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The Transdimensional Stone

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Frankie Foster stood in the front of her room and looked to her watch. She constantly looked at her wrist not only to see what time was, but it seemed she was waiting for someone. And judging by the face of the girl, that someone was taking too long to appear.

Meanwhile, she heard an annoying voice approaching and steps. Those steps were from Baroness, one of inhabitants of the home her family had for imaginary friends and people who want to adopt the,

"Help me! It isn't safe for me anymore!", yelled the imaginary being.

"Huh what do you mean Baroness?", asked the young redhead.

"I mean some freaks are hunting me down and keep sending me back to my maker."


"Aww poor you... Providing what you say is true...", Frankie replied with a slight tone of sarcasm, which Baroness didn't mind, at first.

"So far, I have been burned, kicked into the stratosphere without a space suit, drowned, steamrolled, divided in 4, chopped in pieces, tied to a rocket exhaust...", explained the surrealistic-looks imaginary friend, angry and bossy as she ever could b.


"Enough! I get the point but are you sure it is just 2 hu... 'freaks'?" asked Frankie


"Yes, they seem to be tracking me somehow...."

"Gee... I wonder how that would be possible, because if you go back to your maker that
way, all non-imaginary stuff stays behind.", explains Frankie.

"That sounds sarcastic which means you don't believe me", replied Baroness..

"Well sorry for that but people hunting down and harming an imaginary friend? That is new to me", said the redhead.

"Well I may hate being at Fosters and their lazy staff, but I hate them more!". The complaint, one of the millions she did daily at the home pissed off Francis Foster.

"Lazy staff?!?!?!?! Ok, two things for you, Mrs.I-Am-Too-Cool-For-Fosters... First, the Fosters Home isn't a hotel for anyone who enters and second,.nobody ever said you had to stay", explained Frankie, partly angry with talking with her and partly because the one she was waiting seemed not to appear.

"But who would accept me? You know that nobody had even the consideration to think to accept me as imaginary friend"

"Hmm... have you even tried somewhere else?", asked Frankie

"For what? Going outside is too much work...", answered Baroness.

"Well, I have the number of a guy that could help you..."

"Who?", asked the inhabitant of the Home.

"He is someone that had trouble with an imaginary friend times ago, Tim is the name if I recall... he is a lawyer specialized in cases of violence", told the redhead.

"Tim... well, I think I can take the shot. Can you call him for me then?"

"Sorry, I can't... but here is his phone number if you are interested", answered Frankie, handing Baroness a card with Tim's number. "But I must give you a tip: he will verify if what you are talking about is true?"


After that Baroness left Fosters Home and went to the nearest phone booth to give Tim a call and ask his advice

"Hello! Tim here, who is?" The voice at the other side asked

"Hello! My name is Baroness and you better not be one of those bad lawyers! I need protection..."

"Well, sorry ma'am, but this is my private line", said the voice "If you want to speak with me about business, you need to call my new professional line but don't worry. I'll patch you through". After that, and a short time of dialing tone, the voice returned.

"Welcome to Raitor Lawyers B.V. If you want an appointment, please press 1..."

After that, Baroness immediately pushed the '1' button, and seconds later the voice answered. "Tim Raitor here! Who is on the other side?."

"Baroness here! You just patched me to your company's telephone", said the imaginary being.

"Ah yes! I transfered you to my business line and you had to pass through the automatic menu... So, how can I be useful to you, Mrs. Baroness?"

"Well, a friend of mine said you could help me with my case of violence against my magnificent person", explained Baroness.

"Well, that's my area of work, so let's see how I can help. But first I need to verify if everything you said to me is true", said Tim.

"Frankie already told me that"

"Frankie? Frankie who? I have some of my customers named Frankie..."

"Frankie Foster, from the Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends", added Baroness.

"Frankie Foster? Oh, THAT Frankie! Now I remember, she helped my son saying goodbye to his imaginary friend. We were friends ever since and I became aid of her in some cases involving other friends, and...", Tim was cut down of this talk by Baroness

"Please, can you get back to my person?"

"Ok, sorry... I guess I went too far, sorry", apologized the lawyer before going back to the chat "Why just you don't ggive me your number and I will call you back after verifying your case, and maybe bookmark a meeting?"


"What? But you can't deal with my case here?"asked a slightly pissed off Baroness.

"Nope, I can't! My computer tells you are calling from a payphone boot and I just patched you call from my personal line..."

"How did you know I called from a payphone?" asked a puzzled imaginary friend. "Do you have those phone number detectors, don't you?"

"Sort of. The system here gave me the number and from where it was before I sent you to my busines line...", explained Mr. Raitor.

"Ok, Ok,...damn, why I am such prone to such crap...", mumbled Baroness before going back to the phone line "My phone number is 06-52634334"

"Got it! I will call you in a day or two, no less. Have a good day", Tim hung up the telephone. Baroness also hung up on her side and returned to the Home complaining as usual, but what she didn't knew is that Tim Raitor knew more of her case than it seemed.

"Well, Tim, your plan is going to get high... but now, let's see what you can do with her..." commented Mr. Raitor before picking up again the phone


Moments later, two guys are seen arriving to Fosters' front door; They rang the bell, and after a few minutes of wait, the door was opened and they were greeted by Frankie, who seemingly knew those two.

"Oh! Hey Vic! Hey Merder!"

"Hey Frankie!" both replied to the redhead.

"What bring you guys here?"

"Well, nothing... we just want to make a visit to a friend, that's all", said Merder.

"Right.... Well, I see you are still being called 'Merder', don't you?", asked Frankie,

"Yeah, I am! It's the curse on being in a job that I must keep in secret from my friends", explained him.

