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Nocturne of the Winged Planet

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General Armitage Hux stands on the bridge of his Star Destroyer, The Ravager , as they race at lightspeed to chase down a moving planet known as Zonama Sekot moving above lightspeed at a tachyonic level. A lieutenant hands him a datapad with the latest statistics. “Sir, the planet is moving at a rate faster than our hyperspace engines will allow. The trajectory is predicted to have us close to the Caluula system. All archives on this space artifact, including that of the Jedi have been erased. Sir.”

Hux turns to receive the datapad and scrolls through the calculations. “How can these be accurate? Our magnetic sensors are too noisy to calculate; the values cannot be trusted.”

“At the speed it travels, I can no longer sense its Force presence.” Kylo Ren states evenly. “This planet warps the Force.” Devoid of his mask, everyone can see his large facial scar sweat glisten in the lights of the controls. The scar left by the young Rebel Jedi, Rey. “I can sense that is it is minus 2000 Kelvin on the planet.”

“How could lifeforms survive there?” Hux announces. He watches a few of his frigates fly past the Ravager. Then as if the huge Star Destroyers were toys, they bounce off an invisible shielding on the planet and fling out of hyperspace with engines shutdown, completely. One Star Destroyer explodes in a brilliant light. The entire crew gasps, then he shouts. “Avoid debris and drop from hyperspace slowly from my mark. Now!”

The crew slows their hyperspace as the planet disappears in the distance. Conversations rumble as the bulky Star Destroyer remains intact from a strong tachyon field into real space. The other two frigates that were following them broke up into millions of pieces from leaving hyperspace too fast. The debris of the exploded frigates in real space were vaporized.

“Helm, activate tractor beam and lock onto any parts of the frigates you can identify. See if you can reinitialize parts on the ship,” Hux commands and looks at Kylo Ren standing next to him. “Well, if you can’t use the Force, then Kylo Ren, get off my bridge.”

“I will share my studies on that planet I retrieved from a Sith holocron.”

“Sith holocron. Are you sure you don’t mean, Jedi. There have not been any Sith since--” Hux felt his throat tighten slightly and wanted to cough but was unable to breathe.

“If there are Jedi, there are always Sith, General Hux.” Kylo Ren calm but stern in his voice. He lets go of his strength in the Dark Side of his Force powers and releases Hux. “Your father made similar ideological mistakes, do not make this consistent for your bloodline.”

Hux drops huffing for air as his face turns from a purple back to his pale complexion. He rises slowly from the floor and straightens his attire. “Yes, Lord Ren.”

“Zonama Sekot is traveling its reported trajectory to the planet, Caluula. The way the Caluulans speak of it, the planet is the reason Caluula remains a lush environment than a vacuum space dirt ball. Zonama Sekot moved the axis of rotation of the planet to match a living environment from its sun.” Kylo Ren paces in thought. “The Caluulans say that Zonama Sekot moved the planet through the Force.”

First Order officers slowly back away from Kylo Ren, except for Captain Phasma. General Hux ventures to ask. “How does a planet have the Force?”

Kylo Ren looks at the crew. “They have it as much as any living thing has in it. Includes the Force.”

Hux coughs. “We need to determine if it is a threat to the First Order.” He is handed another datapad by a different Lieutenant. “Well, cut through the hull of the Frigate’s hyperdrive! I don’t care if it is welded shut.”

Kylo Ren looms over the datapad and to view the images. Mucus covers the doors and windows of all the exits including the escape pods. Then the mucus moves to cover any cuts through the doors. “General, jettison this hyperdrive and destroy the remaining pods. Quarantine these space coordinates, immediately.”

Hux’s eyes widen in horror. “Lord Ren, we must learn what happened.”

Captain Phasma complies with Kylo Ren’s orders. “Done, Lord Ren.”

Dumbfounded, Hux sees everyone not bolted to the ground sent out into the vacuum of space. Kylo Ren looks at the large screen and exits the bridge as he activates his lightsaber and destroys the remaining gooey debris along with anyone with the mucus on them. He twirls his hand to cut off the evacuation and re-enters through the decontamination entrance to return into the ship and the bridge.

“I believe it is called fire-jelly. One step and it takes over your body. Then it infects the metal on the ship, the wires, every living organism until it becomes jelly. Once ignited, a bomb is set off and blasted. Plasma kills the jelly.” Kylo Ren turns. “So does methane gas like the Chiss scientists told me. Hux you should know that since you’re a fan of Grand Admiral Thrawn.”