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Random Kagome Pairings

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I do not own Inu Yasha or Sailor Moon. They belong to their rightful owners and creators. Thought that will change when the last piece of my Time Machine is acquired. Insert dark chuckle of doom But I do claim all craziness that is this story, which is dedicated to Kiba-san, who got me hooked on Kagome One-shots, after reading her InuYashaxLegend of Dargoon one! ALL HAIL KIBASIN-SAN!


The passage of time flows around each of us at different ratios. How one perceives it, is entirely up to each individual. As it is for me, after living well over five hundred years, to catch up to my own time. Inserting myself back into the flow of going to school, while trying to seem as normal as every other teenage girl. A task that wasn't as easy as one might think, after living for five centuries. Seeing what our great country was before it was Tokyo.

Letting out a soft sigh as I let my mind catch up to hear Eri mention that she was going to stop doing the cross age tutoring at the middle school. Making me lift my head up as I dawned on me that I had a duty to go back to that now that I wasn't time traveling anymore. A sense of happiness washing over me, if my student would have me back.

She had come to the shrine a few times to make sure I was okay, just like Hojo with his gifts, that my grandfather benefited from greatly. Letting my eyes shine with merriment as I smiled happily. "Well you do what you must Eri, I wonder if Usagi is still willing to take me back." I said softly. Garnering a few looks from them.

"I think she would be happy to have you around now, thought she is now friends with one of our smartest middle school students, Amy Mizuno." Ayume said.

Blinking my eyes at that, as my brain registered the name. Letting a small sigh out as I realized that things must already be set in motion. That Usagi's destiny is already in play and there was nothing I could do but step back and watch it happen. Knowing that a lot of hard times would be occurring in her near future. Making Kagome really hate fate since it always seemed to target those she was close to. Then again she got to see who her ancestors were, when Sango and Miroku gave birth to their first child, a little girl. Which they promptly named Kagome, in honor of her, making her the god mother too boot.

The irony of being the god mother to a child that will eventually create ones own family line wasn't lost on her or anyone. Thought as time went on she had had to stay hidden away with Sesshomaru. It had helped a lot with getting the world separated into two different places. One where the human would come to reside an then were demons would reside, so neither was a hunted species. It was during that time, that Kami's began to teach Kagome about the other beings in their universe. As well as getting to meet said individuals.

One being Usagi's true mother in the past, Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. At the thought of people living on the moon, Kagome broke out in a fit of giggles earning her a few looks from her friends. Waving her hand as she stuttered out 'Moon people' only to get the are you going crazy look. With a shake of her head as they decided to part ways, since there was nothing they wanted to do after school that day.

It was another week before Kagome was able to get to see Usagi. And the changes already wrought in the girls physical features were glaringly obvious to her. With how ethereal looking she was as more and more of her power returned to her. That she now had three friends that flocked around her. Making Kagome feel a bit wary of the black haired beauty, who was like her, a priestess. And one of great caliber since she fell under the sing of mars. Recalling how the woman had been perceptive even in the past.

The emotional toll it was taking wasn't so obvious since Usagi was normally a very perky girl full of energy. But if one watched her carefully and if they knew her well enough, that her eyes now held a vary serious look in their depths, showing the maturity that was being forced on her now. With a small shake of her head, Kagome wondered if going to her friend would be a good idea. Knowing that nothing she did would stop what was to come.

"Is there a reason you are watching them, or rather Usagi so intently?" A very soft voice spoke from behind Kagome, making her jump a little bit.

Spinning around to see who the speaker was, Kagome got a good view of a male chest. Following it up to see a pair of crystalline blue eyes, that echoed her own. She took a step back as it dawned on her who this person really was. A small smile flashing briefly on her lips as she gave a small chuckle at the man. He looked like he was supposed to, a perfect reincarnation of his past self, and his father of the past. Closing her eyes as warm memories floated across her mind.

"Yes. I used to tutor Usagi a while ago. And now that she has so many friends around her, I am wondering how to approach her with out being a bother." Was all the reply she gave before turning to look back at her friend, letting the sadness creep back into her eyes.

"Oh your Kagome Higurashi then." was all she heard, before strong hands clamped onto her shoulders and literally propelled her by force toward the group.

With a small yelp of shock and surprise as she quickly tried to back pedal. But had to stop in defeat so that she didn't accidentally use any of her power or show just how strong she was. As they neared the table, it got quiet. Hanging her head so her bangs covered her face, Kagome felt her face heat up. Once they stopped she peeked at them all with a timid smile on her lips through her bangs, seeing them all look at her.

"Usako, how are you?" He asked, his voice low and filled with his amusement at Kagomes expense, making her glower up at him suddenly.