"I see... seems annoying, but I understand", teased Frankie. Merder noticed it, but did not mentioned anything to his female counterpart.

"Well, maybe a little annoying, but when this 'case' is solved, I guess I'll be free to uncover myself".

"I heard it all the time.... 'wait till the case is over', 'wait it!'... I am tired to hear you say that and I hope you are not lying about it", mumbled Frankie.

While Merder felt startled and couldn't speak right in that moment, Vic tried to keep them away of a discussion.

"I cannot say he us lying. I know him for some time and I know he is not the one who likes to lie to anyone"

"But I hear from years that you are in this 'case" and...", Frankie was interrupted by Vic which turned his head to the mansion.

"Well, let's not talk about that now and get it inside. It seems chilly out there"

Frankie let the two men get in the mansion while she got back to do her usual chores of the day. "I don't know you both arrived in good hour. Mr. Herriman made a list of gazillions of things to do... damn rabbit!", she complained.

"No problem. We can stay and watch, don't Vic?", replied Merder, to Vic nod in agreement. "Or we can help, if you want so"

"No thanks! I think I can do it on my own...", as the young girl passed up on the offer and returned to the chores. Merder and Vic found themselves sitting and waiting for Frankie.

"While they watched, Frankie Foster dusted the furniture, swept and mopped the floors of the mansion, but one thing surely attracted them more than the 'usual', since while Frankie mopped the front hall of the Home, Frankie fell on the floor. But as soon as her guests went over to help her, something happened...

Miss Foster fell in a way where both Vic and Merder could see what was underneath the skirt, and the duo got very amused about seeing Frankie without any kind of underwear. As soon as they rushed to the help, the two men got bulges inside their pants.
Frankie got up, but got to notice the aforementioned bulges. She blushed for a moment, but did not said anything, since she had to return to the chores.

After two or three hours of cleaning and mopping, the Foster Home was shining. Frankie was visibly tired after the whole work.

"My God! This mansion is so big! And I do it by myself alone...."

"You look tired, Frankie", said Merder. "I guess you need some rest or something"

"Thanks boys, but I am okay. I think I need to drink something...", replied Frankie while giving her back to Merder and Vic, but then she turned around and approached her guests.

"Or maybe I guess I can drink other kind of beverage", teased the redhead, touching the boys' crotches. Merder and Vic quickly blushed with that.

"So, you noticed?", asked Vic.

"I know I am not a bombshell, but I am flattered to see I can excited men like you boys..."

"S...S... Sorry, you are so attractive and all, and...", Merder was interrupted by a chuckling Frankie.

"Don't worry. Don't you know I like your attention at most... and well, I know you like mine as well..."

"I guess now we need to settle this...", said Vic.

"So why don't take two nice guys to my room and have a pleasant chat and more?", asked Frankie with a slight grin in her face.

"I doubt chat is the right answer", commented Merder, as they went to Frankie' dorm, arms around Frankie's shoulders.


The trio arrived at Frankie's bedroom and Frankie suddenly changed her tone of voice, showing her state of mind.

"You know, I think you are right Merder... Chat isn't the answer, but this is", after that the redhead took off her green vest. It was clear that they all were about one thing, but Frankie's gesture was the green sign.
Both Vic and Merder's bulges were larger than were before and Frankie noticed how their cocks almost broke through their pants.

"Your cocks are any woman's dream. I can't wait to tell my friends all about you two, fellas!"

"I guess we can give more reasons for you to spread around the news", commented Merder, as the male guests took out her pants and made their manhoods visible to Frankie. The Foster's housekeeper didn't wasted time and took off her Powerpuff girls t-shirt. Merder and Vic went somejow amazed and smiling noticing that Frankie wasn't wearing any bra at all.

Frankie knelt in front of Vic, who got the initiative and put her cock in the reach of her face. The redhead started to lick the tip of his rod, making him moan softly with the girl's slowpaced lapping. Merder watched the scene, wanking himself with Frankie's move on his friend.

"You two look great together, but I want my part too!"

As Merder said that, and made it clear as he was rubbing his dick against Frankie's back, Vic had an idea and knelt on Miss Foster's bed, as she returned to give him oral pleasure. Merder, then, removed her miniskirt in a single move, having full acess to her behind, specially to a certain hole.
The Dutchman teased Miss Francis rubbing his manhood against her buttcheeks, and she answered with a few moans of her own while servicing Vic's cock. Merder took one minute or two of teasing and right wanted to do the full thing.

"Do you have any lube, Frankie?"

"Sorry, I don't. I ran off since last month's slumber party", answered the redhead.

"Ok then. Guess I have to go dry and raw at your ass then"

Without any hesitation, Merder slid his thing inside Frankie. The move caught Frankie by surprise, and she let a scream of pain (not pain as in intentional pain, of course).

"M... Mwy ahhhhhhhhhhhs!!"

At first, was difficult for Merder to find a groove for the anal sex, but as soon as his cock started to fuck the girl, pumping in a 'average' pace the butt of his lover.

"I knew without lube would be difficult, but since I know how to handle it, it makes easier", said Merder.

Frankie was taking Merder's rod inside her bunghole and going deep on sucking Vic's dick. She was used to that scene sometimes, since both males were 'guests' from mansion since first time they meet each other, and every time Frankie was pleasured in many ways with their presence.

Merder raised the speed of this stabbings, which made Frankie to moan even louder than before. Vic was amused to see how much him would give pleasure to hear, and also happy because she kept blowing his dick as the scene provided.
While fucking, some pre-cum sprouted from Merder's cock, a natural lubricant for the anal fuck. Noticing Merder's faces while pumping the redhead, Vic suggested.

