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Did you ever wish to one day wake up in another dimension? Away from the reality you once knew? I always wanted it to happen, I finally got the chance but not in the way I have ever wished it. You see I died but what I didn't know, it truly was only the beginning.

"Kate!" My friend Lizzy called from down the hallway. I turned and grinned at the exasperated girl that was hunched over panting.

"Good god, I am not made for running." She said as she straightened herself up. I arched a brow and chuckled

"Yeah, you were never really made out for sports."

Not really the one to talk, I am kinda chubby but I scored an hourglass figure. Thank you genetics, I will forever be grateful.

Liz and I walked out of the school and got halfway across the crosswalk before we heard the screeching of tires and I whipped my head around to see a car coming at us at full speed. Without thinking and on pure reflex I shoved Liz out of the way and braced myself for impact. All I felt was excruciating pain and the ringing of screaming in my ears, then everything went black.

I came back into consciousness floating in a black void

"Where…where am I?" I asked myself out loud.

A voice spoke out from the inky blackness. "You my child are in limbo, a world between the living and the dead."

"What! No!" I said in tears “I must get back home!" I screamed into the void.

The voice sounded empathetic. "I am sorry my child, but you can't. Your time has ended in that realm."

I had a life back there, it was finally a good one after the years of abuse I endured by my parents. I had won a few scholarships to pay for my current college classes, I had amazing supportive friends, my parents have been finally charged and I have a home of my own with my best friend Lizzy as a roommate.

"My child, you have a big heart and your time just isn't here. I will give you a chance in another world."

My head snapped up "Another chance to another world?" I asked out of disbelief.

"Yes, you will be reborn but you will retain all of your memories and you will still be yourself."

"How will I fit in?" I asked confused.

"You will be given a home and a new identity, don't worry my child it will all work out. I'll be here to guide you."

I smiled "Thank you," I said sincerely "You are welcome child, now go"

There was a bright light and everything went dark…

*beep* *beep* *beep* the sound of an alarm clock went off and I reached out and slammed it. The noise instantly stopped, I groaned and sat up.

My eyes instantly almost popped out of my head remembering what occurred and I looked around. Nothing seemed familiar.

"So it wasn't a dream." I mumbled.

"No it isn't," a voice said and I screeched looking around for the voice but I suddenly realized it was the voice from the void and I calmed down.

"You must be wondering where you are." It said

"Well, yeah I honestly have no clue where the hell I am"

The voice bluntly said, "You are in the town of Forks, you are in the Twilight universe."


The voice responded calmly "Because you have a purpose here my child."

I ran my hand through my hair and sighed. I got up and looked in the mirror and I was shocked. I looked…younger like I was back in high school again.

"Why do I look ok younger?" I asked.

"You will be placed in Forks high school."

"WHAT! I AM SUPPOSED TO BE IN COLLEGE!" I screeched, absolutely horrified.

"Yes, my dear you should be but like I said you have a purpose here."

I sighed "Fine, when do I start?"

"Today I have all of your supplies that you need and transferred your stuff here as well.

My eye twitched "Fuck"

Time Skip

I dressed in my usual leather jacket, white tank, black ripped skinny jeans, converse and for makeup rusty red eyeshadow, sharp wings for eyeliner, and burgundy matte lipstick.

I looked in the mirror studying my appearance. I really do have that badass vibe. I have ghostly white skin, dark purple hair and eyebrow and nose piercings.

It's nice to know nothing has changed appearance wise. I grabbed my bag and keys off the table then headed out the door locking it behind me.

Turned out my car was transferred here as well, and my GPS was also intact. I have to get adjusted to the date as well, it seems I went back in time…well, of course, I had since the books are based on when they came out.

From what the voice said this timeline should be right after prom for Bella and Edward so the first book was over and done with.

I pulled up to Forks High parking in one of the empty spots. I looked at the school and sighed

"This is gonna be a long day" I muttered before grabbing my shit and getting out.

When I got out everyone was staring at me, I guess it's because I'm the new girl and they don't get many newbies as often. I ignored their stares as I walked down the halls.

"Office is down the hallway to the right." The voice said.

"Thanks" I thought. Turns out I can talk to him in my mind which is pretty sick.

Walking into the office and up to the counter, clearing my throat. The woman looked up in awe probably from the fact I'm new.

"Hi, I'm Katherine Green but I go by Kate. I am here for my schedule, I'm new." I said awkwardly

"Y-yes of course dear." She said fumbling through the papers and handing a form out to me.

I looked it over Biology, History, Art, and Gym for the first semester.

"Not bad," I thought. Silently dreading the thought of gym class, not my favorite of times.

