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Winter's Warmth (A Lily for You, My Love)

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“Sayaka, come with me.” Kirari says, offering her hand palm up for her secretary to take.

“Of course, President,” Sayaka replies, using her free hand to hold the president’s. In her other hand is her school bag, which contains Kirari’s schedule for winter break. Not that Sayaka needs paper copies since she’s memorized all the contents, but just as a formality.

Kirari squeezing her hand with a little more pressure brings her back to the present. “As much as I love watching you think, I would like your attention more on me.” It’s been happening a lot more frequently these past few months, ever since the gamble at the Tower of Doors, as a matter of fact. Simple little changes to their daily routines. From walking to the gardens after school, to talking over lunch after Student Council meetings.

“Yes, President.” Sayaka blushes. Ah, this part hasn’t changed in the least. The mere sound of Kirari’s voice was enough to send little tingles down her back, but holding hands has goosebumps clawing up her arm at times.

It seems the president might go straight home today, which means that Sayaka doesn’t have a lot of time to discuss Kirari’s winter plans before they head back to the Momobami Estate. She likes to keep a tight schedule, but holding the president’s hand and being commanded to her attention distracts her from it all for a moment.


The scenery of trees passes by on their daily ride back home from campus. Kirari makes a humming sound as something of interest catches her eye. “Stop over by that corner,” she tells the driver, snapping Sayaka out of her peaceful daydream.

“Let’s stop by this cafe. It looks quaint.” The blue-eyed girl says, her impulsiveness showing as her sweet tooth takes a hold of her. Sayaka closes her eyes in slight frustration at the impulsivity, but she doesn’t protest as she supposes they need to sit down and discuss Kirari’s winter schedule nonetheless.

Sayaka wonders how Kirari ever finishes her homework with how spontaneous she is. Does the President even have homework? With how much control this woman has over the school, she presumes it isn’t entirely implausible that she can even skip out on school work. It’s not like any of their classes would be a challenge to Kirari’s already genius levels of intelligence anyways.

The car rolls to a stop. Their chauffeur wordlessly opens the car door for them. Stepping out, Kirari lets go of Sayaka’s hand as she opens the door for her to enter the cafe. It has a relaxing atmosphere; French music is softly playing in the background, fresh-cut light pink roses are placed at the center of every table, and an array of dessert samples and teas adorn the shelves near the entrance.

A waitress promptly leads them to a window seat and hands them two menus. Kirari hums in satisfaction. “My my, seems as though I’ve chosen quite a spot, Sayaka.” She can’t disagree. The atmosphere has already lulled Sayaka into a state of calm. Her eyes focus on the centerpiece of fresh roses, their colors radiating from the sunlight passing through the glass. Not to mention… it is a bit romantic. She can’t help but lightly blush when she looks up to see that the president was staring and smiling at her the entire time.

Sayaka clears her throat. “R-Right… So, your winter schedule, President…”

“Hmm… What should I order… Something sweet. A parfait?”


As if on cue, the waitress comes back to take their order. Kirari orders a tulare cherry and beanilla vanilla ice cream parfait, with French 60% cacao, gold shavings, and crumbled almonds. The waitress furiously scribbles down the details of Kirari’s parfait while keeping a pleasant smile on her face, albeit forced. Sayaka doesn’t pay any mind to Kirari’s elaborate order, she expects just as much from the president. She settles on a simple cup of white peach apricot tea.

With the waitress gone, Sayaka rubs her hands over each other under the table. She misses the way Kirari’s fingers felt linked with hers, even if it was just a little while ago. The president’s hands aren’t frail in the slightest- instead they are smooth, long, and end in perfectly manicured ice blue nail tips. Whenever Kirari gently squeezes, the way her nails lightly graze the back of her hand never fails to ground Sayaka back into the present whenever her mind wanders.

Soon, Kirari’s parfait arrives giving off a floral aroma; the sun glitters off of the golden flake topping, with the cherry bits, chocolate, and almonds mixed in smooth vanilla ice cream. The scent of peaches wafts up pleasantly from Sayaka’s cup of tea.

“Sayaka, have you always had a liking for peaches?” Kirari asks coolly. Caught off guard, Sayaka’s eyes snap up from her tea.

“Yes.” She says, a little less confidently than she wished.

“May I ask why?”

“Their flavor is delicate, light, and tart yet mellows into a pleasant sweetness. Much more refreshing than other fruits, in my taste. Not to mention they’re high in fiber.”

Kirari smiles. “Is that so?” She says, her expression unreadable, and returns her attention to her parfait.

Sayaka has a nudging feeling that Kirari somehow both knows the real reason and is making fun of her.

Taking one last refreshing sip of tea that warms her body and tongue, Sayaka puts the cup down and opens her briefcase to go over Kirari’s schedule for the next two weeks. Now that Kirari is occupied with her parfait, Sayaka is certain that the president will have no choice but to listen. “First off your schedule, you have an appointment at the beauty parlor for your clothing and accessories. Then after that you have an appointment with the…”

Kirari’s hum sounds disinterested, but Sayaka knows she’s taking in every word because of the way she’s tapping her fingers on the table, her nails clacking in time with every task she lists.

“Finally, we have the annual Momobami Winter Ball to attend. It will be held at the Bijutsukan Art Museum”, Sayaka finishes with a puff of air. Sometimes her lengthy explanations even exasperate her as well.

“Sayakaaah~” Kirari says, sticking her spoon full of ice cream out. The younger girl looks at the spoon, back to the president, and to the sides where people are going about their daily lives. If this were in private, she wouldn’t hesitate as much, but out in public, she has to make sure Kirari has a spotless reputation. Sayaka makes the mistake of glancing back into warm blue eyes that make her cheeks heat up. Maybe just this once she’ll indulge her wishes. Making up her mind, Sayaka closes her eyes and envelopes the spoon in her mouth. Tasty . She peeks her tongue out to lick at the corner of her lips where some of the cream got stuck.

Kirari would never admit to staring, but she was taken in by the sight of Sayaka’s lips, her eyes tracking every motion of Sayaka’s tongue.

“...President?” Sayaka says, tilting her head in a way that makes Kirari want to pat her head and tease her just as she used to when Sayaka was 10 centimeters shorter, not too long ago.

She misses the way she used to be able to make her blush just by a simple touch or kiss to the forehead. Now she has to work to make her dear secretary blush.

And what a challenge she’ll love.

She tears her eyes away from her adorable secretary for a moment to confirm what she thought she just saw in the corner of her eye. Sure enough, she spots Ririka and Mary Saotome sitting a few tables away from them. She smiles approvingly. She’s glad that Ririka has decided to reveal herself to someone; she’s been quietly hiding behind that mask for far too long now. How funny that they decided to stop by the same place. She can’t recall Ririka ever mentioning something like it.

Kirari returns her attention to Sayaka once again and brings the spoon back to her own mouth. She sticks out her tongue and licks it, swiping up the rest of the chocolate and vanilla ice cream stuck to it, while holding Sayaka’s gaze. She suppresses a triumphant smirk as she sees the younger girl’s pupils dilate at the action.

“Shall we get going?”

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It’s the night of the winter ball, and after hours of preparation, the two finally arrive at the front of the entrance to the museum.

“President.” Sayaka says grimly. The president’s little noise of acknowledgement sounds like an afterthought. Sayaka knows she’s being teased right now. “Was it necessary to make me wear this?” She continues with a flat tone, her hands on the bottom of her dress that was made a little too short for her comfort, trying to pull it lower to cover more skin. The slit in her dress allows her plenty of freedom, not that she needed any with how close to the edge of her butt the dress was.

“Of course, Sayaka.” Kirari says nonchalantly. Her eyes are very appreciative of the view of Sayaka’s legs.

Touching the lily in her hair, Sayaka thinks back to the events that transpired earlier this evening.


“Oh no. No. No. No. Why is this happening to me now!” Sayaka laments in distress. She desperately tries to salvage what’s left of her dress for the Momobami Winter Ball but from the tears and stains on the outfit, it’s unsalvageable.

Quickly formulating a plan, Sayaka texts Kirari and tells her she may be late to the ball. Rushing into her closet, she chucks each and every article of clothing against her bed for something to wear. Ten minutes pass by before she notices someone ringing the front door bell. Aggressively, might she add. In fact, now it sounds like the melody from Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer. Throwing the outfit onto her crumpled pile of clothing, she rushes down the hall to open the door.

“President! What are you doing here?” Sayaka’s voice hitches, surprised by Kirari’s presence.

“Goodness, what took you so long, Sayaka?” Kirari says, raising a perfect eyebrow that somehow makes Kirari look exceedingly more handsome by the second. Kirari dressed in a suit with a lily in her pocket, compared to Sayaka’s messy sweatpants and oversized T-shirt, isn’t easing her embarrassment at all.

“I was in the closet.” Sayaka realizes a moment too late that she made a double entendre. Blushing, she wants to bash her head against the door and forget she said anything.

Kirari giggles delightfully. “Here. Go change into this. I had a feeling you might need a change of clothes after that text you sent me.”

“Thank you, President.” Taking the garment bag from Kirari’s hands, Sayaka resists the urge to bury her face in it. “Please take a seat in the living room. I’ll be out shortly.”

The door closes, and a beat later, Sayaka’s squeaks can be heard from behind it, which has Kirari in another laughing fit.

She finally comes out of her room, clad in… barely anything, honestly. She can’t even bring herself to look at Kirari in the face, her cheeks are burning red.