"I know how good you suck cock, but now, I guess I'll have something more"

After taking his cock out of Frankie's reach, the Brazilian touched Frankie's pussy. The face of joy when his finger was in was enough for him to go further the next move. Soon, the trio was on Frankie's bed, with Vic laid on his back. The redhead sit in a way that his cock would fill her pussy, with some help of his and and Merder's hand, whose held her ass. The Dutchman, still behind Frankie, returned to the position of banging her asshole.

"Admit it, Frankie, you love a DP, don't you?" asked Vic with a grin.
"But only if two lovely hunks do that with me, like you boys".

Both men got flattered with the cumpliment and soon they started to fuck her holes. Almost simultaneously, both men went as deep as they could into both sides of their lover. Frankie moaned and screamt with joy and delight.

"Ahhhhhh.... Uhhhhhhhhhhhh! God! Sooooooo Gooooooooooooood!"

The speed of the thrusts got harder and faster in a few minutes, and the scene lasted longer enough for them to have the pleasure of fucking. But Merder got other plans for the evening.
He removed his cock outside the ass, leaving Vic alone and focused on pumping his cock inside Frankie's cunt. The redhead looked at him and asked for a blowjob.

"Want some help?"

"Please, yes! I want to feel a hot tongue of a redhead in my penis. Can you help me?"

Without thinking, Frankie licked the tip of his prick. But since it had the taste of her ass, and she disliked how it was, Miss Foster herself decided to take things in other way by offering a handjob instead. Merder declined the offer.

"I would like the handjob, but bare hands cut off the mood and I can't get it off with them"

"What the problem? Are you a germaphobe or something?", asked Francis Foster.

"No, is not that!" Merder answered "I just don't like bare hands. I feel it's boring..."

Frankie was surprised to hear that and asked how 'boring' Merder thought bare hands were for handjob.

"For me, the hands are one of the sexiest parts to a woman's body, but for me, it's better they are covered by something. Something, I have to say, is a glove. Without gloves, I cannot feel in the mood", Merder explained.

"Dude, just accept the offer! Stop putting your glove obsession before the pleasure! Control yourself", Vic argued, feeling the conversation could cut off his mood too on fucking Frankie.

"Sorry, but I just can't help myself! I love women with gloves and that's my obsession and I feel like I live for it!", said Merder.

The reason was enough for them to leave Merder and his love for gloves alone. Frankie felt a bit guilty and wanted to correct that.

"I know today I can't give you what you want, but maybe next time...", as the redhead girl grinned after saying that, the Dutchman blushed from ear to ear. Miss Foster noticed that and returned to use her tongue to please Merder.

"But for now, I only can give you that..."

Frankie licked Merder's cock for a while, from head to the scrotum, teasing him right from the first moment. The whole licking was enough also to himself feel he was getting close to the cum.

Miss Foster also noticed that by Merder's face, and since she was a 'cum-taker', took the whole cock inside the mouth and blowed it hard. In a minute, Merder had no other way to hold it, bursting his jizz inside Frankie's throat.

"Please make her swallow it! Please make her swallow it and make that wet dream come true!", Merder thought loud. with eyes closed as his sperm kept to sprout out. When he opened his eyes, his cock was still inside Frankie's mouth, and the girl just showed that he wouldn't need to worry as the cum that was inside got into her throat for good.

"I am a girl who swallows!", said Frankie.

The redhead returned to oral pleasures, after seeing Merder relieved, to lick and take all what remained of cum from his cock and her tongue. He was pleased to see how much she was skilled at the oral arts.

"Wow, Frankie! Tell me, how did you learned to use your mouth like that?"

"Well, that's my little secret. But if I tell you, you have to tell me one of yours", answered Frankie. Meanwhile, Vic was trying to hold up his pace on doing her cunt, which for her meant he was about to cum too.

"Calm down! Just take it off, I don't want to get a creampie that soon!", recommended Frankie. Vic followed her instructions and held the best he could, but the redhead girl had other ways to keep him in position.

She asked him to pull off from her pussy, watching how he was trying to hold, waking the slowest and even not touching himself to make sure he will not blow his load. Frankie took it on her hands and aimed to her boobs, saying with a teasing voice.

"Go ahead, big boy! Let it out!"

Vic didn't had other way but let himself go and all his cumload went over Frankie's boobs. Quickly, her chest got covered with jizz, and to make everything better, she squeezed her sticky tits only to make the Brazilian squirt more.



After the sex, the trio had a quick nap, with Frankie between her two lovers, stroking the hair of both.

"You boys sure know how to make a girl feel good!"

"Thanks! And you sure know too how to please two boys!", replied Merder

"Well, next time I might have something for you and perhaps I can give you a try in your little obssession, 'Mr. Case'", Frankie teased. "Mr. Case" was some sort of thing she said to him in order to tease him, and he liked it too.

After the nap, they got dressed and chatted a while, but the mood was broken by a noise.


'What happened?", asked Vic.

"Looks like someone broke the main door!", answered Frankie

"What could be? Thieves? Some imaginary friend in trouble?", Merder was also puzzled.

They had no time to wait as they went to the main hall, as they saw the door open and two girls, one a redhead and other a dark brown haired girl, all aiming her eyes to Vic and Merder.

"Layla? Bloom?"

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Chapter 2:

Hearing the doorbusting, the trio of Merder, Frankie and Vic went quickly downstairs. Both men were surprise to see the girls there, since it seemed unexpected they would meet them there.

