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There's a fine line between stakeouts and makeouts

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Katsuki Bakugou was the last person Todoroki expected to see on his first day back in Japan as a pro-hero and on the first villain incident of the day, nonetheless.

A wall of ice towered over the street, blocking in the villain and keeping unsuspecting citizens out. It was great for crowd control, but not when part of the crowd catapulted themselves over it in a burst of explosions.

The villain of the hour was a tricky one. Todoroki tried brute forcing his way through it- to incapacitate the man who’d attempted to cause citywide mayhem by knocking out the power to the whole metropolitan area. He learned quickly when his blasts of fire disappeared upon contact that things were not going to be so easy.

Neither was the inclusion of the explosion powered blonde he remembered from his years at U.A. In fact, he could already hear that familiar voice yelling from across the street, “Is that fucking Icyhot?!”

The annoying nickname was enough to distract him from the villain at hand and turn around.

Ah, this was strange.

By all means, he should not have had time to dwell- not when there was a villain trying to cast the city into chaos; but the sight of Bakugou and hearing that stupid nickname again made him feel nostalgic. It had been too long.

Four years, in fact.

Todoroki took off overseas not long after graduation to hone his skills and come back stronger and better than before. To America. After all, it was All Might’s origin- and if he wanted to become the best training during his formative years as a rookie hero in the country across the Pacific seemed like a pretty good option.

The chaos of the American hero league was good experience for what he had to deal with now.

The villain, dressed in a clunky maintenance uniform from the local power distribution center, was chased down by a very wild eyed Bakugou. Smoke drifted from his grenade gauntlets, as he readied to fire.

Todoroki moved to warn him, “Bakugou! Don’t-!” But there was already an explosion crackling through the air. Before it expanded to completion, the energy was whisked away in a sputtering wisp.

Bakugou cursed angrily- right before he was hit with the full force of his own power. He was flung back from the explosion. Todoroki slid across the ice to reach him just in time. Bakugou’s form hit him like a ton of bricks, sending him skidding back.

Bakugou grunted when he hit a body instead of eating asphalt.

“You okay?” Todoroki asked.

As soon as red eyes opened to his, Bakugou was shoving himself out of his arms, with mild offense and violent anger. “Put me down!” He complained loudly. When he tore himself out of Todoroki’s grasp, he eyed him up incredulously. “I can’t believe you still dress like a fucking plumber.”

Todoroki scoffed lightheartedly and pointed towards the only goofy part of the blonde’s costume. “Grenade hands.”

I was fifteen. It’s a theme. What’s yours? Pipe cleaning?”

Todoroki’s retort was on the tip of his tongue when it was cut off by a new addition to the welcome home conversation. “Do you two know each other?”

It was the absorption man or whatever sponge moniker he probably used.

“Not your fucking business!” Bakugou snapped from his side.

The villain shrugged. “It doesn’t really matter. I lucked out with you two. Fire and explosions? Those quirks are all but useless on me.”

“What’s he like that copy bastard from back at U.A.?”

“No. Its energy absorption. He’s right. You’re as good as useless.” At least Todoroki had his ice powers- the man could absorb them but it would only slow him down as molecules would move to a standstill. Damage-wise they weren’t of much use, not when he didn’t know how much heat energy the man had absorbed from his fire attacks.

“Don’t fucking agree with him!”

“You should listen to your friend, Explosion Boy.”

Oh, that’s it.” Bakugou charged at him.


It was futile to warn him because once Bakugou made a decision there was no stopping him. The villain smirked, and Todoroki knew what he had up his sleeve- a stockpile of static electricity energy for where he’d been sucking power from the transmission lines earlier.

Todoroki had been the recipient of a nasty blow from it that like his clothes teeming with static. Instead of letting Bakugou get jolted by a shock of electricity, Todoroki sent a stream of ice across the ground, stopping under Bakugou’s feet and shooting upwards to throw the younger hero into the air just as the electricity was discharged.


“At least you seem to care. Him on the other hand…” The villain laughed. “I don’t think he’s the friendship type. I surprised a guy as brash as that can make it as a hero- especially with a destructive quirk like that-“

Stop. You weren’t this chatty before, don’t start now.”

“Ooh. Struck a nerve. I see. Though I’m not sure why you’d want to defend him. What did he call you, a fucking plumber. That not very nice. Though I’d have to agree on the design choice.”

“Shut up.” His patience was running thin with this guy, not after he’d been dealing with him all afternoon.

“Testy. Testy. Why don’t you try attacking me? Oh wait, you can’t.”

Todoroki saw a flash of green and black from behind the man who was picking at his nerves. The taunting turned into disgruntled screaming when the conversation distracted the villain long enough for Bakugou to jump him, restraining his arms so he couldn’t aim his quirk and clinging to him like the world’s angriest spider monkey.

“Just because we can’t use our quirks, doesn’t mean we still aren’t heroes, asshole!”

The villain struggled against the Bakugou on his back. “I can blow you up! Set you on fire with the energy I have stored!”

“Then who’d be collateral. You? Is this cheap trick worth your life?”

The villain was quiet, still struggling against Bakugou’s restraint.

Bakugou looked at him from behind his black mask. “Oi, Todoroki, some help would be great.” Bakugou… asking for help? This was a wild turn of events. He pulled out the one pair of handcuffs he kept for situations like these from his belt.

“So, you got something useful in that plumber’s toolbelt after all.” Todoroki fought the urge to stick out his tongue. It’s a juvenile urge, but Bakugou reminds him of such things. He scoffed as Todoroki clasped the cuffs on the villain’s wrists. “See? Hardly useless. I’ve learned not to rely on my quirk all the time. You never know when you might not be able to use it.”


The authorities came through when Todoroki melted down the wall of ice, collecting his target for the day. Both heroes went through the motions, the press asking a few questions and snapping a few photos (with Todoroki putting on his amicable but fake smile).The police held the crowd at bay from the scene, but Bakugou approached them anyways.

Todoroki thought his gaze lingered for too long as he stared at his former classmate from the corner of his eye. He blamed it on the nostalgia; but only later did he realize, it was more than that.

A lot was the same- his unruly blonde hair, explosive attitude, penchant for stubbornness and rude nicknames- but at the same time, so much was different.

This Bakugou had a subtle softness to him that the prickly teenaged version on himself would have loathed. His scowl not so pronounced, and hell, he even broke into the closest thing Todoroki had seen to a real smile on his face when some eager kids ask him for an autograph.

Not to mention, he’s taller (though still not reaching Todoroki’s height), broader, and bulkier. Todoroki suspected he changed in much of the same way- hero work and age did that to a person.

