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Shall We Date?: Game Series One-shots

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 'Things are never what they seem, or even how people make them for that matter. Which is how I got to where I am today. One could say I was happy, while another could say I was living in some private hell. Neither would technically be wrong in my current situation, but am I gonna complain about it... HELL NO! But I will tell you my short and brief story of how I have ended up right where I am now. Though I am still a bit dazed and amazed at it.'


It had been a day like any other for me. I had crawled out of bed after my alarm had woken me up, took a shower, dressed, and brushed my teeth. Then while gathering all my textbooks for my college classes, I harassed my obnoxiously annoying roommate to drag her ass out of bed. Even after close to four years of having her as a roommate, I still had no clue what she did as a job. But whatever it was, she always came in at an awful hour banging into things, and at times reeking of alcohol and other various drugs, which made me wonder how she even pulled a B average to stay in the school.

Giving a small sigh as I placed the last book in my backpack, I reached behind me, yanking the sheets from her bed. "Shizuka, it is almost seven in the morning, and you have class in just under forty-five minutes," I said, getting a grumble from the very pretty and exotic looking girl, who just glared at me with brown eyes that had distinctive lavender flecks in their depths.

"Tsukikage, you're a bitch - you know that! I got in really late last night after work. Let me have my beauty sleep right now," she groused as she snaked out her hand, snagging the blanket from my own, before promptly turning over and going back to sleep.

With a soft laugh and a small shake of my head, I turned and headed towards the door, knowing full well this was just part of our ritual every morning. When I recall it now, it had first been a real pain in the ass to get her up outta bed, especially since I would get a fist landing somewhere on my body. But after a while, I had gotten used to that and learned to dodge, so she had eventually fallen out of the bed. That particular event caused us to actually get to know a bit about each other. We were both orphans, except that her parents had given her up because they didn't want her anymore, while in my case, I had no memory of who my parents were, what my lineage was, though I was sure it had Asian somewhere in it from my own looks.

As I walked down the dorm hallways, my mind recalled the lack of memories over my past, and I knew there was a small frown on my lips because as everyone called hello or good morning to me, they looked at me curiously. At least until I got to the end of the hall to go down the stairs and found the floor R.A standing there talking to another student with a pensive look on his brow. Their tones were hushed as they both made hand gestures, and neither noticed me, a fact I liked very much since it gave me a chance to look over and admire the beauty of one Yoshitsune Minamoto.

There was no denying that either was a living, breathing Adonis. Our floor R.A., with his half Japanese and half English heritage, with his long silken blue-black hair tied up with a pale blue ribbon that matched his eyes, and an angular face that was soft and kind. The other was an Asian and Scottish mix, with had red hair like a flame, green eyes that spoke of fun and utter mischief. Even his name spoke of it, Enya Kagurami, who also had a reputation for being the college's biggest playboy.

After few more minutes, the two just seemed to glare at each other before parting their ways, leaving me still standing there in a daze with a red face about one of the two men. I didn't even notice when Yoshitsune had come to stand in front of me until he spoke, "Tsukikage, are you okay? Your face is awfully red, which usually indicates that you have a fever. Are you pushing yourself too far again? Do you need me to take you to the campus clinic?" His voice was a soft, calming baritone that made me feel self-conscious as I looked up into his honest, caring blue eyes.

"N-no, you don't have to do that, Yoshitsune. I am fine, just a bit flustered because of some problems in math you know.. Uhh.. I have to go. Bye for now," I said in a low mumble as I darted around him, knowing that those around me who had seen us talking would inform his fan club. That would only make my day a literal hell since, like Yoshitsune, ninety-eight percent of this campus was wealthy, high-classed and privileged kids. Not to mention the fact that I actually liked Enya, but with his reputation, I got snappish with the said man, making living a bit awkward but easier since we came from two very distinct social backgrounds.

I had fought to earn my way into this college since it had the best medical program in the damned country. Couple that with the fact that I was an orphan and had not a dime to my name, except what I had earned from either of my three jobs on the campus and you could see why that put me in a non-favorable bracket, to begin with. Also on top of that, somehow in my first year, I had gotten the attention of not just Yoshitsune, but all eight of the other Adonis-looking men on campus. Safe to say that my first few months of college life had left me wanting to quit.

But somehow, I had stayed on and even formed my friendship with Shizuka who was being sponsored here by her adoptive family, the Akari's, who had a reputation of dealing with the darker side of things, according to the tabloids and rumors flying about. Our amiable friendship had been a major shock to everyone on the campus when she caught the fan girls literally throwing rotten eggs at me. Man, I saw a side of her that was downright terrifying as she beat the living crap out of them. Her words though had shocked not only me but them, as she declared that she'd damn near kill anyone who harmed her friend.

It was after that day that we started to hang out, and I found she was really intelligent and exceedingly athletic. Her adoptive family was making her attend college to become a lawyer for the family itself. She claimed she would rather be a fashion designer since she loved clothes. The memories of the next few years running through my head, I quickly made my way to my first class of the day, English Composition. The teacher had an odd knack for making his long lecture rather interesting, so his class was in high demand. But he picked his students personally based on their merits and attendance record, giving me the pleasure of being in his class since my Sophomore year.




The day had gone by quickly after my first class, and it seemed like it would be a good day since none of the fangirls had cornered me yet. Which is how I came to be where I was currently at, outside on the campus grounds resting under my favorite tree, enjoying the warm breeze in the early June evening. Time was at a standstill for me, until I heard the high-pitched squeal of a woman before the sound of skin connected with skin, and a shocked, but playful admonishment. I sighed, only to have a tic appear under my eyes as I heard a male voice that was familiar to me.

I just wanted some quiet time to myself, and apparently, that was too much to ask of the damned gods. So quickly, I stood up, grabbing my backpack as I did so. The sounds of the 'couple' had gone silent as I made my presence known from standing up. Quickly, I cut my darkened gaze to the man in question, noting his green eyes opening in surprise as his eyebrows shot up into his red hairline. Giving a small snort of disgust, I spun on the ball of my foot, marching off to quieter and emptier pastures, while counting backward from ten in my head.

Like clockwork, I didn't even reach three before I heard him yell my name and command me to stop. Pretending not to hear him, I continued to make my way away from him, only to hear the pounding of feet on the damp grass, before a strong hand grabbed my shoulder, spinning me around to look at a face mixed with fury and fear. "Ms. Fong... what were you doing here? Why woman didn't you answer me when I commanded you to stop. Also please, oh please have the mercy to say nothing to Pamela." His voice was whiny from the fear and loud from his fury.

I stood there looking at him for a few seconds, careful not to show any emotions on my face, which was harder than it seemed. I spoke up in a monotonous voice, "Mr. Kagurami, I am not one of your household servants, and thus do not have to answer you when you command me to do something. And what you do behind your 'current' girlfriend's back is your own damned business, so please, for the love of my sanity, leave me out of your playboy games. As for what I was doing there, I would think it is obvious, I was enjoying the peace and quiet of the early evening. Well, that was before you showed up with a harlot to add to your black book, you playboy bastard." With that said, I lifted my hand up and plucked his hand from my shoulder, holding it like it was some filthy rag before I dropped it. "Now, if you will excuse me, I am going somewhere I can enjoy my quiet time before my evening classes."

I didn't wait around for him to say anything as I once more turned on the ball of my foot, and marched off from Enya. I left him standing there with his mouth gaping like a fish, while silently wishing for the gods to let a fly go down his throat and choke him. The images alone were enough to make me smile as I made my way back to my dorm room, to hide the wave of pain and guilt for what I had just said and done. Then again, I didn't like playboys and people who didn't take schooling very seriously. Unfortunately for me, Enya covered both of those categories, and I just happened to have a huge crush on him. Talk about a pain in the ass.

Once inside, I quickly ran up the steps to the third-floor hallway, where I rounded the corner from the stairwell to see a very familiar group of girls hanging around my doorway. Narrowing my eyes, I suppressed a groan, knowing if I ran it would be that much harder later. So with a deep breath, I walked forward putting a spacey look on my face, as if I didn't know that they were there until I was grabbed and pinned against the wall opposite of my door. Putting a small timid smile on my lips, I looked up at their ringleader, Chasity Valentine, as she glared down at me with a cold sneer on her face.

"SOOOOOOO we got word this afternoon that you were getting rather friendly with Yoshitsune again. How many times do I have to keep warning you Tsukikage, to stay the fuck away from our prince? You, who has no family name or heritage, don't deserve to talk to him. You are a pauper orphan, that in my opinion the school has taken pity upon and allowed into its prestigious halls," she snapped at me, deliberately making sure her spit flew from her mouth to land on my face.

Lifting a hand up, I wiped the spit flecks from my cheeks as I gave her a flat look, really not in a mood to deal with their shit. So all common sense and rationale that I would normally use were out the window as I replied, "Well for one, I wasn't getting friendly - he talked to me first. And, I believe you have told me before that I was to have manners if he did that. So I replied and left quickly." I gave a brief pause to note that she shook her head once as she recalled that, before speaking once more. "But then again Chasity, tell me who made you his girlfriend or keeper? Because last I heard he was still single, the Residential Assistant of this dorm floor. I mean, correct me if any of those points were wrong."

From the collective gasp as well as the way Chasity's face turned red with anger, I knew what was coming next. In the next second, I saw her step back, lift her hand and swing it at my face to strike it. Inciting her to rage was what I had intended, so before her hand connected with my face, I turned it ever so slightly to avoid the full force of the slap, thanking the gods for the evening self-defense classes I had been taking. It allowed me to make it look like she had hit me hard, even though she didn't. Even so, it stung like a bitch, and I was getting ready to retaliate when footsteps were heard coming down the hall, followed by a voice that made me laugh with glee mentally, as my eyes met his through the gap between a few of Chasity's groupies.

"Hey what is going on here? I don't recognize any of your girls as students who live on this floor," Yoshitsune said as he stopped on the edge of the group. His blue eyes narrowed as he looked at each of the girls who seemed to be acting ashamed all of a sudden, then went wide as he saw the pink spot blooming on my cheek. "I want you all off this floor now, and you are no longer allowed to visit here. If any of you have friends here, call them or have someone else come and get them. This school doesn't tolerate violence in the least, and seeing as one of you has hit one of my charges, I have to report it. Now leave!"

All the girls flinched at the anger in his voice, including me. Never, in the four years, I had been attending the college and known Yoshitsune, had I ever heard him get that angry. Blinking my eyes in shock, I watched as the girls practically ran down the hallway, allowing me to relax as I felt the tension leave my body to sag against the wall, only to stiffen once more as Yoshitsune came to stand in front of me, concern in his eyes as he looked down at me. But instead of feeling either relieved or calmed by the fact, the anger I had originally felt from Enya and his trysting partner boiled up making feel resentment towards the gentleman in front of me.

"Tsukikage, are you okay? Does it hurt really bad?" he asked softly as he raised a hand to touch my cheek. My brown eyes met his blue ones, only making me feel more resentful to him, even though it was undeserved.

So just as his hand was about to touch mine, my arm snapped up suddenly, stopping his with force, as I looked at him. My next words would later horrify me. "I will be fine, Yoshitsune. It isn't like this is the first time Chasity and those bitches did this to me. And since you don't seem to get why they are doing it, just don't concern yourself with it anymore okay?" My voice was cold, as I stepped sideways and then around him, only to see Shizuka standing in our doorway, a frown on her pert lips.

