into Jungkook’s shirt, and Jungkook was suddenly very aware of their position, of Jimin’s ass on his thighs.

Jimin seemed to have a thing for sitting in Jungkook’s lap. And Jungkook didn’t hate it as much as he should.

“Hand me my camera,” Jungkook said. Jimin didn’t hesitate to reach around behind him and grab it off the table. He handed it to Jungkook and Jungkook immediately started setting up a shot.

Their position was compromising, but Jungkook needed pictures of it. It was another part of their relationship that needed exploring.

Jungkook started taking photos of him, and it was all good until Jimin tilted his head to the side and gave Jungkook a sexy look that almost made him drop his camera.

“It kind of looks like I’m giving you a lap dance doesn’t it?” Jimin asked. Jungkook tried to force out a laugh but it sounded fake, even to him.

“Kind of,” Jungkook said. Luckily his voice didn’t crack because Jimin was still giving him that look. His palms were starting to sweat.

“Do you want one?” Jimin asked. Jungkook felt his face heat up.

“Shut up,” Jungkook said. He felt like that’s all he’d been saying to Jimin lately.

He continued to take pictures of Jimin, even though they all pretty much looked the same. There was something about the way he looked right now that kept Jungkook’s finger on the button.

“Don’t you get tired of being a sort of sex icon? Don’t you want me to see you differently than that?” Jungkook asked. Jimin hummed.

“You already see me as something different, don’t you? I can flirt with you and be as sexy as I want, but you still won’t want me in the end,” Jimin said. It sounded sort of melancholy. Jungkook felt grey.

However, Jungkook supposed Jimin was right about that. But he didn’t want to agree. Not out-loud anyway.

Instead he wrapped an arm around Jimin’s waist and gently moved him onto his back on the couch. He kneeled over him and started taking photos again.

Jimin looked good on his back. But Jungkook didn’t want to think about it.

He moved Jimin to relieve himself of the intimacy that seemed to be there between them, but the new position was somehow worse than the last one. Jungkook could hear the blood pumping in his ears, and his breathing felt erratic.

Jimin looked flushed too. He didn’t seem as confident as before, and it was doing something to Jungkook that he didn’t want to think about. He didn’t want to think about any of this. He just wanted to let it happen and see where it ended up going.

The photos he was taking were starting to feel different. They were starting to feel more like a private moment than one he would want to show his professor, or anyone for that matter.

“Jungkook?” Jimin whispered after what felt like an eternity had passed. Jungkook reluctantly lowered his camera from his face and looked Jimin in the eye.

“Yeah?” Jungkook asked. Jimin looked really sexy like this. His hair was all messy from being on his back for a while, his shirt collar was off centre, revealing his shoulder. And his red face just complimented it all.

Objectively, Jungkook knew Jimin looked bad right now. He looked tired and exhausted and just worn out. But in Jungkook’s mind, he had never looked better.

“You can say no if you want, but…” Jimin started. His eyes were starting to look teary, and he was avoiding eye-contact now.

He toyed with the hem of Jungkook’s shirt. It was cute, but it didn’t give Jungkook a better idea of what he wanted.

“Out with it, come on,” Jungkook said. It came out a lot softer and more like a whisper than he intended.

“Will you…hold me? Just for a little while?” Jimin asked. His face was bright red and Jungkook swore that if he said one more word he’d be crying.

Jungkook should have said no. He should have rejected the request completely. But for some reason, he didn’t. He put his camera back on the table and wedged himself in between Jimin and the back of the couch.

Jimin turned sideways, so his back faced Jungkook. Jungkook wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him in against his chest. Jimin’s hair tickled his nose as his smell enveloped him. He felt like he was drunk again on Taehyung’s floor.

Jimin sighed contently. He felt relaxed in Jungkook’s hold.

“Thank you,” he said. Jungkook held him a little closer.

“No problem. Why do you want me to hold you anyway?” Jungkook asked, trying to keep his voice stable.

“I just haven’t been held like this in a really long time,” Jimin said. His voice sounded kind of shaky, like he might cry. Jungkook desperately wanted to avoid that.

“Who was the last person to hold you?” Jungkook asked. There was a feeling in the pit of his stomach that he didn’t like when he thought of someone else cuddling Jimin, whoever they were.

“That professor I banged,” Jimin said, giggling a little bit, “God, he was an asshole. I don’t like thinking about him.”

“Well, now you can say I was the last person to hold you, not him,” Jungkook said, trying to offer some reassurance.

“What’s worse? A gay, married professor or a straight dude with a girlfriend?” Jimin said. Jungkook snorted.

“Shut up. I’m better and you know it,” he said, absentmindedly nuzzling into Jimin’s hair.

“Maybe. Tell me you’re not straight and I’ll say you’re better,” Jimin said.

Jungkook thought his stomach was going to fall out of his body. He felt like he was on a massive rollercoaster. How was he supposed to answer that question? Well, he knew how he was supposed to answer the question. He should say that he’s straight, and that’s that. But why did it feel wrong? Why couldn’t he cough up those words?

“I…can’t say that,” Jungkook said instead. He felt weak and fragile.

Jimin was silent for a moment, before he turned around to face Jungkook. He was so close, Jungkook could see little freckles that he never noticed Jimin had before. He could count Jimin’s pretty eyelashes, and see all the different colours in his irises.

Jimin reached up and touched Jungkook’s cheek. He rubbed the skin with his thumb and Jungkook leaned into the touch. He held Jimin’s shirt tightly, tight enough to leave his knuckles white.

Jimin always made him feel nervous, but so good at the same time. He wanted this moment to end, but at the same time he wanted it to last forever.

“If you can say it one day, will you say it to me?” Jimin asked, so softly and quietly.

Jungkook didn’t feel like he could speak without crying, so he rested his forehead against Jimin’s and nodded. He didn’t really know what he was agreeing to, but he said yes anyway.

The smile that spread on Jimin’s face made it worth it. But it was gone before long.

“Jungkook?” Jimin said softly. Jungkook pulled him closer so they were flush against each other.


“I…don’t like Jiho,” Jimin said.

Jungkook wasn’t expecting that. Maybe that’s why he started laughing.

“You’re not the only one. I don’t think any of my friends like her,” Jungkook said.

“Are we friends?” Jimin asked. Jungkook blushed.

“I mean…I thought we were. We don’t have to be if you don’t want to,” Jungkook said, trying to save himself.

But Jimin just started laughing.

“You’re so cute. I was just teasing, I know we’re friends,” he said, barely able to control his body from flying all over the place. Jungkook held him in his spot.

“Shut up. Don’t be so mean,” Jungkook said, pouting.

“Really though…I have to show you something,” Jimin said, sitting up. Jungkook wanted to whine at the loss of him. “Come, come.”

Jimin walked into his bedroom and Jungkook followed. Jimin sat on his bed and pulled his laptop out from under the covers. Jungkook wanted to lecture him on how bad that was for laptops but instead he found himself crawling up next to Jimin, burying his face in the crook of Jimin’s neck. He wasn’t done snuggling yet.

“You’re like a big cat,” Jimin said, reaching up and scratching his cheek lightly. Jungkook liked how it felt. If he was a cat he’d be purring.

Jimin was typing on his laptop when Jungkook saw him pull up an email. He assumed it was the email he received this morning that made him ditch class. Jungkook felt sick. It seemed like their good mood was over.

“So…this is the email with my sex tapes in it. And I was panicking earlier and looking at all the emails it was sent to, and when I looked at who sent it I just…” Jimin said, pointing at the screen.

Jungkook followed Jimin’s finger, and his jaw dropped when he read the email address in question.

It was Jiho’s. It was unmistakably Jiho’s.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Jungkook said. He stood up immediately and stomped out to the living room where his things were. He felt like the ground was shaking beneath him, like the ground would fall out from under him after each step.

“Jungkook wait! So it really was her?” Jimin asked, running after him. He looked completely distraught.

“Sure was. Well, you got your wish. I’m single now,” Jungkook said as he gathered his camera and his bags. He was really being tested today. First Yugyeom, now this.

“Jungkook, stop. I didn’t plan this, why are you acting like it’s my fault?” Jimin asked. He looked like he was about to cry again.

Jungkook stopped and took a deep breath. He hadn’t meant to be mean to Jimin. Not now of all times.

“I’m sorry. I’m just really angry right now. I have to go talk to Jiho, see you later. I’ll text you when it’s over,” Jungkook said.

Jimin didn’t say anything. He just let Jungkook walk out the door.


“Jungkook, what the hell?!” Jiho yelled as Jungkook walked into her apartment and went right to her bedroom. He knew he had stuff here and he wanted it before she did anything to it all. If she was the type to leak videos of Jungkook’s friends, there’s no telling what else she would do.

He started rummaging through her room, collecting all his belongings. He wanted to wipe away any trace of him whatsoever. She didn’t deserve to remember him.

“Jungkook, stop! What are you doing?” she said, in that loud irritating voice of hers. Jungkook just got here and he already wanted her to shut the fuck up.

“I’m collecting my things. You and I are done,” Jungkook said as he threw his stuff into his bag.

“What? Why?!” she asked. Jungkook walked up to her until they were only inches apart. She looked stubborn, but scared too.

“Did you think I wouldn’t see the email you sent out just because you didn’t send it to me?” Jungkook growled. She looked angry then, but Jungkook couldn’t imagine why. He was the one who should be pissed. She was the one who betrayed him.

“So you’re choosing him over me?” she asked. Jungkook was about to punch a hole in a wall.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You promised me that you wouldn’t watch the videos or participate in the rumours about my friend but you went back on that and sent it to pretty much the whole school,” Jungkook said. He tried not to raise his voice but it was proving to be difficult.

“Maybe I wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t fawn over him like a school girl in love. I see the pictures you take of him and we’ve fought about him before. Did you just get back from fucking him or what?” Jiho said.

Jungkook felt a flash of guilt, even though he knew he shouldn’t feel guilty. He did just get back from snuggling him and photographing him. But that still didn’t excuse her actions. It didn’t warrant what she had done to Jimin.

“I stayed loyal. But even if I didn’t, you still went back on your word and you went and did something completely immoral to someone I care about and you don’t even seem like you’re sorry. I’m out of here,” Jungkook said.

He started walking towards the door when Jiho grabbed his wrist.

“You realize this whole time you haven’t denied loving him? How do you think that makes me feel?” she asked. Jungkook scoffed.

“I don’t give a shit how you feel, because you clearly don’t give a shit about how I feel. How else did you expect this to go? Did you think I’d see the videos and come crawling back to you so we could talk about how slutty and gross Jimin is? Did you think I’d never find out?” Jungkook was clenching his teeth so hard that he was starting to get a headache. This all felt like a terrible nightmare.

“I thought you’d pick your girlfriend over your gay little friend. I should have known you’d turn out this way,” Jiho said, letting go of Jungkook’s wrist like she was tossing him away.

“What do you mean this way?” Jungkook said, disgust clear in his voice.

“Gay. Just like all your dumbass friends. Now get out of my house. I hope you live happily ever after with that ugly slut of yours,” Jiho said, waving her hands around.

Jungkook was completely dumbfounded. He stared at her for a while, wondering how someone he spend so much of his time with could be this awful. He spent two years of his life with this girl who didn’t wait a month to completely stab someone he cared about in the back.

“You’re intolerable. Have a nice life,” Jungkook said. And he walked out the door.

Despite the fact that he felt completely enraged, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. This annoying nagging that was in the back of his mind was gone. He didn’t feel good, not at all. Things felt far from over.

Jungkook remembered Jiho’s bullshit about forgiving him, and how wrong that had felt at the time. But he let it slide and for what? Nothing at all.

But he was tired of thinking of her. He never wanted to think of her again.

Instead he thought about being in Jimin’s apartment, holding him close. It made him feel warm inside, replacing the hot anger he was feeling. He pulled out his phone and sent Jimin a text.

Jungkook: Well…I’ll have a lot more free time to take pictures of you now :)

Chapter Text

The couple days following the break-up were stressful. Not because he missed Jiho, or she was giving him issues, but because Jimin stopped replying to his texts. Whenever he went to see Jimin, he wasn’t there, even though Hoseok and Taehyung had both seen him around.

Jimin was avoiding him. Jungkook knew that. It was frustrating trying to keep up with his footsteps, trying to catch him on an off chance. He was always one step behind him and it was driving Jungkook insane.

“Did he tell you why he’s avoiding me?” Jungkook asked Taehyung during their lunch break.

“Nah. Maybe Jiho said something to him,” Taehyung said. Jungkook could feel his blood boil at the thought.

“Fuck…I really hate her,” Jungkook groaned. Taehyung laughed.

“I’ve been telling you she’s the worst since you started dating her! Should’ve listened to me,” he bragged.

Jungkook wanted to tell him to shut up but he knew Taehyung was right. He hadn’t liked her in the beginning, and Jungkook was too blinded by love and comfortability to see any of her flaws. It wasn’t until Jimin came along that Jungkook started to question her behaviour.

“I know. I’m sorry about that by the way. I should have known you weren’t just being a dick,” Jungkook said. A big smile stretched across Taehyung’s face.

“It’s okay, buddy. As long as you know now. And once Jimin stops ignoring you, you guys can date,” Taehyung said. Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“Jimin and I aren’t going to date. We’re just friends, and he’s my topic for now. I kind of need to see him,” Jungkook said.

“At least admit you find him attractive. I mean, his looks are the whole reason I even invited him over that night. I was planning on going for him in the beginning, but I think he has his heart set on you,” Taehyung said. Jungkook sighed.

“He is attractive, for a man. I’ll give you that. I just think you have the wrong idea about us. I’m not…” Jungkook trailed off. He knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t. Something in the back of his mind was halting him.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop bugging you about it. I really don’t know why he’s avoiding you. If I have him, I’ll text you. Then you can talk to him,” Taehyung said.

Jungkook was glad that Taehyung didn’t see him as a bad guy anymore. He was actually helping Jungkook get to Jimin, even if it was for ulterior motives. He was glad they didn’t have to fight anymore. Especially when it came to Jiho. Jungkook was sure they were on the same page about her now.



Jungkook sprinted across campus, not bothering to check up on the innocents he ran over on his way. His body moved on its own after he received the text he had been waiting days for.

Taehyung: I have Jimin, but I won’t for long. Come to studio 3.

It wasn’t the usual studio Jimin was in, which explained why Jungkook could never find him. He must have changed so he could still practice without Jungkook walking in on him. Sneaky.

Jungkook was glad he was athletic, or else he probably would have collapsed by the time he reached the building Jimin was in. He made it there in record time, he wished he had a stopwatch.

He hoped his camera didn’t break from bouncing along with him. He didn’t consider it until he was in front of the studio.

He opened the door, and luckily, Taehyung and Jimin were inside. It was the first time Jungkook had seen Jimin after his break-up, and he looked different. Cuter somehow.

He was staring at Jungkook with wide-eyes. He looked panicked and like he wanted to escape, but Taehyung beat him to it.

“Alright, I’m going now. Have fun kids,” Taehyung said, leaving out the studio door and closing it behind him. Jimin frowned towards the door, looking betrayed.

“I should go too,” Jimin said, but Jungkook blocked the door. He finally had Jimin in front of him, he wasn’t going to let him go just like that.

“Not until you explain yourself,” Jungkook ordered. Jimin stuck out his bottom lip.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yes you do. You’re avoiding me,” Jungkook said. Jimin’s frown got more intense.

“I’m not! I’m just busy!” Jimin said. His cheeks were red and he kept looking around, looking for something that could save him from this situation.

“Too busy to text me back? Everyone else has seen you, why haven’t I? I’ve been looking for you,” Jungkook asked. He knew Jimin was bullshitting. He knew when he was being avoided. And Jimin was a terrible liar.

“Just tell me what you want. I really have to go,” Jimin said, but it seemed like a lie too. Jungkook would bet any amount of money that Jimin had no where to be.

“Well, other than for you to stop avoiding me,” Jungkook started, holding up his camera, “Did you forget you’re my homework?”

“Can’t you shoot something else?” Jimin asked, stomping one foot on the ground. He was basically whining now.

“I already tried that, remember? If you really don’t want to do it anymore, just say so. But I would really like to continue,” Jungkook said.

Jimin stared at him for a moment, trying to think of what to say. His eyes said so much in the meantime. He knew Jimin didn’t want to quit, but the reason he was avoiding Jungkook was weighing on him.

“I want to continue…” Jimin said, so quietly that Jungkook could barely hear him.

“Well then, tell me why you’re avoiding me. Please?” Jungkook asked, taking one step forward, to be closer to Jimin.

Jimin shifted on his feet, and picked at the threads of his sweater. His eyes were sad, he looked guilty for some reason.

“I…feel bad. I feel like I’ve ruined your life,” Jimin admitted. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him.

“Jimin…what are you talking about? Without you, my photography would still be boring,” Jungkook said.

“Without me you’d still be happy with a girlfriend. And you wouldn’t be almost getting into fights in class. I ended your relationship and I probably ended some of your friendships too,” Jimin said. Jungkook could see tears building up in the corners of his eyes. It broke Jungkook’s heart.

“Listen…I know you think it’s your fault that my relationship is over. But it isn’t. It’s only Jiho’s fault. She wasn’t a good person, and I just couldn’t see that before. If anything, you helped me get out of a relationship with a bad person. And I was never friends with those people in my class. They just talked to me sometimes. You haven’t ruined anything for me,” Jungkook said. He didn’t know he had it in him to speak as softly as he just did.

His body was moving on its own when he reached forward and took Jimin’s hand, lacing their fingers together. Jungkook thought he saw Jimin’s cheeks turn pinker, but he could have been imagining it.

“I just feel like you were happier before,” Jimin said.

“I wasn’t,” Jungkook said, squeezing Jimin’s hand lightly.

Jimin’s eyes searched his own for signs of insincerity, but Jungkook knew he’d find none.

Jimin looked down as he started smiling, failing at holding it back. He squeezed Jungkook’s hand back.

“Okay. I guess I’ll stop avoiding you now,” he said. Jungkook reached up and pinched Jimin’s cheek. Jimin pouted, and he looked adorable.

“You better.”


“So, this is Kookie’s home. Interesting,” Jimin said as Jungkook let him into his apartment.

“You’ve been here before, why is this so surprising?” Jungkook asked, remembering when Seokjin had Jimin over for cooking lessons.

“It’s just that I’ve never been here with you before. It feels different than with Seokjin,” Jimin said. He took off his shoes and started skipping around the apartment. Jungkook didn’t know why, he’d been here before. There was nothing new to see.

“You’re a weirdo,” Jungkook said.

“I wanna see your room,” Jimin said, heading toward the hallway where their bedrooms were.

“Why? Are you coming on to me?” Jungkook asked as he followed him. Jimin looked over his shoulder and glared at him.

“No. You’re too ugly for me,” Jimin said. He stopped walking when he realized he didn’t know which room was Jungkook’s.

“It’s this one,” Jungkook said, pushing his bedroom door open, “And if I’m so ugly, why do you want to see my bedroom so bad?”

“I want to see what your space looks like,” Jimin said, walking into Jungkook’s room and sitting right on the bed, getting comfortable.

“Well, here it is. Not too exciting is it?” Jungkook said, sitting down next to him.

“No. I was hoping you’d have pictures of me hanging above your bed,” Jimin said, laying down on his back. Jungkook laughed.

“Are you that full of yourself?”

“No, but I was hoping that you’d be that full of me,” Jimin said. He tugged on Jungkook’s shirt, signalling him to lay down with him. Jungkook did.

“Not quite. Don’t look on my laptop though. I have thousands of pictures of you. It’s kind of embarrassing,” Jungkook said, turning his head to the side to look at Jimin. Jimin did the same.

“You’re cute,” Jimin said. He looked at Jungkook fondly, and it make Jungkook’s heart skip a beat.

“You’re the cute one. You giggle even though you’re an adult man. That’s cute,” Jungkook said, giving Jimin a light poke to the side. It made Jimin squeak, and Jungkook felt like his point was proven.

“Can I see your laptop?” Jimin asked, biting him bottom lip. Jungkook swallowed roughly and nodded. It was probably a stupid idea, but Jungkook couldn’t say no for some reason.

He stood up and walked over to his desk, unplugging the computer and bringing it back over to the bed. He sat against the headboard, and Jimin slid up the bed to join him. He rested his head on Jungkook’s shoulder comfortably, and it made Jungkook nervous. But he didn’t want Jimin to move.

Jungkook opened his laptop and started going through different files of photographs.

“These are all just candid stuff that I don’t do for class, and here’s some older projects,” Jungkook said as he quickly flipped through some different photos, “And these…are all you.”

Jungkook opened a particularly large folder of Jimin. It was unorganized, but it was everything he took of him since they first met.

“You do have a lot. Wow,” Jimin said as Jungkook clicked through all the different pictures.

“Yeah well, we hang out a lot,” Jungkook said. It was a lame excuse. He didn’t have this many photos of anyone else.

“Wait! That one,” Jimin said, pointing to the screen. Jungkook pulled up the photo, and it was the one where they were watching a movie, and Jimin had caught him taking his picture. “I remember that.”

