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In Our Bedroom After The War

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Cold that is all that Tyler had felt for the past 3 days. Just 3 days is all that it took to turn his whole life upside down.

“Ty I’m cold,” said Jay shivering

“Here Jay take my hoodie: Tyler replay as he removes his yellow hoodie. One of the few things that he was able to grab from his home before they would break open the door to his room. And get him and Jay too.

“But Ty what about you would you not be cold,” Jay said with a sad look on his pale face. As he looked back at Tyler. It broke Tyler’s heart to see his younger brother like his. He should be in a nice warm home playing Xbox or watching TV not out in the streets in the middle of November.

“Don’t worry kiddo I'll be fine” Tyler lie.
“See soon we will get something to eat and find a place to sleep for the night” Tyler did not believe one word that had just came out of his mouth. But he put on a smile and hoped that Jay did.

They walked for awhile more until they had come up to a motel. Tyler knew how they were going to get something to eat and a place to sleep for the night. The motel was the kind that you would see in the news. The one where someone was killed in. Or where crack heads lived in. But tonight this place would be like heaven to the two young boys.

“Ty I don’t like this place it scars me”. Jay said as his grip of Tyler’s had became tight.
“I know it looks scary buddy but inside of that scary place, there is a bed where we will sleep in. Tyler but said as he looked at Jay in the eyes.

“Will there be food to Ty I’m hungry” Jay said as on cue his stomach began to rumble.
“There sure will Jay but all we have to do is sneak inside ok”
“OK,” Jay said with a small smile.

Tyler looked at the old run down motel it was a three-part building with two being one floor and the other being two floors. The two-floor building had plan tandoors with the paint chipping off. Connecting down to a smaller building. The one that had to be the office. The office had a big open sign on the only window that was not boarded up. An old coca-cola vending machine was to the left the door. The rest of the motel was boarded up. Tyler walked up to the two floor one and began to see which of the doors were left open. He avoided the rooms that had any kind of light coming out of them. Soon his hopes of finding a room that was left open came crashing down as he came up to the last door, that one at the very end and farthest from the office. Tyler held his breath in and slowly turn the doorknob and all he heard was the clicking of the door opening.

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The door opens up wide and soon the dark room was filled with light from the outside. A bed came into sight the sheets on the bed looked way too thin to keep anything warm. But that would have to do for tonight. Next, to the bed, there was a small black fridge. If any food were to be inside of it then Tyler would say that they may have hit the jackpot with this place.

“Ty can we go in it’s beginning to snow,” Jay said as he looked backed and saw the snow falling onto the ground

“Sure thing little man come on let’s get you warm up,” Tyler said as he picks up Jay and walked inside the room and closing the door behind them.

As Tyler put Jay onto the bed he wraps some of the sheets that were on the bed around Jay. The last thing that he would want right now is to have his little brother sick and with only the $50 that he had save he did not know how that would work out. Tyler then grabbed one of the more thickest sheets and put it over his shoulder. He then walked over to grab one of the chairs from the table and place the chair in front of the window. Hopping onto the chair he covers window curtain so that no light would show through the window and give any sign that they were inside.

“What’s that for Ty” Jay looked at him with a puzzled looked on his face.

“It’s so that no one can see that light coming for the room J,” Tyler said as he hopped off the chair into the bed were Jay was in. The two began to laugh. Is times like this that made Tyler forget what was happening to him and to his brother and their family. How the word could be the best place ever one second and a living hell the next.

“Ty do you have anything to eat,” Jay said as his laugh died out and his face that was full of happiness became sad once again.

“Yeah hold on let me look into my backpack,” Tyler said as he removes the bag from his back and began to search it. He came up empty-handed.
“Sorry J but we finish all the food we had from home last night,” Tyler said as he looked at his brother. Jay looked as if she had just been told that Santa was not real. Tyler could not go any longer seeing his brother like this.

“Hey I think that I was a store a bit back” Tyler announced to Jay.
“Yeah, so what about it” Jay replies.
“Well I still have the $50 that I won from the last game of Loteria,” Tyler said

“You mean the one where you cheat in,” Jay said as he crosses his arms and made a mad face.

“Hey I won that game fair and square,” said Tyler as a small smile made a home upon Tyler’s face. “Anyways here is what is going to happen J man,” Tyler said with a more serious look on his face. To show Jay he needed to hear him
“I’m going to go back to that store to get us something to eat, But as I’m gone you will stay here and not open the door to anybody. You hear that Jay Do. Not. Open. The. Door. To. Anyone.” Tyler said with a dead look on his face.

“But Ty how will I know it’s you when you come back,” Jay said

“Simple I will knock 6 times like this” Tyler moves from the bed and onto the small table
“Hear,” Tyler said as he taps on the desk. Tap--tap tap tap tap---tap
“You got that J man,” Tyler said as he gets done taping

“Yeah, Ty I got it,” Jay said with a smile on his face.

