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Sagas of Kyru the Half-Sayian

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Planet Namek

Pain was all that Kyru knew at this moment. She had gashes all along her body, clothing was ripped and blood was dribbling down her lip and chin. She's sure that there was a broken rib or two and she was laying on her back, staring up at the green sky.

Earlier, Ginyu had taken the dragonballs to Frieza, leaving Racome, Guldo, Burter and Jeice to take care of Kyru, Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta. The last killed Guldo just as four eyes was about to kill the other three. Racome was up then and, even with his clothing ripped and some of his teeth knocked out, was still kicking as if he wasn't taking damage at all.

Krillin was on his front, half out of it with possibly multiple broken bones throughout his body.

Vegeta was laying on his front, his broken body was bleeding with several places. His eyes were open, surveying Racome as the giant stood, grinning at his opponent.

Gohan was the only one who stood against the giant. His eyes held determination and anger. His clothes were ripped and he had scratches and bruises all over his body. He also had blood coming from his lip, down his chin.

"I won't give up!" Gohan shouted as he charged. Kyru slowly turned her head to look and all she could see was Gohan jumping, his fist thrown. Racome jumped up above Gohan and swung his leg, hitting Gohan in the side of the neck. As it connected, there was an audible snap, causing Kyru's eyes to widen. She watched as Gohan landed on his back, twitching.

Kyru forced herself to her feet and started to stumble towards Gohan. Her breaths came out in pants at each painful step she took. Her tail was limp against her legs, the tip dragging across the ground. She was almost to him when a figure dropped down in front of her, causing her to stop. She slowly lifted her head, her eyes meeting the grinning face of Racome.

"Whoops. Looks like I forgot one." With that, his arm rose high and with a swift swipe, Knocked Kyru into the air.

"Racome BOOM!"

The blast hit the girl head on and from the cloud of smoke she fell towards the ground. Her clothing was ripped even more now with blood flowing from the new gashes. Just as she was about to meet the ground, two arms caught her gently.

"Kakarot you bastard." huffed Vegeta. "Finally decide to join us."

"Kyru." Goku gently shift the small child in his arms so he could free one hand to grab the pouch tied to his belt. He managed to reach in and grab a senzu bean before giving it to her.

Brown eyes slowly blink as Kyru came out of her daze. She felt her energy slowly replenish and the aches of pains fading away. Her eyes focused and the first thing she sees is a familiar smiling face looking down at her.


"Hey Kyru." Goku greeted.

"P-papa!" She reached up and managed to wrap her arms around his neck, causing him to chuckle.

"Lets fix your brother up okay?"

"Oh no, his neck!" Kyru scrambled out of the man's arms and to the prone boy. She quickly sat beside him while Goku sat on the other side. He carefully lifted Gohan's head and started to try and talk to him.

"Gohan, I have a senzu bean that will get you fixed right up. Hey, Gohan." Goku shifted the said boy and his head lulled off to the side. "No good. His neck's broken so he probably can't hear me. But don't worry, I'll get you fixed up." He pushed the bean into Gohan's mouth and took the boy's jaw and made him the the bean.

"There you go Gohan, now swallow."

Gohan blinked before looking up at Goku, who was smiling down at him.

"I-it's you! Dad! Y-You're really here!" Gohan exclaimed while grabbing onto Goku's gi. Goku helped Gohan up and knelt down in front of him.

"There. Good as new." Goku hummed as he dusted his son's clothes.

"Dad, you have to be careful with these guys." Gohan warned.

"Don't worry, We'll get to that." Goku stated as he got up. "But first, we need to get Krillin a senzu bean, right?"

"Yeah, right."

"So, you've had it pretty rough here huh?" asked Goku as he walked towards Krillin.

"Mhm. I didn't think we were gonna make it." Gohan answered as he walked beside Goku with Kyru, holding her hand. Goku glanced over at Vegeta, who was now standing and holding his banged up arm.

"What happened to Vegeta?" asked Goku. "He's looking pretty beat up too."

"That big guy. Vegeta tried to fight him before we did." Kyru answered this time.

"He was just too strong for any of us." Gohan sighed.

The three made it over to Krillin and Goku knelt down, sharing some friendly words before giving the smaller man a bean. Goku stood, Krillin following.

"Papa." Kyru piped up, causing Goku to look down at her. "Can I have a Senzu bean please?"

"Wha- why would you need another bean?" Krillin asked but Kyru ignored him and stare up at Goku. Goku searched her eyes before grabbing the senzu bean and giving it to her.

"This is the last one." He told her. She nodded and flew into Vegeta's direction. Before Krillin could say anything, Goku was distracting him by putting a hand on his head.

Kyru landed in front of Vegeta who looked down at her sharply. He opened his mouth to tell her off when she grabbed his hand and placed the bean on the middle of his hand.

"Eat this, it will make you better again." She chirped before taking a step back.

"W-What's happening?!" Vegeta questioned after he ate the bean.

"Told you."

"Why did you give me one? Surely you realize what I will do to your precious Earth once this is all over."

"I don't think you'll hurt Earth after this is all said and done."

"Tch. Your delusional brat." Vegeta snorted as he turned his attention to Goku, who was now in front of Recome.

"You can do it papa…" Kyru said to herself as she also turned her attention to her adoptive father. "I know you can…"