“Same. This was the photo that made you my topic for the assignment. My professor really liked it,” Jungkook said. Jungkook had no idea what his relationship with Jimin would turn out to be back then. He was just taking pictures of him because he felt things for him. Negative things.

“I like it too. I remember feeling nervous while you were taking it. I didn’t know why you were and I was scared,” Jimin said, “I thought you knew about my videos.”

“Nah. I just thought you were annoying, and I had to take photos that made me feel things. And annoyed is still a feeling. And you still annoy me,” Jungkook teased. Jimin lifted his head from Jungkook’s shoulder and looked up at him.

“Why do I like you again?” Jimin asked. Jungkook rested his forehead against Jimin’s.

“Because I’m cute,” Jungkook said. Jimin tilted his head a bit, allowing his face to get closer. Jungkook could feel his warm breath against his lips. It was making him weak. He was glad they were sitting.

“You’re more than cute,” Jimin said quietly, the little puffs of air hitting Jungkook’s lips. He licked them, trying to taste Jimin without touching him.

“What else am I then?”

“Handsome, nice, funny, talented. I’d love a guy like you,” Jimin said. He pulled away and sat back against the headboard again. Jungkook almost chased him. “I need to get laid.”

Jungkook almost choked on his own spit.

“What do you mean?” Jungkook asked, even though it was a stupid question. What else could that mean?

“I mean I haven’t had sex in a long time. I’m getting irritable,” Jimin grumbled. He brought his knees to his chest and hugged them.

“Why are you telling me?”

“I’m hoping you’ll help me out with that,” Jimin said, winking suggestively. Jungkook felt his face turn beet red.

“What are you- You can’t be- Are you-” he stammered. He kept going until Jimin burst out laughing.

“This is what I mean when I say you’re cute. I was only kidding Jungkook, no need to freak out,” Jimin said. Jungkook frowned at him.

“You’re so mean. Get out of my room,” Jungkook said, pointing to the door. Jimin smiled at him and snuggled up into his shoulder again. Jungkook hoped he couldn’t feel his pulse because it was out of control.

“I’m sorry. How can I make it up to you? Do you want a kiss?” Jimin asked.


“No. I want a snack. Cook for me,” Jungkook demanded. He felt his stomach grumble.

“It’s like ten at night. What do you want?” Jimin asked.

“I don’t know. We don’t have anything,” Jungkook said. Jimin groaned.

“You’re a child. Let’s go to the store then.”

Jimin stood up and left the bedroom. Jungkook followed, but he made sure to grab his camera first. Jimin was already putting his shoes on when Jungkook caught up to him.

“Are you going to buy me a snack?” Jungkook asked.

“Yes. Of course. Anything for you,” Jimin answered sarcastically. Though Jungkook was sure he was serious about buying him a snack.

Jungkook followed Jimin out the door and started taking pictures of him as they went down the stairs. He looked so pretty, even from behind. Jungkook couldn’t get enough of him.

It was chilly outside, but it was bearable. And Jungkook liked how the weather made Jimin’s ears and cheeks pink. He made sure to get pictures, even though he knew they wouldn’t turn out that well since it was dark.

“There’s a convenience store over here right?” Jimin said, pointing right. Jungkook nodded.

“I like when you point at stuff. Your chubby, little fingers are so cute,” Jungkook said. Jimin pouted. “Stop pouting, it just makes you look cuter.”

“Do you want a snack or not?” Jimin asked.


“Then be good.”

Jungkook shut his mouth and just took more photos of Jimin.

Even in the shitty, convenience store lighting Jimin looked gorgeous. He thought that the lights in these buildings were made to make people uglier in the middle of the night but somehow Jimin found a way around it. Jungkook couldn’t put his camera down.

“Stop taking pictures and pick your snack,” Jimin said, laughing shyly. Jungkook didn’t want to, but he did what he was told to do.

“I want these,” Jungkook said, picking up a bag of chips.

“Okay, but there’s a condition,” Jimin said with an evil glint in his eyes. Jungkook squinted at him.

“What?” he asked.

Jimin poked at his own cheek and tilted it up to Jungkook.

“Kiss,” he ordered. Jungkook took a step back.

“You can’t be serious. We’re in public,” Jungkook said, cheeks flushing.

“No one is here but us and the clerk. He’s not even looking. Come on,” Jimin said, poking at his cheek again.

Jungkook looked around. There really wasn’t anyone, except the worker who was bent over in another aisle. He wouldn’t see. No one would.

Jungkook took a deep breath and leaned down. He pulled away almost as soon as his lips made contact with Jimin’s cheek. It was barely a kiss. But Jimin giggled like a school girl anyway.

“Thank you, Jungkook. You’re sweet,” Jimin said, taking Jungkook’s chips and walking up to the counter.

Jungkook was about to pass out. His knees felt completely weak. All of the blood in his body was in his face. He just kissed Jimin. In public.

Only on the cheek, but still.

He followed Jimin up to the counter where he was paying. Jimin had a big, stupid smile on his face. Jungkook didn’t know why he was so happy, it was a pretty shitty kiss.

But if it made Jimin happy, it made Jungkook happy too.

While they walked back to Jungkook’s apartment, Jimin’s smile didn’t disappear.

“Are you really that happy about such a shitty kiss?” Jungkook asked. Jimin tried to frown, but his smile overpowered it.

“Shut up. I haven’t been kissed so sweetly in a long time,” Jimin said, shoving Jungkook’s shoulder a little bit.

Jungkook wanted Jimin to smile more. Maybe that’s why he leaned in and kissed Jimin’s cheek one more time. It was longer and less gentle this time, but it was still quick.

Jimin looked up at him in shock as Jungkook looked away. He wanted to avoid all eye-contact. He didn’t even know why he did that. He didn’t know what came over him.

“What was that for?” Jimin asked, touching his cheek lightly.

“I don’t know,” Jungkook answered. He scratched the back of his neck nervously. Jimin had the weirdest effect on him.

They walked in silence for the rest of their journey. It wasn’t awkward or intense. It was just pleasant. Jimin seemed happy, and Jungkook, despite being flustered as hell, was happy too.

Jimin walked up the stairs in front of Jungkook. Jungkook had let him go up first to be polite, but he regretted it now.

Jimin’s butt was right in his face. He knew Jimin’s butt was nice, he had heard that from pretty much every one of his friends. But he had never seen it this up close and personal. Jimin’s butt was really nice.

Jungkook wanted to squeeze it.

But instead he looked down at the stairs, not wanting to get caught staring. It was embarrassing enough that he kissed Jimin twice, but getting caught checking him out would just be the icing on the cake that he didn’t want.

Jungkook had never been happier to reach his floor.

When they were finally back in Jungkook’s room, Jimin burrowed under the covers, getting comfortable. It was like he was at his own home. Jungkook put his camera down and got in with him. He started eating his chips.

“You eat in bed?” Jimin asked. Jungkook nodded.

“Seokjin says I’m too messy to eat on the couch, and I don’t like sitting at the kitchen table,” Jungkook said. Jimin hummed.

“I see. I guess some people don’t mind sleeping in crumbs,” Jimin said. Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“Don’t be a brat. You can go home,” Jungkook said, waving his hand toward the exit. Jimin snuggled up closer to him.

“Don’t wanna. Wanna stay with Jungkook,” he whined.

Jungkook slipped an arm around him and pulled him closer. He put his snack on the bedside table and got more comfortable with Jimin. They were laying down face to face, and Jimin had a big smile, like he had when Jungkook kissed him.

“I’m glad I’m not avoiding you anymore. I missed you,” Jimin said, reaching up and poking Jungkook’s nose.

“I missed you too. You shouldn’t have avoided me in the first place,” Jungkook said.

“I know, I know.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a little while. Jungkook really liked Jimin’s eyes. They weren’t even, and they looked a bit puffy, but they were unique and beautiful. He didn’t think he had ever liked eyes as much as he liked Jimin’s.

Jungkook’s thoughts were interrupted when Jimin scooted closer and leaned up, kissing Jungkook on the cheek. It was soft and prolonged, unlike Jungkook’s kisses. It made Jungkook’s breath hitch and his heart beat fast. Once he pulled away, Jungkook missed the feeling of his lips.

“What was that for?”

“I just wanted to. Is that okay?” Jimin asked.

Jungkook’s first instinct was to say no. But it was replaced almost immediately with the desire to have Jimin kiss him again.

“Yeah. It’s okay,” Jungkook said. He pulled Jimin a little bit closer, so their bodies were touching. Jungkook felt overstimulated, in a very good way.

Jimin tilted his head up, bumping their noses together. Jungkook almost pulled back, but Jimin’s magnetism kept him in place.

“Can I…” Jimin started but he didn’t finish the question. Jungkook knew what he was asking.

“Yeah,” Jungkook breathed out. The word almost didn’t leave his mouth.

Jimin gripped the front of Jungkook’s shirt and tilted his head up. Jungkook felt his nose slide from Jungkook’s down to where his cheek started. Jungkook was so nervous. He was scared.

When their lips met, Jimin didn’t kiss him right away. He gently moved his lips over Jungkook’s. It tickled and sent electricity throughout Jungkook’s whole body.

Jimin pulled on Jungkook’s bottom lip with his, and then started kissing him for real. It was so soft and sweet, like Jimin himself. Jungkook heard a whimper, and he wasn’t sure if it was from Jimin or himself.

Jungkook slowly started returning the kiss. Jimin’s lips felt so plump and soft. And he tasted so good. Jungkook wanted more.

He took an opportunity between kisses to slip his tongue into Jimin’s mouth. Jimin moaned and moved his hands up to Jungkook’s hair, tugging it lightly.

Jimin tasted even better than he imagined. He was so sweet and sugary and good. Jungkook was sure he was addicted already. He just wanted more and more and more.

Jungkook found that he liked the sounds of their lips smacking messily, and the whimpers that left Jimin’s mouth every time they separated for a moment. He held Jimin’s hips, pulling him flush against himself, and he liked that Jimin was thrusting subconsciously.

Jungkook had never liked kissing this much. He found it tedious in the past, always wanting to go further. But right now this was all he wanted.

He wanted Jimin’s lips, and his fingers in Jungkook’s hair, and his body against his.

But Jimin pulled away before long, looking at Jungkook with swollen lips, red cheeks and teary eyes. He looked so perfect.

“Hold on,” Jungkook said, reaching for his camera that he left on the floor. He picked it up and started snapping photos of Jimin as he smiled. He looked so embarrassed but so happy. Jungkook wanted to capture this moment and immortalize it.

When he had enough, he put the camera down on the table and turned back to Jimin.

“Why’d you stop?” Jungkook asked, rubbing Jimin’s waist. He tried not to sound too eager to start up again, but he probably failed. He was hungry for more of Jimin’s kisses.

“I’m getting sleepy,” Jimin said. Jungkook noticed his eyes were starting to look heavy, like he couldn’t keep them open anymore. He looked so cute.

“You can stay the night. It’s too late for you to go home,” Jungkook said, getting out of bed. He walked over to his light switch and flicked it off before crawling back into bed with Jimin. He could barely see Jimin in the dark, but he could tell he was still smiling.

Jungkook leaned over and kissed him again chastely. Jimin giggled and chased his lips for another. Jungkook pulled him in to cuddle, and Jimin buried his head into Jungkook’s chest. He was so cute, Jungkook thought he was going to die from the cuteness.

“Goodnight,” Jimin yawned.

“Goodnight. Sleep well,” Jungkook said, running his fingers through Jimin’s hair.

After only a few minutes, Jungkook could hear Jimin’s light snores. Even those were cute.

He leaned down and kissed the top of Jimin’s head. He didn’t know what this meant for them, but he was too tired to think about it right now.

He fell asleep surrounded by Jimin’s smell and warmth with a smile on his face.


Jungkook woke up by himself. He wasn’t going to lie, he was a little bit hurt. But he remembered Jimin saying something about having class in the morning. Jungkook hoped he had time to go home and change his clothes.

His thoughts were confirmed when he checked his phone and he had a message from Jimin.

Jimin: Hi! Sorry I bailed, but I have class! I hope I can see you soon. :)

Jungkook smiled at his phone as he walked out to the kitchen. He didn’t even notice Seokjin was there until he heard him clear his throat.

“Oh. Morning, boss,” Jungkook said. Seokjin wiggled his eyebrows at him.

“Jimin left here earlier. He seemed to be in a good mood,” he said. Jungkook’s face turned red.

“It’s not what you think! We were just hanging out late. We didn’t…” Jungkook said, trailing off. He remembered kissing Jimin and how amazing it felt. It made his face even redder.

“I’m not trying to accuse you of anything Jungkook. I’m just saying, you two have been awfully close,” Seokjin said. Jungkook frowned at him.

“It sure sounds like you’re trying to accuse me of something,” he said. Seokjin shrugged.

“I’m just saying that you were happy with your girlfriend, then Jimin came along and you started acting funny, then you broke up with your girlfriend, and now Jimin’s leaving your bedroom first thing in the morning with red cheeks. It’s nothing to be suspicious about,” Seokjin said, sarcasm evident in his voice.

“We didn’t sleep together if that’s what you’re wondering,” Jungkook clarified.

However, Jungkook was struggling internally. Last night with Jimin had been amazing, but Jungkook wasn’t sure if he just liked kissing Jimin, or if he wanted more. Kissing wasn’t necessarily sexual or romantic, was it?

Jungkook wasn’t gay. He had never liked guys in any way. Jimin was pretty, but he almost looked like a girl. Maybe that’s why he liked him so much.

But Jungkook knew deep down that Jimin wasn’t a girl, no matter how pretty or soft he was. He was a man. A very attractive man. But still a man.

Although the night before had been dreamlike, Jungkook was filled with anxiety. He didn’t know what this meant for him, or what it meant for them, if there even was a them.

What did Jimin want? Did he just want kissing? Or did he want sex, or even a relationship?

Jungkook’s world was spinning. His breathing was getting erratic.

“Jungkook? Are you okay? You’re crying,” Seokjin said, suddenly at Jungkook’s side. Jungkook wiped at his eyes that he hadn’t even noticed were wet.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just need to lay down.”

Chapter Text

“These are beautiful,” Hobeom said, going through Jungkook’s photos. He was looking at the ones of Jimin in his bed, right after they had kissed.

“Thank you,” Jungkook said. He felt shaky and weak. Like he was afraid Hobeom would notice that Jimin’s lips were swollen, or that his pupils were dilated. His heart rate was out of control.

“I have some space in the gallery in the main hall. I was hoping that if it was okay with you and your partner here, that you could put these up in that space. The development is really nice, and your talent really shows,” Hobeom said.

Jungkook had never had his own space in a gallery before. He had shared space with other students, but having his own would be amazing. It was an honour he couldn’t refuse.

But he didn’t know if Jimin would be okay with that. He remembered when they first started talking, Jimin warned him not to put the photos up anywhere. And with all his drama with the videos circulating, he didn’t know if Jimin would want any more attention around campus.

He would have to talk to him. Which would be difficult considering he was avoiding Jimin.

He felt like such a hypocrite. Jungkook had chased Jimin down and made him stop avoiding him just for Jungkook to do it right back to him. It was unfair, and mean, but Jungkook couldn’t bear to look at him.

Every time he saw Jimin, questions that he had been neglecting to answer for weeks came to the surface. He knew it was about time he answered them, but he just wasn’t ready. He couldn’t do it. Not yet.

“I’ll have to talk to Jimin about it, but I would very happily accept that space if he says yes,” Jungkook answered. He really hoped Jimin would say yes.

“Good. I look forward to hearing his answer.”

Jungkook walked out of class, and he couldn’t believe he sat through the whole thing without turning around and punching Yugyeom in the face. It was a struggle for sure. Especially since he always had to sit right behind Jungkook.

The guy was a pig. Jungkook almost wanted to catch him outside of school and teach him a lesson.

His thoughts were interrupted when a tiny hand wrapped around his wrist. He knew who it was before he even turned around. He recognized the soft skin of his fingers.

“Jungkook? I haven’t seen you in a few days,” Jimin said. He looked sad and worried. Jungkook knew he had a right to be sad and worried.

“Yeah, I’ve been busy. Sorry, but I should go,” Jungkook said, trying to walk away. But Jimin’s grip on his wrist tightened and he held Jungkook in place. Jimin was small, but he was strong.

“If I can’t avoid you, you can’t avoid me either. Come talk to me over there,” Jimin said, nodding over to an empty looking corridor.

Jungkook went with him, even though his instincts were telling him to run away. To get as far away from Jimin as possible.

Once he was sure they were completely alone, Jimin reached out and touched Jungkook’s hand with his. But he didn’t get a chance to hold it before Jungkook pulled it away. Jimin looked so hurt by it.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Jimin asked. Jungkook thought he might cry. Jimin made him feel so many things and they were all coming to the surface.

“I can’t even look at you right now,” Jungkook answered. He could feel his eyes start to water.

“Jungkook…” Jimin said, taking a step closer. He reached up and gently held Jungkook’s face in his hands. Jungkook wanted to pull away, but Jimin’s hands were so soft. So comfortable.

“Jimin, don’t,” was all he said. It sounded so weak and fragile.

“I know you’re scared. I was too when I…Please, just stop avoiding me. I want to help you, and I miss you,” Jimin said. He was wiping away the tears that managed to leave Jungkook’s eyes without him noticing.

“Jimin, stop. I’m not like you. I’m not…” he trailed off, still unable to say it out loud for some reason. He had been saying it his whole life, but now he couldn’t get it out. Not with Jimin right in front of him like this.

“Okay, well even if you’re not, I want to be there for you. Will you please let me?” Jimin asked.

Jungkook wanted to so badly. He wanted to let Jimin in completely, and let him hold Jungkook’s hand the whole way. But he was so, so scared. More scared than he’d ever been.

“I’ll try. But we can’t…do what we did again,” Jungkook said. He thought about Jimin’s soft lips against his, the taste of his tongue, the sound of his whimpers. The situation gave him butterflies, and he felt light.

But he also felt gross. He felt sick. It felt so confusing and so wrong.

“Okay, sure. Whatever you want. I just want you to feel better,” Jimin said. He removed his hands from Jungkook’s face and took a step back. Jungkook knew he was giving him space, but he already missed Jimin’s touch.

Jungkook wanted a hug, but he knew better than to ask for one.

“Thank you.”


“You have to tell me what happened,” Taehyung whined. Jungkook had gone to Taehyung and Yoongi’s apartment to avoid Seokjin’s questioning, but he should have known that news of Jimin and Jungkook’s night together would have gotten around by now.

“Nothing happened. Can we stop talking about it now?” Jungkook asked. He really, desperately wanted to stop talking about it.

“Jungkook! Jimin left your bedroom in the morning in a good mood and then you cried. Something happened,” Taehyung pushed. The man had no boundaries. The man had no brain.

“Do you ever shut up?”

“Listen, Jungkook. When Yoongi found out he liked dudes he didn’t talk to me for like a month. I think he thought I made him gay or something. Then when I confronted him, he cried. I didn’t cry,” Taehyung said.

Jungkook had heard that story before. Taehyung definitely cried.

“I don’t understand what this has to do with me,” Jungkook groaned. Why couldn’t Taehyung ever just leave things alone? He always had to stick his nose in other people’s business.

“I’m saying that it’s okay if you like guys. Jimin is a fine specimen. You should be proud to hold his hand and kiss him in public,” Taehyung said triumphantly, as if he was the one who was holding Jimin’s hand and kissing him in public.

“You’re so annoying.”

“We’ve all had a feeling about you for a long time. But you had a girlfriend so it didn’t really matter. But now, you have Jimin! And he’s so much better,” Taehyung continued as if Jungkook didn’t say anything.

But he had to agree, Jimin was a lot better than Jiho. He was nicer, smelled better, tasted better. Everything about him was better.

Jimin even made Jungkook feel so much more intensely than he ever felt before. Every time they touched, Jungkook felt like he was on fire. Every time Jimin smiled Jungkook felt so happy, and his stomach did flips. Every time Jimin gave him a sexy look Jungkook thought he was going to pass out.

Jimin made him feel like he was really feeling for the first time.

“I don’t know what’s going on, Tae. I really don’t,” Jungkook admitted. Taehyung looked at him sympathetically.

“Just take your time. But if you really want to be with Jimin, you shouldn’t take too long. Someone might scoop him up,” Taehyung said.

Jungkook really didn’t like that thought. He thought about Jimin being with another man the same way he was with him. It made an ugly feeling develop in his stomach.

“You don’t have to label yourself. Just try to decide how you feel about Jimin. The rest can come later,” Taehyung said.

For once, he felt like Taehyung had given him some solid advice. Jungkook didn’t need to have everything figured out right now. But the way he was behaving wasn’t fair to Jimin. If they were friends, or whatever they were, he needed to treat him better.

“I’ll figure it out,” Jungkook said.

“Good. Now tell me. Did you kiss him? Did you get dirty with him?” Taehyung asked, a playful smirk on his face. Jungkook pushed him by the shoulder.

He couldn’t help but smile at the memory of kissing Jimin. It was so good, he didn’t think he’d be able to kiss anyone else without comparing it to him ever again.

“None of your business.”