“My, my, it really does suit you well” the president says, eyes twinkling as she drinks in the sight before her. Starting from the top of her secretary’s shoulders and running her eyes down to the dark haired girl’s toned calves, she’s sure she couldn’t have imagined anything better.

She walks over to her, taking the lily out of her pocket while gently moving Sayaka’s chin up with her fingertips. “A lily for you, my love” she murmurs, as she tenderly places the lily behind Sayaka’s ear.

Sayaka’s cheeks burn brighter, but she doesn’t feel too embarrassed to meet Kirari’s eyes anymore. She’s just being silly, she tells herself, she doesn’t really mean it. She accepts that she’s important to the president, but still believes that the nature of her own feelings are probably one-sided. “Thank you, President…”


What a devious woman the President can be, Sayaka thinks after coming out of her reverie

Kirari straightens her suit and tie before offering a hand to Sayaka to lead her out of the limousine. At least Kirari had the bare minimum of mercy to let Sayaka wear flats instead of heels. With a quiet sigh, Sayaka takes Kirari’s offered hand.

As soon as the doors to the museum open, their eyes are greeted with sights of glittering chandeliers, exquisite artwork, and tables of champagne and horderves, while live music and chatter from the rest of the guests reaches their ears.

They spot a familiar figure in the corner. Two, actually. Mary Saotome is in a suit and has her hair in a bun, making her look like the Prince Charming straight out of a fairy tale. Ririka has a stunning dress on, as much is expected of her at her own family’s party. Its length reaching all the way to just above the ground, it draws anyone to her attention whenever she moves, the frills on it rippling with her motions. They are secluded in a corner with Mary holding glasses- apple cider if the bubbling is anything to go by- for the two of them. Kirari raises her eyebrows. She saw them on what she presumes was a date at the cafe, but she didn’t expect Ririka to be so forward as to invite Mary to one of their parties as her date. She’s tempted to tease them a bit, being a big sister and all, but she decides to leave them be. Just this once.

Hours pass and Kirari is deathly bored. There are as many art pieces in this museum as there are people attempting to suck up to her. How tiresome.

A breeze drifts in from a crack by the windows. Perfect. She spots Sayaka looking thoughtfully at an art piece. The secretary’s eyes dance along with the brushstrokes, critically following what message the artist left behind.

Out of everyone here, why is she the only one without their attention on me? She wonders amusedly. She moves gracefully over to her side, testing how close she can lean into her before Sayaka notices she’s there. When it becomes clear that the dark-haired girl is far too engrossed in the painting to notice, she lowers her tone and whispers “Boo” in her ear. Sure enough, she’s startled; the hair on her neck stands up and she jumps a small bit, like a frightened cat.

“Shall we go?” Kirari asks suavely, linking their arms and leading them towards the balcony. Sayaka, still recovering from the slight shock, had no time to protest.

Heading outside the building, they reach a gorgeous view of the garden from the balcony. The water fountain is the centerpiece of a literal maze of bushes carefully structured to provide excitement and a sense of adventure. The sounds of music and conversations is muted in the background now, leaving just the two of them.

Sayaka shivers as a slight gust of winter wind blows at her with a chilling bite. Kirari notices and silently takes off her jacket, draping the blazer over Sayaka’s shoulders.

“Best not to catch a cold so early on during vacation.” Kirari says, smiling down at Sayaka with amusement twinkling in her eyes.

Sayaka’s cheeks bloom red as she realizes how devastatingly dashing Kirari looks in a ponytail. “Thank you, President.” Sayaka replies, clutching the jacket clasps closer. Kirari’s perfume clings onto the jacket, and she can’t help but be warmed by her scent. Bringing her nose a bit closer to the blazer, her eyes flutter shut momentarily. Goodness, she smells like jasmines...

Leading them into the center of the balcony, Kirari pauses and turns to face Sayaka. “May I have this dance, mon ange,” she asks with a playful wink, offering Sayaka her hand, palm facing up. The stars shining above them makes for such a lovely atmosphere.

How one human being could be this smooth and breathtakingly charming, Sayaka would never figure out. “Of course, President,” Sayaka says, placing her hand on Kirari’s own. She almost gasps as Kirari deliberately places her other hand on her waist and then slides it up to her shoulder blades.

The platinum blonde starts off with her left foot forward into a basic waltz, dancing to the beat of her spontaneous mind.

Step. Slide. Close. Repeat. Sayaka could memorize these steps in her sleep.That is, if it had not been the president who was the one to teach her basic etiquette for being the Head Momobami’s secretary all those years ago. She suspects the president might have been making fun of her then.

With every misstep, Kirari would blow on the side of her ear that Sayaka was supposed to step towards. If she missed a cue, Kirari would hover her face so close to the secretary’s own that she could see how pretty her eyelashes were. And that one embarrassing moment when she stomped on the President’s toes, Kirari had wrapped her arms around Sayaka’s smaller frame, embracing her in a suffocating hug until they were literally swaying side to side.

Sayaka decides it’s time for some long due revenge.

Swiftly following Kirari’s lead, Sayaka briefly lets go of Kirari’s shoulder to twirl, their hands never disconnecting. Following the full rotation, Sayaka boldly slides her hand down the front of Kirari’s torso from her shoulder to her waist, pulling them together. Kirari’s eyes slightly widen as Sayaka dips her.

Her eyes dash right to Sayaka’s lips, and she wonders what they taste like. Kirari leans up, pulls Sayaka’s face in with her fingertips, and with one final smoldering look, closes the distance between them. She delicately presses her lips against Sayaka’s in a chaste kiss, but swiftly adds a sneaky lick at her lips. Sweet, just like her. She thinks, and cracks a slightly smug smile at Sayaka’s shocked, tomato-red face.

Sayaka’s knees buckle and she falls onto Kirari, causing the two of them to tumble down to the ground, the lily hanging slightly forward from behind Sayaka’s ear.

“Ouch.” Kirari says, purely for sound effect. “That was a lot more painful than jumping off 5 stories.” she jests playfully, laughing freely at their inside joke. Gods, does Sayaka love that sound.

“As compensation, come with me to my cabin next week,” Kirari adds smoothly, lightly demanding retribution, but in all honesty, she would have invited her anyway. This just gave her the perfect excuse.

Still reeling from Kirari kissing her- did that just happen?- Sayaka squeaks out an “Okay” without even thinking.

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Sayaka nearly regrets accepting Kirari’s invitation. Her teeth clattering and knees knocking together as she shuffles along behind Kirari, she buries her face further in her scarf. The cold doesn’t bother her most days, but today, the weather is absolutely atrocious.

Days after the Winter Ball, the two managed to cozy their way into a reservation for one of the Momobami’s many private cabins, miles away from civilization. Kirari assured Sayaka that she didn’t need to bring any luggage with her; food, clothing, and toiletries would be awaiting them. Dropped off about half a mile away by a private chauffeur, the two had begun the awfully chilly trek toward their temporary home.

They finally make it to the foot of the cabin by afternoon, Sayaka shivering while waiting for Kirari to get her keys out. It’s an unsurprisingly large home by Momobami standards; it’s surrounded by snow-covered trees, has a wide upper deck with a beautiful wooden staircase, large windows to let in natural light, and is collecting small, glittering icicles along the perimeter of the roof. It would be a waterfront residence if the creek in front of it wasn’t currently frozen over.

The president offers Sayaka a hand, leading her up the stairs to the front door. She opens it to reveal a large living room with a fireplace and a connected kitchen, and a hallway where several bathrooms and bedrooms are probably located. The floors are a beautiful mahogany wood, with a fancy area rug in the middle of the living room and one long one in the dining area.

“Welcome to our humble abode”, the president says with a wink.


“Of course, we’re both living here now, aren’t we?” She says nonchalantly. “Here, let me turn on the fireplace, then I’ll show you around.”

Kirari gives Sayaka a tour of the cabin in an ostentatious way, nearly sounding like she’s trying to sell it to her.

“And here’s the room I’ll be staying in, although you’re always welcome to share”, she says with a mischievous smile. Sayaka gives her a side-eye glare, but her heart leapt for a second at the idea of sleeping next to the president. The bed in that room is awfully big, complete with an electric fireplace beside it. Why must she always tease like this…

Kirari takes Sayaka to the outside of her room next, and then the two have dinner before getting ready for bed. It had been a long day of travel, with the cabin being so secluded, and both girls are too exhausted for any activities their first day.

Sayaka isn’t even sure what the president has in mind for their stay. She agreed to come with her on a whim, and now she doesn’t know why she’s here. Of course she would never turn down an opportunity to be alone with Kirari, but the uncertainty of it all is making her uneasy.

“You look so pensive” Kirari muses from the dinner table. She’s been examining Sayaka the whole time.

“President… I.... What are we doing here?”

“Hmm? You always concern yourself with details, Sayaka. Let yourself experience some spontaneity for once, yes?”

Knowing the president too well to keep pushing, Sayaka gives up on getting a straight answer from her, and bids her goodnight when they finish their meal. Getting out of the bath, she looks for some nightclothes to change into. Her eyes widen and her towel drops to the floor as she spots a set of lingerie- a pure white laced bra with matching nearly-translucent underwear and a see-through mini skirt attached to it, which still leaves nothing to the imagination and only adds a bit more lace.