His gaze fixated on Bakugou reaching into the crowd to grab some magazine and scrawl out a hasty signature, watching how his muscles tensed and flexed in the movement and oh… Todoroki felt too hot in his own skin. The power from his right side kicked in, casting his body in a cooling wind and calming the blush rose from his neck when he realized what this was-

I think Bakugou’s hot.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened in Todoroki’s life. His dumb crush from years prior resurfaced with all the awkward feelings he shoved to the back of his mind in his aforementioned teenaged years.

And the focal point of it all was Katsuki Bakugou.

It was strange and unsettling- though not entirely unwelcome- to be experiencing these things again. But what he wouldn’t give to not be experiencing them here, in the crowd while being asked questions from a reporter. He froze up in the interview, mouth pulling into a tight line as his brain tried to process all these cluttered, embarrassing thoughts.

The woman’s voice asked another question and there was a recorder in his face. But he said nothing, as he hadn’t even been paying attention, until he was jostled to this reality by a nudge to his shoulder.


He’d never been so thankful to be interrupted by the blonde before as he diverted the attention away from himself. Todoroki watched him talk, and damn, if it didn’t feel like he could do that for days- this was his dream and he was clearly excited, serious, and determined with every word out of his mouth.

Dammit. It made Todoroki feel like a teenager again- full of frustration and pining.

These were not feelings he was going to go through again.

No, to say it like Bakugou: he was a fucking adult- too old and had gone through too much to waste his time with these things. He was going to nip these feelings in the bud by getting to the crux of the problem with one simple action.

Asking Bakugou out.

He caught the grenade laden hero just as he was about to leave. The crowd had long dispersed to the next incident in the city. Todoroki swallowed dryly when he faced red eyes. “Would you like to get dinner with me and catch up?” He asked.

Bakugou considered it for a moment, and Todoroki nearly thought he would decline, before crossing his arms and flashing a smirk. “Only if you’re paying, Half’n’Half.”


“WHAT?!” Bakugou choked on his drink, fist slamming against the table drawing even more attention to the unlikely pair. He was now glad that he decided to go out in a lowkey disguise as he tugged his hat further over his hair- if not there would have surely been a bombardment of online posts about the new up and coming hero and his fledgling romantic life.

Todoroki stared at the blonde- whose face contorted in anger, surprise, and confusion simultaneously- not flinching from his violent outburst though part of him was irritated by it. He thought he’d been clear when he asked Bakugou out to dinner. The next exclamation proved him otherwise, “THIS IS A DATE?!”

“I thought it was obvious.”

“Fuck no! You said catch up not make out and hold hands or whatever couple-y shit you want… to do… with me?” The longer he spoke the more Bakugou’s tone dipped into the incredulous as he realized the implications.

Bakugou was right. He wanted to kiss him and hold his hands and all that other ‘couple-y shit’. Though hearing Bakugou say it aloud made his chest tighten. He breathed a strained, “Yeah.”

Bakugou’s eyes widened. “Are you insane, Half’n’Half? I get it. I’m hot, but you know me. I’m not exactly boyfriend material.” He’s always been rash and angry and stubborn and driven and oh god if most of those things didn’t get to him.

Todoroki had another bomb up his sleeve, if Bakugou needed any more convincing that his affections were genuine and long standing. “I had a crush on you in high school.”

Bakugou choked again. “You’re fucking joking.”

“I’m not.”

But why?” Bakugou’s knuckles strained white with the crushing grip he put on the edge of the table (Todoroki really hoped it wouldn’t break. He really didn’t want to have to pay the restaurant for damages). “I was an ass.”

“Not always.”

“A lot of the time.”

“I still like you. I realized that today.” At least now there was no room for misunderstanding. Even when he said something as simple as ‘I like you’ he could see the near physical effect it had on the disgruntled hero. Todoroki suspected he was unaccustomed to hearing someone voice real affection towards him- and honestly it was a feeling he knew too. “I want you to go out with me. If you’re interested. Are you?”

Bakugou was unnerved. His foot was tapping underneath the table like he couldn’t wait to get away. He looked towards the door and back to Todoroki, gaze darting from Todoroki’s hands on the table, to his neck as he swallowed under the scrutiny, and then back to mismatched eyes- when he broke.

“Argh!” He groaned loudly, tearing through spiky hair. “I’m not uninterested. I never considered you- Shit.“ He was blushing at whatever thought crossed his mind and had to steady himself. “I’ll think about it.”

It wasn’t a no and at this point, Todoroki would take it.


Todoroki didn’t have to wait long to see Bakugou again because the next day they both showed up to work at the same building. Bakugou took one look at red and white hair and lost it. “WE’RE AT THE SAME FUCKING AGENCY?”

“I’m new.” He answered simply

Bakugou’s eyes nearly rolled out of his head. “Yeah, I can see that. I’m not an idiot. Why didn’t you tell me yesterday?”

“You seemed to be distracted.”

“You can’t say that shit out of the blue and not expect me to be distracted.”

Am I that distracting?” He started with a teasing glint that worked exactly as anticipated-

YOU- ARGH!” Bakugou’s face was a flustered red, as he slammed open the door to the agency and stormed in. He followed him in, covering up the slight smile on his face when he realized he quite liked this flavor of Bakugou.

A few weeks in and Todoroki and Bakugou were put on a special assignment together. The head of the agency was very amused by the fact they were old classmates and insisted on pairing them up.

‘-you two went to school together, didn’t you? This job will give you some time to bond.’

Bakugou complained, but it was more bark than bite.

The briefing was simple:

A new villain syndicate had been detected around Tokyo- picked up on through some questionable exchanges of money, embezzled funds, and too convenient attacks on top companies. However, they weren’t the flashy sort- working in the shadows- and smartly so since the town was crawling with fresh faced heroes ready to make their mark.

Their agency picked up on some intel through a series of underground parties and gambling rings that were tied to the missing cash. However, given the unknown nature of the villain’s quirks- the agency thought a team of high powered, relatively unknown- new- heroes was the best bet.

Namely Todoroki and Bakugou.


They met up at Bakugou’s apartment the night of the infiltration, disguises in hand. Todoroki was too recognizable- not only from his distinct appearance but also as the son of a top hero. His cover was more involved and seeing himself in the mirror- in a form that looked like him but not quite- was jarring. He adjusted his red wig, hand trailing over the concealed scar that usually marred his left eye. He’d gotten so used to the story his scar and genetics told that seeing himself with a relatively normal appearance made him feel odd.

He was drawn from his musings when Bakugou slammed a contact case down in front of him. “You know how long it took me to find colored contacts?”

Todoroki ignored his complaining. “Thanks.”

“Part of my job. Can’t have some villain recognizing those eyes of yours.” Gray and blue. One from his mother, one from his father. Bakugou lingered on them too long, bordering on awkward, before he turned away with a cough.

