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Sagas of Kyru the Half-Sayian

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Planet Namek

Kyru floated into the air, watching as Piccolo fought against Frieza. She was surprised just how strong he had gotten while away but she should have seen it coming, considering that he wasn't just any Namekian. It was clear that he was on the same level as Frieza and it was unfortunate she couldn't see the alien's reactions of Piccolo.

Kyru watched as Frieza grabbed the collar of Piccolo's cape, only to get blown back as Piccolo started to power up. He was surrounded by his white aura and in a split second, he was in front of Frieza and started the attack. Of course, Frieza countered him a few moment later by kicking him to the ground and charging up a blast before sending it at the earth born Namekian.

Piccolo swiped it right back at Frieza before unleashing a blast of his own, hitting Frieza. As the smoke cleared, he and the others saw Frieza still floating there, arms crossed in front of his face. A moment later, Frieza went on the offensive with a speed boost, knocking Piccolo around like it was nothing.

As Kyru watch Piccolo stand up, bloodied and bruised, she forced herself to stay where she was. She watched as Piccolo took off his cape and turban, throwing them onto the ground.

"Oh yeah, his clothes!" Gohan stated.

"He's been wearing his training gear, and they weigh a ton!" Krillin added.

After a small powering up, Piccolo started to beat Frieza, using his new speed to his advantage. Of course, when Piccolo threw Frieza into the ground, Frieza was quick to go into the air and faced Piccolo. Kyru watched as the two slowly descended and landed on the ground.

Frieza suddenly started to power up, a red aura with a black outline came off of it. Spikes came out of his back, his shoulder pieces came up horizontally and his head elongated with two spikes coming out from each side.

"Wait," began Krillin. "It doesn't seem he changed all that much has he?"

"Oh come on! Quit being a fool and use your senses. His power is on a completely different level now." snapped Vegeta. "Not only that but he seems to be able to exercise a far greater degree of control."

"And he's healed, the damage he got from Piccolo is gone, there's not a single scratch on him." Gohan gulped.

Kyru said nothing, watching as Piccolo tried to use his speed but Frieza was in front of him, forcing him to stop. Piccolo tried to attack but Frieza only dodged them and used a ki blast, sending the Namekian back. Piccolo flew towards Frieza, though Frieza, as they were fighting, landed hits on Piccolo before sending him flying. Piccolo managed to catch himself before Frieza started to shoot him with smaller ki blast, resulting in Piccolo not being able to move.

Kyru clenched her fists, gritting her teeth. She wanted to help Piccolo but didn't know the best way to. She wanted to save him, she couldn't bear to see her mentor die again, but what could she do?

"STOP IT!" Gohan suddenly shouted before blasting off towards the fight. Kyru instinctively blasted off after him, keeping close.

"Gohan, get up high and start charging a attack. I'll stop Frieza from attacking Piccolo." stated Kyru.

"Right." Gohan flew up into the air.

Kyru flew down, body poised for a kick. She watched as Frieza noticed and shot at Piccolo again, causing him to fly into a cliff. Frieza quickly rose up, dodging Kyru's kick.

"NOW GOHAN!" She shouted.

"YOU'RE THROUGH, YOU BIG BULLY!" Gohan had his hand raised, gathering his Ki. He waited until Kyru was out of the way to unleash the beam. It struck Frieza and pushed him back to the ground. Of course, Frieza was quick to send the blast back at Gohan, who was reeling. It was just about to hit when Piccolo's own ki blast intercepted it and clashed, causing it to explode.

"Gohan! Are you okay?!" Kyru asked as she floated there.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Gohan answered with a reassuring smile.