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Sagas of Kyru the Half-Sayian

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Somewhere in a wilderness/wasteland

The early morning rays poured across the land, bathing it in light. Dark, brown eyes opened and a yawn interrupted from the owner's mouth. A small hand reached up and rubbed the eyes. The small girl by the age of four sat up, stretching her arms above her head. Her dark, navy blue hair was short and wild. She wore a tattered outfit that consist of a Blue shirt, dark blue trousers, and shoes. She stood up and walked out of the cave she was sleeping in, her brown fury tail swaying behind her. She jumped from her ledge and landed on her feet. She looked as she heard one thuds of footfalls and looked over and saw a small kid, about her age, running towards her with a massive dinosaur chasing him. The thing was though, he was laughing as if he was having a jolly good time, which seemed out of place for someone her age being chased.

"Hey there!" he shouted when he noticed her. She blinked as he ran past her, grabbing her arm, pulling her with him and soon she was right there, running beside him.

The boy grabbed her hand and jumped onto one of the many cliffs and start to crawl up towards the top, the girl crawling after him. They were both panting once they reached the top. They looked at each other and started laughing.

"O-oh man! That was actually fun!" The girl giggled and the boy nodded with a goofy grin. "Yeah, sure was!" He finally noticed her tail and his grin widened.

"You have a tail!" She looked at her tail and wiggled it. "Yeah, I had it since I was born." she stated with her own grin.

"I had one too but it got cut off." He told her. "Oh by the way, My name's Gohan." he introduced himself. "I'm Kyru, it's nice to meet you Gohan."

"You too Kyru."

From than on, they were inseparable and would face whatever that came together.