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Oil Paintings and Late Night Jam Sessions

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Whoever decided the dorm floors should be co-ed should be drawn and quartered. You wouldn’t normally mind or care, in fact your roommate had dropped out right before the start of the semester, so you had a two person dorm room all to yourself. The neighbors on one side of you were two boys who were generally quiet. The loudest it got was when one of the boys would yelp, squeak, or cheer, and generally it would be quiet again right after. You would have assumed the one boy lived alone in his dorm if you hadn’t literally ran into his roommate once or twice. They were both extremely polite to you, and really just kept to themselves. They listened to curfew and quiet time and were just easy to deal with.

The other side; however, were stupidly loud. And as fate would have it, they were the ones on the side of the dorm that you had put your bed. You bed was up against your shared wall, and they never shut up . There were two very distinct voices, and sometimes a third.

During the day it was manageable, but the noise level stayed consistent long into the night. It wasn’t just their voices either, they would play their music at ear-splitting volumes. Even though their taste in music wasn’t terrible, no one wants to be kept up all night by hard rock and alternative.

Right now you were suffering because said angsty rock was blaring. It had been for hours now. You had a nine o clock color theory class. You needed to sleep. It was...actually what time what it? Two in the morning. It was two in the morning. Fuck.

Then it got louder. The screamy one yelled someone’s name (?) and stomped out of his dorm. The “I’LL KILL YOU” was blessedly muffled as he stomped out the door. You expected it to finally start calming down so you could sleep, until there was a loud banging on your door. Double Fuck.



The pounding could only belong to one person, and you really didn't want to answer. But you did. Unfortunately. You got up, unlatched the lock on the door, and opened it. On the other side of the doorway was a lean, angry, ashy blonde boy with bright red eyes. His posture reminded you of Guzma from your newest pokemon game. His face flashed with confusion for a split second before he barked out “Where the fuck is Deku??!”

Who the fuck was Deku? In fact, “Who the fuck are you?”

He seemed to ignore your question and tried to peek into your dorm, “Deku what the fuck? You send me that shit and then fucking hide from me and make some floozy open the door??”

He was even louder in person, and while not bad to look at, this shitbrick was the reason you weren’t sleeping right now. “Shut. The fuck up. Before I fucking kill you,” you said calmly before slamming the door in his face and locking it again.

Unsurprisingly, he immediately started banging on the door again. “WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU LITTLE BITCH, YOU WANNA GO?”

His voice made your blood boil. Nothing in the world made you more angry than loud people when you were sleep deprived.

Unbenounced to you, you two were drawing the attention of the rest of your neighbors.



Izuku was still giggling on his bed. He’d sent Kacchan a picture of a teddy bear with paper eyebrows all angry and cute and wrote ‘That you.’ He knew it was cruel to tease Kacchan while he was working on his critic project, but he also knew he needed to snap out of his art angst. When he heard Kacchan’s door slam he prepared to answer his door with a smile. Instead he heard Kacchan door? Oh no. ' "Kacchan forgot we’re not next door to him.”

“He what?”

Izuku turned to look at his roommate, Todoroki. “He forgot about the girl who lives between us.”

Todoroki jumped up fast and ran to the door. “I have to see this.”

He peaked open the door and Izuku peeked out under his arm. Kacchan was screaming for the poor neighbor to open the door.



Kirishima had watched his best friend storm out of the door cursing Midoriya’s existence. Honestly that was pretty normal. The pounding on the door; however, sounded far too close. And then he heard him call the person a bitch. That wasn’t Bakugou’s usual Deku insult. He got closer to listen in on the conversation and heard a very clear “Open this door right now you little skank.”




Those last words made something snap inside of you and you threw the door open and threw yourself at this asshole. You let out a quirk assisted inhuman shriek and pinned the man to the hallway carpet, wrapping your small hands around his throat. He screamed angrily, and you yelled in the same inhuman screech “If I choke the life out of you bitch will you SHUT UP?!”

Kirishima peeked out and saw their neighbor trying to strangle his best friend, and Todoroki and Midoriya just watching. Meaning he alone had to fix this. Somehow. “Hey um, please don’t kill him.”

She looked up at him, eyes dark with fury, and he did his best to smile more kindly. “My name is Kirishima, I don’t think we’ve met formally. And this is Bakugou, he’s-”

“A loud little bitch! I need to sleep!” She punctuated her words by slamming the blond's head into the carpet.

Bakugou’s face was honestly hilarious. It was a mixture of shock, confusion, anger, and self-restraint. He was trying to keep calm; he obviously didn’t know this girl and was working on not impulsively hurting strangers. He was trying to get better at impulse control. Kirishima could see his resolve cracking and knew he had to stop the fight quickly. She seemed serious about causing his friend harm, but didn’t seem to be getting much headway. While she had the upperhand right now, if he snapped she could really get hurt. “I know he’s kind of a prick, I promise he’s not so bad. Please don’t kill him.”

“L-like she even could,” Bakugou’s voice was straining slightly. Her grip was pretty strong, but nothing he hadn’t dealt with before, “I’ve had worse.”

The shock had finally left Bakugou’s face; he’d figured out the situation finally. And he could finally get the upper hand, now that he knew what was going on. The girl didn’t seem all that physically strong, and it only took a slight effort to flip their positions. The three gasps distracted him though, who the fuck was watching the fight? When he looked up he saw Kirishima on one side, and Deku and IcyHot...another door down...Oh shit. He’d gone to the wrong door. Fuck.

He looked down at the girl underneath him just in time for her to hold his face and SCREAM. It was not a sound a human should have been able to make. It was more like a cross between a barn owl screech and microphone feedback squeals. It was disorienting to say the least; he felt a pressure in his ears like his eardrums were threatening to pop. Then came a snap; her fist connecting with his nose. That hurt like a son of a bitch. Before he could grab her arm and teach the bitch a lesson, Kirishima grabbed him and picked him up, hardening to protect everyone else. “Holy shit I am so sorry I can’t believe you did that holy shit.”

You looked up at the redhead, hardened into something like jagged rock, holding onto the asshole you just punched. The dude was like an angel. A crazy loud angel. “I’m just tired. Make him shut up please. I’m not normally this psycho.”

Normally you would think he wouldn’t believe you, but the look the redhead gave said he knew. “Bakugou has that effect on people. I promise he's trying to be better I’m sorry I didn’t know we were keeping you up I’ll make him wear headphones.”

You just nodded and gave a weak smile. The boy was trying. “Oh uh. (y/n).”

“Huh?” he looked down at you with eyes that matched his hair, a child-like glimmer in them.

“That's my name. (y/n)”

“Oh well. It was really nice to meet you (y/n). I’m sorry it had to be like this.”

“Me too.”

You walked back into your room and closed the door, hearing Kirishima drag, Bakugou you recalled, back into their dorm. It actually quieted down after a while, and you tucked yourself into bed finally. Your hand hurt, your throat hurt a little, and you were ready to sleep. Right before drifting off there was a loud explosion, and the fire sprinklers went off.

Just your luck.

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The next week was actually quiet, more or less. The loud neighbors were still loud during the day, and got really loud right before quiet time, but shut up around ten o clock. That meant you actually had been getting sleep, and felt refreshed. You were finally feeling like yourself again, and were able to focus. And in that moment of awareness you had realized Screamy McGee was in your art history class. He sat at the opposite end of the room, with you in the first row and him all the way in the back. Since your back was to him, you only noticed him when your teacher asked for his input on a piece. His responses were often fairly blunt, but insightful. They either pointed out the obvious like everyone else was stupid, or gave a very interesting perspective. He was abrasive, but he was anything but stupid. He was intense as hell, and always angry. He spoke as though he was always pissed off. To be honest his language was similar to yours, crude simply for the sake of hearing profanity.

Kirishima was a really sweet guy. He was always so energetic and happy. It was impossible not to smile around him. Everytime he saw you he’d ask about your day. He was just genuinely nice. He was the opposite of Bakugou. You had asked him once how he could handle that walking time-bomb. “Someone has to. He needs me,” was all he said with a brilliantly sharo smile.

There was so much to this dude hiding under the surface, if you were lucky maybe you’d get to know him better.

While you had been stuck outside after the fire alarm went off, Midoriya and Todoroki introduced themselves. Midoriya apologized for “Kacchan” and showed you the picture he had sent to McScreamy to piss him off so much. It was the damn angry teddy bear meme. The fucking meme. “You pissed him off with a meme.

“My existence pisses him off,” he responded, off-handedly as him he was talking about the weather, or an inside joke of some sort. Todoroki just showed you the part of the video he recorded where you punched Bakugou in the face. He asked for your cellphone number just so that he could send you the video to keep. The looked bakugou made when you punched him made you bark out a laugh the first time you watched it. When you looked up, Todoroki’s smile was warm and mischievous.



You’d been thinking about who well you’d gotten to know your neighbors as you walked into your art history class that afternoon. You had been so busy thinking about all of this socialization, you hadn’t noticed the mass next to you. Normally the chair next to yours was unoccupied, but today that wasn’t the case. Once you noticed that you looked up, instantly regretting coming to class.

Next to you was your screamy, shitty neighbor himself. He was surprisingly subdued, though. Still seething with hatred, but not actively yelling at anyone or anything. “Why’d you change seats?”

“So see the screen better. Why are you questioning me, fuck off.”

“Well,” you drew out the first word, “I’ve been sitting here all semester, so if anyone is going to need to fuck off, it’s you.”

He noticeably inflated like a balloon fueled by anger, but paused when the teacher came in to begin her lecture.

The entire class period was oozing competitivity. Every time you would answer a question or give a response, your new table partner would pipe up, either to add onto your idea or correct. While you tried to resist being competitive, something about his smug face set your blood on fire. You couldn’t rightly punch him again in class, so you settled for an intellectual battle. You really couldn’t wait to kick his ass in the exam.



Later in the day you found yourself in the painting studio looking for your color theory teacher. WHen you peeked in to find your teacher, you also found bakugou painting, facing the door. You almost didn’t recognize him and had to take a double-take. You had honestly expected him to be a violent abstract artist; the kind to throw paint cans at a canvas and call it a finished painting. Maybe your dadaist ass was just projecting on him. But no, he was calmly painting with small, detailed strokes. As you spoke to your professor you tried to get a better vantage point to see his painting. When you finally got far enough behind him to see the work, your sentence died in your throat.

The canvas was painted with a beautiful woodland hiking trail landscape. The use of light was extraordinary; you could tell it was at dawn on a rainy day the way the light shown through a green-blue filter through the trees. It was absolutely beautiful, and an oil painting. Oil paints were the bane of your existence, you tended to be very impatient with paints and thus oil just made a mess. But he could use it like an extension of his mind and arm. The bastard.

You were lost in the painting when you noticed he’d stopped rendering a patch of grass. You looked up to see red eyes boring into you. And a smug look on his face. He knew what you were thinking. The asshole. “What you staring at shortstop?”

“How dare your work be beautiful. Stop that.”

The teacher laughed, slightly taken aback by your aggression towards the other student. Normally you were very kind and polite. The two of you must have been very close friends. So he left you in the painting room to banter.

“You think my work is beautiful?” he questioned, smirking like it he was winning an argument.

“I have eyes, Shitstick.”

Before he could gloat about you admitting his painting was amazing, you turned on your heel and walked out the door. You couldn’t get his smug face out of your head and it made your skin itch for some reason. You were trying to be a good person. Punching someone twice in a month made you feel like a bad person. This boy needed to fucking stop before you got real petty.

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There was an evening in which you went down from your dorm into the common room with your sketchbook. You had to work on some storyboards for your sequential art class, and the fastest way to do that was to watch the other students in the common room.

When you got down you noticed your loud redheaded neighbor sitting with some of his friends. They looked happy with some sports game playing on the screen in front of them, although Kirishima looked to be the only one paying any attention. You tried to skate by them unnoticed, but you failed; the cheerful man caught you sneaking and waved you over happily. “Hey (Y/N), we have a free spot if you want to sit with us?”

You weren’t super comfortable with strangers, but you really couldn’t bring yourself to say no to that sweet smile. When you came over he moved closer to give you room on the end of the couch, that way you weren’t so surrounded by strangers. That was nice of him. Once you got comfortable he looked forward and introduced you to everyone. “This is Hanta Sero,” he said, pointing to a lanky guy with a cheeky grin.

“This is Mina Ashido,” he continued, motioning to a cute pink girl with antler-like horns. She waved enthusiastically, and you got the same vibe from her that you get from Kirishima.

“And this is my best bro K-”

“Denki Kaminari, pleasure to finally meet an angel.~” The blond boy interrupted, hanging over Kirishima and shaking your hand.

He was pretty, but before you thought too hard about that you clung to the last part of his introduction. “I’m not an angel.”

“Oh no, Kirishima told us about how you tried to kill Katsuki, that makes you like, a goddess,” Sero said, laughing.

Kaminari waved nonchalantly, “Wanting to kick his ass for being a jerk is a prerequisite for being his friend. Welcome to the club, we have t-shirts.”

“Who said we were friends? Who said I’d want to be friends with him?”

Ashido piped up, “I used to ask myself the same thing in high school. He couldn’t even remember my name for the longest time. It's not even that hard!”

“He’s not that bad when you get to know him,” Kirishima told you quietly.

“Yes he is actually,” Ashido retorted, “But when you get to know him you see that he is trying.”

Sero grinned wider, “When Kirishima said his neighbor tried to strangle Bakugou, I was amazed. You don’t look anything like the kind of person I expected, though.”

“Sero you should know by now that small cute girls are the most aggressive.” Mina was smiling sweetly when she said that, and lifted her hand to smack him, but instead they just laughed louder.

“I’d let her kick my ass,” Kaminari said, winking at you.

Kirishima reached over and lightly shoved him, “Dude no.”

Sero and Ashido thought that was even more hilarious and laughed; obviously it was normal for him to make such comments. Cool.

You then remembered you actually had a purpose to this venture downstairs around people. You opened your sketchbook quietly and quickly sketched the interaction with Kirishima shoving Kaminari. It only took a moment, and you hoped you'd still be able to understand the gesture drawing later. You could feel Kirishima move closer to you and gasp. “Woah is that us?”

You froze. “Uh, yeah, I need to make storyboards for a class. It’s why I came down here,” you responded, fidgeting a little, “I should have asked first, sorry.”

“No, no! It’s really cool that you do that! You're an art major like Bakugou right? I never thought to ask.”