She wouldn’t! But she did. Sayaka covers her face in frustration and embarrassment, her cheeks already heating up. She didn’t even notice them neatly folded there when she first took a look at the room. Why would she… Argh, just another one of her whimsies , she thinks, frowning at the skimpy clothing. Still, she can’t shake the feeling of being a bit flattered. They look like they would fit just fine, so they must have been chosen with her in mind. She picks up her towel and wrings the rest of the water out of her hair, sitting next to the lingerie and delicately tracing the tip of her finger over the lace patterns.

A few doors down, Kirari undoes her ribbons and braids, getting ready for a bath herself. Sinking into the warm water and letting out a sigh, she honestly doesn’t know what to do now that they’re here, but that doesn’t matter. Things are always more fun when you don’t know the outcome. Planning is far too plain, too boring for her taste.

A thought surfaces as she stares into the water. There is a field of flowers at the top of a nearby trail that only blooms in winter. Cyclamens, if she remembers correctly. What an interesting flower. She smiles to herself. Yes, this will do.

She makes her way down the hall after her bath, seeing light seeping out from beneath Sayaka’s door. She leaves three soft knocks on the wood, and raises her eyebrows as she hears immediate shuffling from behind it. It almost sounds like something fell.

“Sayaka~ I can hear you in there.” She says, dropping her tone a bit at the last part.

The door swings open and Sayaka is breathing as if she’s just run a mile, small beads of sweat collected on her forehead.


“You're sweating in this weather?” Kirari giggles. “My, what happened, Sayaka?"



"Ha? Oh- nothing!” She replies breathlessly, her eyes staring at the floor and her mind obviously distracted.

Her curiosity burns, but Kirari pushes the urge to dig further down aside. She has more important matters at hand.

“Tomorrow, I want to show you something. It will take a few hours of hiking but it will be well worth our while. Are you up to the task, Sayaka?” She asks in a roundabout way that leaves no room for debate. It’s a habit, but Kirari nearly winces at how it almost sounds similar to an order.

Fortunately, Sayaka merely tilts her head, wondering what the president has in store, but keeps in mind that Kirari did say to enjoy some spontaneity. “Alright, I’ll be there, President”, she agrees, her breath hitching midway.

“Wonderful. I will meet you outside an hour after sunrise.”


Sunrise breaks over the top of the mountains, and early light shines through the trees. Sitting on the steps of the cabin, Sayaka rubs her hands together, despairing at having forgotten her mittens at home. She blows onto them, hoping it may get them a little warm. A cold gust of wind blows, sending shivers up her body.

A tug on the back of Sayaka’s scarf makes her look back as Kirari appears at her side. “Your neck is exposed, my dear.” Kirari purrs, shifting the scarf around so that it snugly fits around Sayaka’s neck.

Noticing Sayaka’s reddening hands, Kirari takes off her own gloves and wraps her bigger hands around Sayaka’s own. She places a kiss on the back of her guest’s hand.

The secretary blushes but merely waves it off as another of Kirari’s jokes, since she also did the same to the president herself once.

“Here, take this.” Kirari says, giving Sayaka her right mitten.

“Um, thank you?” Sayaka replies, raising her right eyebrow. That look gets an instant rise out of Kirari’s libido. The blue-eyed girl can’t fathom how her companion can be so adorable and sexy at the same time.

Once Sayaka puts the glove on, Kirari takes Sayaka’s left hand and places it in her pocket. “There. Now we’ll both be equally warm.” The president beams at her.

The younger girl’s blush intensifies, and there’s a warmth spreading in her heart that makes her feel tingly. Since there’s no one watching them, and they’re far away from the judging eye of the public, Sayaka decides she can indulge herself in close contact this once. She leans her weight onto Kirari, placing her head on the president’s shoulder.

Kirari feels something tug at her heartstrings. This... isn’t a bad feeling… not at all.

Their trek through the forest before they reach the base of the hill takes a lot longer than they thought, but neither mind it. Even with their height difference, Sayaka has long since learned to flow with Kirari’s pace while they hold hands.

A few hours in, Kirari abruptly halts, tugging Sayaka back an inch. “Close your eyes, Sayaka.” Kirari tells her, squeezing Sayaka’s hand in her pocket. “No peeking until I say otherwise.”

“Okay, President,” Skeptical, Sayaka nevertheless agrees. She trusts that Kirari wouldn’t prank her this time. Taking her hand, Kirari takes carefully measured steps, leading her up the hill.

It isn’t as steep of a hill as Sayaka thought. For a few moments, she keeps quiet, listening to the sound of nature and Kirari’s breathing. She’s panting.

Finally, they manage to reach the peak of the hill and flat land, but Kirari hasn’t given her the okay yet, so she keeps her eyes closed.

“We’re almost there, Sayaka. Just a few more meters,” Kirari reassures her. A couple dozen more steps and Kirari halts once again.

There’s a light pressure against her temple that’s gone before she can register it, but Sayaka would never mistake the feel of Kirari’s lips for something else.

“Now, open your eyes.” Sayaka obeys, and what flashes before her eyes are hundreds of white blossoms. On closer look, the blossoms have spots of pink, purple, and red on them. She recognizes them as cyclamens.

“Beautiful…” Honestly, Sayaka isn’t breathless because of the sight, but because of how the president looks against the backdrop of the scenery. Her arm extended for a grandeur effect gives Kirari an image of a charming but mischievous snow fae.

“Pretty as they are, they do have a bite to them. They’re poisonous, but one of my favorite breeds of flower”, Kirari nonchalantly states, but Sayaka knows how hard it is to get the president to share anything personal.

So she smiles and says, “I like them too,” because it makes you smile , squeezing their joined hands again.

A white flake shimmers into view and taps Sayaka on the nose, making her glance up at the cloudy sky.

It’s snowing.

Kirari laughs delightfully, looking like a child on Christmas Eve. Sayaka decides to store this precious memory away.

“I suppose this is our signal to leave” Kirari says, slightly disappointed to cut it short, but her eyes still twinkling with glee.

Still with their hands connected, she leads Sayaka away from the flowers and back down the hill. The snow continues to fall steadily, and eventually they’re leaving tracks in it as they go.

Once they reach the edge of the forest, the president suddenly slips her hand out of Sayaka's grasp, but not without a parting squeeze, and leans back on her heels, burying them slightly in the snow. She then runs forward, kicking up snowflakes behind her.

“President?!” Sayaka runs after her, the cabin now in her sight.

Kirari plops down onto the freshly settled blanket of snow, looking up at the sky and laughing. As adorable as that is, Sayaka can’t help but worry for her health. They’ve already been hiking for what feels like hours through snow, and neither of them were really prepared for it. A strange thought hits her. Cyclamens… They’re poisonous if ingested, irritating merely by touch. But what do they mean, again? I must have read this somewhere...

A chilling bite of wind brings Sayaka’s mind back to the present. A few meters away from her, Kirari seems to be having the time of her life, making snow angels on the ground.

“It’ll be much warmer if you move around, Sayaka.” Kirari suggests, looking at the dark-haired girl upside down. Sayaka rubs her hands for precious heat before answering, “I think I’ll be warmer sitting by the fireplace, President.”

“Suit yourself,” Kirari says, hiding a mischievous grin from Sayaka’s line of sight. She thinks the girl looks absolutely adorable with her glasses on. Laying back down on the snow covered ground, Kirari scoops some up. Patting it once, Kirari chucks it towards Sayaka, hitting her square in the forehead.

Sayaka’s glasses droop down. Her posture slackens. Tilting her neck, she smiles at Kirari.

Kirari’s done it now. Her eyes slightly widen in surprise as a snowball hurls itself past her ear at breakneck speed and smacks into the tree beside her. Scrambling to get cover, Kirari manages to hide between some rocks before ducking from another spot where two more snowballs were aimed at her head.

She makes a run for it over to some larger rocks by the creek, hastily gathering some more snow to make small snowballs she can throw quickly. Icy ammo in hand, she pops up only to be hit square in the face with snow. She wipes it off, laughing, and earns two hits on Sayaka- one on her shoulder and another on her torso, but staggers when she’s hit right in her center by a quickly crafted snowball from her secretary.

Both out of projectiles, the short game of cat and mouse comes to an end when Sayaka tackles her onto the powdery ice, pinning her.

In the high of her win, Sayaka laughs. “You think you can get away with teasing me every time?” Her smug expression fades into one of embarrassment and a blush rises to her cheeks as she realizes just who she’s been throwing snowballs at and is currently pinning down. She stares in awe at how Kirari’s hair shines brilliantly in the winter sun, her blue eyes piercing in contrast to the white snow.

Kirari smirks and suddenly flips them over; Sayaka gasps as her back hits the wet ground. She leans in close to her secretary’s face, her breath tickling her cheeks. Sayaka’s eyelids lower slightly in anticipation for a kiss, but Kirari pulls back a bit and instead lightly nuzzles her nose with hers, bumping into her glasses.

"Let's go back. We don't want to catch a cold, now", says Kirari, brushing snow off the tips of Sayaka's ears with an amused but warm look in her eyes. It reminds Sayaka of the expression she had just after licking her forehead in the lily garden. The memory brings a blush to her cheeks.

“Alright” Sayaka says softly, taking Kirari’s hand and getting up to brush the rest of the snow off herself.

Turning around, they don’t hear the crack so much as they feel it. One moment, they were laughing, the next, Sayaka disappears from Kirari’s view into a giant fissure. Her body encased in ice from the neck down, her breath is painfully knocked out of her as the shock of the cold hits her core and renders her completely motionless.

Chapter Text

Before her mind can register what happened, Kirari’s eyes widen in disbelief; she stands there completely frozen for a split second as panic sets in. Once she has conscious control of her limbs again, she frantically grabs the back of Sayaka's jacket and hauls her out of the now-open, ice-caked creek.

