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Obscure Sorrows

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  1. the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable—their pupils glittering, bottomless and opaque—as if you were peering through a hole in the door of a house, able to tell that there’s someone standing there, but unable to tell if you’re looking in or looking out.



   A small boy with soft, brown hair stepped slowly into an office building. He pulled the door clearly labeled push, blinking three times fast. Everything was so new to him. The previous night he described it in his journal as if he was being reborn into another world that he had always known about, but that never seemed to become a reality. And now, now it was all becoming a reality faster than the eighteen year old boy could handle. The world of BDSM.



He never understood why some people got along- most people got along fine with it. They saw it as just another chapter to their lives and some even looked forward to it. When he had told his friends he was terrified, they laughed it him, making remarks of “what, scared of getting a spankin’? Ooo big boy Lou can’t handle a smack on the arse!” And that was that. He tried to laugh it off with them, his footie mates. Just having a laugh. But when he went home he just screamed into his pillow, crying his poor heart out.



His anxiety of living the life of BDSM wasn’t about getting his arse slapped sometimes, in fact he knew he wouldn’t mind it at all if it wasn’t a punishment. He was horrified of the unknown. Who would he get matched with? Would they love him? Would they look at him in disgust from the very second they met? What would he wear to the first interview? The match makers introduction? What if his Dominant was wealthy? Would his clothes be good enough? Would the brands he wore satisfy his partner for life ?



That was a whole other thing. What if they wanted a divorce? Most Dominants fell under the category of rich and snobby fifty year olds who abused their submissives, which everyone knew was wrong, but no one could stand up against them for their income was too high to argue against. They were rich. Rich people’s words mattered more than the people who shovelled shit into a bin for a solid eight dollars an hour. Plus, even if subs did go up against dominants in the fight for equality, only dominants had the power to change the world. Dominants were lawyers, doctors, professors, educators, police, military, caretakers. Dominants went to college and university. Submissives were lucky if they were allowed a co-op placement, if their Dominant allowed it. And even then it would be a placement shadowing their Dominant while they work. They had no freedom. So even though most people saw the BDSM lifestyle as a nice escape; listen to your Dominant, live a rich life; the small boy did not see it like that. He saw it as signing his freedom away. And although a part of him wanted to scream from the rooftops how unfair it was, then jump from that very rooftop, he couldn’t. It was sub instinct. He had to obey .






Name (Last, printed)


Name (First, printed)

_____ Louis _____________________





Age Birthday (M/D/Y)

___18____ _12_ /_24_/_91_



  • Spanking (Hand) G
  • Spanking (Wooden Object) G
  • Spanking (Leather Object) G
  • Spanking (Metal Object) G
  • Spanking In Public Y
  • Whipping Y
  • Face Slapping Y
  • Hot Sauce R
  • Soap R
  • Counting G
  • Kneeling (1-30 min) G
  • Kneeling (30+ min) Y
  • Food Deprivation R
  • Anal Plugs G
  • Anal Beads G
  • Silicone Toys G
  • Other Material Toys G
  • Vaginal Toys N/A
  • Nipple Play G
  • Nipple Clamps Y
  • Food Play Y
  • Watersports Y
  • Feces Play R
  • Spreader Bar Y
  • Dildo Machine Y
  • Bondage (Rope) Y
  • Bondage (Ties) G
  • Bondage (Handcuffs) Y
  • Choking Y
  • Blood Play R
  • Wax Play Y
  • Cock Warming G
  • Cock Sucking G
  • Handjobs (Giving) G
  • Handjobs (Receiving) G
  • Blowjobs (Giving) G
  • Blowjobs (Receiving) G
  • Anal Play G
  • Barebacking G
  • Fingering G
  • Vaginal Licking N/A
  • Anal Licking G
  • Anal Sex G
  • Milking G
  • Forced Lactation N/A
  • Forced Orgasm G
  • Orgasm Denial G
  • Orgasm Control G
  • Cockrings G
  • Electrical Play Y
  • Roleplay Y
  • Animal Play Y
  • CBT G
  • Overstim Y
  • Stim G
  • Vibrators G
  • Suspension Y
  • Humiliation (Private) G
  • Humiliation (Public) Y
  • Pet names G
  • Pregnancy Y (For now)
  • Ageplay G
  • Diapers Y
  • Pacifiers G
  • Timeouts (1-10 min) G
  • Timeouts (11-30 min) G
  • Timeouts (30-2 hours) Y
  • Timeouts (2+ hours) R
  • Other/Explain: i can’t handle public humiliation/punishments for long periods of time and i would just need lots of aftercare if that's okay please.