I looked around, seems like it's lunchtime. Some kid suddenly bumped into me and I looked up with a glare. It was some blond kid that looked like a cream puff with a sheepish expression on his face

"Hey sorry I didn't see where I was- Wait…you are the new girl right? Katherine Green?" He smiled

"Yeah, I prefer to be called Kate, thanks." I said irritably.

His smile didn't falter at all "I'm going to introduce you to some friends, you are going to like it here."

"I hope so…" I mumbled with a sigh.

Edwards Pov

I was walking through the halls with my love, Bella. Sweet innocent Bella, my lovely mate. She was too good for a monster like me.

She looked up at me and smiled, made my cold undead heart warm.

I heard Mike Neuton all the way down the hall, annoying little-

That's when a smell hit me, it was mouthwatering. A smell of Spice, vanilla and Cinnamon wafted through the hallway. It wasn't "I'd drain you dry" smell but one that made my beast purr

What's happening to me? I looked for the source of the smell and that happened to be right beside the Neuton kid. My eyes zeroed in on her, she was…stunning. She locked eyes with me and right there is when I felt my entire world click in place.

Her eyes as blue as the Caribbean, short silky purple locks of hair, pale soft skin, heart-shaped face, small button nose, high cheekbones, plump lips and god legs that would go on for days. She had an hourglass figure, round hips and her breasts had to at least be a double D.

My god, she was perfect, my pants tightening just by examining her glorious body. I bet her personality is as striking. The beast roared in its cage calling out, MATE. My eyes went black with lust, fascination, and desire.

I suddenly felt guilty and looked at Bella, but I found I didn't feel the same feelings for her anymore. She looked at me confused and I forced a smile and looked back at the girl. The beast screamed to claim her and mark her as mine. She bit her lip looking at me, god…she's wet. I can smell her lust from here. My cock hardened painfully. Oh, how I wanted to press my lips to hers and fuck her until she couldn't stand.

Neuton placed his hand on her trying to get her attention. A growl ripped through my chest. How dare he touch what is mine! I thought with rage.

Bella pulled on my arm concerned and I shook it off ignoring the hurt look on her face. I had to control myself before I sped over there and claimed her where she stood.

I went for outside, got into my car and speed out of there trying to clear my head and talk to Carlisle about this development.

Kate's Pov

Mike was annoying the fuck out of me, his relentless flirting was getting really old fast and I was ready to snap.

I looked around the hallway boredly, anything to distract me from Mike. I then met eyes with someone I wanted nothing to do with...Edward Cullen. God was he gorgeous in person though, pale flawless skin, striking golden eyes from his diet, his copper hair was done perfectly, his build was lean and god those cheekbones though. Was enough to make a girl swoon, but something changed in his eyes when they locked with mine. Almost animalistic, his eyes turned black. It scared me a bit but it also turned me on. His eyes got blacker if that was possible, I bit my lip as I just stared into his eyes.

Mike grabbed my arm trying to get my attention and I jumped from the contact. I turned to look at him questionably and I turned back to look at the copper-headed boy to see him walking away.


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Edward’s pov


I pulled into the driveway with my siblings in tow, probably concerned with my behaviour. I sped inside.

“Carlisle!” I yelled out into the house.

“Yes, Edward what's wrong?” He asked concerned.

I took a deep breath even though I obviously don’t even need to but it was a natural reaction.

“Bella is n-not my mate.” I stumbled a bit on my words

Everyone stood shocked. Alice, Emmett, and Esme looked upset of course because they all loved Bella.

Alice closed her eyes “How did I not see it?” she asked herself out loud.

Her eyes sapepd open after a minute. “I now see her, she's gorgeous Edward. I am happy for you...but what about Bella?” She asked quietly.

I ran my hand through my hair “I...don’t know, but I need to tell her soon.” I said frustrated.

I didn’t want to do this to her but I just didn’t feel the same anymore.”

Rosalise spoke up “Another human Edward?! What are you thinking?! You are going to get us killed for sure. We might have to-“

I looked into her mind to see her intentions and I snarled “You won't lay a finger on her!” Eyes turning black.

She stepped back out of slight fear and shock, Emmett pulled her close protectively and growled back threateningly telling me to back off.

Carlisle spoke up “Edward come with me up to my office.” I nodded and sped upstairs.

I started pacing back and forth in the office “God Carlisle, I have never felt a feeling so intense. I just wanted her, all of her at that one moment.” I paused before continuing.

“Everything clicked into place in that one second, my whole undead life suddenly had meaning to it.

I-I’ll change her, I can’t go on without her. I won’t let her slip away!” I cried.

“Son, you can’t change her against her will, remember that. You do not want her to hate you for eternity.”

I sighed knowing he was right “I just hope she will accept me, otherwise Carlisle…I don’t think I can come back from this.”

He nodded “I know, I know how it feels to finally find your mate Edward but you also must break it off with Isabella as soon as possible.” I nodded, I will do it tonight.