“Sayaka!” Kirari says desperately, not recognizing the anguish in her own voice. She prays that Sayaka can hear her. Sayaka opens her eyes briefly.

“...p-pre...s-si....” Sayaka mumbles, her teeth chattering with the effort.

Running purely on quick thinking and adrenaline, Kirari hefts Sayaka off of the ground into her arms and dashes through the snow towards the cabin. The wetness of Sayaka’s clothes seeps into the president’s sleeves and front. Kirari’s chest aches; she dismisses the need to determine whether it’s due to the freezing winter air or Sayaka’s life slipping through her fingers.  

Arriving at the base of the cabin, her trek up the snow-laden steps is made much more difficult by Sayaka’s added weight in her arms and the snow sticking to her shoes, though that won’t stop Kirari. Determined to get them both back to safety, she grits her teeth and pushes through, briefly checking Sayaka’s face every few moments.

Sayaka’s breathing has gotten erratic, even as her body rattles with shivers trying to restore her temperature back to equilibrium. The only thing she can register is the president’s hold on her body, which must be incredibly tight for her to feel it through the numbness of the cold, she thinks to herself in the post-shock haze.

Kirari narrowly slips on one of the steps, painfully bumping her shoulder into the banister. She immediately looks down at Sayaka, grateful to find her unharmed. Staring at the long trek towards her bedroom, Kirari sighs. All this snow is such a pain , she thinks. Ironic that just beforehand, they were having so much fun with it. She briefly closes her eyes and calms herself down before she does something as stupid as try to sprint up the ice covered staircase.

Sayaka tries to curl her finger against Kirari’s face but her fingers won’t move. Her vocal cords are strained.

Kirari notices and makes her decision. Laying a kiss on Sayaka’s forehead, she leans her weight backwards for a split second before racing up the steps, taking two at a time and leaving everything to Lady Luck that she doesn’t slip and crack her head.

Miraculously, she manages to reach the top and shoulders the door to the living room open. Flakes of snow coming off the door and their clothes trail on the floor behind her.

Shoving her way towards her room, Kirari gently lays Sayaka down on the floor cushion before quickly getting the fireplace running with the flick of a switch by the television set, never leaving Sayaka’s side.

“Forgive me” Kirari says hastily, already having made up her mind that Sayaka’s life is worth far more than her dignity and that she must get her out of her wet clothes as soon as possible.

She takes the first layer of Sayaka’s winter clothing off, but even with the protection, her base layer is completely drenched, making out the small outline of her bra. Kirari begins to lift her shirt off until her hands still for a moment. The president’s eyes widen in disbelief.

Sayaka was wearing the lingerie Kirari jokingly put beside her bed. The silky snow bra is turned a shade of silver, and her nipples press flush against the material. Kirari blinks once, twice, then moves her left hand to pull at the younger girl’s pants, revealing the matching lacy skirt underwear. Kirari’s face flushes, She really wore them...

Looking back at her secretary whose eyes are shut, she shakes her head deciding that now’s not the time. She peels the rest of Sayaka’s shirt and pants off in two swift motions. The president has to restrain every fiber of her being to not drink in the sight of Sayaka’s body, the secretary’s chest rising in uneven motions and beautifully smooth skin wrapped in her lingerie. Kirari quickly unfastens the bra and takes in a deep breath before removing her underwear.

Knowing she has to heat Sayaka up somehow, Kirari grabs the throw blanket and bed cover. She pauses when another thought comes up.

This won’t be enough.

Having regained some of her cognition, Sayaka notices her pause in action. She knows she has to help the President along somehow. She tugs on Kirari's jacket sleeve. “” is all that Sayaka can manage to get past her numb lips. Kirari’s eyes widen as it hits her that Sayaka is mumbling her name. Sayaka…

"Strip... Heat..." Sayaka mumbles out.

Kirari blushes despite herself. Being naked in a hot spring is one thing, but being so in the intimacy of her room with her attractively naked secretary is another. Another tug on her sleeve and Kirari decides that modesty is overrated.

She knows that it’s better to be completely naked when attempting to warm someone up to prevent hypothermia. Tossing her jacket astray, she strips down and gathers Sayaka, who’s buried in a bundle of blankets, into her arms and moves them to her bed. She tenderly places Sayaka on her naked lap, letting her sit side straddle as she takes off her glasses and places them delicately on the nightstand. She reaches for another blanket to cover their bare bodies with from the side drawer.

Kirari winces when she feels how cold the younger girl’s bare skin is, but that makes her all the more determined to keep her warm. Sayaka’s teeth chatters have died down.

Laying down on top of her underneath the blanket, Kirari presses her chest as close to Sayaka’s cold counterpart as she can. After a moment of listening to her breathing normalize a bit, she shifts to trace the veins down Sayaka’s arms toward her chest, splaying her fingers there, right above her heart.

Sayaka reaches for Kirari’s hair ribbon, and with a clumsy tug, her braid falls apart.

“...pretty…” Sayaka says, attempting to smile at Kirari, her control over her muscles and voice not quite back yet.

This girl is incomprehensible. She doesn’t understand what she’s thinking. But all the more, Kirari is extremely attracted to Sayaka.

“...forgive me, Sayaka.” I wasn’t fast enough. Kirari lays a kiss on top of her heart. She holds Sayaka’s cold body closer, burying her nose in her neck and kissing her hair.

With some feeling having returned to her skin and the shock from the ice receding, Sayaka is able to take most of it in. She gasps at the feeling of the president’s body pressed so close to hers, her jasmine scent overtaking her, their nipples brushing against each other, the president’s knee in between her legs. With her inhibitions lowered like this, she can’t do anything to curb her rising arousal.

She shifts just a bit under Kirari’s weight, unintentionally rubbing her sex against the president’s knee. She suppresses a whimper at the contact. No, no, I can’t do this, not when the President…

Still with her lips pressed against Sayaka’s hair, Kirari moves her knee further up. “Ah!” Sayaka lets out a tiny yelp in surprise. What is she doing?! Sayaka thinks in a panic, trying not to move, or else she’ll definitely grind against her leg.

“Ki...ra...ri?” Sayaka mumbles, prompting Kirari to meet her face to face. Their eyes lock onto each other, Kirari’s icy blue irises trace every filament of Sayaka’s slate-grey ones, the intense gaze causing her body to heat further.

“Sayaka… I...” Kirari doesn’t finish her sentence, instead hastily pressing her lips to her secretary's. It’s nothing at all like their first kiss. The motion feels desperate, yet the dark-haired girl can’t seem to resist how intoxicating Kirari’s mouth feels on hers. She opens it as best as she can, allowing the president more access as Kirari’s hands start to roam. Her hands pull and push into every dip and curve of Sayaka’s body possessively. Her nails dig into the fuller parts of her flesh, as if she’s trying to hold all of her secretary’s body at once to keep her from drifting away.

“I was so worried…” Kirari whispers in between kisses, barely wanting to leave Sayaka’s lips even for just a moment. Her words are shaky and she tries to hide it by slipping her tongue into Sayaka’s mouth briefly, eliciting a soft moan from the girl. She savors the taste as it permeates into her memory. “Don’t..ever..scare me like that...again”

The president’s exasperated pauses between each word makes the younger girl squirm; she’s never heard this tone before. Her words are broken and unclear, and her movements erratic and uncalculated. Sayaka’s heart aches at how distressed the president sounds and presses back into her kisses with renewed fervor. Trying to show the president her answer, she gently sucks at Kirari’s lower lip, lets it go with a pop, and gives her the best smoldering look she can muster. The snowy-haired girl’s pupils burst wide, the reciprocation igniting an itching need in her that can only be quelled by Sayaka Igarashi.

Kirari rolls her knee up in between Sayaka’s legs again. “Ahh..!” The secretary can’t take it anymore- her body’s needs becoming too much to hold back, she starts grinding against her, trembling beneath her, whispering her name. Kirari’s face heats up, but Sayaka doesn’t notice. The previous crack in her usual nonchalant visage is mended, her regular confidence resurfacing with each moan escaping Sayaka’s lips.

Kirari moves her knee away from Sayaka’s soft thrusts. “Allow me, chaton

Kirari kisses Sayaka’s forehead again fondly. Lifting Sayaka’s hand, she kisses the back of it, mirroring when Sayaka had done the same to her in her very own garden. She continues, letting her lips travel up her secretary’s arm and up to her shoulders, leaving faint blue lipstick prints as she goes. Glancing over, Kirari notices that a light blush dusts Sayaka’s cheeks while her eyes remain squeezed shut.

More warmed up than ever now, Sayaka’s skin is on fire. What she feels, let alone sees when she opens her eyes, is wonderful. The President, with her hair cascading down her shoulders, completely naked, her lipstick mostly smeared from the snow and kisses, looking at her with her cheeks tinted a soft rosy color. Sayaka has never seen something more beautiful. Her breath catches in her throat when she realizes that this is all for her .

Moving her hand to Sayaka’s breasts, Kirari traces around the areola of her perky nipples. Soft. Tugging the flesh out of curiousity gets a sharp sound from Sayaka’s lips.  Kirari’s lower regions are getting damp. She licks her lips. The sight of a helpless Sayaka is turning her on so much more than usual. With the swipe of a tongue, Kirari gently kisses Sayaka’s nipple before enveloping it in her warm mouth. Using her other hand, she repeats the motion on Sayaka’s other breast, gently tugging and pinching with her forefinger and thumb.The older woman hums, thoroughly enjoying the texture of the dark-haired girl’s nipple in her mouth, twirling the bud in small circles then flatly lying the entirety of her wet tongue down until her teeth skim the edges.