“Yeah I’m an illustration major.”

Ashido perked up, “That’s so cool (y/n)! Show me your work sometime!”

“So you need to draw us for a class?” Kaminari grinned and laid across Kirishima’s lap, “Draw me like one of your French girls.~” He wagged his eyebrows at you and you laughed, then proceeded to actually draw the exchange.

Probably the next half an hour or so was spent drawing scenarios that these energetic people came up with. Your favorite was the 5 minute secret handshake Sero and Kaminari did. You not only had enough frames done for class, but you probably had twice the required minimum. You didn’t get up though; these people was genuinely fun to be around. They were loud as hell, but all really nice people. It was refreshing. You wondered how any of them could get along with the sourpuss, Bakugou.



Ashido had to leave the group first, saying she had an evening aerobics class. Then Sero left, mumbling something about an engineering project he still had to finish. For quite a while it was just you, Kirishima, and Kaminari. Kirishima was watching the sports game on the tv, but Kaminari had changed seats to be closer to you and show you pictures of everyone over the years, namely Bakugou. He showed you one of Bakugou sleeping peacefully.  “Every once in awhile he sheds the layers of anger and mean like snakeskin and hibernates. And we take advantage of it.”

The next picture he showed, had Bakugou still sleeping peacefully, with drawings all over his face, likely in sharpie. The one after that was a selfie of Kaminari running from a very awake, very angry human explosion. You laughed, and Kirishima leaned over you to get a look at the picture and chuckled. His voice was very nice. Dark, with a deep rumble that came from his chest. His voice was warm, but not as soft as his personality.

You must have been analyzing a little too hard, because Kaminari was staring at you. “W-what?”

“You like, zoned out for a second there. You alright?”

You felt your face get warm, “Sorry it was sortof a uh, quirk thing.”

Both boys perked up, “What kind of quirk?” they asked, in unison.

You looked down slightly; it was sometimes hard to explain to people, “I’m a Harpie.”

“Like a bird lady?” Kaminari asked.

“Yeah so I tend to get hung up on voices sometimes. I can use mimicry if I get to know a voice well enough. Used to call in sick to school using my mom's voice when I was really little.”

“Woah so you can like, copy his voice?”

You looked at Kirishima quickly, “Not really but I could echo it. I wouldn’t be able to make words just copy them.”

Kaminari bolted up and looked at Kirishima with the most determined eyes. You could practically see the stars in them. Kirishima understood and sighed, turning to me. “What do I have to say?”

“What do I have to say?” you repeated, cutting into his voice better part way through.

“Woah you weren’t kidding!”

“Woah you weren’t kidding!”

This went on for another good half an hour or so.



Finally, you looked at the clock and realized it was around ten at night. “Oh shit, I need to go to bed soon.”

Kaminari followed your eyes and was visibly shocked, “It's already that late? Man I have a seven-thirty class tomorrow morning. I should head to bed soon too.”

Kirishima stood and stretched, “Yeah I have an early morning workout so I’ll walk you up to our dorms (y/n).”

You nodded and stood up, popping your back and followed him. You waved Kaminari goodbye and followed Kirishima up the stairs. You had guessed him to be the type to take four flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator. Damn him. Damn his cute smile. After walking up the steps for what felt like forever, you followed him down the hall to your door. He was about two feet ahead of you, since you had been dying on the stairs. You were tired, already prepared to flop on your bed and close your eyes for nine hours. He stopped in front of your door and waited patiently for you; you could see he had a soft look on his face, as though he empathized with your pain. You still vocalized your complaint, “I’m so tired, that was terrible why did you make me do that?”

He smiled, “It wasn’t that bad.”

“Yes it was, I’m so sleepy.”

You unlocked your door and turned to smile at him. “Thank you Kirishima, I really needed all of that.”

He was smiling when you went in and closed your door.

“I know.”

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Since you had met Kirishima and Bakugou’s friends, you’d made a habit of hanging out with them. So far you hadn’t seen Bakugou and his friends in the same room ever, but he seemed to spend all of his time outside of class in the painting room. Your shared class was still competitive as hell, but the firecracker was less aggressive. You wondered if Kirishima ever talked about you to him; you wondered what he would even have to say. Aside from Bakugou’s relatively docile attitude, everything was relatively consistent. You were socializing just enough to be comfortable, and it felt nice to have people who were always available to hang out when you needed it.


You were at the campus coffee shop that was right next to the library. It was a charming little place, staffed by fellow students. Students were always found studying in the comfy chairs, instead of in the study areas of the library. You preferred studying in an empty section of the library, or just in your dorm, but you were in here today just for a morning pick-me-up. Sometimes you didn’t sleep well for no other reason than your brain not shutting down. You were at a pretty large table, because all of the single chairs were occupied, drinking a caramel macchiato. It was sweet and warm, and contain about twice the normal amount of espresso. You’d been reading, so the rest of the world didn’t really exist at this point. That was until you felt a tap on your table. You looked up and saw green hair and freckles. Midoriya looked startled by your quick movement to look at him, like a deer in the headlights. “Oh uh h-hey (y/n), I was uh...can me and my friends sit here too?”

You nodded. Midoriya was nice and quiet, so you assumed his friends were at least mostly quiet. He sat down and pulled out a notebook and pencil. After some time of just listening to Midoriya write, Todoroki came over with an ice coffee and sat in the seat next to you. Part of you really wanted to ask why he was getting an iced drink when it was freezing outside. Hell, he was wearing a sweater so it's not like he was overheated. You were known to eat ice cream in the snow, though, so you really had no room to talk. Soon after, a small girl bounded over to the table, followed by a tall, broad-shouldered, anxious man. She seemed flowery and bouncy, and was wearing a black pleated skirt with colorful leggings. The man has an honor society t-shirt tucked into his jeans like a strong ass nerd. The girl sat down in the chair next to Midoriya fast enough to rock the chair a bit. Her and Midoriya’s eyes both went wide as she tried to balance herself. The tall man came over, chopping the air, “Uraraka, you must not run inside so much, you could have hurt yourself or Midoriya.”

“Oh Tenya, lighten up! Deku would have caught me,” she responded, grinning at Midoriya.

“You don’t know that for sure. What if he hadn’t been paying attention?”

Todoroki looked up at the tall man, “Then he would have just broken her fall.”

The tall man seemed mortified by even the idea of that.

Midoriya turned to you and smiled apologetically. “These are my other two best friends, Iida and Uraraka. Guys, this is Todoroki and my neighbor. The one Kacchan got in that fight with.”

The small girl lit up, “Oh that was you? Cool! I dropped a ton of concrete on him once in a tournament in high school.”

“He blew it all up though before it hit him,” Midoriya helpfully supplied.

“I know and it was so frustrating. I wanted to win that fight so badly.” She pouted, which looked illegally cute with her round face and rosy cheeks.

It was nice to see another cute girl willing to beat someone up, between her and Ashido you were starting to feel you belonged. Todoroki chuckled softly, and it was like being blessed by angels. The extremely quiet, but surprisingly smooth boy next to you had laughed, albeit softly. It was like a kitten falling asleep in your lap; a rare treasure you were chosen to witness.

Uraraka must have noticed the look on your face, because she laughed, hard. “You’ll get used to it eventually. Deku used to cry every time Todoroki smiled.”

That was the second time you’d heard her call Midoriya that, and you were sure Bakugou had used that name too. You tilted your head a bit in inquiry, “You called him Deku, that's what Bakugou calls you, right Midoriya? What’s the story behind that if you don’t mind me asking?”

Midoriya gave a sheepish smile, “Well with Kacchan it's a childhood nickname, like how I call him Kacchan. Deku means useless though so it wasn’t exactly a compliment.”

Uraraka piped up after him, “When we first met, I had only heard Bakugou refer to him as Deku, so I thought that was his actual name. I didn’t even think of it as meaning useless, I’d thought of it like the phrase ‘you can do it’. Plus I think it sounds cute.”

“So I sorta just took the name for myself and made it my hero name.”

You blinked. That was quite a shift in perspective. “Deku is a pretty cute name.”

Apparently having two girls call his nickname cute was too much for him to handle, judging by how his entire face turned a dark shade of red. Iida seemed equal parts concerned and oblivious, “Midoriya are you feeling alright? You looked flushed. Is it too warm inside with your jacket on?”

Midoriya squeaked out an ‘I’m fine’ and tried his best to crawl inside of his jacket in embarrassment. It was so cute, although you suppose you felt a little bad for him. Not bad enough to stop though. “Deku, why are you being so adorable?”

Midoriya made a strangled noise and Todoroki chuckled again, “That's just how he naturally is.”

You and Uraraka really started laughing until Iida told you to quiet down and gave Midoriya some water. When he seemed to regain his ability to breath he whined, “I’m not cute, or adorable, I’m fierce!!”

“Like the teddy bear?” you retorted, grinning.

Midoriya thought back to the bear he sent Kacchan that started this whole thing. “Yes. Exactly that.”

Uraraka and Todoroki both must have seen the gif, because they started cracking up. Uraraka showed Iida the gif on her phone. He looked at it, then at Midoriya, then back at the picture. It took a few seconds, but you could see his serious facade break down into a fit of laughter, the rest of you following suit.

Chapter Text

You were hella proud of yourself. It was a Friday night and you had invited a classmate to your dorm to hang out and swap music. She liked loud rock, and you loved alternative, so your music tastes tended to overlap. She played bass and was a music major, and you’d been spending the last few Environmental Life Science lectures talking about music with her instead of taking notes. Oops. She was super cool and badass and cute, and you really couldn’t wait to hang out.

When there was finally a knock at your door, you practically threw open the door. You were hyper aware of how loudly you had said, “Oh, Jirou, you're here! Awesome, come in, I made nachos!!”

You let her in and sat down on the floor. You had gathered together a ton of blankets and pillows to make a proper music nest. Jirou sat down and pulled her laptop out of her bag to show the files she had downloaded on there. Apparently her father was in a really cool rock band, and you couldn’t wait to hear all of his music. You two spent a while listening to her dad’s music, as well as swapping a few of your favorite songs. At one point she smiled at you and lowered her voice a bit, “Want to see a trick?”

You looked up at her and smiled, “Of course.”

You weren’t sure what to expect, but her sticking the headphone attached to her ear into her laptop and doubling the decibel level, was definitely not it. You weren’t complaining. “You're like a speaker! That's really cool!”

Jirous face flushed slightly; you could tell she wasn’t all that used to compliments. Which was a shame, you were just going to have to shower her in compliments more often. So you continued, “That has to be super useful for everyday life, you’re incredible!”
Her face turned a darker shade of red and she waved her hands slightly, “W-what? No, it's not that cool or anything, it’s kinda lame.”

You gave her an incredulous look, “Lame? It is not lame at all.”

This fight would have probably continued if your loud asshole neighbor hadn’t started blaring music himself. You too had kept the noise level down as much as possible, besides Jirou’s trick. He didn’t need to be so passive aggressive about it.

You weren’t surprised that his music taste was rock too, and honestly the only thing that annoyed you about it was that it was drowning out your own music. Jirou seemed pretty pissed about it too, so she just changed the song to a Sleeping with Sirens one and turned the volume up. Neither one of you really loved the band but you knew it would piss off the child next door. Soon enough, he played an ACDC song loud enough to be heard over your song. Jirou laughed slightly, and you started blaring Fall Out Boy as loud as your laptop could, plus some with Jirou’s help. When your song finished you didn’t really hear much, and were hoping that meant you had won this little competition and could go back to play music at a normal volume. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Not only did Bakugou start blaring music again, it was Nickleback. Animals, to be exact. Which you assumed he started playing at least in part because who likes Nickleback ew . You do. Well you like this song. Jirou gave you a perplexed look when you cracked up. You looked back at her and smile, “This song is so raunchy and terrible and I love it. He thinks he can out awful song us he’s got another thing coming. In fact, you can see my little trick now.”

You jumped up and sat directly in front of the wall you shared with Bakugou. You cleared your throat and relaxed your vocal chords some, then started singing along to the song. Even without your quirk, you were a very loud singer, and you knew he could hear you because he actually turned the song down. You got about halfway through the song before Bakugou just turned it off, obviously defeated. You playfully called out “Hey I liked that song!!” and could hear Kirishima next door laughing his ass off.


Bakugou was pissed. This was the first time you’d been so goddamned loud. He’d only even heard you sing along to your music once or twice, and you always played your music with headphones. He couldn’t fault you for being pissed he always played his music loudly, you weren’t hypocritical. Except for today for whatever fucking reason. So, he decided that two could play at this game. Not that he knew you had company, of course not, like he would have cared anyways. He hopped on one of his more energetic playlists and just played the next thing in line. You just had to try and one up him, and play some garbage even louder. So, he played the next song, it was a ACDC, which was awesome and badass. He turned up the volume some, just to add to his point. That didn’t stop you from playing some other song above it in your new volume battle. He sat back and listened, he hadn’t heard the song before, but he didn’t dislike it. When it was over he realized he needed to respond, he wasn’t going to just let you win. So he played the next song. He thought about changing it. A song blatantly about sex might be a bit too far, but he really couldn’t go back now. He didn’t expect to hear you laugh, but really as he’d gotten to know you, he realized you didn’t really fit with his box idea of most girls. You were more like the few girls he really hung around: loud, aggressive, and relaxed. So he couldn’t be too surprised that you would like the song. He didn’t expect you to sing along though, so when you did he was in shock a bit. You sang so loud and confident, like you were dancing along. He didn’t want to dwell on that image, but it was a bit late now. Fuck.

Kirishima had been trying to ignore both of your antics, but when Bakugou actually turned his music down, that was when he lifted his head from scrolling on his phone. The poor dudes face was so so red, and he was just staring at the wall. That was when he actually was able to hear you singing along to the Nickleback song his roommate was playing. Oh. Oh. Kirishima quietly pulled up the camera of his phone and pressed record. He wasn’t missing this.

Todoroki was so confused, normally you were so quiet in your dorm. He didn’t understand why you were playing music so loud. It wasn’t bad music though, he decided he’d ask you what you were playing later. He was really confused when Midoriya started laughing. He looked over and Midoriya waved his phone. “Kacchan and (y/n) are fighting over music and (Y/n) won!”

So that was it then. It seemed you were only really loud at Bakugou. Strange.


