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Oil Paintings and Late Night Jam Sessions

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Whoever decided the dorm floors should be co-ed should be drawn and quartered. You wouldn’t normally mind or care, in fact your roommate had dropped out right before the start of the semester, so you had a two person dorm room all to yourself. The neighbors on one side of you were two boys who were generally quiet. The loudest it got was when one of the boys would yelp, squeak, or cheer, and generally it would be quiet again right after. You would have assumed the one boy lived alone in his dorm if you hadn’t literally ran into his roommate once or twice. They were both extremely polite to you, and really just kept to themselves. They listened to curfew and quiet time and were just easy to deal with.

The other side; however, were stupidly loud. And as fate would have it, they were the ones on the side of the dorm that you had put your bed. You bed was up against your shared wall, and they never shut up . There were two very distinct voices, and sometimes a third.

During the day it was manageable, but the noise level stayed consistent long into the night. It wasn’t just their voices either, they would play their music at ear-splitting volumes. Even though their taste in music wasn’t terrible, no one wants to be kept up all night by hard rock and alternative.

Right now you were suffering because said angsty rock was blaring. It had been for hours now. You had a nine o clock color theory class. You needed to sleep. It was...actually what time what it? Two in the morning. It was two in the morning. Fuck.

Then it got louder. The screamy one yelled someone’s name (?) and stomped out of his dorm. The “I’LL KILL YOU” was blessedly muffled as he stomped out the door. You expected it to finally start calming down so you could sleep, until there was a loud banging on your door. Double Fuck.



The pounding could only belong to one person, and you really didn't want to answer. But you did. Unfortunately. You got up, unlatched the lock on the door, and opened it. On the other side of the doorway was a lean, angry, ashy blonde boy with bright red eyes. His posture reminded you of Guzma from your newest pokemon game. His face flashed with confusion for a split second before he barked out “Where the fuck is Deku??!”

Who the fuck was Deku? In fact, “Who the fuck are you?”

He seemed to ignore your question and tried to peek into your dorm, “Deku what the fuck? You send me that shit and then fucking hide from me and make some floozy open the door??”

He was even louder in person, and while not bad to look at, this shitbrick was the reason you weren’t sleeping right now. “Shut. The fuck up. Before I fucking kill you,” you said calmly before slamming the door in his face and locking it again.

Unsurprisingly, he immediately started banging on the door again. “WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU LITTLE BITCH, YOU WANNA GO?”

His voice made your blood boil. Nothing in the world made you more angry than loud people when you were sleep deprived.

Unbenounced to you, you two were drawing the attention of the rest of your neighbors.



Izuku was still giggling on his bed. He’d sent Kacchan a picture of a teddy bear with paper eyebrows all angry and cute and wrote ‘That you.’ He knew it was cruel to tease Kacchan while he was working on his critic project, but he also knew he needed to snap out of his art angst. When he heard Kacchan’s door slam he prepared to answer his door with a smile. Instead he heard Kacchan door? Oh no. ' "Kacchan forgot we’re not next door to him.”

“He what?”

Izuku turned to look at his roommate, Todoroki. “He forgot about the girl who lives between us.”

Todoroki jumped up fast and ran to the door. “I have to see this.”

He peaked open the door and Izuku peeked out under his arm. Kacchan was screaming for the poor neighbor to open the door.



Kirishima had watched his best friend storm out of the door cursing Midoriya’s existence. Honestly that was pretty normal. The pounding on the door; however, sounded far too close. And then he heard him call the person a bitch. That wasn’t Bakugou’s usual Deku insult. He got closer to listen in on the conversation and heard a very clear “Open this door right now you little skank.”




Those last words made something snap inside of you and you threw the door open and threw yourself at this asshole. You let out a quirk assisted inhuman shriek and pinned the man to the hallway carpet, wrapping your small hands around his throat. He screamed angrily, and you yelled in the same inhuman screech “If I choke the life out of you bitch will you SHUT UP?!”

Kirishima peeked out and saw their neighbor trying to strangle his best friend, and Todoroki and Midoriya just watching. Meaning he alone had to fix this. Somehow. “Hey um, please don’t kill him.”

She looked up at him, eyes dark with fury, and he did his best to smile more kindly. “My name is Kirishima, I don’t think we’ve met formally. And this is Bakugou, he’s-”

“A loud little bitch! I need to sleep!” She punctuated her words by slamming the blond's head into the carpet.

Bakugou’s face was honestly hilarious. It was a mixture of shock, confusion, anger, and self-restraint. He was trying to keep calm; he obviously didn’t know this girl and was working on not impulsively hurting strangers. He was trying to get better at impulse control. Kirishima could see his resolve cracking and knew he had to stop the fight quickly. She seemed serious about causing his friend harm, but didn’t seem to be getting much headway. While she had the upperhand right now, if he snapped she could really get hurt. “I know he’s kind of a prick, I promise he’s not so bad. Please don’t kill him.”

“L-like she even could,” Bakugou’s voice was straining slightly. Her grip was pretty strong, but nothing he hadn’t dealt with before, “I’ve had worse.”

The shock had finally left Bakugou’s face; he’d figured out the situation finally. And he could finally get the upper hand, now that he knew what was going on. The girl didn’t seem all that physically strong, and it only took a slight effort to flip their positions. The three gasps distracted him though, who the fuck was watching the fight? When he looked up he saw Kirishima on one side, and Deku and IcyHot...another door down...Oh shit. He’d gone to the wrong door. Fuck.

He looked down at the girl underneath him just in time for her to hold his face and SCREAM. It was not a sound a human should have been able to make. It was more like a cross between a barn owl screech and microphone feedback squeals. It was disorienting to say the least; he felt a pressure in his ears like his eardrums were threatening to pop. Then came a snap; her fist connecting with his nose. That hurt like a son of a bitch. Before he could grab her arm and teach the bitch a lesson, Kirishima grabbed him and picked him up, hardening to protect everyone else. “Holy shit I am so sorry I can’t believe you did that holy shit.”

You looked up at the redhead, hardened into something like jagged rock, holding onto the asshole you just punched. The dude was like an angel. A crazy loud angel. “I’m just tired. Make him shut up please. I’m not normally this psycho.”

Normally you would think he wouldn’t believe you, but the look the redhead gave said he knew. “Bakugou has that effect on people. I promise he's trying to be better I’m sorry I didn’t know we were keeping you up I’ll make him wear headphones.”

You just nodded and gave a weak smile. The boy was trying. “Oh uh. (y/n).”

“Huh?” he looked down at you with eyes that matched his hair, a child-like glimmer in them.

“That's my name. (y/n)”

“Oh well. It was really nice to meet you (y/n). I’m sorry it had to be like this.”

“Me too.”

You walked back into your room and closed the door, hearing Kirishima drag, Bakugou you recalled, back into their dorm. It actually quieted down after a while, and you tucked yourself into bed finally. Your hand hurt, your throat hurt a little, and you were ready to sleep. Right before drifting off there was a loud explosion, and the fire sprinklers went off.

Just your luck.