And that was that. He signed it with a smile, then turned it into the lady with bold, red lipstick that was far too overdrawn, and left with a deep breath. He huffed out a breath into the crisp air of Doncaster, watching as the January air swept his oxygen away into mist. It was almost time for dinner back at his home, so he stuck his hands into his jean jacket and took off, hoping for a warm dinner tonight. It was uncommon in his household to have a warm, Sunday roast, but it wasn’t rare.



“Mum! I’m home!” Louis called out, taking off his shoes.



“I’m in here!” His mum called from the living room, rocking Doris to sleep. Even though she was three and a half, Jay still loved to hold her littlest baby, whispering to the red haired child how much she loved her.



“Hey, I finished.. Everything.” The boy said, slowly taking a seat on the loveseat. Ernest came in with a fistful of soothers, climbing into his older brother’s lap, with a bit of help.



“How was it?” Jay asked, setting down the finished bottle.



“Easier than I expected, but I’m still nervous, just want someone good.” Louis said, kissing his brother on the cheek, taking the offered soother from the blonde’s hand, setting it to the side.



“Well, you’ll just have to wait and see Loubear. I wish I could do more than say just that, I know it’s not the least bit reassuring, but that’s the way things are now. Which isn’t good, but we’ve tried everything to reach equality. Even myself, I’ve been in and out of abusive relationships. Look at me now, I’m as happy as can be with seven beautiful babies, inside and out. I might have gone through hell and back, but it was worth it for all you babies.” Johannah smiled, brushing a curl away from Doris’ sleeping face.



“I love you mum, always have admired you for that.” Louis said, playing with a loose strand on his jacket.



“Oh, thank you Loubear.”



The two talked for a little longer, before the two babies were peacefully, softly snoring in their laps. They carried the twins to bed, into their cribs, then gently closed the door, leaving it a peek open. The two then said goodnight to one another, Jay going to say goodnight to the rest of her children and Louis going into his own room to sleep, dreaming of a life where he was a loving Dominant rather than a petrified Submissive.






In the morning, Louis woke up to his sister Felicite, shaking him awake.



“Lou! Your results have come in the mail! Come downstairs!” She said, then ran downstairs towards the smell of eggs, bacon, sausage and burning toast.



Louis grumbled, blinking a few times. He then remembered signing his freedom away yesterday, and threw on a pair of pants. He walked downstairs with a frown on his face, smiling quickly to his mum, then taking a seat at the breakfast table.



“Louuuu. Don’t be so grumpy!” His mum scolded, handing him a plate filled with a warm meal.



“How can I not be? In a few weeks I’ll have a horrible Dominant who only uses me for what he wants. I’ll be an object, probably tied up in a cold cellar-”



“Louis! Enough of that. Your sisters do not have to know about all of this.” Jay scolded, giving her eldest a glare. Louis looked at the oldest set of twins, Phoebe and Daisy, they looked mortified.



“Sorry.” He mumbled, shoveling a forkful of egg into his mouth.



“Mummy, it’s not really like that is it?! I’m thirteen, that means only five more years until everything! Mummyyyyy it’s not like that, right?!” Daisy whined, looking to her brother, then back to her mum, who both stayed silent.



The twins gave eachother a scared glance, then left the table to their room. The breakfast table was quiet after that.



When breakfast was over, Jay handed Louis his results. They came in a plain, white envelope with a sticker to seal the opening. It read ‘Dominant/submissive Inc.’. Louis gave his mum one last glance, then tore the envelope open, slowly pulling out the folded up letter.



Dear Louis W. Tomlinson,

We have carefully read through your Reds, Greens, and Yellows list, as well as your documents gathered from the day you were born, up until your eighteenth birthday. We have selected a Dominant for you that fits your category with this information. Below you will see information on who your Dominant is. You two will have to arrange a time to meet and discuss your future plans. Your Dominant will be in charge of this discussion. If your Dominant decides to not proceed in the arrangement, you will return this page to 46 Sussex Street within a week. Failure to do so will lead you to being labeled as UNMATCHABLE .






1872 Rosekin St.

‘Hello submissive. I’m Harry. You will call me Sir.’






Louis crumbled.



“Sir?! Who does he think he is! He should be calling me Sir.” Louis complained, before his mother shushed him quietly.



“Lou, he is your Dominant. You have to show him respect. He seems alright.” Jay said, trying to bring up the mood.



“Mum, all we have is his basic information and a picture. He doesn’t even look nice.” Louis may not have been the happiest about getting a Dominant, and losing the small sliver of freedom he ever had as a Submissive, but even he knew that last part was a lie. His mum didn’t question him on it though, she and Louis both knew Harry was a piece of eye candy.



