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Neighbors Know My Name

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‘So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your rover .’ The words sear into Jimin’s ear drums as he steps out of the shower.  “What the fuck ?” Jimin says back to the music as it drifts through the wall. He hasn’t been living here long enough to know that it’s a normal thing with his neighbors, but he’s slowly catching on. It’s the third time this week the people living at the end of the hall have done this. Maybe, it wouldn’t be so annoying if it wasn’t the most terrible music in the world. Maybe , it wouldn’t be so fucking annoying if it wasn’t 11pm.


Jimin glares at himself in the fogged up mirror of his shitty apartment. The first time, he’d let the issue go as a one off thing. The second time, he’d complained to the apartment office. But it seems that nothing will stop them from cranking the bass to whatever shitty music they land on. It’s infuriating. As the song continues, Jimin can swear he can hear someone shouting the shitty repetitive lyrics- that’s when he finally pounds on the wall. “Shut the fuck up!” He shouts, pressing himself to the wall like he might meld through it and beat the shit out of whoever he finds on the other side.


The music doesn’t stop- there’s no response from the other side of the wall. Jimin glares at the white paint on the wall until it seems to turn colors. He’s going to mind his own business. Surely, someone else will complain this time. If it doesn’t, someone is going to get a whole five foot nine piece of mind. Jimin pulls on a hoody and basketball shorts, storming out of his bathroom and slamming the door so hard that he hopes the apartment building collapses around them. That would show them.


Normally, Jimin considers himself to be pretty relaxed, but thanks to his neighbor’s garbage music, a full time dance college schedule, and a part time cafe job; Park Jimin is at the end of his rope. “Shut up, shut up, shut up !” He yells as Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” comes on. He holds his ears as he walks through his studio apartment- pacing from one end to the other. When he reaches his bed for probably the fourth time, he flops into it face down.


“I’m sorry the old Jimin can’t come to the phone right now,” Jimin mocks the song, kicking his mattress agitatedly. “Why? Oh because his fucking neighbors killed him!” Jimin jumps out of bed suddenly,  stomping on the way out of his door. He goes to the door next to his at the end of the hall, clenching his hand into a fist and pounding so hard the numbers rattle.


Fuck .” Jimin hears on the other side as the music sinks to a more acceptable level. Good . He hopes they feel like the terrible assholes that they are. Shoving his hands into his pockets, Jimin glares at the door. What he isn’t expecting is the rock solid guy that answers the door in only boxers. What he really isn’t expecting, is that rock solid guy to have a rock solid boner.


A blush crashes over Jimin’s face like he’s been splattered with paint. “Hey, uh, shit- sorry it was really loud again, wasn’t it?” He chews his lip, and his nose twitches. He looks like a bunny. Jimin wants to punch him, and simultaneously tell him how cute he is. It’s annoying . “The music?” The boy asks, looking Jimin over.


“Yeah.” It lacks the conviction Jimin had meant it to have. He wants to crawl out of his skin. He wants to yell at the boy, and tell him to go to bed. But even if he did, he looks laughably soft with wet hair in a way too big sweatshirt. Jimin really regrets not thinking this through first. His eyes snap to the boy’s and then down at his wrist where there’s no watch, but he taps it anyway. “Do you know what time it is?” He hisses tiredly.


“Babe~” The voice is breathy when it asks, “who was it, Kookie?” Jimin peers up past muscles to see another boy who is completely naked- his orange hair tousled.


Jimin clears his throat and pointedly stares at the floor. What the fuck ? “Uh, Taehyung? This is our neighbor-” He hears the first guy say through the blood pounding in Jimin’s ears. “Uh, what is your name?”


Christ, he’s naked! ” The words rip from Jimin’s throat, pointing a small, accusatory finger in Taehyung’s direction. Jimin can feel the heat of anger and something else from his cheeks all the way to his toes.


Jungkook looks over his shoulder, almost nonchalantly. “Oh, yeah, he’s not really shy.” Taehyung giggles and comes to wrap himself around Jungkook’s back. “I’m Jungkook, and this is Taehyung.”


“He’s so small.” Taehyung reaches out and grabs one of Jimin’s hands- wrapping his huge hand around it easily. Jimin goes to pull away, but Taehyung squeezes his hand gently and pulls him nearly over the threshold of their apartment. “What’s your name, tiny?”


“I’m not! Tiny!” Jimin shouts. “I just. Want. To sleep.”


