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Chaste Desire

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Nicole lay on her back eyes closed, sweat dripping from her head, panting as she tried to catch her breath. “Shit”. Waverly was sat between her legs, looking over the woman in front of her, worried “W-was that ok?” she asks. Nicole opens her eyes smiling “I think you’re trying to start a competition with me her Miss Earp…” that earns a smile from Waverly. “So can i take your clothes off now cause you’re not nearly naked enough for me.” Nicole raises a brow. “Depends gonna show me to your room?”


She happily stands, not caring she’s naked, grabbing waverly by the hand and pulling her towards the stairs. Waverly watches their hands as they walk, enjoying the feeling of how their fingers linked together with such ease. Nicole makes it to the top of the stairs before she has Waverly pinned against the wall, lips on her neck and hands on her back, pulling the ribbon holding her clothes together. “This ok?” Nicole asks, waverly hadn’t exactly said yes to having her clothes taken off yet.


Waverly rolls her eyes and reaches round to pull at the ribbon making the piece fall to the floor. Nicole cant help the way her breath catches at the sight infront of her, this was the only part of Waverly that had always been clothed. “Wow” Nicole mumbles making the earp blush and bite her lip, they kiss once more before Nicole is bending down and picking her up.


Nicole was in love, she knows it when she lays Waverly down on the bed gently, seeing her lay there with her brown hair in a halo around her head, smiling up at her. Nicole was so far gone and she wasn’t going to stop. But she couldn’t say that, god she’s probably just an experiment or a pass time for the earp, so no she’s not going to declare her love. But you can be damn sure she’s going to show it in the way she makes love to this woman. All the other times have been a quick fuck, but tonight they are alone and have all the time in the world. Nicole was going to explore her body and take in everything that is Waverly Earp.


Waverly was ready to pull her hands over her chest as Nicolee just stands there eyes raking over her body, Waverly was a little self conscious about her body being the short one in the family. Just as she goes to cross her arms nicole speaks up “God you’re beautiful” She says confidently, moving to crawl on top of her. Waverly can’t help the blush and warm feeling in her stomach. She’s been called that before, but it’s different when it comes from the person she’s pretty sure she needs to convince to run away with her. Waverly knows that it’s wrong and that it’s un natural but all she want’s to do is be with nicole, She stuck, smitten whatever.


She knows it’s dangerous, she knows it could actually get her killed, get her put in a mental institute and studied. But as kisses are trailed up her bare stomach she can’t seem to care. She just wanted to stay like this, to be like this. But she wanted more, she could felt it in the way her stomach would do flips at the thought of cuddling with her, or falling asleep in her arms. She wanted a life with a woman. She always knew there was something off when she was never really interested in men, but she just assumed it was because she enjoyed her studies, not it was actually acceptable for woman to be smart and learn things. But now Waverly knows it’s because she wanted a woman not a man. This was going to be the death of her. But the fact she was currently being bedded by a woman seemed to make her feel a little less crazy, she wasn’t the only one who was enjoying another woman's touch.


“This is a birthday gift i’m going to enjoy unwrapping and playing with for hours” Nicole smirks hands running across waverlys skin. “I don’t know you well enough to buy you a gift but you couldn’t get anything this good in a store” Waverly says trying to sound cocky but just failing as she isn’t that confident. “Oh i’m pretty sure this had been purchased from heaven… I fully hope that we get to know eachother, i need to figure out what the great Waverly Earp likes, christmas is coming up and i don’t know how i can top this gift” She smiles leaning down to kiss her.


Nicole knows i was a bold move saying that, but by the way waverly was kissing her it was definitely the right one. Neither of them knew what the other wanted, but right now they wanted to spend the whole night together and that's exactly what they would do, hoping that maybe they will get more and more night together, or just more time together. Both women enjoyed basking in the others company, craving to spend actual time together, as much as they love the activities they got up to, both wish to had a actual conversation. But neither of them would say it, both to scared, after all what they had going on was near impossible to find anywhere else and they crave to hold on for as long as possible.