Todoroki blinked for a moment to see matching gray eyes reflected back at him and turned to Bakugou expectantly as he buttoned the front of his waistcoat. The blonde raised an eyebrow. “What do you want me to say, pretty boy, that you look nice?” He scoffed, but there was more of a teasing edge to it than an antagonistic one. “Because you always do.”

Ah, a rare Bakugou compliment. It made his mouth a little dry, and he swallowed. Bakugou wasn’t so bad himself. He was grateful that this was a black-tie affair, if only for the excuse to see Bakugou out of sloppy, baggy clothes and in something nice for once.

“It suits you.” Todoroki commented at last, earning him a burning glare at the pun. Todoroki had a feeling that another one might merit the threat of explosives, but the suit did suit him. The Bakugou standing in front of him was one that would make his mother proud. “Well, you do look handsome. I didn’t know your hair could do that.”

It wasn’t to Jeanist levels of orderly, but it was proof that Bakugou, did in fact, own a brush.

“Shut up. What are you, my mom?”

“How about this then-“ He tugged on the lapels of Bakugou’s jacket, dragging him a step forward and voice dropping strategically low and breathy. “You look really fucking hot.”

He was shoved back, Bakugou clasping a hand over the ear that bore the brunt of his flirtations. “Fuck. You're too good at this. When did you get good at this?!” Todoroki shrugged, and his lack of reaction only fueled the flustered blonde further. “I swear I’ll get you back, Todoroki! I’ll make you so fucking weak at the knees you’ll forget every other person you’ve been with.”

He was a little taken aback by the outburst and laughed shortly at the daggers Bakugou stared into him.

This was one challenge he'd be happy to lose.

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Todoroki was suddenly reminded of all the reasons why he hated parties.

They were cramped, sweaty, mind numbingly loud with every surface vibrating from the sound system, not to mention the occasionally overly toasted guest falling over themselves and nearly spilling their drink on his shirt.

This one wasn’t much different. The smell of smoke cast the room in haze as did the dim lights and the low hum of chatter. He kept turning on his quirk to keep his body from overheating, spreading it out a little farther to Bakugou- the last thing he needed was a sweaty Bakugou combusting the whole underground club. People flitted between main floor to the bar with a few heading towards the back rooms. It was there that the real intent of the party was clear.


It was what attracted those with deep pockets and a lust for luck, and what would be the downfall of this newfound villain group. For the sake of their cover, they played along for a bit. Todoroki tried his hand, after all he’d been told he had an excellent poker face, only to lose a weeks’ worth of wages in a matter of minutes.

Bakugou on the other hand fared much luckier, raking in a few hundred thousand yen in one ballsy move. The luck didn’t last as he almost killed their cover getting a bar fight with a sore loser who began to heckle him about being a cheat.

Smoke rose from his fingertips along with his voice, and Todoroki grabbed his hand quickly, forcing ice through his veins to calm the blonde’s quirk down.

New ground rules.

No more gambling.”

Bakugou grumbled. “It’s not my fault that asshole tried to rile me up.”

“Remember we have a job to do.”

“I know that.” He snapped.” Haven’t seen anyone abnormally suspicious yet, I guess we wait it out.”

-One hour later-

Todoroki sighed, the monotony of attending a party when they were not part of the activities finally kicked in. Bakugou was bearing the brunt of it.

“This fucking sucks.” He complained, kicking the nearby table with a melting ice sculpture of a bear. Its paw broke off and clattered to the dish below. Bakugou’s scowl deepened. “The bear’s falling apart. I can’t beat these idiots in poker. I can’t drink. Some lady my mom’s age just hit on me, and I’m bored.

“The drinking’s your choice. I offered to drive.”

“Yeah. Like I trust you with that after living in America.”

“Also, your choice.”

“Whatever.” He scoffed. His eyes narrowed in the direction of another patron from across the bar. Bakugou’s brows furrowed as a sneer formed on his face. “Is that guy staring at us?” Todoroki followed his line of sight to an older man in a full suit sitting at the bar. He was definitely staring. “You don’t think he can tell- mmph!“

He tugged Bakugou’s tie, catching his mouth with his own and giving one cursory peek to their voyeur. The person’s eyes averted the second he pulled the blonde to him.

Coast clear.

Well almost. Bakugou’s hand was on his chest, pushing them a breath apart. The taste of chapstick and hot cinnamon candy lingered on his mouth. He licked his lips without thinking as it left him wanting more.

He tried not to look too disappointed when Bakugou forced them apart.

“The fuck do you think you’re doing, Icyhot?” Bakugou hissed under his breath. The flush on his face contradicted his anger. Todoroki kept his cool even though each harshly hissed word left him warm from the hot breath against his face.

“Keeping our cover. Plus, you said you were bored.”

That struck a chord within Bakugou. His face twisted in some strange expression. “Yeah, I didn’t mean for you to-“ Bakugou’s teeth gritted, and he looked around briefly before tearing himself from Todoroki’s grasp and grabbing the faux red head by the hand. “You know what- fuck it.”

Todoroki stumbled slightly as Bakugou dragged him along to a corner created from the room divide and the backwall. Todoroki knew what he was doing, moving to a place slightly obscured by the bear, but still with a good view of the entrance, the bar, and the hallway leading to the back rooms.

It piqued his interest, and he gave a pleased hum.

You are interested.”

Bakugou’s face snapped to his. His angry embarrassment brought a slight grin to Todoroki’s face. “What, didn’t pick up on that before? Of course, I’m fucking interested. Who wouldn’t be interested in you.“

He pushed. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Goddammit, Todoroki.” Bakugou groaned, and suddenly there was a hand slamming into the space on the wall next to his head. Todoroki blinked at the red eyes that held a newfound, curious glint to them. “I’m going to get you back for earlier.”

Todoroki bit back an anticipatory grin. “I didn’t think it would be so soon.”

Not that he minded, as long as the mission was a success. The last thing he wanted to do was explain to their boss that they lost the targets because they made out at the party. This was probably not the kind of ‘bonding’ they had in mind when they set the two on the mission. Though it was exactly the kind of ‘bonding’ Todoroki had hoped for but had not expected to receive.

Bakugou surprised him. Apparently, he wasn’t a fan of putting up with all of Todoroki’s teasing and flirting.

He was the kind of person who took action.

Todoroki swallowed dryly, entranced by Bakugou’s lips forming the words, “Consider this the first step in my revenge plot.” Before a hand pressed against the cool side of Todoroki’s neck. His blood thrummed against the fingertips on his skin as his pulse quickened. Bakugou’s hand skimmed under his jaw, angling his chin to better capture his mouth in a bruising kiss.