"What are you doing here girls?", asked a puzzled Merder.

"Sorry, but we need to talk with you guys!", said a tad nervous Layla.

"About what?", asked again Vic.

"I can't say here. It's matter of life or death", shortly explained Bloom.

"And it was needed to break the door like nothing?", said Frankie, not feeling alright with the damage made by the Winx girls to the main door of the home.

"Sorry, but nobody answered and door was locked and..."

"Was it that hard to ring the bell?", Frankie seemed very pissed off about the subject.

"But we ringed!", protested the redhead fairy. "We ringed for one hour and nobody answered!"

That's when Frankie blushed, feeling sorry about what Bloom said, followed by Vic and Merder blushing afterwards, which meant their threesome might not let them hear the bell ring.

"I am sorry. I guess we didn't heard the bell ring. Maybe I was too distracted or...", the girl's excuses were enough to Layla and Bloom raise an eyebrow, probably getting what was happening.

"Anyway", Layla changed subject. "Please you two need to come with us! It's an emergency!"

"First you two need to explain us what is happening", said Vic.

"We can't explain now. Just what we can tell is that this place will be the setting of an attack sooner as possible", stated the dark-skinned princess. "We gotta warn the population!"

"But how?", asked Merder.

"We have to go to the City Hall and tell the people they need to find shelter.", said Bloom.

"How we are to tell all those people about this iminent danger?", asked Frankie, puzzled with the whole thing.

"Don't worry. Someone warned the media and they are all running there"

"Ok then. So, let's go there then!", said Vic as they went to the City Hall with Foster's Home bus.


"It takes too far to go to the City Hall?", asked Layla, sitting in one of the front seats of te Foster's Home bus with Merder, Vic and Bloom while Frankie drove the car.

"It's fifteen minutes from here", answered Frankie.

But their trip was about to be suddenly interrupted. As the bus went to take a turn, they felt something hit the vehicle. Frankie tried a manuver to avoid crashing, and the bus almost miraculosly didn't hit a light pole.
The fivesome left the vehicle to see what happened with it, but when they stepped out, they heard a laughter.

"It can't be!", mumbled Bloom.

The laughter came from the air, where three women looked to the ground grinning with the near-crash. Those women were Icy, Darcy and Stormy, the ones known as the Trix.

"What the hell are you doing here?", asked Layla.

"We were bored, so we decided to have fun!", said Stormy.

"How did you knew thay we were here?"

"Let's see that we have an amazing tipper, darling", played Icy, as she looked to their rivals.

"There is nothing you need here. Get the hell out!" shouted Bloom, to no avail of the Trix.

"Sorry, sweetie, but you don't decide anything on us. And now, let's play with your friends...", replied Darcy. As soon as she talked, she launched an attack that the two girls avoided, but it ended hitting Frankie, which was left stuck in the bus bodywork.

Vic and Merder got instantly pissed when seeing Frankie being hit by the Trix.

"Hey! She has nothing against you!" protested the Dutchman.

"Casualties of the war", joked Stormy.

Bloom and Layla quickly reacted and did their respective transformation into fairy form. Now in the same level as the Trix, both women went to the fight not before warning Merder and Vic on finding a safe place.

Merder went to Frankie to find a way to remove the redhead from the magical "cuff" as Victor went to the back of the bus to see if nothing was broken. Meanwhile, the Trix tried to launch attacks on the Winx, but both Layla and Bloom were fast enough to avoid them.

"You like to brag but you don't seem you know how to fight", said Layla.

"Shut up! We just started!" replied Icy.

While the brawl ensued, Vic found a couple of kids walking alone in the street. Quickly he ran to them in order to help them to run away.

"Come on kids! Here is unsafe for you!"

As both Winx and Trix exchanged attacks, Darcy quickly noticed that and tried to launch an attack to the kids. Vic sucessfully made them ran home, but ended up hit in the leg by the magic ray. Bloom witnessed the attack and went beserk.

"How did you dared, bitch?"

Enraged, the redhead fairy activated the Dragon Flame and launched a blast that hit hard the Trix and put them far away.

The witch trio tried to recover, but this time, recieved another powerful blast, now from Layla, and knowing that they might would lose, decided to retreat.

"Are you ready for another shot?", asked a pissed-off Bloom.

"I think it was too hard hitting your boyfriend... but we are going to meet each other again!", said Icy, as the Trix used a magic trick to vanish in the air.

Bloom and Layla soon returned to ground and proceeded to heal the damaged the Trix did. Layla managed to remove the magic cuff that kept Frankie stuck in the bus as Bloom gone see what happened with Vic.

"What happened?", asked the redhead

"Nothing, I think my ankle is hurt, but it's nothing"

Bloom then carried him to the place where the others are and soon the fivesome tried to find a way to go the city hall.


At the front lawn of the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, all the friends, plus concerned citizens, were reunited to hear the speech from Frankie. Behind her, there were Bloom, Layla, Vic, Merder, Mr. Herriman and Madam Foster. Frankie took the front to deliver the speech to the mansion tenants.

"Listen. Don't enter in panic. The City Hall advised us that we shouldn't need to be in panic. Please continue with your normal lives. What happened today was just a unannounced attack. Please, don't be on panic and don't stop living. We have total guaranty that it will not happen again, and if so, we are prepared to take any measure needed to avoid it and protect ourselves. Please. This is a pledge. Don't stop to live".

After the touching speech, Frankie was clapped by everyone as she returned to where the others were.

"It was a good speech Frankie. I hope now everything is safe around here", commented Merder.

"I hope what happened today not ever happen again", said the redhead.

