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When Lightning Cracks

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“Ah, Oodenta!” Higekiri rounded the corner, hands folded behind his back. He teetered on his legs, leaning pretty far sideways, eyes closed almost comically. “I’ve finally found you!”

Oodenta Mitsuyo, who had been sitting on the engawa eating his lunch, alone, as he always did (no, no, he never ate with others, he couldn’t afford to do such a thing), peered over his shoulder, then quickly looked away. Holding his chopsticks in his teeth by the tips, he began packing away his food as quickly as possible, throwing garbage and the everything else on the tray he had carried the food out on.

Unfortunately, he was much too slow this time, and Higekiri stood behind him, looking up—could he even see with his eyes closed like that?—at him, hands still folded neatly behind him. Oodenta cursed inwardly, setting the chopsticks down onto the tray. He attempted to sidestep the other sword, but Higekiri simply followed his movements. Two steps left, two steps left. Two steps right, two steps right. Higekiri didn’t miss a beat.

“Oodenta, please stop! I really need to tell you something!”

“I am not one to be spoken to,” Oodenta said, giving up on trying to go back inside. He turned on his heels, moved to step down the engawa and into the garden to cross to the other side, but was stopped by a hand on his arm. In his hesitation following, Higekiri snaked both arms around Oodenta’s own, pressing his face against Oodenta’s shoulder.

“... What is it you want...?”

“Now, now, that isn’t very welcoming, is it?” Higekiri opened his eyes, still smiling wide enough that Oodenta’s gaze fell on the fangs, and watched him. He chuckled. “I wanted to tell you something, so please listen.”

Oodenta turned his head away. “... Go ahead.”

“I love you!”

Every muscle in Oodenta’s body tensed up, and Higekiri patted his chest, sliding around the engawa without picking his socked feet up to stand in front of him. He still held onto Oodenta’s arm, unwilling to relinquish the grip lest Oodenta try to run again, but with one arm, he took the tray from him and set it on the ground.

“I really do! I’ve been trying to tell you for days, but you keep avoiding me... Did I do something?”

Truthfully, Higekiri did nothing wrong. It was all Oodenta’s fault, as was usual. He kept his gaze properly fixed on the grain of a wooden pole holding the roof up, examining the patterns almost obsessively. The finish was nice and smooth, and although the log had been of possibly low quality, the maker had—

“Ooodeeentaaa...” Higekiri whined, reaching up with one hand. His fingers caught Oodenta’s chin and turned it, and Oodenta didn’t know why he allowed such an action, especially when their eyes met and he was, once again, at a loss for words.

“C’mon, tell me if I did something wrong. Give me a chance!” Higekiri begged, bottom lip protruding childishly. He tugged on Oodenta’s chin when he tried to move it again, keeping him firmly in place.

“... Thank you,” Oodenta finally said, voice low and level.

Higekiri’s smile fell a little, furrowing his brow in confusion. “Arya? For what? Loving y—”

“For saving me. Last mission.”

It had been hard to get the words out. Truth be told, he had been embarrassed. Oodenta had arrived three whole months ago, but much to his dismay (but not surprise), he hadn’t been allowed on the front lines. That is, until he went with Higekiri to the Edo period a week ago. He had been much too careless, nearly breaking when a swarm of enemies surrounded him. He hadn’t been able to kill them all, even with all the strength his spiritual power lent him.

But Higekiri, clothes all torn up and tattered from the attacks he had suffered himself, murdered them all. With such grace, too, as if he were a bird simply flying through the air. Oodenta had been impressed and in awe, but ashamed at his own inability to fight the enemies effectively.

Higekiri, back on that mission, had turned to him after dropping the hand that held his sword to his side, and simply smiled.

“I’d do it all again for you,” he had said.