“Ok then play it back to me then,” Tyler says as he listens
Tap--Tap Tap Tap Tap--Tap
“Good now keep that in mind I’ll be back in a bit,” Tyler said as he picked up his yellow hoodie and black beanie hat, and put them on. As he walked out the door he took one last good look at Jay and wave goodbye.
Tyler walked out into a snowfall great just what he needed right now. He tightened up his hoodie and place his beanie to where it would cover his ears. And he began to walk down the street and onto the store. As he walked down the road the air from the oncoming cars hit him like needles to the face. It made him shiver more than what he already was, Good thing that jay was back in the room warm and safe
The store came into sight and Tyler was more than happy that he was about to get out of the cold and out of this Ohio snow.
Tyler stepped inside the store and right away he was hit with all the warm air from inside the store all at once. He looked around and saw where the shopping baskets were at, walking over and picking one of them up he made his way over to the food aisle. He looked around to see what they had, He then picked up some of the frozen food and place it in the shopping basket

Once he had all that he needed me made his way over to the checkout line. A woman came into his view, She looked tired and about to pass out. She also looked like a hardcore smoker with her greasy hair and makeup that looked like it had not been washed out for a day or two.
But who was Tyler to judge he looked bad to. Face cover with dirt from the night before where they had to sleep on the forest ground. His yellow hoodie with spots of green from the grass.
“Hi did you find everything that you needed,” she said with a shy smile. Tyler did not say anything he just nodded his head
“Ok that will be $10 please,” said the woman as she scans the last of Tyler’s items. Tyler handed her his $50 that he had left.
“Ohh sorry but we don’t take anything bigger than a $20,” said the woman with annoyed looked on her face
“It’s in the sign,” She said as she pointed to a sign. Tyler looked over to where the woman had pointed at and saw a sign with big bold letters that were underline the sign read cash is kept at a minimum. Great, he could not go empty-handed back to Jay. As thoughts of him running out of the store with the food came to mind he heard someone clear their throat from behind Tyler. Tyler looked over and saw a handsome young man that looked no older than him. He had what looked like a 50’s hairstyle with the top slicked back. He had on a dark green bomber jacket with a dark black shirt that had some kind of design that Tyler could not make out. He also had black tight pants and shoes

“Here,” said the man as he took Tyler’s $50 and place them in his wallet. Tyler was about to punch the guy, but before he could do anything the man pulled out two $20s and a $10 and handed one of the 20s to the woman and the rest to Tyler.
“$9 is your change thank you and have a good day,” said the woman as she handed Tyler his change.
As Tyler walked pass the young man he gave the man that had help him out in this time of need, a small thanks. If only there were more people like him then the world would not be such a bad place. The man smiled back at him and gave him a small nod, Tyler was soon back on his way to Jay

As Tyler walks back to the motel he stops dead in his tracks. There are people outside the room that Jay is in. Tyler hides and tries to hear what they are saying
“So let me get this right you saw two guys come into this room,” said a small man. Tyler could not make anything out but just his body outline.

“Yes sir,” said a more bigger man.

“Ok then let's open up the door,” said the smaller one. They put the key into the door. Tyler’s heart began to race they were about to find Jay. What would they do to him if they found him, Tyler did not want to know.
“Is it blocked or something?” Said the smaller man

“I don’t know boss it could be the people that I saw,” said the bigger man

“Well what the fuck are you just standing for knock that bitch down,” said the smaller man

“Yes sir,” the bigger one said and he steps back a few feet and was about to run straight into the door that Jay was in.

Before the man made any kind of contact with the door he stops dead in his tracks. The sound of a window breaking came from the office
“They are about to get away,” said the smaller man
“Stop them” he yelled
They both ran to where the sound had come from.
As soon the man were away from the door Tyler ran to knock.
Tap--Tap Tap Tap Tap--Tap
Nothing. Fuck Tyler thought he must be scared
“Jay it’s me Tyler open the door before they come back buddy,” Tyler said as he put his mouth close to the crack between the door and the wall.

“Ty” came a small scared voice from the inside of the room.
“Yes buddy come on open the door before they come back, we don’t have much time. They might come back any minute” Tyler said as panic began to settle on him
The door open and Tyler busted in. He grabbed his backpack and opened it up putting everything that he had just got from the store in it. He zipped it up getting his finger caught in it. Tyler yelled out in pain.
He looked back to Jay he looked as if he was about to cry.
Tyler put one of the bed sheets into on his backpack and told Jay to follow him as he walked to the door. But as soon as he stepped foot outside the door he hears the men
“There they are shot them” Yelled the smaller man
Tyler did not know what happening. Next thing he knew was that he was running with Jay in his arms. He could hear shots being fired. He saw a corner right up ahead as soon as he turned the corner he felt pain all over his side. He yelled out in pain but just kept on running. Running for his and Jay’s life if they would shot at them what else would they not do to them if they were to catch them.
After what felt like a lifetime of running Tyler drop down to his knees and drop Jay in the process. He did not move they must have hit him too. Tyler tries to call his name but even that hurt to do.
Darkness began to come close, so this was it. This is how his life ended. Tyler thought as his eyes closed and his body became more colder. Happy memories began to play like an old film He hears someone call out to him but that could just be his mind playing with him. Then everything went dark