“Hey, we’re really sorry, alright?” Jungkook says softly, and Jimin hates the way it placates him almost immediately. “Let’s start over, okay? Jungkook,” he points to himself and reaches a hand up to pat Taehyung’s bright orange hair, “Taehyung. And?” Two fingers come to rest at Jimin’s pulse point on his neck- causing his heart to jump.


“Uh, Jimin… Park Jimin.” The smile Jungkook rewards him with makes Jimin’s heart ache.


“Minnie.” Taehyung breaks into a boxy grin at the nickname he creates, and pinches his fingers together. And okay, Jimin has to admit he’s really cute too. He can’t even keep the pout on his face when Taehyung cards large fingers through his hair. “He’s really cute.”


“He has ears, Tae.” Jungkook chides, but turns to press a chaste kiss to Taehyung’s lips.


“I- should go-” Jimin turns to leave, “j- just keep it down, please-” But Taehyung is still holding fast to his hand- even while he deepens the kiss with Jungkook. “Um-” Jimin squeaks. When he turns back to try and pry away Taehyung’s hand, he catches Taehyung’s darkened eyes. Taehyung is kissing Jungkook like he wants to devour him, but his eyes are locked on Jimin- there’s almost the hint of a smirk on his features. Then, Taehyung is sliding his free hand down Jungkook’s boxers- bringing a gasp from his lips that’s muffled by Taehyung’s mouth.


Jimin rolls his thick bottom lip between his teeth- his eyes glassy. Jungkook moans when Taehyung starts stroking him- the sound makes Jimin’s dick twitch. Jimin makes to hide the movement by pulling his hoodie hem down with his free hand, but it’s too late- both of the other boys seem to have caught it. Jungkook licks his lips, his head canting to the side. “Do you want to join us, Minnie?” He adopts Taehyung’s nickname easily, smiling around the words. “I mean, you’re already here and everything.” He runs a strong hand down Jimin’s chest- sending a shiver down Jimin’s spine.


“Um- I-”


“We won’t even make you listen to Taehyung’s terrible sex playlist-”


“Like yours is any better!” This earns Taehyung a smack on the ass, bringing a blush to his face and chest, and oh shit Jimin’s staring. The smirk that grows on Taehyung’s lips is borderline dangerous. “Is that a yes?” He licks his lips, tugging at Jimin’s wrist.


Jimin looks between the two of them, his breath catching in his throat when Taehyung pushes Jungkook’s boxers down to better grip his cock. If you can’t beat them, join them . A watery sound that might be an affirmation escapes Jimin as he moves further in to let the door close behind him. The two descend on Jimin like wolves- Taehyung finally releasing his hold Jimin’s wrist in order to grip his hip and press Jimin to the closed door. Taehyung latches his mouth to Jimin’s throat- biting just this side of painful. And Jimin whines - his hips pressing forward to find friction against what turns out to be Jungkook’s thigh.


“Minnie isn’t wearing any underwear.” Jungkook’s comment is directed at Taehyung, but his soft lips are pressed to the shell of Jimin’s ear. He sucks in Jimin’s lobe piercing and nips at it gently.


Fuck -” Jimin sighs heavily, squeezing his eyes shut. He can feel hands under his sweatshirt- pushing it up until Taehyung is sinking down to take one of Jimin’s nipples into his mouth. His tongue flicks over the nub skillfully- teeth grazing; just barely there. “Ah-” Jimin gasps, opening his eyes to watch Taehyung through already wet eyelashes. Taehyung works methodically, alternating between teasing Jimin’s nipples and giving him little breaks to bite marks on Jimin’s chest and stomach.


“You know, Jimin,” Jungkook’s voice is in his ear again- taking a break from where he’d been leaving dark hickies on Jimin’s throat. He waits for Jimin to hum in acknowledgement before continuing. “When you interrupted, I already had Taehyung all fingered open.” Jungkook runs his tongue over Jimin’s jawline- nipping at the golden skin at the junction of Jimin’s throat and jaw. “I bet he’s still wet.” Both Jimin and Taehyung groan, bringing a low snicker from Jungkook.


Jungkook grabs Taehyung’s hair, pulling him back sharply when his lips reach Jimin’s waistband. Jimin whines at the loss, his eyes watery and unfocused momentarily. “He’s really such a slut. I bet he could take us both, couldn’t you, Taetae?” Tae lets out a rhaspy moan- and Jungkook must really be gripping his hair because tears are springing to Taehyung’s eyes. “Use your words, baby- tell Jimin how much you want it.”