I hadn't even heard the door open at any point and wondered how much she had heard, but it didn't matter as she ushered me into the room rather quickly. I took a quick look over my shoulder to see her pull the door partially shut behind her as she stepped into the hallway, blocking Yoshitsune from following me into our room. I could tell from the way she held her back straight and her shoulders stiff, that she was pissed off, and he was gonna get words. Hanging my head, I stood there beside my bed, fighting the tears of hurt, anger, and sadness that wanted to fall, listening as they spoke.

"Shizuka, why are you blocking me? I want to ask her what she meant by those words," Yoshitsune said, his hurt and confusion clear in his baritone voice.

Shizuka gave a small snort before speaking up in an ironically calm voice, "You wanna know why I can tell you. A woman can only take so much pain, grief, and hurt Yoshitsune. More-so when it is caused by a friend unknowingly. Each time this happens to her, it is because of your naive ass, and it is high time you quit living in a fantasy world and start using that brain in between your ears to put two and two together. Think back to our first year, when the bullying started for her. What caused it each time she was bullied, Yoshitsune?"

A few seconds later, I head the door swish open over the carpet before it clicked shut. I heard the soft padding of her feet as she walked towards me before I felt her arms hug me from behind. Without hesitating, I turned around and placed my face on her shoulder and cried hard, as Shizuka smoothed my hair and made hushing sounds to comfort me. She knew full well how badly I felt at that moment for snapping and telling Yoshitsune off. He was my first friend at the college, and I had just hurt him.

"You know Tsuki, it is about time he opens his eyes to the reality of the situation. And you are not going to your night class, not that it is a college sanctioned credit class. Tonight, you are going out with me to drink and dance away your hurt of the day," Shizuka whispered in my ear, making me pull away from her to look at her in shock.

"What do you mean? I can't just miss a night class, Shizuka. And how is going out to a bar or club to drink and dance gonna help me?" I asked, looking at her with a bit of leer. She had that devilish grin on her lips, meaning that I wouldn't be able to win this one.

"Oh...I know that 'night' class you take, is down at the local YMCA, that it is a self-defense class. Besides, you promised me that you would go out once a month to a club or bar with me. And while I haven't said a single thing in the last three months about you not going, I am putting my foot down about it now. You need out and to have fun," she said, her eyes sparkling as she crossed her arms over her chest.

All I could do was nod my head in acquiescence, before hanging it in defeat, making her chuckle as she grabbed my arm to drag me to the bathroom where the night's annoyance happened. Once she got an idea into her head, I was nothing more than a piece of paper being blown around in her storm, but then again, having her for a friend was like living in a constant storm.




Two hours later, I stood next to Shizuka in the bathroom, before the full-length mirror just staring at the person in it. Reaching out a hand to touch it, as it touched me back, I looked at my friend in amazement. Each time she did this to me, I always found it so hard to believe that the person in the mirror staring back at me, was me. This time was no different as I turned my gaze back to myself, and Shizuka broke out into loud, raucous laughter, let me know in her own way that she enjoyed my reaction to no end.

"I will never, ever get tired of seeing that child-like expression on your face, Tsuki. It is too priceless, and a lot better than you with puffy, red eyes from crying," she said as she placed her arm over my bare shoulder, leaving me feeling a bit self-conscious at what she had dressed me in tonight.

"Well, I am glad that I am a constant source of amusement for you, Shizuka. So who's driving tonight, me or you?" I asked softly as I continued to look at myself.

My reflection showed a girl of average height, in a blue, green, and gold strapless dress, that hugged modest feminine curves. On my face, she had artfully done makeup in the same colors, in such a manner that they accentuated my brown almond-shaped eyes, somehow making them seem larger than they were and gentler. But what always got me was how she knew to do my hair. She had pulled it back into a half ponytail, before doing a traditional twist bun. Then to hold it in a place she had used long silver hairpins with green and blue crystals dangling from the tip. To me, I was like Cinderella once more before the ball, except I was sure that Cinderella at least got to wear a bra and panties that didn't crawl up her ass.

"Hey, Shizuka, which place do you have planned for us to go to tonight?" I asked as I finally managed to tear myself from the mirror and walk out of the bathroom. I cringed, seeing our bedroom look like a hurricane had hit, as she continued to pull out pairs of high heels.

"We are going to my favorite one, down by the wharf, and to answer your first question, I called Kimiharo to get a ride for us. So we both can drink ourselves stupid. I mean, tomorrow is Saturday, and there is no class," she said as she stood up, holding out a pair of two-inch chunk green and blue swirl heels.

Shaking my head and pushing the ugly Gucci shoes away, I walked over to crouch beside her. Easily, I reached under her bed, being thankful that I knew her habits, as well as being the same size of clothes and shoes as her. After a few seconds of groping around, I pulled out a gray colored box that said David's Bridal on it and wiggled it at her. I watched with a smile on my painted lips as she took it and opened it to see which pair I had selected. Then she laughed as she let herself land on her butt on the floor in shock.

"Y-you want to wear these? But I thought that you didn't like wearing shoes with heels more than 3 inches...these are five inches. Then again, like always you know what shoes to wear with any outfit," she said with a soft laugh and a shake of her head, before handing the box back to me.

Taking the box, I stood up and walked very carefully back to my bed. I sat down and took the shoes out of the box, admiring them. The heels were, as she stated, five inches of gold mesh with green, blue and silver thread woven through it in a swirling pattern. "It's not that I don't like wearing shoes with heels bigger then 3 inches. It is just not tasteful or professional to do so in my field of practice. Besides, these are the only shoes that will look good with this dress, and you know it. But why a strapless?" I said, ending in a question.

"Because you have a point about professionalism, which is a crime against fashion. As for the strapless, you have kicking curves and need to show them off and feel sexy as a lady for once," was her easy reply, which brought a smile to my lips.

"No.. I have modest curves, you have kicking curves, Shizuka," I said, as I bent over to put the shoes on my feet.

As I stood up, allowing my feet to adjust to the shoes, I wiggled my toes in the small peephole. Something told me that today was a precursor to what I would find tonight, making me wish reverently that whatever happened tonight, would end on a very good note. That thought made me snort in amusement as Shizuka stood up quickly with a pair of black leather ankle boots in her hand, rushing to her phone which was going off.

I watched as she flicked her fingers over the touch screen, then spoke into it, "Yes...we are. Okay, just a second," she said as she hung up the phone, sliding it into the open handbag she used. "Well, I hope you're ready, cause that was Biwa, our ride. Let's go have some fun partying until the break of dawn." Her voice came out high-pitched and very excited and I barely managed to grab my clutch purse, before she grabbed my hand and drug me out the door, slamming it behind us.




When we pulled up next to what looked like a run-down building, I did not need to be told that we had arrived at one of the less-known clubs in the city. It was called Cupid's Nest, which in a sense was fitting since it was on the wharf, where sailors come when their cargo ships and even some cruise ships come into dock. Slipping out of my side of the car, I looked over at Shizuka who held a rather pensive look on her face, as she chewed her bottom lip, messing up her lipstick. Curiosity washed over me, but I figured I would ask nothing about it. Placing a smile on my lips, I tapped the car's roof to get her attention, and waved a polite thank you to Biwa, before making my way to the door entrance.

Shizuka ran to catch up with me, just as people were yelling obscenities at me for cutting in line until they saw who I was with. A perk of being a friend or guest of a rich person was not having to wait in line for very many things. Still, some part of me felt bad as the bouncer motioned for us to go into the club quickly. Shizuka went in first, her head swiveling left and right, making me stop and look back at the Bouncer, who shifted his eyes downwards, indicating that he knew what or whom she was looking for and wasn't allowed to say. Sighing, I patted his arm and followed her into the club, straight to the bar.

"Well, well...look what the cat dragged into my establishment. It has been a while there, Tsuki, I hope you have been well," a tall man with a bald head and small goatee said from behind the counter as he wiped glasses.

Blinking a few times, I smiled up at Joe, the owner of Cupids Nest. "Yeah it has been, hasn't it. Glad to be here, since Shizuka last dragged me here. So, two double shots of tequila to start us off please," I said, humor lacing my voice as I glanced over at Shizuka to see her still scanning the crowd, before relaxing.

"Here you, go ladies. This is on the house since I haven't seen you in a few months. Also, we are having a Karaoke contest in an hour. Wanna join, Tsuki? I mean you have a pretty amazing voice, and I think you would do well since some of the people who have signed up would give you a run for your money," Joe said as he slid the two double shots towards us.

Shizuka chooses that time to turn around and sigh with what sounded like relief, as she grabbed her shot and downed it like a pro. "Oh I agree with you there, Joe, and if she doesn't sign up, I will sign her up myself," she said in a teasing voice, that sounded a bit half-hearted.

I rolled my eyes at the both of them since they left me little to no choice about entering the contest. Looking at Joe, I held out my hand for the clipboard. Scanning over the names, and feeling that a bit of competition wouldn't be a bad thing, I spoke up. "So what are the rules for this competition, Joe? I mean, how does one go to the next round? How are the songs picked for the participants?"

I laughed as I finished talking, scrawling my name across one of the entry lines. Handing the clipboard to him, I then slammed down my own shot, feeling the burn of the liquor as it made its way to my stomach. "Well, the first round goes like this: All participants will sing a preselected song by me. It is Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven' since it tests one's talent and the ability for timing, as well as having to modulate one's voice too low octaves," he said, making my eyes raise up to my hairline.

Joe just looked at me with amusement as he continued to speak, "Well at the end of it, the 6 participants that have the loudest response from the crowd go on to round two, where the crowd chooses the song for each contestant. Then the three that get the best response get to go on to the last round, where each person chooses their own song to sing and is ranked first, second, and last. There are prizes, but I won't tell anyone what they are..." His voice was highly amused as he noted that he had me hook line and sinker since I had a slightly competitive nature and a thing for surprises.

With a smile on my lips, I nodded at him, as I felt my arm being grabbed. Turning around, I saw it was Shizuka dragging me to the dance floor. My eyes went wide, knowing that I hadn't enough alcohol in me to be on the dance floor just yet, but the look on her face yet again told me that I wouldn't be getting out of it. Giving a small resigned sigh, I allowed her to drag me out there, leaving me feeling a bit awkward as I more or less stood there in my spot and wiggled my shoulders and hips in time to the music.

After a few songs, Joe announced that the Karaoke competition was starting and all contenders should come up to the stage at the back of the room. Taking a deep breath, I tapped Shizuka who was grinding with a leather-clad guy. She gave me a look and nodded her head, before going back to her dancing. Quickly, I left the floor to join the other people who had signed up for the contest. Doing a head count, I found that there was nine of us in total.

Each of us was assigned a number based on when we had signed up, making me the second to last to go. It allowed each of us time to mentally prep ourselves before our turn came up. So choosing to take this time to listen to the competition, I leaned against the wall and watched as a short man with thick, turtle shell framed glasses took the stage and began to sing in a very soft voice. It was clear to me that he was rather nervous from the way he wrung his hands and missed several notes that were easily in his pitch range. It was obvious that he had some potential at becoming a decent singer from the way he held his body erect and was able to project.