Bakugou didn’t play any music after that. You and Jirou had won, and as a prize you played music at whatever volume you wanted and sang along as loud as you could. It had turned into a ‘sing the most terrible songs you know’ party. Jirou had really gotten relaxed, and was even singing along to the songs she knew. You thought it was very cute when she sang. This went on for a good half an hour before there was a knock at your door. Shit, it was probably someone making a noise complaint. You turned off the music and ran to the door, ready to apologize. When you opened it; however, it was just your spiky blond neighbor. He looked disgruntled and a little flustered. “Keep your shit down I’m trying to work.”

You started to argue that HE had in fact started this battle, but Jirou peeked out and grabbed his arm, “Come on Bakugou. I didn’t know you liked rock. Have you heard the band Against Me!, I think you'd like it.”

Both you and Bakugou were a little shocked when she just up and pulled him into your dorm. He’d never even been in your dorm before and you were not prepared to have a guy in here. A cute girl was one thing, a guy was a different story. He didn’t seem to take notice in the dirty clothes thrown in the corner, or the stuffed animals on your bed. Jirou sat him down and pulled her laptop up to pull up the band she had mentioned. You leaned over, “Play Rebecca, that’s my favorite!”

She smiled and played the song, you singing along to the loud drums. Bakugou seemed to still be in shock, because he just watched you sing silently. He didn’t look particularly upset though, and while going through the rest of the album, he added the music to his own playlist. He thought this stuff fit you just right, and maybe you both fit him too.

Midoriya was kept up all night listening to you, Kacchan, and Jirou play punk rock. He was a zombie by the time the morning came. If you and Kacchan became friends, it might just be the death of him.

Chapter Text

You let yourself wake up slowly that morning. It was early on a Sunday, and you were in no rush to get up and meet the day. Your stomach, however, disagreed with you, and demanded to be fed. You didn’t mind, on Sundays you had enough time to actually make breakfast. Thinking about it, you felt like pancakes were the best idea. They weren’t something you craved often, but you could make a whole bunch with the ingredients in your fridge. Not having to share your dorm meant you could splurge on a bigger fridge. Speaking of which, the amount of pancakes you'd be making was insane if you didn’t invite some others. You gently knocked on the wall shared between you, Bakugou, and Kirishima. You waited until you heard a soft knock back. Leaning your head closer to the wall you called, “Going to make pancakes in the common room kitchen. Join me if you want some.”

You slipped on your house slippers and grabbed the bags of ingredients. Heading out the door you heard your neighbors door creak open as you passed. Looking over you saw Kirishima, his hair not yet spiked up. It was hella cute. He yawned and smiled. “We’ll be down in a bit,” he said, “Mind if the rest of the squad comes down too?”

“Not at all, I should have enough food.”

He smiled and went back into his room, softly closing the door. You walked down to the common room, mentally trying to figure out how many pancakes you could make. And then how many per person that would be. The walk down the stairs was sort of a blur. Thanks to the red-headed bundle of sunshine, you tended to take the stairs more often, although it felt better to go down the stairs than up them. The communal kitchen was just next to the common room, and had a door leading into the common room. Peaking in, you saw that no one else was in there. Thank goodness, you didn’t want to be making a ton of fucking pancakes by yourself in a room where people could judge you. Who didn't’ know how long until anyone else joined you.

Thankfully, you really didn’t have to wait long. You were still mixing your batter when Kirishima came waltzing in. His hair was in a short ponytail, and he looked much more put together than he was when he first opened the door. He was in dark grey sweatpants and an athletic tank top, the kind that gave you a peak of his sides half way down his torso. Not that you were looking. He smiled and sat at the little bar. “So how are you doing, (y/n)?”

You smiled and looked at him. “I’m good. Glad to be up and making food. How are you Kirishima?”

He looked relaxed. “Slept like a baby as always. I wear headphones when I sleep so Bakugou really can’t keep me up.”

You laughed, no wonder Bakugou’s late night shenanigans didn’t seem to bother him. Bet he wore a sleep mask too.

Next came Sero, who was wearing a super baggy shirt and silkie pants. His clothes looked super comfy, and given how big his elbows were, it made sense that he’d be more comfortable in big shirts. He looked like he was swimming in his clothes though. Not a bad look for him. As usual he was all smiles. “So, Kirishima said you're making pancakes? What’s the special occasion?”

“I didn’t have to get up at the ass crack of dawn, that’s the occasion. My dad and I always did big breakfast on Sundays, so it's still a habit.”

“But you're letting us have some?”

“I can’t eat all of these pancakes myself; I’ll die.”

He thought that was pretty funny apparently, and so did Kirishima. “Good thing you got us then,” Sero smiled, “We’re walking stomachs.”

Both Sero and Kirishima couldn’t stop laughing. It was very cute, they looked so happy, and you loved hearing them while you cooked.

After another five or ten minutes later, Kaminari and Ashido stumbled in. They were both still in pajamas and had major bedhead. Kaminari had fuzzy Pajama pants with little lightning bolts on them, and a plain white t-shirt. Ashido was in a blue tank top, purple basketball shorts, and knee high socks. Ashido’s hair normally was a cute curly mess, but it was in even tighter ringlets than usual. Of course her bed head would look adorable. Kaminari’s hair, on the other hand, had a major cowlick, liked he’d fallen asleep on his desk. They both yawned and Kaminari just leaned his head onto Kirishima’s shoulder. He looked like he was trying to fall back asleep. Ashido looked at you and smiled. “Would you like some help?”

“Don’t worry I have it.”

Ashido looked relieved, “Thank God, I’m a terrible cook,” she laughed and leaned on Sero.

You smiled. You didn’t really mind being that friend that everyone depended on for cooking. It made you feel needed, so if you could you would cook for them all of the time. As long as everyone chipped in money that is. You were still a poor college kid. This wasn’t bad, though. You liked hearing everyone laugh and chat while you cooked. It was relaxing, and felt like you were in your grandma’s kitchen back home. It kinda made you miss your family; you lived so far away from them. But right now felt really good.

You were starting to actually pour the batter, when the door slammed. It was quiet, until Kaminari suddenly yelled, “Katsuki Bakugou where have you been??? I haven’t seen you in forever! I thought you had left me.”

You turned and laughed, watching Kaminari throw himself at Bakugou. The spiky ball of anger just side stepped and let his friend hit the doorframe. He came over to where you were and lifted a small bag in his hand. “I have bananas, I’ll put them in the batter.”

You blinked for a moment, “Uh. Okay.”

Ashido cheered, “Oh (y/n) we’re super lucky! Bakugou never cooks for us anymore, he’s so good too.”

You looked up at Bakugou, and he looked very calm, grabbing a knife to cut up bananas. You were pretty surprised with this development. Angry asshole can do gorgeous oil paintings and cook? That's just not fair, you know? You tried to ignore him while you cooked up the pancakes, hearing the steady thud of the knife hitting the counter. The fresh bananas smelled like heaven; you were hoping that they had extras when they were done. The sound of the knife against the cutting board was cathartic to you, but you probably shouldn’t admit it to the new friends. You glanced over and Bakugou had quite a few bananas cut, and was folding some of them into the second bowl of batter. You made a plate out of the first few and held it up. “Okay, who wants plain pancakes?”

Kirishima raised his hand “The bananas sometimes get stuck in my teeth and are hard to get out. Plain is fine by me.”

You smiled and handed over the plate, and then brought over maple syrup. When you went to return to your work Bakugou was making more pancakes, leaving you at a slight loss. You put the rest of the bananas in the other bowl, minus the few you ate, and Bakugou and you took turns pumping out more pancakes. It was pretty smooth going, and when if was just the two of you left to feed he nudged you away from the stove. “I’ve got it shortstop, you go sit.”

You blinked, that was probably his nicest nickname yet. “Sure thing asswipe,” you responded as affectionately as possible.

He twitched and cooked, head down, and refusing to respond. Ashido laughed and patted the seat next to her. You sat down and smiled, and she got straight to her point, “You do the same thing Bakugou does with nicknames don’t you?”

“What? No I hardly ever give nicknames to people...half the time its because I forget their name to be honest.”

You weren’t lying. You had such a hard time with names, you’d use nicknames until you could write their name down. Ashida laughed, hard, “You’re exactly like Bakugou; that's his problem too! Well that or like with here he’s not sure what name to use.”

You smile, “Once I had to look at a girls keychain to remember her name and I’d known her for a year.”

Even Bakugou seemed to get a kick out of that as he handed you a plate of pancakes. Ashido must have noticed the internal screaming going on behind your eyes, because she was shaking with laughter. It didn’t take long for Bakugou to make his own batch and sit down on the other side of you. He was surprisingly quiet, given the way he usually was around people who actually try to talk to him. Everyone was chatting happily, while you had a fucking crisis over this shitty asshole next to you that was somehow also a perfect fucking housewife? When did this happen? Who was responsible for this? What the fuck is your life? You felt maybe one of these questions was actually appropriate to be asked out loud. You looked at Bakugou, “Have you always been able to cooks so well?”

He looked at you like you just asked if he’d always had two eyes. Kirishima laughed and filled in, “He’s been a great cook for as long as I can remember, and we met when we were like fifteen.”

Ashido spoke up too, “He does this thing sometimes where he’ll stress cook. It’s great for us because we get so much good food. But lately he just paints stressed so we haven’t gotten good Bakufood in foreverrrrrrr.”

“Don’t call it that.” was the only thing Bakugou said.

Everyone laughed and ignored him. It was surreal.


The week was even more surreal for you. Art history was more relaxed than you had ever had it. Bakugou had calmed down so much from just a few weeks before. He was still vocal in class, and you both still disagreed fairly often, but he no longer tried to belittle your opinion. Often times, he was willing to vocally agree with you, even. He also wasn’t jumping to correct you on every little detail of what you’d say.

He even hung around after class one time. You both had just been told your study guide was available, and he glanced at you. “If we study together I bet we could obliterate everyone else.”

He was asking to study. With you. Be cool. “Guess it would give us an even playing field to see who is actually better, now wouldn’t it?” you retorted.

You wouldn’t soon forget the smirk on his lips.


You were on your way up the stairs as night once with Kirishima when he unloaded some insight on you. “You and Bakugou are the ones who share a wall you know.”

You stopped in your tracks and looked at him. “You waited this long to tell me? I could have been avoiding waking the bear?”

He laughed and reached your floor. “I didn’t think it was actually that important.”

It was though. Now that you both knew you shared a wall. In class you and Bakugou worked out a series of messages coded in knocks, so that you could communicate through the wall without having to raise your voice. You had knocks for questions such as: are you there, are you awake, can you come over, would you like to come over. Of course you also had answers like yes no and maybe. You both wanted to learn morse code, for more specific things, but sofar it was too hard to figure out. You both had some fun with it though.

Kirishima would just sit and watch the way Katsuki’s eyes got brighter when he’d hear a knock on his wall. It was a look he’d never seen on him before. The way Katsuki would turn and knock back in response was too cute for him to handle sometimes.

He knew there was something blossoming.

Chapter Text

“I think you’re the one that’s evil. Evil. EVIL

You laughed when the woman got slapped. You, Jirou, and Kaminari were all hanging out in your dorm, watching a classic scary movie. It was one you had seen as a little kid, but the three of your were really enjoying yourselves. There was nothing like a scary movie marathon to really bond. You and Jirou were sitting on your bed, and Kaminari was on the floor with his back against the bed. You had the main lights off, and just a little glowing cat toy as light. It casted a creepy red glow on everything, and made it easier to do things like get up and go to the bathroom. Not that either of you really wanted to get up right now, the movie was great. You had a passing thought to invite Bakugou over, but figured it would be better to wait. The idea of scaring Kaminari though was too hard to resist, and you knocked your ‘Do you want to come over’ knock. The sound made Kaminari jump out of his skin and turn to you. You had already placed your hands in your lap like you’d done nothing, but Jirou had seen and was snickering at Kaminari’s confused face. Bakugou knocked back in affirmative and it was Jirou’s turn to yelp. You couldn’t help but laugh at both of their expenses.

Bakugou took his time coming by, which was fine by you because it got both of your friends more relaxed again. You didn’t tell them what the knocking was about; Kaminari was convinced Bakugou had heard the movie and was just trying to scare you all, while Jirou figured you and Bakugou had just teamed up against Kaminari to try and make him shit his pants. When Bakugou knocked on the door, Kaminari about screamed. Jirou just paused the movie and laughed at the frightened blond while you went to open the door. You could almost not see him, laughing through your tears. His smirk was undeniable though, and as he walked in he gave Kaminari a predatory look. “Gonna have nightmares again, dumbass?”

Kaminari whined, and Jirou laughed harder. “What the fuck dude?? That wasn’t funny!” he said.

Bakugou just raised an eyebrow, “Says the one person not laughing.”

Jirou finally got over her giggle fit and looked at you, “When did you invite Bakugou?”

“Oh I asked McScreamy with the knock. We share a wall so we have established a language.”

Both of your other friends just stared at you, and then at Bakugou. Your neighbor seemed to get what the look meant and started to turn red. “You two send secret messages, that is cute as hell.~” Kaminari said smirking. He bounced his short eyebrows, obviously insinuating the flirtatious manner of the messages.

Bakugou’s face was an even brighter red, and he barked out a “Shut the fuck up shit for brains, what would you know?”

You just leaned over and whacked the smirking jerk on the top of the head, “It's not like that, shut up. It’s not cute, it’s efficient.”

You could tell Jirou and Kaminari were not buying your bullshit, but you weren’t going to have that argument. Jirou slid down to the floor so that Bakugou could sit on the bed with you, and you all finished the movie with commentary.


Bakugou looked down at his phone. Kirishima was still texting him. He’d had this weird ass look on his face when he’d put on a fresh shirt. “So where are you going?”

Bakugou raised his eyebrow at him, “What the fuck? Did you not hear the knocking? I’m going next door. I think (y/n) is watching a movie.”

Kirishima smiled wider, “Oh, so you have a date?”

Bakugou could feel his face heat up and just headed straight for the door. “Shut the fuck up Shitty Hair it’s not like that.”

Kirishima was pretty sure that was bullshit.

Now Bakugou was just just sitting on your bed, next to you, while your friends and you finished this dumb movie. Kirishima wouldn’t stop texting him still. Kept asking if it was a date. He had no self-preservation skills. He wanted to just beat the shit out of his roommate when he got back. Why was he so convinced this was a romantic thing? Hell, he wasn’t the only one here, he had to share you with Punk Chick and Dumbass Pikachu. It wasn’t like you two were watching movies alone or something. And even if it was just you two it still wouldn’t be a date. Why was Kirishima trying to say it was? Why did his head feel so warm?