Time Skip

I was outside of Bella’s house, I felt sad that I had to do this to her but I had no choice. From the looks of it Charlie was not home so this was the perfect time. I leapt up into the tree and through her window. Bella looked at me startled but a big grin replaced her shock. She went over to hug me but I put my hand out to stop her, she was confused and I saw a bit o hurt that flashed through her eyes. I felt slightly guilty for being the cause of it but I was about to feel ten times worse.

“Bella..we need to talk” I said calmly “Why? What’s wrong Edward?” I motioned for her to sit down, she complied with the request and sunk into the bed.

“I don’t know how to say this but…Bella, you are not my mate.” Her expression turned from shock, to sadness, and to rage.

“What do you mean that I am not your mate?” She snarled. I was surprised, I had never seen her act like this.

I calmly spoke “I mean that you are not her, I have found my true mate.”

“Who? The new girl?” she angrily asked, I stayed quiet for a minute while she darkly chuckled

“So it is her then. Why her? She’s nothing special, she looks like some sort of freak.”

A growl ripped through my chest and I flashed in front of her scaring her. “Don’t. Ever. Call. Her. A. Freak” I snarled.

She shrunk back in fear. I was beyond angry and a little shocked. She has never acted like this before.

“We are over, Bella.”

She cried out “Edward! No please! I love you!”

“Goodbye, Bella” I said coldly and flashed out of the house with her screeching for me to come back and cursing.


Kate’s Pov


I yawned getting ready for bed

“Jeez, the first day took a lot out of me.” I said out loud to myself.

I thought over the day and blushed when the thought of Edward crossed my mind. You know I was never fond of Edward in the books or the movies but damn I understand why Bella has the hots for him but I refuse to get in the way of the timeline, so I am gonna sit this one out.

I sighed and crawled into bed and as I was drifting off, I didn’t notice the figure in the corner staring at me lovingly.

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Kate’s Pov

I groaned as the school bell rang for my last class which meant I had to get my ass to class.

“History…my faaaavorite subject.” I groaned in my mind and started down the hallway.

My first real class is today, yesterday being just a tour. I walked into the history class and I scanned the room boreally, my eyes locked on none other than Major Jasper Whitlock a true piece of walking history. I turned towards the teacher who looked excited for me to be here...Yippie.

“Yay” I thought sarcastically.

“I am Mr. Anderson, you are Katherine Green am I correct?” Anderson asked.

“Please call me, Kate” I said with a plastered face smile on my face.

He smiled and nodded “Okay Kate, go take a seat next to Mr. Hale over there.”

He’s the blond over there with the empty seat beside him. I walked over to the seat and plunked down. I turned to look at Jasper and I held my hand out.

“Hey, the name is Kate from what you already heard.” Trying to be friendly to the very vampire that could easily drain me dry.

He was always my favorite in the books and movies.

He smirked and took my hand and shook it “Jasper Hale, ma’am”

I scowled playfully. “Don’t call me ma’am.”

“Okay…darlin” my eye twitched and I sighed while he smirked.

The rest of the class was shocked that myself, the new girl was talking to one of the most popular kids in the school that barely talked or interacted with anyone. I just shrugged off their stares and continued to listen to the lesson.


Time Skip


History was fun, Jasper is actually good company. Just because I don’t want to affect the storyline it didn’t mean I couldn’t befriend them.

We were walking outside and to our cars together which was in a more secluded part of the school and I was laughing at a horrible pun he made and I swear I heard a growl. I blinked and looked around the parking lot and my eyes eventually locked eyes with Edward. His eyes were black and he looked angrily at Jasper and I.

“Da fuck…” I thought as Emmett and Rosalie were holding him back for whatever reason.

He locked eyes with me and they softened a bit…weird

Hmm, I saw a form out of the corner of my eye coming at me fast. I turned to look and it just so happened to be…Bella? She looked enraged and kind of crazy, I took a step back. I was kind of baffled at her behaviour. As she reached he she threw her fist back as if to punch me, Edward caught her hand and glared at her. He appeared out of nowhere scaring the absolute shit out of me and I looked around and didn’t seem like anyone saw.

He growled a menacingly loud growl at her “Don’t. Touch. Her.”

“What the fuck?” I whispered absolutely shocked by everything.

“But she’s taken you away from me!” She screamed at him.

“I am not yours, Bella. I never was and never will be.” I swear my eyes were going to pop out of my head.

He let her go and flashed in front of me and grabbed me pulling me towards his chest. Did he just…purr? I was frozen in shock of what was happening.


Edwards Pov


She smelled heavenly, I finally had her in my arms. I put my face in the crook of her neck and breathed in deeply. Such an intoxicating aroma, I wanted to kiss it so badly and make my way down her body worshiping her in every way.