Closing my eyes, I stayed where I was, listening to each person sing, and before long, it was my time to get on the stage. I pushed away from the wall, opening my eyes to walk up the stairs, and like any person, there was a small fluttering of butterflies in my stomach. Taking a deep breath as the music began to play, I snaked my hand toward the microphone holding it as my eyes fluttered shut, my mind and body feeling the music as the intro played. As soon as it came time for the lyrics, I did was came naturally, opening my mouth and letting the words fly on the melody I had come to love from this English Rock band. As I sang, I felt my body begin to sway in time with the song, a smile playing on my lips. Soon enough the song came to an end, the music fades away, leaving me standing there with my eyes now open to stare at a silent crowd before it burst out in loud whooping yells and clapping.

A faint blush on my cheeks, I looked at them all, before bowing and hurrying from the stage with the bar as my goal. Upon sitting down, I looked at the bartender and spoke up, "I want a bottle of Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA please." This earned me a raised eyebrow, before he grabbed one from the mini-fridge behind the bar, popped the top on the counter, and slid towards me.

"You sounded fantastic up there, Tsuki. So, you think you're making the cut for the next round?" Shizuka whispered in my ear making me jump straight up from the stool with a loud shriek, which only earned me a peal of laughter.

Spinning around, I playfully swatted at her, making a funny face. " I think I have a good chance. Joe will be announcing it soon I guess. Then we will find out. So you finished dancing with your uh...friend?" I asked, keeping my voice neutral as I noticed that she seemed to be searching the club once more for someone.

"Yeah, needed something to drink. Besides he was a shitty dancer, only wanted to grind against me instead of actual dancing," she said, giving a small sniff before shoving her nose into the air, causing me to roll my eyes.

Choosing to not ask what or whom she was looking for, I drank my lager. Soon enough, we both heard Joe call for the winners by our numbers. With a small huff, I slid off the bar stool and nudged her shoulder, as I passed her by. It looked like I would be the last person to go this time, since numbers one, four and nine didn't make the cut. Weaving through the crowd, I wondered what song was gonna be selected for me. Finally breaking free of the mass of people, I made my way to the side of the stage to see Joe holding a piece of folded paper with a black 8 drawn on it.

"This is the song you will be singing next, Tsuki.., Sorry it is what was chosen by the people for you to sing," he said as he handed the piece of paper to me. Unfolding it, the artist and song just stared back at me, as I felt a blush creep to my cheeks. Looking up with eyes that pleaded, Joe shook his head as he replied, "Nope, no getting outta that. I had six songs on a list, and this is the one they all picked for you."

Standing there with cheeks flaming red, I whimpered my response, "But...but it's 'Ride It, My Pony' by Ginuwine...That is a blatantly sexual song... I mean don't get me wrong, it is a fantastic song, and I sing it in my dorm room...but in front of people? JOE!"

"You can drop out," was the only reply Joe gave me, causing me to slump and shake my head to indicate that I didn't want to drop out.

With that done and said, he went up on the stage and began the second round. He bellowed out the number and the song they were to sing. Then with out preamble, he stepped back, allowing a tall blond woman with heavily painted makeup get on the stage to sing 'Gone With My Wind' by Dead Kennedys. Her voice was amazingly sweet sounding and pitch perfect as she sang the song, though her body movements left much to be desired with the type of song. Once she was done, she filed off as Joe announced the next person, number three, who sang 'Before He Cheats' by Carrie Underwood, which made me stifle a laugh, since it was a guy. The irony wasn't lost on any of us, making me think that he wasn't really popular.

The next two sang songs suited to them, impressing the crowd very well. When it came time for the contestant before me, number seven, I about fell down in shock at the song he was given. The man himself was a tall burly biker, with a long beard and many tattoos, and he had to sing, 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston. To the amazement of everyone, he sang it note perfect and damn near pitch perfect. When he finished, I saw him slip his hand out of his pocket and shake it as he limped from the stage. He muttered under his breath as he walked by me, 'it was worth it for that reaction, my poor boys', leaving me slack-jawed, staring at his back as he vanished into the crowd.

I was quickly pulled from my shocked state as Joe called my number and my song. I mounted the stairs, and he handed me the microphone, giving me a wink, as he mouthed 'Just have fun and go with it. You'll do fine.' Swallowing as I gave a nervous smile, I turned quickly to face the crowd as the music started. With a deep breath, I let my eyes flutter shut as I pictured myself back in the safety of my room, where I could belt out the song and move my body like I always did. Choosing to do that made the song go by really quickly, and as I opened my eyes on the last word, listening as the music faded away, I knew my face was flushed.

I looked out over the quiet sea of people, taking note that a few were rather slack-jawed, when I spotted a head of red-like a flame in a mass of blond, black, and brown hair. My eyes trained in on that person, and a sinking feeling appeared in my stomach when my eyes caught very familiar green eyes in a face that was completely stunned. Normally that look on Enya's face would have been great and given me a lot of laughter, but right now I felt horror as I placed the microphone back in its cradle and ran off the stand, doing my best to disappear on my way to the bar.

"I want three shots of Jim Bean if you can," I called out, looking over my shoulder quickly. Not seeing Enya behind me, or even trying to make his way towards me, I let my shoulders slump as my shots were placed before me. Taking a deep breath, I slammed each of them back without a pause except to pick up the next.

Glancing up, I caught the bartender's eyes, wide with mirth dancing in their depths at what I had just done. Shrugging, I pointed at my empty Samuel Adams bottle, indicating that I wanted another. Giving a small tilt of his head, he walked down to get me a bottle, and I caught a flash of movement in my peripheral vision. Closing my eyes, I willed the person away, but knowing that would not work, I stood up, just as my drink was placed in front of me. Grabbing it, I wandered away from Enya just as he sat on the empty bar stool next to me.

I wanted away from him, and I attempted to weave through the crowd towards the dance floor, only to be stopped as I felt his hand clamp down on my shoulder, stopping me, then turning me. "Ms. Fong, I didn't know you frequented places like this. Or that you could sing and move like that." His voice was amazed and lewd as was he looked at me.

I felt very uncomfortable at being so close to a man I had a crush on, and abhorred for his womanizing play boy ways. With a quick jerk of my shoulder, I glared up at him as I spat out my retort, "Mr. Kagurami, I wasn't aware that you kept tabs on my personal being. Not that where I go or what I do is any of your damned business, but what gets me is that someone of your pedigree is in a low-class place like this. I mean, what would the tabloids think if they got a hold of the information or got pictures of the Heir to the Kagurami architecture company in such a place. Hell, what would your daddy think, huh? Would you like to find out?"

His grip on my shoulder tightened, making me flinch at the hurt and anger flickering across his features. "How much alcohol have you consumed, Tsuk...Ms. Fong? You are acting well out of character, and I don't think my father has any business where I decide to go. But for your information, people with my pedigree do come to these places when we want to wallow in depression," his voice snide as spat out his reply.

Reaching up for his wrist, I pinched the nerve with my fingers causing him to release his grip from my shoulder, before I tossed it to the side like I had earlier. Giving him a hard, cold look, I turned away from him, before giving him a reply. "Oh and you think you know what my true character is? How presumptuous of you, Mr. Kagurami, since you don't know me outside of school. Hell, you barely know me in school. I am just that convenient friend that is always in the right place at the wrong time, there for you tease or to help your sorry ass when your need it. Have you ever thought about what I might be feeling, Enya.. No, I don't think you do. As for how much I have had to drink - two beers and four shots of hard liquor. Believe me, if I am able to recognize you as well as have this conversation, I am still pretty damn sober."

Not bothering to hear his reply, I turned and marched out to the dance floor where I found Shizuka dancing with a rather tall foreigner. Tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention, I motioned for him to beat it, getting a rather comical expression on his face as he looked at Shizuka, who after one good look at my face just shook her head. The man left without giving to much of a fight, and I started to dance with her, our bodies weaving and dipping in time to each other, giving the illusion that we were touching but not actually doing so.

"So you gonna tell me what put you in this kind of mood? Or rather who...Never mind I see a familiar redhead on the edge of the dance floor looking like a kicked puppy," she said as we spun in a circle around each other, so we were now standing in the others spot. "You know, have an odd way of showing your affection for that poor man. Look, before you say anything, I know he is a playboy prince, but he does care for you as a friend, even if it is in a stupid male childish manner. I think you should cool off, and go apologize." Her voice was soft, calming and holding rationale truth.

Sighing, I turned, pressing my back to hers as we rolled our shoulders together and dipped very low to the floor. "Shizuka...I don't wanna... But I guess your right. I mean, I have been rather nasty to him twice, today alone. But matter how badly I have a crush on him, the fact that I know he is a perverted play boy, who's stuck his magic stick into several women's honey pots, just...makes me feel cranky and dirty being near him...on top of being jealous. But I will apologize after I finish the Karaoke competition," I said, hearing the defeat in my own voice cause I knew I was in the wrong.

"That's my good girl. I am proud of you for being the bigger person. Besides, I am sure that he will be pissed with whatever you have said to him, cause he is still staring at us with a blazing furor right at the moment. What the hell did you say to that poor man?" Shizuka asked, her question rather pointed.

I let a large pregnant silence go between us before telling her word for word what I had said to him, starting with this evening before coming to the room, and here at the club. It isn't often that anyone can make Shizuka go speechless and stop doing what she was doing. But I had just done that, making me slow to a stop and hang my head as she made a fist of her left hand, before proceeding to bonk me on the head three times in correction. The hits weren't hard enough to hurt, but they were enough to get her point across, and I lifted my head to say something as my number was called out for the next round of Karaoke.

"Come on young lady. I am gonna watch you win this competition, then make sure that you apologize to Enya. If he doesn't leave first. But don't worry if he does, I will call his scrawny half-breed ass back to the club. He doesn't like it when am angry at him," she said stressing a few words, a glint in her eyes as a evil smile curved her lips.

All I could do was nod my head, wondering what she was planning in that devious mind of hers. Once more, that sinking sensation crept into the pit of my stomach as we made it through the crowd to stand at the edge of the stage. The feeling of being watched intently caused me to tense as I turned my head to see who was staring, but I was unable to find anyone in particular. Standing there, I watched as Number four got on the stage and sang 'Endless' by The Cab and did a decent job of it, impressing me. Next came Number seven, the giant biker guy, and he announced his song, 'Outside Looking In' by Jordan Pruitt. Once again ,he left the crowd silent before applause broke out, in which turn, he gave them all a small bow and left the stage. Meaning it was now my turn, as I left Shizuka's side and mounted the steps.

Joe looked at me with a knowing smile on his lips as he spoke, "Your usual song then?"

Giving a nod of my head, I walked up to the microphone and spoke into it. "I am Number eight, and tonight for my final song, I will be singing for you is, 'Angel With A Shotgun' by The Cab. I hope you all enjoy it." Once more, I felt a rather intense gaze on me, as my eyes scanned the crowd. For some reason, they sought out a head of bright red hair, hidden away in a corner. I took quick not that he wasn't looking at me, just standing there slumped against the wall, looking at the ground. Swallowing a large gulp of air, I kept my eyes open as I heard the music began to play. It flowed around my body like a physical thing I could feel as I begin to sing the song.


Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah!

I'm an angel with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun.

Angel with a shotgun.

Get out your guns, battles begun.

Are you a saint or a sinner?

If love is a fight then I shall die,

with my heart on the trigger.

They say, before you start a war

you better know what you're fighting for.

Well baby, you are all that I adore.

If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.

I'm an angel with a shotgun, fighting til the wars won.

I don't care if Heaven wont take me back.

I'll throw away my faith babe, just to keep you safe.

Don't you know your everything I have.

And I wanna live,

not just survive tonight.

Some times to win, you've got to sin.