Jungkook knocked on Jimin’s door. He didn’t text him first so he didn’t even know if Jimin was home. He was just hoping.

His heart nearly jumped out of his chest when the door opened and someone other than Jimin was standing there. It was Jimin’s roommate, Taemin. It shouldn’t be such a surprise that he was there.

“Hi. Is Jimin here?” Jungkook asked. He sounded like a kid asking if his friend could come out and play.

“You’re Jungkook right?” Taemin asked. Jungkook shifted nervously on his feet.

“Yeah…why?” he asked. Taemin smiled mischievously.

“I’ve heard about you. Jimin talks about you a lot. He’s in his room,” Taemin said, nodding his head in the direction of the bedrooms. Jungkook awkwardly pushed passed him, ignoring the man’s wiggling eyebrows, and started heading for Jimin’s room.

He opened the door without thinking and quickly realized his mistake. Jimin stood there, staring at him wide-eyed. He was only in his underwear, holding a shirt in his hands. He really should have thought before entering the room.

Jungkook looked down at the floor quickly.

“Oh shit. I’m sorry. I should have knocked,” Jungkook said. He probably looked like a tomato, he was so hot in the face. He heard Jimin laugh. The sound was so sweet.

“It’s okay. Come in, close the door,” he said. Jungkook did as he said, and while Jimin put on a shirt, Jungkook snuck a peek.

He knew Jimin was muscular. But he had never seen him without a shirt. He was a lot more toned than Jungkook thought. He was so petite but so ripped at the same time. Jungkook’s mouth started watering.

While Jungkook was avoiding looking at Jimin, he noticed a big box on the floor.

“What’s that?” he asked, pointing to it. Jimin looked down after he got his shirt on.

“Oh! I found my old nintendo 64 and I brought it out so we could play it together. You know, so I can kick your ass in mario kart again,” Jimin said, winking at him. Every time Jimin winked at him, Jungkook thought he lost ten years off of his life.

“You just got lucky that one time,” Jungkook said. Jimin raised an eyebrow at him.

“Is that a challenge? I’ll set this up and we’ll see who’s really better,” Jimin said, bending down and opening the box.

Jungkook sat on the bed while Jimin set up the console. He took the opportunity to check out Jimin’s butt again. It was so round and big, Jungkook didn’t know how a body like his was possible. He thought about squishing it, maybe biting it.

Jimin turned around and caught Jungkook redhanded.

“What are you looking at?” Jimin said, an evil smirk on his face. Jungkook blushed.

“I was wondering how your butt’s so big when you’re so tiny,” Jungkook teased. Jimin tossed a controller at him.

“Shut up. Guys like my butt,” Jimin said, joining Jungkook on the bed.

“I bet they do.”

“Let’s make this interesting, shall we?” Jimin asked, starting the game up. Jungkook hummed.

“What do you have in mind?” Jungkook asked. He felt nervous. Like Jimin had something up his sleeve.

“Well if you win, I’ll buy you a snack,” Jimin said. Jungkook suddenly liked where this was going.

“What about if you win?” Jimin put his finger on his lip and hummed in thought. But Jungkook knew he already had something in mind.

“A kiss,” Jimin said, tapping his bottom lip.

“Okay,” Jungkook responded, probably too quickly. Jimin looked surprised.


Jungkook’s heart was pounding. If he really didn’t want to kiss him, he would just win. Jungkook was good at this game, he could beat Jimin.

But part of him kind of wanted that kiss.

“Yeah. Let’s go,” Jungkook said confidently.

Jungkook’s confidence was quickly tested. He forgot that Jimin was good. And after the first two races of the cup were done, they were tied. Jungkook was starting to sweat. His grip on the controller was getting difficult to maintain.

“Pucker up, Jungkook,” Jimin teased. Jungkook childishly stuck his tongue out at him.

Jimin won the third race. Jungkook would have won if Jimin didn’t get so many red shells by chance. He was bouncing cutely on the bed, celebrating his step closer to kissing Jungkook again. Jungkook’s lips were starting to tingle.

Jungkook tried his hardest to win the final race, but Jimin was trying hard too. Jungkook could see him biting his lip in his peripherals.

But in the end, Jungkook proved to be the inferior driver. Jimin stood up and cheered as he passed Jungkook for first in the final lap.

“I won! I’m better than you!” Jimin yelled, jumping up and down like a kid. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile. Bratty or not, Jimin was adorable.

He watched Jimin hop around cheering for a while longer. He was so precious it made Jungkook’s heart swell. He kind of wanted a rematch just to see this victory dance again.

“Shut up. Do you want your reward or not?” Jimin’s mood shifted completely as he walked over and straddled Jungkook’s lap like he always did. His eyes looked so sexy, but Jungkook couldn’t look away from his lips.

“I want it,” Jimin said, breath ghosting over Jungkook’s lips. Jungkook felt Jimin’s hands wrap around his neck and pull him closer. Jungkook put his own around Jimin’s waist. He felt like they belonged together like this.

He couldn’t believe how quickly the mood around them had changed. He could still hear the music from the game but it felt like it was slowly fading away.

Jungkook inhaled sharply when Jimin kissed him full on the lips. Jungkook responded eagerly, gripping Jimin’s waist tighter. Jungkook hadn’t stopped thinking about this since the last time they kissed. He wanted it so badly.

Jimin was becoming more frantic the more they kissed. He bit and sucked at Jungkook’s lips, making Jungkook moan into his mouth. Jimin was gasping and whimpering and it was driving Jungkook crazy.

Jungkook flipped them over so he was laying on top of Jimin. He went back to kiss him, and he felt Jimin’s tongue against his lips. He moaned and opened his mouth, letting Jimin in. He reached down and grabbed the flesh of Jimin’s thigh and squeezed. Jimin had such big, sexy thighs. Jungkook was thankful he hadn’t put on pants after he walked in on him changing.

Jimin tasted so fucking good. That’s what he missed the most about kissing him. Jungkook had been craving him for days.

Jimin was pulling his hair hard. It made him moan even more. He had never been noisy in bed before, but Jimin drew out so many noises from him that he had never heard before.

Jimin pulled away and threw his head back against the mattress, chest heaving. Jungkook latched his lips onto his neck, nibbling and kissing down to his collarbones. Jimin whined loudly when Jungkook licked back up to his jawline.

“Jungkook…” he whimpered. Jungkook shut him up by kissing him again. His voice was doing things to Jungkook that he had never felt before. He didn’t want to hear it right now.

Eventually they started slowing down, their breathing returned to normal. Neither wanted to take it any further, at least not yet. But Jungkook couldn’t tear his lips away. Jimin just tasted like heaven. They kissed slowly like this might be the last time they ever got to do this. Jungkook was savouring his taste.

Jimin broke the kiss first. Jungkook wanted to pout and whine about it, but Jimin looked too pretty to say anything, smiling up at Jungkook like that.

Jungkook leaned down and rested his forehead against Jimin’s, rubbing their noses together. He couldn’t keep himself from smiling. His grip on Jimin’s thigh had loosened, and he just rubbed his hand up and down it, feeling the soft skin.

Jimin was so perfect. So incredibly perfect.

“How are you even real?” Jungkook asked, dipping in for a chaste kiss.

“I feel like I should be asking you that,” Jimin said with a chuckle. Jungkook kissed his cheek.

“I like kissing you. You’re soft and squishy,” Jungkook said, kissing his other cheek. Jimin giggled.

“What made you change your mind? About doing this again?” Jimin asked. Jungkook stopped kissing him and took a deep breath.

“I talked to Taehyung. He said I should figure out my feelings for you, even if it’s hard. I want to try,” Jungkook said, burying his face in Jimin’s neck. He didn’t feel like he could look him in the eye while they talked about this. Jimin wrapped his arms around his back and started rubbing it. It felt so soothing and nice, Jungkook thought he might fall asleep.

“Do you know yet?” Jimin asked. Jungkook shook his head.

“No. I’m sorry. I know I like kissing you, but that’s it. Will you be patient with me?” Jungkook asked hesitantly. He didn’t want to ask Jimin to wait for him. It felt selfish and wrong.

Jimin started carding his fingers through Jungkook’s hair and kissed the top of his head.

“I’ll be patient. As long as you give me kisses still,” Jimin said. Jungkook laughed against Jimin’s neck.

“Okay. Deal,” Jungkook said, peppering kisses up Jimin’s neck back to his lips. Jimin smiled against his mouth and it made Jungkook smile too.

“I wish I brought my camera. You look so pretty after I kiss you,” Jungkook said, looking down at Jimin’s smiling face. Jimin toyed with the hairs at the back of Jungkook’s neck.

“I guess we’ll just have to do this more often.”


“Jimin, I’ve been meaning to ask you this,” Jungkook started as he shot Jimin and Hoseok dancing together in the studio. Jimin halted his movements and turned his attention to Jungkook.

“What is it?”

“Hobeom has gallery space and he offered it to me. He wants me to display the photos I’ve taken of you there,” Jungkook said.

Jimin’s happy expression dropped. He looked panicked, and worried.

“You can say no if you want. I told him I would ask you before I made a decision,” Jungkook said, in hopes of reassuring him that Jungkook hadn’t said yes yet. Jimin bit the inside of his cheek and turned to Hoseok.

“You should say yes! His photos are gorgeous, and they would look so nice printed and hung up!” Hoseok said. Jungkook was glad he was here. Maybe he could get Jimin to change his mind.

“It’s nothing against you or your photos but I just really don’t want people seeing my face around here with my…reputation,” Jimin said, shifting nervously. Hoseok wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

“But this could change your reputation. You wouldn’t be known as that guy from the sex videos, you’d be known as the sexy guy from the gorgeous photos in the main gallery!” Hoseok said. Jimin still looked unsure.

“I don’t know…”

“You don’t have to choose now. But I want you to think about it,” Jungkook said. Jimin nodded reluctantly.

“I’ll think about it.”


“What are you doing here?”

Jungkook felt exasperated already. The last thing he wanted to see was Jiho standing in front of the door to his apartment building. He wondered how long she had been there waiting for him.

“I wanted to talk,” she said. Her arms were crossed and she was stiff. Jungkook had a feeling this wouldn’t be the most friendly conversation.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” Jungkook said, but he knew she didn’t give a shit about what he wanted.

“We should get back together,” she said. Jungkook used all his willpower to keep his jaw from dropping.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No. I think we should get back together and you should stop living out this weird, gay fantasy of yours,” she continued. Jungkook was really about to lose his mind.

“We’re never getting back together. I’m not dating someone who has no regard for other people’s feelings. You’re insane,” Jungkook said. He tried to open the door to the building but she slammed it back shut.

“I miss you. I want to get back together,” she repeated. Jungkook glared at her, but she didn’t even react.


“Get back together with me, or else,” she said. Jungkook scoffed.

“You’re threatening me now? Even though you destroyed the life of someone I care deeply about? No. This is the last time I’m saying this. We aren’t getting back together. Ever. Not in a million years,” Jungkook said. He didn’t know how he could make it any clearer than he just did.

But she was still holding the door closed.

“Someone saw you kissing him in a convenience store,” she said. Jungkook’s heart felt like it was going to fall into his stomach.

“What does it matter?” he said, not wanting to confirm or deny it.

“You’re ruining your reputation. Everyone knows what he is, what does that say about you if you’re sleeping with him? Besides gay,” she said. Jungkook was about ready to punch through the glass in the door and walk through it just to avoid this conversation.

“Leave, Jiho,” he warned. She grabbed his sleeve and he ripped it away quickly.

“I love you, Jungkook. But you’re going to regret not getting back with me. I’ll give you one more chance. Please, get back together with me,” she said.

“No. I already said no. Not a fucking chance,” he said, voice slowly rising in volume. He was having a hard time controlling his temper.

Her lips formed a firm line as she finally let go of the door. She looked more angry than Jungkook had ever seen her.

“You’ll be very sorry,” she said before turning around and stomping away. Jungkook watched her until she was gone around the corner.

Jungkook leaned his forehead on the glass of the door and tried to regain his composure. He didn’t know what Jiho would do now, but he knew she was planning something. She probably wouldn’t do anything to Jungkook. That was the worst part.

She would target Jimin. She had access to his videos, and she somehow knew that he kissed him in the convenience store. He didn’t know how she was obtaining this information, but he knew she had the power to harm Jimin in an awful way.

And it would be Jungkook’s fault. That’s what killed him the most. Because he didn’t get back together with her. He was too busy being involved in this fantasy with Jimin, and now he would end up being the reason he gets hurt.

He took out his phone and sent Jimin a message.

I’m so sorry.

Chapter Text

Jungkook heard knocking on his front door but he chose not to answer it. He laid in bed trying to decide what to do.

Jiho’s threats had him a lot more shaken up than he wanted to be. He wanted to believe she was full of shit and that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt Jimin, but she already did when they were still dating.

He didn’t know what she was planning. He wished he knew how to stop it. Besides dating her, which he knew he couldn’t do. Dating her would hurt Jimin, and not dating her would hurt Jimin. It was lose-lose.

The last thing in the whole world that he wanted was to hurt Jimin, but it seemed like it was all he could do.

He was shaken from his thoughts when his bedroom door swung open. He expected to see Seokjin, but it wasn’t him.

“Jimin? How did you get in here?” he asked.

Jimin stood in the doorway in his sweats and a t-shirt. He was sweaty and his cheeks were red. He looked like he came right from the studio.

“I was with Seokjin. He gave me his key,” Jimin said. He was out of breath.

“Did you run here? What are you doing?” Jungkook asked. Jimin walked over to the bed and laid down next to Jungkook, snuggling into his side.

“You can’t send texts like that and not expect me to get scared,” Jimin said, smacking his tiny fist against Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook held his hand and squeezed it. He didn’t mean to send such an ambiguous message. He was so caught up in what Jiho was saying that he just sent it without thinking about the consequences.

“I’m sorry. I’m not gonna hurt myself or anything,” Jungkook said, trying to calm Jimin down.

Jimin knew Jungkook was going through somewhat of a crisis. He must have thought Jungkook was thinking drastic thoughts.

“Then why did you send me that text?” Jimin asked. Jungkook could feel his eyes start to burn.

“I keep being the reason you get hurt,” Jungkook said. Jimin rolled on top of him, fitting himself in between Jungkook’s legs, and petting his hair.

“What do you mean?”

Jungkook didn’t want to tell him that bad shit would probably be happening to him soon, but he knew it was probably better for him to know it was coming than to be caught off-guard again. Then maybe he could take some sort of precaution.

“Jiho stopped by. She said I have to get back together with her or else something bad will happen. And I can only assume she is going to do something to you. She thinks you stole me from her or something, and she knows that I kissed you in the convenience store. I don’t know what she’s planning but I know it’s not good,” Jungkook confessed.

He waited for Jimin’s reaction. He was biting his lip and looking around the room, deep in thought. Jungkook hoped so badly that Jimin wouldn’t decide to leave him. It would be so easy for him to walk out the door and never talk to Jungkook again.

But Jimin cupped Jungkook’s face with his hands and brought their lips together for a sweet kiss.

“Are you going to get back with her?” he asked after they separated. Jungkook shook his head.

“No. I figured that would just hurt you. I don’t want to lose you,” he said, reaching up and rubbing Jimin’s back under his shirt.

“You’re right. I’d probably hate you if you dated her again,” Jimin said. Jungkook didn’t need to be told that. “Don’t you dare.”

Jimin’s eyes looked so intense. It sent chills down Jungkook’s spine.

“I won’t. I promise,” Jungkook said. Jimin’s expression returned to normal.


“I’m really sorry. All this shit is happening because of me,” Jungkook said, massaging the soft skin of Jimin’s back. Jimin plopped his forehead down on Jungkook’s chest.

“What do you think she’ll do?” Jimin asked.

“I really don’t know. I wish I did, so I could stop it before it happened. Hey,” Jungkook said. When Jimin looked up Jungkook stole a kiss from him. Jimin smiled, even though Jungkook didn’t think he would be able to smile considering the circumstances.

Jungkook was happy he could at least do that for him.

“You won’t leave me?” Jimin asked.

“No. Not unless you ask me to,” Jungkook answered.

“Then it’s okay. I’ll be okay. I think,” Jimin said. Jimin rested his cheek on Jungkook’s chest, looking up at him with a fond expression. He looked so cute, how could Jungkook ever leave this face?

Jungkook ran his fingers through Jimin’s hair as they looked into each other’s eyes. When Jimin looked at him like this he felt like all his problems disappeared.

“Your heart is beating fast,” Jimin said.

“It’s because of you,” Jungkook said. Jimin smiled again. Jungkook really loved his smile.

“Do I make you nervous?” Jimin asked.

“Yes. You make me terrified.”

“I want to make you happy,” Jimin said, tracing an imaginary pattern on Jungkook’s chest.

“You do.”

Jimin lifted himself up on his elbows and hovered over Jungkook. He tried not to focus too much on the fact that their crotches were touching.

“You make me happy too,” Jimin said, before leaning down and kissing Jungkook on the lips.

Jungkook couldn’t help but spread his legs wider, so Jimin could somehow get closer than he already was as they kissed. Jimin slid his tongue in between Jungkook’s lips and moaned. He seemed like he couldn’t get enough of Jungkook’s mouth, and Jungkook was glad.

He couldn’t get enough of Jimin’s mouth either.

Jimin reached down with one hand and grabbed Jungkook’s thigh. It made Jungkook gasp. He had never been touched like this, especially not by a man.

But he had to admit, he liked it. He liked having Jimin between his legs, groping his thigh. Previously he though about Jimin’s masculinity and how it would be something he would have to just tolerate while he kissed him.

He definitely changed his mind. Jimin’s masculinity was sexy. Just like the rest of him.

Jungkook slipped his hands into Jimin’s back pockets and squeezed his ass. He had been thinking about doing this for a long time, and it felt so good that he groaned into Jimin’s mouth.

“You like it?” Jimin asked, smiling against Jungkook’s lips before moving down to suck on his neck. Jungkook gave his ass another squeeze.

“Yeah. You’re sexy,” he said, breath coming out heavy. Jimin hummed against his throat, sending tingles through his whole body. The feeling intensified when Jimin moved his hand up from Jungkook’s thigh to the hem of his shirt, lifting it up.

He didn’t take off Jungkook’s shirt, but he kept pushing it further up his body until his chest was exposed. Jungkook was finding it harder to breathe.

Jimin moved down to Jungkook’s chest and bit down on the sensitive skin. Jungkook moaned loudly. His moans got higher pitched when Jimin licked over his nipple and sucked gently on it. Jungkook always had particularly sensitive nipples. He felt like he could come from this alone.

Jimin kissed lower, and continued kissing down Jungkook’s body. He held Jungkook’s waist tightly, and Jungkook wondered if it would bruise. Jimin kept kissing lower until he reached the waistband of Jungkook’s pants. He kissed near Jungkook’s hipbone, making his skin twitch. Jungkook whimpered when Jimin dipped his tongue under the waistband.

Jimin was so unbelievably sexy. Whenever he thought he couldn’t get turned on any more, Jimin found a way to do it.

But when Jimin started fiddling with the button on Jungkook’s jeans, it all felt too real. Jimin was planning on taking it further than just kissing, and Jungkook didn’t think he could handle that. Not yet anyway.

“Jimin, wait,” Jungkook said, lightly pushing on his shoulder. Jimin lifted his head and made eye-contact with him. He must have seen the panic in Jungkook’s eyes, because he crawled back up the bed and laid down next to Jungkook again.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jimin asked. The pet name gave Jungkook butterflies. He never thought he would like being called baby, but it sounded so good coming from Jimin.

“It’s just too much. I’m sorry,” Jungkook said, turning his head to kiss Jimin’s lips again.

“It’s okay. I want you to be comfortable,” Jimin replied, kissing both of Jungkook’s cheeks.

Jungkook pulled Jimin into a hug. He was so grateful for him. Jimin was so sweet and patient with him. Being with Jungkook like this was probably confusing, but Jimin was taking care of him so well. Jimin was really an angel. That’s what Jungkook thought.

“I really like you,” Jungkook said. He didn’t know what kind of like he meant. He knew it was more than platonic. But he didn’t know if it was really romantic or not. Maybe he was stupid for thinking it was anything other than romantic. He really didn’t know.

“I really like you too. I can’t believe you hated me,” Jimin said, giggling. Jungkook laughed too. He couldn’t believe it either.

“I was stupid. You’re perfect,” Jungkook said. Jimin pulled away from the hug and cupped Jungkook’s cheeks with his hands.

You’re perfect. You’re so good,” Jimin said, squishing Jungkook’s face.

Jimin made Jungkook feel so incredible. Like he was on a cloud the entire time they were together. He just wanted to hug and kiss him forever.

“Will you stay here tonight? I want to hold you,” Jungkook said. Jimin smiled and nodded.

“Yes. I’d love to.”


Jungkook was pleasantly surprised when the next few days at school were normal, and it didn’t seem like Jiho had done anything to harm Jimin in any way. At least not yet.

Jungkook was happy to see Jimin smiling a lot. Especially at him.

He was basically running up the stairs to Jimin’s apartment after receiving an enticing message from him.

Jimin: Bring your camera to my place! I’ll put on a show for you ;)

There was no way in hell Jungkook was going to refuse that.