As the credits rolled across the screen, Kaminari yawned and got up to stretch. “I think we need a bunch of popcorn,” he yawned, “I have a bunch in my dorm I can go grab. Sound good?”

He got a nod from all of you, and Jirou turned to very obviously look between you and Bakugou. “I’ll come with you to help carry it all back.”

Bakugou squinted his eyes at them both, because talk about obvious. You also gave them both a look. What were they both doing with those big ass grins on their faces? They probably thought that they would be leaving you two alone to flirt. Jokes on them, neither one of you were going to address that kind of interaction whatsoever.

After they walked out, you two looked at each other. You raised your remote. “Let's look for another movie. Kaminari seems like a wimp and I wanna make him piss himself.”

Bakugou laughed, you were definitely his type of girl. Wait, why was he thinking about this? He sat on the foot of the bed and pulled out his phone to pretend to be too busy to really look. You sat at the headboard. Your feet were more or less touching, and it was comfortable. Scrolling through the movies, you’d speak up every time you saw one that looked okay. Bakugou would look up every time you mentioned one, and through this you were able to sort through them more easily. This went on for about fifteen minutes. It only ended because Kaminari burst in the door. He acted like he was going to walk in on you two making out or something. You weren’t obviously. Which seemed to annoy both him and Jirou.

You looked up and perked up, “Good you’re both here, you need to vote. McScreamy wants to watch a psychological horror, but I want to watch paranormal. Vote!”

Bakugou looked up from his phone, “Psychological is better for long time nightmares since it’s more realistic so obviously it’s better.”

“No it isn’t, paranormal is scarier because you can’t do shit about it!”

Kaminari looked between the two of you, “I couldn’t be more disappointed.”

Jirou laughed and just set a huge bowl of popcorn in between Bakugou and you. “I vote paranormal cuz I bet dumbass is more scared of ghosts than his own mind.”

Kaminari whined, “Ghosts are cool, the other thing just sounds like it would go over my head.”

You looked at Bakugou and grinned wickedly, “Ju-on it is!”

Bakugou rolled his eyes as you cackled and put the movie on. To be honest it was one of the few horror movies that really scared you, You weren’t going to admit it though, wait until you panicked to say ‘oh yeah no I’m going to have nightmares.’ Who cared, scary movies were way worth it.

“What’s with that look, asswipe, you scared?”

“Why the fuck would I be scared of this shitty movie?”

Kaminari and Jirou returned to their original spot and looked back at you both. They both didn’t get how you two weren’t just flirting like normal people. It was obvious Bakugou was starting to pine over you, and they’d been hoping that you were more normal about the whole thing so that this idiot wouldn’t take forever to get his shit forever. Unfortunately, you flirted exactly how he did, so who knew how long it would take for you two to figure out the other’s feelings.

You picked up some of your popcorn, but instead of eating it, you leaned over, tugged down the front of Bakugou’s shirt collar, and shoved them down his shirt. He looked so offended. How dare you?

As revenge he grabbed a handful and tried to shove it all in your mouth.

Maybe you two would figure things out sooner than they thought.

Chapter Text

A man had just walked into the haunted house. He was definitely going to die in a short amount of time. Jirou laughed quietly, “This dumbass is going to die, isn’t he?”

You grinned, “Oh yeah, bitch is a dead man walking.”

Kaminari had gotten your quilt and wrapped up in it, he was not okay. He looked up at you with sad eyes. “I changed my mind; I don’t like this movie. If I ever find a house like this I’m going to burn it down.”

You laughed, the poor kid couldn’t handle this movie. To be honest, the movie had you creeped out too. Jirou looked at Kaminari and set her head in her hand. “You know. Momo would be able to do a really cool costume of the ghost chick. She makes the best costumes and props.”

Kaminari fixed her with a look, “You just wanna ask her because you think she’s a total babe.”

“Is she not?”
“All women are queens, Anakin.”

Kaminari laughed at how loud you laughed, and Bakugou rolled his eyes. “She’s alright, I guess. Always acts like she takes up too much time and space.”

Jirou sighed, “She could take up all of my time.”

You all turned back to the television and sure enough, the man was dead as a doornail. Bakugou groaned. “This movie is so stupid, it's obvious what’s going to happen: someone walks into that house and then dies horribly. There isn’t even that much action.”

You shrugged, passively stating “I like it. The last time I watched it, I was alone in my house with another friend, and you could hear things falling in the kitchen. Like we heard an entire shelf of books fall over. But like, there weren’t any books anywhere like that and no one was in the room. Freaked us out.”

Kaminari’s eyes widened, “I-I don’t want to watch this anymore.”

You and Jirou both laughed and patted Kaminari on the head.


If you were honest with yourself, the movie gave you the creeps. You’d only seen it one other time, and you didn’t remember any of the jumpscares. You had to avert your eyes sometimes when you felt like a face was going to pop up. So far no one had caught you, but you knew your luck was going to run out. Sure enough, the woman looked up and saw the main monster in the ceiling. You jumped some and a high pitched squeak made it out of your mouth before you could muffle it. You could feel your face heat up as you glanced towards the rest of your group. Jirou had a look of pure glee, and Kaminari looked relieved that he wasn’t the only one scared. Not like your fear would stop you from making fun of him. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Bakugou shift towards you slightly. God dammit. He was going to poke fun at you, considering he thought the movie was lame and not scary at all. He had been making fun of Kaminari, after all.

You were obviously shocked when instead, he ruffled your hair gently. Instead of making fun of you, he said “Don’t get so wrapped up in it, it's just a movie,” in one of the softest tones you’d heard out of him.

You had to resist the urge to lean into his hand, instead pondering whether or not to take that tone in a condescending manner. Was he being nice? Or patronizing? You’d waited too long to react, so you couldn’t just assume patronizing and hit him now. What if you were wrong and he was being nice?

Kaminari leaned into Jirou some and whispered, “That’s the nicest, least violent, comforting thing I’ve ever seen him do.”

Jirou peeked back at you two, smiling at the fact that Bakugou was looking at you instead of the movie. She whispered back, “It’s cute how smitten he is.”

“He initiated non-violent physical contact. Who is he? Is he okay?”


Is Kacchan okay?

Izuku had been pondering this for a few weeks now. They had known each other for as long as Izuku could remember, and Kacchan had gone through phases of being more or less okay, and really really, really not okay. But, not okay usually involved Kacchan lashing out over nothing and staring at the wall like he was going to cry. Or Kacchan using his quirk in a way that was risky to his own health. This was a whole new level of not okay.

Kacchan has been calm. Calm. His usual scowl has softened to a neutral expression most days. Now Kacchan has gone right back to this scowl when he gets caught, but when he thinks no one is looking? He looks content. Happy even. His body language is calmer too. He’s no longer sneaking around with both hands angrily shoved into his pants pockets. His back probably feels better now that he’s walking with his back straight.

Kacchan’s reactions were more subdued. Just yesterday Izuku had, accidentally, stayed up all night. That wasn’t the big deal, don’t focus on that. What’s important is, at four am he sent Kacchan a Vaperwave skeleton with the words “An Garde Fuckboi” written in florecent colors. Why? Because Kacchan hated memes and Izuku liked to gauge his sleep patterns by how quickly he responded. Also it reminded Kacchan that he was still here and never going to exit from his life. This is how Midoriya Izuku would tell his childhood friend they will be friends for the rest of their lives. By sending him terrible memes. Also when you stay up all night working on an english paper, you crave death by about four am. Death via angry nitro fueled punch might not be so bad. But had he gotten the usual pounding on his door? No. In fact, Kacchan didn’t even reply until noon the next day with simply “Fuck off.”

There was no real anger behind it even. What the hell?

When Izuku relayed all of this to his roommate Shotou, he just looked up from his phone and shrugged. “He caught feels.”

Izuku stared at him. “What?”

Clearing his throat, Shotou continued. “This didn’t start until he started spending more time with (y/n). They have a class or two together I think. They hang out in each other’s dorms sometimes. And he looks at her like he’s scared of her. He’s in love.”

Izuku was stunned. Love? Does Kacchan even know what love is? He was pretty sure he doesn’t. Kacchan has no idea he’s in love. Oh no. How long until he figures it out? What if he doesn’t? What if he gets scared of his feelings and pushes her away? What if he never says anything and she dates someone else?

Shotou had to roll his eyes at his panicked, muttering best friend. Bakugou would figure things out eventually. There was nothing to worry about.


You had to admit this movie was causing you to panic more than you had intended. Throughout the whole movie, however, instead of teasing you, Bakugou kept trying to comfort you. Half way through the movie you had finally realized he’d gone from sitting on the opposite end of the bed, to practically touching. A particularly bad jump scare happened at one point, and he even wrapped his arm around you. You suppose he was trying to help you calm your heart beating in your chest, but the contact only caused it to skyrocket. Bakugou Katsuki had his arm around you. Were you dreaming? Was this a dream or a nightmare? You were relieved that the lights were off so he couldn’t see just how red you knew your face was. If he got any closer you were positive he would feel the heat radiating off of your face. But, he’d have to be really close to your face to do that. He wouldn’t get that close to your face, would he?

Jirou nudged Kaminari lightly, nodding her head at the bed. Kaminari followed her nod, before quickly looking away. Behind them was (y/n) and Bakugou, shoulder to shoulder, with Bakugou’s arm wrapped around (y/n)’s shoulder. She looked like she was having a heart attack, and he looked like he was doing anything he could to ignore the entire situation. Kaminari didn’t want to look too long or he might get killed later. Jirou really wanted to get a picture, but knew it was far too dark to get anything unless she used her flash, and she wasn’t an idiot.

Before too long, Bakugou’s weight around your shoulders disappeared. When you turned to see why, you couldn’t believe your eyes. His body had slipped behind yours, essentially surrounding you, and he was asleep. He had fallen asleep during a horror movie. Must not have been kidding when he said he thought it was boring. He was facing you, slightly curled around your body, with his arm tucked under your pillow. He was even using your pillow like a jerk. You were very protective of your pillow. He probably knew that and used it on purpose. But could you take it from him when his face looked so open for once in his life? No. You weren’t a monster. By the end of the movie he was snoring though, and the thought of beating him with the pillow to shut him up crossed your mind more than once. “At least he’s sleeping soundly for once,” Kaminari had said passively when they turned on the lights after the credits.

“How do I get him back to his dorm? He’s so heavy. He can’t stay here.”

You turned, hoping to ask Kaminari to help you drag his ass next door. But the fucker was walking out the door already. “Hey wait!”

Him and Jirou both looked you in the eyes and ran . Traitors.

Taking a deep breath you looked back at the blond in your bed. He had a tiny crease between his eyes, like his body was disturbed by the light but couldn’t be bothered to actually wake up.

The only one who you knew would help you was Kirishima, and so you quietly made your way to his dorm and knocked on the door. It was only a few seconds before he opened the door, red hair held back in a headband. “Hey, you fo-oh, you're not Bakugou.”

“Well no I didn’t try to break down the door.”

“Good point. What do you need?”

“Bakugou fell asleep in my dorm during the movie. Doooo you think you would bring him back to yours? I can’t bring myself to wake him up. Plus he might try to kill me if I do.”

Kirishima nodded and stepped out of his dorm, angel that he was. Unlike your traitorous friends. “Yeah he’s cranky when he gets woken up. I’ll get him.”

You both walked back into your dorm, where the man in question was still snoring on your bed. Kirishima’s eyes lit up seeing him, and he pulled out his phone. Taking a picture, he grinned at you. “This is so cute.”

You had to nod, getting a picture with your phone. Cute wasn’t something you were used to associating with the screamy guy, but he wasn’t wrong.

“It’s funny. He’s never done anything like this before. He must really feel comfortable around you. To be honest, he’s been acting a lot different since you came into our lives.”

You looked at Kirishima, shocked by his honesty. “Maybe that punch I threw did brain damage?”

Kirishima had to muffle a laugh behind his hand, careful not the wake Bakugou, before hoisting him on his shoulder. “I mean it though. You’ve gotten past walls that took me years to knock down. You must really be something.”

You just shrugged, not quite sure how to take the compliment.

Kirishima walked out, carrying his best friend before stopping in the doorway, looking at you over his shoulder. “He’s even been doing more sketches lately. He won’t let me see them, but maybe he’ll let you look.”

With that, Kirishima let you be alone with your thoughts, and the pillow that smelled vaguely like nitroglycerin.


When the sun beat on the windows hard enough to heat up the room, Katsuki finally forced his eyes open. It didn’t look anything like when he closed them, however, and his heart leapt up his throat for a split second. Where was he? Shooting up, he looked around, relaxing when he realized it was just his dorm. Why was he so startled by that?

It wasn’t until then that he remembered he fell asleep in (y/n)’s dorm. That’s why he didn’t expect to be in his own room. He looked at Kirishima, who was sitting at his desk doing homework. “How’d I end up here?” he asked, voice still heavy from sleep.

Kirishima looked up and smiled brightly. “Oh, you fell asleep in (y/n)’s bed and she asked me to bring you back.”

So he really did. He fell asleep in your bed. God dammit Katsuki you fell asleep in a girl’s bed and she moved you. Did she not like you? Did she think you weren’t good enough? Why did you care about this?

Kirishima watched Katsuki’s face contort from confusion, to frustration, to embarrassment. Maybe it was time to get him to come to terms with things. Kirishima picked up his phone, snapping a picture of his best friends flustered face, before it turned on him. “Did you just take a picture of me?”


Katsuki jumped out of bed and at his roommate. “Bastard delete that right now DON’T SHOW ANYONE- STOP LAUGHING!!

Chapter Text

Shock and Denial

“Why are you laughing at me, STOP!”

Katsuki had his best friend in a headlock, fist making a thorough mess of the redheads spiked up hair. Eijirou screamed a little, trying to quiet his snickering. He stopped just long enough to tease, “You’ve got it bad, Katsuki--you’re in loooooove.~”

Katsuki dropped him, too shocked to even smirk at the pained yelp Eijirou made. “WHAT?”

“You love her,” Eijirou repeated.