Don't mean I'm not a believer.

And Major Tom will sing along.

Yeah, they still say I'm a dreamer.

They say before you start a war.

You better know what you're fighting for.

Well baby you are all that I adore.

If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.

I'm an angel with a shotgun, fighting til the wars won.

I don't care if Heaven wont take me back.

I'll throw away my faith babe, just to keep you safe.

Don't you know that you're everything I have.

And I wanna live not just survive, tonight!

Oh, oh, whoa! Whoa!

Oh, oh, whoa! Whoa!

Oh, oh, whoa! Whoa!

I'm an angel with a shotgun.

Oh, oh, whoa! Whoa!

Oh, oh, whoa! Whoa!

Oh, oh, whoa! Whoa!

I'm an angel with a shotgun.

I'm an angel with a shotgun, fighting til the wars won.

I don't care if Heaven wont take me back.

I'm an angel with a shotgun, fighting til the wars won.

I don't care if Heaven wont take me back.

I'll throw away my faith babe, just to keep you safe.

Don't you know you're everything I have.

And I want to live not just survive tonight.

And I'm gonna hide, hide, hide my wings tonight.

They say before you start a war,

you better know what your fighting for.

Well baby you are all that I adore.

If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.


The last of my words trailed off as I quit swaying my body at the knees, and letting my free hand and arm drop to my side, I felt a few tears streaking down my cheeks. This song had a special meaning for me, and it was directed at one person, who still had his face towards the floor. With a small sigh, I bowed to the people before turning to walk off the stage. I had just reached the steps and looked down at Shizuka when the crowd erupted into loud applause, making me blush as I wiped away tears that had sprung from my eyes unbidden.

"I will apologize now, but I only ask that you bring him to the bar please. He was in the back corner while I sang," I said softly, pointing in the general direction I had seen Enya, then watched as she nodded and headed in the direction I had indicated.

With a sigh, I finished going down the steps and headed towards the bar. Once more, I felt that intense gaze in between my shoulder blades. This time, I choose to ignore it as I reached the bar and sat on a empty stool. When I caught the bar tenders attention, I held up three fingers to indicate that I wanted a glass of water this time. With an easy smile on his lips he picked up a glass, used it scoop up the ice, before filling it with filtered water. As I reached up for the glass of water, I saw someone sit on the stool next to me. I didn't think much of it until a voice spoke, one I would have rather not heard.

"You still have a voice like an angel, Tsukikage. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to hear you sing that song of all songs. So, how have you been?" came a deep baritone voice, that held a ton of sex appeal.

With out looking up, I rolled the glass back and forth in my hands, before turning to face a tall dark haired and skinned man with almost black eyes and an easy grin on his lips. "Thank you Noristune for the compliment to my singing. And I have been just fine since our break up six months ago. No offense, but what do you want, other then getting back with me. Because we both know that isn't gonna happen," I said in a voice that was cold and unrelenting.

His lips turned down in a frown as he narrowed his eyes. "Now now.. That isn't nice, Tsukikage. We were great together; there was a lot of fun times, you can't deny that. Besides, the reason we broke up...I am not satisfied with it," he said, placing an elbow on the bar top and leaning on his hand. "Hey bartender, two margaritas please, dirty."

Rolling my eyes, I just stared at his audacity, sipping at my water as I listened to him order us two dirty margaritas. "Noristune, it is the truth. I won't deny all the good we had together, since those are some of the best moments of my life. But when you became possessive, controlling, and wanting something from me that I wasn't willing to give, I was done. I gave you a few chances, but when you refused to respect the fact I didn't want to sleep with you, on top of you always picking fights and running off my male friends, enough was enough. And don't tell me you can change if I take you back. That is a lot of psycho bullshit, which we both know. Please, I beg you to accept that we can only be friends, or get out of my life completely," I said, ending by taking a deep breath.

The bartender put the margaritas on the counter in front of us, but I just turned my back to them, as I scanned the crowd for Shizuka, wondering what was taking her so long. Fear swelled up inside of me, that I had finally gone too far in my snapping at him. Turning back towards the bar, my shoulders slumped as I pouted. Noristune pushed the second margarita towards me, which I gladly took, lifting it to my lips quickly and downing the whole thing in one go. Then I put the glass back on the bar top, and with a small lady like hiccup, I looked at him.

"The way you are able to down alcohol still amazes me as well. It is a bit crowded in here, so let's go outside and get some fresh air and talk. Please for old time sakes," he said in a soft pleading voice, giving me the puppy eyes that had always worked in the past.

Narrowing my eyes at him, I contemplated doing what he suggested. "No, I can't. I am waiting for Shizuka and someone else to meet me here at the bar. The latter might take offense to you being here since you were an ass," I said as I once more turned around to scan the crowd, worry starting to cross my face since it had been over ten minutes.

"Really, that is a shame. I really wanna talk to you Tsukikage, alone since I have so much to catch you up on and confess. I feel I need to be honest with you completely," Noristune said, his eyes darkening to the point they were dark pools of obsidian, which had always fascinated me in the past.

"Maybe after I talk to Shizuka and our guest, then I will consider talking to you alone. But be warned, Shizuka won't like it one bit," I said after I let out a long sigh.

As we sat there a few more minutes in companionable silence, mother nature decided that everything I had drunk so far tonight, needed to be released. Hissing low under my breath, I squirmed a bit on the stool, trying to find a position that would take pressure off my bladder., but nothing seemed to work. And all the wiggling had made the piece of cloth called panties ride up uncomfortably into a super wedgie, which only served to make me not only more uncomfortable, but was also painful in a pinching manner.

Keeping my face as neutral as possible, I spoke to Noristune, "Hey, I need to hit the ladies room. If Shizuka shows up, please be polite when you tell her where I have gone, okay" Not waiting for his reply, as I knew he had at least enough decency to do that, I slid off the stool and made my way quickly to restroom.

When I entered it, a small sigh of relief escaped my lips, since there was no one else in there, meaning I had a clear shot without waiting for anyone to finish in a line. I made a quick bee-line for the nearest stall, making quick work of my call of nature. As I made my way out to a sink to wash my hands, the world began to swim around me. Looking in the mirror, a really flushed red face looked back at me. Blinking a few times, before washing my hands, I went to reach for a paper towel from the dispenser, which caused the world to shift out from under me as I fought to maintain my balance.

Taking a few tries, I righted myself by hanging onto the sink with hands that were drying naturally. Not sure what was happening to me, I decided to leave the restroom to go back to the bar, because at that moment all I wanted was to go home and rest my head. The world swam around me, and my vision began to go fuzzy at the edges. Something had happened, and I didn't know when it had started.

As I exited the door, my arm was grasped by a strong hand, that pulled me towards the back door of the club. "I think you need some air now, Tsukikage. So, just be a good girl and come with me," said a slightly disembodied voice that my mind placed as Noristune. A wave of panic crash over my nerves as I tried desperately to pull my arm from his grasp, but my body wasn't responding. I opened my mouth to scream and only a unintelligible sound escaped it.

Soon we were outside with no one inside any wiser. The cold air coming off the sea, tinted it with a tang of salt, blasted against my exposed skin and my slightly dulled senses. Once more, I tried to pull my arm free from Noristune, while trying to focus on that one act. This time, I had a bit more success, only to stumble and start to fall since he was no longer balancing me. My arms flailed in attempt to right myself as the ground came up towards me quickly.

My descent came to a halt when a strong arm grabbed me around the waist and righted me, as Noristune pressed my body against his. "You are being a bit difficult, and I really don't appreciate it, Tsukikage. Besides, it is your fault that you are here in this position right now. I got lucky in putting that pill in your margarita when you turned me down for a talk." His voice was a low whisper in my ear, causing me to struggle in his grasp.

"You can struggle all you want, hell even try to scream. It isn't gonna work since that pill is quickly disabling your bodily functions. Like I said, this was all your fault, Tsukikage. I tried to be patient with you. I mean hell, your a damned good looking woman whether you realize it or not. Your body in motion is like moving sexual temptation, making not only me but other men stare and want you in their bed. So many times, I tried and tried to keep my space and peace, but you are a temptress. Hell, I could respect that you wanted to save yourself for marriage, but that is an old fashion notion. Now I am gonna get from you what I should have gotten from you while we were dating for those eight months. And when it is all said and done, no one will believe you were raped, cause the pill will be out of your system, untraceable. So when you cry rape, all they will do after testing you, is say you were drunk and wanting it." he whispered smugly once more into my ear as he pinned my body to the wall.

Soon I felt his lips pressed hard against mine, making them feel bruised as I mentally screamed. I was grateful when he pulled his head back allowing me to breath in shallowly, before his head swooped down once more tracing small bites along my jaw line. He moved up to my ear, where he began to alternate between sucking and nipping at my ear lobe, causing my body to shudder in response, since he was hitting my sensitive areas from his knowledge of my body. I let a low whimper out of my throat as I tried to make my body move, though it just stayed there pinned against the wall, leaving my back feeling cold and slimy.

Already, his hands were trailing down my shoulders and past my collar bone, before he began to grope at my breasts. A small hum of pleasure came from him as he let my earlobe go to grin at me. His gaze met mine before pointedly looking down at the breast he had partially exposed with his groping. I closed my eyes as he began to lower his head, as I let out another whimper, feeling tears streak down my face. Suddenly, there was a rush of cold air as his body left mine. I opened my eyes to see the wall across from me, as the sound of skin hitting skin followed by a grunt of pain reached my ears.

"I am pretty sure that she isn't enjoying what you're doing to her, you conceited prick," a familiar voice said, and I turned my head to see a blur of red as it lifted up what looked to be a rather bloody-faced Noristune, landing a few more hits.

I let out a low moan as my body began to fall forward, my vision still hazy as the red blur dropped Noristune to the ground to catch me. Lifting my head up to look at who it was, I was shocked to find Enya now holding me up in his arms. Before the world began to go dark, I heard him speak to me even though I was unable to reply. "Hey, are you alright Tsukikage? Don't you dare pass out on me."




When my eyes next opened, I had to shut them quickly, the pain from the light that was in the room. Waiting a few minutes before trying again, I cracked them very slowly to allow them to adjust. It took me what I was sure was a few minutes, but when I did, what I saw confused me. The walls were artfully painted in reds, oranges, and browns, reminding me of the fall with the way the gray colored wall had the spattering of color all over it. Whoever had designed it was amazingly brilliant and talented. As I looked around at the furniture and decorations, I heard the door to the room open.

Slowly, I turned my head towards the door to see Enya shut the door and walk towards the bed. "Oh your awake, thank goodness. Then again, the Doctor said you'd come around in a few hours, but not have much motor control," he said, stopping by the edge of the bed to look down at me with genuine concern.

Opening my mouth, I tried to speak, only to have a hoarse squeak emit from it. Turning red in embarrassment, I tried again and got nothing more then a cracked, soft whisper. "What..happened? Where am I? How did I get here? Why are you here?" were the only things I was able to get out, before I was racked with a painful coughing fit.

"Hey!" Enya said in surprise as he quickly sat on the bed and rotated my body very carefully towards him, lightly patting my back until I quit coughing. "I understand your need to speak and those questions are important. And I will answer them, but first, take a few sips of water okay." His voice came out very soft, laced heavily with worry and stress.