“Lou, c’mon, don’t be so down about it. Who knows, maybe he’ll be a perfect match?” Jay offered, then stood to clean up their breakfast. The oldest two girls had left the table when Louis started to open his envelope. The smallest twins had fallen back to sleep in their chairs.



“Yeah, maybe.” And that was that.






“Hi, Sir, nice to meet you. Oh my god, no. Um, hello Sir, I’m Louis. Okay fuck that. Uh, Hey Harry? Sir? Maybe I’ll act insecure and he’ll be nice.” Louis spoke to himself through the bathroom mirror, planning his meeting with his match. They technically weren’t Dominant and submissive yet, according to law. But also according to the law, Louis would have a respect Harry as if he were already his Dominant, otherwise charges would be made against the boy if the Dominant chose to, and there was no doubt in any Subs mind that a Dominant would jump at the chance to make their submissive feel beneath them.



“Lou?” Lottie called, knocking on the door. “You’ve been in there for quite a while, I need to pee!” She said, knocking louder.



“Okay, sorry!” Louis called back, unlocking the door and stepping out, letting his sixteen year old sister run in.



“I heard you in here, nervous?” She asked through the door.



“A bit.” He replied, giving up on trying to be mature about it around his sisters. It was either them finding out through him what this world was actually all about, or through the system on their eighteenth birthday and he knew that would shock them, as it did to him.



“Remember what mum said, though. You’ll be fine. Hey! Also, me and Fizz were talking about all of this and guess what she told me! She’s gay too! Well, kind of. She likes boys and girls, isn’t that cool! You guys can like, I don’t know, bond over that?” Lottie said excitedly, washing her hands then opening the door to Louis who was smiling fondly. He really did love his family.



“That’s cool, Lotts. And you still like boys?” He asked, giving her a wink.



“Yup. Sorry to disappoint.” She laughed, leaving to her room.



Louis smiled, hoping his fifteen year old sister, Fizzy, would end up with someone good. Girl Dommes still aren’t the best, but statistically males have always been more aggressive where Dommes are more verbal abusive. Then he stopped thinking about his little sister getting abused in the future, telling himself that the world would change by then. He hated how normal it was to be happy about getting a less abusive Dominant.



Forty five minutes later and Louis was dialing the phone number of his match on the letter, deciding he would rather hear his voice, than wait nervously for an email reply, which could take a few days. And Louis didn’t have that long. Sure, he had thought about not returning the letter and not setting up a meeting, just being labeled as unmatchable, but that was against the law. There also had to be effort made before the letter was returned, a signature from the match on the letter had to be provided, proving there was effort made before the decision was made not to proceed in the match. The letter was not allowed to be returned unsigned, many subs still tried though, but they only ended up on a rebellion list. Which was never good. Their Dominants would then be overly strict and heavily abusive, with few Reds. Louis didn’t want any of that, so he waited patiently for his match to answer the phone.





“He- Hello?”


“Hello, William.” Harry spoke into the phone.


“Oh, um, just Louis is fine..” Louis said nervously, gripping his phone in his sweaty hands.


“I will be calling you William. You will call me Sir. We will be meeting in person tonight at Danforth Lounge. Understood, William?” Harry directed, ever so pointedly.


“Yes.. uhm.. Sir.”




And with that, he hung up. Louis stayed on the line a little longer until he realized the man had left the call.



“Well?” His mum asked from the doorway, making the boy jump.



“Oh! Didn’t see you.. Um it was simple I guess? Haven’t got much to say about him. He wants to call me William.” Louis said with a blank stare.



“Blink, Lou. It’ll be okay. Most Doms like getting to know you in person, as they would like for you to meet them first in person. It’s a better first impression than over the phone.” Jay reassured, knowing lots in her years of being rejected, divorced, abused and finally in love.



“You’re right.” Louis said, Jay giving him her sassy remark of ‘as usual’ before leaving him alone once again.



“Danforth Lounge?” Louis whispered to himself, googling it quickly.





Louis stared at the picture for a while, imagining Harry sitting down at a table waiting for him, then the two talking for a while. He debated in his mind whether or not he should give the man a handshake, or if the man wouldn’t want to touch him. He thought about what he would wear, and how to style his hair. He knew some Dominants took their match back to their place to have sex, and that was the way they would decide if they were a keeper or not. Louis decided Harry seemed too professional to do such a thing. He fumbled the topic around in his mind a bit longer before it was soon time for lunch.



Louis went downstairs, only grabbing a plate of food then heading back to his room. He always liked to eat alone during lunch, he didn’t know why, he guessed he just needed that time to re-fuel. He had always been an introvert.