At that point, Oodenta, too swathed in his own worries, hadn’t realized what he meant. But now that Higekiri had confessed his feelings (he wasn’t too sure on the word to be used for such things), coupled with Higekiri’s silly and a little overbearing actions a week after Oodenta had first arrived (Higekiri would make him tea every morning, without fail; he would sit with him at lunch in the cafeteria, which actually was the reason Oodenta now ate outside; Higekiri slipped notes filled with hearts under his door every night; and he would also praise him for the littlest things, to the point where even his brother, Hizamaru, would give him weird glances), Oodenta finally understood.

Oh wait.

He finally understood.


Higekiri’s smile returned, and he only held onto Oodenta more fervently, pressing his entire body against him, or at least what he could reach. He did only come up to Oodenta’s chin, after all.

“Well, it was nothing... It was an honor to fight with you, Oodenta!” he said, beaming.

Oodenta actually felt his heart jump at the sight. He averted his eyes, cheeks tinged a light pink. He didn’t deserve someone like Higekiri, who actually wanted to fight with him on the battlefield, who would save him, who would praise him and make him food and remind him that Oodenta was a very treasured sword, for both the saniwa and himself.

Oodenta had been about to choose his words carefully, but his mouth moved faster than his mind, and it even took his mind a few moments to catch up to register just what he said.

“But why? Why go through all the trouble...for me?”

Higekiri loosened his grip a little, turning his face down while he thought. The hesitance didn’t seem promising—was he simply trying to get something from Oodenta, trying to manipulate him—was he sick, or did he know someone who was sick—did he secretly want to get rid of Oodenta—but then why would he save him that time instead of just letting him snap in two—perhaps it just wasn’t the right time for his plan to come to an end—and more thoughts swirled around in his head, but they all came to an abrupt stop when Higekiri, without looking up again, spoke.

“Because I love you.” It was a simple, soft answer, and it still made Oodenta tense up. “I thought it was just attraction but... I’ve never felt this way before... It’s different from the love I feel for Pizzazimart.”

Hizamaru,” a stern voice said, dissipating the weird feeling atmosphere. The man himself rounded the corner, holding a semi-opaque plastic bag by the edges. His eyes closed in annoyance, he stopped a few feet away from the two. “Brother, here are the items you requested.”

Higekiri took the bag from him. “I told you to put them in my room... Well, no matter, I’ll drop them off later.” Then with a newfound excitement, back to Oodenta, almost ignoring Hizamaru entirely now. “Ah! I know! We can share them, right?”

Oodenta’s gaze slid between Higekiri and Hizamaru (who looked at him so scarily, as if he were issuing a silent warning to him) a few times. Allowing his gaze to finally settle on an undefined area of the floor of the engawa, he asked: “What is it?”

“Dango!” Higekiri said immediately, with such force that Oodenta nearly stumbled back, especially since Higekiri pretty much jumped against him. Higekiri held the bag up. “Specially made, too! So I think you’ll like them, no?”

Oodenta couldn’t answer right away, and by the time he thought he could open his mouth, Hizamaru began speaking, taking a few steps closer. He wore a hopeful smile.

“Hey, brother, I can share some, too, right? Just one.”

Higekiri shot him a glance, and his voice dropped dangerously low, eyes narrowed. “Absolutely not.”

Hizamaru, even though he had apparently expected the answer, still deflated a little. “Eh... I guess not, knowing what’s—”

“Hissyramu! Don’t you have fieldwork to be doing now? Or laundry...? Something like that!” Higekiri’s tone dripped with venom, even though he wasn’t the snake in the room.

His brother sighed, nodded, then turned away, rounding the corner again. His head popped back out to glare at Oodenta again before he disappeared entirely, sounds of his footsteps fading.

What was he going to say? How was that sentence going to end?

But still, Higekiri looked up at him sickly sweet, dangling the bag of dango at his side. “You’ll share with me, right?”

Oodenta wouldn’t admit that he was curious about the dango, not to mention he didn’t get to finish all of his lunch, so he was still a little hungry. Higekiri watched him expectantly, as if he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and when Oodenta gave a careful, small nod down at him, Higekiri flat out hugged him.