I slowly let her go from the hug and I looked deeply in the beautiful blue pools of her eyes as they stared deep into my non-existent soul. The one thing that frustrated me was the fact I could not read her mind, I wanted to know why.

She pushed me away, it hurt. “What’s going on? What are you doing?” She asked frightened.

I was sad, I didn’t want her to be scared of me.

“I think you should come with us Kate, we can explain better our house.” Jasper spoke up.


Kate’s Pov


I was frightened, I didn’t know what was going on. Why was he acting like this, what happened with Bella? This is so fucked up man. I looked around to see the rest of the Cullen’s, Alice looked excited, Rosalie did not look impressed and Emmett had a grin on his face.

I looked at Jasper “Why would I go anywhere with you guys?” I narrowed my eyes

“How do I know if you guys are going to kill me and shove me in your trunk as you get rid of the evidence.”

Jasper snorted “Yeah if I wanted to kill you I would have done it by now.”

Edward growled at him pulling me close while I tried to wiggle out of his grip. Fuck he is strong, this is bullshit. Stupid fucking vampires.

I sighed “Fine, I’ll go. I have nothing better to do anyways…”

Edward smiled at me and lead me to his car. I slightly panicked, oh hell no I am not getting in the car with this crazy. I felt a wave of calm go over me and I took a deep breath.

“Thanks, Jasper” I thought.

Edward opened the car door for me and I thanked him getting in. We immediately sped out of the parking lot and down the road. The car ride was awkward as hell, okay way more awkward than that. It was pure silent while were looking back and forth at each other.

We arrived at the Cullen’s home and I looked at it in awe, it was even more beautiful in person. I went to get out of the car but Edward stopped me and went around to my side of the car to let me out.

“What a gentleman” I thought amused but was still terrified out of my mind for the very situation I found myself in.

Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and Emmett pulled up and followed Edward and I inside.

Edward called out “Esme! Carlisle!”. They both descended the staircase with grace.

Esme walked towards me with a warm smile on her face. She really did have that motherly vibe around her. I’ve always liked her in the series.

“Hello dear, my name is Esme. I have heard a lot about you Kate.”

“Good things I hope, nice to meet you Esme.” I said with a nervous smile.

She laughed, and it sounded like bells. “I assure you that is was good things.”

Carlisle walked up to me putting his hand out for me to shake and I complied.

“My name is Carlisle, nice to meet you Kate.”

“Nice to meet you as well.” I grinned again.

He gestured to the rest of the Cullen’s “You know Jasper and Edward but I would like to introduce you to Rosalie, Alice and Emmett.”

Emmett waved, Alice, smiled and skipped over to me. “Hello Kate, I have a feeling we are going to be great friends.”

I smiled back at her, “I do too Alice.”

“Now” Carlisle said getting serious. “Has Edward explained anything to you?”

“Uh…no” He sighed “First I suppose we should tell you our secret.”

He paused “We aren’t human”

“Yeah…about that, I already know…”

Chapter Text

Kte's Pov


The room went silent, everyone was frozen. Suddenly Rosalie snarled and jumped at me, Edward let out a roar and lunged at her. I was stunned watching Edward throw her against the wall, he looked terrifying. His eyes were pitch black and he looked purely animalistic, everything about him screamed danger. I didn’t want this happening, they were siblings and I was the cause of this.

I screamed “Stop! Stop please!” They stopped and looked at me.

“You two are siblings, don’t fight because of me!” then my voice got quiet.

“I am not worth it, I never wanted to cause pain. I will leave if that is what you want.” I said.

Rosalie’s eyes suddenly softened a little bit but hardened once again while Edward sped over to me reaching out to hold me but I put up my hand, signaling him to stop. He looked hurt and I felt guilty, the feeling went away and was replaced with calm. I knew it was Jaspers doing and I was thankful.

Carlisle spoke up “How do you know about us and what we are.”

“If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” I replied honestly.

“We can try.” I sighed and sat down in a chair rubbing my temples “Okay…so” I explained how they were characters from the Twilight series, I gave up some knowledge I knew about them and their pasts. It was a long explanation, but I felt like they needed all of the truth.

Carlisle looked thoughtful while everyone was baffled “If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get here?”

I chuckled nervously “Well you see…I died” Edward froze.

I looked at Edward, you would think someone killed the most precious thing to him which was…odd.

“I was walking across the street by my College, a car was about to hit my friend. I pushed her out of harm's way when the car hit me It was a hot flash of pain but everything went black after that. I woke up here in forks, and that’s about it.”

“Wait, you were in college? How old are you?” Emmett asked “22” I replied.

“But it seems when I transported here I went back in time age-wise.”

Carlisle was fascinated “What were you studying?”

“I was going to school for Social Work, I wanted to be able to help kids and find them safe homes.”