Then the sound of a chair scraping across cement, brought her attention back to the group. Just in time to see Blond hair fly out as she was put in a hug that was more strangle hold. "KAGOME! Your all better now. I am so happy to see you. Hey meet my friends. Everyone this is the high school student that was tutoring me up till a bit ago." Usagi rushed, her exuberance clear in her voice.

Feeling the pressure as her lungs cried out for air, Kagome just smiled and hugged Usagi back. As her head started to get light. "I think you should let her breath now Usako." the man spoke once more, as he tried to keep laughter from it.

With a small gasp, Usagi let Kagome go, a faint blush on her cheeks. Their eyes met for a brief second before they both burst out in a fit of laughter. Leaving the world feeling right for the moment in Kagomes book. After settling down, Kagome let Usagi drag her to the table and sit between herself and a girl with short blue hair. Which Kagome automatically pegged as Amy Mizuno. Noting that the man had sat on the other side of Usagi, watching everything. His eyes saying all he didn't as she caught his gaze.

"Okay, I have told them all about you. But let me introduce everyone to you Kagome-sempai." Usagi said, as she practically bounced in her seat.

Giving a small smile and nod of her head, as Usagi pointed to the girl next to her, "That is Amy, she is a real smart person and a big sweetie. She had been helping in your absence due to your sickness. Next it Lita. She is the most amazing cook, better then my mom, but I wouldn't say that in her hearing. Next is Rei-chan. She goes to another school, is really smart and pretty as you can tell. Also she is like you and lives at a shrine, only her's is in Tokyo. And last but not least..This is Chiba Mamoru...or mamo-chan..." her voice trailing off as her face lit up.

Unable to help myself, I nudged her with my elbow as I wiggled my eyebrows at her. "Oh really... So you have finally found your special someone huh. That is wonderful news. And it is a pleasure to meet all of girls." I said.

There was a round of laughter at my teasing to Usagi, who just mumbled something about it not being impossible. I just waited for the questions to start up, when another person showed up. Her long blond hair and blue eyes landing on me. The smile on her face slipping away as she narrowed her eyes. Letting me know that she recognized me some how, as a small white cat on her shoulder, moved and sat up more straight to give me a small bow.

Tilting my head just barely in acknowledgment, at which it jumped down. Keeping my eyes locked on the new arrival, my mind was trying to figure out how far along things had gotten for Usagi, if she had all four of her guardians and the heir to the earth back by her side. Her thoughts derailed when a sharp tug was given to her shirt.

" to Ka-Go-Me!" Usagi cried in her ear, making her flinch.

Turning to look at the bun-headed girl with a slight annoyed glare of reprimand. "Yes Usagi."

"Sorry I was trying to introduce you to our new arrival. But you had done your 'lost in Kagome land' thing again. So again, this is Minako. She is the newest of my friends." she said rolling her eyes in a over dramatic way. "Minako this is Kagome, the high school student I mentioned to you."

Shifting my gaze so that they met Minako's once more. Making sure my gaze clearly conveyed that she needed to keep her mouth shut about who I was. When the woman saw it, she blinked once and smiled before thrusting her hand out. With a small laugh Kagome lifted her own hand and shook it, grasping just as firmly as Minako was doing it, neither wanting to back down.

It took about a minute before Minako relented, doing her best not to flick her hand at the strength Kagome had put behind it. Thought there was amusement flickering in the depths of her eyes. The smile back on her face as if it hadn't ever left, as she sat down and the conversation began to fly about anything and everything. Though it wasn't hard to figure that they were really skirting the issues they wanted to talk about.

With a resigned sigh, Kagome stood up with a small apologetic bow. The talk died down as they watched her, all except Usagi and Mamoru with wariness in their eyes. "Thank you for including me, but I have to get going. My mom would kill me if I didn't finish the errand for her. Have a good day girls, and take care." Kagome said before turning and leaving before Usagi could protest.

It was a month later, when Kagome felt the ripples spread across the surface of her clear mind as she meditated. Vivid images of a epic fight happening, one that she wish she could rush to and help. But that would defeat the purpose of what had to happen. Letting out a defeated sigh as she stood up and made her way to her bed room window. Flinging it open as she looked at the Goshinbuko tree, a faint image of a white haired and eared Hanyo sitting in it with a grumpy look on his face. Making Kagome choke back a sob.

Shaking her head at this, she climbed up onto the window sill before pushing off. It was a bit of a distance to the ground below. And when she landed felt the jarring run up her legs to her knees, then hips to low back. Grimacing at the feel of it, Kagome shoved it away as she began to gather her own power to herself. Then letting it form a very strong reiki barrier around her home, the sunset shrine. She knew that already what Usagi was doing. That the sword was yet to be fully awakened. Tearing her eyes, unshed as Kagome let her mind drift away.