Taehyung’s body rolls- the movement restricted by Jungkook. “Please- want it so bad, Jungkookie- want to be filled-” He sobs. Taehyung’s eyes shift up to Jimin’s and he moans purposefully. “Jiminie you too- use me-” The way Taehyung begs has precome dripping from Jimin’s cock, and a dizzying heat washes over Jimin.


“So pretty when you beg, Taetae.” Jungkook coos, pulling Taehyung to stand. Taehyung wobbles, his cock heavy and dripping between his legs. “So good, baby.” Jungkook gently pets Taehyung’s hair and rewards him with a slow, deep kiss. Then, not wanting to leave Jimin out, Jungkook pulls him forward and kisses him too. Jimin opens easily for Jungkook, letting his tongue in and groaning when Jungkook bites at his plush upper lip.


Taehyung pushes his way into the kiss- turning it into more of just tongues sliding over each other than anything. In the next moment, Taehyung’s pulling both of them towards the bed resting against the other end of the room. His large hands fish underneath Jimin’s sweatshirt and pulls it off in one quick motion. “Mm, Jiminie is so pretty.” Taehyung murmurs- his fingers dipping along the lines of Jimin’s muscles. “What do you even do? Do you work out obsessively like Jungkookie?” This earns Taehyung another smack on the ass from Jungkook, but Jungkook is also looking Jimin over with interest.


“I dance.” Jimin says a little breathlessly, biting at his bottom lip.


“A dancer. I bet you’re flexible.” Taehyung chirps.


“We’ll have to test that out sometime.” Jungkook grins- an expression that Taehyung mimics. A flush washes over Jimin. Sometime . Which definitely means they want to do this again. And Jimin is already so down for it. Before Jimin has too much time to think about it, Taehyung is pulling off Jimin’s basketball shorts- having already taken care of Jungkook’s boxers. “Even your cock is pretty.” Jungkook murmurs, reaching past Taehyung to thumb at the sensitive tip.


Jimin moans, and presses into the touch. “God- fuck -” He sighs heavily because it feels like forever since he’s felt this turned on. Taehyung lays back in the bed to watch as Jungkook pulls Jimin to him. Their mouths meet so hard, the clack of teeth is audible. The blood is so loud in Jimin’s ears that he hardly hears Taehyung say, “what an ass”.


While they kiss, Jimin feels Jungkook’s hands slide around- gripping the flesh and groaning appreciatively. Jungkook’s fingers slip down the crack of Jimin’s ass- teasing at the ring of muscle. Jimin whines into Jungkook’s mouth and lets his shaking hands come to rest on Jungkook’s narrow shoulders for support. Jungkook gives Jimin a tiny, experimental smack on the ass with the other hand- forcing another noise from high in Jimin’s throat.


“I thought you were going to fill me up.” Taehyung pouts while bringing his knees to his chest. Jungkook separates from Jimin a little and smirks at the sight of Taehyung. His hole still looks sensitive- the skin pink and puffy and still shiny with lube. The sight has Jimin licking his lips, his eyelids drooping.


“What do you think, Jimin?” Jungkook murmurs lowly, motioning towards Taehyung, “you’re our guest after all.”


“I- uh.” Jimin peers shyly at Jungkook, cheeks warm. “I want to see you fuck him.” He whispers.


Taehyung groans and grabs for Jungkook. “Please Kookie.” He and Jungkook share a smirk before Jungkook is sinking onto the bed. His face is immediately between Taehyung’s legs- flattening his tongue against the sensitive hole. “Jungkook- so good to me- baby boy.” Taehyung’s fingers thread through Jungkook’s reddish brown hair and pushes him further down. Jimin begins to realize there’s a very complicated power dynamic between the two of them- he’s desperate to know more. Taehyung peers up at Jimin through his eyelashes. “Jungkookie is only nineteen, but he fucks like a monster-”


Jungkook growls out a noise, pressing his tongue and two fingers into Taehyung simultaneously. It occurs to Jimin that Taehyung is probably antagonizing Jungkook on purpose to rile him up. Jimin watches from the edge of the bed, his breathing uneven. “Jimin.” The sound of Jungkook’s voice snaps Jimin back into his head instead of his dick. “Take his mouth.” He gives Taehyung a sharp smack on the ass, and Taehyung reacts immediately- turning over to be on his stomach. Another smack on Taehyung’s ass has Jimin moving forward to the head of the bed to kneel by Taehyungs head. “You gonna behave, or do I have to fuck the manners into you, Taehyung?” Jungkook growls, adding another pink mark to Taehyung’s ass. “Hips up.”