“That’s very admirable of you.” “Heh, thanks.” I looked at Edward from the corner of my eye and he looked sad and worried.

“Hey man…you okay?” I asked him, his face softened when I spoke to him.

I turned to look at him completely and I decided to be blunt.

“Okay, so what was that stunt you pulled in the parking lot? And what the hell was up with Bella?”

Speaking of Bella, why the hell wasn’t she here. Everyone was quiet before Carlisle spoke up.

“Come up to my office with me Kate, you too Edward.” I was confused but complied.

Once we reached our destination, Carlisle gestured for me to sit down and I followed suit.

“Since you know much about us than I am sure you know about true mates, am I correct?”

“Oh, jeez I do not like where this is going.” I thought dreadfully.
“Yeah?...” I replied nervously.

“Well. It happens to be that you and Edward are mates.” My jaw dropped and I started to stutter.

“B-but what about B-Bella?” “Bella was merely only Edwards singer, his mind was clouded due to her blood.” Oh, that makes much more sense about the books then.

Stephanie Meyer, you sneaky son of a bitch…the fans would die inside but holy fucking shit this can’t be happening.

“No wonder she was so pissed that she tried to hit me.” I said thoughtfully.

Carlisle was a bit stunned learning about Bella’s behavior and Edward let out a growl.

I looked at Edward “Are you sure I am your mate?” I asked still dumbfounded.

He knelt down in front of me taking my hand, holy fuck was it cold and damn he’s even more attractive in person. Okay bad Kate, focus.

“Kate, I have never been more sure of anything in my life. You are the only one for me, you are made for me as I am for you. I will treasure and worship you for the rest of my undead existence if you would let me. Please, Kate accept me. I promise to make you forever happy.” I was stunned, completely baffled by this development.

“What about Bella, Edward. You two were made for each other in the books.”

“If you never came along, I would never have met my true mate and I would be stuck with the worst mistake of my life.”

“Shit man, that’s brutal.” I thought.

“Will you accept me?” I sighed, what could go wrong? Oh yeah, the Volturi will be after our ass. Fuck it why not.

“Yes, I’ll give this a shot.” He grinned.


Time Skip


He drove me home and walked me to my door, I was getting inside but then I paused as he was just standing there.

“You know…you can come in right.


Edward’s Pov


I was beyond elated that she accepted me, I honestly didn’t think she would. It was a huge relief, I couldn’t be more happy.

She invited me inside and I looked around. Her home was quite nice, I wonder how she obtained it. I don’t really care though, I am just happy she is here with me. She motioned for me to come upstairs to her room and I followed.

She looked around her room and bent down to pick some clothes off of the floor, put them in the hamper and turned around to look at me.

I tried not to be creepy but I scanned her, she was beyond beautiful. My beautiful little mate, just holding her in my arms made me feel complete. She fit perfectly in my arms, she was made just for me and I’ll make sure no one will take her away from me.

She. Is. MINE.

Mine to hold, mine to love, mine to cherish and mine to mate. Just thinking about making makes me groan, just imagining her naked withering and moaning beneath me is enough to make me hard instantly. Thinking of her tight little body around me made me painfully hard. She was looking at me now, watching me and she lightly blushed and bit her lip. My eyes darkened with lust and I walked up to her and caged her in my arms against the wall.

That’s when I smelled it and I smirked, she was aroused. All for me, my sexy little mate. I put my head into the crook of her neck and inhaled her delicious aroma. She gasped, I grazed my lips on her pulse point. I hardened painfully when her arousal spiked.

I looked her in the eyes, leaned in and captured her lips with my own hungrily.


Chapter Text

Kate’s Pov


My eyes widened as he kissed me, it was electricity. Sparks were flying between us, I was hot all over I melted into the kiss as I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He put his hand on my hips under my shirt, they felt hot against my skin. The kiss deepened and I reached up and tugged on his hair.
I have never felt this way before with anyone, is this what soul mates feel like? He hoisted me up onto his waist and I wrapped my legs around his hips trying not to fall, we never broke away once. He flashed over to the bed and laid me gently on it. He pulled away only to bury his face into my neck, I felt him kiss and nip at the pulse point on my neck. I shuttered and let out a small moan, which I blushed at.
He pulled away looking at me in the eyes as I panted, his eyes were black with lust which I shivered at.

We just stayed gazing into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before he uttered “You are so beautiful.”

I swear I blushed from head to toe. “You don’t look so bad yourself” I smirked messing around a bit, he smirked back.

I yawned starting to get tired as everything was starting to get a hit hazy. He smiled and scooped me up going over to my side of the bed, tucking me in before he got in beside me and pulled me to him. I snuggled into his arms, it was a bit weird that I was warming up to him this fast but I truly did feel the mating pull. Normally humans don’t feel them as strongly, but I think after that kiss, I truly feel we are meant for each other as cheesy as that sounds.