After he got to Jimin’s door and knocked he fidgeted around impatiently. Even though he just saw Jimin the day before, he missed him. He missed his lips. They hadn’t kissed in a while since there were always other people around. He was glad to finally have him in his apartment.

When Jimin finally opened the door, Jungkook couldn’t resist cupping his face with his hands and kissing him hard enough that they were backing into the apartment. He kicked the door closed behind him as Jimin made noises into Jungkook’s mouth.

It took him a moment to realize that they weren’t noises of pleasure, he was trying to get Jungkook’s attention. Jungkook begrudgingly detached his lips from Jimin’s.

“What’s wrong?” he asked impatiently. Jimin’s face was bright red. He looked completely shocked and embarrassed. Jungkook was confused. Until Jimin nodded in the direction of his kitchen.

Jungkook looked over, and when he noticed what Jimin was trying to warn him about, his stomach felt like it was going to fall out of his ass.

Taehyung was standing there, grinning ear to ear. Jungkook released Jimin’s face and took a step back from him, as if that would undo what he already saw.

“Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect this,” Taehyung said proudly.

“What is he doing here?” Jungkook whispered to Jimin.

“I thought he’d be gone when you got here and I didn’t expect you to enter the room like that,” Jimin whisper-yelled back. Jungkook supposed he would have to take the blame for this.

“Stop whispering. Are you guys together?” Taehyung asked. Jungkook scratched the back of his head, unsure of how to answer that.

“We just kiss sometimes, it’s no big deal,” he said. Jimin nodded along with him.

“You guys are so full of shit. Seokjin said you spent another night together. And don’t think I haven’t noticed the meaningful looks,” he said, pointing at Jimin, then back at Jungkook, then to Jimin again.

“Tae, we’re just…” Jimin started, but he clearly didn’t know how to finish his sentence. Jungkook didn’t know either.

“Did you guys even talk about anything? Or are you too busy sucking face all the time?” Taehyung asked.

“We talk. We just…don’t know. We’re taking it slow,” Jungkook said. He didn’t even know what it was.

“You guys should probably figure your shit out before someone gets hurt,” Taehyung said.

Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other and remained silent. What they were doing was fun, and thoughtless, but they both knew Taehyung was right. They needed to make a definite decision about whatever they were.

“Now, I don’t wanna cockblock, so I should get out of here. Have fun kids, use protection,” Taehyung said as he made his way to the door and started putting on his shoes. Jungkook felt his face heat up at his words. Sex with Jimin was always a complicated thought.

Once Taehyung was gone, Jimin ran over to the couch and flopped face down.

“That was so embarrassing I wanna die,” he groaned into the cushions.

“No kidding,” Jungkook added. He was still shaken up by the idea that Taehyung saw him kissing a man. That was something he didn’t think he would ever have to deal with. His title as the most heterosexual friend in the group was definitely wiped.

They were silent for a while, wallowing in their individual embarrassment. But eventually Jimin stood up from the couch again.

“You brought your camera right?” he asked. Jungkook reached into his bag and pulled it out.

“What did you have in mind?” Jungkook was very curious. Jimin’s text had been very flirty, and before the whole situation with Taehyung happened, Jungkook had been extremely excited for whatever Jimin had planned.

“Wait here,” Jimin said, skipping into his bedroom. Jungkook tapped his foot impatiently.

Jimin was taking too long. Jungkook didn’t want to wait anymore. He wanted to kiss him so badly. He still didn’t really get to yet.

“Come in!” Jimin yelled from his room. Jungkook stood up embarrassingly fast. He walked quickly to Jimin’s bedroom and opened the door.

His jaw dropped as soon as he saw him.

“Is that mine?” Jungkook asked. Jimin was wearing an oversized white t-shirt that Jungkook was sure was his. Jimin lifted the hem of it to show Jungkook the tight boxer-briefs he was wearing, and Jungkook almost dropped dead right there in Jimin’s bedroom.

“Yes. I took it last time I stayed over. You’re not mad right?” Jimin asked. Jungkook wiped the sides of his mouth to make sure he wasn’t actually drooling.

“No. Definitely not,” he said, probably sounding much too eager for any straight guy to sound in a situation like this.

“What are you waiting for? Take pictures of me,” Jimin ordered. Jungkook didn’t have to be told twice.

He held his camera up to his face and started taking photos. Jimin’s expression was so intense, like he was calling Jungkook in. Jimin had such a powerful magnetism. Jungkook was surprised Jimin didn’t draw him in right away.

Well, he did. Just not in a particularly good way.

Jimin crawled onto the bed and laid down. His shirt was riding up against his stomach, and it took everything Jungkook had not to pounce on him and start kissing him and feeling him up.

Jimin’s legs were so big and muscled. Jungkook kind of wanted them wrapped around his head. His abs were showing too. Jungkook wanted to run his tongue up them and kiss them.

These photos almost felt like nudes, even though there was no nudity at all. He felt like they were private, just for him and Jimin. He wondered if that’s what Jimin intended. Jungkook would have to ask him later.

“You’re so hot,” Jungkook said, and it came out sounding breathy and desperate. Jimin smiled, and Jungkook shot it.

“Thank you. Only for you,” he said in a teasing voice that made Jungkook’s head spin. Only for him.

Jungkook looked around the room before turning Jimin’s desk lamp on and turning the main light off. The dim lighting made Jimin look even sexier. Jungkook felt like he might have to sit down to take the rest of the photos.

Jungkook was absolutely itching to kiss Jimin, but he couldn’t stop taking photos of him. He was just so mesmerizing. All the damn time. Jungkook didn’t know how he got so lucky. He must have done something really good in a past life.

“You wanna know something funny?” Jimin asked.


“That professor I slept with messaged me,” Jimin said. Jungkook froze. He could feel anger flaring up in his body.

“What did he want?” he asked, trying to sound completely calm.

“What do you think? To hook up again,” Jimin said. Jungkook’s teeth clenched. He wanted to locate this dude and knock his brain around.

“Are you going to?” Jungkook asked, hoping and praying Jimin would say no. He knew they weren’t together, not technically. Jimin could do what he wanted, especially since Jungkook wasn’t delivering sexually.

“Of course not. He put me through way too much shit, and he doesn’t even have a job anymore. I think I only liked sleeping with him because of the risk factor,” Jimin said. Jungkook hummed.

He was happy, but he didn’t want to say so.

“I told you I’d wait for you, didn’t I?” Jimin said. Jungkook lowered his camera to look at Jimin properly. He put it down on Jimin’s desk and walked over to the bed. Jimin moved to the edge of the bed and sat up. He started pulling at Jungkook’s hips, and Jungkook realized he wanted him to sit in his lap.

Jungkook thought it was weird. Usually people sat in Jungkook’s lap, not the other way around. But he did it anyway. He straddled Jimin and wrapped his arms around his neck, like Jimin always did with him.

It was comfortable. He felt safe with Jimin.

“I’m sorry I’m making you wait so long,” Jungkook said. The guilt was starting to well up inside him. It was starting to overflow.

“It’s okay. You’re worth it,” Jimin said. And Jungkook couldn’t hold back anymore. He cupped Jimin’s face like he did earlier and kissed Jimin hard on the lips. It was bruising, but it was so good. He loved kissing Jimin, he missed it so much.

This kiss was rougher than all their other ones. There was teeth and tongue and force that Jungkook had never used before.

“I missed you,” Jungkook said in between kisses. Jimin chuckled against his lips.

“We’ve seen each other every day,” he said before Jungkook shut him up with his tongue.

“You know what I meant.”

Jungkook quickly shifted them so Jimin was on his back and Jungkook was between his legs. He buried his face in Jimin’s neck and started sucking, leaving a dark mark behind. He didn’t know where the possessiveness he was feeling came from, but he couldn’t ignore it.

Jimin was moaning and whimpering and pulling Jungkook’s hair. Everything he did set fire to Jungkook’s insides.

“You’re mine,” Jungkook growled before biting Jimin’s neck over the mark he just made. The words had bubbled up in his throat and slipped out. But Jimin was moaning louder, and it just spurred Jungkook on more. “Tell me you’re mine.”

“I’m yours,” he whined. Jungkook slipped his hands under Jimin’s shirt but Jimin’s hand grabbed his wrist, halting him. “Jungkook, wait.”

Jungkook looked up at Jimin’s face. He looked so fucked out already, and they hadn’t done anything but kiss. It made Jungkook feel proud in a way, that he could make Jimin like this so easily.

“I don’t want you to go too far if you’re going to regret it,” he said.

Jungkook wanted to go further. He wanted to be inside Jimin and make him come. But at the same time, he was still afraid. He felt like a virgin, trying to please someone much more experienced than he was. And in a way, that was true.

“I want to. But I’m scared. I don’t think I’ll regret it, but I’m scared,” Jungkook admitted.

“I’ll take care of you,” Jimin said. He took Jungkook’s hand and laced their fingers together. Jungkook knew Jimin would take care of him. He trusted him with that much.

“I know.”

“Do you wanna touch me? We don’t have to take it any further, but…” Jimin said, lowering their hands slowly between Jimin’s legs. He gave Jungkook time to stop him, or pull away.

Jimin stopped hovering right above the desired area and looked at Jungkook for confirmation. Jungkook swallowed roughly, but he nodded. Jimin slowly placed Jungkook’s palm over his underwear and Jungkook pulled away.

“Sorry,” Jimin said, kissing Jungkook’s cheek, making sure he was okay.

“I’m fine. I’ll try again…” Jungkook said.

He did it himself this time, placing his own hand over Jimin’s crotch. He pressed down, and he could feel Jimin’s hardness through the cloth. He fondled it gently, trying to get used to the feeling of another man’s dick in his hand.

He couldn’t believe how prudish he was acting.

Jungkook could feel Jimin getting harder in his hand, and although he could tell Jimin was trying to hold back his reactions to make Jungkook more comfortable, he was still moaning quietly. His eyelids had fluttered closed and he was biting his bottom lip. Jungkook wanted him to react more.

He started rubbing him with more confidence, harder and faster. Jimin moaned louder and started thrusting up against Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook bit his own lip, loving how Jimin looked under him like this.

“Jungkook…” he whined.

“What, baby?” he answered, trying out the name on his tongue. He liked how it sounded. It fit with Jimin well.

“Don’t stop,” Jimin said, his voice high-pitched and breathy.

Jungkook didn’t intend on stopping. He wanted to get Jimin off so badly. He deserved it.

Jungkook moved his hand faster and harder. He didn’t know if he would be able to make Jimin come through his underwear. But shortly after, Jimin’s eyes were rolling back into his head and moaned louder than Jungkook had ever heard him before. He felt a wet spot forming on Jimin’s boxers as Jimin huffed and puffed beneath him.

After Jimin came down from his high, he pulled Jungkook down for a kiss. It was sloppy and tired, but it was so good. Every kiss with Jimin was so good.

“Sleep over,” Jimin demanded. Jungkook smiled and kissed him again.

“Sure, but you have to go change your underwear.”


Jungkook and Jimin walked to school together in the morning. He wanted to hold Jimin’s hand so badly, but he was scared someone would see. He wasn’t there, not yet. And he knew Jimin understood.

He was unbearably happy. Jungkook couldn’t remember ever being happier than he was with Jimin. He made all his problems so much easier. He helped him through so much in their short time of knowing each other.

He wondered if Jimin was his guardian angel, sent to him from heaven.

“You’re smiling,” Jimin said, breaking him out of his thoughts. Jungkook looked at him, and spotted the hickey he gave him the night before. It felt like proof that Jimin was his. He liked seeing it.

“I’m happy,” he said.


“You,” Jungkook said, tickling Jimin’s side. Jimin giggled and smacked his arm in revenge for the tickles.

“You make me happier,” Jimin said. Jungkook rolled his eyes at him. Jimin had to make it a competition.

But Jungkook knew he would win this one.

When they got to campus, the air felt different. It felt almost hostile. Jungkook wanted to turn around and go back to Jimin’s apartment. He didn’t know why, he just wanted to be far away from here.

They walked through the doors to the building Jimin needed to be in, and Jimin stopped in his tracks. Jungkook looked around, and he wanted to throw up.

All over the walls, were photos of Jimin. Jimin and the professor that he slept with. Screenshots of Jimin’s videos flooded the hallways. The monitors on the walls that normally played student announcements or health tips were playing the videos that Jimin wanted so desperately for no one to see.

The colour had disappeared from Jimin’s face. He looked like a ghost.

Jungkook was disgusted. He wanted to believe he didn’t know someone who could do something like this. But he did. He knew exactly who did this.

Jimin whipped around and started running. Jungkook tried to grab his wrist and stop him, but Jimin got away too quickly.

“Jimin!” he called out, but Jimin was out the door. Jungkook followed him out, but he was too late, he didn’t see Jimin anymore. He didn’t know which way he went.

Jungkook was worried, but even more than that, he was angry. He was seeing red. He walked back into the building and started ripping down the pictures one by one.

His hands were bloody, but all the paper-cuts in the world wouldn’t be able to stop him from getting every single one of those pictures off the walls.

Chapter Text

Jungkook must have torn hundred of pictures off the walls. He unplugged every monitor he passed. He was working on autopilot, trying to rid the school of any sign of Jimin.

He couldn’t feel his hands, he wasn’t even thinking. Until he felt a hand on his shoulder, attempting to pry him from the wall.

“Jungkook,” a voice behind him said. He turned around and his natural reaction was to push whoever it was. They stumbled back and then Jungkook got a good look at them. He instantly felt bad.

“Shit. Hoseok, I’m sorry. I’m just…” Jungkook said, reaching out to touch his shoulder. Hoseok backed away and Jungkook’s heart sank. He pissed off Hoseok now too.

“You’re going to get blood on my clothes,” he said, gesturing to Jungkook’s hands. Jungkook looked at his own fingertips, covered in blood from paper-cuts and staples. Hoseok smiled at him and pat his shoulder instead. “Let me help.”

Jungkook and Hoseok pulled the pictures off the walls together, and Jungkook felt a bit calmer. He was still so filled with rage, but his hands were starting to hurt and he could collect his thoughts a little better.

He wished he knew where Jimin went. He wanted to hold him and comfort him so badly. He had looked so hurt, so sad. It broke Jungkook’s heart into a million pieces. He wanted to find him and make sure he was okay.

“Where’s Jimin?” Hoseok asked. Jungkook sighed.

“I don’t know. When we got here this morning he ran off and I couldn’t catch him. I wanted to go look for him but I wanted to get these off the walls as soon as possible,” Jungkook said, tearing another picture off. His bag was full of them, he just wanted them destroyed.

“You should go look. I’ll call Tae and the others and we’ll take care of this. He needs you right now,” Hoseok said. Jungkook froze and looked at him with wide-eyes.

“Did Taehyung tell you about us?” he asked. Hoseok snorted.

“No, you guys are just obvious. Now, go,” Hoseok said, nodding towards the door to the building.

“Thank you, Hoseok. I owe you one,” Jungkook said. Hoseok smacked him on the back.

“No you don’t. Go!” he yelled. Jungkook nodded and broke out into a sprint to the door.

He ran all the way to Jimin’s building without stopping or slowing down. He didn’t think he’d ever run so fast in his life. His lungs burned as he ran up the stairs to Jimin’s apartment. When he was finally there he knocked loudly on the door. He was sure that if he knocked one more time he would have put a hole in the door.

Jungkook had his hopes high when the door opened, but they disappeared when Taemin answered the door, a confused look on his face.

“Is Jimin here? Please tell me he’s here,” Jungkook asked. He wanted to grab the guy by his shoulders and shake him until he gave him answers, but he knew he didn’t need to do that.

“No, he left with you this morning. I thought he was at school,” Taemin said. Jungkook wanted to vomit.

“Fuck. Do you have any idea where he might go if he was having a bad time?” Jungkook asked. Taemin was starting to look concerned.

“What happened? Why are your fingers bloody?” Taemin asked. Jungkook supposed he deserved some answers. He was the only person who stuck with Jimin when the videos initially surfaced. He wasn’t going to ditch Jimin now.

“Someone posted pictures of his sex videos all over the walls at school and played the videos on the monitors. He ran away and I have no idea where he went. I was really hoping he’d be here,” Jungkook said, running his fingers through his hair.

“Shit. He didn’t come back home. I really don’t know where he could have gone. He’s never done something like this before,” Taemin said. Jungkook was really hoping Taemin wouldn’t say that. Jimin could be anywhere.

“Okay, well I’m going to look for him I guess. Thanks anyway,” Jungkook said. He was about to walk away when Taemin grabbed his wrist.

“Wait. Give me your number. I’ll text you if he comes back, and you can text me if you find him,” he said. Jungkook nodded.

They exchanged numbers and Jungkook was off again. He didn’t even know where to start. He looked in different shops he knew Jimin liked. He looked in parks, and train stations, and coffee shops. He didn’t give up. It didn’t matter to him if he had to look in every bathroom, in every club. He would keep looking until he found Jimin.

But it was getting late, and Jungkook hadn’t found a single sign of Jimin. He texted Jimin countless times, hoping for any response at all, but he got none. Taemin hadn’t texted him either.

Jungkook checked his phone once more and looked at the time. It was after two in the morning. He hadn’t stopped to rest or eat. He had no leads on where to go. He was starting to lose hope.

Just as he was about to put his phone away, it vibrated.

Taemin: He’s not home yet but it’s getting late. You should come here. You can sleep on the couch and wait for him.

Jungkook contemplated it. He didn’t want to stop looking but he knew it was probably pointless. He had no way of finding Jimin. The city was huge. Locating him would be next to impossible.

So he made his way back to Jimin and Taemin’s apartment. As he stood in front of the door waiting for Taemin to answer him, he realized how tired he was. He had been moving on pure adrenaline the whole time, and now that he had given up looking, the exhaustion was hitting him hard.

Taemin opened the door and let him in. Jungkook thought he was going to pass out before he hit the couch, but luckily he made it.

“You look like shit. You can help yourself to the fridge. I’m going to bed,” Taemin said before going to his own bedroom.

Jungkook laid down and rested his head on a decorative pillow. He hoped Jimin was safe. He hoped he didn’t do anything stupid, or try to hurt himself in some way. Jungkook was so worried he felt sick.

He was really angry still too. He knew it was Jiho that did it. No one else would ever pull something like this. He should have taken her threats more seriously, and kept an eye on her. But he was so caught up in being happy with Jimin that he let her slide under his radar.

Jungkook felt guilty. He felt like this was all his fault. He might as well have put the pictures on the walls himself.

Just before sleep came over him, he thought of Jimin and how badly he wanted to hug and kiss him until the end of time.


Jungkook woke up to someone shaking him gently. The lights were all off, he could barely see, but when he focused in on who was looking down at him, he felt like he could see perfectly clear.

“Jimin. Holy shit,” he said, standing up quickly. He pulled Jimin into a tight hug and buried his face into Jimin’s neck. He couldn’t keep his tears inside. He cried even more when he felt Jimin softly return the hug.

“Why are you here?” Jimin asked, as if everything was normal. As if he wasn’t missing for the last almost twenty-four hours.

“I was so worried about you. Where were you?” Jungkook asked through his sniffles. He refused to let Jimin go.

“I don’t know. Around,” Jimin answered. His voice was monotone. He sounded so tired.

“Don’t do that again. You scared the shit out of me,” Jungkook said. Jimin pulled away from the hug and looked up at Jungkook. His eyes looked empty, devoid of emotion.

Jungkook leaned down and kissed his lips over and over again, even though Jimin was barely responding. Jimin had only been gone for a day, but it felt like he had been gone for an eternity. Jungkook had missed him so much.

“I’m sorry,” Jimin said. Jungkook didn’t know exactly what Jimin was apologizing for. He reached out and took Jimin’s hand.

“Let’s go to bed,” Jungkook said, leading him to Jimin’s room. Jimin went with him pliantly.

He tucked Jimin into his bed, and kissed each of his fingertips before letting his hand go and crawling into bed with him. He cupped Jimin’s cheeks in his hands and kissed him more, and Jimin was becoming more responsive to them.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” Jungkook said in between kisses.

Jungkook didn’t know what time it was, but light was starting to filter in through the window. He knew Jimin must be tired. He probably hadn’t eaten anything all day either. But sleep should come first.

“Everyone saw,” Jimin said weakly. Jungkook didn’t have to ask what he was referring to.

“It’s okay. Not everyone saw,” Jungkook said, even though he knew it probably wouldn’t help.

“You saw.”

Jungkook tensed up. He did see, a little bit anyway.

“If it helps I kind of blacked out after I saw them. The information didn’t really process,” Jungkook said, running his fingers through Jimin’s hair. He just wanted him to feel better. He didn’t want him to think about what happened anymore.

“Do you think I’m gross now?” Jimin asked. He sounded so small and vulnerable.

“No, baby. I don’t think that at all,” Jungkook said. He caressed Jimin’s cheek and kissed his forehead.

It really broke him seeing Jimin like this. Jimin was always such a happy, sweet presence. But he didn’t seem like that at all right now. He looked exhausted and heartbroken. Jungkook wished he could cure him with kisses.