"It was a cunning speech, Miss Francis. But, I would like to say something about a very important issue", added Mr. Herriman.

"What is it?"

"The door. The front door is broken and I would like to know who did it so I can charge it"

Frankie, Bloom and Layla all blushed at the same time, embarassed with Mr. Herriman. Soon Vic intervened.

"Sorry, Mr. Herriman, but I don't think a door is more important than an attack at the town."

"Look, Mr. Victor. The door was normal till someone broke it. And since I knew that one of those girls broke it, I want them to pay the damages they inflicted to the Home."

"But we don't have any money with us...", complained Bloom.

"I will not let you two go before I get some consideration about the door..."

"Ok. Mr. Herriman, I'll give you a number of a guy I know and he will solve the problem quickly. And no charge at all", Vic handed a card to Mr Herriman, which looked it and then put it on his pocket.

"Hmm... for now I can give you a pass, but I hope there will be no next time!". Mr. Herriman said before going away.


"Are you sure you can't come with us?", asked Merder to Frankie, as he was about to leave to Magix, with Bloom, Layla and Vic.

"I would like it to, but I must be at the Home. The imaginary friends need me and...", answered Frankie.

"I understand. But call us if there is something happening here again", said Merder before both shared a kiss. That kiss was interrupted by Layla's throat, that "a-hamed" to them.
Merder then left Frankie and joined the trio. Bloom and Layla made a teletransport spell and it opened a portal where the four walked in to proceed to reach their destination.



The foursome stepped out of the portal at the surroundings of Alfea, the prestigious school for fairies..

"Tell me... why didn't you used the portal before when we are going to the City Hall or to evade the Trix attack?", asked Vic.

"I didn't reminded. I was so nervous and then, I felt it was good to save some energy for the Trix. Believe me, it was needed", answered the redhead.

Bloom, Vic, Merder and Layla looked to the place and noticed a dense weather over them. The sky was slightly cloudy and the wind blew in a way that it felt like a terror movie.

"Strange... it was so sunny when we left. What could happened?", said Layla.

"Perhaps if we go to the school, the girls can know and we can know what the hell is going on", commented Merder.

The four walked to the front patio of the school. Everything seemed creepy and strange. No soul could be seen around there, and there wasn't no clue of what happened there.

"Where are everybody?" asked Merder.

"I am starting to get worried. And if something bad happened with the girls?", said a terrified Bloom.

The fears of the redhead were to be cut soon as she heard steps approaching her and soon from the doorway Stella, Musa, Tecna and Flora appeared, all relieved to see her friends. The blonde fairy ran till where Bloom was to give a hug on her BFF.

"Oh, Bloom! I am so happy to see you! Are you and Layla okay? Oh, hi, boys..."

"Yes, I am Stella. What happened here? Where are everybody?"

"Everybody ran away after the Trix attack", explained Musa, much to the shock of Layla and Bloom.

"They attacked here? I thought WE were the ones that got attacked by them!", said the dark-skinned girl.

"Wait a minute? The Trix went after you too?", asked back Stella, breaking her affectionated hug with Bloom.

"Yes. We were" shortly replied Vic.

"How?", now it was Flora who asked, not understanding what was going on.

"Me and Bloom went after the boys at the Foster's Home to call them here. But when we were to reach the City Hall, the Trix attacked us. Luckily, nobody get hurt and they quickly left"

"Strange. It was almost the same here. And they weren't alone", said Tecna.

"Who was with them?", asked Bloom.


"Nerissa?", the four said in unison

"Yes, her. Don't know why she was with them, but they started to attack without any notice. The teachers warned the people to run away and we stayed to fight them", stated the pink-haired girl.

"And what happened next?", asked Merder.

"Well, they attacked us but soon they left! Out of the blue, they decided to end the fight.But there was something there that no one understood..."

"Ah?", the girls were curious.

"Well" answered Musa. "While they fought us, they started to argue and I heard Nerissa say 'remember we have a deal' to Darcy and soon after that, they left".

"Very strange. And Nerissa wasn't with them when they attacked us", replied Vic.

"So, if I may ask, why did you wanted us to come here? What's so important for us?", added Merder.

"Follow us to the library and we will tell", answered Flora, as the group went to Alfea's library room, where all the answers would be cleared, or not.


At the libary, the six girls and the two boys gathered around a table where Tecna plugged her laptop. When the device got connected with Alfea Wi-Fi ISP, she showed both Merder and Vic the reason of their call.

At the screen, several headlines were shown, all related with other famous cartoon worlds, but instead of acts of heroism, the news weren't so bright, such as:




"And so on, people", abridged Tecna. The headlines were enough to astonish the guys.

"But how it does it happened?", asked Vic.

"I don't know for sure. First, everyone guessed it was just the usual villain attack, but now it seems some sort of coordinated attack"

"They know who is behind that and why?", it was time to Merder question her.

"The thing is: it's not an special enemy, but the usual enemies we fight every time. And this is so strange, being almost simultaneous attacks. That's what puzzles me a lot", explained the tech-wiz girl.

"The only guess I can have is that there is something very deep behind that. Some motivation that we don't know", said the Dutchman.

"Well, is that you don't know yet the worse", said Flora.

"And the worse is?", asked again Vic, scratching his head.

"Well, since the attacks started, we detected a strange activity within the interdimensional waves, like 'jumps' or 'holes'", replied Bloom.

"And it means?"

"I guess someone is disturbing the interdimensional waves. And I think the Stone is in danger", said Stella.