Bakugou’s lips were rough against his- messily sucking and nipping his own red. Todoroki sighed against him, hand curling in blonde hair, to yank him down and further crush their mouths together. Todoroki decided he quite liked this. The melting feeling having Bakugou’s hands against his skin, the taste of his mouth on his tongue, his entire field of vision taken up by Bakugou, Bakugou, Bakugou.

Todoroki gasped, when something other than the blonde caught his eye. He squirmed away- Bakugou’s mouth drawing awkwardly, wetly across his cheek when he turned his head to the side to peer over his shoulder.

“What?” He asked in irritation when he finally realized he wasn’t the center of attention.

“Bakugou. Look.” Todoroki motioned with his head towards the bar, and the blonde peered over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of a colorful cast of characters- two whose quirks weren’t physical manifestations and three whose were. There was a woman with notably webbed hands, and man with blue scales trailing up his forearm and the side of his face, and one who had a myriad of extra eyes like a spider.

One of them took a glass in hand, saying something to the lady tending the bar, and threw the glass. It bounced off the mirror behind the half-emptied bottles of liquor.

“Show off. It’s not even a cool quirk.” Bakugou was one to talk about showing off. They both were.  Red eyes were back on him, when he asked, “You don’t think-?”

“I do. Let’s keep an eye on them.”

“What do you mean? We’re not going to tail them?”

“The party doesn’t end until two. We leave when they leave.”

Bakugou sent him a questioning glare. His eyebrow twitched slightly in agitation. “Then why’d we show up three hours early?”

It wasn’t an accident.

It was a calculated, albeit selfish decision. Todoroki relaxed against the wall, drawing his eyes from the syndicate to his temporary partner. He stated it like it was so simple, though to Bakugou it wasn’t.

“I wanted the time with you.”

Todoroki didn’t miss the slight way the blonde’s eyes widened nor the catch in his breath that turned into a low growl. “You’re the fucking worst, you know that?”

“You don’t actually think that.”

Bakugou broke into a dry laugh. “I don’t.


The two normal looking potential villains went to the back room, leaving the other three to mingle around the party. For the time being, they were stuck spying and attempting to blend in with the other party goers.

Shoved up against the wall, participating in some mega PDA wasn’t exactly subtle but it was out of the question for this scene. Hiding in plain sight or something. No one was going to look too hard at the couple getting a little too handsy in the corner.

And that’s exactly what Bakugou did.

Todoroki took in a sharp hiss of air at the teeth that grazed his throat. “What are you doing?” He asked when Bakugou began to unbutton the top of his shirt and vest. His mouth traveled lower, lips and teeth grazing his collar bone and sucking harshly at the exposed skin.

Bakugou glanced up with a cocky, evil glint to his eyes that made him feel like his left side was taking over. “Keeping myself entertained. Unless you want to back out of what you started.”

“I don’t.”


 Bakugou’s mouth found his again, licking at his teeth and tongue. The blonde shuddered when Todoroki grabbed his waist, pulling him flush to his own form, limbs knocking awkwardly as they gripped for purchase on each other’s bodies. It was a search for more- more of the kisses that tasted like fire, the heat that coiled underneath skin, and the inklings of pleasure that dripped from every touch.

It was the warm tingle of this pleasure that cast Todoroki’s mind in a haze, distracting him from the little bit of attention he was still keeping on his surroundings. Instead he was entirely focused on the man in front of him. Todoroki moaned lowly, the noise swallowed down in Bakugou’s mouth, when the blonde’s leg bumped growing arousal.

He could feel Bakugou smirk against him.

The explosive hero dragged himself away just to gloat like a fucking tease. “How are you feeling?”  The waggle to his brow wasn’t subtle in the least.

He knew exactly what Todoroki was feeling.

“Fine.” Todoroki answered curtly like he wasn’t hyperaware of Bakugou rubbing the marks he made on his collar with his thumb nor how all his blood was suddenly rushing towards his cock. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he regained his breath. He fought the urge to grind against Bakugou to relieve some of the building pressure- holding back for now.

It was futile when the blonde’s hands dropped low. He was already half hard, and Bakugou wasn’t relenting. Todoroki’s tongue darted to wet his lips, eyes glued on the hand that grazed over the front of his pants. A self-satisfied smirk rose to Bakugou’s face as he dragged a strained sound from the other hero when he thumbed the outline of his dick through the fabric.

“How about here?”

“Bakugou-“ He answered testily. He had some sense of pride, and Bakugou’s relentless teasing was eating at it. He was really reaping what he sowed after teasing Bakugou earlier, at least his hadn’t been quite so heated.

He hadn’t asked obvious questions to rile the other up all the while jerking him off through his clothes. But that was the game Bakugou played, and he was winning spectacularly. Todoroki’s hands tightened in blonde hair, pulling him down so warm breath cascaded down his neck, as he rutted against Bakugou’s firm hand. His head careened back, hitting the wall harshly with a groan.

Bakugou laughed against him. “I didn’t realize you were into exhibitionism.”

I’m not. He wanted to say but all hope at an argument fell apart when a knee pressed between his thighs, and then he was biting down on his lip to make himself shut up because Bakugou’s casual comment reminded him that they were, in fact, in a room full of fucking people.

And oh shit, the mission! He’d nearly forgotten about it in the moment.

Todoroki’s eyes darted to the crowd and the bar, drawing his attention back to the point of this whole thing, all while his breath fell in heavy pants from the hand stroking cock and mouth on his jaw. He saw one of the previous characters and sighed in relief.

They hadn’t left yet.

Bakugou’s lips brushed his ear, and he shivered. The hot breath brought goosebumps to his skin. Karma was such a bitch. “You’re still watching them?” Bakugou hummed.

Todoroki nodded with a breathy sigh, not even trying to be coy with how he wantonly rolled his hips against Bakugou’s knee. Until Bakugou’s hands dug into his hips to still his movements.

Todoroki’s eyes narrowed in complaint.

Bakugou demanded, “Tell me what they’re doing.”

He couldn’t be fucking serious.

“Aren’t you supposed to be a great hero? A little intel should be a breeze for you.” He was completely serious and having way too much fun now that he knew how to draw all kinds of reactions from the Icyhot hero. “You’re the one who said you wanted to spend more time with me- so play along.”

Okay, he was lying before when he said he’d gladly let Bakugou win this challenge because he was going to wreck him in the best way possible when this was all done.

But for now, he played along.

Todoroki’s eyes fixated on one of the tables across the room, as soon as he started speaking the grip holding him back slackened and he was able to rub himself against the blonde with a low groan. “The woman with the webbed hands she, mmph-“ He lost it at the sound of his zipper being undone and suddenly the hand that had been fondling him through his pants was now curling around his bare erection.

He cursed at the newfound contact, hips jerking in response. He was surprised by how little he cared that one unfortunately angled glance from a passerby would reveal all- but his brain was a little too fuzzy and body way too interested in what Bakugou had to offer.