“You should go to sleep, baby. You’ve had a long day,” Jungkook said.

“Don’t wanna,” Jimin mumbled. Jungkook should have guessed he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. The trauma of it all was still fresh.

“Give me a kiss then,” Jungkook said, puckering his lips. Jimin shifted over and kissed him quickly. Jungkook pouted. “That wasn’t good enough. I want a better one.”

Jimin smiled, and Jungkook felt relief wash over him. He held Jungkook’s face and kissed him harder and longer. When he pulled away, Jungkook didn’t let him get far. He wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist and kissed him again.

Jimin squeaked in surprise but soon he was kissing back with the same feeling that Jungkook was putting into it. It was soft and deep and intimate. It was exactly what Jungkook needed, and he hoped it was what Jimin needed too.

“I told you I’d be here for you. That I’d stay with you through all of this. Don’t run away on me again,” Jungkook said against Jimin’s lips. Jimin nodded before kissing Jungkook again.

“I’m sorry,” he said after pulling away. Jungkook slipped his hand under Jimin’s shirt and rubbed his side.

“It’s okay. I’m not mad at you. I’m just so glad you’re okay,” Jungkook replied. Jimin rested his head against Jungkook’s chest.

“I’m so embarrassed. I’m disgusted with myself,” he said. Jungkook kissed the top of his head.

“Don’t be. You didn’t do anything wrong. And I’m going to take care of it. I’m going to take care of you,” Jungkook said. He just wanted Jimin to feel better so badly.

“What did I do to deserve you?” Jimin asked. He looked up at Jungkook and Jungkook wanted to drown in his beautiful eyes.

“I’m the one who should be asking that. You’re the angel here,” Jungkook said, leaning down and kissing Jimin’s nose. Jimin giggled and it warmed Jungkook’s heart right up.

“Shut up. I’m not an angel. Angels can’t fuck like me,” Jimin said. Jungkook started choking on his own spit.

“Jesus, Jimin. Are you trying to kill me?” Jungkook asked. Jimin was laughing loudly, and Jungkook almost cried tears of joy. He didn’t think he’d be able to get Jimin to smile under these circumstances, let alone laugh.

“You’re so cute. My cute baby,” Jimin said, poking Jungkook in the nose.

“You’re my baby,” Jungkook said, returning the poke. Jimin’s eyes widened and he grabbed Jungkook’s hand.

“What happened to your fingers?” he asked, looking at the scabs and scratches. It was light enough in the room now that he could see them, and Jungkook didn’t realize how bad it looked until now.

“Oh. I was ripping the pictures off the walls really carelessly. Paper and staples can do a weird amount of damage,” Jungkook explained. Jimin stuck out his bottom lip as he examined Jungkook’s fingers further.

He brought Jungkook’s hand to his lips and kissed each finger individually. Jungkook loved the feeling of Jimin’s soft lips against his sore skin. He felt like Jimin’s kisses really did heal him.

“You’re so fucking perfect,” Jungkook said. Jimin smiled at him.

“Not sugary anymore, am I?” Jimin teased. Jungkook snickered and poked Jimin’s side.

“You’re still sugary. I just acquired the taste,” he said. Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck and pulled him closer.

“Do you like how I taste, baby?” he asked in a suggestive tone. Jungkook didn’t hesitate to kiss him, slipping his tongue into Jimin’s mouth right away. Jimin moaned around it and pulled at Jungkook’s hair.

Jimin smiled blissfully when they separated and bit his bottom lip. He looked how Jungkook felt.

“I love how you taste. I think about it all the time,” Jungkook said, holding Jimin’s chin and rubbing his bottom lip with his thumb. Jimin took Jungkook’s thumb into his mouth and sucked on it. A moan escaped Jungkook’s mouth. “You’re so fucking hot.”

Jimin released Jungkook’s thumb with a pop and giggled. Jungkook couldn’t get enough of that laugh. But after a little while, his laughter died down and his smile did too.

“How can you still want to be with me after all of this?” Jimin asked. Jungkook kissed his cheek. He felt like even if he gave Jimin a million kisses tonight that it wouldn’t be enough.

“Because you’re gorgeous, and cute, and sexy, and funny, and smart. I could go on forever. Having sex doesn’t make you undesirable to me. And it’s not your fault that your private videos have been exposed like this. I have no reason to like you any less,” Jungkook said. Jimin looked up at him hopefully.

“You really think so?” he asked. Jungkook smiled at him and kissed him.

“I do. I feel so lucky whenever I get to spend time with you,” Jungkook said. Jimin stared at him as if he was waiting for Jungkook to laugh in his face and tell him he was lying the whole time. But of course Jungkook meant every word he said. A small smile formed on his face.

“You make it so hard not to fall for you,” he said. Jungkook leaned forward and rubbed their noses together.

“Haven’t you already?”

“Yes, but you weren’t supposed to know that,” Jimin said, giggling cutely.

Jungkook’s heart was pounding. Even though he and Jimin had made out a bunch and shared a lot of sweet moments, this was the first time Jimin said that he liked him this directly. It was terrifying to hear, but it also made Jungkook so happy. The butterflies in his stomach were intense, and he couldn’t keep the smile off of his face.

“You’re so perfect. I’m so lucky,” Jungkook said. Jimin climbed on top of him and kissed him. Jungkook tilted his head, deepening the kiss as Jimin moaned. Jungkook felt intoxicated.

Jungkook reached down and squeezed Jimin’s perfect ass. It had been the topic of his recent dreams. Touching it, biting it, fucking it. Jungkook wanted to do anything and everything to it. And Jimin was so responsive whenever he touched it, it just spurred his thoughts on more.

Jimin started grinding down against Jungkook’s crotch. It was hard to ignore the obvious bulge in Jimin’s pants. It was even harder to ignore the one in Jungkook’s own jeans. Even after such a short time of just kissing and grinding, Jungkook was already hard.

But he didn’t want to stop. Jimin felt perfect laying on top of him. He pulled Jimin down against him in rhythm with Jimin’s grinding. Jungkook groaned into Jimin’s mouth. He felt so fucking good.

Jimin broke the kiss and moved over to Jungkook’s ear, biting and sucking at the lobe. Jungkook could hear every sound Jimin made loud and clear like this, and it just turned Jungkook on even more.

“I wanna thank you for taking care of me,” Jimin whispered to him. Jungkook didn’t know what that meant but he was ready for Jimin to do anything he wanted to him.

Jimin kissed down Jungkook’s neck until he reached the collar of his shirt. He pushed up his shirt until it reached his armpits and continued kissing down Jungkook’s body. He stopped briefly to suck on Jungkook’s nipple before continuing down.

When he reached Jungkook’s waistband, he looked up for approval to continue. Jungkook was so out of breath and so turned on, he didn’t hesitate to nod eagerly. Jimin smiled and bit his lip as he undid Jungkook’s jeans, pulling them down. Jungkook helped him kick them off before relaxing on his back again.

Jimin looked at Jungkook’s cock through his underwear, and he looked like he might start drooling. He palmed at Jungkook’s erection, making him squirm underneath him. Jimin’s hand moved with confidence, unlike when Jungkook did the same thing to him.

Jungkook moaned loudly when Jimin started sucking on his hard cock through his underwear. Jimin was moaning too, he sounded like he was the one getting his dick sucked instead of Jungkook.

Jimin slid his fingers under the waistband of his underwear. He pulled them down very slowly, almost like he was giving Jungkook time to stop him if he needed to. But Jungkook had no desire to stop him at all. He wanted everything Jimin was willing to give him.

Once Jungkook’s underwear was off, Jimin ran his hands up and down Jungkook’s thighs. He leaned down and blew hot air onto Jungkook’s cock and rubbed his face into the sensitive skin near Jungkook’s hip. Jungkook thought he was going to pass out. He wondered if he was dreaming. He had never felt this good before.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” Jimin said in a breathy voice against Jungkook’s hip. It sent tingles throughout Jungkook’s entire body, but it was nothing compared to when Jimin stuck his tongue out and licked up the length of Jungkook’s dick.

“Oh shit, fuck, baby,” Jungkook moaned, placing his hand at the back of Jimin’s head. Jimin moaned in response as he licked around the head.

When Jimin took the entirety of Jungkook’s cock into his mouth, Jungkook almost came on the spot. He wondered if Jimin even had a gag reflex at all, considering how easily he was able to do that.

Jimin looked up at him, making eye-contact. He looked so erotic, more erotic than anything Jungkook had ever seen in his life. He wished he could take a picture and keep it to himself forever.

Jimin was bobbing his head up and down and swirling his tongue around. Jungkook’s eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned loudly. He had never moaned like this during a blowjob before, but Jimin always found a way to draw noises out of him that he didn’t even know he could make.

His orgasm caught him off guard, and he was coming into Jimin’s mouth. He was about to apologize, but Jimin moaned as he swallowed every single drop. It made Jungkook’s orgasm even better knowing that Jimin loved the taste of him.

“Fuck,” Jungkook said as Jimin crawled back up to join Jungkook on the pillows. Jimin looked very proud of himself.

“Did I do good?” he asked. Jungkook kissed him hard.

“You did fucking amazing.”

Jimin hummed happily at the praise, snuggling into Jungkook’s side. But Jungkook didn’t feel as though they were done. He wasn’t ready to go to bed just yet.

He reached down and started rubbing at Jimin’s erection. Jimin whimpered loudly, clearly not expecting Jungkook to return the favour. Jungkook fumbled with Jimin’s pants, finally getting them undone and pulled down. He reached into Jimin’s underwear and pulled his cock out and started stroking it.

It was the first time he’d touched Jimin outside of his underwear. It was a strange feeling, but Jungkook loved the way Jimin clung to him and sobbed against him. He wanted more.

Jungkook had just come down from his own orgasm, so he was moving erratically. He was stroking him and rubbing his thumb over the head with no set rhythm. He just wanted to get Jimin off.

Jimin didn’t seem to mind. He was thrusting up into Jungkook’s hand and moaning sweetly. Jungkook leaned over and kissed him, although Jimin’s response was sloppy and weak.

Jimin came quickly. Jungkook loved how he looked when he came. His eye squeezed closed and his mouth fell open in a silent cry before he fell back down against the pillows, breathing quickly and heavily.

Jungkook was trying to deal with the fact that he had another man’s come on his hands. It definitely wasn’t something he was used to. He looked at his hand, wondering what he should do with it.

Jimin must have noticed his struggle, because he grabbed Jungkook’s wrist and brought his hand to his mouth. Jimin sucked on and licked each of his fingers until all the come was gone. Jungkook watched him, completely mesmerized by his actions.

Jimin was so beyond hot. He was the sexiest person Jungkook had ever seen.

“You’re too much for me. How am I supposed to deal with someone as sexy as you?” Jungkook asked him. Jimin laughed weakly. He looked completely exhausted. But happy. Happy was good.

“You can get me off like that more often. That sounds good to me,” Jimin teased. Jungkook chuckled before kissing Jimin’s cheek.

“You should go to sleep. You’ve probably been up for over twenty-four hours now,” Jungkook said, noticing that it was very light outside now. It was probably around eight in the morning, if not later.

“Mhm. Please snuggle me,” Jimin said. Jungkook obliged and wrapped an arm around Jimin’s waist, pulling him close.

Jimin fell asleep quickly, and Jungkook stared at his sleeping face. In the morning light he could see the bags under Jimin’s eyes, and the redness around them. He had had a rough day. He deserved a good sleep, and the next couple days off.

Jungkook needed to figure out what he was going to do about Jiho. He couldn’t let her get away with what she did to Jimin. But he couldn’t do anything too risky either. He didn’t want to lose his position at school, or his relationship with Jimin.

Jimin deserved better than someone who would use thoughtless revenge. He would have to think about it more. He wanted to make the right decision.

As he looked at Jimin, studying the freckles on his nose, he realized he had something else he needed to take care of before he went to sleep.

He briefly separated himself from Jimin and grabbed his phone from his pants’ pocket at the foot of the bed. He opened his school email account, and sent Hobeom a message.

As much as I would love to take the empty space in the school gallery, I’m going to have to decline for my partner’s sake. I’m really sorry, I hope you can find someone else to fill the space.

Chapter Text

Jimin didn’t attend class for the rest of the week. Jungkook was hoping Hoseok put in a good word for him so he didn’t get into too much trouble when he returned from his break. Hopefully his teachers would be sensitive. They must have heard about what happened to him considering the hallways at school were filled with evidence.

Although he didn’t know if they would be so sympathetic.

Jungkook had only returned to his own apartment to shower and grab clothes. Otherwise, he was spending every night with Jimin, holding him while he cried and doing his best to make him laugh. He cooked Jimin dinner every night, and made sure he fell asleep before going to sleep himself.

Jimin was going through a hard time, and he needed help. Jungkook was willing to provide for him. Jimin had been there for him, so he was going to be there for Jimin too.

After class that Friday night, Jungkook stopped by a bakery and picked up a pastry for Jimin to eat. He remembered Jimin saying he liked strawberry, so that’s what he bought him. A strawberry cake. Jungkook had to stop himself from eating it, it smelled and looked so good.

Jungkook had gotten used to just opening the door to the apartment, letting himself in. Taemin didn’t even blink when he walked in, just greeted him lazily. Jungkook made his way to Jimin’s bedroom and opened the door.

Jimin was in bed, in a t-shirt and his underwear, doing something on his computer. His hair was sticking up all over the place. He looked precious. He looked up when Jungkook walked in and smiled from ear to ear. He jumped out of bed and ran to Jungkook, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck.

“I missed you,” he said, standing up on his toes and kissing Jungkook’s lips. Jungkook smiled into the kiss, hugging Jimin around his waist.

“I missed you too. I bought you a snack,” Jungkook said, holding out the bag with the pastry in it. Jimin’s eyes lit up as he took it back to his bed. He looked so cute as he opened it up and gasped.

“It looks so good,” he said, pulling off a piece. Jungkook sat next to him as he snacked.

“I thought you didn’t eat in bed,” Jungkook said. Jimin glared at him.

“No, you don’t get to eat in my bed. I get to,” he said, putting another piece of his cake in his mouth. Jungkook pouted.

“You’re so mean,” he said. Jimin smiled at him.

“Here, have a piece,” he said, pulling off some for Jungkook and bringing it up to his mouth. Jungkook held Jimin’s wrist in place and took the bite, but he kept his hand in place. He sucked on Jimin’s fingers and looked him in the eye.

Jimin’s cheeks turned red as he watched Jungkook lewdly moan around his fingers. Jungkook licked over them before releasing them and sitting back against the headboard. Jungkook liked how Jimin’s jaw dropped.

“It’s pretty good. I made a good choice,” he said, trying to act like nothing happened. Jimin frowned at him, and Jungkook just wanted to wrap him up in blankets and kiss his nose.

“You can’t just do that. You’re the mean one,” Jimin said. He shoved the rest of his cake into his mouth and continued frowning. Jungkook kissed in between his eyebrows and then again on his stuffed cheeks.

“Would someone mean bring you cake?” he asked, rubbing his nose against Jimin’s.

“Yes,” Jimin said, swallowing the rest of his cake.

Jungkook snorted. He pulled Jimin into his lap and kissed him. Jungkook licked into his mouth and he could taste the strawberry cake that Jimin just ate. It still wasn’t as good as how he tasted normally. Nothing could compare to Jimin’s natural taste.

Jungkook slipped his hands up the legs of Jimin’s boxers, squeezing his thighs before moving to his ass. Jimin whimpered into his mouth and slid his hands up Jungkook’s shirt, feeling his abs.

“Mmm, you’re pretty,” Jungkook said, stealing a few more kisses from him before pulling away. Jimin smiled bashfully.

“I’m actually a model. This guy I’m kind of into takes photos of me. I heard he was offered gallery space to display them,” Jimin joked, striking a little pose. Jungkook swallowed roughly.

Jungkook hadn’t told Jimin that he declined the space yet. He didn’t want Jimin to feel guilty.

“He was. But he, uh, said no,” Jungkook admitted. Jimin’s smile dropped and his eyes widened.

“What? Why?” he asked.

“I just couldn’t go through with it. You’ve been through so much lately. I didn’t want to make you any more stressed out or anything like that,” Jungkook said. He rubbed Jimin’s back under his shirt. “Don’t you dare feel guilty.”

“How can I not feel guilty? It is such a good opportunity and you’re not taking it because of me,” Jimin said. His eyebrows knitted together and hit bottom lip stuck out.

“It was my decision to say no. Not yours. It’s not your fault, okay?” Jungkook said. He knew Jimin wouldn’t necessarily believe him, but he really didn’t hold any resentment toward Jimin for it.


“No buts. As much as I would love to show my photos of you to the world, I don’t think now is the time. I’ll get more opportunities in the future. It’s fine, Jimin,” Jungkook said. He cupped Jimin’s cheeks with his hands and planted a few kisses on his lips.

“Fine,” Jimin said. He didn’t look satisfied at all. But Jungkook knew he made the right decision. The school had seen enough of Jimin for now.

“Plus some of the photos I have of you…they’re too sexy. I want them just for me,” Jungkook said. He wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulled him a touch closer, smiling up at him suggestively. Jimin smiled back.

“What are you going to do with them?” Jimin asked, resting his forehead against Jungkook’s.

“What do you think?” Jungkook said, making Jimin snort.

“You’re so perverted,” Jimin said.

“I wasn’t until I met you. You poisoned my mind,” Jungkook said, massaging Jimin’s waist. Jimin giggled before biting onto Jungkook’s bottom lip. Jungkook moaned at the little bit of pain. He grabbed the back of Jimin’s neck and pushed his tongue into his mouth, kissing him deeply before pulling away again. Jimin smirked and licked his lips.



“Jimin’s coming back to school on Monday right?” Taehyung asked. Jungkook was at their apartment, trying to talk to Yoongi about different lenses for his camera. But of course Taehyung was being his nosy self, interrupting them.

“Yeah, he’s feeling better so he’s going to try to go on Monday,” Jungkook said. Taehyung moved a bit closer to him, smirking. Jungkook kind of wanted to smack him.

“Did you guys have sex yet?” he asked. Jungkook groaned loudly.

“No, we did not. Not that it’s any of your business,” he said. Taehyung was driving him crazy lately.

“Jimin had a pretty impressive hickey last time I saw him,” Yoongi piped in. Jungkook turned to him, feeling completely betrayed.

“I thought you were my ally here.”

“I was, but I’m sick of you and your gay crisis. Just date the dude already,” Yoongi said. Jungkook glared at him. Leave it to Yoongi to be this blunt. Especially about sexuality. Even though he had quite the crisis himself, but Jungkook wasn’t about to bring that up. He didn’t want to die today.

“Okay, okay. So I know you made out. Have you guys gone any further? Just tell me that,” Taehyung begged. Jungkook opened his mouth to say no, but his face heated up at the thought of Jimin sucking him off, and licking the come off of his fingers.

Taehyung noticed his pause, and probably his red face as well. He started howling and slamming his hand down on the table.

“Shut up!” Jungkook yelled, slamming his own face down against the table. He was so embarrassed. First Taehyung saw them kiss, now this.

But Jungkook noticed that the dark, malicious feeling he would have normally had in his stomach was gone. He didn’t feel like crying, or locking himself away forever. He just felt embarrassed. Regular old embarrassed.

It was a good feeling.

“My Kookie is a grown-up now,” Taehyung said, wiping a fake tear from the corner of his eye. Jungkook raised an eye-brow at him.

“You know I’m not a virgin right?”

“Yeah but straight sex doesn’t count,” Taehyung said, waving his hand around. Jungkook didn’t even want to ask what that meant. “Especially straight sex with that witch.”

Jungkook frowned. He didn’t really want to think about the fact that he dated the girl who hurt Jimin so badly. He didn’t want to think about the fact that it wouldn’t have happened to him if they never started hanging out.

But he couldn’t regret hanging out with Jimin. Being with Jimin was the happiest he had ever felt, even though it was confusing. If anything, he regretted dating Jiho in the first place, and he regretted staying with her for two whole years.

“I need to get her back somehow for putting up those photos of Jimin. She can’t just get away with it,” Jungkook said. It had been eating at him since the day it happened. He couldn’t just let it slide. He wanted revenge.

“I’ve been thinking that too. It was so uncool. What can we do though?” Taehyung asked.

“The school has cameras in those halls. On Monday why don’t you ask to see them?” Yoongi said.

Jungkook and Taehyung made eye-contact and smiled readily. The cameras must have caught her doing it. If they could get proof of her essentially posting porn up around the school then she would surely lose her place in the institution. It was perfect. All they would have to do is report the incident and get the cameras checked.

Finally, Jungkook had a plan in motion. He wasn’t going to sit idly by and let Jiho ruin Jimin’s life with no consequences. It was time for revenge.


Jungkook didn’t think he should be allowed to drink near Jimin. With the alcohol flowing through him, making him feel warm, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Jimin. Even when he got caught staring, he couldn’t look away. Jimin didn’t seem to mind though. He was smiling. A lot.

They were at Taehyung and Yoongi’s, playing some sort of drinking game that Jungkook had forgotten the rules to. He probably shouldn’t have any more alcohol anyway. The room was already spinning.

