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Fertile Moon

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"Someone is coming," Alice muttered from her perch on the windowsill. The coal blackness of her eyes swallowed up any warmth offered by the dancing light of the small, ecstatic blaze flickering in the marble fireplace.

"Alice?" Renesmee called from the doorway, her high, musical voice falling flat and discordant as she gazed upon her aunt.

"Someone is coming, Renesmee." Alice did not so much as turn away from the window out of which she stared, her unfocused gaze remaining obstinately fixed on the scenic landscape of Astoria Beach.

"Alice, I don't-"

"The path before us is inevitable, Nessie. And I'm afraid-I'm afraid for what this means-for all of us." Rigid as stone, Alice's shoulders curved into twin peaks of an impenetrable mountain.

"A vision, then." Brown eyes closing for no longer than a breath, Renesmee dared take a step into the parlor, trembling hands outstretched before her. "What did you see, Alice?"

"This," Alice placed a white hand upon her flat stomach, "affects us all."

"I'm not sure I understand, Alice." Voice hushed, as if attempting to soothe a wounded bird, Renesmee took another small, hesitant step toward her aunt before adding, "can you tell me anything more?"

Alice turned her head sharply, her lightless eyes ensnaring Renesmee, halting her in her tracks. "I'm afraid, Ness--and not just for our family. I'm afraid for all of us."

"Alice?" Renesmee extended a hand, the tips of her fingers only just making contact before Alice jerked away, eyes narrowing on her niece's outstretched hand.

"She'll chose her. She will choose the baby."

"The baby?" Renesmee scrunched up her nose. I don't understand." Silky ringlets bounced around her heart shaped face, tickling her flushed cheeks as she shook her head. "What baby? More importantly, whose baby? Look, Alice, if you would just talk to me, I'm sure-"

Alice shuddered, her spine curling as she leaned her forehead against the sill of the window.

"You've had another one of those visions, haven't you?" Renesmee winced at her tone. The rough sound of her own voice, just shy of blatantly accusatory, grated against her fraying composure. "Should I go and find Carlisle?" Renesmee made to do just that, her foot already lifting to take a step backward.

Alice's hand shot out, her fingers encircling Renesmee's wrist. "It's too late, Ness; he has already decided on a course of action. The wheel is in motion--we couldn't turn away, even if we wanted to." Her eyes flooded with something Renesmee could not identify-regret, or maybe anticipation?

"Carlisle!" Renesmee's voice rang through the darkened house, disturbing the silence and peace her family so prized.