Sayaka squirms and whimpers in response to the touch, letting out soft moans. She whispers something. Releasing her mouth from its place on her breast, Kirari hums “Hmm? What is it?”


“Sayaka, you know I can’t possibly know what’s going on in that fascinating mind of yours. Speak up, ma belle .”

“M.. More!” Sayaka says in a strangled murmur.

Kirari’s pupils dilate again at her secretary’s plea. Tossing the blanket covering them aside, she bends down to Sayaka’s chest again to kiss it, slowly moving lower. Once she reaches her pelvis, she starts with hesitant and soft kisses from her mound all the way down to the lips. Sayaka’s body twitches in response to the intimate kiss, and she lets out a gasp.

I want to taste her . The anticipation to do so is so great that some drool begins to pool in her mouth. Making sure to look dearly at her before taking the plunge, Kirari starts licking Sayaka’s pussy in languid motions. She repeatedly licks the entire length of her outside lips, memorizing the shape and texture, with one hand resting on her secretary’s hips, while the other is intertwined with her fingers.

All the while, she's still unconsciously trembling from the near-loss of her secretary, which only urges her to devour as much of her as she can before she disappears. She presses her tongue firmly on Sayaka’s clit, which elicits a moan and hips that slightly buck into Kirari’s mouth.


Juicy. Sayaka’s juices taste almost like peaches. The scent of her is heavenly. Kirari can’t get enough. She licks Sayaka’s folds once. Twice. Teasing her entrance before she parts Sayaka’s lower lips with her fingers, shoving her tongue inside her hot slit.

Sayaka cries out. “Mmm! Ki-Kirari! Ahhn! ” Sayaka tries squeezing her knees together, but her body still isn’t responding correctly. Kirari still feels the pressure and gently coaxes Sayaka by slowly fluttering her tongue upwards. Hearing Sayaka freely moaning her name turns her on even more, her own arousal threatening to run down her thighs. “Haaa- Kirari,” Sayaka repeats, desperately trying to let Kirari know how good she feels.

Kirari can’t help but let out a moan that vibrates out of her throat and transfers through her tongue inside of Sayaka’s entrance. She aims her tongue higher, still trying to reach the spot that she knows will make Sayaka feel incredible.

Sayaka puts a little more pressure on Kirari’s hand, squeezing it. She wants to respond to Kirari’s touches, but her control over her body is still lacking from the earlier shock.

It’s getting frustrating. Kirari can’t reach Sayaka’s sweet spot with her tongue. She slides her hand down from Sayaka’s waist, pressing a finger against Sayaka’s entrance, and gathers some moist liquid on her fingers. Pulling her tongue out, which Sayaka’s groans at the loss of contact at, Kirari slowly pushes her middle finger in, easily penetrating her walls.

Sayaka bucks her hips, sensation returning to her bottom half. The secretary has never felt this type of pleasure before, even when touching herself to thoughts about the president. Never in her wildest fantasies would she believe that Kirari Momobami, Student Council President and Head of the Hundred Eating Family, would have a taste of her nether juices and enjoy it.

When Kirari curls her fingers up towards a spongy spot, Sayaka cries out. Her face flushes realizing she’s been moaning the President’s name so loosely. Embarrassed, she bites her lip almost enough to break the skin and proceeds to muffle her gasps as best as she can while Kirari licks her clit and fingers her. Hitting a particularly sensitive spot, Sayaka squeezes Kirari’s hand while stifling a whine. This prompts the president to look up, noticing how Sayaka’s free hand is partially covering her eyes and mouth. There’s a fleeting ache that flutters in Kirari’s chest seeing that… Briefly, she stops and puts her weight onto her elbows, shifting her body upwards to stare at her precious secretary’s beautiful face while continuing to thrust inside of her.

“Sayaka.. darling .” Slate grey eyes open to meet strikingly blue ones. Kirari is so close to her face, she can feel her breath brush her cheeks. Every hair on her body stands at attention. “Do let your voice out...say my name unrestrained. Let me spill you over the brink .” Her words sound as though they are orders, but her eyes have a burning need in them.

Sayaka’s eyes widen and her face burns as she complies without a thought.


Kirari whispers, voice quivering slightly while thrusting her fingers into Sayaka’s core, “Again...”

“K-Kirari!” Sayaka whines loudly.

Kirari’s lips twitch up into a smile at the sound of her name being said with such abandon.

Sayaka keeps repeating Kirari's name in tiny whispers, her moans reducing into needy whimpers, every thrust of Kirari’s fingers bringing her closer to the edge. The president angles her palm upward so that with every thrust, it hits Sayaka’s clit. It quickly becomes too much for her to handle.

“Aah! Ki-Kira--Hnn!” Sayaka whines as the new stimulation makes her hips buck feverishly into Kirari’s fingers. A warm feeling bubbles at her core, she pants and gasps shutting her eyes tight as the feeling overtakes her. Her now-warm body continues to move of its own accord to meet Kirari’s incessant thrusts, and soon enough she shrieks in pleasure, clenching Kirari’s hand and the blankets surrounding them with impossible strength.

Kirari looks at the girl underneath her in pure wonder as her body ripples and contracts in pleasure around her fingers. Kirari has never felt this sensation before, someone’s flesh grabbing and tugging at her digits, attempting to swallow her up. It is delightfully fascinating.


Kirari never stops thrusting, hitting as far back as she can go with her dexterous long fingers, stimulating Sayaka’s clit with her thumb, stroking it with each each thrust.

Sayaka feels another wave of pleasure explode. Stars bursts across her line of sight; Kirari smugly but gently smiles at her and cranes her neck downward.


The heat of her breath as she drawls out every syllable of her name, letting her voice hitch at the end right beside her ear, is the last thing Sayaka comprehends before the pleasure explodes again in her lower regions. She haphazardly clings harder to whatever surface she can grab.

Kirari gently lowers Sayaka down from her intensive high, by slowing her thrusts and rubbing her clit in small circular motions. The look of absolute rapture on Sayaka’s face has her fascinated. She wants much more, but even she has limits. Placing another kiss on Sayaka’s forehead, she moves to pull out of her until Sayaka protests with a whimper, squeezing her inner walls to trap Kirari’s fingers inside of her and humping her pelvis against her.

She wants to keep them connected as closely as possible. Tears begin to spring from the corners of her eyes at the overwhelming need to keep Kirari inside of her, to keep them as one.

Seeing this, Kirari lets go of Sayaka’s hand and moves it behind her back, pulling their bodies tightly against each other. With her fingers still held inside by her secretary, she slides them in deeper once again. “Haa~” Sayaka lets out a relieved moan at this, her eyes shut tight to keep her tears from spilling over.

Kirari starts to move her body against Sayaka’s to the rhythm of her thrusts, their breasts pressing and dragging across each other. The added stimulation and her growing arousal causes Kirari to pant in hot breaths against Sayaka’s neck, her own wetness coating her and her secretary’s thighs. Their closeness overstimulates Sayaka even further; feeling her president on her and holding her this tight while being kind to her body in every way… It’s too much.

Finally, tears escape from Sayaka's eyes, and they're not sad tears at all. Never having taken her eyes off Sayaka since they started, Kirari is slightly amused at this but starts to kiss at her tears and lick them away. Making things even worse, she picks up the pace with her fingers while holding her precious secretary even tighter.

“Ahh! Haa~ K-Kirari!” Sayaka cries out, her tears freely flowing now. Sobbing and moaning uncontrollably, her mind is approaching yet another blank from the frequency of Kirari’s thrusts.  

“Sayaka, look at me.” Sayaka can’t comply, she’s still a writhing and moaning mess beneath her. Kirari slows her pace and licks Sayaka’s cheek, bumping her with her nose. “Darling, look at me.”

Panting heavily, covered in sweat and both of their arousal, Sayaka manages to crack an eye open to meet the president’s gaze.

The president’s face is completely flushed, pure love in her eyes. Sayaka’s heart threatens to burst out of her chest at the sight of it. I want your focus on me… It was all Sayaka had ever yearned for.

“I want you to listen carefully… I love you, Sayaka Igarashi… I’ve loved you for a very long time now.”

Before Sayaka can process or respond to what she just heard, her mouth is captured in a rough and needy kiss from Kirari. Her lips are like silk. Kirari doesn’t hesitate to slip her tongue into her secretary’s mouth. Tasting her all over’s utterly divine , she thinks, the rhythm of her hand doubling in intensity. Craving to bring her secretary into another climax, she curls her fingers firmly into the spongy flesh inside Sayaka’s sex. A high-pitched moan tears from Sayaka’s throat and into Kirari’s mouth. The president could come from the sound alone.

Finally breaking their kiss, “I’ve never wanted anyone else...” Kirari softly sighs, as her fingers continue their ministrations. “”

Sayaka’s hips push greedily into her president’s soaked fingers, Kirari’s words rousing her to the edge. She bites down hard on her lip to muffle her lustful sounds. A pebble of blood oozes from the mark, and the rustic taste of copper melds with her own fluids from Kirari’s mouth.

“Ahhn!..Kirari...I-I can’t..tak--aa~” Sayaka quakes, feeling the pressure building in her center again.