Blinking my eyes a few times, I nodded my head, wondering if he was speaking so softly because I might have a headache. I quit thinking when I felt his hand shift me to my back before it went up to the back of my head, and tilted up. His other hand brought a glass of water I didn't know he was carrying to my lips. As soon as the first few sips of water passed my lips, I realized that I was insanely thirsty and tried to take huge gulps to down it quickly.

"Ah, ah.. no you mustn't drink the water so quickly. You will make yourself sick or worse choke," he said, taking the glass away from my lips. I whimpered a bit, even though I knew he was right, and I watched as he set the glass on the night stand by the bed. "As to your questions, I will answer them now. First, what happened was I saw your ex pulling you out the back door of the club, and while the look in your eyes was a bit glazed, you didn't seem to want to go, so I followed him. What I found was him holding you against the wall with his body as he sexually assaulted you. I know for a fact that you are not a promiscuous person. Add that to the fact that I saw you not responding, with tears falling down your face, and I knew something was wrong. Yeah, I beat the shit out of him, then you made a small sound, allowing me to turn in time to catch you before you kissed some nasty looking pavement. I called the cops while holding you, waited till they got there, and explained what I saw and why I beat the shit out of that mother fucker," he said, his eyes shadowing with what looked like anger as he spoke about what had happened.

Silence filled the room after he answered the first question, I watched his face as several more various emotions flickered across his lightly tanned facial features. This was the closest I had ever been to him, other than tutoring him in English and History. But those times qualified for a job so I had to be professional and not ogle him. So I took the time to memorize the way his nose sloped down only to turn a bit up at the tip, how his thin lips looked so soft. But what struck me most was that I saw in his green eyes, distinctive yellow gold flecks. His red hair was held back by a black head band, which caused me to smile. I could still remember the first time I had met him at the public library. It was on a weekend and I was there to tutor him, and he had that on to keep his shoulder-length red hair from his face. I had laughed so hard at him for wearing a female hair accessory, causing him to take it off and throw it on the table.

"You're smiling while looking at my headband. Recalling something particularly amusing?" he said making me pull my eyes away from the headband to look at his face, as I blushed and nodded my head yes. "Oh okay. But to answer your next three questions, it is simplistic, I am here because I brought you here after taking you to the hospital while you were passed out. As to where you are, it is the apartment my dad gave me when I started going to college, so I had my privacy while living near the school. This is where I spend most of my time when I am not at the campus." His voice was full of pride, but none of his normal cocky arrogance.

I wanted to say something, but had the feeling if I did another coughing fit would hit me. So I just looked at him, wondering why he even bothered to help me after all I had said to him. Pursing my lips into a thin line as I stared at him pensively, I noted that he almost seemed nervous or maybe shy. That struck me as odd, since it was way out of his character. All of a sudden, I was hit with suspicion that maybe he had done something to me while I was unconscious. So with a narrowing of my eyes, I glared up at him, only to see him look first confused, then jerk back in shock and anger.

"What the hell do you think I am Tsu...Ms. Fong? Some ravenous pervert, that I would molest you while you were blacked out? Please give me a bit more credit than that. I am not some pig like your ex-boyfriend. I was a perfect gentleman the whole time. Fuck, I even called my little sister over to take care of ...undressing you and putting you in the tee shirt you are in now," he said, jumping off the bed and pacing back and forth, a look of hurt on his face, before he stopped and stared down at me. "If you think I would really do that to you, or any woman, you must really hate me. And I am not saying I don't deserve it to some degree after hearing what you had to say at the bar. Well you still need some sleep, good night."

I just laid there and watched him during all this, unable to say anything. The fact that I kept lashing out at him, even silently, made me close my eyes after he left the room. Soon enough, I felt tears fall down the side of my face, self-hate and loathing hitting me really hard at my own stupid pride and arrogance. Things I always placed on him, but in the reality I was the weaker person who seemed to be acting without thinking at all. And more-so towards the man I had a major crush who was I kidding? When I think about that pompous prick, I have always felt my face heat up and my heart beat faster. And when I am physically close to him, it is almost like time stops as my heart feels like it is about to burst. But the kicker was whenever I would see him with another woman, my reactions came from nothing more than pure jealousy.

A small choked laugh escaped my mouth as I laid there staring at the ceiling. "I am in love with that pretentious bastard, and I know it," I thought to myself. When I admitted it to myself, I felt a weight lift off my chest, as I continued to cry to myself until I fell asleep, vowing that I would come clean to Enya Kagurami in the morning.




The sound of the door opening caused me to open my eyes and turn my head towards the sound. I didn't know how long I had been asleep for, but I recalled that I was in Enya's apartment, in his bed sleeping in apparently his t-shirt. I stilled as I recalled that, a faint blush creeping across my cheeks as I looked at him briefly before turning my head away in hopes he didn't see my now reddened cheeks. Right now, I was living one of my fantasies, more-so with him bringing me food to eat in bed, and to boot he was not wearing anything but a pair of baggy basketball shorts that showed off his toned abs, leading down into a perfect V that was hidden from view.

I listened as Enya came to a stop by the bed and put the tray on the nightstand next to it. "Well, it is good that you're awake. I don't have to wake you up. And I am gonna hazard a guess that you're not running a fever, and you're blushing because you turned your head away from me...Ms. Fong," he said with a bit of laughter in his voice, as I felt the bed dip beside me, letting me know that he had sat down on the bed.

I waited a few minutes, before turning my head towards him and speaking. "Uh.. Mr. Kagurami..No Enya, I owe you a few apologies and a reward for what you did for me. But first I want you to listen very patiently and quietly to what I have to tell you, okay?" my voice trembling as I spoke shakily.

His eyes met mine as he gave me a brief nod, the look on his face told me he was very curious and surprised since it had been over two years since I had used his first name. With a smile on my lips, I took a deep breath to steady myself inner self which was going crazy with my heart trying to jump out of my chest, then spoke, "First I want to say that I do not hate you, but can see how you have come to that conclusion on your own. My words speak louder than my actions do in this case. In fact what I really feel towards you is the total opposite, and has since our freshman year..."

At some point while I was speaking, my gaze had dropped down. And now I lifted it up to look at Enya's face, seeing a myriad of emotions playing across its fine-boned features as he assimilated what I had told him. When his mouth dropped open into a little oh of surprise, I couldn't help but giggle at it. His face went a bit red, and I wondered why, since I knew girls threw themselves at him a lot of the time, confessing their feelings for him. So why would me saying I liked him or even loved him affect him this way?

When he got a hold of himself, he tried to speak, until I gave a low growl of warning. He snapped his mouth shut as I locked gazes with him, then spoke again. "I am surprised that you didn't tell me I was full of bullshit or lying, but it is the truth. I do c-care for you deeply Enya, and I am pretty sure that I am in love with you. Why I act the way I do towards you and lash out...well that is because of my own stupid insecurities and being jealous of the women you always have on your arm. Hell, it grates on my nerves to hear the sex stories all of them tell about you, about your amazing skills in the bed or where ever else you feel adventurous enough to take them." The last sentence came out a bit colder than I wanted it too.

Still looking him in the eyes, I didn't miss the fact that Enya's face had gone completely the same shade as his hair, making him look like he was practically glowing like a Christmas tree light bulb. At the sight of it, I pursed my lips into a thin line and willed myself not to laugh. It was hard not to laugh, but I managed it. Still the fact that Enya was displaying shock and becoming rather embarrassed by what I was saying caused me to wonder why that might be. But he suddenly turned his face away from me, as he clasped his hand in his lap, silently waiting for me to continue.

Taking my cue, I continued to speak, "I owe you quite a few apologizes to be exact, but I will start with the most recent one. I am sorry for thinking that you would take advantage of a woman in any circumstance. Deep down, I knew you wouldn't, but then again thinking of you being a lecherous prig because of my jealousy towards other women colored that thought. I am also sorry for always snapping at you, and being a total bitch whenever I talk to you after somehow catching you with other women...again, jealousy. There was no reason for me to lash out at you verbally in any shape or form Enya, when it was just my own ego and pride that had been hurt, therefore making me the arrogant fool. I hope you can find it in that big, warm, and generous heart you have to forgive me at some point." My words trailed off as I waited for a response, or even a reaction from him.

In the silence that followed, I felt as if I was suffocating as he just sat there, looking at his clasped hands in his lap, back to me. I wondered if he was angry or if I might have broken him with all I just said to him. I shifted my body so I was sitting up, placing my knees under me., not caring that the blanket fell almost off of me, since I was decently clothed by wearing one of his shirts. Taking a second to gather my wits, I reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder, feeling the toned muscle as it tensed under my hand. The feel of his skin was smooth and very warm to my touch, making me draw a deep breath in through my nose, so I wasn't gasping.

When he still remained silent, I began to fidget a bit, but all of a sudden, Enya burst out with a small peal of laughter, causing me to draw my hand from him. I knelt there wondering if I should try to say something to him, but he beat me to it. "WOW...Tsukikage, that is...just WOW! I mean, don't get me wrong, I am happy to hear that you don't hate me. Hell, it makes a few things a lot easier on me, except in one area. But to find out it was all from you being jealous of the other girls, and me being a playboy...hahaha...that is just funny. I guess I owe you some explanations, then we can get to the reward you mentioned." His voice was tinted with his mirth as he turned to face me.

My eyes met his for brief second before I felt my cheeks grow hot under his gaze, causing me to turn my head away, as I realized he had called me by my name for the first time in three years. A small smile graced my lips as I looked at the wall. "There it is, the shy smile that says who you are so well. To be honest, about all those stories the girls are telling of their sexual exploits with me...You can just throw those out the window, cause I can guarantee you that I have only been with three women in my lifetime. My first being my tutor for English and history in high school, her name was Melissa, the second was my first girlfriend, Sandy our freshman year... yeesh she was a controlling bitch... and the last was Pamela, who I have dated for over a year. Yes, I admit to taking out other girls on dates, wining and dining them, but I never took them to my bed. Please believe me on this, Tsukikage." His voice was calm and very serious as he spoke, though it sounded a bit pleading to me at the end.

Turning my gaze to him, I looked him in the eye to see he was telling the truth, which made me feel like such a shallow and very callow person. I could of just asked him at any point if he had been that promiscuous. Letting my gaze drop in shame, I felt him shift on the bed as he scooted closer to me, making me swallow as my hands began to pluck at the hem of the t-shirt. Already my heart was beating hard in my rib cage, feeling like it was about to burst.

When I looked up at him, his face was less then ten inches from mine. "About yesterday, when you caught me talking to the girl. That was my little sister. I was asking her for advice on how to break up with Pamela, since I had been with her for over a year. In the time I had been dating her, I had come to realize that there was another woman that had slipped into my heart. She became all I could think about, dream about. And damn if it didn't hurt me and aggravate me to no end to see her date another guy. When she ditched him, I felt better, but I was already serious with Pam. Though when even our mutual male friends were near her it drove me insane with my own field of jealousy." As he talked, Enya's voice became very soft and shy again until it trailed off.

To say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement, but I was also feeling hurt that he was so in love with another woman. I had no chance now. Letting out a melancholy sigh, I placed my hand on his arm, giving it a squeeze for him to go on. Looking at me, he smiled and nodded before continuing, "Well uh.. yeah you popped up outta your hiding spot yesterday just after my sister told me she was happy that I was growing up and willing to change myself for this woman. And then she smacked me on the arm. I was horrified, because I didn't know how much you had heard, or if you would actually tell Pamela I wanted to break up with her. That actually went better than I thought, though she was still very pissed. Then I went to the club last night to wallow and think about how to tell this amazing woman that I want to be with her, when her opinion of me sucked, only to hear the sweetest angel-like voice ever singing a song and dancing to it like a sultry vixen. But when I tried to talk to her, I only got shot down again, making me feel like some dog shit on the bottom of her shoes."