Higekiri wasn’t as strong as he was, in no way, shape or form. However, he felt the wind get knocked out of him, Higekiri’s cheek against his chest. He stood there, stupidly, until Higekiri pulled away, diving into the bag. Pulling out the two wrappers, he tossed the plastic bag to the side, then unwrapped the first dango. He handed the skewer to Oodenta, who reluctantly took it, then opened his own.

“Alright! On the count of three, we’ll take a bit together, just for fun!”

Oodenta nodded calmly, the three colors of the dango mixing together.

Higekiri held up his free hand, and with every number, put up one finger. “Okay. One! Two! Three!”

They both bit into the first dango ball simultaneously. The sweetness instantly filled his mouth, and he closed his eyes briefly. Although it did taste a little tangy, somehow...sour, but he supposed it could just be because he hadn’t had one in a little while. When he opened his eyes again, Higekiri had already eaten the second ball, so he did so as well, and then they both ate the third together, Oodenta chewing slowly.

Higekiri took the empty skewer from him, reaching down for the bag he had tossed earlier. He placed the skewers and wrappers in them, and Oodenta could have sworn he saw the first kanji for Higekiri’s name written on the homemade wrappers.

“Did Hizamaru make these?”

“Eh? Who? ... Oh! Yes, he did. He’s a wonderful baker, isn’t he?”

Oodenta didn’t react. Higekiri latched onto his arm again and began to drag him down the length of the engawa. He tried to resist the pull at first, but Higekiri slid his hand down the length of his arm to hold onto his hand, and suddenly, Oodenta found himself keeping up with him, if still a little behind.

“Where are we going?” he finally asked, as Higekiri led them through the rest of the house. They stumbled over tantou, darted around a very drunk spear, and nearly ran into a very frazzled naginata. But eventually, they arrived at Higekiri’s room, and they paused in front of the door, still holding hands.

“I wanted to show you something.” He nods, sliding the door open and heading inside, but Oodenta kept his feet planted firmly on the ground outside of the room.

“I am not certain you should have me in your room.”

“Arya? Why’s that?” He tugged insistently on Oodenta’s hand, and much to Oodenta’s surprise, he took a step.

“I should not encroach upon your territory. Should I mess up even one little detail, I...”

“You won’t mess anything up.” Another step. “So just come on in, okay?” Another. “I insist, I insist! I want you in here.”

The door slid shut as Higekiri reached behind Oodenta to close it. He flicked on the lights after a second, just standing there in the darkness a bit awkwardly for a moment. He tugged on Oodenta’s shirt, running his hands down his chest and feeling every bit of muscle that he could. The hands stopped at Oodenta’s waist, a finger of each hooking itself in the waistband of Oodenta’s track pants.

“What are you...?”

“Oodenta, are you feeling alright? How are you feeling? Dizzy?”

Oodenta quirked a brow at the sudden questions, but Higekiri leaned up as far as he could, pressing his face into the crook of Oodenta’s neck. His tongue lapped against the bare skin, and Oodenta placed his hands on Higekiri’s shoulders, having half a mind to push him away. Oodenta realized very sluggishly, however, that he did feel dizzy, and his cheeks felt so hot that he thought they had just started bleeding. Higekiri pressed one of his legs in between Oodenta’s own, hiking it up, and Oodenta let his head fall against the door with a soft thunk.

“There was... Something...” he managed to get out, but that was it, as Higekiri bit down hard enough that he was certain he drew blood. Oodenta grit his teeth, pushing gently at Higekiri’s shoulders.

“Arya...? Something...? Well,” Higekiri briefly pulled away from Oodenta’s neck to say, though his hot breath still puffed against the wet skin, “it will wear off in half an hour... You’re free to turn me away and wait it out.” And just like that, his lips were once again on Oodenta’s neck, this time on the other side, biting down just as hard as before, tongue soothing the bite soon after; Oodenta grit his teeth even harder, jaw clenching. Higekiri shifted the leg again, and Oodenta’s knees nearly buckled.