He started to think about his match then again, wondering if he was an introvert or an extrovert, even an ambivert. He wondered if Harry’s house would be messy or too clean, he himself was always a piler. He never really put his clothes away either. Or made his bed. He assumed with the way Harry spoke, he was a very organized man with every file and drawer labeled properly. He wondered if Harry would be strict, or lenient. He figured the man was very strict, probably one of those Doms who gave their sub a punishment every night even if they hadn’t done anything wrong, just to keep them in place. He kept making assumptions about the man, finally telling himself he would just have to wait and see for tonight. And that’s when he realized Harry had only told him tonight, never giving the boy a proper time. In a way that relaxed the boy, knowing Harry was forgetful sometimes too.



He quickly sent a text to the man, asking what time he would prefer for tonight, with a quick reply of 6:00PM. Meaning Louis only had four hours to get ready, considering it took an hour to get there, and with friday evening traffic he should leave earlier than five o’clock.



He took his finished plate of food downstairs, kissing his mum goodbye knowing she took the littlest twins to their room for a nap, then took one herself. Dan, Louis’ step dad, would come home at 4:30, just giving the boy enough time to take the car for the night. Phoebe and Daisy usually played quietly around the house, sometimes would bake cupcakes together or do Instagram lives and talk to their followers.



All of his sisters had quite a following for their spectacular ability with makeup and outfit choices. That’s how they made their money, doing brand deals on instagram. Fizzy usually kept to herself, much like Louis. They posted the odd selfie here and there, but weren’t as active as their other siblings. Lottie was probably the most active, even having her own share in a YouTube channel where she made her share of money. Sure, their parents had never been wealthy people, but the large family made due with their income from everyone combined. Of course Jay and Dan never made the girls give them any money, it’s just that they really only had to pay for the babies. The others didn’t mind using their own pay to take care of themselves.



Louis quickly undressed, looking over his body for any marks that could be mistaken for any sort of lovebite. That would not be a good first impression. When he found none, just a new pimple just below his eyebrow, he turned on the shower and hopped in.



Now the boy knew he probably wouldn’t be getting laid tonight, but he still would like to smell nice and look edible. Sure, he was a bit of a tease, but that’s how his confidence shined through his sassy personality.



He grabbed his razor and started shaving, making sure there wasn’t one spot missed on his face. He wasn’t the most hairy of men, only being eighteen, but he didn’t like looking old. He felt even the tiniest bit of scruff added five years to his face.



Louis then shaved his legs, loving how soft and smooth they felt when he was done. He shaved his armpits down too. Not leaving them hairless, but less of a bush. He then grabbed his toothbrush (yes he was a shower-toothbrush-er) and brushed his teeth. He swirled some mouthwash around, then spit it directly over the shower drain. He lathered his hair with shampoo, rinsed, then did the same step with conditioner. He then lathered up a loofa with coconut body wash and washed his body, making sure his privates smelled extra good, just incase.



No, he did not want to have sex with the man that night, but if the man wanted it, he wouldn’t be opposed. He did have to admit, while he was in the shower, he did think a lot about the picture of Harry that was attached to the document.



When he was done cleaning himself, everywhere, he wrapped a white towel around his waist and blow dried his hair, styling it into a soft fringe. He liked to make sure some pieces stuck up and about, giving it a feathery vibe. He cringed thinking about the days he used to comb his hair down flat with gel into a perfect fringe.



He then left his bathroom once his hair was perfect, and went over to his closet. He had quite the collection of clothing. Stripes, knitted sweaters, cardigans, khaki pants of all sorts of colours, many converse to match along with suspenders of each colour.



It was nearing three o’clock, almost time for Dan to get home. Dan was the perfect Dominant, in Louis’ eyes. He was so understanding, and from what Jay had told him, she had never been punished by Dan. He always would realize if she was in a bad mood and just needed some space, or if she was feeling a bit anxious, or if she just needed a cuddle. He never punished her for having emotions, Dan was a strong believer on that. Which most Doms would jump at the chance to punish their sub for only being in a bad mood. Dan knew that Submissives were people as well as Dominants, and treated them as such. He didn’t have a degrading title for his love, he just called her sweet things. And when he was mad, or if he and Jay did get into an argument, they always left to argue in private, and made sure one another was in a calm state of mind before making any decisions. Louis admired him almost as much as he admired his mother. He hoped Harry would treat him the same, if not better.



“Louis!” Daisy called, running into his room, screaming when she saw her brother standing there with only boxers on.



“Dais! Knocking works too, love!” He laughed, slipping on some skinny, light blue trousers, and a striped, knitted sweater.



“Louis! Come downstairs, please!” His mum called in a sing-song voice. She was awake from her nap, it now being almost four pm. Louis gave himself one last up and down look, then went downstairs.