As he finished talking, my mind went into overdrive trying to place the hazy events of last night, when it finally put two and two together, making me wonder if he really was talking about me. There was no way that Enya, heir to the Kagurami corporation wanted to be with me. I was beneath him as a silly little pauper orphan. Looking at him, seeing the intense gaze he was giving me, I shrank away from him, still uncertain of who he meant, and trying not to get my hopes up. But I knew one thing for sure, he wasn't lying to me, but telling the truth for once.

"You don't have to pull away from me, Tsukikage, I am not gonna harm you at all. Hell, after walking out of the club after your last song, thinking about what I could do to make you listen, I made myself go back in to look for you, so maybe we could talk. But then I saw you being drug out of there, and something inside me snapped. I finally was able to get through the crowd, hoping that he hadn't drove you anywhere. I was a bit relieved to find you were still there, before something in me completely snapped when I saw what he was doing to you, and that he had drugged you to do it. If you hadn't made a sound before falling forward, I probably would be in jail for murder right now. Never ever do I want to see that look on your face, one so sad, helpless, and broken. When I saw it, I felt as if something in me died." With that, his voice trailed off once more.

Not sure what to say to what he just told me, I looked at him as I felt a well of emotion surge inside my chest. The moment my bottom lip began to tremble, Enya just lifted a hand up to cup my face. Without thinking, I rubbed my cheek against it, feeling the warmth and callouses there. I closed my eyes, enjoying it while it lasted, as he took his thumb and ran it across my chin, making me snap my eyes open to look at him.

"Enya!?" was the only thing that I could get out of my lips, before he smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Tsukikage, do you understand what I am saying to you? In the span of one day, I broke up with my girlfriend of over a year, had a fight with a good friend whom I more or less treated like shit, and saved the woman I love from being irrevocably harmed," he said, his breath tickling my forehead.

He leaned back so he could see me, and my face flushed into what I was sure was a perfect shade of red to match his hair. It was confirmed a moment later, as he gave me one of his teasing knowing smiles. "Now what was this you mentioned about a reward? You never covered that topic, Ms. Fong," he said raising an eye brow at me expectantly. "I mean if we are gonna be completely honest with each other, you need to be forthcoming with that as well."

Letting out a low groan of mocking annoyance, I drew myself away from him and his hand, instantly missing the feel of it against my cheek. "Well about that, you saved me in more ways than one last night, Enya. I figured that you deserve a reward, and I am not doubting that you want it now from that look on your face. So I guess I might as well give it to you, but you have to promise me two things from now on. You will call me Tsukikage, and that you won't ever change who you are," I said, my voice sounding very soft, even to myself.

He just looked at me for a few seconds before replying, "Uh okay..I can do those. But why do you not want me to change who I am, if it means bettering myself?" His voice clearly showed his confused curiosity.

Placing a smile on my lips, I shook my head and chuckled before replying, "Because I want you to stay the same man I fell in love with a few years ago Enya, that's why. Now about that reward."

The look of utter shock on his face was priceless. So while he was stunned, I quickly leaned in, closing the space between us, and pressed my lips against his in a kiss. I wasn't sure if he would reject me, so I didn't apply any real pressure to it. After a few seconds, I pulled back to look into a pair of glazed green eyes, whose yellow flecks seemed to have become more prominent. Sitting back on my legs, I let his mental faculties catch up with what I had just done. It didn't take long as the red on his cheeks faded quickly, and he gave me a smoky hooded gaze.

"I know I am not dreaming that you just kissed me, but I find it hard to believe, so please do it again Tsukikage. That way I will know it is happening," he said, his voice an octave lower, making it sound husky and very sexy.

Feeling a sense of anticipation, my tongue darted out and flicked briefly at my top lip, before sliding back in my mouth. That single action caused Enya's breath to hitch, his eyes drawn to my lips like a magnet. Swallowing, I nodded my head yes. Then once more, I leaned in and pressed my lips softly against his, this time adding a bit of pressure, while enjoying the sensation of his soft thin lips against mine.

His lips moved under mine, and I couldn't stop a small moan from escaping my throat. At my reaction, I felt Enya's lips curve into a smile as he pressed his lips more firmly against mine, causing small electric shocks to go down my spine to sit in the pit of my stomach like smoldering embers. To say it was a nice feeling would be putting it very very mildly. In fact, it felt amazingly pleasurable, in a way that any kiss I had received before had ever made me feel. And I didn't want it to end, so I brought my hands to rest on Enya's shoulders as I sighed, parting my lips in invitation to him.

The response I got from him was a low growl stating his desire, but he pulled away from me, his eyes meeting mine before he pushed me back to my kneeling position on the bed. "Dammit! I..That was amazing. Never has a kiss made me feel so damned helpless and needy, Tsukikage. But as much as I want to continue, I know that once I start, there won't be stopping," he said, his voice shaky as he ran a hand through the hair at the base of his neck, while not quite meeting my gaze.

Feeling a bit dejected, and not to sure what he was talking about, I began to pluck at the Hem of the Tee shirt once more. My fidgeting hands got his attention, and he stared for a few seconds before reaching up to the head of the bed, grabbing a pillow, which he promptly put in my lap covering my hands, as I looked confused and hurt."What do you mean you wont be able to stop, Enya?" I asked, feeling stupid, naive, and highly inexperienced.

He just stared at me, with a level gaze, his green eyes having almost completely gone a yellowish color. Swallowing a few times as if his mouth as dry, Enya eventually answered. "Well to be frank, I don't want to just kiss you. I want to feel your body under me as it writhes from the pleasure I wish to give it. To hear you moan, as I touch the intimate parts of your body. I want to explore it, getting to know it, before I take it and make it mine. But I know that you are a virgin, and that is a special thing for a girl to give a guy, and I while I want to be that guy, that isn't my choice. Fuck, I want so badly for you to allow me to take you to my bed, and even be the last and only woman I bring to my bed, Tsukikage." His voice was still husky and very sexy, but strong and exceedingly firm on his last sentence.

It took a few seconds for his words to fully register in my mind, and when they did, the fact he had just inadvertently proposed to me, caused me to gasp and blush as my hands came up to my cheeks. For some reason, instead of feeling awkward or put upon, my heart fluttered around in my chest like a small bird trying to get out of a cage. The smoldering heat in the pit of my stomach seemed to burst into a small flame, making me shift my thighs so they were rubbing together. My eyes still focused on Enya's face as he stared at me, his gaze telling me he was fully aware of what he had just said to me.

We stayed like that in silence before I spoke in a voice that was barely a whisper, "Do you really mean that Enya? That you...want me to be the last woman you ever take to your bed?" In response, I got only a nod of his head as he kept his gaze on mine, like he was afraid to speak or look away, in case I suddenly disappeared.

In my mind, I quickly compartmentalized all the pros and cons of what he was asking, then rationalized that he was telling the truth and somehow I trusted him, while returning the same feelings of love. Pulling my hands out from the pillow, I picked it up and tossed it past him to the floor, as I spoke, "Enya, please." I once more placed my hands on his shoulders, but instead of leaning in, I pulled him towards me, as I lowered myself awkwardly towards the bed, while trying to bring him with me.

The look of disbelief on his face quickly faded as he put his arms on either side of me, bracing himself, and making it easier for me to lower our bodies to the bed. Once I felt my back against the mattress, I shifted my legs so that they were straight out, my gaze never leaving Enya's as I brought my head up to press my lips against his once more. My lips greedily moved against his, my tongue snaking out to lick his, as it sought entrance to his mouth. He obligingly opened his mouth for me, as my tongue darted in to explore, quickly finding his tongue. Soon our tongues were doing a dance of intimacy.

Once more, a moan escaped from my throat as Enya shifted his body so he was laying partially beside me, and partially on top of me, allowing him to rest his body's weight on his forearm which was flat against the bed. That small flame in the pit of my stomach was slowly being stoked into a blaze as I felt him take his right arm and shift it so his hand was now resting on my shoulder, as he traced lazy circles in the crook of my neck, sending small shudders through out my body, making me whimper.

I didn't know that my body could feel this way from a kiss, and simple touching. It was as if it was on fire, or rather that the fire was liquid and running through my veins, so when I was touched, it was like little electrical shocks being sent to my brain, which was slowly loosing its capabilities as it was being overloaded just from what was happening. I was trying to stay focused, not wanting to just run on my instincts alone, which were telling me that I wanted more of what he was doing to me, that my body craved for his hand to caress me, even kiss me in other ways. At that thought, I groaned in pleasure as my hips arched up to press against the half of his that was pinning me to the bed.

It was enough for him to break the kiss and look down at me with gold-green eyes filled with a desire as he whispered to me, "Are you absolutely sure? Because I swear I won't stop, until you are completely mine."

The only response I gave was a small nod of my head as I drug my fingers down his back, relishing in the feel of his warm skin and toned muscles. The effect it had on him was amazing, as I watched his eyes flutter shut and his head tip back. When my hands came to rest on his lower back, I used what little strength my body seemed to suddenly have to press his hips down against mine, arching my body up to met his. His eyes snapped open as he suddenly sat up, shifting his body so I was between his legs. My heart thumped so hard I was sure it would burst from my rib cage at the look he was giving.

"Alright then, prepare yourself," he growled low as he placed one hand against my cheek, before he swooped down to capture what I was sure were very swollen and bruised lips in a hungry kiss, as his tongue slipped back into my mouth.

All I could do was wiggle, as my body got used to feeling his weight on me, and moan as his tongue literally plundered my mouth, dominating me. So enraptured with his kiss, I gasped and arched under him, when his hands came between us and started to caress and knead my breast through the shirt. I could feel as my nipples became small, hard sensitive nubs that ached to be touched, and I didn't have to wait long before he brought both his hands up to pinch and roll them between his fingers, giving them an occasional tug. Each time he did so, I squirmed under him and gave a throaty moan, as if asking for more.

Once more Enya broke the kiss and looked down at me, his eyes so soft and gentle, holding a great amount of affection in them. "Well then, aren't you just a responsive little woman?" His voice was light and teasing as his hands slipped from my breast, to run quickly down my rib cage, into the dip of my waist.

I bit down on my bottom lip as I sucked in air through my nose in a attempt not to moan or laugh at what his finger tips did to my now hyper-sensitive flesh. With my mind reeling, it took a few seconds to realize that he was tugging the shirt up over my hips. Raising an eyebrow as he slowly pulled it up inch by inch, carefully watching me to see how I would react. My face suddenly got a bit hotter, which I didn't think possible since it was fairly glowing from the blood rushing to it. I kept my eyes on him, wondering what he was seeing in their hooded brown depths, as he kept up his agonizingly slow pace of removing the shirt.

After a few minutes, he had only gotten the shirt past my belly button. His eyes widened as a smirk curved his lips in amusement at seeing the white lace thong I was wearing. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I turned my head to the side as I puffed my cheeks. Already, I was becoming impatient with him undressing me, so I spoke softly in what I thought was a sultry voice, "You know, taking a picture would be quicker, since you'd be able too look at it as long as you want later."