I never did like him in the books and movies but I think, Bella might have been a big contributor to that. I still feel somewhat guilty about Bella, it was supposed to be her happy ending but she was Edward’s singer, not mate. Therefore I don’t feel as bad, sucks for her I suppose. But she will always have Jacob I guess, until he finds his imprint which he won’t be able to find unless Bella and Edward got together so I am crossing my fingers that he will get another one.

I yawned while Edward held me tighter to me as he put his head into the crook of my neck. My eyes fluttered closed as I dozed off. “Goodnight my sweet little mate.”


Time Skip


I yawned getting up and stretched, I looked around. Hmm, Edward was gone, guess he had to go back home or hunt. I felt a little bit sad but brushed it off as quickly as the feeling came. I looked at the clock and groaned, to get ready for school. I dragged myself out of bed, showered, got dressed and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. As I was chewing on my bagel (Mmm, bagels) I heard a car door slam outside, curious I looked out my window. I saw the familiar copper-haired vampire, I opened the door letting him in before he had a chance to knock.

He smiled at me opening the door “I am sorry for leaving, I needed to hunt before school.” I nodded and let him inside.

“Why are you here? Out of curiosity.” “I’m taking you to school of course.” He said casually, my eyes widened.

Oh no, I can just imagine the angry fangirls now. “T-that’s not necessary, I can drive myself.” His brow scrunched in confusion and a bit of sadness.

“You don’t want to drive with me?” I sighed.

“It’s not that, I just don’t want to be mauled by a bunch of jealous girls. I already have Bella after my ass.”

He gave me the puppy eyes, fuck…I have always been defeated by puppy eyes, especially when it's on someone cute.

I ran my hand through my hair and sighed “Fine…”

He perked up, as I grabbed my things he took them from me and carried them to his car. I was slightly annoyed. I am not made of glass and I could handle my bags. They aren’t even heavy for fuck sakes, I was in kickboxing before this, so I was fairly strong.

The car ride was silent, I was thinking about my life before this. Did people miss me, or was I erased from that time? I guess those questions will never be answered unless I ask the voice. Speaking of the voice, I haven’t heard it in a while.
“What are you thinking about?” Edward asked breaking the silence.

I looked at him confused, can’t you read my mind?”

He shook his head “No it is all hazy, like fog.” He said.

“It’s kind of annoying, I wish I knew what is going on in that pretty little head of yours.” He said flashing a smile.

I blushed but was confused. He...can't hear my thoughts? He should be…I’ll ask the voice later on.

Speaking of the voice, it’s been extremely quiet. I am kind of concerned…

We pulled up to the school and parked. Edward went around to my side and opened the door for me, I thanked him and dragged myself out of his car. He softly grabbed my hand and once again felt those sparks and the warmth. We walked into the school, everyone stared and the girl population looked jealous. Some were confused, I guess the break up wasn’t clear to some. I don’t know why it wasn’t, I mean Bella tried to fight me in the middle of the cafeteria.

He walked me to my History class and kissed my forehead before letting me go. The loss of contact made me feel incomplete and disappointed.

I mentally slapped myself “Stop it Kate, you sound like a lovesick teenager. Well...I am a teenager again but that is beside the point.

Jasper was there and I smiled sitting down next to him happily chatting away until class starts.

We had to break into partners for a discussion and conveniently she told us we are partnered with the person next to us so Jasper and I were together. Instead of doing what we were told, I decided to ask him a few things on mates.

“How does the whole mate thing work?” I whispered.

He raised his eyebrow as if to say “You ask me now? In the middle of history class?” I rolled my eyes.

He sighed “Being someone’s mate is complicated, it takes a lot of resilience to fight primal instincts due to mating.” I blushed a scarlet red.

“So since you are human, he has to lock that part of himself away. You are fragile after all.” My eyebrow twitched, I almost argued that I was not fragile but I very well was because I am human.

“But you never have to worry, mates would rather die than harm their mate. They can’t bare the thought of it, it is nearly impossible. Protective instincts go through the roof if not mated and possessive.” I blinked at this new information, interesting.

So that explains Edwards behavior.

“For the full bond to be made you have to…well…mate.” My face slowly went red at the thought of it.

Jasper smirked, and I kicked him in the leg. I was about to ask him more but the bell rang signaling class was over. I sat there for a minute taking all of this information in, I don’t know if I will be able to handle this all.

But I’ll try

Chapter Text

***Trigger Warning, this chapter has a story of abuse and suicide attempts. You have been warned. I do want to mention this chapter was hard to write due to the fact I was abused as a child so I by no means mean to offend anyone, It is important that these views are sometimes shared to bring awareness.***


I left the classroom deep in thought, I was confused by all of this and my head was spinning.