“Oh look at you!” Jay beamed, pulling out her camera. She told Louis to take a seat and smile, then snapped a picture.



“Thanks, mum. Can I go now?” Louis laughed.



“Oh, I’m sorry, you just look so cute! Your Dom will love you, Lou. Don’t even worry about it. All of my babies are perfect.” Jay said, flapping around the polaroid in the air, then setting it down letting it develop.





Louis smiled fondly at his mum, loving how she showed how proud she always was of her children, not giving a crap who cared if she was being too loud about it. In her mind, she could never be too loud about how much she loved her children, and how proud she was of them.



Just then Dan came through the door, earlier than usual. It was only four pm, but sometimes he did come home early. Especially since tonight was special. The man kissed Jay then told Louis how smart he looked, and how his Dom better be respectful, if not it only showed he was not a man, only a measly boy unable to love anyone properly. Louis did not deserve a measly boy, Dan made sure to tell him many times when Louis doubted he would ever find love.



“Dan, how would you feel if mum wanted you to not call her Jay and only Johannah? Would you be okay with that?” Louis asked shyly, not quite wanting to vent to the man about how much he hated being called William, but knowing the man would find it immature if Louis whined about it.



“I would listen to her wishes and do as she pleased. If I have the place to tell Jay what I want her to address me as, which is only Dan or Daniel, then she should also have that freedom to choose what she would like me to address her as. It wouldn’t be a problem? Why? What has your Dominant called you instead of Louis?” Dan asked, seeing through the boy as if he was paper thin. Louis was never good at hiding his emotions.



“He wants to call me William. Refused to call me Louis.” Louis huffed, plopping back down on the green sofa. Dan went and sat beside him, asking Jay if she would get the two a glass of water, and one for herself.



“Well, Louis. I don’t know what to say. I told you what I believe, but really it’s law that it’s up to your Dominant to make the final choice. Maybe he loves your middle name.” Dan offered.



“I hate it, I wish he did too.” Louis grumbled, taking the glass of water offered to him.



“I love it.” Jay smiled, taking a sip of her own water.



“Me too.” Dan said, setting his glass on a coaster.



“You guys are no help. Plus, I have to go.” He frowned, looking at the clock on the wall.



“Where are you two meeting?” Dan asked, looking to Jay, who only shrugged.



“Danforth Lounge.”



“Lou, Danforth is two hours away. What time do you have to be there?” Jay gasped, looking at her wrist watch. 4:12pm



“Six pm, it’s an hour drive, but I figure he’ll be there early and with traffic-”



“Louis, there’s two lounges with that name, owned by the same person. One is about an hour away, but it’s more of an office building. The other is a low-key, quiet club. That’s two hours away. Text him and ask, please.” Dan said, shaking his head at the boy.



“Okay, okay!” Louis said, getting nervous. He hoped it was the one he googled.



L: Hey, just confirming that it’s Danforth Lounge in Donny, on Rickshaw Avenue?

H: No, its Danforth Lounge, 17 Black St.

L: Oh

H: Why?

L: Just wondering sorry to bother you again

H: It’s not a worry. Better to be safe than spanked.



Louis shivered at what the man had left him off with, then ran out the door into Dan’s car, the one of two cars their family owned. The other was a white mini-van for the whole family.



“Hey! Louis!” Dan called, running outside to his car, watching as the boy nervously reversed out of their driveway.



“It’s the one that’s two hours away!” Louis called out the window, driving off.



“You’ll be fine!” Dan called back, signing once the boy was out of sight. Jay came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist.



“If that man touches my boy for being fifteen minutes late I’ll be the one speeding down to him, not Louis.” Jay threatened. Dan looked down at her, kissing her once more.



“I know love, and Louis knows it too.” Dan smiled, leading them back indoors.






“You’re late.” Harry said, not looking up from his phone.



“I’m sorry, Sir.” Louis said, standing awkwardly with his hands behind his back, beside the booth. The club was quiet, people were just in booths having a drink, or in the back on the dance floor, where it got louder.



“Well, have a seat, or do you have somewhere more important to be?” Harry asked, giving the boy a stern glare.



“Louis gulped, shaking his head. He slowly took a seat across from the man, noticing how he sat. Very tall, expensively. He never knew someone could sit in an expensive way, but Harry did.



“When you answer me, you will need to use your voice.” Harry scolded, setting his phone down on the table.



“Sorry, Sir.” Louis said shyly, fiddling with his hands under the table.



“All you’ve done is apologize. I know you’re nervous, but please. I’m not the king. Yes, I would like you to be on time and to talk to me using your words, but there is no need to be nervous.” Harry said, reaching a hand out across, letting Louis put his own hand in it. You could clearly see their size difference.