Eijirou really couldn’t take him seriously, considering his face had turned such a bright shade of red. It wasn’t a flush he got when he was angry; Eijirou had known his best friend too long to mistake that emotion for anger. He knew Katsuki better than his best friend knew himself, apparently. “It’s pretty unmistakeable, dude. You’ve been so calm lately. The kind of calm you get when you’re actually happy. You’re really nice to her, like waaaaay nicer than you are to anyone else. Hell you're nicer to her than you are me! And I can’t even be mad about that! You don’t blare loud music when you're painting in here anymore. You don’t really need it I guess. You’re less quick to frustration and anger. And, the biggest thing, you hang out with her. You hang out with all of us more. Since we got here you’ve been a bit of a hermit. Denki thought you’d died for a while. But now you’re spending time with everyone. She’s chiseled human emotion out of you. Who knew?”

Katsuki was so red, it didn’t even look possible. He sputtered slightly, not realizing Eijirou would have so much to say. “B-bullshit!! I have total control over my emotions! She didn’t do shit, I don’t even like her. These aren’t feelings I just got out of my art funk, it has nothing to do with her!”

Eijirou tried to argue with him, but Katsuki kept going. “How could I even like her? She’s so annoying. She’s weird, loud, and obnoxious. She’s obsessed with creepy shit, and fake paranormal bullshit. She doesn’t know how to stay out of people’s business and she's a goddamned know it all. Besides, doesn’t Denki think she’s cute? I don’t like the same bitch that dumbass does!”

Kirishima sighed, he still had a long ways to go.


Pain and Guilt

Hanta and Katsuki were sitting at a table in the library. They were both studying different lecture classes. Or, at least Hanta was, Katsuki was too distracted. His eyes were scanning the textbook, but his mind was far off. He was thinking about you.

You were fairly good looking, even he couldn’t deny that. Surely at some point someone would have the guts to ask you out. They’d have to have guts, you were so aggressive, most people were too intimidated to make a move. But, someone would have to be extra brave, or extra stupid.

What if you liked someone else, you had three other guys on either side of you. You had so many classes with so many people. He knew you didn’t hide you attraction to either gender, so you had so many people to choose from. What if you dated someone before-before what? How would he handle it if suddenly someone else took up all of your time? Would he be able to be nice to that person? Could he be okay with that? If he wasn’t okay with it, could you two still be friends? Could you still stand him if he hated your lover? Probably not, he’d lose you.

Even though he had never said it to your face, remembering he’d called you obnoxious made him nauseous. “Fuck, she’s not obnoxious why would I even say that.”

Hanta looked up, “You still stewing on that?”

Katsuki looked up, eyes wide. “You heard that?”

Hanta nodded. “Surprised you feel bad about it.”

Katsuki looked at his book, more frustrated at the suffocating pain in his ribs than the book in front of him. “Why does my,” he interrupted himself, thumping his chest, “why does my chest hurt so fucking bad this is stupid!”

Hanta shook his head. Progress is slow, but it was a start.


Anger and Bargaining

Katsuki was fuming. Denki was sitting at his desk, playing his DS. The sound of Pokemon playing in the dorm would normally make him feel pretty calm, but his head was still a jumbled mess. He hadn’t seen you in a few days, on edge with the lack of interaction. If he’d been tense before you met, he was twice as tense now. He looked up when Denki laughed. His friend looked at him and showed the screen. He’d caught some bird, pretty and colorful. Katuski made a note that he’d never seen it before, so it must be a newer game. “I named her (y/n). It’s pretty, just like her.”

Katsuki could feel the now familiar pain in his chest. “Fuck you!” was all he could say, standing abruptly and stomping over to him. “Don’t you go flirting with her or some shit!”

Denki blinked at him. He was surprised by the reaction. Katsuki was acting, protective, or defensive? He wasn’t sure, so he had to pry a bit. “Why would you not want me to flirt with her?”

Katsuki just blew up more, Denki passively hoping you weren’t home to hear him, “IT DOESN’T MATTER JUST DON’T DO IT!!”

When Denki only tilted his head, Katsuki’s hands shook slightly. “She’s too good for you! She can do better, so don’t you dare hold her back!”

Ah. Denki finally figured it out. “So you don’t have to fight over her?”

Katsuki’d been found out, and stiffened. “Just. Promise you won't.”

“What do I get out of it?” Denki felt bad, but when was he ever going to get Katsuki like this again?

Katsuki stared at him for some time, before looking at the ground. “Fuck, I’ your fucking laundry or some shit. You’re such a fucking slob so you have a lot.”

“You will do my laundry, just so I don’t flirt with your crush?”


Denki couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of Katsuki pining over a girl. It was just too funny. How would this all work out? Katsuki had a weakness now, and like hell he wouldn’t use it. “You can’t kill me! If you hurt me (y/n) will get upset, and then she’ll be mad at you.”

That actually made Katsuki pause, shit he was right. Why was he right? Why did he care about your feelings so fucking much? Katsuki just stomped, and muttered softly, but with feeling, “ Fuck.


Depression, reflection, loneliness


Eijirou came into his dorm after his post-class workout. It was painfully quiet. Maybe Katsuki was out printing. The lump in his roommate's bed told him otherwise. It didn’t move though when he came in and set his stuff down. Tentatively, Eijirou poked the lump. “Katsuki?”


“Did... did you go to class?”

When he didn’t get a response, he jabbed at the lump again. “Bro, are you sick? You should have told me! I would have brought you food or medicine.”

Katsuki peeked out from under the covers; his face was flushed and his eyes were bloodshot. If Eijirou didn’t know better, and he knew Katsuki very well, he’d think the blond had been crying.

“I’m not fucking sick, besides sick of your shit!”

Eijirou softened, “Bro, what’s wrong? You can tell me. I won’t judge you, you know that.”

“(Y/N) is going to find someone and I’m going to be too late.”

“(Y/N)? You’re worried she’ll date someone...else?”

“Did I stutter?”

“Because you like her?”


Eijirou smiled so widely. He knew it! Katsuki admitted to liking you! His best friend understood his feelings!

“Why the fuck are you smiling like that, Shitty Hair?”

“You love her! You want to date her! And smooch her!”

Katsuki made a strangled noise, sitting up and and whacking the red head, “Don’t just say that what the fuck, like she’d even want to!”

Katsuki just admitted, not only to his feelings, but to his nervousness about reciprocation. And that his first concern with kissing was consent. And that he thinks you wouldn’t want to kiss him.

“I think I’m dying. Why does liking someone feel like you're dying? Why do people develop feelings willingly this is awful. How dare she do this to me. I don’t even know how to... do any of this. What do you do when you like someone, besides fucking die?”

Eijirou fished out his phone, and pulled up the gallery, scrolling to find some pictures he took a few weeks ago. “Well, I think in your case, you should send her a hot picture of yourself.”

Katsuki bolted out of bed, red up to his ears. “WHAT NO no no no! That's the douchebag thing to do I’m not sending her a picture what the fuck?!”

Eijirou grinned, sending you a picture he’d taken of the blond drying his hair after a shower. He had sweatpants on, so it’s not like it was a dirty picture or anything. “Bro, like a subtle hot picture not like a dick pic or anything I’d never tell you to do something stupid like that.”

Katsuki looked at his best friend like he’d grown a second head. “I’m still not doing that.”

“Well, too late.”


Eijirou waved his phone, and then it hit Katsuki.


Before Eijirou could react, Katsuki had his shaking fists balled in his shirt. The look on his face was a mixture of anger and fear. He was worried. But he gradually relaxed when Eijirou didn’t seem like he was making him the butt of any jokes. The blond’s mouth opened and closed like a fish a few times before any words came out. “First, what did you send her? Second, why do you have pictures of me on your phone you creep?”

Eijirou grinned and showed him the picture. “You’ve been into her for like over a month Bro. I’ve been waiting for you to get your shit together so I can be a good wingman.”

“But what if she’s creeped out and get’s mad?”

“Then she thinks I’m being weird, not you. But she’s not going to be creeped out.”

“And why do you say that?”

“Because you are undeniably hot, and she has eyes.”

“What if she doesn’t agree with you on that?”

Katsuki threw himself on his bed, anxiety getting the best of him. You were going to get creeped out by the picture, think he’s desperate and trying to get laid, or worse just started talking to you to try and fuck you. He didn’t want to fall for you he didn’t think he would it was an accident.


The Upward Turn

Eijirou’s text tone went off, and Katsuki bolted up again. The text tone went off again and again, and he felt his head swim. Here it comes. “Is that her?”

Eijirou pulled out his phone and smiled.

[(y/n): Holy shit!

(y/n): Warn a girl first!!! I am in public!!!

(y/n): Is he a model? Was that fucking candid what the fuck ???????? How ???????

(y/n): Jirou is never going to let me live this down I hate you fuck what the fuck hes so aaaaaaa]

Eijirou’s grin only widened as he read, and Katsuki leaned closer to him. “What did she say? Why’d she send so many texts? Fuck, Eijirou show me!”

Before Eijirou could hand over his phone, he got another text, from Jirou.

[Phones: I was almost scared to look at the picture you sent her lmfao.]

Right after, a picture message went through, showing you staring at your phone. Your eyes were wide, and you face was super red. You were smiling though.

Eijirou handed his best friend the phone with the picture up. “She liked it.”

Katsuki stared at the picture for at least thirty seconds before arguing. “How do you know it’s because of the picture you sent? It could be something else.”

Eijirou pried his phone out of the blond’s hands and flipped to your text messages.

“What does this even mean?”

“It means she thinks you're hot enough to need a warning sign.”

Katsuki covered his face and laid back on his bed. He needed a moment to process. “She thinks I’m hot? She thinks I’m hot! Holy shit she actually thinks I’m hot. I mean of course I’m hot, but she thinks it.”

Eijirou laughed. Katsuki had his eyes covered, but a full on grin graced his face. After a moment of basking in that realization, he sat up and looked at Eijirou. “She thinks I’m hot! I can totally do this!”

Eijirou couldn’t help but smile. His best friend was smiling. A real smile. Not a smirk, a genuine smile of happiness. His best friend was actually, legitimately happy. The smile suddenly dropped, however, and Katsuki got dead serious.

“What the fuck do I do now?”



Katsuki fucking regretted this. As soon as Kaminari turned out the lights in his dorm and pulled up a fucking powerpoint presentation, he was done. Get him out of here. Free him.

Denki couldn’t help but laugh when he faced Katsuki and Mina. Mina was smiling from ear to ear, but Katsuki looked like a caged animal. “Well, Katsuki, since you are hopeless with emotions, you are going to need to heed the advice of the prettyboy of the group.”

“And the girl.” Mina piped up.

“Especially the girl. Mina knows girls better than anyone else in this group, since she is one.”

Katsuki deadpanned, “Are you sure?”

“As sure as you are that you’re in love~
“I hate you both and so much I hope you fucking die.”

Mina and Denki both just grinned, and motioned to the powerpoint, entitled “How to Express your Love when you’re Emotionally Constipated.”

Help him.

“Step one: Smile, you moron,” Denki stated, formally.

“You have to give positive feedback through body language in order to express you like her without words. Smile when she’s around. That way she knows you enjoy having her around. Because you never smile, she’ll pick up how special she is really fast,” Mina elaborated.

“Step two: Flirt.” Denki grinned. “Make jokes. We all know you are capable of it. Girls love flirtatious jokes. Be playful with her and make innuendo. Sexy and funny go together so well. You can still do it even with your deadpan humor; just make sure to wink when she turns to look at you. It’ll make your intentions apparent and she’ll swoon over your cute face.”

Mina nudged Denki out of the way to continue. “Step three: Spoil her. Giver her things. Physical and otherwise. Bring her food; she already knows you can cook so you can cook for her and it’ll be romantic. Draw her some things, or hell, if you really want to be romantic and show her how much you love her, paint something for her. She’s an artist too so she’ll take the gesture seriously.”

Denki sat down next to Katsuki and threw an arm around his shoulder. “Show her you care about her. Don’t just give her physical things, but give her your time and attention. Show you care about her emotions and problems, ask her questions and really listen. Take time out of your day to see her. Compliment her on anything and everything that you like about her. We all know you think she’s better than anyone else you know, so treat her like it.”

Mina excitedly sat on his other side and hugged him. “Treat her like she’s the most important thing in the world to you, because she is the most important thing to you!”

Katsuki did his best to pry his two idiot friends off, composing himself. His head was swimming a bit from all the information, but mostly from the fantasies that came to mind with their advice. “First of all, I’m not going to suddenly start smiling. It makes my face hurt, it feels weird to do, and it’ll probably creep her out more than anything. You guys always say my smile’s fucking creepy.”

“Only when you’re faking it.” Denki retorted, grinning.

“-Anyways. I’m not going to fucking make sex jokes either. That’s fucking creepy, period. I’m not going to change my personality to try and get her. She’ll either think I’m trying too hard and hate me, or hate me later when I stop pretending I’m like that. Besides, if I make innuendo at her she will get mad and hit me, I’m sure of it.”

Mina leaned on him again. “Katsuki, sweetie. You and I both know you’d like it if she hit you again.”

“You liked it when she tried to kill you. You thought it was hot~” Denki agreed, elbowing him gently.

Katsuki growled and shoved them both off of his bed. Fuckers. Stop reminding him.

Denki got up and dusted himself off. “Fine, do it your way. But I bet you can’t get her number without my advice.”

“The fuck you say?”

“Try to get her number while still being your abrasive ass self, and I’ll have full confidence in your ability.”

“Fuck you! I don’t need your confidence I can do it myself!”

Katsuki got up and quickly stormed out of the room, face heating up. Just the thought of being able to communicate with you all the time has his stomach fluttering. How was he going to do this? Fuck.

Back in Denki’s dorm, Mina looked at her friend. “He didn’t argue with spoiling her though. He probably wants to do that anyways.”

Denki nodded, “He’ll probably get nervous and do something over-the-top to try and make up for his lack of self confidence. I want to watch when that happens; it’ll be hilarious.”

Mina nodded, smiling. Their friend was a chunk of coal, but if put under enough stress, she knew he’d become a diamond.



The wet lab was a big room in the art building. It was also the computer lab, but there were big tables in the middle of the room and a sink to wash anything in. For the most part, students would go in to work on art late into the night, both traditionally and digitally. While Katsuki usually worked in oil paints in the painting room, this room was the most convenient for watercolor, his current medium for work. When you walked into the room, he felt fire scatter up his spine and settle in his skull. Fuck. At some point he had to get ahold of this. Felt more intense than when his quirk pulsed in his wrists from overexertion.