Jimin was considerably drunk as well. He was leaning into Jungkook a lot, and it certainly wasn’t helping Jungkook’s self-control. If he was even a little bit more drunk he probably would be making out with Jimin in the open in front of everyone. But he wasn’t quite there yet.

“Jungkook,” Jimin said with a pouty look on his face. He looked so adorable, Jungkook wanted to kiss him all over.

“What?” Jungkook asked. Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s bicep and looked up at him with puppy-dog eyes. Jungkook was melting from the cuteness.

“Diminie wants a kiss,” Jimin said, puckering his lips. Jungkook snorted. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Jimin was talking baby-talk. He called himself Diminie.

“Does he? But everyone’s here,” Jungkook said. He really wanted to say yes but his stomach felt ill at the thought of everyone seeing them kiss. No matter how drunk he was, and how cute Diminie was, he still felt a bit weird.

“Please? Just one,” Jimin said in that same baby voice. It was so fucking cute, Jungkook really didn’t want to deny him.

He looked around, and everyone seemed occupied. Nobody was paying attention to them. Maybe their kiss would go by unnoticed.

Jungkook turned back to Jimin who was looking up eagerly at him. His eyes trailed down to Jimin’s lips. He really couldn’t resist them. They looked so soft and plump and wet.

He leaned down and pressed his lips gently against Jimin’s. He meant for it to be a moment, nothing more, but Jimin’s lips were just too delicious. He couldn’t pull away so quickly. He even deepened the kiss a touch.

Jungkook only pulled away when he heard someone whistle. He turned and looked around the table. All eyes were on them. Jungkook’s stomach was churning, and his face was heating up.

They all looked at Jungkook, as if he was going to explain what happened to them. But he couldn’t handle it. He wasn’t ready for all of this. He stood up from the table and ran his fingers through his hair.

“I need to sit down over there for a minute,” Jungkook said, walking toward the couch. They all whined for him to come back, but he was already plopping himself down on the cushions.

Jungkook couldn’t help but feel things with Jimin were moving too quickly. He didn’t even know what he wanted with him, yet he was already kissing him in front of his friends. He had spent every night this week at Jimin’s place. He had touched Jimin, and made him come.

A month ago, Jungkook had been with a woman. He had been sure he was heterosexual. He didn’t have gay thoughts about anyone at all. But now he felt like he and Jimin were so much more than they should be in this amount of time. His thoughts about being straight had long since been thrown out the window.

It was all so terrifying. If he dated Jimin, what would his parents think? What would his professors and friends think? He wished it could be as simple as listening to Jimin’s baby-talk and giving him kisses.

It sounded strange, but Jungkook kind of wished that he only saw Jimin through a sexual lens. He wished he and Jimin could fuck no strings attached and that would be okay. No one would have to know. But he didn’t. He wanted so much more with him. More than he was willing to even admit.

Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Jimin walk over to him. When he reached him, Jimin sat himself on Jungkook’s lap and cupped his cheeks, squishing them in. It felt familiar.

“What’s wrong, baby?” he asked, drawing out the last word. He wished he had it in him to tell Jimin to go away, but he was just too precious. Jungkook didn’t want him to leave. Jungkook never wanted him to leave.

“Nothing,” Jungkook lied. There was a lot wrong. Everything was wrong.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked for that kiss,” Jimin said. He dropped his hands from Jungkook’s face to his chest, scratching lightly. Jungkook couldn’t stand the sad look that formed on his face.

“No, it’s okay. It was just scary. I’ll be okay,” Jungkook said. He wanted to do whatever he could to reassure Jimin that it wasn’t his fault.

Jimin looked down at his lap. The hurt look on his face still wasn’t gone. Jungkook felt horrible.

“Baby, look at me,” Jungkook said. Jimin did as he was asked and looked Jungkook in the eye.

Jungkook was hesitant to do what he did next. They were still visible from the table where the other guys were. But that didn’t stop Jungkook from resting his hand on the back of Jimin’s neck, using it to pull him in for another kiss.

Jimin sighed happily into the kiss. His fingers curled into Jungkook’s shirt. Like the last one, Jungkook had intended on keeping this kiss short. But he just couldn’t. Not with Jimin. He tasted too amazing. Jungkook was addicted.

As the kiss deepened, Jungkook pulled on Jimin’s hair, making him moan. Jungkook was already feeling warm from drinking so much, but having Jimin on top of him kissing him like this was making him burn up.

Jungkook couldn’t help but suck on his tongue and bite his lip. Making out with Jimin just got better each time it happened. He broke away to kiss along Jimin’s jaw and down his neck. Jimin was panting, and tilted his head to give Jungkook better access.

“Jungkook…they can still see,” Jimin said in between breaths. Jungkook bit hard against Jimin’s neck.

“Don’t care,” he said before licking over the bite.

Jungkook probably did care. And he wouldn’t be doing this at all if he wasn’t drunk. He knew that. But he just couldn’t stop. Not with Jimin shivering and panting in his lap. He didn’t dare look over to see if anyone was watching them.

He slipped his hands in Jimin’s back pockets and caught his lips in another heated kiss. Public displays of affection were never something he enjoyed before, but right now he didn’t care who was watching. He just wanted to touch and kiss Jimin as much as he could.

“Wanna fuck you,” Jungkook mumbled against Jimin’s lips. Jimin giggled before licking along Jungkook’s lips. Jungkook groaned.

“Not tonight,” Jimin said. Jungkook pouted and Jimin kissed his bottom lip that was poking out.

“Why not?”

“We’re too drunk. I don’t want it like this,” Jimin said. Jungkook whined but he supposed that was fair. He didn’t even know if it was something he would want while he was sober.

He shook that thought quickly. It was definitely something he wanted while he was sober. But he probably wanted it to happen while he was sober as well. He wanted it to be something special, not just a drunken encounter.

“Fine. You win,” Jungkook said, giving Jimin a chaste kiss. Jimin smiled and then looked over to the others. Jungkook followed his gaze over to the table.

They weren’t looking or anything. Taehyung and Yoongi had fallen asleep, and Namjoon must have slipped out. Seokjin and Hoseok were just having light conversation. It was safe to say that the night had come to an end.

“Take me home,” Jimin said, climbing off of Jungkook and taking his hand. He pulled Jungkook up and led him to the door. Even as they put on their shoes and said goodbye to Seokjin and Hoseok, Jimin didn’t let go of his hand.

When they were down the stairs and out of the building, Jungkook almost wanted to pull away. They were out in public, holding hands. It made him so nervous. Jimin was holding him loosely, as if he was letting him know that he could let go if he wanted.

But he kept holding his hand. He really loved holding Jimin’s hand. It was so tiny and cute and perfect. Just like the rest of him.

Jimin’s face looked so beautiful. His lips were poking out a bit and his eyes looked puffy. His cheeks were rosy, like they always were when he drank. Jungkook didn’t know how long he had been staring at him, but it had probably been a while. Jimin was stunning.

“’m gay for you,” Jungkook blurted out. It was probably the drunkest he had ever sounded. Jimin turned and looked at him, completely shocked. Jungkook was shocked too.


“I have a big, gay crush on you,” Jungkook said. He knew he would regret this so much in the morning. He probably sounded so stupid.

A smile slowly started to appear onto Jimin’s face. He squeezed Jungkook’s hand a little tighter.

“Did you just realize this now?” Jimin asked.

“No. Well, maybe. I said I would tell you if I could say it, and I did,” Jungkook said. Jimin laughed softly. Jungkook wondered if his words were coming out as coherent as he thought.

“You’re so cute. Thank you for telling me,” he said, giving Jungkook a fond look. Jungkook frowned.

“You don’t seem surprised,” Jungkook said, squinting at him. Jimin burst out laughing again.

“You know you jerked me off after I sucked your dick right? This isn’t exactly a surprise, although I’m very happy to hear you say it out loud,” Jimin said. Jungkook supposed he hadn’t been the most subtle about his crush. “You’re brave, Kookie.”

“I’m scared though. What if I wanna take you to meet my parents, or hold your hand in public?” Jungkook asked.

“We’ll take it slow. And we’re already holding hands in public right? Also you usually only take your boyfriend to meet your parents and I don’t remember you asking me out,” Jimin said, sticking his nose up into the air. Jungkook took a moment to think.

“Maybe we can just hold hands for now?” Jungkook asked. He felt bad. No matter what happened between them he still needed it to move at such a slow pace. The thought of having a whole boyfriend was a little bit scary.

“That’s fine, baby. Just know that I’m expecting it one day. I want to kiss you at school and tell the whole world that you’re mine. If you don’t think you’ll ever be able to give me that, then I want you to tell me now,” Jimin said. Jungkook gulped.

Jimin was always so patient. Even now, he wasn’t rushing Jungkook into a relationship. Jungkook might be a little more terrified if he didn’t know that he wanted to one day be with Jimin. He wished he was ready now, but it was just such a big step.

“I will. Just wait a little bit longer. I want to give you everything you deserve,” Jungkook said, squeezing Jimin’s hand. Jimin smiled at him, blush dusting his cheeks.

“I’m excited,” Jimin said. Jungkook leaned down and kissed his pink cheek.

He owed Jimin so much. Even though it has been a struggle, dealing with his sexuality, he was still happy he was exploring a side of him that he didn’t know was there. Before Jimin, he thought he was straight, but now he knew he wasn’t. It had been so difficult coming to terms with it, but he felt closer with himself than he ever had been before.

And he had a smoking hot companion who was beyond wonderful with him. He was helping him along this journey, and taking his time with him. Jimin was such an angel. Jungkook hoped he knew that.

“Thanks for waiting for me,” Jungkook said. Jimin looked up at him with sparkling eyes. Jungkook felt like he could see the whole universe in his beautiful eyes.

“I’d wait years for you. Maybe even forever.”


“It’s such a shame you declined the space, Jungkook,” Hobeom said after Jungkook showed him his latest batch of pictures. Since he had been spending almost every night at Jimin’s place, he had a lot of content to give him.

“Yeah. I would have taken it in a second but things are complicated with Jimin. I don’t think he would want to do it,” Jungkook said.

“Your photos of him are so beautiful. I hope one day he comes around and lets you display them,” Hobeom said, as Jungkook packed up to leave.

“Me too,” he said. He didn’t know if Jimin would ever get over the fact that his face, amongst other parts of him, was already plastered around the entire building. He knew Jimin had been quite traumatized. Jungkook probably would be too.

Jungkook checked his phone. He had a message from Taehyung.

Taehyung: At the security office. The guy said he’d look at the tapes. Ready to get that bitch?

Jungkook felt fired up. They were finally going to get Jiho back for what she had done to Jimin. She deserved so much more than expulsion, but it would have to do for now.

Jungkook: Fuck yeah.

Chapter Text

“She posted hundreds of porn pictures around the dance hall. Security is really lame if you can’t even catch something like that. Rewind to last Friday,” Taehyung demanded, slamming his hand on the desk in front of them. The security guard was proving to be lazier than they expected.

He had said that since he heard no reports about the matter that meant that it wasn’t a real problem. Taehyung had managed to get them in the monitor room, but the guard didn’t appear to want to do anything further.

“What’s the point if no one complained?” the guard asked. Jungkook wanted to lose his mind.

We are complaining. Check the tapes. This is your job,” Jungkook ordered. He wasn’t planning on leaving without catching Jiho in the act. She needed to get punished for what she did to Jimin.

“Listen kids, I’ve got a lot to do,” the guard sighed. Jungkook rolled his eyes. He knew the security guards at this school did pretty much nothing all day but unlock doors for people.

He reached into his pockets and pulled out his wallet. He opened it up and took out some cash.

“I will give you all of this if you rewind the tapes and give the footage to the proper authorities,” Jungkook said. The guard eyed Jungkook before eyeing the cash. It wasn’t a lot, probably only enough for a couple fast food meals. But it was something.

The guard took the cash out of his hand.

“Deal, kid.”

The guard starting going through the tapes until they got to the desired date and time. When he pressed play, Jungkook was sure he didn’t blink for the next five minutes. His fingers were shaking and his breathing was getting harder to control.

It was Jiho putting up the pictures, like he knew it would be. But she wasn’t alone.

“Fucking Yugyeom,” Jungkook growled. He was going to snap. He didn’t know how or why they got together to do this, but Jungkook was ready to lose it on both of them.

“You better get them expelled. Kim Yugyeom and Lee Jiho. That’s who they are,” Taehyung said to the guard.

Jungkook didn’t care about his future at the school at this moment. He just wanted to find Yugyeom and beat the shit out of him. He never liked that guy. He’s sure he bitched about him to Jiho when they were still together, but now they were working together to make Jimin’s life a living hell.

Although Jungkook was sure Yugyeom was just trying to mess with Jungkook, not Jimin. Clearly he just viewed Jimin as some sort of sex object, not a person with feelings. But Jungkook had pissed him off. Jiho used Yugyeom’s dislike for him against Jimin. He didn’t want to know what Yugyeom was getting in return for helping her.

If he was getting sex Jungkook’s sure it was Jiho trying to get revenge on him in some other sick way.

Jungkook started walking out of the monitor room when Taehyung grabbed him by the wrist.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked. Jungkook ripped his arm out of Taehyung’s grasp.

“To teach Yugyeom a lesson,” Jungkook said. His knuckles were white from clenching his fists so hard.

“Yeah, I’m sure Jimin would love it if you got expelled in his name. Don’t do anything stupid,” Taehyung warned. Jungkook was so angry, but he knew Taehyung was right. Jimin would surely take all the blame if that happened.

Almost as if on cue, Jungkook’s phone went off.

Jimin: I want to go home.

Jungkook relaxed almost instantly. He told Jimin he’d take him home if he felt too uncomfortable. And he didn’t want to be angry in front of him to make him more nervous and upset than he already was.

Jungkook: Okay baby, I’ll meet you outside the dance building.

Jungkook sighed loudly as he put his phone away.

“I’m going home with Jimin. Can you take care of the rest?” Jungkook asked Taehyung, nodding towards the guard. Taehyung nodded.

“Leave it to me, captain! Go take care of your man!” he said with a smile on his face. Jungkook returned it before he left the room to go meet Jimin.

Jimin was outside the dance building already when he got there. He looked so tiny and curled in on himself, even though he was standing. Jungkook didn’t touch him, but he wanted to so badly. He didn’t want anyone to see them and start talking.

“Are you okay?” Jungkook asked. Jimin shrugged and started walking. Jungkook followed him.

“I felt like everyone was talking about me. I don’t know if they were, but it felt like it. I feel so anxious,” Jimin said. Jungkook reached out and rubbed his back. He liked how warm he felt through the fabric.

“It’s okay. I told you I’d leave with you, and we are. Do you mind if we go to my place though? I want to get a change of clothes,” Jungkook said. Jimin nodded and they headed in the direction of Jungkook’s apartment.

“I wonder if I can stay at this school without being so paranoid that everyone’s thinking about me having sex. I wish I could go back and never sleep with that man again,” Jimin said, groaning loudly. Jungkook pat him on the head.

“Who cares what they think? I won’t be thinking of you having sex. Well, maybe I will. But sex with me, not with that dude,” Jungkook said. Jimin snorted and smacked Jungkook on the arm.

Jungkook felt sort of hypocritical telling Jimin not to care what other people thought when he was so concerned about it himself. But Jimin didn’t need to think about other people. It would just cause him more unnecessary stress.

“You’re a pig,” Jimin said. But he was smiling. Jungkook counted that as a win.

He wanted to keep Jimin smiling, so he reached over and took his hand, linking their fingers together. Jimin looked up at him in shock.

“Jungkook, it’s daytime,” Jimin said, as if Jungkook couldn’t tell.

“I know. But no one’s around and I want to hold your hand,” Jungkook said. Jimin smiled and started swinging their joined hands back and forth. It made Jungkook nervous, but Jimin’s feelings mattered more right now.

“You’re sweet. How come it took me this long to meet you?” Jimin asked, a charming smile on his face.

“God must have been punishing me for dating that evil woman,” Jungkook answered. Every time he thought about her he just got angrier. Jungkook wasted so much time with her.

“You’re right. It’s all your fault. You owe me,” Jimin said, giving him a sly grin.

“What do you have in mind?” Jungkook asked. He was a little nervous to hear the answer.

“You’ll see when we get to your place,” Jimin said, biting his lip and looking Jungkook up and down. Jungkook’s throat felt dry.

He started walking a little faster.

As Jungkook was unlocking the door to his apartment, he felt Jimin’s hands snake around his waist and slip under his shirt. He left open-mouthed kisses on the back of Jungkook’s neck, and Jungkook couldn’t focus on the task at hand. He groaned and leaned back into Jimin.

“If you want inside you’re going to have to stop,” Jungkook said. But Jimin continued kissing him and feeling him up. Jungkook loved having his hands on him.

“That’s fine. We can do it out here,” Jimin said. Jungkook rolled his eyes and after some more fumbling with the lock, he managed to get it open. Jimin was quick to push him through the door and kick it closed behind them.

Jungkook turned around and Jimin was already leaning up to kiss him. Jungkook groaned into his mouth immediately, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulling him close.

“You’re bad. Someone could have seen us out there,” Jungkook growled before pushing his tongue into Jimin’s mouth, tasting every bit of him. Jimin whimpered and pulled away.

“Are you going to punish me?” he asked, biting his own swollen lip. It made Jungkook feel hungry.

Jungkook bent down and picked Jimin up by his thighs, pressing his back against the door. Jimin linked his feet behind Jungkook’s back and wrapped his arms around his neck. He looked at Jungkook expectantly.

“I should. I’ll make you a good boy,” Jungkook said before biting down on Jimin’s neck. Jimin moaned loudly and threw his head back against the door. He started absentmindedly thrusting against Jungkook’s groin, trying to get any kind of friction he could.

Jungkook started grinding against him, and Jimin moaned louder. Jungkook bit Jimin’s shoulder in an attempt to muffle his own sounds. He could feel that Jimin was already hard through his jeans, and Jungkook wasn’t far behind.

“Kiss me,” Jimin ordered. Jungkook was happy to listen. The kiss was more tongue and teeth than lips but it was so delicious. Jungkook never wanted it to end.

He walked away from the door and carried Jimin to his bedroom. He dropped Jimin onto the bed and crawled over top of him, kissing him again. Jimin’s hands snuck down to Jungkook’s ass, squeezing it and pulling it down so Jungkook was rubbing down on his crotch.

“You’re needy today,” Jungkook said. Jimin’s eyes were closed but he nodded as his breathing got heavier.

“Want you,” he said. Jungkook kissed him hard, hard enough to feel bruising.

“How do you want me?” Jungkook asked. Jimin whined and panted.

“However, just do something,” he said. Jungkook lightly grazed his lips against the skin of Jimin’s neck, letting him feel his warm breath. Jimin shuddered.

“Are you good enough? I thought you were going to get punished,” Jungkook whispered before placing a wet kiss on his neck. Jimin whimpered and whined even more.

“I’m good. I’ll be good,” Jimin said, thrusting up against Jungkook. Jungkook kissed his neck again, letting Jimin feel his tongue this time.

“You’re lucky I owe you a favour, otherwise I might have made this more difficult for you,” Jungkook said. He pulled Jimin’s shirt up, revealing his stomach. Jungkook kissed down his body, licking and nibbling at the skin of his abs. “You taste so good everywhere, baby.”

Jimin moaned at the praise, squirming under Jungkook. Jungkook thought Jimin might cry if he didn’t touch him soon.

Jungkook palmed at Jimin’s erection through his pants. Jimin sobbed and started moving his hips up to match Jungkook’s pace. Jimin looked so good like this. So desperate. Jungkook could watch him like this forever, but he had his own thirst that he needed to quench.

He unbuttoned Jimin’s jeans and pulled them down with Jimin’s help. Once he had them off, he admired Jimin’s legs. Jimin’s thighs were so big and pretty. He was amazed every time he saw them. He leaned down and started kissing and biting them. Jimin whined and put his hand on the back of Jungkook’s head, lightly tugging on Jungkook’s hair.

Jungkook licked up Jimin’s inner thigh until his tongue hit the fabric of Jimin’s underwear. Jungkook lifted his head and swallowed roughly. He knew what came next, and it was a little scary. But he wanted this. He wanted to please Jimin.

He hooked his fingers under the waistband of Jimin’s underwear and pulled them down. He had touched Jimin’s dick before, but he had never seen it up close like this. It made his mouth water and gave him goosebumps.

He took it in his hand and felt the weight of it. He tugged lightly on it, just testing the waters. Jimin moaned and whined, and Jungkook wanted to see just how far he could push him. He wanted to make him scream.

Jungkook licked up the length of his cock and, just like with the rest of Jimin, he loved how it tasted. It was already wet with pre-cum, and Jungkook licked it off the tip.

Even though Jimin seemed relatively easy to please, Jungkook was nervous. He had never even thought about sucking a dick before he met Jimin. He didn’t know how. He hoped that if he was doing poorly, Jimin would tell him.

Jungkook sucked on and swirled his tongue around the head. Jimin cried out so loudly that Jungkook was worried his neighbours would hear. He did it again, trying to elicit any reaction from Jimin that he could. He loved his noises. So much.