Taehyung slides up onto his knees, moaning when Jungkook’s fingers immediately hook into his hips. “Good boy.” Jungkook leans in and and kisses the small of Taehyung’s back almost gently. “Now, you’re gonna take good care of Jimin, right?” His voice is rough against Taehyung’s skin. Taehyung nods barely, smiling weakly up at Jimin. Jungkook looks up at Jimin and smirks faintly. “Don’t hold back. Taetae likes it rough.”


“Okay,” Jimin nods faintly, almost breathless while he moves so his knees are on either side of Taehyung’s shoulders. He circles his dick around Taehyung’s thick lips. “Is that true, Taehyung?” Jimin murmurs breathily. His answer is choked off when Jungkook slides into him abruptly- Jimin flushes when he realizes Jungkook doesn’t have a condom on. “Uh is that- safe?”


“We’ve been-” Taehyung gasps and squeezes his eyes shut- shuddering as Jungkook presses in just right. “S- Since Kookie was-” He trails off, his mouth hanging open as Jungkook pulls almost completely out and slams back in.


“Since I was fifteen.” Jungkook smirks faintly, his hand on the small of Taehyung’s back- bending it almost painfully.


“Wasn’t always- bratty.” Taehyung mumbles. The reaction is instant, Jungkook tugging the older boy up by the hair.


“What was that?” Jungkook asks. The only response is a ragged whine as Taehyung tries to roll his hips back. “That’s what I thought.” Jungkook shoves Taehyung back down. “Now, fill your mouth before you get in more trouble, hm?”


Taehyung wastes no time after that, sucking the head of Jimin’s dick into his mouth and tonguing the slit gently. Jimin groans shakily, his tiny fingers wrapping into Taehyung’s hair- but he keeps his touch gentle unlike Jungkook. From here, Jimin can see the bruises forming under Jungkooks fingers on Taehyung’s hips. Eventually Jungkook settles into a rhythm. It does nothing to get Taehyung to move- he ends up just gasping against Jimin’s dick for the most part. Sometimes his tongue flicks out, but mostly he’s very noisy. Jimin rocks his hips to try and get more out of it- gasping when he can get himself past Taehyung’s lips. He doesn’t realize Jungkook’s slowed to a crawl until he’s speaking.


“Taetae, you’re driving Jimin crazy.” He smacks Taehyung’s ass. “I told you to behave.” Jungkook stops, fully seated inside of Taehyung. “Now suck Jimin off properly. Or I’ll make you cum untouched.”


Taehyung whines, putting his hands on Jimin’s hips. “S- sorry, Minnie.” He lets out a sigh of breath over the head of Jimin’s cock- causing Jimin’s hips to jump forward. Jimin apologizes vaguely, but Taehyung doesn’t even acknowledge him- dutifully sinking his lips down around Jimin’s shaft until he’s meeting the skin of his groin.


“It’s- it’s okay, Taetae.” Jimin whispers, picking up their nicknames. It’s so strange, how comfortable he already feels in their midst. Had he known it would end up like this, he would have knocked the first time. As soon as Taehyung is bobbing his head to a steady rhythm, Jungkook starts moving again slowly, his hips bruising against Taehyung as he slams in. Taehyung cries out around Jimin’s cock, whining and gripping Jimin’s thighs for support. “Shh,” Jimin murmurs, trying to keep his hips still and smoothing his hand over Taehyung’s hair.


It’s not long after that Taehyung goes back to sucking at the tip of Jimin’s dick half heartedly, moaning around it to send shivers down Jimin’s spine. What Jimin doesn’t realize is that Taehyung is trying to rile him- to get him to grab his hair and make him. Jungkook doesn’t wait for Jimin to catch on. Both of his hands tangle in Taehyung’s hair, shoving his head down until Jimin’s tip is pressing into his throat and tears are springing to Taehyung’s eyes. “Good boy.” Jungkook praises when Taehyung gags a little. The little whines and moans that bubble from Taehyung’s throat are so good, but Jimin can’t help but be a little concerned- his eyes shift between the two of them.


Jungkook is slamming into Taehyung mercilessly, hands closed around his throat. However, when he senses Jimin’s hesitance, he pulls Taehyung off of Jimin’s dick so fast both of them are reeling. He stops while fully inside Taehyung, holding Taehyung up by the throat so his back is bent almost painfully. “Taehyung, you with me, baby?”


“Mhm~” Taehyung hums happily- like a song.