He watched you pull out a sketchbook and get the inking supplies out of the cabinet. You were meticulous about the process: you carefully checked the calligraphy brush, dropped a specific amount of ink into the cup, poured water into another cup quietly, and arranged everything in a very organized manner. Watching you put your supplies in place in silence made him think of a Tea Master working, practicing for a ceremony. You looked so focused, but it was unusual for you to be so quiet. Was something wrong? Did he offend you in some way?

In reality though you were so caught up in your own worldbuilding, you hadn’t bothered to say hello to your neighbor, and figured he wasn’t much for chit chat normally anyways. You didn’t want to bother him in the middle of his work, although his watching you prepare hadn’t been lost on you. You supposed he didn’t work with ink often, and must not have taken into account how precise everything needed to be in order for the finished product to come out right. And sure, maybe you stared at the brush for longer than needed; it was your favorite and you swore to god if someone in the department screwed it up by not washing it off properly you were going to set the building on fire. But, the brush was fine, you were fine.

You had probably gotten three or four strokes in before Bakugou cleared his throat. In a voice that was pretty rough from misuse--how long had he been sitting in silence?--he asked “What are you drawing?”

You shrugged. “I’m inking a character design I’m working on for a class. She’s a Gorgon, and going to be the main character in a short story. Once I ink it I’ll color it digitally.”

“You’re making the main character a snake lady thing?”

“I like monster girls, sue me.”

Bakugou made a grunt, whatever that was supposed to mean. You leaned across the table, careful not to touch your work, and peeked at his painting. “What are you doing?”

He shrugged, “It’s downtown in the rain. I haven’t been hiking in a while, but it rained last week and I got this picture for a reference.”

You had gotten up while he was talking so that you could get around the table and view it properly. “It’s gorgeous.” you said before thinking.

You missed the way he tensed up when you get that close to him. “Yours isn’t half bad either.” was all he could respond with, eyes never leaving the table.

It was a few seconds before you even thought to go back to your seat. Had you really just been standing there staring? You’d kinda zoned out to be honest; hopefully he didn’t notice. When you started to walk back to your seat, you caught him mumbling about a phone. ‘Phone’ was pretty much the only word you caught though, so you had to turn and look at him. “What was that?”


He had hoped you would either hear him perfectly the first time, or not hear it at all. Now he had to repeat himself because he had frozen up when you were so close, and ended up waiting until you were too far away to speak. Ah, fuck it. “You know texting would be easier than trying to make coded fucking messages through knocks like some camp kids.”

You could see where this was headed a mile away, but come on, you had to milk this some. You pouted, “But the knocking is so much fun!”

“What if one of us has something important to say, and the other isn’t there. I have a life you know I’m not in my dorm all the time.”

You couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled out of your chest. Bakugou came home to his dorm at like eight in the evening every night for like three weeks, so that was bullshit. The only reason you knew that was because he slammed the door when he came in. It was like he didn’t know how to do anything quietly, expect mumble apparently. When had he gained the mumbling ability?

Katsuki froze when you started laughing. Fuck this was falling apart. You thought his attempt was pathetic, and you were laughing at him. How was he going to cover this up? How would he cover the sharp pain in his chest where your laughing struck him? He steeled himself and growled. “Fine, fucking whatever it was just an idea. You don’t gotta be such a bitch about it.”

He quickly turned away from you, but heard a noise that made him turn back. Whipping his head around almost made him hit his phone, which had gone from sitting on the table, to being held in his face. “Oh my god calm down. Unlock your phone and I’ll put my number in.”

He plugged in his PIN number without quite processing what you’d said. It wasn’t until he had his phone placed in his hand that he realized: You’d just put your number in his phone. He did it. He got your number. His way. You don’t hate him, or think he’s pathetic. You're just weird. He can do weird. He can do this. Katsuki Bakugou is going to have a girlfriend. Fuck you Denki.

When you looked up from your work, it was impossible to miss the gentle smile on his face as he stared at his phone.  For once his eyes were open, and you could see them shine with happiness. It was a good look on him.

Chapter Text

“Well looks like that’s all we have time for today. I’ll see you this Monday and we’ll go over the study guide for the exam on Wednesday.”

You put away your notebook after the professor excused your class; fuck yeah it was Friday and you were ready to alternate between total relaxation and cramming a bunch of work at once, just like you did every weekend. You knew you were going to have to study off and on all weekend at the very least. While putting away the last bit of your school supplies you heard the chair beside you scrape the floor a bit. You looked over to see Bakugou looking back at you, mouth open like he was trying to say something. His eyes held a twinge of nervousness; enough to have to pause but not enough to make you ask about it. He’d probably just get mad if you asked; he was cautious that way. You got up and grabbed your bag instead of waiting for him to pull the words out of his throat. If he really wanted to tell you what was on his mind, he’d learn it was easier to text it. If it was something that had to be said face to face, he’d tell you later. Texting was far less anxiety inducing anyways. You turned and walked to the back of the class and out the door, making a beeline back to your dorm. If you were honest with yourself it probably looked as though you had ran away. Really though you just wanted to put your backpack up so you could go get lunch. It was already the afternoon and you were starving.

Katsuki cursed under his breath when he watched you get up and leave. Why couldn’t you have waited for fucking one minute? He wanted to see if you wanted to study together still. If you wanted to study tonight. Why was his mouth so dry when he tried to ask you? Fuck what was wrong with him? He grabbed his stuff and stormed out of the room, heading to the table in the big student lounge his friends always ate lunch at.

When he made it into the lounge, Eijirou was the only one there. Thank fuck. Bakugou walked over and threw his stuff into one of the chairs. “Watch this while I grab food.”

Eijirou looked up from his phone and smiled brightly, “Got it Katsuki!”

Katsuki grumbled the whole time he was in line to order, and the whole time he waited for his food. As much as he wanted to say it was just the way he usually was, he knew it was linked to his last interaction with you. He wanted to study with you. He craved one on one time with you. Like a date? He wanted a study date. He wanted to study with you in a somewhat romantic atmosphere so that maybe he could later ask you on a real date. But no, when he went to ask he froze up and you looked him in the eyes and left.

When he sat down Eijirou asked him what had him so down, so he relayed it to him. As much as Katsuki hated it, this idiotic red head was his best friend, and was way better at understanding social norms and cue than he was. Maybe there was something to it he wasn’t reading. That tended to be the case.

When Katsuki finished venting to his best friend, Eijirou smiled. “You know you have her number. You could just ask her. Then you don’t have to worry about speaking at all.”

Katsuki gave him a blank stare, “Oh....I do don’t I?”

“You forgot she gave it to you?”

“I haven’t needed to use it!”

Eijirou threw his head back in loud laughter. Holy shit Katsuki forgot he had gotten your number even though he was so eager to get in in the first place.



You were scrolling through a social media timeline absent mindedly on your bed when you heard your text tone go off. You weren’t super used to text messages, most of your friends used any number of online apps. When you checked you were surprised.

[xxx-xxx-xxxx: It’s Bakugou. We should study tonight.]

You blinked and smiled. You gave him your number like a week ago and he finally texted you. And it was so blunt. You shook your head and added him to a contact, with that great picture of him cropped and put as his picture.

[Y/n: Now he speaks!

Cherry Bomb: stfu do you want to fail this test?

Y/n: I’m not going to fail this exam I’m gonna study. You want to study together?

Cherry Bomb: No shit.]

You laughed. He was so fucking jumpy. It was obviously so funny the way he hid behind anger.

[Y/n: Tonight?

Cherry Bomb: yeah

Y/n: Okay I can do that. Should we go get dinner?

Cherry Bomb: I’ll make something

Y/n: Cool. It’s a date.]

You felt your face heat up with your last text. Hopefully he’d be casual about that. Knowing him he’d either ignore it completely, get super flustered, or be smug and fucking make fun of you.

Katsuki stared at his phone. A date. It’s a date. She said it’s a date. He got up and cracked his knuckles. He was gonna make such good food for you you were going to love it, and him. He was going to spoil you with delicious food. And fuck Kaminari it’s not his idea. Katsuki quickly headed downstairs to the communal kitchen, prepared to kick out whoever was in there. Kicking open the door, the place was almost empty. The only person in there was...fucking Deku.

Fuck. If he kicked him out he’d probably cry to you. He stomped over to the fridge and looked through it. It was fine until that whiny, high pitched voice piped up. “Oh hey Kacchan, what are you making?”

“Fuck off Deku I’m making curry.”

Deku’s eyes lit up. “Oooh your families curry is sooooo gooood, what's the occasion?”

Bakugou hunched his shoulders and grumbled almost inaudibly, “Studying with (y/n)/”

“You have a date? Awesome!”

Katsuki jolted and pulled out some beef and veggies. “I don’t need you congratulating me. Don’t tell a fucking soul okay? I don’t need you starting fucking rumors, I know you’re a goddamned gossip.”

Deku gave him an innocent look, that ass. He knew within the week all of their friends would know. Deku couldn’t keep a secret to save his life. Not that you two dating needed to be a secret. He just didn’t want to be teased by any of his friends.

Katsuki was calmly cutting the veggies when he heard a noise behind him. Deku had gotten out the rice cooker and was adding some good jasmine rice. “The fuck do you think you're doing?”

“Helping you Kacchan. You can focus on making your curry and be done faster. Then you can have your date and it’ll be nice. I’m happy you have someone you like so much. I haven’t seen you this happy in like....over a decade.”

Heat pulsed through his skin and ignited the sweat on his hands. “Why are you talking like that you fuckass?! Leave me alone. I have a knife!!”

Deku smiled and laughed, “You’re not going to stab me, Kacchan. Anyways that’s cooking so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Katsuki grumbled, knowing Deku was right. The fucking know it all. He sauted the veggies and threw the meat in a pot with the curry sauce. It helped his pulsing heat relax. Art and cooking were the two things Katsuki knew would render him calm.

In highschool, he was a punk ass kid who fought everything. It had gotten him in trouble way too many times, and finally his mom forced him to do different anger management classes. That’s where he realized he loved art. It started his love for art, although the love for cooking has been with him his whole life.

He was lost in thought while cooking until he heard the clink of dishware. Turning he saw Deku once again. He had set down two matching bowls, and utensils. “Deku what are you fucking doing just leave.”

“You wanna make a good impression on your study date right?”

Katsuki fixed this twerp with a look. He continued.

“Having matching bowls would be really really cute and I bet she’d think your all romantic. B-but if she thinks it's weird or anything y-you can say I made you do it!”

That idea put Katsuki at ease some. As long as he didn’t get ridiculed for it he was fine. The matching bowls were... pretty cute to be honest. And you liked cute things, right? You’d cooed over baby animals and stuff.

With the food finally finished, Katsuki put all of it in tupperware containers. He took that and the diningware up to his room. He planned to make the bowls up really nice at his writing desk when he got into his dorm. Speaking of his dorm, he needed to kick Eijirou out of it so you two could be alone. Not like he expected anything to happen between you, but Eijirou would talk and talk and distract you both and make fun of him if he stayed. He had to go.

Katsuki came into the dorm and set the food on the desk. Immediately Eijirou came over to the desk, sniffing like a fucking animal. “Oh what did you make?”

“Nothing for you. No food for you. This is for (y/n) and I, we’re studying.”

Eijirou smiled brightly. “You got your date, yay!!”

“Oh shut up, I need you out of the dorm.”

Eijirou grinned, “So it’s one of those kinds of dates.~”

Katsuki set the food down and spun on his best friend. “Shut the fuck up it’s not like that! I just know you're gonna do this shit all night if you don’t leave!”

“I get it, I get it. I’ll get out of your hair. Text me when you're done for, so I can come home late to sleep. You two don’t need to be pulling an all-nighter or anything.”

Katsuki shrugged and opened the container to make the bowls. It smelled heavenly and Eijirou couldn’t help but drool a tiny bit. “If you have any lefto-”


Eijirou took that as a yes, laughed his ass off, and went to go see Denki to go play video games all night.

Finally Katsuki was alone. By himself in his dorm. Not for long though, you were going to come fill in the space. He had a date with you, holy shit. He had a date with the cute neighbor that punched him in the face. A girl crazy and spunky enough to keep him in check. It was intoxicating and to be honest he wasn’t sure if he could keep his head on his shoulders. Looking around, he noticed clothes on the floor, and art supplies all over. He quickly cleaned up those things, and a few other odds and ends. The dorm needed to be perfect, he didn’t want you to think he was a slob. He’d slap the shit out of Eijirou for being so messy later.

When he felt satisfied he sat on his bed and pulled out his phone.

[Kasuki: Okay I’m ready. Come over.

Y/n: Okie dokie I’ll be right over]

Katsuki stared at his phone. Why was the way you talked so fucking cute? He hated it. He loved it. Fuck you for making him feel so funny.


About five excruciating minutes later, you came to the door and knocked. Katsuki would deny that he rushed to the door, no way. He’d just been waiting for you, no big deal. When he threw the door open, you were standing there with baggy sweatpants on and an oversized tee. You looked casual and comfortable, like coming over wasn’t a big deal at all; on one hand it offended him that you could look so calm when he felt so clammy and nervous, but on the other is relieved him that you actually felt relaxed enough around him to wear lounge clothes. It also made him hate just how cute you looked in sloppy clothing. What the fuck?

The only thing he could vocalize was a grunt and he let you into the dorm. “I have food.”

You looked around and saw the bowls, smiling. “Oh is that curry? How hot is it?”

Fuck. Fuck. Did you like spicy food, what if you hated it. Why did he fucking make curry god dammit! He should have been a little more careful about what he made. “Uh it’s hot.”

You smiled widely and grabbed a bowl and chopsticks. Taking a bite of beef, you sighed in happiness. “Oh my god...oh fuck that is hot.”

Despite the look of shock, you kept eating. It was like the shock was the fact is was so good, not that it was so hot. But he knew that you knew he was a good cook. He grabbed the other bowl and ate his quietly. “Was it a test?’

Katsuki blinked. “Hah?”

“Was the curry a test of my strength or something? Badass-itude?” you continued, smiling playfully.

He stared at you. Well...that was a good cover I guess. “Sure. That.”

You laughed and he felt his heart jump up his throat. What the fuck was that?