Jungkook continued sucking him off, trying to take more of him in each time he bobbed his head. He thought about how he liked getting sucked off himself, and how Jimin had done it to him before.

Jimin seemed to like everything he was doing. His grip on Jungkook’s hair got tighter and tighter as time went by. He slowly started thrusting up into Jungkook’s mouth. He was being loud enough to alert the entire building.

Jungkook couldn’t wait to hear what he sounded like when they actually had sex. The thought of fucking Jimin made him moan around his dick.

“Jungkook, please don’t stop,” Jimin whimpered. Jungkook picked up the pace, bobbing his head, taking as much of Jimin into his mouth as he could.

Jimin came into his mouth without warning. He sobbed loudly and pulled Jungkook’s hair roughly. Jungkook’s first instinct was to pull away but he wanted to know how Jimin’s come tasted. He swallowed all of it, licking up Jimin’s cock one more time.

The taste was interesting. But he liked it because it was Jimin.

Jungkook crawled back up to the pillows and laid down next to Jimin. He wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulled him close. Jimin was panting and his sweaty hair was sticking to his forehead. He looked amazing, and satisfied. It made Jungkook feel good.

“That was amazing,” Jimin breathed out. Jungkook kissed his cheek.

“Even though it was my first time?” Jungkook asked.

“You’re talented in many ways, baby,” Jimin said, caressing Jungkook’s cheek

Jimin looked so beautiful after he came. Jungkook wanted a picture, so he rolled out of bed and grabbed his camera, despite Jimin’s whining at the separation.

“You look so pretty right now. I need pictures,” Jungkook said. Jimin smiled as Jungkook focused in on him and started shooting. Jimin’s eyes drifted shut as he let Jungkook take his picture over and over again.

He loved how comfortable Jimin had gotten in front of the camera. Jungkook used to have to photograph him in secret, but now he could do it whenever and Jimin looked completely at home. It made for even better pictures.

“Sleepy…” Jimin mumbled, yawning an adorable yawn.

“Go to sleep then.”

“Don’t you wanna come?” Jimin asked, reaching down toward Jungkook’s crotch. Jungkook grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

“No, it’s okay. Go to sleep, I’ll be fine,” Jungkook said, kissing Jimin’s cheek again. Jungkook did want to come but Jimin was tired. He needed rest. Jungkook grabbed the blankets underneath them and draped them over Jimin, tucking him in. Jimin giggled.

After a little while of taking pictures of Jimin, Jungkook started hearing his snores. He looked so cute and peaceful when he slept. His lips puffed out, and Jungkook would kiss them if he weren’t busy.

He took close-ups of Jimin’s lips, his eyelashes, his barely-there freckles. Anything that would be awkward to shoot when Jimin was awake.

Jungkook wondered if Taehyung was taking care of the business with Jiho and Yugyeom. Jungkook wanted to be there so badly, but he knew that being here with Jimin was more important than revenge. Jimin came first. Always.

He put his camera down on the bedside table and settled under the covers with Jimin. He closed his eyes and thought about Jimin’s pretty smile until he fell asleep.


Jungkook woke up to a lot of loud, repetitive banging. He shot upright and looked down next to him. Jimin was still asleep. A little bit of panic left Jungkook’s head, but he was still concerned about the noise.

He walked out into the main part of the apartment, and he realized that someone was banging on the door. Without thinking, he walked over and opened it. He was too tired to be concerned about who his guest was. But before he could even see who it was, the door was being pushed open further until whoever was there was inside his apartment.

“What the fuck?” Jungkook said, but that feeling of irritation and confusion heightened tenfold when he saw who it was. “Jiho? Get the fuck out of my apartment!”

“I just got back from a meeting with school administration saying that I might be expelled. Does your little boyfriend have something to do with this?” Jiho said, and she didn’t say it quietly. Jungkook was worried Jimin would wake up.

“Get out,” Jungkook said. But Jiho just crossed her arms and got more into Jungkook’s space.

“Not until you tell me what the fuck happened,” she said. Her voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

“You posted Jimin’s nudes all over the school and didn’t expect to be punished for that? Are you really that stupid?” Jungkook said. He was shaking he was so angry.

“Why do you do so much to protect him? He’ll ruin your life too, just like he ruined that professor’s and now mine. He’s a waste of your time,” she said. Her voice was so loud and annoying, Jungkook wished he could just shut her up.

“I don’t care. You can leave now,” Jungkook said, waving his hand towards the door. But she still wasn’t moving.

“Jungkook?” a soft voice said from behind him. He turned around to see Jimin standing there in a pair of Jungkook’s sweatpants, looking tired and disoriented. Jungkook panicked internally.

He turned back to Jiho who was staring at Jimin with fire in her eyes. He realized now that this would be the first time they met. Jimin probably didn’t even know this was Jiho. He had no idea what storm was heading for him.

“I said get out. Don’t talk to him,” Jungkook ordered. He knew she wouldn’t listen. She always did what she wanted.

“So you’re the guy who cost a good man his job,” Jiho said to Jimin, “You don’t look this ugly in those videos. I’m surprised he risked his career for you.”

Jungkook looked back at Jimin. He looked shocked and angry. Jungkook felt the same.

“Jiho, get the fuck out or I’ll call the cops,” Jungkook said, his voice getting louder. He was having a hard time keeping his temper in check. He wanted to badly to pick her up and just toss her out of the room.

When Jungkook felt Jimin’s fingers slide in between his own, he was surprised. He gently squeezed Jimin’s hand and looked down at him, but Jimin’s eyes were locked on to Jiho.

“I can’t be that ugly if your ex-boyfriend prefers me over you,” Jimin said, resting his head on Jungkook’s shoulder.

Jungkook didn’t expect Jimin to have the strength or energy to defend himself right now. He felt a proudness fill his heart.

Jiho didn’t look so happy.

“You’re disgusting. Both of you,” Jiho growled. Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s waist, pulling him close before running one hand through Jungkook’s hair. He was flaunting Jungkook in front of Jiho. Like he wanted to show her that he belonged to Jimin now.

And he did belong to Jimin. She couldn’t change that, no matter how much petty shit she wanted to do.

“Isn’t it kind of pathetic that you’re here calling a man you can’t get over disgusting? Your being here is a waste of time, you can leave,” Jimin said. Jungkook was so taken aback. He never expected Jimin to be like this.

“He’ll never love you like he loves me,” Jiho spat. Jungkook wanted to argue. He wanted to say that he didn’t love Jiho, and he never would again. But he wanted to know what Jimin had to say about that. He wanted to know what Jimin thought about love.

“You’re right. I think he’ll love me more. Now you can stay and watch us make out if you want but if you’re so disgusted by us then I suggest you leave,” Jimin said. Jungkook’s heart was pounding. Did Jimin really believe that he’d love him one day? Jungkook had never considered the word “love” in relation to Jimin until right now.

It suddenly sounded really wonderful.

Jiho looked like she wanted to retaliate, but Jungkook didn’t even know what she would have to say. Apparently Jiho didn’t either. She stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her. Jungkook didn’t realize he had been holding his breath, but he finally let it out. He heard Jimin sigh in relief too.

“God I hate her,” Jimin said. He dropped into a crouch, resting his head on his knees. Jungkook knelt down next to him.

“You held your own really well. I am really proud of you,” Jungkook said, petting his hair.

“Why did she even come?” Jimin asked.

Jungkook didn’t tell Jimin about their plan to get her expelled, or even that they knew she was the one who put Jimin’s pictures up around the school.

“Taehyung and I are trying to get her expelled for doing what she did to you. We saw her on the cameras, and I guess Taehyung put everything in motion. She came here to yell at me and badmouth you. But I don’t think she knew you would be here, or that you would stand up to her,” Jungkook explained. Jimin’s head shot up.

“You did that?!” he asked. Jungkook chuckled.

“Yes. It might have been petty, but I didn’t want her to get away with it. You deserve better than that,” Jungkook said. He rubbed Jimin’s cheek with his hand before leaning in for a kiss. It was short and sweet.

“You’re too much,” Jimin said. There was a hint of a smile on his face.

“Nah. You’ve done so much for me lately. I only want to repay you,” Jungkook said, kissing Jimin’s nose, then his lips again. Jimin’s smile grew.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Jimin said. He looked more like he wanted praise than an explanation. Jungkook had a feeling he knew exactly what he was talking about.

“You helped me realize that I was fake-straight and dating a complete crazy person. Now I know I’m not straight, and I have you. You made my life so much better and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you for that,” Jungkook explained. Jimin’s cheeks turned pink as the smile on his face stretched as big as it could.

“I like you,” Jimin said, pushing Jungkook over onto his butt. Jungkook laughed and pulled Jimin into his lap.

“I like you more.”

Chapter Text

Jimin: Sorry, baby! I won’t be able to come over today. I have to work on some stuff with Hoseok. See you soon though!

Jungkook groaned when he saw the message. It was the fourth time in a week that Jimin had blown him off. He was having a hard time focusing in class now.

At least Yugyeom wasn’t there anymore. Jungkook no longer had to hold back the impulse to deck the guy in the face every time he so much as breathed. He hadn’t seen Jiho in a week either. He could only assume that Jungkook got what he wanted. They weren’t attending this school anymore.

The win would be a lot more satisfying if he got to share it with Jimin, but for some reason, Jimin wasn’t spending time with him anymore. Jungkook couldn’t really blame him if he got tired of him. He wasn’t really delivering sexually or even emotionally considering he couldn’t even call him his boyfriend.

If Jimin didn’t want to wait anymore, Jungkook understood. It killed him on the inside, but Jimin deserved to be happy and get what he wanted.

When lunchtime came, Jungkook decided to ask Taehyung what was up. Maybe he knew something that Jungkook didn’t.

“He won’t hang out with me anymore. I wonder if I did something wrong,” Jungkook said. It was really eating him up. Even though he did see Jimin briefly a few times within the last week, he missed him so much. He wanted to kiss him and hug him again. He wanted to sleep together again.

“He’s just busy right now, Kook. It has nothing to do with you,” Taehyung said. Jungkook hoped so. But he had a weird feeling that it did have something to do with him.

“I miss him,” Jungkook said. Taehyung reached over and ruffled his hair.

“I know. When are you guys gonna become official?” Taehyung asked. Jungkook wanted to tell him to shut up, but he knew it was just a genuine question this time. He wasn’t teasing him for once.

“I don’t know. Do you think he would say yes if I asked him?” Jungkook asked. Taehyung snorted.

“Are you stupid? Of course he’ll say yes. He likes you a lot. He might even love you,” Taehyung said. Jungkook almost choked on his own spit. Love? No way. Jimin didn’t love him.

At least he didn’t think so.

“I want him to be my boyfriend. I’ll ask him soon. If he doesn’t avoid me forever,” Jungkook groaned. He was probably being overdramatic. No, he was definitely being overdramatic.

“I’ve had enough of your pouting. What would you be like if he was actually avoiding you? You’re so whipped,” Taehyung said.

“You don’t know that he’s not actually avoiding me,” Jungkook responded. Taehyung rolled his eyes.

“Yes I do. Now stop being a brat, I have to get back to class.”


Two days later and Jimin was still avoiding him. Jungkook was already worried, but the feeling kept building up more and more. He really wished that Jimin would just tell him what’s up instead of leaving Jungkook to worry.

Unless he was just really busy with school like he said. It was possible, but Hoseok was in the same program, and he didn’t seem that busy. It just added to the paranoia. What was he doing that he couldn’t spare some time for Jungkook?

Jungkook found himself at home, looking through his photos of Jimin on his computer. Jimin was so beautiful and sweet and perfect. Maybe a relationship with him was really too good to be true. It was starting to seem that way.

There was a knock at the door, interrupting him from his pathetic thoughts. He begrudgingly got out of bed and walked to the door. He opened it and saw Jimin standing there, looking tired, but happy to see him.

“Jimin? What are you doing here?” Jungkook asked. Jimin walked in and started taking off his shoes. When he was done he reached up and cupped Jungkook’s face with his hands.

“I missed you. I wanted to come see you,” he said before leaning up to give him a kiss. Jungkook pulled him into a tight hug. He was overcome with joy.

“I missed you too. Sleep over tonight,” Jungkook said. Jimin giggled as they separated.

“Of course,” he said. Jungkook bent down and picked Jimin up, tossing him over his shoulder. Jimin yelped and laughed loudly, and Jungkook carried him to his bedroom. He tossed Jimin onto the bed.

Jimin looked to his side and noticed the computer on the bed. Jungkook could feel his face turn red as Jimin sat up and looked at the screen. A mischievous grin formed on his perfect, adorable face.

“You really did miss me, huh?” Jimin said. Jungkook crawled onto the bed and closed his laptop, putting it on the floor next to them.

“Shut up. Don’t be a brat or I’ll revoke my sleepover offer,” Jungkook said, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulling him into a cuddle. Jungkook buried his face in Jimin’s neck, inhaling his sweet scent. Jimin ran his fingers through Jungkook’s hair, and Jungkook finally felt peaceful.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so busy,” Jimin said. Jungkook nuzzled into him more.

“It’s okay. I was kind of scared you didn’t want me anymore though,” Jungkook said.

“Awww, baby. Of course I still want you,” Jimin said, cupping Jungkook’s cheeks again and lifting his head up to look Jimin in the eye. Jimin kissed his nose, and then his lips. Jungkook felt so relieved.

Jungkook kissed him again, deepening it this time. Jimin sighed into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck. Jungkook could feel him smiling. It made him smile too.

When Jimin ended the kiss he looked at Jungkook fondly, smiling wide.

“You’re so pretty,” he said, kissing Jungkook’s forehead.

“You’re the pretty one. Your prettiness turned me gay,” Jungkook said. Jimin laughed loudly, throwing his head back.

“You’re so dumb. Is that why you didn’t like me at first? It was love at first sight and you didn’t want to be gay?” Jimin asked, a teasing grin on his face.

“Probably. You made me afraid,” Jungkook said, thinking about how things had been with Jimin at first.

“Remember when I tried to dance with you and we got into a big fight?” Jimin asked. Jungkook chuckled. He remembered how mean he had been to Jimin for no reason at all. It felt so weird and silly to think about now.

“I remember. Our first fight ever,” Jungkook said.

“You still owe me a dance for that,” Jimin said. Jungkook sat up and looked for his phone.

“Let’s do it right now. Let’s dance,” Jungkook said. Jimin looked shocked before he smiled excitedly. He jumped out of bed, ready to dance. Jungkook was excited too.

“What kind of song should we dance to?” Jungkook asked, scrolling through his music.

“Something slow. Let’s slow dance together,” Jimin said. Jungkook laughed.

“How did I know you would say something like that? You’re such a cheesy guy,” Jungkook teased. Jimin pouted, but when Jungkook played a song, Jimin’s pout went away. Jungkook set his phone down and walked up to face Jimin.

“I’ll lead,” Jimin said, placing his hands on Jungkook’s waist.

“Why? You’re tinier than me,” Jungkook said, but he wrapped his arms around Jimin’s neck anyway. Jimin started moving and Jungkook let himself be led by him.

“I’m the dance major, not you. Stick to taking pictures,” Jimin said.

Jungkook went along with Jimin’s slow movements. It wasn’t a difficult dance, but Jungkook felt clumsy all of the sudden. But Jimin led him well, keeping him in proper motion. Jungkook leaned his forehead against Jimin’s and watched Jimin’s eyelids flutter closed.

Jungkook’s feelings for Jimin got stronger every day. Maybe even every second. As they danced together, Jungkook felt overwhelming amounts of care and affection for Jimin.

He wondered if this was love.

Jungkook was with Jiho for over two years, but what he felt for her didn’t even feel like a fraction of what he felt for Jimin. He thought he loved her, but while he danced with Jimin he knew that he never did.

He didn’t think she was as pretty as Jimin was. He didn’t think about her as much as he thought about Jimin. He never worried about her as much as he worried about Jimin. He didn’t like spending time with he like he liked spending time with Jimin.

He didn’t love her like he loved Jimin.

“We should go on a real date,” Jimin said, cutting Jungkook’s thoughts short. He got butterflies in his stomach.

Jimin wanted to go on a date. A real date with him. One that probably didn’t stay in the bedroom, but hopefully they would end up back here.

“Sure. What do you have in mind?” Jungkook asked. He tried not to let his excitement show too much, even though he was drowning in it.

“There’s actually this new exhibit opening up tomorrow at the gallery in the school’s main building. I really want to go,” Jimin said. Jungkook froze, halting their dancing.

“Wait…Let me get this straight. Not only do you want to go on a date at school, you want to go see the exhibit that’s replacing the one that I was supposed to have?” Jungkook asked. Jimin pouted.

“Shut up. I didn’t think about that. I just thought we could enjoy some art together since we’re both art majors. If you really don’t want to I’ll go with someone else,” Jimin said, his brow furrowing. Jungkook tugged him a little closer.

“No, no, no. I’ll go with you. Anything for my baby,” Jungkook said, tapping Jimin on the nose. Jimin smiled up at him before puckering his lips. Jungkook laughed and leaned down to kiss him.

Jimin slipped his hands under Jungkook’s shirt, tickling his tummy. Jungkook flinched, but didn’t separate his lips from Jimin’s. Jimin bit Jungkook’s bottom lip before placing his hands flatter on Jungkook’s stomach, feeling up his abs.

Jungkook licked into Jimin’s mouth, tasting his sweetness. His moans sounded just as sweet as he tasted.

“Mmm, I really missed you this week,” Jimin said in between kisses, scratching Jungkook’s tummy lightly. Jungkook toyed with the hairs at the back of Jimin’s neck as he kissed him more, drawing more delicious noises out of Jimin’s mouth.

“I missed you too. So much,” Jungkook said. Jimin hummed against his lips.

“Show me how much.”


Sweet? What kind of dumb name is that?” Jungkook asked. They were outside the exhibit that Jimin wanted to see, also known as the exhibit that Jungkook was supposed to have.

He didn’t regret not taking the offer. But he did still feel a bit bitter seeing his replacement’s work. Bitter enough to mock the name of a piece he hadn’t even seen yet.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. I heard it’s supposed to be really good,” Jimin said, taking him by the hand and leading him inside the gallery.

“What’s it even about?” Jungkook asked. Jimin turned around and smiled at him.

The smile was filled with feeling. Jungkook didn’t know how else to describe it but full. It made Jungkook’s heart swell, and he couldn’t look away.

“It’s about falling in love.”

Jimin led him around the corner, and into the exhibit. When Jungkook looked at the first piece to his left, his jaw dropped.

It was a piece so familiar to him already. He had seen it so many times, on his computer, in his dreams, and now he was seeing it in a gallery.

It was his own photo of Jimin, on that movie night so many weeks ago. He was taken back to that night, when Jimin looked at him through the lens, piercing his soul and capturing his heart.

Jungkook looked to the next piece. It was the photo he had taken right in front of Jimin’s face, right after he confessed that he didn’t want Jimin as a subject, but it was happening anyway. The second photo of him where he was looking into the camera, instead of Jungkook photographing him in secret.

Jungkook scanned the room, looking at all his work plastered up on the walls. All his photos of Jimin.

This was his exhibit.

“What did you do?” Jungkook asked him. Jimin was looking at him fondly, awaiting a reaction from him.

“I hope you’re not mad. I got Yoongi to talk to Hobeom for me, and Seokjin to steal your photos from your computer. This is what I’ve been doing the last little while. I wanted to get it set up quickly, so you could see it,” Jimin said.

Jungkook was tearing up. Not only because all his emotions for Jimin were all over the walls of the room, reminding him of his turmoil and happiness that he felt with him, but also because he never expected Jimin to do something like this for him. Jimin always did so much for him, but throwing away his own insecurities to help Jungkook live his dreams was such an amazing thing to do. Jungkook was overwhelmed with emotion.

“Are you okay with this?” Jungkook asked him. Jimin smiled and took both of Jungkook’s hands, squeezing them tightly.

“Of course. I’m the one who did it. You deserve this,” he said. Tears started dripping down Jungkook’s cheeks.

“But you must be scared,” Jungkook said. Jimin looked around at the photos surrounding them.

“I thought I would be. But your photos make me look so much different. I like how I look in them. Maybe people will start to know me by these photos instead of the other ones,” Jimin said. Jungkook pulled him into a hug. He was probably making Jimin’s hair wet with tears, but neither seemed to care.

“Thank you. You’re amazing,” Jungkook said. Jimin giggled as he pulled away.

“You’re the amazing one. This is your exhibit. It’s incredible,” he said, gesturing to the many photos of himself hung up around the room.

“You’re my incredible model though. I wouldn’t have been offered this in the first place if it wasn’t for you,” Jungkook said. He kissed Jimin’s forehead gently. “Thank you.”

“I thought that this series might be complete tonight. And where better to complete it than here?” Jimin asked. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I love you.”

Jungkook’s heart stopped. He held his breath and stared at Jimin with wide-eyes. This is not something he expected to happen on their first date.

But Jimin was full of surprises.

“What?” he asked, still dumbfounded and unable to find words.