Suddenly, it bursts, and white hot bliss runs up her spine then back down into her sex. Sayaka sobs, unable to keep her body still as it rides out every wave of her fourth orgasm. Kirari presses their bodies tight, gently pecking her cheek and jawline as Sayaka’s body trembles and shakes in her arm.

“That’s it... Come for me, love. I have you...” Kirari says tenderly. I’m never letting you go. She’s completely in awe of how gorgeous Sayaka looks, chest heaving paired with her swollen lips and dilated pupils. All for her.

Kirari moves her hand to cup Sayaka’s face, using her thumb to brush Sayaka’s tears away.

“You’re safe with me, Sayaka."

Sayaka’s eyes flutter shut at the soothing touch and words. Gradually coming down from her climax, her heavy breathing starts to slow. Kirari gently pulls out of her to hold her in an embrace with both arms. They lay there like that for a while, the glow from the fireplace reflected in the beads of sweat gathered on their skin, quiet save for their breathing and slight creaking of the cabin.

As much as she wants to live in this moment forever, she’s exhausted from the amount of pleasure, not to mention a long day of hiking in the snow and nearly freezing to death. She sleepily opens her eyes once more to look at Kirari above her and wraps her arms around her back to return her embrace.

She holds Kirari’s gaze, not knowing what to say. President. She’s so warm, here, pressed close against her president, her Kirari Momobami. My Kirari… She’s never felt so content before. She brings one of her hands to Kirari’s face, brushing back some of her hair and feeling her cheek. They still haven’t broken eye contact. She loves me… Her eyebrows pull together and her eyelids lower, looking at Kirari with pure adoration in her eyes. She loves me… She thinks, as she drifts off into sleep, smiling.

Chapter Text

A slight chill in the room tickles Kirari’s shoulder. “Mmmm, five… more…” Kirari grumbles, chasing the blissful haze of sleep, but before she could toss her arm to cover her eyes, she notices a weight on her chest.


Kirari snaps her eyes open, feeling around the bed until she registers the weight on top of her as Sayaka.

Taking a few seconds to calm her sudden panic, she takes a few breaths; in through her nose and out through her mouth. Kirari wraps an arm around Sayaka’s waist, moving her other hand up and down the secretary’s exposed arm, feeling slight goosebumps forming.

She’s okay.

Sayaka’s head is nestled on top of Kirari’s left breast, right above her heart. If that isn’t endearing, Kirari doesn’t know how to describe the emotions swelling within her. Resettling the blankets, Kirari covers more of the dark-haired girl’s back. Laying a kiss on the crown of younger woman’s head, she readjusts her so that she’s laying much more comfortably in her arms.

The morning is still so young that dawn has yet to approach. Kirari lets herself relax and counts the steady beats of Sayaka’s heart before falling back asleep.


The smell of fluffy scrambled eggs and hot coffee wafts into the room. Sayaka rouses slowly from the depths of her dreams. Although her body feels sore, she feels refreshed in a way she hasn’t in a long time.

Sayaka shivers, hugging herself to protect her naked body from the slight chill in the air. Thankfully, the fireplace is still on. She glances down to find all the marks Kirari indented on her body. A blush blooms on her face as she remembers the indecent amount of times she moaned and even screamed out the President’s name. She can’t help but feel slight disappointment at not waking up with Kirari by her side.

Hunger getting the better of her, she puts on Kirari’s robe from the corner of the bed, even though she could have gotten a fresh one from the closet. Reaching over to the cabinet, she grabs her glasses and puts them on, regretfully slipping out of Kirari’s comfortable bed. She navigates towards the bathroom to brush her teeth. Absentmindedly licking her lips, she winces noticing that they sting from biting down so hard on them last night. Looking quickly through the cabinets, she finds a spare toothbrush and gently brushes her teeth, avoiding the small wound on her lips.

Afterwards, she does a small routine of stretches to loosen up her sore muscles while making her way into the kitchen, but she is not prepared for the sight of Kirari cooking. Plates of pancakes are already on the square dining table, steam rising from them as well as Sayaka’s hunger. A cold iced glass of juice sits neatly beside carefully placed silverware.

Kirari is at the stove, wearing nothing but a white oversized button-up shirt with her family emblem stitched onto the side of her chest. Her long white hair shimmers with the early glow of the morning sun. Sayaka’s ears burn a little as she pulls out the chair to sit down. Her president looks stunning. Kirari’s attention is turned as she notices the dark haired girl scooting her chair in.

“Ah, good morning, Sayaka”

Blushing harder at the president’s smile, Sayaka stammers a reply, “Good morning, President.”

A noise of displeasure puffs out of Kirari’s mouth before she sets her own plate of food down on the table. “Sayaka…”

The secretary sits up straight immediately, going into work mode, and is alert to her next words.

“I believe we are well beyond formalities. Anyway, we should start eating. We had a long night, after all” Kirari teases with a wink that has her secretary quickly grasping at the glass of juice to ease the burning in her face.

They eat peacefully for a while, glancing at each other over their food every now and then, smiling and giggling a bit, the entire morning feeling surreal. But there’s an itching question that burns in the back of Kirari’s mind. With her curiosity gnawing at her like this, she doesn’t hesitate much to let the question blurt out from her lips right after she swallows down her food.

“Sayaka, earlier yesterday when I had to strip you down... You wore the lingerie I placed out, didn’t you?”

The secretary freezes. The president was always straightforward, but she caught her off guard. She only manages to stutter, “I-I… I... Yes.”

“Did it fit well?”


“Did you like it?”


Kirari hums in approval as her eyes darken, her voice drops just a notch, “Sayaka Igarashi… Did you touch yourself while thinking of me?”

Sayaka’s mind short circuits, she could’ve sworn all of her blood flow redirected towards her face. She has to keep answering, she’s already gone this far. Pushing through hesitation, she tries to keep her sentences clear. “Pres-I… Yes...”

“Is that so? What did you do?”

“President!” Sayaka exclaims, but the look Kirari gives her signals she’s not letting up. The dark-haired girl sighs in defeat, “I… I rubbed myself…”

Kirari is thoroughly amused by her lover’s expression; the girl can’t even make direct eye contact with her anymore, let alone keep herself from squirming in her chair. Kirari isn’t satisfied yet, however, and crosses one leg over the other to keep her climbing arousal from getting the better of her.

“How did it feel?” She asks, biting the edge of her nail in anticipation.

Sayaka is brought back to that night by the president’s inquiries. She remembers running her fingers over the fabric after slipping the perfectly fitting lingerie on, looking at herself in the mirror. She envisioned Kirari seeing her like this, in the lingerie she deduced she picked out just for her. She shot herself a smoldering look. The thin clothes smelling like jasmines, she imagined that the lingerie itself was Kirari enveloping her, touching every bit of her most intimate parts.

She felt herself getting hotter, the fresh panties already getting wet. Knees no longer being able to support her weight, she sat down on the edge of the bed. Her arousal overtaking her, she began stroking herself through the underwear, her breathing getting quicker. Ahh~ It felt heavenly. She imagined her own finger as Kirari’s, stroking her gently at first, then harder.

Eventually, it wasn’t enough. She slipped her finger under the fabric, rubbing it over her clit. Electric pleasure rippled through her core and down her legs. Sayaka slid another finger below the silk and dipped into her folds. The slick wetness coating her fingers heightened her hazy state of mind, and she gathered it up to rub firm circles on the hypersensitive nub. Letting out a needy groan, she fell back into the bed. Her back arched into the comforter, and her ministrations got quicker to the thought of Kirari stroking her faster just before slipping the first finger inside, her own nails kept uncut to mimic Kirari’s own, scratching at the sides of her flesh. The pleasure threatened to overtake her until three soft knocks at her door startled her out of her fantasy.

Feeling feverish after her recollection, she’s squeezing her naked thighs together for some relief, squirming in her seat. She’s far removed mentally from being at the table now, and bites down on her finger, moving her hand in between her thighs and squeezing them together again.

Giving up on getting a verbal answer, Kirari can’t hold back her own arousal from the sight of her disheveled secretary any longer and scrapes her wooden chair away from the table.

The sound brings Sayaka back to the moment. Watching the president come closer, flashbacks of last night play over and over in the younger woman’s mind. Those intensely blue eyes staring into hers, her arms enveloping her body, her entire being... As much as she craves Kirari’s touch again, she really wants to share her pleasure with her. She’s done all of this...for me. It has to be my turn now. I have to show her...

"I... I want to taste you too. I want to make you feel just as good. No, even better." Sayaka pleads.

Kirari stops in her tracks and blinks. She’s burning with need right now, but Sayaka’s declaration gives her back some restraint. Ignoring the wetness between her legs, she straightens up and giggles, resting her chin on her hand. She pulls out another chair closer to Sayaka and seats herself.

“Is that so? Then come here, chérie .” Kirari commands, crooking a single finger.

Sayaka eagerly gets up from her chair and kneels in front of Kirari, meeting her halfway. She takes her hand and places a kiss on the back. The president has a stellar view of her secretary’s front. The silk robe loosened most of itself to shyly display a strip of the younger woman’s bare skin, a dusky pink nipple slips into view and Kirari can’t hide the grin on her face any longer.

Kirari cups Sayaka’s face, laying a kiss on her forehead before moving down to capture her lips. She pokes her tongue at Sayaka’s lips for permission, which is granted immediately.

Kirari takes Sayaka’s glasses off and keeps them out of range, which makes Sayaka whine. “You won’t be needing these.”

“President…” Sayaka bites her lip and gives the most sympathetic whine that accompanies a heart melting pout.