Oodenta pushed him away this time, and Higekiri, though disappointed, relented. He took a few steps back, hands lingering on Oodenta’s waist for a second before folding them in front of himself.

Neither of them spoke. Oodenta let his own hands drop down to his sides, fingertips weakly scratching at the door—the only thing holding him up at this point. He allowed his eyes to slide shut, head still tipped backwards. His breathing only became more and more ragged with each passing breath, and he was certain Higekiri had mistakenly poisoned him instead.

But he didn’t feel like he was dying. No, in fact, it felt like the opposite. It felt really good, but really straining at the same time, like he was building up this immense sort of pressure that he didn’t know how to release. Even though this was a human body, he didn’t know how it worked very well, but he did know what this was.

“I...” A gasp for a shaky breath. “I’ve never...done...”

Higekiri took a few steps forward until Oodenta could feel his presence so close, but didn’t touch him. “You’ve never...? Ah! You’ve never had sex?”

Oodenta coughed, choking on what little air he had intaken. He opened his eyes just a crack, and from the way his head was still tilted, he could only see Higekiri partially. But from what he could see, Higekiri seemed to be having a hard time breathing, too, face flushed from ear to ear, entire body trembling slightly. He was still fully clothed, but he didn’t look too happy about it, as he had discarded the jacket on his shoulders off to the side and picked at the hem of his shirt underneath.

“W-Well... It’s fine,” said Higekiri, obviously trying very hard to remain composed. “I’ve only done it once or twice, but more often on my own...” He shifted his weight, antsy. “Agh, that damned Hachimachi! Did he do mine, too...?”

Oodenta would have laughed if he could have. Instead, he finally straightened his head, and with a shaky hand, cupped Higekiri’s face. He felt just as hot as he looked. Higekiri’s eyes closed, leaned into the hand, holding it with both of his own.

“Your plan...backfired, it seems...?”

Higekiri pressed a kiss to Oodenta’s open palm, and that was all it took for Oodenta to descend upon him, with such a force that they both nearly fell over. He had never kissed before, but going by pure, naturalistic, humanistic instinct, he was certain he could do it... or at least, something resembling it.

Higekiri moaned into his mouth, wrapping both arms around Oodenta’s neck to pull him down and closer. He bit Oodenta’s lower lip, softer than the bites that had been against his neck, and moaned again when Oodenta pulled away slightly, only to trail kisses down his jaw and to his neck. Hand pulling at the collar of Higekiri’s turtleneck, he bit down just as Higekiri had done to him—but perhaps a little too hard, as the warm taste of iron filled his mouth.

That only seemed to excite Higekiri more. Although his entire body had gone stiff at first, his back arched, pressing into Oodenta’s chest and stomach, and a strangled gasp left his mouth.

“Ah~h, it’s a good thing I wear high collars...~” he remarked, breathless as he settled back down. His fingers tangled in Oodenta’s long hair, not currently pulled into a ponytail, and he tugged.

Oodenta growled against Higekiri’s skin, almost animalistic. Higekiri laughed, tugging again, but before Higekiri could react or withdraw, Oodenta had switched their places forcefully, slamming Higekiri against the door he had just been against.

Higekiri groaned, but shook his head. “Ah! S-Stop that... People will hear, or you’ll break it...” He moved his hands to Oodenta’s shoulders, pressing slightly. “Anyway, the futon is much more comfortable! I-I can show you how to do things,” he moaned as Oodenta bit (gentler, this time) at the other side of his neck, “too.”

Reluctantly, Oodenta allowed him to push him away, but they definitely didn’t stop touching one another. Higekiri, perhaps more affected by the drug than the much larger Oodenta, still trembled, and it seemed every step was a chore to him. The futon for two was already set up, with a medium-sized black box to the side of it. Higekiri sat down on the futon, pulling the ends of his long sleeves to the middle of his forearms and discarding his gloves. He pat the space next to him before turning towards the box.

