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In Our Bedroom After The War

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Cold that is all that Tyler had felt for the past 3 days. Just 3 days is all that it took to turn his whole life upside down.

“Ty I’m cold,” said Jay shivering

“Here Jay take my hoodie: Tyler replay as he removes his yellow hoodie. One of the few things that he was able to grab from his home before they would break open the door to his room. And get him and Jay too.

“But Ty what about you would you not be cold,” Jay said with a sad look on his pale face. As he looked back at Tyler. It broke Tyler’s heart to see his younger brother like his. He should be in a nice warm home playing Xbox or watching TV not out in the streets in the middle of November.

“Don’t worry kiddo I'll be fine” Tyler lie.
“See soon we will get something to eat and find a place to sleep for the night” Tyler did not believe one word that had just came out of his mouth. But he put on a smile and hoped that Jay did.

They walked for awhile more until they had come up to a motel. Tyler knew how they were going to get something to eat and a place to sleep for the night. The motel was the kind that you would see in the news. The one where someone was killed in. Or where crack heads lived in. But tonight this place would be like heaven to the two young boys.

“Ty I don’t like this place it scars me”. Jay said as his grip of Tyler’s had became tight.
“I know it looks scary buddy but inside of that scary place, there is a bed where we will sleep in. Tyler but said as he looked at Jay in the eyes.

“Will there be food to Ty I’m hungry” Jay said as on cue his stomach began to rumble.
“There sure will Jay but all we have to do is sneak inside ok”
“OK,” Jay said with a small smile.

Tyler looked at the old run down motel it was a three-part building with two being one floor and the other being two floors. The two-floor building had plan tandoors with the paint chipping off. Connecting down to a smaller building. The one that had to be the office. The office had a big open sign on the only window that was not boarded up. An old coca-cola vending machine was to the left the door. The rest of the motel was boarded up. Tyler walked up to the two floor one and began to see which of the doors were left open. He avoided the rooms that had any kind of light coming out of them. Soon his hopes of finding a room that was left open came crashing down as he came up to the last door, that one at the very end and farthest from the office. Tyler held his breath in and slowly turn the doorknob and all he heard was the clicking of the door opening.