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Chaste Desire

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Opera, one of the main things Nicole despised most was also one of the most popular things around. She despised quite a few popular things but was always dragged to them by her parents. Her family was one of the richest in America, however after one of the most recent shitty illnesses there were now only 3 people left under the house of Haught, being the eldest Nicole is now in charge of the business as well as owning all the property. It has been a grand total of 14 days since all her family had died and the illness had left. She needed a break, she needed to have time to express the death of her mother and father, to cry over her brothers and sisters. So she leaves her uncle Randy in charge and heads to the family house in Canada, she hasn’t been since she was a kid, no one had but it was still there’s and it was still cleaned every day by one of their cleaners.

The big house up on the hill with iron gates taller than normal houses. The kids always used to joke about it being haunted. They all knew it was looked after but never saw who actually owned it. Rumours are one of the slave traders from Europe owns it. So when a black carriage pulled by 4 extravagant black stallions passes through the town one day everyone watches in shock as it goes up into the most expensive building around.  As if like a wild fire the whole town knew about it.

The house of Earp was, well they were rich but they were trouble. They own the town, wherever they go they are always top dog, whichever one of them. There was a father, his wife and his three daughters. Even if his youngest daughter who was probably the height of a 12 year old walked into the local dressers she would be seen first, she would be given the best. The family had money and they splashed it on anything they wanted. The father was cold hatred and mean through and through, but god forbid anything have to any of his girls and he would unleash hell. Anything they wanted they would get, no questions asked.

The eldest of the three ran into their library around mid-day. “Willa what do we say about running in the house? It’s usually Waverly who does that, why on earth are you running?” her mother asks. Willa wasn’t stupid enough to interrupt her mother no matter how much she was going to burst. “Starfell Manor, a carriage just pulled up. There is someone there. Looking at their carriage and those horses they mean business.” Willa was forever the one to over exaggerate, they all knew it. Yet they we extremely interested. “There was a crest on the side. Andrew says it’s the House of Haught” Willa adds. Andrew was her husband. Wynonna the middle of the three girls was set to marry Henry in the fall, considering herself lucky as she actually liked who she was arranged to marry. Waverly the youngest of the three wasn’t really that interested in men right now, sure she enjoyed looking with her friends, but she enjoyed reading with her father more. The Earp’s were traditional sure but they preferred to let their children reach an older age before marrying them off. Normal girls were married at 14. But Wynonna was now 19 the same as Willa was, their parents believe if they live long enough and so does their suiter then it is destined to be.

At the mention of the name Haught her father looked up “I’m very surprised they are back, with the lack of visits I assumed they were having too much fun causing trouble in America. Wynonna you would get along with them the best” He winks. They all knew that they caused trouble, Wynonna was one of the worst after her daddy of course. “No doubt we won’t see anyone come out of that house until the next big event…Waverly what’s the next event?” The Earp’s might be trouble makers but they provided a lot of money to this town and they also enjoyed spending money on big events. The girls usually decided what they payed someone to arrange it for when they wanted. “We have the opera tomorrow night Daddy” she smiles, it was Willa’s favourite thing. Waverly preferred balls where she would dance.

He was right, nobody came out of that house until a carriage was seen leaving a few minutes before the Opera started. Nicole might hate the Opera but her parents loved it more than anything so yes she would sit through hell if it meant she was little closer to them. She made her cleaner who lived in the town and took care of the manor give her a rundown of what the town was like and who was top dog. The Earp’s sounded like trouble which sounded like so much fun to her. Gods was she a little minx back home. Her family was a strange one for sure, none of the girls ever forced to marry but were forced to help any men in the family in the business if needed. None of them ever complained they got to marry who they wish if they do something against the law every now and again. Truthfully the men of the family were kind to the women, Haught was a name to be proud of and boy did they show it.

“Do you think a Haught will come?” Wynonna asked sitting next to Waverly. “How would we even know if it’s them? I want them to but we have a lot of travelers through here.” She answered. “Look out for red hair. The Haught’s are the only family that comes this side of the border that have red. They don’t hide it like most, they wear it with pride, and it helps them establish dominance.” Their mother said, forever one to gossip. Red hair was associated with fire.

The Opera was just about to start when Waverly spotter her, the tall thin frame across from her. Looking at the figure she could tell that it was a woman, long red hair braided, cascading down one shoulder. She looked over what the woman was wearing in pure shock as Wynonna noticed her “A woman …. Not in a dress!! Why do I have to wear this shit if she can prance around like that, I’d look so much better in that” Waverly can’t help but laugh at her Sister.

Not even half way through the Haught stands up and leaves. Everyone too interested in the show to notice.  Not long after Waverly excuses herself to go to the bathroom, opera wasn’t really her thing anyway. She steps out the back door wanting to waste a little more time. That’s when she saw her, the woman, stood against the side of the building. Winged jacket perfectly fitting around her body, boots up to her knees over leather pants. Leather? Well she must be wealthy.

“You’re a Haught?” Waverly speaks up gaining the woman’s attention. “Yeah! And you are?” she asks not moving from her position leaning against the wall. Eyes taking in everything about the young woman in front of her. “Earp” Waverly says taking a step closer, she was intrigued. “Nicole” the woman says pushing off the wall and offering a hand “Which one of these Earp’s I’ve heard so much about might you be?” She asks. “Waverly” she replies taking the hand. Nicole turns the woman’s hand over in hers and bring it to her lips, placing a kiss on soft knuckles. “Pleasure” She says dropping the hand. Waverly was shocked to say the least. Had a woman really just done that? A tall woman with amazing cheekbones just kissed her hand.

“Why are you here? None of your family have been to that manor in years.” Waverly blurts out, curiosity getting the better of her. Nicole smirks walking around the shorter girl. “I was more interested in what you might be doing outside while the show is going on. Don’t you have a husband to get back to and flash your lashes at?” She snarks, witty smirk that Waverly wants to slap of her face.  

“I’m an Earp we don’t play by the rules. I have no husband giving me more time to question strangers who might cause trouble. I don’t know if you’re aware but the trouble is our job” She says watching the woman who circles her like prey, eyes taking everything in. Nicole smirks wide, oh this could be fun. “Gutsy for someone of your height” Nicole says back standing in front of the girls who was now between her and the wall. “The Earp’s run this town, I might be short but you shouldn’t mess with me.” Waverly says puffing out her chest trying to make her seem taller. Nicole’s eyes rake down, the dress the girl was wearing adding the change in posture showed such a sight of cleavage.

“Now where is the fun in playing by the rules, you of all people should know they are pretty boring.” Nicole says stepping closer. “A pretty little thing like you might want to get back before someone sees she’s missing and throws a fit” Nicole gets even closer making Waverly step back till she hits the cold wall behind her. “Shouldn’t you get back to your husband? I’m sure he’s got a lap waiting to be sat on” Waverly snarled, there was something about this encounter that was making her stomach turn. Nicole laughs “A man? Oh god forbid. I’d rather die that though one of those” She says leaning in close to Waverly’s ear, hand on the wall next to the girls head “I have much better taste” very gently nipping the girl’s ear before pulling away, turning on her heels and walking out onto the street and into darkness. Leaving a very stunned and very confused Waverly Earp standing against the building of the opera house in darkness.