“I love you, Jungkook. I’ve probably loved you for a long time now. You don’t have to respond now, but I wanted you to know. You’ve done so much for me lately and you make me feel so special and important. You make my heart flutter when I see you, and I can’t help but smile whenever we’re together. I just really, really love you,” Jimin said, clutching his shirt over his heart.

Jungkook was at a loss for words. Taehyung had said that Jimin probably loved him, but he never expected to hear it from Jimin. Especially not so soon. His heart was beating at an unreasonable pace, and the butterflies in his stomach were out of control.

All he could think about was how Jimin was a work of art. A work of art who loved him back.


“You don’t have to respond right now,” Jimin repeated, cutting Jungkook off.

Jungkook chuckled and took Jimin’s face in his hands. He leaned down and kissed him, stealing the breath from him.

The kiss was long and intimate and deep. Jungkook hoped that Jimin knew exactly how he was feeling from it. But just in case he didn’t, he decided to say it anyway.

“I love you too. So much,” he said before Jimin pulled him in for another kiss, just as emotional as the first.

Jungkook realized he was kissing a man in a public place, and other people were around. But his love for Jimin was all around them in his photographs. It wasn’t a secret anymore. He had laid himself bare for everyone to see.

They kissed for a long time, right in the middle of the gallery. Jungkook didn’t care who saw, or what they thought. He only cared about Jimin.

When they finally broke apart, Jungkook wished he had his camera. Jimin was smiling with sparkling eyes, red cheeks and swollen lips. He looked in love, and now Jungkook knew that he was.

Jungkook couldn’t believe that he found someone so perfect, and that someone loved him back. It was an uncontested feeling. Jungkook didn’t think he’d ever feel this happy again.

“You’re such a crybaby,” Jimin said, reaching up and wiping the tears from Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook hadn’t even realized he was still crying.

“I just love you a lot, leave me alone,” Jungkook defended. Jimin took his hand again and started leading him to the next piece.

“Let’s look around.”

As Jimin led Jungkook around the exhibit, Jungkook started reliving all the events that led them to where they were currently. There were the photos of Jimin from when Jungkook still hated him. When he was trying to not get caught.

Then there were the ones where Jimin was dancing. Jungkook thought those were particularly beautiful. Jimin was so passionate and talented and it showed in every photo.

Jungkook remembered when he first laid in Jimin’s bed and took photos of him looking so vulnerable. He remembered how sweaty his palms were and how he used the camera to keep from having to make eye-contact with Jimin.

Now he loved his eyes. He never wanted to look away from them.

He remembered the first time he kissed Jimin on the cheek in the store. And then again on their way home. That was the same night they kissed for the first time. Jungkook had been so confused, and all he knew was that he liked it and it made him afraid.

Jungkook grunted a bit when he saw the photos of Jimin in his underwear and Jungkook’s t-shirt. He had intended on keeping those for himself. Jimin looked so erotic and sexy. He had wanted that to be a side of Jimin that he kept for him alone, but looking at them now he thought they had a place here with the rest.

As they went the pictures got more intimate and honest. Jungkook thought that anyone would be able to tell that he was in love with Jimin just by looking at them. It made this the perfect place for their confessions.

Jimin was right. It was the final step for this set. But it was just the beginning for them.

“Be my boyfriend,” Jungkook said. Jimin smiled beautifully. Jungkook fell more in love.

“Of course.”


“Jungkook, stop. Let me open the door,” Jimin said. But his words contradicted his actions as he pulled Jungkook down for another heated kiss.

Jungkook had him trapped with his back against the door, kissing him messily. Jungkook would normally be worried that they weren’t even in Jimin’s apartment yet, but right now he didn’t care. He just wanted Jimin so badly.

Jimin’s fingers were tangled in Jungkook’s hair, tugging the strands hard. Jungkook slid his leg in between Jimin’s and pressed his thigh against Jimin’s groin. Jimin moaned into Jungkook’s open mouth as he started grinding down on Jungkook’s leg.

Jungkook suddenly regretted wearing nice clothes to their date. The turtleneck and coat he was wearing was way too hot. He was on fire.

“Give me your keys,” Jungkook ordered. Jimin reached into his pocket with a shaky hand and pulled out his keys, handing them to Jungkook. Jungkook went back to kissing him and sucking on his tongue while he tried to unlock the door.

After a while of fumbling around he finally got the door unlocked and pushed them inside. He kicked the door closed behind them and didn’t even separate from Jimin for a second as he guided them toward the couch.

He couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom. He needed Jimin now.

Jungkook pushed Jimin onto the couch and looked down at him. He remembered Jimin laying in the same position as he photographed him over and over. Back then he hid behind his camera and a facade. But now he was ready to do whatever he wanted to Jimin. He wasn’t afraid anymore.

“Take your shirt off,” Jungkook ordered. Jimin sat up and did as he said, and Jungkook removed his own coat and sweater. It felt so good to have the warm fabric off of his body.

He crawled over top of Jimin and fit himself between his legs. He reattached their lips instantly, licking into Jimin’s mouth. Jimin was moaning loudly as Jungkook started grinding down against him.

“I want you so bad,” Jimin panted. Jungkook bit down on Jimin’s neck before sucking hard enough to leave a bruise. He wanted everyone to know that Jimin was taken. No one could have him but Jungkook.

“What do you want?” Jungkook asked, trailing his fingers down Jimin’s abdomen. Jimin shivered and twitched under his touch, gasping when his fingers reached his waistband.

“Fuck me,” Jimin demanded. Jungkook lowered his head to Jimin’s collarbone, sucking another mark into his skin. Jimin arched into him and Jungkook grabbed his waist, holding him close.

“Not yet, baby. I want to play with you for a bit,” Jungkook said before licking over the mark he just made. Jimin whined and started squirming.

Jungkook started palming at Jimin’s hard cock through his jeans. Jimin moaned and moved his hips up into Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook moved purposely slow. He wanted to tease Jimin and make him whine. Maybe even cry.

He unbuttoned Jimin’s pants and pulled them down just enough to be able to touch Jimin’s hardness through his underwear instead of the jeans. He toyed with it painfully slow until Jimin was making sobbing noises. He sounded so desperate.

“Jungkook…” Jimin whined. Jungkook kissed his lips, but Jimin wasn’t so responsive. Jungkook didn’t mind though. He liked that he could be so distracting for him.

“You’re so hard for me already, baby,” Jungkook said against Jimin’s bottom lip before biting it. Jimin let out a silent cry, continuing to grind up into Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook grabbed onto his hip, forcing him to halt his movements.

“Jungkook, please,” Jimin cried. Jungkook shut him up by shoving his tongue into his mouth. Jimin moaned, and Jungkook couldn’t help but moan too. It felt so good to have Jimin like this underneath him.

Jungkook was taken off-guard when Jimin suddenly flipped him onto his back on the couch. He didn’t expect Jimin to take control like this. But it was so sexy. He wasn’t going to complain.

Jimin struggled to get Jungkook’s pants undone and then off. He was so hungry. Jungkook felt like he was about to get eaten alive.

Jungkook threw his head back and moaned when Jimin started mouthing at his hard cock through his underwear. Jimin was moaning and sucking and panting. Jungkook was going to go insane.

“You’re so hot,” Jungkook breathed out. He closed his eyes and dropped his head onto the couch, just feeling what Jimin was doing to him. He reached down and carded his fingers through Jimin’s hair.

Jimin pulled off Jungkook’s underwear roughly, tossing it somewhere in the room, before he took Jungkook’s cock into his mouth. He moaned and whimpered around it, sending vibrations through Jungkook’s entire body. Jungkook groaned and whined, tightening his grip on Jimin’s hair.

Jimin swirled his tongue around and sucked roughly at the head. His lips felt so good around him. Jimin had a talented mouth, that was definite.

He started thrusting up into Jimin’s mouth. Jungkook was scared he would make him gag, but Jimin took each thrust like a pro. Jungkook experimented more, thrusting deeper, but Jimin’s throat was lax.

Jungkook was fucking Jimin’s mouth with more certainty. Jimin continued sucking and moaning and using his tongue as if he was in control.

“You’re so good, oh my god,” Jungkook said. Jimin moaned more at the praise.

Jungkook experimentally pushed Jimin’s head down on his cock, further and further until his nose was pressed against Jungkook’s abdomen. Jungkook lifted his head to watch his cock disappear into Jimin’s mouth.

“Holy fuck,” Jungkook panted. He released Jimin’s head and he came back up to catch his breath and give his throat a break. But it didn’t last long before he was bobbing his head around Jungkook’s dick, deep and fast.

Jungkook’s chest was heaving, and his moans were high-pitched. He came without warning. Jimin pulled off immediately as Jungkook’s mouth fell open and his head dropped back. Jungkook was sure he blacked out for a moment.

He looked up just in time to see Jimin lick the come off of his cock and stomach until he got every drop. Jungkook felt like he could come again just from the visual.

Jungkook sat up and grabbed him around the waist, flipping their positions again so he was laying on top of Jimin. He kissed him, and he could taste himself on Jimin’s tongue. Normally that would turn him off, but he didn’t think that was possible with Jimin.

“I love you so much. You’re so good at that,” Jungkook said. Jimin chuckled.

“I know, you came in like five seconds,” he teased. Jungkook pouted.

“You don’t sound like you want to come tonight,” Jungkook warned. Jimin’s eyes widened before he started giving Jungkook a puppy-dog look.

“I want to. Please?” Jimin begged. The look on his face was making Jungkook melt. He was so pretty and perfect. Jungkook wanted to ruin him.

“I can’t say no to you. You’re going to be so spoiled, I hope you know that,” Jungkook said. Jimin giggled, but his giggles were interrupted when Jungkook reached into his underwear and started stroking his cock.

He shoved Jimin’s pants and underwear off onto the floor quickly and continued rubbing him. Jimin pulled on Jungkook’s hair and whimpered. Jungkook licked and nibbled at his throat. He liked how he could feel Jimin’s moans bubble up against his lips.

“Finger me,” Jimin said. Jungkook froze.

“Do you have lube?” Jungkook asked. He was a little nervous. He’d never fingered someone’s ass before. He didn’t want to fuck it up.

“Pants pocket,” Jimin said, gesturing to the floor. Jungkook laughed a bit as he reached and picked up Jimin’s pants.

“Did you plan for this to happen tonight?” Jungkook asked. Jimin smiled.

“I was hopeful.”

Jungkook found the packet of lube and tossed Jimin’s pants back on the floor. He hesitated, his nerves catching up to him.

Jimin noticed.

“Here, let me start,” he said, taking the packet out of Jungkook’s hand. He kissed Jungkook’s lips quickly before opening the lube and pouring some onto his fingers. Jungkook watched intently as Jimin brought his hand down and teased at his hole.

Jungkook gasped as he watched Jimin push in a finger. It looked tight, and it made Jungkook’s mouth water. He couldn’t wait to be inside him.

After a little while, Jimin put another finger in. He was moaning and moving his hips now, and it was just making Jungkook more excited. He felt like Jimin was putting on a show for him. Jungkook was mesmerized.

“You’re beautiful,” Jungkook said. Jimin smiled at the praise. He removed his fingers from inside him and grabbed Jungkook’s hand. He lubed up his fingers and brought Jungkook’s hand down to his hole.

“I want you to do it,” he said. Jungkook nodded. He rubbed gently against Jimin’s entrance before pushing two fingers in. “Oh fuck.”

Jungkook kept still for a while, taking in the tightness and the warmth of him. Even though it was just his fingers he loved being inside Jimin.

Jimin was getting impatient and started fucking himself on Jungkook’s fingers. Jungkook started responding, rubbing Jimin’s walls and trying to get a reaction out of him. When he slipped in a third finger, Jimin moaned loudly.

“Curl your fingers,” Jimin ordered. Jungkook did as he said, feeling around for that spot that he knew Jimin wanted him to touch. He knew he hit it when Jimin started sobbing. “Right there, oh god.”

Jungkook slid in a third finger and started prodding and rubbing against that spot. He could see tears forming in the corners of Jimin’s eyes as he whimpered and moaned. He looked so amazing. Jungkook couldn’t believe Jimin was his.

“You’re so tight, baby. I can’t wait to fuck you,” Jungkook said, making Jimin moan more as the tears left his eyes.

“I’m ready now. Fuck me please,” Jimin whined. Jungkook leaned down and kissed him hard as he pulled his fingers out.

“Do you have a condom?” Jungkook asked, sitting up and grabbing Jimin’s pants again.

“Uh huh. Should be more lube in there if you need it to,” Jimin answered.

“Were you not planning on coming home before we fucked?” Jungkook asked. Jimin seemed overly prepared.

“Shut up. It was for if we went to your house and you didn’t have lube. You’re a straight boy, I don’t know if you use it,” Jimin said. Jungkook laughed as he pulled out the condom and lube from Jimin’s pants.

“I do have lube, just so you know. This seems more like you thought we were going to fuck at school,” Jungkook said as he rolled the condom on himself and started lubing his cock up.

“I wouldn’t have said no to that.”

“Of course not. Dirty boy,” Jungkook growled. He leaned down and kissed Jimin again as he lined himself up with Jimin’s entrance. His heart was beating at eight hundred beats per second. He was finally about to have sex with Jimin. Jimin.

Jungkook slowly started pushing inside. It was so much tighter than anything he had ever felt before. He looked to Jimin to see if he was in pain, but he seemed to be doing fine. He looked more like he was about to come than anything.

When Jungkook was fully sheathed, he kissed Jimin’s lips softly, over and over again as he let him adjust. Jungkook was glad that he already came once, otherwise he definitely wouldn’t have lasted long. The feeling was overwhelming.

“I love you,” Jimin whispered. Jungkook’s heart started beating even faster. He didn’t think he would ever get tired of hearing those words.

“I love you, too. So much,” Jungkook said, resting his forehead against Jimin’s.


Jungkook started pulling out slowly before pushing back in. He watched Jimin’s mouth fall open and his eyes roll back into his head. Jungkook was enjoying it just as much.

“Feel good?” he asked. Jimin nodded.

Jungkook started fucking him faster and harder, alternating with slower and softer movements. Jimin’s nails were digging into his back and dragging across his shoulder blades. It felt hard enough to bleed, but Jungkook liked it.

He sucked on Jimin’s bottom lip, but Jimin was moaning too much to kiss him back. Everything felt perfect, but Jungkook was starting to feel uncomfortable from their position on the short couch. The bed would be better.

He wrapped an arm around Jimin’s waist, and grabbed his thigh with the other. He picked him up and Jimin yelped in surprise. He was about to complain, but Jungkook kissed him as he carried him over to the bedroom, erasing any problems he had instantly.

When they got into the bedroom, Jungkook got impatient this time. He pressed Jimin’s back against the door and slipped himself back into Jimin’s hole. Jimin was caught off-guard, and the moan he let out was loud enough for them to get complaints from neighbours.

He fucked Jimin hard and fast against the door, moving his hand down to his ass to pull him more open. He showed Jimin no mercy and drank in the noises that he made.

“Fuck, fuck, Jungkook,” he said breathily, like he could barely get the words out but at the same time he couldn’t help but say them. He was scratching Jungkook’s back hard enough that Jungkook wondered if they would leave scars.

He pulled away from the door and walked over to the bed, dropping Jimin on it. Jimin rolled over onto his stomach and propped his ass in the air, wiggling it a bit. Jungkook was seduced successfully.

He put a knee on the bed and pushed back into Jimin again. He fucked him good and hard before slowing down again. He was getting close to coming, and he didn’t want to come again before Jimin got to.

Jimin whined at the new pace, fucking back against Jungkook impatiently. Jungkook could tell he wanted to come really badly.

Jungkook moved Jimin onto his side and put one of his legs over his shoulder and resumed fucking him at a brutal pace. He reached out and took Jimin’s cock into his hand and started stroking him as he fucked him.

“You’re my good boy right?” Jungkook asked. His own orgasm was impending.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jimin cried. His voice sounded hoarse from yelling so much.

“Then come for me,” Jungkook ordered.

As if Jimin could do it on command, he came, spilling all over Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook admired his face as he cried out and the remaining tears in his eyes escaped.

Jungkook then flipped Jimin onto his back, throwing both his legs over his shoulders and fucked him faster than he had before. Jimin sobbed and sobbed until Jungkook finally came again. He collapsed on top of Jimin and he could only see white. It was the best orgasm he had ever had.

After Jungkook came down from his high he realized that he was squishing Jimin in half. It was a good thing he was a dancer. Jungkook made a mental note to make use of his flexibility another time.

He let Jimin put his legs down and snuggled up next to him, kissing his tear-stained cheeks and lips. Jimin smiled as he struggled to keep his eyes open.

“That was amazing. I love you so much,” Jimin said, kissing Jungkook again.

“I love you more,” Jungkook said, burying his face in Jimin’s neck, leaving behind gentle kisses.

“Don’t even try that. I love you way more,” Jimin said, a giggle escaping his lips. Jungkook giggled too.

He was so happy. Jimin looked so beautiful and satisfied. And he was Jungkook’s. It just made everything so much more meaningful.

Jungkook couldn’t believe it took so long for him to make things official with Jimin. He was so perfect and amazing and sexy. He was everything anyone could have wanted. And he loved Jungkook too. Jungkook really couldn’t be happier.

Jimin turned his head to look at Jungkook, and his eyes were so sparkly and beautiful. They looked so full of love. Jungkook’s sure his own eyes mirrored that emotion.

“You’re beautiful. I’m so happy you’re finally mine,” Jimin said, touching Jungkook’s cheek delicately. Jungkook leaned into the touch.

“Me too. It took me too long to work out my shit. I’m sorry,” Jungkook apologized. He still felt guilty about making Jimin wait so long.

“Don’t be sorry. I know how hard figuring out your sexuality can be. I just wanted to be here for you. You actually moved a lot faster than I thought you would,” Jimin said, kissing Jungkook’s nose. Jungkook smiled.

“Really? I guess it must have been because I had such a wonderful angel by my side,” he said, pulling Jimin closer. Jimin snorted.

“You’re so corny. What did I get myself into?” Jimin sighed. Jungkook chuckled.

“Hopefully the best relationship you’ve ever had?” he said.

“That bar isn’t super high. You better be the best or else I’ll kill you,” Jimin said. Jungkook laughed, remembering that Jimin’s past relationships consisted of a married professor and nothing else of note.

“I will. I’ll treat you so well. You deserve it,” Jungkook said, nuzzling against Jimin’s cheek.

“You too, baby. Now go get a towel and throw out that condom,” Jimin ordered. Jungkook groaned. He was so exhausted, he didn’t want to stand up. But he knew that Jimin was probably going to have a harder time walking than he was.

He stood up and took off the condom, tying it and throwing it in the trash can next to Jimin’s desk. There was a towel on the floor that Jungkook picked up. He walked over to the bed and wiped off Jimin’s tummy. He made sure there was no other signs of come and climbed back into bed.

Jungkook pulled the blankets out from under them and tucked Jimin in before settling down next to him. His face was starting to hurt from smiling so much. He couldn’t even contain his joy.

Jimin was smiling too, even though his eyes were closed. He wondered if Jimin was the type of person to fall asleep right after sex. It was looking that way.

“Thank you so much for today. It was really the best day of my life. I got to have an exhibit that I’ve always wanted, and I got person I’ve wanted for a while. You’re amazing,” Jungkook said. Jimin forced his eyes open to look at Jungkook again.

“Don’t forget the sex,” Jimin said. Jungkook laughed.

“How could I? You’re so hot, I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard in my life,” he said. It was true. His orgasms had hit him like a train.

“Good. I just really wanted to show you how much I love you. I didn’t want you to lose an opportunity for me. You deserve the whole world,” Jimin said. Jungkook felt like he might cry again. Jimin made him feel so loved and cared for.

“I would have been okay with losing it for you. I just can’t believe you went through so much trouble to give it to me anyway. You’re so sweet,” Jungkook said.

Now he understood why Jimin had named the exhibit Sweet.

“I’m really sleepy,” Jimin mumbled. Jungkook kissed his cheek and pulled the blankets a bit higher up on them.

“Go to sleep then, baby. I love you. I’ll see you in the morning,” he said. Jimin smiled.

“I love you too. See you in the morning,” he said. He fell asleep almost instantly.

Jungkook stared at Jimin’s sleeping face. His snores were so tiny and cute, just like the rest of him. He moved Jimin’s bangs off of his forehead and kissed it gently enough not to wake him.

He had slept next to Jimin many times, but this time was different. They were in a relationship this time. They were in love this time. Everything finally felt perfect.

Jungkook was still scared. Being in a relationship with a man was sure to bring him his share troubles. But he would put up with all of it forever if it meant being with Jimin. Jimin would make everything worth it.

Perfection wasn’t everything. Jungkook knew that now. He could do everything perfectly for the rest of his life and it wouldn’t matter. He didn’t want to be perfect anymore. He didn’t even want to be interesting anymore.

He just wanted to be happy. Happy with himself, happy with his life, happy with Jimin.

As long as Jimin stayed by his side, he knew he’d get there one day.

He leaned over and kissed Jimin’s lips one more time before getting comfortable and closing his eyes.

As he drifted off to sleep, he continued to smile. He continued to feel happy.