He continued after composing himself, describing what was happening in broken detail. Bakugou’s hand started to move over his shaft, jerking him off at a painfully slow pace. “She, ah, traded some of the gambling tokens for a- a, uh, cellphone. She, hah, handed over to the- the spider guy.”

Bakugou made a pleased sound, nose bumping against Todoroki’s when he leaned in to give him a small, approving kiss.

Good job.

Fuck. The blood in his veins felt like fire, and he was absolutely certain his cock twitched in the blonde’s hand.

Did Bakugou even know what he was doing to him with words like that?

The subtle amusement that crossed his features said that he did.

“Tell me something else.”

This again? Bakugou might have been toying with him, doing all the things he could to get him to riled up. It was working and part of him hated it- that he was so easy to break down with a warm touch and a teasing grin.

But this was also Bakugou. Bakugou whose kisses were as rough as his temperament, whose fiery personality mellowed around him but still kept its bite. And fuck, if he just wasn’t head over heels for the blonde eyeing him up with such salacious intent.

Todoroki steadied his breath and went along with the game. “The guy with the scales got into an argument,” His mouth clamped down at the thumb dragging up his length, teasing at the sensitive spot just under the head before curling around the base again. Todoroki shook slightly, a wisp of icy air coming from his right side to calm down his reactions. “-with the bouncer to the back rooms after-“

Bakugou’s free hand slipped into his shirt pinching and teasing at his nipples. The double sensation was maddening. His back arched from the wall and further into the touch, concentration completely shot at the stimulation.

Todoroki’s words stopped short.

“Why’d you stop?”

“You know why- ah!” Todoroki’s hand slapped over his mouth. Bakugou dragged his nail up the underside, stopping at the head to dip his fingers into the precum beading at the tip. He let out a low whine at the disappointing loss of contact that made his hips stutter against the leg between his thighs.

 “You’re dripping.” Bakugou brought his hand to his face to lick his fingers. It was so fucking indecent that smirk on his face. Todoroki wanted to wiped it off, and he did with a hasty kiss, shoving Bakugou’s hand back in his pants to thrust against him.

The blonde’s hand went lax. A groan rumbled from deep within himself.

“Bakugou.” He complained.

“You’re close. Don’t you want to finish this?”

That was an evil double entendre, and he knew it.

Todoroki wriggled against the other’s body to look over his shoulder again. “Fine.” He huffed, just really wanting to get off now. “The other two from their group went in. Now he’s trying to chat up women at the bar.”

“What about the guy with the eyes.”

Spider man approached the DJ, and the song changed from some upbeat pop hit to synth wave. His eyes scanned the crowd, looking for someone, for a moment they fixed on Todoroki. “He’s looking at me.”

Bakugou froze. “Shit, really?”


He snorted, shooting a death glare over his shoulder at the villain. “I’ll give him something to look at.”

The next thing Todoroki knew, his sense of gravity shifted. Bakugou’s hand came under his thigh, picking it up, and hooking it around his waist. He rutted against him, and Todoroki thought his face scrunched up far too cutely from the stimulation while grinding against his wanting cock.

He noticed something else too. Bakugou was hard.

Todoroki’s hand twitched. He wanted desperately to touch him- to make those little moans he uttered with each thrust against Todoroki’s cock into loud, unabashed ones. Hell, if they weren’t here to act spies, he’d even consider dropping to his knees for him.

Moments later and Todoroki felt like he was about lose it. “Bakugou. Bakugou stop. If you keep going like this I’ll-“

“You’ll what?” He panted, dropping Todoroki’s leg. Now it was finally getting to him too, which was not helping the coiling of pleasure in his stomach. “Cum? Because that’s kind of the point, Half’n’Half.”

Shit, Bakugou was seriously planning on making cum in his brand new suit. Right here. On a mission. He knew Bakugou wasn’t the kind to half ass things, but even this was going overboard.

“But my clothes-“

“I got it fucking covered. Don’t worry.” He pulled out the sacrificial pocket square.

Todoroki’s complaint was silenced, and he fell back into unsteady breaths.

 “Todoroki.” Lips that said his name brushed softly against his skin. He was fucking close now- about a breath away from spilling over.

“Call me by my given name.” He managed to get out. Bakugou nodded, one hand splayed across his chest, keeping his back flush to the wall while the other stroked him through it. This time there was no teasing. it was quick and rough and messy with the cum dripping and coating each motion with a wet fluidity.


His knees started to buckle. “I-I-“

Todoroki’s attention was captured by a loud sound. There was an argument from across the room. The two villain’s that had been gambling stormed out of the back rooms- with much shouting and chaos ensuring from angry patrons. The rest of the group assembled at the exit, and oh shit, they were leaving. Their marks were leaving, and he could barely process it while on the brink of orgasm.

 “Bakugou-!”  He stuttered, trying to bring to light the shift in their mission plans but being overtaken as his orgasm hit. He keened, forehead falling to the blonde’s shoulder, watching himself spill into Bakugou’s hand and the way too expensive piece of fabric.

When his breath caught and his mind came back down, he shoved his hands against a very surprised Bakugou’s shoulders. The most coherent thing he could string out was, “They’re gone. The car. We’ve got to go.”

Bakugou connected the urgency in his eyes to his mangled sentence.

“Ah, shit.”

He took one look back at Todoroki and then to the exit and ran for it. Todoroki straightened out his clothes to some semblance of decency and chased after.

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe we almost let them fucking get away.” Bakugou seethed over the steering wheel. The car jerked sharply to the side, throwing Todoroki against the window.

And Bakugou was worried about his driving?!

Bakugou followed at some distance from the black car. After their mid-mission escapade, Todoroki wasn’t sure what exactly their relationship was. That Bakugou- the one intent to show him up and not let Todoroki get the best of him- was exhilarating. He could still feel the remnants of the burning touch against his skin.

It made him wish they weren’t on this mission so they could really do something about it.

Not only that but it made him wish that Bakugou would take him up on his initial offer because part of him was a hopeful romantic and as much as he liked having that smoldering gaze fixed on him an equal part of him wanted all the dumb domestic stuff too- sharing meals and nights, watching movies, holding hands, having someone to come home to every day.

How the hell he ended up wanting this from the atomic blonde, he didn’t quite know.

Todoroki breathed a short laugh, quipping with a subtly salacious grin. “Might have something to do with the hand you had shoved down my pants.”

Bakugou sputtered. He was so confident before when he was determined to beat Todoroki at his own game, now he was blushing something furious. “Wouldn’t have been a problem if you didn’t take so goddamn long to get off.” Bakugou slammed on the breaks at a stop light. The breath was nearly knocked out of him when he was thrown forward only to be held back by an arm slamming against his chest.