When all I received was a chuckle from him, I jerked my head to face him, annoyance flashing in my eyes, only to see him as he leaned down and placed a kiss right over my belly button. My body stilled at the feel of his lips on my belly, and I lay there looking at his red hair that was slowly slipping out from his black head band. Curious if it felt as soft as it looked, I raised my hands and ran them through those flame red locks, massaging his scalp. Amazed was the only word that could describe what I felt at how soft his hair was, as he seemed to purr at what my hand was doing. Smiling a slow smile, I continue to run them through is hair, enjoying the feel of it between my fingers, occasionally letting my fingers brush lightly against the shell of his ear, making his body shudder over me.

"You should stop that while you're ahead, woman," he growled, his hot breath tickling the moist skin of my belly button, as he lifted his head up to peek at me from under the cover of his hair.

Raising an eyebrow, I looked at him, squirming a bit when his breath tickled me, before I replied, "Then quit teasing me and undress me already."

Yet again I received a chuckle, as he sat up and looked down at me from his position across my hips, a smile playing across his lips as he pretended to contemplate what to do next. With a roll of my eyes, I let them travel down his face to appreciate his strong but slender neck, as it blended into a set of broad and athletic shoulders. From there, they swept over his narrow but very muscular chest into the flat toned plains of his abs that seemed to contract and expand before they dipped into the V that led into his basketball shorts, which were sitting even lower on his hips then when he had entered the room. I could see that he wasn't wearing anything underneath with how he was straining against the shiny material, making me gulp at how huge he looked.

Snapping my gaze back up to his, I saw a look of triumph in his eyes before he reached out with one hand and pulled me up into a sitting position, as the other none to gently jerked the t-shirt up and over my head. Then in the next second, he let me go, dropping me to the bed stunned as the air rushed over my heated skin. And all I could do was just keep my gaze on his as tugged the shirt down my arms before throwing it to the floor behind him haphazardly. His look of desire changed to one almost predatory as he took in the sight of my bare breasts, making feel a bit self-conscious, as I tried to cover them with my arms.

His hands snaked out, grabbing me by the wrists, before pinning them above my head. "No, no. Don't do that! Bad Girl!" he whispered to me, before his head lowered to snag one of them in his mouth, making me gasp as my body bowed up towards him.

His mouth felt like heaven to my hot flesh, as his tongue laved at the tender bud, drawing circles around it before flicking it. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled down my spine to pool in the pit of my stomach, making the blaze into a uncontrollable fire, causing me to writhe under him as I whimpered like a small animal trapped like prey by the predator. Each time I whimpered, Enya would nip at the nipple, as if warning me to behave, but I couldn't help it since it only made me gasp and whimper louder. Then it was over with a loud pop as he released my breast from his mouth, a devilish grin curving his mouth, before he attacked my other breast, giving it the same treatment.

I tried twisting my arms and pulling them to break from his grasp so I could touch him, feel him beneath my fingers, to try and give him some type of pleasure, but all I got was his grip tightening on me as he continued to torture one breast then the other. Then, my body reacted on its own, making me glad I was so flexible. Trusting my instincts to time it right when he released a breast, I bucked up to unbalance him a bit, causing him to sit up straighter and glare at me. Then I brought my legs up to try and wrap around his shoulders, which luck allowed me to, before I pulled him backwards to the bed, pinned there.

Now free, I pushed myself up into a half-sitting position to look at him, as he pulled at my legs with his hand, growling like a caged animal. I found it rather sexy that he made those sounds and was trying to be free to dominate me once more. So relaxing my legs, I shifted so I was sitting up with his legs on either side of me, I glanced down briefly at him, before letting my eyes trace a lazy trail to the bulge in his shorts. Grinning impishly, I brought a hand up and began to stroke it softly in long strokes, feeling it twitch under my hand, as Enya himself went very still, giving me the ability to pull my legs out from under him and kneel between his knees.

Each stroke made me bolder and more confident as I touched him through his shorts. It was somehow erotic and very much a turn on to see him lay there with his eyes half-shut watching me, as the same small whimpers started to come from him. Feeling a wetness start to seep between my legs around the thin piece of cloth, I took my free hand and placed it between my thighs, and I began to stroke myself in time to what I was doing to him. This earned me a low growl of delight, as he watched, causing the flame to build to new heights inside my belly.

Tilting my head to the side, I looked at Enya, an odd idea coming to my mind. Pulling my hand from between the folds of my now soaking wet lips, I raised up on my knees to bend over Enya, without stopping what my other hand was doing. "Would you like to taste what you have done to me?" I asked, as I looked into his damn near feral eyes.

When all I got was a growl, I pouted petulantly, before sighing and acting like I was gonna move away. My juices on my hand were drying, leaving a sticky feeling, when I felt his grasp around my wrist as he brought it to his mouth. "I do want to taste you," was his husky reply before he began to stick finger by finger into his mouth and suckle them clean, while giving a small hum of enjoyment. "You taste wonderful, but it seems as if it has gotten on your palm," he said, as he began to flick his tongue across the flat of my palm, making me shudder at how enticing that was.

Blinking my eyes, my vision blurred slightly, causing me to quiver between my legs, and my hand squeezed lightly as it continued to go up and down his length. His hips at some point during this had started to thrust against my palm as his member twitched and pulsed at each squeeze, making some carnal part of me want to have that between my legs, which felt so wet from my arousal. Looking at Enya, who had finished cleaning my hand thoroughly, I took my hand back and drug it down his chest, making sure that my nails scrapped over his nipple lightly, causing him hiss as his back bowed. The sight gave me an empowered feeling, and I kept dragging them over the ridges of his abs. When they snagged on the elastic edge of his basketball shorts, I tugged at them slowly with that one hand.

I didn't miss the look of awe in his eyes at my boldness, but soon enough they had gone to being impatient as I took my time since I was only using on hand. Now, he knew what I had felt perfectly, which made me give him a toothy grin, before I yanked really hard on them to get them off him quicker. Enya willingly obliged by lifting his hips up, allowing them to slide down faster. My hand stopped what it was doing so the shorts would go all the way to his mid thigh, freeing his rod, which stood almost as straight as a flag pole.

I felt my eyes go round as I looked at it, since I had only seen pictures on the net or in the magazines that Shizuka kept in the shared computer desk. Darting my tongue out, I felt giddy as I couldn't help but stare at it. Finally I was able to speak, "That..That has to be at least eight inches long and two inches thick in circumference." My voice was a choked whisper as I reached out hesitantly to touch it.

As my hand wrapped around it, feeling the scorching hot skin that was somehow really soft and smooth in my palm, I began to run my hand up and down its length, giggling like a small child, as I felt it move. "Well to be honest it is nine and half. As for thickness, I don't know," Enya gasped out as I reached the base of it and quickly brought my hand up to the tip, swirling my thumb around the tip, smearing a small amount of pre-cum on the head before sliding back down.

Giving him a brief glance, I took a deep breath, leaning my head in. I flicked my tongue over the tip, getting a tangy, yet salty taste in my mouth, before sliding the head of his erection into my mouth just as my hand came up under the base of the head. Slowly, I lowered my hand inch by inch, as I took each of those inches into my mouth. My eyes watched him for his reaction, and he didn't disappoint, his hands fisting the sheets as he let his head tilt back, moaning low and deep.

I continued my slow pace, slowly adjusting myself to what I was doing, as he began to push his hips up slightly, his motions almost a complete mimic of what I had been doing while he was suckling on my breast. Grinning lightly, I took my teeth and scraped them lightly on the warm flesh in my mouth, as I brought my head back up to the tip, where I slowly swirled my tongue, tasting once again the tangy yet salty taste of his juices. With a small moan of need, I began my descent a bit faster, as I let my hand creep back between my now parted legs to play with myself once more.

"GODS woman, you're teasing me in a way no virgin should be able to," Enya barked between moans and gasping for breath, his body shuddering as I felt him jerk in my mouth. One of his hands threaded through my hair, grasping it a bit painfully as I slid my mouth up once more. "I..OH Fuck!" he screamed as his cock twitched once more in my mouth, before I felt it spray at the back of my throat, causing me to gag before I reflectively swallowed. When it was done, I pulled my mouth from his member, looking at him in wonderment, as he stared back the same way. "Sorry," he whispered.

I felt him go limp in my hand, and a dejected look came to my face. Enya, seeing it, frowned a bit before letting go of my hair. Sitting up halfway on one elbow, he slipped his other hand under my armpit and pulled me up his chest. Not wanting to fight him, I moved with him, my hand still between my legs, toying with my clit. Upon seeing that, a small smile graced his lips, before he clumsily rolled us so I was laying beneath him, his full body weight pressing me into the soft mattress.

"Now don't look like that; I can make us even. Trust me," he said as he nuzzled at my neck, giving it a quick nip.

I gasping at the pain mixed with pleasure from that nip and turned my head to look at him as he pushed himself into a kneeling position above me, raking his eyes over my body, while he licked his lips. That feral, predatory look in his eyes matched the grin on his lips as he stood up on the bed, shimmying out of his shorts. He stepped out of them and once more knelt down, but instead of me being between his legs, he was now between mine. With a wink, he slipped his arms under my legs, hooking them at his elbows as he brought them up and placing them on his shoulders.

This new position left me feeling very vulnerable, leaving me no choice but to trust him. After he had me settled, his hands went to the thong, running his fingers under the elastic band before pulling them over my hips. With great care, he pulled them down my legs, until right before my knees. Letting go with his right hand, he lifted my left knee up, before continuing to pull them off one leg, then switching to the other. When they were gone, he reached to my ankles and crossed them behind his head, making me look at him in curiosity, before his head dipped down quickly.

His mouth pressed against my swollen sex, kissing it in light butterfly kisses, and I moaned, jerking my hips up. My ankles were pressing down on his back, forcing his face further into my core, and he obliged by licking with his tongue, causing me to gasp and squirm. I felt as if something in my body was gonna break soon. Soon enough, my body adjusted to the sensation of his mouth and tongue teasing my sex, forcing small mewls out from deep in my throat. I closed my eyes, letting my body just feel as I rode out wave after shocking wave of pleasure. Then Enya stopped and pulled away from me, making me open my eyes to pout at him.

"Oh don't worry, I am not done yet, but you might want to brace yourself," was all he said before his head dipped back down. He blew cool air on my exposed clit, as he traced the opening of my womanhood with a finger, before he simultaneously clamped down hard on my little bundle of nerves, thrusting his finger deep inside of me.

Unable to help it, I screamed aloud my shock mixed with pain and pleasure. After I started to relax, I felt Enya suckle lightly on me, his finger beginning to slip in and out of my chamber. As if possessed, my body reacted, arching my hips to meet his finger each time it was thrust into me. Shallow pants escaped my mouth, as I felt something deep within me finally burst. The inner walls of my sex tightened around his finger as it gushed my juices out and over my ass, leaving my body feeling shaky and light.

Enya lifted his head up from my womanhood, making me open my eyes to glance down at him, as his finger still worked away, slipping and sliding out of me. He finally pulled it out and rested his hand over me, the look in his eyes one of smugness, before he started to nuzzle at my inner thigh. "Are you pleased with your release, Tsukikage?" he asked as he began to plant small peck-like kisses, making it feel like he was leaving a trail of fire in their wake.

Taking a few deep breaths to calm myself, I said, "Yes. was amazing, I have never, ever felt anything like that." My eyes caught the spark in his eyes, amazing me at how yellow they had turned the more aroused he became.

