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Nocturne of the Winged Planet

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Long ago, the chief deity Yun Yuuzhan, who lived inside the planet, Yuuzhan’tar, came to the cruel realization that his children, his beloved creations of crechelings would destroy him and their planet through war. Thus, Yun Yuuzhan created a seed from Yuuzhan'tar’s womb to birth a new homeworld for the “Seed Saviors”, the Faithful. The planet would later be known as Zonama Sekot .

Yun Yuuzhan commanded the goddess Yun Ne'Shel, the Master Shaper Physician, to chop his body into pieces and scatter them across the universe. Some of the pieces would go to the  Yuuzhan Vong to become one with the Faithful. The body of Yun Yuuzhan would make intercession for them during their “MAAFA”, the great disaster, as they crossed the lightless void in space between galaxies to their new homeworld for their penitent journey.

One piece of Yun Yuuzhan’s body manifested itself as a “living crystal” to be imbued by the raw power of Creation in the Force. Not just Dark Side or Light Side, but an enveloped newness into the Cosmic Force. This crystal responded to the call from the Faithful. Yun Yuuzhan messenged the caretaker, Pomojema who resides on the planet, Mimban, in another galaxy about this “living crystal”. Pomojema agreed to keep his “Seed” and his Faithful safe. He commanded the goddess of redemption, Yun Shuno, to race in time and space with the comet, Ganapati, to deliver the crystal. But Pomojema failed to appear, and she failed Yun Yuuzhan. Yun Shuno named the “living crystal” Asili Aikste, on an icy planet called, Khar Delba.

For millennia, the Asili Aikste remained hidden until Sith Lord Naga Sadow discovered its presence through the Force. The crystal gave him a deeper sense into the Force unlike that he had ever experienced by meditation alone. He thought it was a kyber crystal and he bled it to unleash more of its power in the dark side.

The Asili Aikste unlocked the mysteries of the Dark Side of the Force, it realized that Sadow only wanted to serve himself, and not the inhabitants in the galaxy. It withdrew its power from him and refused to serve him. Sadow cast the living crystal aside.

By that time, his longtime rival, Sith Lord Ludo Kressh heard of the crystal and its great powers in the Force, its mysticism and strength, and he stole and hide it on one of his most holiest places on planet Rhelg in Sith Space . The Asili Aikste refused to serve either Sith and withdrew all its power turning into an opaque white color. In time, Sadow vanquished Kressh in a monstrous battle, and the lackluster crystal seemed to be have been lost in a jewelry box forgotten and lost to time.

Thousands of years later, a rupture in the fabric of the Cosmic Force caused the Asili Aikste to awaken. Believing the rupture was a call of the Faithful who entered galaxy as their MAAFA tribulation is complete. The Asili Aikste rejuvenated with a bright light and returns the call through the Cosmic Force to its inheritors. But the understanding of the call had become lost in time. Only the Faithful could hear, understand and interpret the call of Asili Aikste to mark a new age in the Galaxy. ZHAELOR! ZHAETOR ZHAE!