“You’re very petite.” Harry observed out loud.




“Stop that. It is never a bad thing. Understand?” Harry said, turning Louis’ hand around in his own. He noticed how his nails were clipped and his hands were free of any marks. Harry liked that.



“I understand.” Louis whispered, looking at the man’s hand. It was also well cared. He loved the rings. He reached out to touch one with his other hand, but Harry gently grabbed his wrist, setting it down.



“My rings are expensive. Delicate treasures. I quite love delicate, small, treasures.” Harry hummed, taking off one of his rings, the rose. He placed it on Louis’ index finger, noticing how the heavy rose circled around it, drooping to the bottom, clicking on the table. Louis’ fingers were much smaller than Harry’s own. Harry adored that.



“Stand up, please. Let me have a look at the rest of you.” Harry said, leading the boy up by his hand.



Harry leaned against the back of the booth bench, spinning the boy around by his small hand. He took a long glance at his bum, lifting the boy’s sweater to get a better look at it. He hummed in approval, then spun him back around to the front.



“Come sit on my lap, I would like to look at your face.” Not only did the man want to look at the boy’s face, but he noticed Louis looked nervous still. His nurturing and protective instincts were kicking in, making him want to do nothing else but hold the boy, protecting him from all danger in the world.



Louis slowly sat in the man’s lap, insecure about his weight, but as soon as he sat he could feel the muscle in the man’s thighs and the abs that pressed against his spine, he felt better after that.



“Is this okay?” Harry asked, brushing a hand over Louis’ hair, loving how soft it felt.



“Yes Sir.” Louis answered quickly.



“Hey now, you’re not in trouble, we’ve met now, yeah? Let’s have a proper date, alright? No need for the formal titles any longer, alright?” Harry said, rubbing his hand down Louis’ back.



“Oh, okay. What can I call you then?” Louis asked, feeling a bit more comfortable. The name ‘Sir’ had always put him off. His first step-dad always made everyone call him that. It was disgusting. He remembered him yelling at Daisy and Phoebe when they were babies for saying Dada and not Sir. It just never brought him to a good place.



“Well, what would you like to call me? I already know your dislike of the words Sir and I understand you do not like William, so I will be calling you Louis.” Harry settled on.



After he saw the boy in person, he couldn’t ignore his request to not call him William. Even he knew now that it was just too formal for the bubbly lad. And even though the two hadn’t gotten to know each other much, he could tell Louis was loud and liked everything his way. His own pants were blue, and he wore it with a purple sweater with many other accent colours. It was obvious Louis wasn’t a man of simple fashion. But neither was Harry. He liked that.



“Is Harry.. Is.. it’s okay if-”



“Yes, you can call me Harry. But, during punishments, which hopefully won’t occur often, you will address me as Sir. Any objections?” Harry asked, gently pulling the boy closer to himself, he loved the smell of coconut.



“It’s nothing big.. just when I was little.. Well, it doesn’t really matter.” Louis mumbled, playing with a loose thread on his sweater.



Harry frowned. He didn’t like the fact that Louis was keeping things from him.



“Let’s go out on the patio. It’s quieter out there, we can talk more.” Harry decided, lifting the boy up and off his lap, then standing. He placed a hand on the small of Louis’ back, leading them out of the lounge.



When they reached the outdoors, Harry pulled out a chair for the boy, who thanked him then sat. Harry sat beside him.



“I would like for you to be open with me. I know we’re all human, we just met, it’ll be hard, but I will be open with you. No secrets, alright?” Harry said, giving the boy a pointed look. Louis gulped, but remembered to speak.



“Yes, Harry.” Louis said.



“Good. Now, tell me what it is. What happened when you were little?” Harry pressed.



“My old step-dad, he um, he was really mean. Abusive. I just, like, I don’t want to disrespect you or anything..” Louis trailed off.



“Louis, I am not ever going to abuse you. The worst I will do is push your limits, and only with consent. Understood? If we ever try one of your yellows, it will only because we’ve talked about it beforehand. Okay? I promise you I will never abuse you. And if I ever push you too far during anything, even a conversation, you can always tell me that you’re uncomfortable, or colour out. Okay? I am not a bad guy. I know a lot of Dominants give us all a bad name, but we aren’t all like that. And yes I know just because saying we aren’t all like that doesn’t give you any sense of reassurance, please understand that at least I am not like that. I am not your past step-dad. Okay, Louis?” Harry said, taking a deep breath out.



Louis nodded, now having the smallest ounce of hope for this relationship. He still wasn’t quite sure on what Harry wanted from this. Harry didn’t comment on him not speaking.