“Put on your fucking seatbelt!” Bakugou hissed from across the car.

As much as Bakugou fought showing his heart on his sleeve- this was evidence enough that Todoroki weaseled his way into the short list of people Bakugou gave a shit about. Enough of a shit, to stop him from hurting himself with Bakugou’s own erratic driving.

Todoroki’s tongue hit the back of his teeth as he scrutinized every little detail of Bakugou’s actions for meaning; and there was meaning, buried under that Bakugou-esk roughness. The blonde’s name fell softly from his tongue. “Bakugou…”

“Don’t look at me with those puppy eyes.”

“Bakugou, we made out in public. I came in your hand all of ten minutes ago. We’re there. You can be a little protective of me.”

“I’M NOT-“ The car swerved when he realized that maybe, just maybe, Todoroki was speaking the truth. “Urk.”

Todoroki didn’t look at the road Bakugou’s eyes were glued to, but he did look at Bakugou. Teeth bared and gritted, eyebrows knitted in the deep furrow that Todoroki suspected was present on 90% of his expressions, and with a skimming glance, he noticed the other was still turned on from earlier given the tent in his pants and the slight twitch in his leg.

Todoroki tucked the strap of his newly buckled seatbelt behind him leaning over the console. He reached out to curl his fingers up Bakugou’s inner thigh, tracing the seam of his trousers with an unnaturally warm touch.

Bakugou froze up at the contact. “The hell?” For the briefest of moments, his eyes darted down to the hand near his crotch, but they snapped up at the blaring horn when he almost rear ended the car in front of them. Todoroki’s side hit the gear shift at the sudden loss of momentum. Bakugou cursed sharply, but it was more amused than aggravated. “Dammit, this is what I get for earlier isn’t it?”

“They do say revenge is a dish best served cold.”

“Don’t you start quoting literary bullshit-“ His hand went icy. The smallest amount of frost formed on the fabric of his clothes. Bakugou jerked the wheel with a gasp, and a sharply yelled, “OI!” Before Todoroki switched back to warm.

Todoroki hid a smile because his reactions really were priceless.

Bakugou squirmed in his seat, hips canting into his touch. Todoroki leaned further into his space, a hand settling between his thighs to tease at the cock straining his pants, pressing the pad of his finger to the damp spot that darkened the fabric. He kissed the side of Bakugou’s neck, dragging a cold tongue along warm skin.

It drew out a shiver and a rather loud moan.

“Stop it. Stop. It’s too distracting. I can’t-“ Bakugou forced out. There was a popping sound. Bakugou’s hands tightened on the wheel. It started to smolder, filling the car with the scent of burning chemicals.

Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. Todoroki liked the idea of not wrecking the car and keeping his body intact so he slunk back into the passenger seat, crossing his arms to keep his hands to himself. He conjured a bit of cold from his right side to cool them both down metaphorically and literally.

After a moment of tension filled silence, he commented, “You still haven’t gotten off.”

Bakugou was white knuckling the wheel in a death grip. “I’m completely fucking aware of that, Todoroki. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.”

“Isn’t it uncomfortable?”

“YES.” He nearly shouted in exasperation. “Can we not talk about my dick right now?! I almost lost those assholes at the last intersection.”

Those assholes were pulling into the parking lot of some run down factory.

“They’re stopping.” Todoroki pointed out.

I can see that.” He pulled over into an alley across the street, leaning over the dash to watch their targets carefully. “They’re going into that dingy-ass factory.”

“I’m sending a GPS tag to the boss.”

“What a model employee.” Bakugou snickered. Suddenly he was unbuckling his seatbelt and stepping out of the car. “I’m going in. I’ll see what bullshit these weirdos are up to.”

“We’re not supposed to-“

“-what? Engage? Never said I was going to. At least not on purpose.” The car door slammed shut in front of the blonde’s smirking face as he ran off towards the building.

“Dammit.” Todoroki hissed, tearing himself out of the car to follow after the brasher hero.


Todoroki watched from afar as Bakugou climbed into the factory through an open window, all while running as fast as he could to catch up. It was a little irritating that even so many years later, Bakugou still had him beat when it came to speed.

“Bakugou!” He hissed under his breath, as he mimicked the blonde’s maneuver to make it inside the building. Todoroki landed on the ground in what looked like a storage room- dank, dark, and piled high with pallets of boxes. The scent of metal lingered in the air. He scanned the area before making a move.

Tension drained from his body when he appeared to be very much alone. His tongue clicked. “Ah, fuck.” He really was starting to sound like Bakugou. The Bakugou who was very clearly missing because dammit if teamwork still wasn’t his strongest suit, even if he had gotten better at it. Todoroki approached a large door, he could faintly hear the sound of something whirring and low voices from the other side and then-


There was a shard of sharp ice in his hand, flung back to where the noise came from. His arm was caught at the wrist mid-motion with a short snort. Bakugou. “Don’t do that to me when we’re working.”

“But your reaction was great.”

Todoroki whipped his head back and withdrew his arm. The ice pointed at the blonde melted away. Bakugou seemed entirely nonplussed by the sharp edge that had been pressed to his throat earlier, and the amusement in those red eyes made his stomach twist.

Because he wanted to kiss him and it took all his self-control not to because the mission. The mission- the one they almost fucked up because he’d gotten carried away with the kissing… among other things.

Though honestly, it was probably both of their faults.

His tongue darted across his lips, staring at Bakugou’s that were pursed in some shitty half smile.

Later. He reminded himself.

“Todoroki focus.” Bakugou teased. He wanted to throw it back at him because he was the one who started it. Except that was a lie, it was him. Bakugou just took it up 20 notches. The blonde’s mouth dipped into a more salacious smirk.

Definitely later.

He took a deep breath to clear his thoughts. “Did you find anything?”

“Oh, yeah. Follow me.”

They snuck through the backdoor of the factory, and Bakugou led him upstairs and to a large open warehouse. They treaded cautiously over one of the catwalks, below was the rumble of the villains arguing. The five were there, four of them bickering over something while the other typed away at one of several computers. Big boxed servers hummed from the side, and the ground was littered in cables.

They were likely siphoning power off the local grid to run their system. From the outside this place looked run down, dilapidated, and powerless. In reality, they had quite the set up. A perfect place for a hideout.

Todoroki checked his phone. His message had been received and a few more heroes specializing into capturing villains were being sent to their location.

“Exits.” Bakugou muttered under his breath, eyes glued on those below them.

Todoroki nodded, leaving the blonde perched on the catwalk to go seal off the doors, but not before whispering, “Don’t blow anything up, especially not the computers.”

There was information on them that they needed. That much had been mentioned in the briefing if they were able to get this far. Bakugou rolled his eyes. “I know.” And shooed him off.