You two ate in silence for quite some time. It wasn’t awkward though. It was nice. Katsuki appreciated anyone who could be in close proximity to him without feeling a need to fill his silence. So he was quiet, he liked quiet. So this room, blanketed in only the sound of utensils hitting the side of the bowls, was a safe haven for his mind. This was why he liked you so much, his nervousness was ebbed away and now he could eat and watch you eat without any tension.

If you noticed him watching, you didn’t let him know. It was not normal for him, to be this calm. He looked cute, his eyebrows weren’t screwed into a scowl, his normal snarl was replaced with a relaxed pout. Smiles weren’t normal for him, so you weren’t surprised that he wasn’t smiling. He still looked very, very cute, eating his curry and watching you like he hoped you liked the food he’d made you. Like he was kinda nervous.

You couldn’t help but smile into your bowl. The abrasive boy was trying to be good. How cute was that?

When the food was finished, you both knew it was time to get started on your studying. Katsuki put both of your food bowl in a little bucket to take down to the sink and clean later. “Do you have your study guide?”

You gave him a smug look, “I printed it out last week. I wait to do the image analysis until she gives the study guide that way I know my images are possibly on the test. It helps me do better.”

While he had a sneaking suspicion that it had more to do with procrastination, he really couldn’t see the flaw in your reasoning either. He knew you did well on the exams. He just nodded, “So did I.”

Getting both of your study guides out, some pens, and highlighters out. You both sat on the floor and organized your stuff. Katsuki nudged you, “Go ahead and start.”

You went through the panels, listing everything you knew about the painting or sculpture. Katsuki watched you, intrigued by the way you went about it. It was juxtaposed to the silence of your eating, you talked as though you were vomiting words. It wasn’t like the mumbling fucking deku did, or the mindless rambling of Kaminari. You just, talked. It was all important and all factual information, but you said it in a way that made him want to listen. “So here’s the Porch of Maidens in Athens. So these women were like, meant to represent women taken as slaves as punishment for this uprising that happened? Their punishment was that they were forced to hold up the temple for the rest of eternity. But every single one of them is unique. Their poses are different, their hair is different. And they’re beautiful and still structurally sound. They have these beautiful thin necks but still hold up a solid stone roof. Like holy shit. And there are supposed to be eight of them but their are only seven now because some british fuckwad decided he’d just take one and put it in his fucking house. Fucking colonialism at it’s finest.”

Katsuki listened, smiling to himself. The way you spoke was so cute. He knew you weren’t going to call someone a fuckwad in the exam, but every time you cussed it just struck him as cute.

When you finished up with the study guide you peeked up at him and saw him smiling softly. It felt like you’d been blessed. Hopefully that blessing was an A on the exam.

An hour later, after a well deserved break, you were both trying to memorize dates and names. For the most part you had names of the paintings down, and sometimes the century, but dates were your weak point. Normally you wouldn’t stress about it, but Bakugou’s natural competitive attitude made you want to have them all down just so you could kick his ass. It was hard, trying to recall numbers with art, but the smug look on his face when he got one right that you didn’t made you desperate to get them right.

At one point he got really conceited about getting three right in a row and you threw a highlighter at him and hit him in the face. His smug look was replaced with shock, but then you got him to laugh. He fucking laughed holy shit. Holy shit were you dead? Bakugou Katsuki laughed, and all you had to do was try to poke out his eye with a highlighter.


Around one in the morning, Eijirou left Denki’s house to head back to his dorm. Katsuki and you had been studying for a long time, if you two were even still studying. If he didn’t go home soon he’d fall asleep on Denki’s floor and then what? So he got his stuff together and headed back to his room.

The door was unlocked when he got there, which was unusual for Katsuki. That gave him the feeling you were still there; Katsuki would never leave the door unlocked if he was alone in the dorm. While Katsuki wasn’t paranoid or anything, he tended to zone out when he was doing art, and someone could sneak in. Denki did it once and Katsuki almost broke his nose.

Peeking in, Eijirou had to cover his mouth to not giggle. You and Katsuki were both asleep. Katsuki was one the floor, back against his bed. He was sleeping with a soft blanket around his shoulders. You were asleep on Katsuki’s bed, on top of the covers, totally wrapped up in a blanket. Eijirou couldn’t help the water in his eyes. This was so cute, his best friend was so manly for sleeping on the floor and making sure she was comfortable. Before he put his pajamas on, he took one quick picture on his phone, just to make sure Katsuki got to see it later. Then he changed, turned out the lights, and crawled in bed. In the morning, hopefully Katsuki would make them all breakfast.


Chapter Text

The sun had set ages ago, and Katsuki was sitting on a stool in the middle of the dorm, in front of an easel. He’d been staring at this painting for the last two hours. It was like eleven at night, and he couldn’t hear the rest of the room, due to the blaring music coming in through his headphones. Don’t let anyone think Katsuki hadn’t learned his lesson. He was trying to be a little more polite.

At this point, he was ready to tear out his hair. Something was wrong. The worst part was he couldn’t figure out what it was. This painting was wrong and he needed to finish it before he went to sleep or he would go fucking insane.

Eijirou swore if Katsuki grunted to himself while staring at the painting one more time, she was going to drag him out of the room. The idiot hadn’t eaten in at least 6 hours, probably more. He hadn’t moved at all in that whole time either. Eijirou sighed and got up, moving over to Katsuki and taking his headphones off. Before the blond could snap he said, “What’s wrong Katsuki?”

“Fuck if I know! That’s the problem!!”

“Is it an art thing?”

“Is it an art thing?” Katsuki mumbled to himself, “Of course it’s an art thing, dumbass!”

Eijirou looked around, trying to think of what to do. He wasn’t an artist, and Katsuki always said that he wouldn’t trust him because he sees what he does when he dresses himself, whatever that means. An idea popped in his head though, and he ran with it. “Why don’t you have (y/n) help you? She’s an artist too, right?”

Katsuki just stared at him, before finally speaking, “Fuck.”

He looked down and pulled out his phone, texting you simply:

[Katsuki: Get over here.]

Instead of texting back, he heard you quickly run over. He was always blunt and talked little, but this seemed concerning. He was acutely aware of how quickly you knocked on the door. Kirishima opened the door and let you in. “Thank god you're here (y/n), He’s been like this all night and it’s driving me up the wall.”

You looked right at him and your words tumbled out of your mouth, “The fuck?”


Bakugou looked rough. He looked exhausted, with bloodshot eyes. There was paint splattering his shirt, his hair, and a little on his cheek. He was covered in specks of brown, orange, and red. It was beautiful. It was like he had a sunset speckled on his body. Were you staring? You were staring weren’t you? Fuck, look at anything except his....anything. You were startled when he pointed suddenly. “There is something wrong with it.”

You just looked at him, and then his painting. “What’s wrong with it?”

Bakugou made a slightly inhuman screeching noise and waved vaguely at the canvas. Obviously he didn’t know either. You nodded, “So you want me to help?”

“Yes, goddammit.”

Honestly that surprised you. He thinks you can help him. He cares about your ideas and opinion. He thinks your ideas are important enough to affect his work. That means a ton to be honest. It’s amazing and you would cry if you were really the crying type.

Kirishima got a chair for you, so that you could sit next to Bakugou and see the painting properly. It makes you sit very close to him. Which is the point you suppose. When you turn back, Kirishima is putting on a sweatshirt. “Welp,” he said, “I can’t art sooooo have fun!”

He ran out the door before either of you could protest, leaving you two completely alone.

Completely alone just meant you were sitting there, in awkward silence, staring at this oil painting. It was beautiful, a path in a park surrounded by trees with falling leaves. The whole thing is fucking gorgeous. It looked so close to finished you didn’t understand why he was so twitchy about it. While silence between you two was usually relaxing, his twitchy behavior made it super awkward. Finally you broke the silence. “Bakugou, go take a shower or something, you have paint all over you”

“I can’t I have to finish this,” he responded, without taking his eyes off the painting.

“You’ll finish just fine, you’re covered in paint. I’ll have an easier time focusing on what's wrong if I'm in an empty room with no distraction.  Speaking of which, give me your reference photo. That will help a lot.”

He looked at you before nodding and pulling out the print out of a photo he must have taken at the local park. After handing it to you, he got up and stumbled deer-legged to the bathroom. Kirishima must not have been exaggerating when he’d said he’d been sitting there for hours.

Once he closed the door to the bathroom you studied the picture. The difference was actually pretty obvious; the reference photo had people in it. His painting doesn’t have any people in it, they usually didn’t. He probably felt like human figures took away from the beauty of nature. But this reference photo focused on the people more than the landscape, so his painting had a slightly out of focus feel. That’s why it felt wrong. There was no focal point at all. Nothing was as crisp as it should have been. The only way to fix it would be to have a figure in the painting as a focal point. Searching your memory for his figure drawing skills, however, drew up a blank. You had no clue how proficient he was at it. Maybe he didn’t include figures because his skill with figures and landscapes didn’t match up. You were just going to have to ask him when he got out of the shower.

Because he was taking his time in the shower, you could really take a look at their dorm. It clashed in a way that made you smile, just like their personalities. Kirishima’s side of the dorm was dorky in a way only a jock could accomplish. There are some weights by his bed, and a punching bag. Also his...his alarm clock has buff arms on it. That’s so kitschy and cute. And lame. Which made it even cuter. Why was Kirishima so damn cute?

Bakugou’s side is fairly plain with a hint of elegance. There are some pieces of art tacked on the wall; on closer inspection they appear to mostly be pencil sketches of landscapes. His side of the room is significantly cleaner than Kirishima’s, besides the scattered paint supplies and dirty clothes. Maybe clean wasn’t the right word, better organized? It definitely looked like everything had a thought out place to be, even if it wasn’t there right now due to the current catastrophe. It was a way nicer setup than you had. How dare he be better organized than you? Not that you were organized at all, but still.

You were staring at this desk in jealous disgust when he came out of the bathroom finally....and shirtless. Boy. What the fuck don’t do this. He walked right over to his dresser and started to fish out clothes. “You figure out what's wrong yet?”

“What the fuck put clothes on first you weirdo!”

You had seen him shirtless in that one photo Kirishima kindly sent you, but for the love of all things holy could he maybe not walk around almost naked? Bakugou looked at you and smirked. Holy fucking shit stop that no you were not staring stop looking like that. He tilted his head just a little bit, “Something wrong?”

You did the first thing you can think of, and that was to scream at him. Like, loud quirk scream. He winced and headed back towards the bathroom with a, “FUCK fine!” finally giving you some space and putting his damn clothes on. Thank god. You don’t know how well you would have been able to keep your composure had he resisted.

When he came back out he was shirtless, but you could handle that. He repeated his earlier question, asking if you’d figured out what was wrong. So, you explained that it was his lack of people. He just gave you this look, and then looked at the reference. He seemed shocked, mumbling “I never put people in my landscapes.”

You figured that, and just backpedaled a bit, worried he’d get mad at your push, “Well I don’t know what else it could be, sorry.”

“What no,” he snapped, “You’re not wrong, stop that!”

He just stared at his painting like it was a whole new thing to him. Maybe the prospect of what it could become really was new to him. He sat like that for at least a minute or two, looking between the reference and the painting and back again. Finally he broke the silence with a simple, “I’m not putting any of the extras from the reference though. It has to be someone worthy of this.”

“I’ve never seen you work on figures before,” you tested, “How good are you?”

He looked at you like you were crazy for a moment, before getting up and retrieving his sketchbook for you to look at. He flipped to one sketch of Kirishima and Kaminari leaning on each other like morons. It was beautiful. Fuck. “I hate you.”

He just smirked again, clearly taking it as the compliment it was. Asshole.

You looked at Kirishima’s buff clock and realized it was past midnight. You’d been here for like over an hour, and you had a morning class. You were going to hate yourself in the morning. The realization of the late hour made you yawn, and you got up slowly. “Well, my job here is done. I have saved the day, and you have to figure out who you’re going to paint into this thing. I need to sleep and you really do too.”

He nodded and and mumbled a very quiet thank you; quiet enough that had you not been expecting him to be so quiet you wouldn’t have even heard it. You made it evident you heard him by just patting his head. His hair was still mostly wet, but it had begun to stick up again while it dried.

When you closed the door behind you, Katsuki was alone in his dorm again. You were wrong about one thing though, he didn’t have to figure out who he was going to paint into this piece. He already knew. It had to be you.

Chapter Text

Katsuki sat on his bed, sketchbook set in his lap, mocking him. He’d been drawing you for a few days now, from memory. Nothing was quite right though. It wasn’t the way you looked, he had your physical appearance down to a science, not that he’d spent a ton of time staring at you or anything. It was the way they felt. You didn’t feel like you in these sketches. You felt more like him, and while you had a lot of similarities, he didn’t want to project himself on your image. It was haunting him. He wasn’t sure how to fix this problem.

When he expressed his dilemma to Kirishima, he hadn’t expected him to even try to help. Kirishima had next to no artistic mind, and usually just shrugged his shoulders when Katsuki complained to him. It didn’t stop him from doing it anyways; it made him feel better. So, he was a little surprised when Kirishima made like he was actually trying to help. Not like he showed it though. “Well how do you know how to fix that?”

Of course he didn’t that was why he was asking him, the only way he could really get your personality would be - oh. He had it. “Yes, I have to draw her from life. See her in action and draw that. It’s the only way.”

Kirishima flashed a bright, stupid grin and tossed some dirty laundry in their shared hamper. “Okay well then just text her, I’m sure she'll come and pose for you, right?”

Bakugou was on his feet in an instant, dizziness either coming from the quick movement, or the blood rushing to his face. “NO SHE CAN’T KNOW, IT HAS TO BE A SURPRISE!!”

Kirishima froze and looked at his best friend, blinking once, before responding with a smile. “Okay Bakugou..... I bet if I can get her to hang out with us a bunch, then you can draw her while we hang out.”

“ actually a decent idea.”

Kirishima grinned even wider at him, and he couldn’t bring himself to be annoyed with him. He couldn’t stop the small smile that crept onto his face. Finally, he’d make some headway on this.

Eijirou thought it was cute, the way he smiled down at his sketchbook. He was head over heels, obviously, but damn if he could just take a picture to keep forever. He was elated to see his best friend so happy and was determined to help him out. And it didn’t pain him to plan stuff with you; he loved hanging out with you. You fit right in with the rest of the group. You had something that helped to connect with everyone in the squad. You were perky and colorful, like Denki and Mina, but relaxed and easy to please like Hanta. You had a stubborn streak like Mina and Katsuki, and had seen your shit-eating grin match Denki and Hanta’s more than once. He was glad Bakugou liked you so much.


