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The Life Taking View

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Midoriya loved being able to observe everything.


People, their almost overbearing emotions they emit, causing happiness or pain to those around them.


Places, their bright or dull colors, signs that either drag people in or cause people to drift away. Booming business or ghost town shops.


Animals, who are oblivious to everything that's happening in the world, yet go around loving almost everyone.


Objects, some made perfectly and some with defaults, which causes them to be thrown out.


Everything .


But he couldn't observe them all at once. He’d see bits and pieces on his way to school, clean and ready for the day, and from school, bruised and wanting to fall down.


He desperately wished he had a quirk that let him levitate or fly, just so he could see everything all at once: People walking down the sidewalk alone or with someone, birds flying, people walking in an out of shops, and overfilled trash cans.


“Why don't you do yourself a favor and take a swan dive off the roof?”




That's basically what Bakugou was insinuating. Death is a scary thing though.


No one knows for sure what happens when it all ends. Maybe you do go to heaven or hell. Maybe your soul will continue to roam the earth. Maybe you get another chance with a new life. Maybe your go through all of your memories once more. Maybe you're in complete darkness and silence forever. Or maybe, it's all just game over once and for all.


Midoriya didn't like to think about death. Whenever he did, it's difficult to get back to his rational mindset. Too many ‘what if’s’ would have a marathon around his brain.


A swan dive.

At least Bakugou had the decency to sugar coat what he really meant.


Midoriya didn't even know if Bakugou would truly feel sorry for someone who was as helpless and quirkless as he was. And maybe Bakugou’s parents would forget about their son’s quirkless childhood friend who was too sweet for his own good. They always encourage him to stand up for himself when needed, though.


Maybe his mother’s shoulders would feel lighter with the burden gone. Payments would be easier, with her not so financially supportive job. Maybe her worries would go away if he did.


Who knows? Emotions were always a bit too difficult for Izuku to understand anyways.




He didn't walk home after Bakugou told him about the dive. Izuku walked to the pond where the koi were eating away at his now distant dreams.


His hands were cold from the murky water, and the ink in his notebook, smudged and running down his hands.


“Fly,” He muttered as he lightly shook his notes.


Izuku turned back and started at his school building. He tried thinking of good memories from there, but all that came to mind was betrayal and agony with one look at the dull, lifeless school.


Everyone always turned a blind eye whenever the torment was directed towards Izuku. No one cared enough to reach out. He knew people knew about what was going on just from the looks he'd get. And it hurt knowing that they all just watched from the sidelines.


Midoriya didn't even notice he was at the roof of the school building until the entrance door shut behind him.


He set his yellow backpack down and crouched down to lean on the door as he pulled out a new notebook and began to write.


He didn't know what he was even writing about. At first they were random words.


Katsudon. Park. Birds. Fly. All Might. Quirk. Fly. Fly. Fly .




Suddenly he began writing an apology to his mom about causing her so much stress during the 14 years he'd been in this world. For not being able to be her hero.


And then he apologized to Bakugou’s parents for not being able to set his foot down and stand up for himself.


He couldn't stop.


He apologized to Kacchan for not being able to be a hero along his side. For always being a crybaby. For being quirkless. For being useless .


It took Izuku a couple of drafts before he was happy with his letters. Once he finished, he let out a frustrated sigh, closing his eyes and leaned his head back to rest on the cold metal of the door.


After keeping them shut for a few more moments, he slowly opened his eyes and was mesmerized, his mouth opened slightly, and his green eyes shimmered.


Breathtaking is all that came to Izuku’s mind.

The view was absolutely breathtaking .


The sun was barely starting to set.


The golden and pink hues shone along everything the sun touched. The sounds of children laughing and their shoes slapping the concrete. Car horns honking to get to their destination as quickly as possible. The birds wings fluttering in the wind, chirping and flying around shops with bright signs that had people turning their heads towards.

The smell of many restaurants mixed together and filled the yellowed sky up, feeding many minds with the possibilities of what they could eat.


Izuku slowly reached up to touch his face, and his unknowingly shaking fingers were introduced to tears. Izuku cried. His right hand was brought up to cup his mouth and stifle his whimpers.


Midoriya sobbed. His choked sobs filled his ears. It was all too much. Too beautiful for him to even be able to witness.


He pushed himself off of the ground and walked closer to the gate that separated him and the sky, leaving his letters behind without a second thought.


Izuku wiped his tears away and gently touched the chain linked fence.


He spoke without any hesitation, “I want to fly.”


His words were heartbreakingly genuine.


The view that filled all of his senses made him forget of all of his pain. He forgot about the betrayal he faced when Bakugou began to bully him. He forgot the sinking in his stomach when his mom didn't believe he could be a hero. And he forgot about his quirklessness.


It was all so much.


The sight was lifetaking.


Izuku, irritated by the gate guarding him from the Earth’s beauty, climbed over it, and once he was over the fence, he held onto it with his hands behind his back.


The tears kept falling and falling.


His fingers unconsciously began to unravel themselves from the prison of a fence.


Sunset, children, cars, birds, shops, signs, food.


A new day, new life, new technology, different animals, old and new shops, a life long necessity.


The sign of a new, painful day. Children who would sooner or later experience pain. Unnecessary items. Noisy creatures. Dead beat businesses. Nauseating slops on a plate.


Slowly, it all came closer and closer.


And closer.


Midoriya could see it all.


He closed his eyes, releasing the tears what have yet to come out, and smiled gently.

 He felt like he was flying, as if he had a quirk. Even if it was for a few seconds. It was enough for Midoriya.

The life taking view that soon would take his too.




“Dear Kacchan,

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I always cried over the smallest things. Like when you had your mom make your favorite spicy ramen instead of katsudon. Dumb, I know. But it happened. Life happens. I'm sorry I wasn't destined to be a true hero with you like we promised eachother we'd do. I'm sorry I wasn't able to watch you become the number one hero. I know you'll make it! Because your Kacchan, of course! You'll work hard for it, I just know it! But I'm sorry I was born quirkless. It's not something I could help, but I know I couldn't done more about it. It made me look weak. I could've stood up for myself. Maybe all might could've given me some of his power! Haha, crazy huh? But a person can dream. Dreams are all a part of life. And sometimes they come true. Sometimes they don't. It all depends on how you throw yourself into the challenge. Please be a good hero, Kacchan! I'll be rooting for you!