“What’s your color?” Jungkook murmurs lowly, leaning down to bite along his throat. He thrusts once when Taehyung takes a moment to clear the haze in his mind. “Your color, baby.”


“Green, so- so green.” Taehyung moans, looking down at Jimin through long eyelashes. “I want to choke on Jiminie’s little cock-”


“It’s not-”


“Jimin, are you green too?” Jungkook asks, running his tongue over Taehyung’s pulse point.


“Yeah- yes-” Jimin answers without hesitation.


Jungkook shoves Taehyung back down, gentling him onto Jimin’s cock before starting to thrust again, hard. Keeping his hold on Taehyung’s neck, Jungkook helps him to bob his head with the pace he’s set. “Fuck his throat, Jimin, Taetae will tell us if he can’t handle it.” Jungkook murmurs, his brows pinching in concentration. Jimin nods quickly and starts thrusting up whenever Taehyung sinks down. This begins a push and pull that has both Jimin and Jungkook moaning loudly- Taehyung sobbing and starting to stroke himself between the two of them.


Jimin is surprised that Jungkook doesn’t stop him, but he can’t say he doesn’t enjoy watching. His own hands end up with one between Taehyung’s shoulder blades as he fights for leverage, and the other on Jungkook’s shoulder- clawing at it just to feel the ripple of muscle beneath skin.


Taehyung cums first, sobbing around Jimin’s cock- the sound high and strangled. Jimin now understands the need for loud music, both Jungkook and Taehyung are so loud. But especially Taehyung, especially after he cums. He keens around Jimin’s cock as Jungkook fucks him through orgasm. Taehyung ends up unable to keep doing much with his mouth, but settles for stroking Jimin hard and fast while he tongues at the slit. It doesn’t take much longer for Jimin to cum in long strands across Taehyung face, in his waiting mouth, over his eyelashes.


Jimin gasps for air at the sight, falling back against the pillows tiredly. “Fuck- fuck- ” He sighs, watching as Jungkook fucks into a visibly exhausted Taehyung for just a moment longer before he’s slamming into Taehyung with a growl that borders on feral. His hips twitch a little through it, but mostly he stays planted inside of Taehyung who sighs happily.


“Told you.” Taehyung gasps up at Jimin. “A fucking animal.” Jungkook smacks his ass playfully, sighing shakily as he comes down. He nearly lays down on top of Taehyung, clinging to him like a koala- it’s amusing to say the least. “Aww, my bunny.” Taehyung sighs softly, gasping as he moves so that Jungkook slips out of him, and turning- with a fair amount of struggle- underneath Jungkook. “Tired himself out, huh?”


Jungkook makes a soft noise, his eyes fluttering. “That’s okay, I’ll clean you up. You did so good, sweetheart.” Taehyung murmurs, running his fingers through the younger boy’s hair. Taehyung smiles so brightly it hurts, and Jimin feels more than a little awkward watching so he looks away. Especially when he remembers Taehyung’s face is still covered in his cum. “Minnie?” Jimin snaps to attention, staring at Taehyung with wide eyes. “Could you hand me those wet wipes? Please.”


Jimin nods and gets off the bed to grab the pack from the bedside table even though he could’ve easily grabbed them. He takes one for himself before handing the pack to Taehyung. After he’s clean, Jimin goes to find his clothes, but he finds a hand on his wrist stopping him. Taehyung stares at Jimin with intense eyes- his eyebrows knitted together. “Where are you going, Jimin?” He asks, and Jungkook’s eyes are suddenly on him too though they’re significantly less focused.


“I- back- to?” Jimin points in the direction of his apartment.


Jungkook frowns deeply, now reaching for him too. “No.” He mumbles against Taehyung’s chest. Jimin blinks between the two of them in confusion.


“This is the first time we’ve ever let anyone else in.” Taehyung says thoughtfully, carding long fingers through Jungkook’s hair. “I think we would both be sad if you just left.” Jungkook nods sleepily. A blush creeps up Jimin’s throat as he crawls back into the bed. They let Jimin be in the middle, both Jungkook and Taehyung wrapped around him in a mess of limbs.


“Besides,” Jungkook murmurs after a time in the darkness. “We could always just turn up the music again to get you back here.” Jimin flushes at the near promise of again with Taehyung laughing raspily in one ear, and Jungkook smiling against the other. Jimin doesn’t think he’s ever been more glad for annoying neighbors in his whole life. He falls asleep with the thought of more days together, and the warmth of two boys around him.