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The White Wolf Series Part 2 of 4: The Order of the Shattered Shield

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The dying light of sunset was replaced with the pitch black of night. Geralt shook off the disorientation and that horrible buzzing feeling along every hair follicle that accompanied a portals appearance nearby; it was however not a portal he'd travelled by.

Teleportation was similar to portal-ling but left an additional tangy taste in the back of the throat.

"Is this it?" grumbled Geralt, spitting in to the grass at his feet.

"No, we still have five jumps to do, I remember the dimension but the way there is a rather complicated affair. I cannot just jump to a destination if it is too far; I cannot really explain it." Ciri explained, putting down the bag she had thrown over her shoulder before they left.

"We can camp until you are rested." Geralt mentioned and began to take in his surroundings. It was a forrest, almost like Brokilon in appearance, the sounds of animals and the smells were the same but it was different. A particular kaw of a bird was not familiar, a scent on the wind not known to his foreign nose.

After walking a circle around the small glade they had appeared in, Geralt dropped his bag and sat back on his ass, leaning to the side so his scabbards did not stick into the ground. Ciri sat opposite him, taking slow and deep breaths to steady her heart and put herself back in to a state to teleport them once more.

"So how many worlds have you been to?" Geralt queried.

"Many, so many I lose count. There are so many worlds out there, some similar, some different. I remember one world; they drove in metal horses shaped like boxes but with wheels. Great towers of glass and metal rose up in tight cities. I had to hide my sword in that world, they did not carry swords but small bows that fired magic arrows. They made a loud bang every time they were fired.." Ciri grinned, she loved telling stories and these were one's that Geralt had no idea of.

"You're lying, magic bows and metal horses…" Geralt grinned, egging her on.

"I am not lying" she grinned back at him. "I will take you to it once we have finished this job." She nodded to herself and then took a deep breath. "I am ready…"

Standing up, the pair held hands again and within a blink, they were gone. This world was cold, not The White Frost cold, but very cold. Ciri did not wait to rest at this one. Five more worlds later and they arrived in a wide open field, golden grain stretched out as far as the eye could see; a circle of grain had been flattened around them in a five foot radius, showing the effects of the teleportation on the surrounding air, pushing it out when new air and mass appeared.

"We are here" she told him, sitting down on the grain to rest her body a moment.

Geralt stood and watched the area around the. It was just like their own world, so many words that looked the same; so many people that existed in other worlds; it was too much to contemplate.

Once Ciri was ready to move, Geralt pulled her up and looked around. "We need to get supplies and a place to hide out before we do anything hasty."

"Last time I was here, I stayed in a nearby cave system, they probably tracked me to it but this place is full of cave systems, so we can hide in some of them and shift every few days." Ciri motioned to the mountains some distance away.

"We'll head there first then go in to the closest village. We can get information as you've been away from here for some time."

"Sounds like a plan." Ciri grinned and stretched her arms above her head as they began to head up through the field, up into the woods and then up the mountains.