(Before moving forward, the 'Stone' Stella said is the Transdimensional Stone. This Stone is the one who keeps all the dimensions balanced within the universe, with their waves extending all over the worlds and places. Once upon a time, to guarantee the stone wouldn't be taken by wrongful hands, she was broken and all the pieces went to all universes covered by it.
People say that if a person holds control over the Stone, that person can have an amazing amount of power and can control the whole dimensional system becoming some sort of God-like character, with powers of life and death over the Universe. So it's given the importance to keep the stone away of any trouble).

"How? Did you notice anyone trying to steal it or mess with the Stone?", asked Merder.

"Not yet", answered Tecna, just before closing her laptop. "But all this mix-up in the waves means that someone is close to it, and it can me the end of all us"

"And what you girls want us two to do about it?", another question raised by Vic.

"Well, you are the only ones who know that, so any help you can do is enough", stated Musa.

"We will help with anything you want, girls", said Merder.

"I know you do! So, can you help us with the mess?", suggested Layla.

"Yes!", both men answered.


Tim Raitor was checking a few papers inside his office when the intercom soared on his desk.

"Mr. Raitor, someone, or well... something... is looking for you", said a female toned voice.

"Who is?", asked the lawyer.

"She says she is called Baroness. And well, she says she needs to talk to you....", replied the voice.

"Baroness... ah, ok... I know who she is. Please, let her in", ordered Tim, as he pressed the intercom again. After that, he rushed to dimm the lights of his office, only letting a small lamp over his desk to illuminate the place.

After five minutes...


"Enter, please!"

Baroness opened the door and walked in the office. She noticed the environment of the place, with most of the lights off, but at first, she didn't bothered.

"Please, have a sit, Baroness"

"Thanks, Mr. Raitor. It's good meeting you personally", said the imaginary friend.

"Well, uh... me too...", almost giggled a slightly bothered Tim, mostly due to the 'physical appearance' of his client, even if the ambient hid most of her face. "So, was easy to find the place?"

"Let's say it's hard to catch a ride... those cabmen are so rude and insensitive towards a dame like me"
"I see.. well, sometimes they are like that", said Tim before sitting on his desk, holding a folder with several papers and files, containing a briefing of what Baroness was trying to make him accept. "Well, I've been seen what you sent me as a briefing, you did a good job"

"Well, tell me quickly. I am free or not of that mansion?", harshly asked Baroness.

"Calm down, lady. First, I gotta tell you that I gave a quick analysis of your case and I must say that...", Mr. Raitor explained before being cut short by an eager Baroness

"...that I can live immediately that crappy home?"

"...that your case is mostly circumsantial"

"And what it does mean that?", asked the oddly-shaped creature.

"That what you tell me in these papers are not enough proof to support your claim. No judge in this world would give you a win if you present that", it was enough to make Baroness go mad.

"WHAT? What do you mean?"

"I mean that this is not enough for you to leave Fosters, period", abridged the lawyer.

"How it's not enough? I did everything you told me to do! I think you are fooling me, Mr. Raitor. You are an awful lawyer!", protested Baroness.

"It's not enough since this case is just like you say and they say. Well, here you tell me that 'some people' try to bring you to your maker every time. You don't tell me here the reasons they do it or if they are connected to the Home at any kind"

"Well, they just appear there and then they cut me, burn me and else...", said the imaginary being.

"Listen, Baroness. I will advise you on something. Everytime you want to convince a court about your case, you must give them all they can handle about it, not leaving no trace of doubt that your claim is accountable and what you say is true. Do you understand what I mean?", explained Tim, which Baroness only could nod her hand.

"Ok, I will not charge you for this meeting, but I want you to, next time, read these", continued Tim, handing Baroness a few books and papers.

"For what I need to read those things?"

"I want you to read and be informed of what you need next time I see you. And also, take a form you need to fill up. You need to sign it and present it to the court for them to see if this is authentic or not", said Tim, showing her a piece of paper.

"For what?"

"Next time I tell you..."

"Oh, ok... Thanks Mr. Raitor. I knew I could count with you...", replied Baroness, before leaving the office. Tim whispered after the meeting and thought with himself

* Damn Tim, wherever you just filled you in!*




"God, Candace, how many glasses you had today?", asked the brunette known as Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, while opening the door of the bedroom of her friend and lover, Candace Flynn, after they came back from a party at a friend's home.

"I didn't drink anyhing, ya heard!", said a slightly boozed Candace, who could walk and talk normal, but feeling some effects of alcohol.

"Neverthless, I guess that party was enough for me. I never saw many people act like that"

"You did say that because you weren't the one to be kissing someone there!", replied the redhead.

"It's because the one I wanted to kiss was too much busy babbling because of her boyfriend", said Vanessa, finally walking into Candace's bedroom with her friend around her right arm. "Ok, here we are, safe... are you sure there is no trouble on spending the night here?"

"My parents are outside and my stupid brothers are sleeping in friends house. There will be no problem, just swell", answered Candace.

"Well, I am worried because I don't want to happen what happened last time at my house", said Candace, with a bothered tone.

"But how could we know your parents had scheduled their anniversary celebration right there? Relax, it's past, sister", stated Candace before turning to Vanessa, kissing her cheek. "Nothing to worry about"

"Yeah, I know... I guess I am worried with all this stuff happening... I can't stop thinking about it...", whispered the brunette.

"Don't even start it", Candace interrupted her friend with a finger on her lips. "Let your problems at the door and lets enjoy the night as we should".

After that, Candace kissed the lips of her friend, whose couldn't resist as she wanted that too. Soon both women embraced each other on a caressed, with their lips and tongues pushing and wrapping on a moment of passion. Their hands roamed through the bodies of their respective lover.
Candace's hands soon were all over Vanessa's body, quickly groping Miss Doofenshmirtz's ass. She didn't mind, as she did the same on the redhead's butt. Meanwhile, a festival of tongue-wrestling and lip-pressing was the show upstairs.