Todoroki hit the first few doors with ice, barring them shut and breaking the knob mechanism, checking afterwards to make sure they wouldn’t budge. It was only a minute that passed before he heard the sound of the first explosion and groaned internally.

Because Bakugou couldn’t fucking wait, could he?

If they stuck to protocol the other heroes would’ve cleanly taken care of this, but someone wasn’t a fan of offloading duties or being discrete.


But then again, neither was he.

Todoroki ran back to the warehouse, and towards the sound of a loud scuffle. Above all the crashing and explosions, he could hear Bakugou’s distinct, deep yelling. When he opened the door, he was met with fire, debris, and his name shouted sharply, “Todoroki!”

He threw up an ice wall blocking a metal beam that came crashing towards him in one of Bakugou’s blasts. “What happened?”

Bakugou blocked an attack with his own, sparing a split second to look his way. “That guy’s got a fucking spidey sense. Watch out for the webs. They’re real annoying bastards!” The blonde was ripping through some as he spoke, setting the white threads on fire with tiny, controlled blasts.

Todoroki used his fire to burn through the webbing that blocked the way, only to have it doused when a pipe rattled and burst. Water spewed forth, raining down on his handiwork. That woman from before was watching him suspiciously. Her eyes widened in recognition, pointing an accusatory finger at him. “It’s you!” She looked back towards the others and specifically to Bakugou. “You were the two practically fucking at the club!”.

“No, we weren’t.” He answered quickly, despite his red face and the steam rising from his left side.

 “Oh my god, was that your cover?” Her wrist flicked, and the water changed direction. He tried to dodge but was too slow and ended up drenched in water. “That’s so clever, I would have never guessed you were spies…“ She muttered to herself.

The next rush of water aimed his way was met with fire, giving rise to steam that covered the whole room in a mist. All went quiet. Todoroki held his breath, listening carefully for the sound of footsteps under the low rumble of the nearby streets and water spewing from the broken pipe.

There was a loud banging sound as a door was slammed open, bright light shining into the warehouse and reflecting strangely off the water in the air.

“We’ve captured your buddies. Turn yourselves over, and no one has to get hurt!”

Todoroki heard a disgruntled noise close by and sent ice crackling across the floor in that direction. It turned into a yelp when he presumably froze one of their targets.

“Shouto!” The other hero from their agency called out through the mist. “How many are there?”

“Five. I caught one with my ice over here.” The mist was too cumbersome. “I’m going to cool things down.” The right side of his body emitted an icy gale causing the water to precipitate out of the air and drop to the ground in a puddle.

It wasn’t long until the last of the villains were handcuffed and carted away.

“Good job you two. Hopefully we can collect some data from the hard drives and prevent this from happening again.” He glanced over to Bakugou who in a bit of a mess. “Can you deal with him? And perhaps get yourselves cleaned up? You look a right mess.”

Todoroki’s face turned red. His perfectly nice formal wear was damp and sticking to his skin uncomfortably.

He nodded anyways.

“Good to hear! The boss wants a report tomorrow evening so you better go catch a few winks before opening.”

Todoroki’s eyes fell on Bakugou again who was grumbling rather loudly from where he’d been plastered to the wall in a mess of webbing. The room was too cold from Todoroki’s ice, making the blonde’s explosive powers all but useless.

Bakugou stared him down intensely as Todoroki reached to pull the wad of web that covered his mouth.

Once it was free, he was met with a deafening, “FUCKING ASSHOLE SAID I HAD A LOUD MOUTH! That he could hear me the moment I entered the building!”

Todoroki winced. “You kind of do…”

“Don’t agree with the villain! Just get me down from here, ya Half’n’Half bastard!”

He chuckled, trailing a finger of fire across the web that held him in place. “This might burn a bit.”

“I think I can take a little bit of your fire, Shouto.” Todoroki choked, not daring to look up to the smirk directed at him and instead focusing on the small flames that cut through the web on his arms.

One fell free and Bakugou used to graze his cheek. He didn’t say anything, content to watch Todoroki do his work. Well until Todoroki’s hands fell lower, severing the threads across his legs.

The he heard a strained breath. “Ah, shit.”

Mission interlude aside- his mind was right back in the gutter from where it had fallen in the past hour. Todoroki could feel that tension again in the air, and more palpably when his hands lingered over Bakugou’s crotch.

He was still hard.

Bakugou’s breaths were unsteady from the suggestion of the position and from curious hands. How the hell he managed to keep it up after all that was baffling… well maybe not as baffling as it seemed. “Does fighting get you off?” He asked with no semblance of pretense, finally burning through the last of it.

Bakugou took it in stride and without an ounce of shame. “Yeah. You know what else does?” He grinned as he was finally free, brushing the remaining webbing from his arms. “You.”


They barely made it back to the car. Bakugou was practically whingeing, hands pawing at Todoroki’s vest to yank him into haphazard kisses. Todoroki didn’t mind and interlocked his hand with the blonde’s increasingly sweaty and insistent one.

Bakugou fumbled for the keys, and nearly dropped them when Todoroki nuzzled the nape of his neck and left a trail of feather light kisses that brought goosebumps to his skin. Bakugou’s fist hit the window hard as his body trembled. “Get in the fucking car.” He breathed, only held together by sheer determination. Bakugou’s head shook as his fingers thrummed hard (impatiently) against the glass. “Holy shit, I can’t wait. I feel like I’m going to explode.”

“Please don’t. I don’t want to pay for car damages.” Though the hand prints seared into the steering wheel were going to take some explaining.

“Oh my god, Todoroki.” Bakugou complained, shifting to face him. “Just shut up and doing something, anything. I need it.” That needy yet demanding look in his eye made the breath catch in Todoroki’s throat. All it took was one glance back to the factory to ensure that the rest of the agents had left for Todoroki to push Bakugou’s shoulder into the side of the car roughly. The vehicle rocked, and Bakugou raised an expectant brow- one that was washed away in a searing kiss.

Bakugou pushed against him every step of the way. Keening from his touch and biting out snarky remarks about how Todoroki needed to ‘hurry it up with this bullshit’ all while driving his hips hard against Todoroki’s until the hands wound in his vest began smoking.

Eventually he reached his breaking point, dragging himself away from Todoroki’s lips with a low groan. “Cut the foreplay. I’ve waited all night for this shit.”

Todoroki did and without a second thought dropped to his knees on the cold concrete. Bakugou watched with a heady gaze. His thigh’s twitched in anticipation under his hands. Todoroki dragged them up his trousers and to his belt, unclasping it painfully slowly with hidden amusement when Bakugou snapped to yank it from his hands and do it himself.

Bakugou frowned slightly when their eyes met.