“Let’s go back to my place. We will talk about our reds, greens, yellows and our past upbringing, and what we would like in the future. We will be making a list of rules for you to follow, I will allow you to also have a couple rules for me. I need to know what you’re comfortable and uncomfortable with so this can all work out peacefully, alright?” Harry spoke, noticing a small smile on the boy’s lips before he quickly tucked it away.



“Yeah..” Louis said, then stood up first, regret playing instantly on his face.



“Hey, no, don’t give me that look Louis. I’m fine if you stand up before me, no worries.” Harry said, reassuring the boy. He could visibly see his shoulders relax.



Harry led them to his car. He told his driver to take the night off, his driver also being his butler. He didn’t mention it to the boy, knowing he didn’t come from a rich family, and he didn’t want to come off as snobby, just casually bringing up his butler as if everyone had one. He was rich, he was not snobby.



This is your car?!” Louis gasped, walking quickly around the matte black Audi r8.





“Yes.” Harry said, chuckling at the boy’s antics.



“Oh, sorry.” Louis said, embarrassed.



“No worries. I had the same reaction when the dealer showed it to me for the first time.” Harry said, straightening out his suit.



Louis smiled, reaching a hand out for the back door, when Harry coughed loudly.



“Front seat, always beside me.” Harry ordered, then pressed a button on his keys, unlocking the car.



“Oh, okay.” Louis said quietly. He was way too excited.



“Excuse the mess.” Harry apologized, brushing the twenty dollar bills off of the middle console. “Emergency cash.” Harry explained. Louis just nodded. He didn’t even have enough money to toss around for emergencies, let alone to buy a brand new matte black audi r8.



Harry drove home, glancing every once in awhile at the boy to his left who couldn’t keep a smile off his face, no matter how hard he visibly tried.



When they reached the house, Louis didn’t care if Harry saw his jaw drop. He figured it would be a compliment anyways.




Harry showed him around, Louis speechless the entire time. Harry showed the boy the basement last, which Harry had added his own personal touch to.





“This is where the magic happens.” Harry smirked, taking off his suit jacket, then rolling up his sleeves. Louis’ eyes went wide.



“Oh, no no baby. None of that. Yet.” Harry said, wrapping one arm around the poor boy, leading him away from the room.



“Perhaps that was a shock, hm?” Harry said, walking over to the sofa that wrapped around the living room.



“A little bit..” Louis whispered, taking his rightful place in the man’s strong lap. This time he didn’t have to be told. Harry loved that.



Louis hummed in peace. His nerves drained from his body. He could actually see this turning into something good, it already was good. So, so good.





“You fell asleep.” Harry chuckled, getting a pout out of the boy. Harry stopped laughing.



“I’m sorry.” Louis apologized, curling in towards the man. Now, Harry would usually scold the boy for pouting, but he was just too cute and too new to get mad at. Plus, he technically had woken the boy up, he would be a bit upset too if someone woke him from a peaceful nap.



Harry stared at the boy for a long time after that. Louis just stared back. They looked into eachother’s pupils, Harry loving how blue Louis’ were. They reminded him of the ocean. Louis looked into Harry’s own emerald greens. He noticed a bit of gold around his pupils, which he hoped if they ever had children would pass down onto them. It was a pure feeling of opia.



“Um..” Harry said, then scratched the back of his neck, looking away awkwardly. They both felt like high school boys who weren’t out yet, having a stupid crush on one another.



“Do you want to talk about the future..” Louis asked quietly, thinking about babies instantly.



“Let’s go to the dining room for that.” Harry said, pulling Louis back into his lap when the boy went to get up. Harry carried him into the dining room, not wanting to let the warm boy go just yet.



He pulled out a chair and sat on it, situating Louis on his lap so they were both comfortable.



“First, the past. You can read most about my past, reds, greens and yellows in my file which I’ll be giving to you to read over tonight when you go home-”



“I don’t want to leave though.” Louis said, looking up at the man. Harry sighed.



“Louis, your family will miss you. I do not sleep with my-”



“I’ll sleep on the couch!” Louis begged.



“Louis. I do not appreciate being cut off. Do not do it again. Harry scolded, growing impatient.



Louis shrunk back in the man’s lap.



“Now, I will be giving you my files to read over which will have all of my basic information about where I was born, when I moved here, it will have a copy of my resume and it will have a paragraph or so on what my home life was like. I’ve received yours in the mail today, and I have read it. You will go over my reds, greens and yellows list, then I will be expecting you to have read it by the next time we meet. Understood, William?” Harry said, giving the boy a pointed look. Louis grinned his teeth.



“Louis William.” Harry said in a warning tone.



“Harold Edward.” Louis said back, mocking the man.