The couple jumped onto the bed, Candace on top, kissing and stroking the arm of her girlfriend with her right hand. Vanessa pushed her arms lower, trying to find a way to remove the redhead's top shirt, but it was Candace to take a move, unbuttoning the brunette's black jacket. She thought it would be hard due to her 'small state of drunkeness' but she managed to take if off and reveal the young female's bare breasts.

Soon it was time for Miss Flynn to have her way on them, licking the left nipple of Vanessa, which didn't took too long to 'show' how much she was pleased. While servicing her friend, the redhead tried to use her free hand to remove Vanessa's belt, but it was difficult since she needed both hands to do the job.

"Uhhh... Candace"

To make things better, Candace laid properly her friend on the bed and climbed herself on the brunette, licking one of the breasts and caressing the other. Vanessa, with one of her free hands, found a way to try to reach inside the redhead's skirt, but it was hard since Candace pushed her body closer to her own.

"Ya tities are so good!", Candace babbled between licks.

But Candace soon got tired of boob work and went back to kiss Vanessa, having other intents on her mind. She finally could manage to open the belt which held Vanessa's jeans, soon off her body. She could see the white thong her friend was wearing.

"Wearing that specially for me?", asked the redhead.

"I didn't thought about it. I just wanted to see if my mother's underwear could fit on me", answered Vanessa.

"Your mom has good taste... but I would to see how your taste is...", replied the youngster, before leaving Vanessa fully naked. To make that fair game, Candace took off her top, skirt and panties, leaving herself as nude as her lover was that night.

Soon Vanessa felt Candace's tongue gently sweep the brunette's pussy. Miss Doofenshmirtz quickly went in pleasure when her friend licked her, with soft moans and else.

"Uh.... Ahhhh.... Candace...."

Candace licked as carefully as she could for a few minutes before raising the speed, while fingering herself to also get the hook of lesbian pleasure. The carrot-haired girl was very good on giving sapphic treatment to anyone, be Vanessa or her best friend Stacy Hirano.

"Your pussy... hmmm.... oh... luv you!"

"Ahhhhh.... don't stop..."

Vanessa raised the speed at every tongue thrust, going from the clit to the deepest walls of the genitalia of her lover. Candace loved the brunette's moves so much that she wanted to pay the favour.

"Ohhh... God.. You lick so good! I wish I..aaaahhh... could do the same for you..."

Quickly the girl withdrew the pussy of her friend and soon climed on her, making her vagina face Candace's.

"How about now?"

The redhead understood what Vanessa meant and soon both got engaged on a sixty-niner. Both females didn't took time on lapping each other's slits. Candace was very amazed to see how she left her girlfriend wet with all licking.

"Ohhhh.... Ahhhh.... Yeah!"

The tongue-dribble and the juice-sucking took part for many minutes, where both girls rejoiced themselves on the pleasures of lesbianism, which weren't much new to them, given they know each other since a good time. The 69 went as frenzy as it could be till both women reach to the orgasm.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh.... I'm gonnaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..."

"I'm tooooooooo.........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."




A few minutes later, after their striking orgasm...

"Gee, Vanessa... that night was soo huge!", whispered Candace.

"I hope I don't feel that hangover in the morning", replied Vanessa.

"I think I feel now that hangover. But from sex, shit..."

"Please, Candace... just take a rest. You party too much", said the brunette.

"I don't party nothing! I like to have fun!", Candace protested.

"Well, I see how you party and...", Vanessa was immediately interrupted by the ringtone from her cellular. She picked upher phone to get the call.

"Hi.... It's me! What is happening? What? He did WHAT? But how? And is he okay? Damn... I know, I know... Don't worry, I am on my way. See you!", after finishing the phone call, Vanessa turned to Candace.

"Sorry, but our date has to be over right now. I gotta do something"

"Whaaaat? I want it again!", replied the redhead.

"I just got a call and my I have to solve some of Dad's deals", explained Vanessa while putting on her clothes. "We can do it again tomorrow"

"Oh... darn! Ok, I'll call Stacy and see if she can come...", muttered the redhead while Vanessa left the room.

Chapter Text


A white limousine raced on an empty road, trying to reach its destination. The surroundings of that road were full of trees, lawn and large mansions, with long gates and even bigger walls. It didn't took time to the vehicle head towards one of those homes, secured by a white brick wall and black steel gates, emblazoned with a monogram written "VP".

That "VP" stood for Venena Palmer, mostly known as "Mafia Mistress", one of the most powerful people at the Chicago mob. After killing one of her rivals, she took a position of leadership among the mobsters, using her wealth to buy or chase away her competitors.
But Venena wasn't satisfied and decided herself to spend her money funding several people in what they call of 'promising evil plans'. As her plan, she would give cash for any mind that could deliver plans to, at least, trump the good side of the battle. The aforementioned limo had a few potential prospects for that plan.

As the gates automatically opened, the car entered and ran through a paved way to the front side of the mansion, all reminiscent of late 19th century. When the limo stopped, the chauffeur went out of the vehicle to open the back doors, from where three people jumped out.

The trio were composed by Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz, owner of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, a company where he dedicated himself to the plan to take over all tri-state area and to trump his enemy, Agent Perry. With Heinz, another evil mind was present, the worldly famous Dr. Drakken, born Drew Theodore P. Lipsky, which tried to find a way to make his plans get better to conquer the world and overthrow his nemesis, Kim Possible. Alongside him, was his almost loyal sidekick, Shego, formerly from Team Go.

