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The Villain Wrangler Meets a Hero

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When Luke thinks about how quiet it is, the ringing in his ears that’s replacing the silence since Matt’s been gone only intensifies.

It’s not even that he was especially close to Matt, but it isn’t lost on him how there are ways they are similar.

There are those who know about Luke who’ve regarded a type of disability.

And he doesn’t ignore that. He’s never had the luxury of being able to ignore that.

You can’t ignore parts of who you are, not without rending yourself in two.

Everything is quiet and he knows he needs to help in Harlem. He does. It’s just that there’s this conversation he’s been meaning to have.

He’s big, and he finds out what he needs to to find The Villain Wrangler on a hospital visit to a kid named Barry with sickle cell.

He ducks his head in for a second and offers a smile, but Barry’s too tired to really register who he is.

“Wrangler,” Luke says gruffly, “We need to have a talk.”

“Yeah? I mean, I mean hello, and do we?” The Wrangler babbles a little--he knows This Is A Hero. This is not a person he normally deals with. “We can, but it can’t get messy. You know what they’ll do.”

“Yeah. Listen. I need to talk to you about your prison network.”


Luke sees that uncomfortable look that means no one quite wants to talk to him about prison.

“There’s things we can do. Prisons we can rip down. I mean it. I mean this literally. Maybe I need to take my fight out of the street some days and start putting the fear of--”

“Ahhh… Mr. Cage.”

So he does know who he’s talking to.

“My network is my network and things are in hand--” It’s maybe one of the most serious things the guy who has been known to go around at times in an Arthur bug suit has ever said.

“I don’t think you understand,” Luke Cage says. “I’m not askin’.”