“Get rid of that shitty wig.” His hand twisted in red hair pulling it from his head and dropping it carelessly to the ground. He grumbled. “Goddammit. It’s not fair.” A hand fisted in white and red hair. Todoroki let his head be pulled back with Bakugou’s inclinations. “It still looks fucking good. How do you always look so good?” He muttered incredulously.

Todoroki shrugged.

“Of course, you wouldn’t have a clue.” He laughed and there was a softness, fondness even, to it that made him feel… happy.

He’d have to think more on those feelings at a later date because right now he was preoccupied.

“Is this good?” Todoroki asked, dragging down the zipper and slipping his hands past the fabric, purposefully avoiding his cock to slide his pants down.

“It'd be better if your mouth was on my cock instead of asking dumbass questions.”

He’d take that as a yes.

Bakugou squirmed when he wasn’t given immediate satisfaction, rocking his hips forward into open air in desperation for contact. And when he finally got it, he was driven to an uncharacteristic silence- teeth tearing at his lips and hands falling to clenched fists at his sides.

It amused him, how just the touch of his warmer hand curling around the base of his cock drew him to a silence like nothing else could (and honestly that he was able to have such a significant effect on Bakugou). He gave a few languid strokes for good measure, placing sloppy kisses and nipping little red marks along the blonde’s lower abdomen and thighs.

“Todoroki-“ He complained. Todoroki cast his eyes up to red ones that were torn with arousal and need. 

Ah, he was being unfair. Bakugou had spent a long time like this, and he had teased him on the drive over. Todoroki pulled a breadth away with the start of a grin and a mischievous glint to his eyes. “Fine. I’ll give you what you want.”

What Bakugou wanted was his mouth wrapped around the cock that jutted towards him, flushed and dripping with anticipation. And frankly, he wanted that too- ever since they starting making out in the club. Dropping to his knees there would have been indecent, but here at least there were no prying eyes other than a very needy Bakugou’s.

And he didn’t mind having those on him.

Todoroki’s fingers ghosted lower over heated skin, settling at the base of his shaft. The cool breath on his tongue had Bakugou’s cock twitching before he even licked a tentative stripe up the length to take the head into his mouth.

Bakugou jerked. His dick driven farther past his lips than anticipated by the sudden movement, and Todoroki sputtered slightly around the member in his mouth. “Ack. Sorry- too pent up.” Bakugou reached down to brush his bangs out of his eyes apologetically.

The subtle sentiment was gone in an instant when Bakugou’s head hit the door with a loud thunk as he began to suck, tongue curling around what he could manage to take in. “You’re mouth feels like fucking fire.” His body shuddered again, head lolling to the side to cast a cursory glance down. His fingers toyed with Todoroki’s wig mussed hair again. One move and he was canting against his lips voice falling to a moan. “It’s not going to take much.” He muttered.

That was probably for the best because the damp ground was soaking through his pants and the sound of cars and sirens in the distance wasn’t the most reassuring thing given their lewd display. Better to be a quickie after a mission than to get caught and reprimanded.

And boy after tonight, Todoroki really wanted the chance to see the normally callous blonde come undone.

It was like watching that in real time because the longer he spent bobbing down on his cock the more Bakugou seemed to lose what little composure he had. It was a flick of his tongue against a sensitive spot under the head that had hands digging in the back of his hair, picking up the pace as Bakugou’s dick thrust past his lips further into the warmth of his mouth. The hands in his hair tugged more sharply, drawling out a shallow moan that reverberated along the length on his tongue.

Bakugou practically keened, and his knees began to buckle the closer he got to the edge. When Todoroki used his free hand to jerk Bakugou off in tandem with his mouth, he really did lose it in a loud groan that anyone nearby would have to be deaf not to notice. He stumbled, losing his balance. Todoroki caught him half way, pulling off just to get out a snide remark. “Guess that means we’re tied.”

“Shut up. Oh god, use that mouth for better things than-“ His words devolved into a strangled moan when he complied, tongue darting over the head to tease over the mixture of precum and his own spit. It was only kind of gross, but not gross enough that it wasn’t worth the hazy look Bakugou gave him that made arousal burn in his veins.

Todoroki mouthed his cock fully again, with the way he was twitching (and by the sounds he was making) he had to be close. Bakugou bent over fingers digging into Todoroki’s shoulder. His breathes fell in uneven pants. “I can’t tell if you’re the best or the worst like this.”

There was a sharp pain blooming on his shoulder following a small pop. Todoroki ignored it, and Bakugou’s hands jerked away from him slamming against the door.

Sparks were flying from his fingertips, literally.

Bakugou’s eyes squeezed shut between the assault on his senses, the building orgasm, and the concentration required to control his quirk.

“Shit. Fuck. Shouto. I-“

Todoroki pulled away, letting his warmer hand grip his spit slicked shaft while his other held back his stuttering hips. “Katsuki.” He muttered in a hoarse voice. “Katsuki, I want to see you.”

“Huh?” His eyes shot open. It was there- what he was looking for- that vulnerability and that desire held in an expression he hoped few had been able to see. There was a quiver in the blonde’s muscles. His eyes widened in shock, punctuated by a strained moan when it finally hit him.

It happened fast. A metallic crunching sound. His eyes shutting tight just as warm cum splashed across the bridge of his nose to drip down his face. Bakugou’s relieved sigh and then a mesmerized and baffled, “Fuck.”

Bakugou dropped to the ground so when Todoroki opened his eyes he was faced with the blonde. Behind him he could see where Bakugou had hit the door hard enough to knock a pretty dent in it, his palms still smoking. 

He reached a hand to Todoroki’s face, drawing his thumb through what collected on his cheek. “It’s all over you.” He wiped it with the edge of his sleeve. Todoroki blinked. His tongue caught what was on his lips, earning him a ferociously blushing Katsuki. “Goddammit. You did that on purpose didn’t you.”

He shrugged again.


“You kinky fuck.” Bakugou caught his mouth for a last kiss. “Wanna crash at my place? And like actually crash. I feel like I’m about to fucking pass out, and I’m dreading that 8 am alarm.”

“As long as I can shower first.” Between the water, weird web residue, and the questionable body fluids they were both a mess, and no dry cleaning was going to save these suits.

Bakugou chuckled.  

“I think I can oblige.”

And when Todoroki stood up and offered a hand to the blonde, he took it.


The next day when Todoroki was filing the report on the mission- omitting some very glaringly significant details of the night- a hand slammed on his desk, ruffling his carefully ordered papers. His eyes shot up with the beginning of a glare to see Bakugou.

“I’ll do it.”  He announced with determination, and Todoroki tilted his head.

“Do what?”

He gestured at himself with his thumb and a wide grin spread over his face. “Date you. I’m going to be the best damn boyfriend you’ve ever had.”