Oodenta untied the jacket around his waist before sitting down, lumping it in with the earlier thrown jacket of Higekiri’s. After a few seconds, Higekiri pulled out semi-thick rope, a subdued red. He handed it to Oodenta, who stared at it for a moment, until Higekiri offered out both of his wrists.

“You know how to tie them, right...? I’ve seen you tie your own ropes before... Ah, tie me up, Oodenta!” he begged, cheeks even redder than before, breath hot and ragged.

No time was wasted in tying the wrists together. Oodenta pulled the rope taut, and Higekiri’s head fell forward, hair shielded most of his face, a small sound murmured beneath his breath. Oodenta pushed it further, tightening them even more—so tight that they would leave marks even if they were removed right now—and Higekiri’s shoulders shook.

When Higekiri raised his head again, drool dripped from his mouth, and he laughed. “Ahaha! Now, now... You’re doing great, Oodenta! And we haven’t even started the main part yet!” He shifted so that he sat on his knees, placed his now tied arms around Oodenta’s neck, and straddled him. It only took a few moments before he grinded down, hard, onto Oodenta’s crotch, and Oodenta shuddered along with him.

Oodenta caught his mouth in a feverish kiss again, Higekiri pressed down again, and they both moaned again. This routine continued several more times before Higekiri forcefully stopped himself from doing it again. He climbed off Oodenta, standing up and attempting to get his pants off. Unfortunately, with the rope in the way, it was pretty much impossible; Oodenta rectified this by reaching up and tugging said pants down rather unceremoniously, followed by the lion patterned boxers.

Higekiri laughed, stepped out of the clothes and kicked them off the futon. “Thank you. Always looking out for me, I see! Now, do yours!” he suggested, sitting back down on his knees.

Oodenta fumbled for a bit before finally disposing of his pants and plain, black underwear, tossed into the pile of Higekiri’s clothes. He felt embarrassed, even through the haze that whatever drug he had been given made. He subconsciously covered his crotch with both hands, until Higekiri reached up and moved them off to the side with a laugh.

“Don’t be sh—ah! So big!”

“I-I don’t think...”

“No, it’s fine. It really is!” With both hands, only because he was forced to, Higekiri grasped Oodenta’s cock, near the base. Oodenta inhaled sharply, and Higekiri peered up at him. “In fact, it’s even better than what I was expecting.” His tongue swept over the head, and Oodenta knotted a hand in Higekiri’s hair. “You’re perfect just the way you are, Oodenta!”

That was all he said, though, before diving in. New sensations washed over Oodenta almost immediately, and he struggled to stay standing as Higekiri pressed his entire tongue against the bottom of the length. But Higekiri apparently bit off more than he could chew, choking when the head reached the back of his tongue. He pulled off of Oodenta, more saliva dripping from his mouth.

“Well... I’m not very good at that, and there’s no time, anyway!” he said, scooting backwards and urging Oodenta to sit down. Oodenta hesitated, took his shirt off, then sat back down; Higekiri’s eyes lit up, and like a hungry animal, his hands were all over the hard muscles.

Feeling a little too exposed, Oodenta looked away as Higekiri ran ghostly fingers and a hungry mouth across his skin. His whole body felt as if it were on fire, but it wasn’t a bad fire... No, it was more like a very pleasant one. He decided he enjoyed such a sensation, only craving more.

Those instincts inherited from the humans he had been around for so long took over again, and he interrupted Higekiri’s ministrations by pushing him over forcefully, the back of Higekiri’s head hitting the pillow. Eyes wide and brows raised, Higekiri held up his hands to stop him.

“Wait, wait!”

“I thought this was...what you wanted.”

“No... Well, yes!” Higekiri smiled at him, eyes alight with lust. “But you have to go slow.” His eyes glanced at the black box above him, and he awkwardly reached into it, body twisting, shifting a few things around before finally pulling a small bottle out and laying back again. “Here, use this!”