Kirari places her finger on Sayaka’s lips, effectively shushing her. “Ah ah. Remember. Ki. Ra. Ri.” Kirari says, enunciating each syllable of her name. “I’m sure you haven’t forgotten so soon after screaming my name all night long.”

Sayaka blushes so hard her ears are bright red once again. Making matters worse, she didn’t think when she looked down to avoid Kirari’s eyes that she would come face to face with her panites. A wet spot is already forming in the center of her underwear. She looks back up at Kirari and her blue eyes are dilated.The president is hungry, and Sayaka is the only one that can sate that hunger.

The younger woman wants to relish this moment. Gently, she kisses the inside indent of her knee before inching closer to the middle of her thigh. Repeating the same motion on her other leg, she makes small bites in the porcelain flesh, enjoying how Kirari’s leg twitches at the action. Already able to feel the heat of the president’s center at her lips, she settles in closer to Kirari. Resting her hands on her spread thighs, she gives the flesh a tender squeeze before pressing her lips against the thin fabric separating her mouth from Kirari’s moist center. The velvety moan that slips past Kirari’s lips rouses the secretary even more. She places another hot kiss to the wet spot, firmer this time, and she can faintly taste her on the edges of her lips.

Kirari’s hips begin to slightly roll into the dark-haired girl’s mouth. Restraining a moan, she looks down at the grand sight below her. Sayaka looks up, their eyes meeting again, and she can’t help but return one of her president’s teasing winks before slipping her pink tongue out to lap at Kirari’s clothed slit. The snowy-haired girl’s eyes roll back, a moan freely escaping her. “Oh~” Sayaka continues to lick at the panties, sweeping her tongue up and down.

Tasting Kirari through the fabric like this, she can only take so much. Letting one hand leave the taller woman’s thigh, she hooks the edge of the panties and pulls them down to her ankles. The sight of Kirari’s soaked pussy driving her to the brink, she wastes no time in lapping up her arousal. She tastes...clean, a bit salty...with a hint of jasmine..

“Ahh-” Kirari sighs, bucking her hips into the girl’s hot mouth, brushing her thighs against her cheeks.  

Sayaka’s eyes flutter shut, she never expected to taste something so heavenly rich in her life. The warmth of Kirari’s body, her scent, taste, everything. It’s overwhelming the secretary all over again, her own arousal running well past down her own thighs.

“Sayaka…” Kirari’s voice cracks from trying to regain control of her desire. Her hand resting on top of Sayaka’s head, she starts squeezing a bit of her hair in between her fingers.

“Sa- nnn !” She’s cut off by a deep lick to her core…. “Aa hhn!

When Sayaka lets up enough for Kirari to catch her breath, the taller girl giggles, “M-My, eager to please me, aren’t you?”

“Always” Sayaka smirks confidently, making Kirari’s heart skip a beat.

Kirari’s fingers are completely entangled in Sayaka’s hair now. Giving a challenging look to her secretary, “Well me what my number one can do, chérie ”, she commands.

Sayaka doesn’t need further motivation; in a sudden display of strength, she hoists the president’s thighs up to rest on her shoulders, making the girl lean back in her chair a bit. The panties once at her ankles fall to the floor. The secretary buries her tongue deep into Kirari’s folds, already teasing her entrance. Kirari clasps a hand to her mouth, ineffectively muffling her broken moans. “AH- AHhh...!” The hand on Sayaka’s head grips at her hair, pushing and pulling at it in time with her tongue. She can’t control the sounds that escape her throat, praising and moaning, pushing the girl deeper into her wetness with the greedy thrusts of her own hips.

“Sayahh-ka~” The president pants, “I-if..If you keep do- nnghn! Doing that, I just might come...”

The secretary smiles against her flesh, flashing a dark look at Kirari and huskily replies, “Is that so?”

Not waiting for an answer, she pushes her tongue as deep as she can into Kirari’s entrance, thrusting a few times before focusing her attention to her neglected bud. Leaving slow yet persistent flat strokes of her tongue onto the taller girl’s clit, she keeps the pace even and grips onto the thighs that are eagerly pressing into her head. The tight hold on her hair is hard enough to make Sayaka wince, but she refuses to stop.

Kirari’s moans shorten, her breathing labored as her chest rises and falls rapidly. She makes marks against the wooden chair arm, chipping her ice blue nail polish and arching her back. I’ close..I’m going to-- The train of thought slams shut as her eyes blur; her body freezes as white hot dripping pleasure rips through her core and down to her toes.

She wraps her legs around Sayaka’s head in a vice grip, her ankles crossing as she rides out her orgasm, Sayaka’s tongue still firmly placed in her slit. Her breath hitches and her mouth opens into a scream that splits into a whimper of Sayaka’s name. Sayaka feels a warmer fluid from the president’s entrance leak into her mouth. She’s drawn to it like ambrosia. Kirari’s entire body quakes and shivers uncontrollably, the intensity fluctuating with Sayaka’s mouth still on her folds and licking away any juices she’s missed. The dark-haired girl slows, placing small pecks at the quivering folds, before one last soft kiss to Kirari’s clit. Already hypersensitive, the soft touch to her bud makes Kirari jump.

“Sayaka~!” Kirari whines breathlessly, stilling her hips from further contact. The secretary smiles, pushing herself up to meet Kirari and sealing their lips in a kiss. Instantly, the president relaxes, her body fully melting into residual pleasure as she tastes herself on Sayaka’s swollen lips. They kiss gently, holding each other softly, simply enjoying the feel of each other for a while until Kirari’s breathing evens out.

Reclaiming her dominance, Kirari breaks their kiss and smiles mischievously. “ Love , you surely showed me.” She pats the top of her thighs. “Now, kindly sit. I believe it’s my turn.”

Instead of obeying right away, Sayaka falls back on her knees, leveling her face towards Kirari’s breasts. As she slides up, she undoes each button on Kirari’s shirt one at a time. She takes her sweet time because she enjoys seeing Kirari unrestrained and, dare she say, squirming in her seat for her touch.

Undoing the last button, Sayaka isn't surprised to see that Kirari isn’t wearing a bra. Gods does the sight make her even wetter. Placing a hand on Kirari's thigh, she cups one of Kirari's breasts, flicking the bud with her thumb.

“Sss-” Kirari sucks in a breath of air.

Taking a nipple into her mouth, Sayaka gives it a tentative lick. Sayaka softly bites down on the nipple with the edges of her teeth, swirling her tongue on the tip.

“Ah!” Kirari’s breath hitches.

After Sayaka is done with her breasts, she slinks up to straddle one of Kirari's knees, shoving her tongue into Kirari's mouth. Completely naked beneath the robe, Sayaka's damp folds easily slide on Kirari's exposed thighs. Already extremely aroused, she moans just from the contact. Her initial confidence crumbling away with her lust, she breaks their kiss and can’t help but give into pleasure and start grinding against her.

Kirari watches on in amusement and wonder. She resists the urge to giggle at how quickly Sayaka’s show of confidence fell apart. She lets her continue, taking in the sight of her flushed cheeks and half-lidded eyes blinded by need, feeling her slick arousal accumulate on her thigh.

Reluctantly, she decides to cut it short before Sayaka gets too close. “I believe I said it was my turn, dear.” She says gently but with a hint of warning, stilling Sayaka’s hips on her thighs, her nails leaving light imprints in the flesh.

"Spread your legs for me, darling." Sayaka obliges a bit, though she already misses the friction that was granting her some relief. Kirari parts Sayaka’s legs further until she has to hook her legs on either side of the chair.

Her robes are falling down her torso, exposing her front to Kirari’s feasting eyes. All the marks she left yesterday are already disappearing. Kirari takes this to be a challenge and moves to take the robe off of her, but Sayaka gently brushes her hand away.

“I want your scent on me.” Sayaka says, pulling the robe tighter against her frame.

On a second look, Kirari recognizes that as her own robe. Her nostrils flare and her pupils dilate as a primal feeling of possessiveness tugs at her. She swipes her tongue over her lower lip. Mine. Paired with the way Sayaka’s cheeks are flushed, so willing to be hers , Kirari cannot resist the pull of her libido.

She leans in close to her face, her breath caressing Sayaka’s hot cheeks for a second, before moving down to capture the skin at her jugular in a soft bite. She presses her lips to the same spot, feeling the secretary’s heartbeat against them before moving her kisses up to her jawline. She migrates over to Sayaka’s mouth, licking her lips before sliding her tongue over hers and her finger inside her waiting folds simultaneously.

“Ahh~!” Sayaka moans out in between their wet kisses. Their tongues dance as Kirari thrusts as far back as she can with her long, porcelain finger, feeling around the now-slightly familiar flesh. She rubs her palm against her clit while maintaining their messy kiss and her deep thrusts with her middle finger. Suddenly she breaks it, saliva connecting their lips for a moment, before she lowers her head into the crook of Sayaka’s neck.

She picks up the speed of her finger, leaving her palm pressed up against her sensitive bud before slipping another digit inside of her, not slowing down in the slightest from her brutally fast pace. Sayaka clutches Kirari’s shoulders, embracing her closer and pushing their breasts together. The stimulation of their naked body parts jolts through her like electricity. She starts moving her hips up and down to meet the rapid ministrations of Kirari’s fingers, moans and gasps freely escaping her. Kirari rubs her nose along her neck, inhaling her scent and smiling against the soft skin. She smells like lilies. Another whiff. And me. With a sly smirk, she trails her tongue along Sayaka’s flushed skin and suddenly bites down, harder this time.