“I don’t know if I can do this, am I getting second thoughts?” I thought slightly panicky.

Jasper must have noticed my distress because a calming feeling washed over me, thank you, Jasper. I closed my eyes taking a deep breath before letting it go, okay Kate. You can do this, you are a strong independent woman and you are the one who is in control of your life so get your bitch ass together. With determination, I set forward into the cafeteria with Jasper trailing behind towards the Cullen table.

Everyone stared as I walked up to the table, I could feel their piercing eyes on my back just waiting for any sign of drama so they can gossip about it for weeks. I noticed Bella out of the corner of my eye seething at me from the table with her friends.

“Edward, we need to talk.” He has a look of confusion on his face, I grabbed his sleeve and to my surprise, I was able to actually move him.

My eyes widened in slight shock, vampires are pretty much built walking marble statues. There was no way in hell, maybe he just shifted at the same time. Yeah that was probably it. I lead him towards the door and out into a small forestry area. I leaned against a tree with a sigh gathering up my thoughts.

“Kate, baby is there anything wrong?” He asked with nervousness in his voice. Baby? That’s a new one.

Is sighed “Edward, I…I don’t know honestly.” My eyes teared up, god I hated myself for being so weak.

He stayed silent not moving an inch just listening to what I had to say.

“Just a few days ago I was a college student going to school for a degree in Social Work to work in the government to help kids for Christ sakes!” I threw my hands up in the air but dropped them shortly after, I was always told I talked with my hands.

“I just fucking died!” I said running my hands through my hair, eyes watering more. His expression was one of pain, but he did not dare move.

“Then I am transported to a place that was only supposed to exist in a book and I stole the main characters vampire boyfriend from her! Fuck man, this is a mess. It was never me Edward, you could have so much better…you could have her like it was supposed to be.”

His eyes darkened “Now Ka-“ “Zip it, I am not finished.” I said with a harsh tone, I felt bad but I was in too much of a mood.

He stopped as quickly as he started slightly wounded. “You shouldn’t love a broken girl like me…and I am about to tell you why.” I sighed and sat down on a log and began my story.
“I grew up in a broken home, I do not have one good childhood memory or at least none at I can remember that is. I was a mistake you see, just a night of drunken drug induced sex with no protection. My mother didn’t believe in abortions, I don’t know why she didn’t just give me up if that was the case.” I said bitterly

“I was born nine months later only to learn this would be my hell for sixteen years. As the years went by the neglect and abuse got worse with every passing day and year. Living in fear waiting till the day they would finally snap and kill me and end my suffering. They would hurt me in places that weren’t visible unless it was always covered by clothing and the broken bones were always covered up by mommy and daddy always saying I was just a wild child that in all sorts of incidents. I was never sexually abused, at least they had some sort of morals.” I laughed dryly

“I tried to commit suicide on my sixteenth birthday, I downed a bottle of pills and slit my wrists hoping that either one would be faster. The bathroom looked like a murder scene the doctor told me, so much blood from a tiny frail sixteen-year-old girl. I was rushed to the hospital and had my stomach pumped, a blood transfusion due to the amounts I had lost and the slits in my writs glued shut.” I took a deep breath, tears falling from my eyes.

“That’s when they noticed it, the wounds, bruises and the fact I was clearly starved. The evidence was clearly there, I didn’t even have to speak any words. They just knew from the way I acted when the topic of my parents came up for them to be able to see me. They stormed the house taking them into custody, I had to appear in court. They are still currently in jail to this day, I never saw them again. I lived on my own ever since, completed school online fully in two years and was in University by 19. Took a year or so off of school to work and gather up money so I could even afford University.”

I smiled “I met some good people, who became my closest friends.” My smile dropped.

“I was going home that one night and a car came out of nowhere and was going to hit my friend, I pushed her out of the way and well…that was end of me for that life. I woke up in some sort of void with a voice speaking to me and then…BAM I’m here. I then met you guys, that’s about it.” I finished with a long sigh finally looking up to meet Edwards eyes to my surprise was filled with venom tears. With a rush of wind, I was suddenly being held by the bronze haired vampire. He buried his face in my neck and hugged me tightly before growling.

“You think your past has anything to do with your worth? Well, you are wrong Katherine, you are the most beautiful spirited person I have ever met. Angels would weep if they saw how brightly your soul shined my dear.”

My eyes filled with tears and slowly poured out at the pure love and intent behind this boy’s words.

“You are my salvation, my angel, my beautiful mate. I will love you and protect you for the rest of your days. Those bastards will never find you, they will never hurt you again. I promise I will always be here for you, forever and always.” That’s all it took until I started to bawl my eyes out.