“Is it another drug?” Oodenta asked dryly.

“It is a thing called lubrication. You can’t just dive in like a lion!” Higekiri handed the bottle to him after popping the cap. “It’s such a wonderful invention. Just squirt some on your fingers to start.”

Narrowing his eyes, Oodenta did as he was told. The cool gel-like substance spread across his skin, and he could have sworn it sizzled as it did. “... Then?”

Higekiri shifted so that his legs were on either side of Oodenta, and he raised himself in the air a little. “Start with one. One finger, I mean. I didn’t...” He looked away, though smiling. “I didn’t do anything today, because I wanted you touch me,” he finally admitted.

Higekiri was a lot cuter than Oodenta initially thought. With his other hand, he tipped Higekiri up further, grabbing onto the back of one of his legs for leverage. He set Higekiri partially in his lap so he didn’t have to strain as much. With a grunt, and not one for much foreplay (if only because he didn’t know what it was), he pressed the entire finger in Higekiri’s asshole.

Higekiri made a strangled moan, arching his back again. His hands fell above his head, still tied so tight, and his eyes clenched shut. “Ah~h... I’ve never gone that fast... Please go slower with the next one.”

Oodenta did as he was told once more. He shifted them again to get a better vantage point, and pulling the first finger out, he slid in both fingers, a lot slower than the first time. He stopped when only the first knuckle was in, as Higekiri had begun squirming.

“Okay, n-now... Just move them around a little...” His eyes still stayed closed, but his mouth also stayed open, chest heaving up and down with every breath. When Oodenta twisted his hand, pressed a little more in, Higekiri nodded. “Yes, just like that... Just loosen me up for a little while, just like that...”

Silence, save for Higekiri’s breathy, angelic moans and the occasional grunts from Oodenta, fell over them both for several minutes. Oodenta liked to think he was getting the hang of this the more he did it, and boldly, he inserted another finger. Higekiri moaned his name, back arching high, so high that Oodenta thought it would break. The three fingers inside the other moved around and overlapped one another, and eventually, once Higekiri had lowered himself back down, Oodenta, whilst twisting his wrist, pulled them just about out then pushed them all the way back in, continuing this at a steady pace until Higekiri stopped him.

“E-Enough! O-Okay, I can’t... I can’t take it, s-so, Oodenta, please stop using your hands!” he said, squirming even more now. “I want to feel you inside me, Oodenta... I want to feel you, the strongest Tenka Goken, inside this treasure of the Genji Clan!”

Oodenta removed his hand and dropped Higekiri’s leg. He assumed (and rightly so) that he had to apply more lubrication to his dick, and without a word, adjusting Higekiri’s position so that the leg he had dropped now rested on Oodenta’s shoulder, pressed the tip of his cock to Higekiri’s entrance.

“Hah... Hah... H-Hold on, inside the box is a co—Hrk!”

Oodenta did not wait for Higekiri to finish the sentence. Whatever it was going to be did not matter, anyway, for he thought Higekiri deserved a little pain for drugging him in the first place. He buried himself deep into the other, as far as he could go, in fact. Higekiri struggled to breathe, his chest falling and rising rapidly in all different rhythms. His eyes shut tight, small tears formed at the corners, and Oodenta thought he was, honestly, and truly, very cute in that moment.

Not waiting for Higekiri to get his bearings again, Oodenta drew himself almost all the way out, then slid right back in, and then again, and again, tantalizingly slow. Higekiri’s breathing patterns only got worse and worse with every thrust, though Oodenta noticed that when he pulled out, Higekiri tried to get more of him in, as if he craved it.

“How the mighty king of the jungle has fallen to a bit of rain,” Oodenta joked, cracking a smile for the first time since this encounter had begun. Higekiri laughed, or well, Oodenta assumed it was a laugh, but he still couldn’t catch his breath at all. Oodenta leaned over him, grabbing the tied wrists and holding them far above Higekiri’s head, pulling and stretching out his body in a sinewy line. He slammed in.