“Kira- AH! AHHH! AHHHH!” Sayaka breaks off mid sentence when Kirari licks at the fresh wound and then bites her ears, whispering sweet, wonderful praises that contrast greatly to her pounding Sayaka’s groin harder. The wet slapping sounds and the secretary’s lustful moans echo throughout the room.  

It feels incredible. Pure pleasure brings hot tears to the corners of her eyes. Sayaka’s mind hits a blank as her body bounces up and down and Kirari adds a third digit, jamming her vagina with her long, luscious fingers. Kirari’s nails are a tad bit sharper than most, but Sayaka doesn’t care. It’s the president. It’s her Kirari marking her as her own. The younger woman’s pussy swells even more at the thought.

She puts more power in her hips bouncing on Kirari’s fingers, rocking their pelvises together, squeezing every last drop out. Her legs encircle the back of the chair, essentially trapping the president.

Oh, how Kirari craves it. This loss of control. She inhales every bit of essence that makes up Sayaka. “ Bonne fille, laisse moi t’entendre ” Kirari praises, curling her fingers as she feels Sayaka’s walls clench harder onto them.

“Ah!” Sayaka yelps when Kirari’s finger hits that certain spongy spot dead center, gripping the back of Kirari’s shirt as if it were her lifeline. “Kirari~” Sayaka whines, her warm breath tickling Kirari’s ear.

“My my, what a gorgeous mess you are...I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this sight.” Kirari giggles, kissing the corners of her secretary’s eyes while continuing to finger her. Turning her head, the blue-eyed woman lays a trail of kisses from Sayaka’s bright red ears down to her neck. She traces her tongue over the teeth marks she left there earlier.

“Such a good girl.” Kirari muses. Sayaka deserves a reward. She ups the power of her thrusts and curls her fingers right onto Sayaka’s G-spot.

Sayaka screams, hugging Kirari harder, clenching so hard onto the back of her shirt that she nearly rips the seams apart. Her bottom half rides the waves of her orgasm on the tips of Kirari’s fingers.

“That’s it. Let it all out. Give all of yourself to me.” Kirari encourages, keeping up with Sayaka’s erratic motions. Kirari gasps when Sayaka’s nipples rub against her own due to accidental timing as more electricity courses through them both.

Dit moi a quel point tu a besoin de moi , Sayaka” Kirari commands, the hint of desperation all too obvious in her tone.

“I nee- ah! Kira- AHH!” Sayaka screams helplessly. Kirari is having a delightfully fun time by not giving Sayaka enough time to form a sentence, let alone proclaim her feelings.

“I- MMM!” Another savagely timed thrust cuts her off again. But Sayaka is determined. She hates losing as much as Kirari does. Bracing herself, she reluctantly pulls away from Kirari’s luxurious fingers by as many precious centimeters as she can. Counting to three, she slams her groin down against Kirari’s fingers, trapping her hand against their bodies. Shuffling her fingers through Kirari’s snow bright hair, Sayaka brings her closer and places her forehead against hers. Staring right into her crystal aquamarine eyes, Sayaka whispers in a hoarse voice, “I love you, Kirari Momobami,” absolute adoration dripping from each word.

The silence in the room is so deafening that a pin could be heard, despite Sayaka’s ragged breathing.

Kirari is speechless. The look Sayaka gives her makes her heart swirl and flip far more than thrusting into her. Even jumping off the tower pales in comparison. But every smile, every glance, every touch from her makes Kirari fall all over again for Sayaka.

Kirari gently pulls out of her. Before Sayaka can protest, thinking she did something wrong, Kirari seals her lips with her own. Licking Sayaka’s lips lovingly and passionately, she moves her other hand to hook around the secretary’s back, pressing their bodies into a close hug.

“...ah, Ki...ra...ri?,” Sayaka questions in a half moan, half whine when they break for air. Her brain feels as mushy as her body is riled up with pent up stimulation. She slackens her grip on Kirari’s shirt, resting her chin on top of Kirari’s shoulder. Her legs dangle uselessly on Kirari’s sides. But even she cannot control the pulsing vibration of her core; she rubs her thighs together, hoping to relieve some of her aching tension.

Kirari doesn’t answer right away and instead, she licks her fingers clean of Sayaka’s necters. Swiping her tongue up and down her digits, she sucks on her middle two fingers, making sure not to miss a single drop. A whimper vibrates from Sayaka and Kirari gives one last loving lick before turning to kiss Sayaka’s cheek.

“Shhh, my love. I want to do this together.” Kirari moves her arm underneath Sayaka’s butt and lifts her up in her arms, hastily moving them to her room nearby. The rest of Sayaka’s robe falls off and pools on the floor behind them, along with Kirari’s panties.

Kirari settles them side straddle on the bed, once again facing each other, but it’s a bit easier on Sayaka’s knees due to the soft comforter. The bed is still a mess from their activities the previous night, but it’ll make due.

Moving to place her leg over one of Sayaka’s, Kirari pulls their pelvises together so that their nether lips kiss each other.

“Ah!!” They both cry out. The shock from their lower regions burns across their groins. Their earlier activities gave them enough moisture to slide together effortlessly.

Kirari gives Sayaka a few seconds to recover before she moves again. Rolling her thighs harder against Sayaka’s own. Sayaka arches her back, pushing her hips forward.

“Sayaka…” Kirari gasps, her wetness gliding against Sayaka’s. “You feel wonderful…”

Kirari pulls Sayaka’s leg as leverage to rub their pelvises closer together. “Oh!” Jolts of electricity shoot down her spine and flood her folds. As if she wasn’t wet before, she’s positively dripping with need now. She stares at their connected pelvises and wonders how much more can they connect together.

Sayaka feels dizzy with pleasure. It’s a sensation that burns itself throughout her body. Everything is getting hotter. She angles her hips just slightly before grinding down over Kirari’s pelvis.

“Mmmm, that feels good, Sayaka,” Kirari moans, resting her upper body on the headboard. Allowing herself a brief moment to recover, she lets Sayaka take control, though her own hips haven’t stopped with their forceful thrusts. Spreading her thighs, she hooks one leg around Sayaka’s waist, bring them ever closer.

“Kirari! Ah-” Sayaka cries out, the pleasure overwhelming her for the nth time today. She can’t stop. No. She will not rest. Not until she can bring Kirari to the height of ecstasy again. “...together.”

“Come- hm! Again, chérie ?” Kirari ignores her lapse of control and directs the question at Sayaka. Looking the epitome of divine control and beauty, Kirari’s facade drops as she sees the smoldering stare Sayaka directs at her. The way her pupils dilate drives a fire within Kirari.

“I want- haaa!” Sayaka huffs, doing her best to gather words, to tell Kirari what she wants. “I- AH!” Again she’s cut off by a wave of pleasure but she pushes both her will and her hips, “I want to come together with you!” She says, pleads- anything at this point. But, with a last burst of determination, she pulls herself together for one last moment before she loses herself into the void that is Kirari Momobami. With a tone of genuine sincerity, she says, “I want you , Kirari.” Placing her forehead against Kirari’s knee, Sayaka smiles. Tears still in the corners of her eyes. Pure. Wholesome. Loving. All of her emotions directed solely at Kriari.

A beat and Kirari snaps. She wants her. Wants with a passion so strong. She uses Sayaka’s legs as leverage and yanks her body upwards. With that small window of opportunity, Kirari lines their pelvises together and gripping Sayaka’s bottom, Kirari pulls, aiming her thrusts with a precision most would envy at Sayaka’s clit. Ravishing her love, Kirari doesn’t stop. Sayaka’s declaration strokes her lust to levels beyond her control, she slams her hips harshly but oh so lovingly. Her eyes burning an icy blue lock onto Sayaka’s charcoal grey irises.

She’s close. Sayaka won’t be able to hold back. “Ah! Kirari- I’m- MMM!” Sayaka swallows a moan. “I’m close! I won’t- Ah! Ah!”

“Don’t hold back, love.” Kirari gasps. She’s close too. “Together,” Kirari takes in one last look at the precious being under her. “Sayaka, come with me.”

“KIRARI!!” Sayaka screams as her vision blanks in white hot flashes. Dimly, she can hear Kirari echo Sayaka’s own name. Their thighs pause in the midst of their motions for a mere suspenseful moment before instinctively following each other’s body, connecting their entire lower regions.

Coming down from their high, Sayaka collapses in a boneless heap underneath Kirari.

“Sayaka,” Kirari whispers in wonder, as though Sayaka would disappear if she said it any louder. Kirari buries her nose in Sayaka’s neck, inhaling a combination of jasmines and lilies and strokes her hair.

Sayaka can only hum a response. Her vocal cords are overused but she feels warm, safe, and loved.

Kirari eventually rolls off of her, pulling Sayaka with her so that their foreheads are pressed together. Still breathing heavy, they look deeply into each other’s eyes, searching for something. Whatever Sayaka sees, it causes some tears to escape her, but a tender smile breaks out across her features.

Brushing strands of Sayaka’s hair, Kirari hooks it behind her ear, laying another kiss on Sayaka’s exposed temple.

Sayaka giggles at the ticklish sensation and maybe at the situation itself. One moment ago, Kirari is roughly making love to her, and now she’s showing her this rare gentle side of herself. Never will she be able to predict Kirari’s actions but that’s fine, isn’t it. She loves her. She doesn’t understand her, but she loves her- incomprehensibility, intelligence, tenderness, beauty and all, so much.