At this point, you were more than a little confused at Bakugou’s behavior lately. That night you had together really had you two bonded, but right after, he stopped talking to you completely. It's not that he was unfriendly towards you, but his usual aloofness had morphed into straight up being standoffish. You looked back at the last few weeks, going over in your head just how weird it had been.

First to come to mind was the dinner you had with the whole squad. You all went out for pizza, and sat in one of those circular booths. You were sandwiched between Mina and Denki, which I mean, you were super happy about. Sure you hadn’t known either one too long, but they made you feel so at home, like you three were cut from the same cloth. Mina never let anyone tell her who she was, affectionately referring to herself as Alien Queen. And hot damn was she cute. Denki never let anyone dull his sparkle. In fact, that’s exactly what he’d told Mina. “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle, girl.”

You heard Sero groan, and laughed. Poor guy had probably heard Denki say that like 3 times this week. When Denki latched onto a meme, he tended to use and abuse it for a while before it was completely dead and he had to move on.

To be honest the entire thing was great and you had so much fun, but that was the beginning of Bakugou’s weird behavior. He had sat across from you, more or less, and just sat and sketched the whole time. Kirishima had to basically pull his sketchbook out of his hands to make him eat, and even that didn’t last long.

Then there was the time they went to the school pool on a day they all had off. Bakugou hadn’t even bothered to dress in swimwear, and just sat in a pool chair and drew. While swimming and generally rough housing, you told Kirishima about how all the men in your family, your dad, uncle, and grandfathers, all used to cheerleader lift you in the pool. About the second you got ‘cheerleader’ out of your mouth, Denki swam over with stars in his eyes. “You were a cheerleader??”

“Competition yeah,” you’d replied offhandedly. Then realized the look in his eyes and hit him on the top of the head. “I was fucking six years old you fuckass! Don’t give me that look!”

Kirishima stopped what was about to turn into a drowning homicide with a cheerful “I want to try!”

You obviously couldn’t reject his offering, since you had told him with the expectation that he’d wanna do it. “Okay cool just....hold your hands like this. And you’ll count to 3 and lift your hands while I use them to jump.”

He nodded, following your instructions, and when you stood on his hands, it was like you didn’t weigh a goddamn thing. The end result was what Denki affectionately called a ‘Dope ass front flip.’ Sero and Mina gave it a ten out of ten. Bakugou acted as though he didn’t even notice. Even if you didn’t want to admit it, the lack of reaction from him made your stomach drop a bit.

The last straw was when you went and got ice cream with Kirishima and Bakugou. He wouldn’t even walk along you and the redhead. It made you a little nervous. He was sketching while walking, which was a fucking hazard in itself, and you kept feeling like you two were going to lose him. You mumbled something along the line of “I guess he’s looking for inspiration for a piece” to Kirishima, who just laughed.

At that moment everything from your hanging out with him compiled to just one idea, was he mad at you? He was seriously just avoiding you it felt like. You looked back at him, trying to hide the concern on your face and probably failing. Bakugou was sketching like he wasn’t even aware of your eyes, until his flicked up at you. It took him a moment to realize you were looking at him, and his whole face turned red, body stiffening. He pointedly looked down at his sketchbook to break eye contact.

He wasn’t mad at you, right?


Katsuki sat at his desk, going through the pages and pages of his sketchbook. He’d practically filled it over the past few weeks, and needed to feel like he was getting somewhere with this project finally. He needed a waist up image of you, something that really captured you. Focusing first on the posing, he skimmed until he came across the one he sketched on the way to get ice cream. You had turned around to look at him. The twist in the torso that felt so graceful. It captured so much of you that he liked, the confidence and caring attitude.

The one thing that ruined it was the sad expression etched in your face. He loathed it, you should never wear that look. He still couldn’t understand why you’d looked at him like that, didn’t even recognize the emotion at the time. He’d been too embarrassed that he’d been caught staring at you to recognize how upset you looked.

So the expression wouldn’t do. He would have to splice on another expression. The last thing he wanted to do was immortalize the one emotion he never wanted you to feel.

Going through the pages again he settled on one quick sketch of you laughing your ass off at some stupid thing Kaminari had said. In the back of his mind he was envious that he could get you to laugh so effortlessly. He knew he was bad at humor, jokes weren’t his thing. But you two seemed to have a similar sense of humor, or at least you two thought the same kind of things were funny. You smile and laugh so freely, unlike him. He wants that smile directed at him. He wants to make you laugh so damn bad. He wanted to replace that sad look with laughter, so that’s exactly what he did.

He pulled out a nice sheet of loose paper, and sketched the combination. He wanted to save this raw version forever, and knew it would be a better reference if it wasn’t connected to his sketchbook. It took him a while. He wouldn’t admit he kept stopping to admire his work, but it was finally coming together.

You were the finishing touch. The focal point of this painting. Not just that. You had become the focal point to his entire life. Had this happened a few years ago, he’d have been scared out of his mind. But now, he was sure about something for once in his life. He didn’t really deserve you, but he resigned to the fate of a selfish person. He’d prove himself, and capture your heart so it didn’t matter that you were some fucking celestial being or some shit, you weren’t going to be able to say no.

Now all he had to do was finish this painting.

It wouldn’t take long now.

Chapter Text

Okay, at this point you were just straight up irritated. Two fucking weeks had gone by since that ice cream trip, you were were seriously trying to figure out why this dickhead was mad at you. He had to be, he’s been a hermit since that fucking day. He spends all of his time out of class in his dorm room. He doesn’t answer his texts. He doesn’t answer the fucking phone at all. He doesn’t come along to things with the squad; he missed the last movie night with Denki and Kyouka. He’s not even talkative in class. You sit next to each other but it’s felt like pulling teeth to get him to give one word answers to your questions. He seems distracted by something.

You wondered if maybe he was talking to someone, and they were taking up his attention, but you were quick to push that thought away. He didn’t socialize with anyone else, did he? There couldn’t be anyone else.

You couldn’t bear the idea of him being angry with you, not that you really understood why. He had a right to his emotions, who were you to say otherwise? You supposed you just wanted him to tell you to your face. You hoped that out of anyone you knew, he’d be the one to be ballsy enough to just tell you you’d fucked up. It was the fact that you were being ignored that upset you, not the idea of how much you’d miss him if he left your life. That’s it.

You steeled yourself as your art history class ended. Sure enough, the moment your teacher let you go, he was up and out the door without a single word to you. He didn’t have a scowl on his face or anything; you had even looked to check. He just walked out like he had somewhere to be, even though you could bet money he was just headed to his dorm.

You watched him leave, stomach twisted painfully. You had to admit you missed his attention. Or just, being around him at all. Fuck him and his shitty ass making a place in  your life and then just suddenly pulling away. You made the decision to march to his room later and demand an explanation. You deserved that at least.


A weight was lifted off his shoulders as he sighed, rubbing a knot out of his shoulder. Finally, the piece was done. It was done and perfect and took him for-fucking-ever but it was done and he could just apply the varnish to protect it and then let everything dry all the way. This ball building in his chest for so long was finally unraveling, filling him with satisfaction.

Eijirou leaned over to peak, hearing Bakugou sigh happily. When he tried to look at the piece, the blonde literally hissed at him. Like, like a cat, or an angry snake. He hissed and hit him across the chest. “You can’t look at it! It’s not for you!”

Eijirou just laughed and sat back on Bakugou’s bed, flipping through another page of his sketchbook. Bakugou was always like this with paintings for people. The person it was for was the first person allowed to see it finish. And he knew it was for you, so you had to see it first. Since he was done with the sketchbook, Bakugou let him look through it. His work was so pretty, and there were so many sketches of you. They were scratchy, and sometimes really unfinished. But even he could see all the love put into it. You were pretty lucky, he though passively. Now if only you knew, right?

Bakugou got up and popped his back, bringing Eijirou’s attention to him. “I’m going to celebrate by going out and getting food. I’ll be back.”

Eijirou nodded and went back to the sketchbook, listening to the sound of the door opening and closing.

Not even five minutes later, there was loud, aggressive knocking at the door. Had Bakugou forgotten his key? He set the sketchbook on the bed and went over to open the door.

Surprisingly, you were at the door instead, with this intense look on your face. Something he couldn’t quite place. Before he could ask what was wrong, you beat him to the punch. “Where is Bakugou? I need to talk to him.”

Eijirou blinked, opening the door wider to let you in. “He’s getting food, but he’ll be back in a bit if you want to wait here. There is no way he’s eating there, so he’ll bring the food back.”

You nodded and walked in, and he felt he had an idea about what this was about. “He just finished his oil painting, so he should start being social again now.”

You gave him this quizzical look, though it seemed to answer the unasked questions, because your shoulders relaxed a bit. “He’s always like that when he paints?”

“Only when he’s painting something he likes,” Eijirou replied, grinning.

You walked farther into the room, and noticed the open sketchbook left on the blond’s bed. Both of you must have noticed it at the same time; you with curiosity, him with mortification. You made a bee-line to it, and Eijirou didn’t have time to tell you not to look before it was too late. “Oh god, Bakugou is going to skin me alive,” he murmured to himself.

Eijirou felt every muscle in his body tense as you looked through the sketchbook, and could pinpoint the exact moment you realized it was all you. Recognition flashed over your face, followed by shock, and two or three other conflicting emotions. Bakugou was seriously going to be so pissed and never trust him with his art again. He was so screwed.

The sheer panic only increased when he noticed you cheeks getting wet. You were crying. Fuck. Fuck he fucked this up. He was trying to help his best friend but now he fucked it up because he didn’t put the stupid sketchbook away. You face had grown pretty red but he couldn’t tell if that was happiness or anger. When you looked up at him though, there wasn’t a hint of anger in your eyes; loneliness, confusion sure, but not anger.

You would only let one word crawl out of your mouth, a loaded question Kirishima had no business answering. “Why?”

All he did was stutter, when the door opened, and Bakugou walked in and looked between you two. It obviously made Kirishima’s anxiety skyrocket, because he was suddenly apologizing. “Oh my God Bakugou don’t get mad it’s all my fault I left the sketchbook open because I thought it was you knocking on the door but it was her and it totally slipped my mind that I had left it open until she already saw it and I didn’t know how to t-”

“Get out.”

Kirishima blinked, stunned into silence, then pointed at himself.

Bakugou looked back at him and glared. “I said get out.”

Obviously Kirishima didn’t need to be told twice, and bolted out the door. Leaving you alone with Bakugou, and all of the emotions swirling like a hurricane.

He looked lost, eyes cataloging the entire room, just so he wouldn’t have to look you in the eyes.  His obvious nervousness was what gave you the courage to ask that loaded question once again. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why the sketches of me? Why pull away so much? Why refuse to talk to me at all?”

Bakugou set his food on his desk, and you could see him process these questions. It obviously made him uncomfortable, being forced to speak outright. Without looking up from the floor, he croaked out a vague, “It wasn’t coming out right. I needed to do live sketching to get it to turn out right.”

You tilted your head some. “Oh, so you needed figure practice? You could have just texted me and asked, I would have been fine with it. No need to keep it a secret.”

Then he looked at you, frustration and desperation both painting his face, “I didn’t need figure practice I needed you practice!

You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped your lips. That was, actually really cute. “But why did you need me practice?

He just huffed, pulling you up from the bed. “Just....fucking see for yourself and stop asking stupid fucking questions.”

He had to legitimately drag you to his easel, and it all came to you in an instant. It was his finished work, that you had helped him with like a month and a half ago. At the forefront of the painting was you, looking back like you were on a walk with the viewer, laughing at something they were saying. The scene looked like you and the viewer were on a walk, just the two of you. It was beautifully rendered, and highly emotional, making your eyes mist over again.  “Bakugou it’s so beautiful, I can barely tell it’s me.”

Obviously that was not the reaction he wanted, because he stomped his foot like a child, “What the fuck it looks EXACTLY LIKE YOU!!

You couldn’t help but laugh again, knowing there was no point to argue with him. He did such a beautiful job, you didn’t have the heart to tell him that wasn’t what you meant. So instead you asked what the painting was for.

He shuffled a bit before calmly stating, “The student exhibit next month.”

“Wait you did this for the exhibit?”

He looked up at you and nodded. You stared a little harder at him, “ THIS IS GOING TO BE ON DISPLAY?”

All he did was nod slower, slightly confused by your fussing.

“Your going to display a gorgeous painting like this of your dorm neighbor in the student exhibit where every other art student will see it??”

Bakugou just kinda shrugged, looking away. His face was slightly flushed, but it didn’t stop the words that came out of his mouth. “Well I would rather be displaying a gorgeous painting of my girlfriend in the student exhibit for everyone to see.”

You just, stared. What the fuck?

When he looked up, and you were just silently staring at him, unreadable look on your face, anxiety spiked up his throat. Did he just fuck that up? Shit he should have worded that better. His self deprecation was interrupted by you loud yell, “WHAT THE FUCK, THAT WAS SO FUCKING SMOOTH? HOW DARE YOU BE GOOD AT EVERYTHING!!”

Katsuki laughed, and laughed even harder when you punched him in the chest lightly. “So?”

“Yes you fuckass! You asked me out via an oil painting that took like a month to make! Why do you have to be so extra? You could have asked at any time!”

He just shrugged again, looking down. There was another light punch, and then you were hugging him. Holy shit. He felt a bit bad though. He really could have asked anytime, huh? You deserved a least a bit of an explanation. “I’m no good with words,” was all he could manage.

You just nodded. “I know. This is hella romantic, though. You did a good job.”

Pride swelled in his chest, he had done a good job, hadn’t he? How many people could say they painted their crush a portrait and used it to ask them out, and it worked? Ha.

You two stood there in warm silence before you broke it. “Soo....did Kirishima leave his keys in here?”


“Do we let him in?”

“No fuck that. He can stay outside for a while.”

You laughed, and went back to sitting on his bed, while he grabbed his food and sat next to you, thighs touching. It was pleasant, and you couldn’t help leaning on his arm. He was a difficult person, and would be testing your patience for a long time to come, but you could tell he was genuine, and it was really cute. Leaning on his arm, you used his distracted state to steal a dumpling off of his container. He scoffed, but didn’t put up a fight.

It was a slow start, but you knew this would blossom and bloom, and you just couldn’t wait to see all the other sides of him he didn’t show anyone else.