It took me several minutes for me to get myself together to even form words, but he just held me the entire time. He kissed the top of my head as I was calming down whispering nothing but sweet words in my ear. This boy, is definitely one hell of a keeper.

When I calmed down we broke apart and just looked at each other. It wasn’t an awkward gaze by any means, I could get lost in those liquid gold eyes for days. I never understood in the books why he always mentioned he had no soul, honestly, this boy has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen or felt. He’s by no means perfect, but he’s my kind of perfect.

A lightbulb came on in my head “Oh yeah!” I thought to myself. “Edward…we do have to talk about us though. Honestly, we are moving too fast, it may not be that way for you but remember I am still human. We feel some things differently, I am still…healing okay. I…need some time.”

He nodded “I understand that I apologize for my behavior.” He said slightly ashamed.

“No!” I blurted out “Don’t worry about it okay. Just focus on the future and what we can do with it, that’s all that matters now.”

He smiled “I agree, let’s start over.” He got down on his knee in front of me.

“Oh, my fucking god. He better not be doing what I think he is doing right now.” I thought panicking.

“Katherine Green, will you be my girlfriend?”

A huge rush of relief went over me, okay phew it was not that, but I stopped and looked at him. My eyes softened at the look in his eyes, vulnerable and pleading.

It was time to listen to my heart for a change “Yes Edward Cullen, I will be your girlfriend.” His smile nearly blinded me as he flashed up and hugged me lifting me into the air a bit.

We both laughed and we just stood there for a second holding each other. I can honestly say, I have never felt more loved in my life and as safe as I feel in his arms.

By god, I hope it lasts

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Hello, darlings and happy new year!

Unfortunately, this is not an update. I am writing a few chapters, a wonderful person gave me some constructive criticism and I couldn't be more thankful.

I do suck at wording, building paragraphs and speech so I am working on that.

Thank you for understanding <3

-With love, Kat

Chapter Text

It was the weekend and I was currently sitting in the Cullen’s household playing a game of Mario Kart with Emmett, so far I was winning. Ha! that loser.

“Take that bitch!” I cackled

“No faaaair” He whined

Over the last few weeks, I have become a bit closer with the Cullen’s, Emmett and I have become good pals so far. Jasper is awesome, I have to run from Alice half of the time due to her dressing me up but I still love her, Carlisle and Esme are like the parents I’ve never had and Rosalie…well, I’m trying to wear her down. Not successful so far…
Edward has kept his promise of taking it slowly, he’s still a lot but its simmered down. He’s a real big sweetheart honestly, little bit overprotective but he’s working on it.

I smirked at Emmett “That’s what you get for challenging me.”

He stuck his tongue out in response while I just laughed. I felt someone kiss me on my cheek and I looked up, you guessed it. It was my handsome vampire boyfriend.

“Hey” I whispered

“Hey” he whispered back.

“What’s up?” I asked him, turning around to face him.

He smiled “I wanted to show you something.”

I quirked my eyebrow “Oh?”

He held out his hand, taking it in mine I followed him up the stairs to his room.

I looked around “So you brought me up here to see your room?” I deadpanned.

He laughed “No, here get on my back.”

My eyes widened, he’s kidding right as I watched him open the two patio doors. I saw him do this in the movie’s, but this is crazy.

“I knew you were trying to kill me!” I said horrified.

He smirked, “If I wanted to kill you, I would have drained you in the middle of the cafeteria on the first day I saw you.”

I contemplated for a second before nodding “Yeah, you’re right.”

I carefully got on his back and a latched myself tightly around his neck, I was not looking forward to this.

“Hold on tight”

Fuck here we go, and he launched himself into a tree out of the balcony as I screeched in a very unladylike way. He projected himself from tree to tree before jumping to the ground, speeding off.
The adrenaline pumping through my veins was insane, my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I smiled with my head buried in his shoulder, this a was fucking amazing. I’ve never felt so alive in my life. We stopped and I peeked over his shoulder, I was flabbergasted with what I saw. It was a stunning meadow, filled with beautiful purple flowers.

It was even more beautiful than the movies and books ever described, I looked around in awe. He carefully set me down on the ground, I walked into the field and did a little spin. I turned around and gave him a big smile and a joyful laugh.

“Edward this place is amazing!” I beamed as I caressed one of the flowers.

He smiled, happy that I loved it. “This is where I go to get a break away from the outside world”

“Well it’s beautiful” I smiled at him.

“Not as beautiful as you” He smiled softly, tucking a violet flower in my hair.
I blushed looking down at the ground, he softly grabbed my chin, pushing my head up and kissed me. I wrapped my hands slowly around his neck kissing him back. The kiss got slowly heated as he lowered me to the ground, we separated and just stared up at the sky holding each other close in pure bliss.

Unknowingly being watched by a redhead, red-eyed vampire.