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Mind Games

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Takenaka wasn’t really sure when he noticed it happening.

He took a deep breath and wiped the sweat away from his forehead. His ears managed to pick up little sounds, small whispers or something that came from a couple rooms down. No..not ears. It was someone’s thoughts, all muffled and hazy.

He spun in his chair to pick up a pack of painkillers from his bag to ease his headache. Ever since Shige put up that barrier for Take, he was able to go throughout the day without too many loud thoughts. A few were normal but- it wasn’t from anyone in here. Shigeo was so sweet, he helped Take even before they got together. Shigeo was just so precious, Take always felt relaxed and happy around him.

Everyone else were looking at the board, scribbling notes and such. Take looked back at the teacher...ugh, what was he even talking about? He read what was on the board and then looked down at his notes, comparing them. I mean, he wrote what was being written on the board but it’s not like anything had actually been processed. He picked up his pen and began to write more, setting the painkillers aside before the teacher moved on.

‘Shhh.’ He jumped from the sudden sound, accidentally flinging his pen behind him.

‘Won’t let me focus? Fine.’

Shutting his eyes, he let the sounds flow through his mind. There was breathing…nono, panting?

‘Ahh~’ Takenaka snapped his eyes open. Was…was that a moan?!

'Ah Momo d-deeper’ The voice whispered. He kept his eyes on his desk, trying to convince himself it wasn’t a moan before another one came. It took a few seconds for him to wrap his head around what he was hearing until he heard something familiar.

His own voice.

‘Mmm, ok.’ His voice was smooth and a little deeper, like an alternate version of him. He couldn’t do anything other than sit and listen, wide eyed and with his mouth in his hand. Just listening to what this..this PERVERTED person was thinking.

Takenaka had no idea who this was. Who the hell would even fantasize about something so obscene? He covered his face with his hands and squeezed his thighs together.

‘Hey, Shigeo. Faster?’ Takenaka gasped at his own voice, and slammed his hands down on his lap. Fckjkldkjklfign hell waS THIS ALL OF SHIGEO’S THOUGHTS?!


Well, he and Shigeo have made out, and maybe touched each other’s clothed boners but...but nothing like this!

It was as if the moans started to loop like a record player over really disgustingly squelchy noises filled his mind.

He covered his crotch with his hand,

‘Hah hah Momooo faster please!!’

and pressed down,

‘Mmmmm, ah!”

rubbing his palm into his bulge,

“Sssso g-good~”

and clenching his teeth at the sudden wave of pleasure.

He had to get out of here and sort himself out.

He was excused from the lesson and stormed down to Shigeo’s class. The thoughts were now loud and clear and even images pop into his mind. Images of him and Shigeo in such lewd positions, grinding his knee into him, kissing his neck, jerking him off, fingering him, making out with him.

Once he got to Shigeo’s class, he slammed the door open, alarming everyone including the boy he was looking for. Shigeo looked at Takenaka and smirked, then pulling his Mob™ face when the teacher looked back.

He started to think about everything louder, enjoying the frustrated little twitches in Takenaka’s expression.

Shit, he needed an excuse, “P.E t-teacher wants K- Kageyama.” Takenaka said, covering his crotch.

The teacher dismissed Shigeo and Takenaka rushed down to the locker rooms with him. As soon as the door closed, he grabbed Shige’s wrists and pinned him against the wall. He moved his face closer until he was nose to nose with him. Everything went silent.

“The hell was that?” Take whispered, watching as Shigeo’s face stayed neutral.

“What was what?”

Is he serious right now?

“This,” Takenaka lifted his knee and ground it into Shigeo’s crotch, making him wince, “and this.”

He unbuttoned Shigeo’s shirt and placed his lips on his neck, licking and sucking.

Shigeo wriggled underneath him, “Momozo-“

“Ssssssh….” Takenaka looked up at him, smiling nervously, “k-keep those thoughts coming if you want.”

Suddenly more whispers and pants and such lewd thoughts popped into his mind. Thoughts that Shigeo couldn’t handle saying out loud. ‘Take my underwear off’, ‘Touch my thighs’, ‘Bite me’, ‘kiss me’, ‘stroke me-finger me-pound me-‘ Takenaka kept listening to all the commands, doing his best to do what he could. He never ever thought that Shigeo would even THINK of these kind of things, he must have really been riled up.

He put his lips on Shigeo’s and gave him a light kiss. Then another one and another one and another one until he licked the boy’s lips. Shigeo opened his mouth and let Take sloppily make out with him. Take slipped his hands in the boy’s trousers and palmed his dick, feeling it grow harder. Shigeo let a little moan slip into Take’s mouth and bucked into his hand.

‘Stroke me’ Shigeo thought. Take wrapped his hand around Shigeo’s cock and started to stroke it, slathering it up in the boy’s own precum. They continued to make out and feel their faces get hotter with every squelch. Take placed his lips back on Shigeo’s neck and bit down, Shigeo was already so close to climax. ‘Momozou, I feel empty’.

He pulled the boy’s trousers down and put his fingers in his mouth, making sure they were covered in saliva. Take pulled his fingers out and trailed them down Shigeo’s cock and down to his ass, stroking circles. Shigeo shivered and pushed his ass down onto Take’s finger.

‘Go in’ He thought.

Take pushed a finger inside and pushed up. Nope, not the spot. He wiggled it about and then inserted a second finger, using both to stroke little circles inside. Nope, still not the right spot, but it’s making Shigeo whimper. Take pulled his fingers out and pushed them back in repeatedly. He suddenly slammed them in and Shigeo gasped sharply.

There it is.

He kept rubbing and prodding that spot, making Shigeo whine.

“Aaaaaah~ Momooooo...”

“Ssssh, quiet.”

Take pushed in a third finger and slammed them into Shigeo’s G-spot, prodding it again. He used his other hand to stroke Shigeo. The boy’s breathing picked up as the pit of his stomach was set ablaze. He put his head on Take’s shoulder and gripped his sides hard, feeling it get hotter. He’s so close. He started to buck into Take’s hand, his breathing becoming heavy and then-

“Mmm!!” Shigeo came into Take’s hand, leaving sticky white strands stringing from his cock to Takenaka. Take breathed out, he came in his pants a long time ago.

‘Hey, Take.’


‘Again? Please..?”