Finishing up his kisses on the inside of one thigh, he repeated the process on the other, making me moan loudly with need as I tried to wiggle away, causing my legs to slip free of his shoulders. "Good, but we're not done yet. Oh no...we still have the finale to do, and I can't wait to hear you and feel you as you come off that high. Now one last time, are you sure you want me to do this? I meant it, I don't want any other woman, but you in my bed," he said, his voice going from a sultry teasing to a serious tone.

A small swell of emotion welled up in my chest as he asked me once more if I really wanted him to take me, and make me his alone. Swallowing, I just nodded my head at him, making him smile. "Okay then. Let me grab a condom from the night stand. And fore-warned, you are untouched, so this will hurt at first. How much depends on your pain tolerance," he said as he twisted at the waist, easily able to reach into the night stand's top drawer for the condom.

I laid there, watching as he opened the packet and put it on his once more hardened member. I shuddered a bit in a mix of anticipation and fear, knowing it would hurt to some degree, but also knowing that it would be a very pleasurable act, since he was so attentive to me, showing his care openly. I watched as he repositioned himself between my legs, and leaned his long body over mine so his face was above mine. He brought his lips to mine in a gentle yet somehow sensual kiss, as his finger once more probed at the entrance to my well.

Moaning into the kiss, I brought my arms up to wrap around him, so that he could deepen the kiss. I felt his finger slip into me, stroking me as if to build up that smoldering bed of embers in the pit of my belly once more. My hips shifted in time to his hand as it pushed the finger back into me, but my body wanted what he had offered, not this cheap tease. I tensed up, feeling a bit of pain as Enya added another finger into my awaiting chamber. He let his hand go still while buried deep inside me, letting my body adjust to the new width, before pulling them out, shoving them in faster and harder.

The friction it caused, made me squirm as I whimpered into his mouth, allowing his tongue to slip in and once more tango with mine in a velvet dance of dominance. My hand hands found their way to his hair, pulling on it each time he flexed his fingers into me, making it seem like time was slowing down, as each thrust caused the bed of embers to burst into flames. My hips lifted to meet his thrusts, grinding against his hand as we kept up that pace for a while.

Breaking the kiss, Enya looked down at me before kissing the tip of my nose. "I hope you're ready, cause I can't hold back anymore," he whispered as I felt his fingers leave the warmth of me, making me feel empty before I felt the tip of his rock hard shaft nudge at the entrance to my core.

Fear must have flickered in my eyes, because Enya hesitated for a few seconds, before lowering his mouth to kiss me once more. His hands grabbed me around the waist, bracing himself before pushing into me a few inches and stopping. Not breaking the kiss, he pulled back, only to push in even further this time and stopping to wait as my body adjusted around him. Pulling out a third time, I felt his fingers dig deep into the flesh at my hips almost painfully, before he slammed all the way into me. A burst of pain shot through my body, and I cried out into Enya's mouth, my body clamping down on the invader that had induced the pain.

My breathing was shallow and quick, panic from the pain creeping into my mind as I tried to push Enya off of me. Understanding, Enya broke the kiss and looked down at me, still keeping my body pinned under his. "Shush...I can see it in your eyes that it hurt badly. I felt your hymen break, so please Tsukikage, try to relax and the pain will fade. I promise, if it doesn't, I will pull out and let you hit me until you feel better. So don't cry." His words were soft and soothing, and I stilled under him, taking deeper breaths.

After staying like that in Enya's gentle, loving embrace, the pain began to recede. When it felt it like it was gone, I rolled my hips to test how I felt. When I got no pain, just a wave of pleasure, I looked up at Enya who smiled at me. Grinning rather sheepishly, I rolled my hips more forcefully, watching as his eyes fluttered shut, before he gasped at the sensation it caused him. Letting my body go still, I pulled his head down so his forehead was resting on mine. The look in my eyes was the only hint he needed. Releasing his damn near death grip on my hips, Enya slid his hand under them and down to my ass, lifting it up off the bed a bit. Giving me a rakish grin, he pulled his hips back, causing his length to slide slowly out of me, before he thrust it back in at once.

I expected a small bit of pain, only to feel none as I shuddered from the delightful friction. I relaxed my body, willing it to respond to him, as my hands flitted through his red hair to trace the outer shell of his ear, making him moan softly. Knowing from experience that I liked my ears to be nibbled and sucked on, I shifted my head so I could grab one between my lips. As soon as I did, he reacted by jumped a bit and slamming himself deep into me, making me mewl with pleasure. Enjoying the fact I could make him react, I began to softly suck, then nibble on it, noticing how his pace would change with what I did. I kept a steady pace, feeling the fire in my belly begin to burn brighter and hotter each time he pulled out and pounded into me.

Eventually Enya spoke as I stayed latched to his ear, "Dammit you are driving me insane, and testing my will power. What are you, some devil woman?" The last part came out as a question, to which I responded by dragging my nails down his back as my hips arched up, allowing him to go deeper into me.

We continued on like that for a few more minutes before Enya pulled all the way out of me, making me let his ear go as I cried out my displeasure. He just stared down at me, before deftly flipping my body so I was on my stomach. Wanting to know what he was doing, I lifted up my head and turned it so I could see him. He lifted my hips up in the air, so I was on my knees. I pushed up with my hands so I could get a better look at what he was planning to do, and then yelped as he smacked my ass before lightly shoving my torso back to the bed. In the next moment, I felt his weight lean over me, pressing his shaft into my back.

"Uh-uh. You stay that way, and just enjoy what I am gonna do to you," he said as he raked his nails down my back, causing my nerves to jump as if he had applied electricity to them, bowing my chest further into the bed. "But if it hurts or is uncomfortable, tell me and I will stop. I don't want to harm you," he whispered as I felt him began to butterfly kiss where his nails had dug into my back, evoking a loud needy sound from me.

Each kiss took him down my back, releasing his trapped member from being pressed against it, and I unintentionally wiggled my ass at him, earning me another stinging slap across the other cheek. Flushing red, I looked at him with only one eye, as he finished kissing my back. Now up straight, I felt his fingers probing me again, before they vanished, leaving me wanting once more as a emptiness began to fill me. My eye watched his movements as I saw him place one hand on my lower back while the other seemed to be doing something hidden from view.

I didn't have to wait long before I found out what his other hand was doing. Soon enough, I felt a finger again at my entrance, before it moved away to be replaced with the head of his cock, which he moved in a slow teasing circle, making me cry out his name in need. As soon as I had, he slammed its full length into me. Leaning his body over me so he could place his hands on either side of my body, he began to pull out and thrust back in, in a slow steady rhythm. Each time, my mind told me he was reaching deeper and deeper into my very being, causing me to cry out from the pleasure of it, spurring him to go faster and faster.

My mind was quickly becoming foggy with the pleasure and need mixing in it as my hips rocked back to meet his thrust. The pit of my stomach felt like molten lava as it churned, feeling like it was gonna burst releasing the pressure that was building up and spreading down between my thighs. I felt my body began to squirm under him as I sought my release, only to find that there was nothing for me to grind against. Letting instinct guide me, I shifted, moving my hand towards that small bundle of nerves, so I could flick it a few times and get my release.

Catching onto what I was about to do, Enya once more grabbed me by my wrists and pinned them above my head, making me growl low in my throat from frustration. "Uh-uh, you can't do that. I want to be the only thing that is touching your body, giving you pleasure," he hissed in my ear, before his lips snagged the lobe into his mouth, biting it. I cried out as my body practically spazzed out, causing him to chuckle before he released my ear.

With that, Enya began to rise off my back, bringing my arms up with him, then my body. Soon we both were up right, my back flush against his chest as he kept his pace of pounding into me. He placed my hands behind his neck, pressing them there, as if to say, don't move them. When he let go, I complied with what he wanted as I stared across the room at the wall. I could feel my breasts bounce and jiggle each time he thrust up into me. My breathing was heavy, yet shallow, as I felt him lift my chin to angle my face towards his. Once he was satisfied, he captured my lips with his own, freeing up his hands which immediately went to my breast, kneading them in his palms, making me shudder against his body.

From the way his mouth moved against mine, I could tell he was smiling at my reactions. My body was screaming for its release, as I pressed my thighs together in a failed attempt to help me go over the edge. Once more, my actions earned me a chuckle before he pinched my nipples hard, making me whimper from pain. Enya was enjoying himself, and I couldn't deny I was too, as my hips began to roll around each of his thrust. Each time I did it, he moaned low into my mouth, his chest vibrating from it, only adding to the pleasure that wracked my body. Soon, his pace picked up as he slammed himself faster and harder into my body, jerking it against his own.

Bringing a hand down, he placed it right above my sex, his fingers teasing as he stroked my lips. Breaking the kiss, he spoke to me, making me feel all kinds of naughty, "I can tell you are ready to cum, as I am. Cum with me." I didn't get a chance to respond before he slammed his lips back on mine, slipping a finger into my quivering folds, and assaulting my delicate nub fiercely.

It was what I had wanted and needed, and I pressed my body tightly against his, my hips rolling faster as they slammed down to meet his shaft each time it pushed up into me. I moaned loudly into his mouth as I felt him somehow getting harder and thicker, stretching and filling me to the point I thought I would tear in half. When the dam in me finally snapped, I felt him move his hand from my breast to my shoulder and push me down onto him. It was painful as I broke the kiss calling out his name as I felt my body shudder time and time again as wave after wave flowed out of me, draining my body of all its energy.

We rode it out, pressed against each other, both laboring for air. Our bodies slumped forward until we both laid flat on the bed utterly exhausted. His weight pinned me, but not uncomfortably so, as we just stayed like that for gods knew how long. Then he rolled off to the side, taking me with him, his arms holding me close to his chest as he cuddled me.

Resting his chin on the top of my head, Enya gave me squeeze. "You do know that I am not letting you go. You're mine from now on, Tsukikage," he said in a hushed voice.

"Yes, I do Enya. And I think I can live with being yours from now on. So what is next?" I said before letting the room slip into silence except for our still slightly labored breathing.

"I don't know, that depends on when you want to get married really. But I can tell you this, I am not done with you yet. I plan to savor every inch of your body today, meaning you're not going back to the dorms at all today or tonight," was his reply, making my body tense up briefly at the thought of spending the whole day and night in his bed. "Oh yeah, don't worry. Shizuka knows where you are; I told her after I called her from the hospital. She is covering for you back at the dorms. That is a whole other issue that we can wait to deal with tomorrow, since I get to run a painful gauntlet via all the other guys in our group."

His words made me go still as my body relaxed, before I asked, worry lacing my voice, "What do you mean you have to run a painful gauntlet from our group of friends, Enya?"

Hugging me tighter, he gave a wry laugh. "Let's just say we have all had a huge crush on you for years now, and I did what we considered taboo. We all agreed to say nothing of our feelings, because we wanted to know if you had any reciprocating feelings for any of us. But I uh...couldn't wait, hence the break up with Pamela, and then telling you how I have felt," he said.

Shifting my body, causing his flaccid dick to slip out, I turned so I was facing him. Looking up into his face with my own, letting him see how stunned I was, I smiled and kissed his chin. "I am glad, because I would have never said a damn thing if things hadn't happened the way they did, Mr. Enya Kagurami. As for marriage, I want to wait until I graduate from college in the fall and get a job in a hospital. But other then that, I love you and can honestly never see myself with any other man but you."

With that said, I kissed his chin once more, before he tilted his face so our lips could meet, leaving me with a sigh of bliss. And that's how I came to be in my current situation.

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