It had been a week since the final battle with Queen Beryl. And a lot of things had changed for Usagi. But the one thing that had really changed was the sudden one in her friend and tutor Kagome. Unsure of why she was suddenly doing, she wondered if it had to do with the subtle shift in the girl herself. Seeing her after months of her being sick, Usagi had noted that the older girl had some how become very power, spiritually. More so then Rei, who had mentioned it.

Last few days she had been talking to Mamo-chan about it. To which he seemed to reply, why don't you ask her. Finally getting her nerve up to question the older woman, Usagi had let the others know and they had all agreed. Saying they would go with her as support when she did so. Which she figured was for their own interest, cause she noted that each of them felt the oddness that surrounded Kagome now.

As it was last minute Usagi used her communicator while walking around with Mamo-chan, she called the girls together to meet her at the park. Which was were they just saw Kagome go by herself. A look of distraction on her heart shaped face. It mad her heart hurt to see the normally bubbly girl look distracted and almost lost looking.

Giving a small look up at Mamoru, showing her concern for her friend very clearly. Only to receive a gentle, encouraging smile as he hugged her close to his side. Though her concern was echoed in his eyes for her friend. As if something in him knew the woman but not how. A fact he had told her after meeting Kagome for the first time. A bit freaked out at how easily he had walked up to her and talked to her. Before propelling her to the group that day.

It didn't take long for the rest of the group to gather at the park. Each having as solemn loon on their face. Well except Minako, who just kept her face blank and her mouth set into a firm line. Causing a bit of apprehension to well inside of Usagi at her friends reaction. It hadn't been lost on her, that there was tension between Kagome and Minako. But neither girl when asked what it was, would give her a clear explanation.

After a few seconds of silent communication between them all, Usagi led them down the path that Kagome had taken less then thirty minutes prior. The sky above was already darkening as stars began to pop up to dot it like little jewels. The full moon, starting to shine brightly. Soon they all heard Kagomes soft voice speaking just ahead of them, as a strong power washed over each of them. Warm and inviting, on top leaving them feeling very safe and protected. Almost as if they were home.

"It isn't easy you know, you arrogant.. You know is going to happen, whether you like it or not Mister high and might." Came Kagomes voice, sounding irritated as she ranted at someone.

Soon they saw the trail open up to a clearing, that was covered in a hazy pink. There in the center was Kagome in her school uniform, talking to a tall man with insanely long white hair, wearing a white Haori with red Sakura's dotting the sleeves. He seemed to be smiling down at Kagome as she threw her hands up in the air in exasperation, directed at him.

Feeling confused by this, Usagi shot a look at the others, noting that they felt a bit odd at it too. So when she looked back she noted that he was now looking at the group. His eyes flashing amber as his pale skin shone like polished marble under the growing moonlight. His face marked with a magenta crescent moon on the forehead and stripes on his cheeks. Only to grab and turn the still ranting Kagome to face them.

As her eyes met Kagomes, she noted that there was a bit of panic in her friend eyes, as well as deep rooted sadness that seemed to stay hidden some how. Just standing there for a few second each just staring at the other. Then with a low sigh and soft smile, Kagome lifted her hand up to rest on the strange males, before stepping away.

"I see you have come earlier then expected. Come forward, the barrier wont hurt you. And let there be no more lies and illusions between us all." Kagome said as she waved us forward.

Giving everyone one last look, I stepped forward pushing through the pressure around us. Once through, the pink haze faded away leaving my skin feeling very cool. Only to see Kagome standing there in a completely different outfit. It looked just like Rei's priestess clothing, except the pants were not red, but rather a dark blue with gold stitching on them. The top part was a cream with more gold stitching on it. But what struck me the most was that her hair was actually hanging to the back of her knees and her eyes held a pink glow that echoed the pink glow from a round jewel that hung around her neck.

"Usako..." Mamoru whispered, causing me to turn around and see him in his full armor, as well as the rest of the girls in their Sailor Fukus, looking very lost.

Taking that moment to look down, seeing I was in my gown, as my hair floated around me on a invisible wind. "What is going on here." I asked as I lifted my eyes back to Kagome.

Only to see a ancient wisdom and tiredness in her eyes. A small smile on her lips as she began to walk towards us, stopping half way when my guardians put themselves between me and her. Well all but Minako who just walked up beside me and stood very still.

"I would suggest you guys back off, you can't even scratch her. She is on the same level as our princess if not more stronger." Minako spoke firmly.