“I’m glad your comfortable enough around me to mock me, however I will never accept that tone of voice. This is your last warning. Remember, I’ve read what punishments you can handle.” Harry said in his Dom voice, making Louis completely curl up into the man’s chest.



“Don’t do that!” Louis whined, kicking his legs around.



“Are you feeling little, Louis?” Harry asked, knowing that it was completely normal for a submissive littles to show through when the submissive’s submissive instincts were coming through too strong for the sub to process. This happened a lot when Doms used their Dom voice on a submissive who was also a little. Louis happened to fall under that category. Harry knew this.



“NO!” Louis shouted. He had always been a naughty little. When he was a baby he took longer to develop, and with a submissive mark on the back of his neck, his mum knew instantly that he was also a little. Of course, Jay could never trigger the little in Louis to come out, so they never had any problems. Only the submissive’s Dominant could bring out their little.



“Louis William. Shout at me again and you will be getting a timeout, do you understand me?” Harry asked, silently pleading for the boy to behave.



He knew that it was wholeheartedly his fault that Louis was disobeying at the moment, he had shocked the boy by using his Dom voice within the first few hours they met. He felt horrible, but he knew this moment would set Louis’ little mindset about if he liked Harry or not. And little’s needed a strong figure to set them in place. Littles could not be treated carelessly, just as any other baby. They needed structure, guidance and unconditional love.



“I can’t hear youuuuu!” Louis yelled, covering his ears with his hands. Harry tried really hard not to laugh. The boy’s antics were just too adorable.



“Alright, come on then.” Harry said, getting back into Dominant mode.



He carried the boy over to the corner of the living room, placing the boy on his bottom.



“Noooo! You’re not very nice.” Louis pouted, crossing his arms, twisting his body around to face the corner. Harry would never tell Louis to look at the corner, he felt better when he could see the boy’s face, how he was handling his punishment, but he wouldn’t push the boy any more.



“Let me know when you’re ready to come out-”



“Ready.” Louis sassed, flipping up his middle finger at the man.



Harry had to cover his mouth, he quickly stood up and went into the kitchen to distract himself. He was going to laugh.



Exactly ten minutes after, Harry walked back into the living room, pocketing his phone. He found the boy laying on the ground tapping his shoes together.



“Come tell me what you did wrong, then we can move on.” Harry said, holding out a hand for the boy, who took his finger out of his mouth, grabbing the man’s hand. Harry grimaced at the slobber on his hand, but didn’t say a word.



They sat on Harry’s chair in the opposite corner of the living room. Louis went to climb on Harry’s lap but the man stopped him. Louis looked confused.



“Louis, tell me what you did wrong.” Harry reminded the boy.



“Yelled at you and flipped you off.” Louis said, lifting his shirt, distracted by his belly.



“Louis, I’m up here.” Harry said, moving the boy’s chin upward.



“Up!” Louis said, bouncing on his heels.



“Alright. Now you can.” Harry said, pulling the boy onto his lap. He brushed a hand down the boy’s tummy, loving how soft it felt.



Louis rested his head on the man’s shoulder. Harry wondered how deep the boy’s headspace was. He figured the boy’s head was pretty hazy when Louis whispered ‘Daddy, I love you.’.



“I love you too, baby boy.” Harry smiled. Even though Louis wasn’t in his proper state of mind, it still meant to world to Harry.



It took another thirty minutes of cuddling before Louis started to come back into his adult headspace.



“Maybe I should leave..” Louis said quietly, about to get up.



“Nothing wrong with what happened, Louis. I read your files, remember.” Harry said, feeling the boy relax.



“I’m sorry-”



“No, Louis. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have used my Dom voice on you when you’re in such a fragile state of mind. This is all brand new to you. It’ll take time until we’re both completely comfortable okay. But I can see we’re making great progress.” Harry smiled, leaning down, placing a gentle kiss on the boy’s lips.



“It’s alright..” Louis said quietly.



“Let me kiss you again.” Harry said, turning the boy’s chin towards himself. Louis let him. They kissed, again and again and again. Sometime around then their clothes came off and Harry’s hard shaft was being sucked in and out of Louis’ mouth. Louis felt the strongest urge to please. He was knew to this. Harry let him please.



When they both finished, they threw their clothes back on and Harry drove him home.



Dan welcomed him back inside, waving Harry off at the door, thanking him for driving the boy home safely.



“How was it?” Dan asked, turning the outside light off. It was late.



“Perfect.” Louis smiled, then went upstairs two at a time into his bedroom.



He had a shower, changed into a new pair of boxers and opened up the man’s file. Sometime in the middle of reading the man’s red, green and yellows list, he dozed off peacefully. All nervousness drained from his bones. He was nothing but excited for his future with this man.