“Ah~hn! Oodenta! Fuck!” moaned Higekiri. He didn’t care how loud he was being now, didn’t care who heard him. In fact, Oodenta had a feeling that he wanted to be heard. Higekiri continued to moan those—rather cute—moans, interspersing them with his name on occasion.

With every mention of his name, Oodenta went faster, harder, slamming inside of him and wracking his body. The prideful Higekiri didn’t seem to mind at all that he was being ruined, which only made this all the more hot.

But it didn’t feel good just for Higekiri. Oodenta could get used to this, he thought, even without the drugs. In fact, the drugs probably just put a damper on the sensations—or maybe they heightened his senses. Whatever the case, with or without them, he would be seeking Higekiri out in the future for this, especially since Higekiri had said loved him.  

Was this what ‘lovers’ did then? He did wonder.

Oodenta shifted again, and Higekiri let out a yell. He tried to say something, but nothing came out, so Oodenta figured that whatever he was doing at that point was the best thing he could be doing. Peeling his eyes away from Higekiri’s endearing face, eyes now open slightly but heavily lidded and glossed over and tongue lolled out, he turned his gaze towards Higekiri’s cock. A liquid dripped from the tip, staining the edges of Higekiri’s grey sweater more and more.

Curious, he reached his free hand down to it, swiping a finger over the liquid. Higekiri yelled again, bucking his hips up. Oodenta decided that whatever he did that time was even better, coupled with whatever the hell he was doing with his own cock, and so, taking cues from Higekiri’s lips around his own, he wrapped his fingers around Higekiri.

“Hoh... So it simulates the...” he observed. “Ah, I see...”

Higekiri obviously didn’t know what to do, his lower body vying to either get Oodenta deeper inside him or his cock deeper inside Oodenta’s fingers. Oodenta decided to do both at the same time, and in time with his own thrusts, pumped Higekiri’s dick.

“Sssss—stop...!” Higekiri hissed. He was flat out crying now, drooling all over himself, but since he was still smiling, Oodenta did not actually stop. Higekiri’s breath hitched. “I’m going to—fff—fuck, I’m going to...! Ahn, Oodenta...!”

With Oodenta’s name still fresh on his lips, Higekiri’s back arched, his body twisted as much as it could, and he all but froze entirely, every muscle in his body spasming. Oodenta did not stop, still, continuing to thrust into him, even as he tightened around Oodenta’s dick, even as an even stickier liquid spurt out of Higekiri’s dick, dirtying both his own shirt and Oodenta’s fingers.

Oodenta grunted, closed his eyes tight and clenched his teeth together, and removed the dirtied hand from Higekiri, bracing himself with it against the floor. He leaned very far over Higekiri, who now fell limp against the futon but still continued the little soft moans, despite being very obviously overstimulated. It took Oodenta only a few more minutes until the warmth that had been welling in the bottom of his stomach finally released.

All the built up pressure was lost almost all at once, but in a good way. He groaned, instinctively, pressing his face against Higekiri’s chest. He had slammed to a stop, quite literally, deep within Higekiri. His legs shook, waves of fire shooting up and down his thighs in intervals.

When he finally caught his breath, he sucked in the air, but still stayed where he was. Higekiri patted his head, laughing quietly and happily. He tangled his fingers in his hair again, pulling him up for a soft, very, very chaste, especially compared to their first, kiss. He smiled against Oodenta’s lips, and eventually, Oodenta did as well.

Oodenta pulled out, and Higekiri laid there, humming. He didn’t sit up just yet, and Oodenta took a moment to look at the absolute destruction he had just wrought.

“You know,” Higekiri said, opening his eyes and watching him, “I’ve never been afraid of thunder, and now I want to experience it even more.”

As he said that, in the following silence that descended upon them, thunder boomed overhead, and the lights went out.