Causing all of us to gasp as we just stared at Kagome. Only to see her flinch away from us as the hurt washed across her face. Her gaze focusing on Minako with so many things washing over her fine features. It was at that moment, the white haired man decided to come stand behind her, giving us all a better view of him. As it became very clear he was no human, with those pointed ears, fangs that flashed in the moonlight as he smiled at us. And three distinctive swords sat on his left hip.

"You must listen to your leader, she speaks the truth. And since she has spoken, this Sesshomaru suggest that she tell you the rest. Cause she alone has retained all of her memories, while the rest of you are still recalling them." His voice a low timbre that set shivers running down my spine, as my attention, along with everyone else focused on Minako.

Seeing Minako close her eyes as she took a calming breath before opening those eyes and speaking, "Kagome is a very powerful person, both as a priestess and as the guardian to the jewel around her neck. The Shikon no Tama."

Her words sinking in, causing my mind to recall something from my past. A vague image of my mother Queen Serenity walking with a raven haired woman in the gardens of the castle. Smiles on their faces as I was ushered back away by Jupiter and Mars from the woman. Venus staying a few paces back to protect my mother, just like the man standing next to her was doing for Kagome. With a small gasp, it dawned on me that Kagome looked just like she did that day, not aging.

"Before you ask it, any of you. No I am not a reincarnation of my past self, I am still that same woman from well over five hundred years ago. The jewel I guard keeps me immortal, forever unchanging. IT isn't a pleasant thing to begin with. Already I have had to watch people I know pass away before my eyes." Kagome said softly, her pain showing clearly on her face and voice.

Unable to help myself I stepped forward and hugged my friend. Earning a surprised gasp before she returned it. I could feel all the pain, loss and hurt that she was hiding in her as I continued to hug her. Understanding finally why she didn't want anyone to truly touch her. Only making me want to protect her and make her smile once more.

Once I let her out of the hug, I finally asked her a question that had been bothering me since we met up again a little over a month ago. "So Kagome, when you were sick, were you really sick all that time?"

Seeing her eyes go wide and blink a few times as that beautiful laugh of hers escaped her lips. "No, no I wasn't Usagi, I was actually traveling back and forth through time, five hundred years in the past. The sicknesses were my grandfather's idea to keep people from questioning my absence to closely. I was born with this jewel in me, and on my fifteenth birthday, it decided I needed to go on that crazy adventure. Just like you just had your own a month ago, when you defeated your kingdoms enemy, Queen Beryl."

At her words, I felt the tension return around my friends and guardians. Even Mamoru's aura squeezing around me as I stood before her. Wondering who would snap first, I was surprised when Lita did. "YOU knew we were fighting and didn't bother to help us?" her voice snapped out like a both of lightning.

Watching Kagome carefully, I saw the pink in her eyes flare before it settled, as she was pulled back into the one called Sesshomaru's chest. A low inhuman growl escaping his lips as his pupils shrunk to little pin pricks. "Lady Kagome could not interfere with that battle. Otherwise, the kami's themselves would punish her. She is to always remain a neutral party, unable to help those she cares about. YOU have no idea the pain and self loathing she went through that night. Sustaining a barrier around her shrine to keep her own family from suffering from that vile, tainted human woman's magic. Then again if she could of, she would long ago purified Metallica into oblivion. DO NOT PRESUME TO SPEAK WHEN YOU KNOW NOTHING CHILD!"

The waves of power that came off him as his eyes bled red, his anger clearly showing. Turning to look back, I saw that my friends and Mamoru had shrunk back. Feeling upset at this, but knowing that what he said was true from the emotions I had felt from Kagome. So deciding to speak up, I took a gasp when I heard a very male grunt resound.

Whipping around I saw as Kagome was banging her fist over and over. Unable to help myself, I started to just laugh at the comical scene before me. As Sesshomaru raised his hands trying to ward of her fist, which he could of done very easily if he wanted to. All the while Kagome was just hissing like a wet cat at him as she kept up her tirade. And it wasn't long before I heard my friends behind me join in laughing at the antics of the other two.

Once they settled down, Kagome spun and looked at us, while we were still laughing. A true smile on her face, lighting up those blue eyes of hers. "I am sorry, he gets a little over protective of me, when people get aggressive. Typical of a dog demon, but meh, not much one can do to train someone over a mellinia old." she said with a shrug of her shoulders.

AT her words we all went silent just staring at the man behind her, as he glared daggers at Lita. Something in me told me that this was just the beginning. Lifting my head up to the now dark sky, seeing it through a light pink haze, as the full moon shone like a jewel. I knew that the adventures would just be starting and we had a strong friend in Kagome. And some how everything would work out in the long run of things.