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Shot at the Night

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When was it that Eijun started to feel like his life had become routine?

Each morning he would do the same thing: wake up and make toast for himself, feed his and Wakana's cat, Ace, go for a quick run, come back and shower, and then get dressed and drive to work.

Eijun couldn't remember when his life spiraled into this, ordinariness. He had great plans and ambition he wanted to do. He wanted to be the greatest Ace in all of Japan.

But with situation after situation that occurred over the past year, he found himself in a hole, sinking farther and farther into himself. Sinking into regret that makes his stomach churn and ache.

His life had a natural, ordinary routine: wake up early to go for a morning run, come home, shower, feed his cat, leave for work, arrive and work a long eight-hour shift, come home, eat, sleep, repeat.

Why did he let himself this far away from his original goal?

But today, Eijun should have known that today would be different.

Today was a Friday, a blessing that the weekday was about to be over. But when he woke up with the early dawn, his body felt heavy and sluggish. Eijun hated days when his body rejected his actions, and on any other day, he would have powered through. But today, he just laid there in the middle of his bed, staring up at his plaster white ceiling.

His eyes felt heavy. He rubbed at them to make himself wake up and scooted himself to the edge of the bed and got up. Maybe a shower would help him wake up and make him feel refreshed.

After his lukewarm shower, he got dressed in his uniform for work and went to find his cat.

"Ace! Come here, kitty," Eijun calls out as he grabs the bag of food and shakes it. Sure enough, a jingle of a bell bounded toward him and he saw the brown tabby come and circle around his owner's open legs. "There you are." Eijun pours the hard cat food into his bowl and it makes a jingle as it collects in the bowl. Ace meows in thanks and goes to the bowl and eats. I bent down his long body and looked to my hand to see clumps of hair. "Looks like I need to start brushing you more, Ace."

The tabby licks his lips and blinks up at Eijun before continuing on his breakfast. Sawamura walked to were a cheap cat bed and a box to the left of it. He rummaged through the box and pulled out a brush and patted back into the kitchen. He found Ace nustled in a wooden kitchen table chair, curled in and licking one of his legs. Eijun grabbed the cat and went to his coach and sat down and started to brush. Ace began to purr and Eijun smiled to himself as his feline companion liked what he was doing.

A few minutes later, he was finished and Ace jumped away and jingled away. Eijun looked down to himself and saw his lap and stomach was covered in brown and black hair.