"Wow, the woman has a fancy house! It means she has the plenty of cash!" exclaimed Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

"But you must know that cash is coming into my pocket", replied Drakken with a bragging tone.

"Your pocket?" sarcastically asked Heinz. "Ha-Ha-Ha... If there will be the one to get her funds it's me, be sure of that"

"I don't know why Miss Palmer would give her money to a guy who is a specialist on being beaten by a platypus, unless she thinks you can at least lose less to him"

"Don't come with that, Lipsky!" protested Doofenshmirtz with a finger at Drakken's face. "You must know that my evil company is A-Class, capice! And why are you here, if not to try to cry over money for trying to bet that Possible girl!"

"What the fuck you want to talk, huh?" was the blue-skinned mad scientist turn to point a finger against his partner. "Be aware that if wasn't by her, I would have conquered the world at least 17 times. Heard it?"

"Please, keep coming with your jokes, Lipsky... they are hell of fun!"

"Ahhhhhh! You'll see it! Shego, why you don't help me to beat this asshole?" Drakken asked to the green-skinned female, which was polishing her nails.

"You know that I don't meddle on kids brawl", answered Shego.

As the rumble gone, the front door of the mansion opened and a blonde woman in a maid outfit and a cigar in her mouth appeared, talking in a thick Russian accent.

"Can I help you, gentlemen?"

As the woman said, both women stopped calling names and smiled like friends, with their arms around each other's shoulders, creeping Shego and even the other female.

"Oh, well... we came to see Miss Venena Palmer. Does she is here?" asked Heinz.

"You must be the gentlemen Miss Palmer is awaiting. You can follow me. She is expecting you in the main living room", the woman explained before letting the door open for the trio walk inside the residence. The men took a view on the maid, thinking that she was a fine woman, even a bit overweight and seeming beaten by the age.

"Miss Palmer is right here" said before letting them in. In a very fancy leather and wood throne-kind armchair, it was a brunette with curly hair tips, dressing herself in a long corset-like black dress, black gloves and high heels.

Drakken and Heinz walked first to the room, soon followed by Shego. As they finally saw the woman, none could say they didn't found stricken by the beauty and the looks of Venena, definitely a bombshell.

"My guests arrived. Have you had a good trip? My driver did treat you good?" asked the brunette Mafiosi.

"We must say we had a pleasant trip", commented Drakken.

"Stunning!" Venena said before leaving the armchair and coming to receive her guests. "I am enchanted to see you three here..."

"Thanks", the trio replied in unison.

"Katie, you may leave now. I want to talk with my guests alone", Venena ordered to the maid, Katia Brajenkaia, to leave the room, what she done almost immediately. Soon, the brunette faced Drakken, Shego and Doofenshmirtz.

"I am very enchanted to see you Miss Palmer. You are sure very gorgeous", Heinz said before kissing the hand of Venena, which blushed with the compliments of the evil scientist.

"Oh, thanks! And, please, you all can end formalities here. Call me 'Venena'... Well, so you must be Dr. Doofenshmirtz, right, and you must be Drakken and this lovely girl must be Shego, am I correct?"

Drakken and Shego soon followed to compliment the woman, with Shego thinking to herself *Helluva, this woman is hot*. Soon, Venena sat on one of the couches available in the room, and the trio gone to sit in the one at the opposite side, facing her house hostess.

"I am delighted to see you here, people. You all must know that I am glad for this meeting with enchanting figures from evildom", said Venena.

"Yeah, yeah, alright. So, let's cut to the chase and talk about the money!" replied an eager Drakken.

"Calm down, Dr. Drakken. Let's not enter into further discussion now. First, I would like to explain the reasons I called you and Dr. Doofenshmirtz to my home today."

"Don't care about him, he is always eager when comes out to money", joked Shego while striking her elbow against Drakken's arm, showing her disapproval of his behavior.


"Anyway, I invited you all here because I wanted to discuss my plans. To put it in a short manner, I decided to find several minds like yours to fund them in order to make their evil plans finally work. I did a research and I found two incredible prospects on you, Mr. Drakken and also Mr. Doofenshmirtz for my objective."

"And this objective means?" asked Heinz.

"Well, I represent several interests and they are very eager to fund evil people with bright minds and uncanny efforts in order to keep them running and maybe take direct action on planning and execution of those aforementioned plans."

"And who are those 'interests you mean?", it was Drakken's turn to question the mobster boss.

"Unfortunately, I cannot disclose who they are right now, but I must tell you they are very important people on the underworld", outlined Miss Palmer, leaving amazed the three villains.

"So, how those interests are really interested on us?", now the curiosity was on Shego.

"Well, me and them have much money, as you can imagine. And we want to spend on you because we want to fund people like you. People who have the brains and the enough experience on fighting against the good side. People who can have good plans and build machinery that can be able to fulfill my interests' needs. And must say that you are those people."

"Quite interesting", stated Drakken. "But, how about the business side?"

"About that, and that's the reason I called you, I want to give you a starting capital for you. Money I think for now, it can help you on your plans. And also inform you that my interests and me will fund you virtually every time when you need it", after the brunette explained, the eyes of both doctors grew.

"And how much money do you talk, Venena?" asked a very eager and curious Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

"Well", Venena then picked a checkbook, opened and wrote a value on two checks, supposedly one for each man. "Let's see, how about.... just for the start, five million dollars", proposed Venena. Soon the currency symbol and cash register sounds blew inside the evil trio's minds.


"I know I might be putting too much of a risk investing in this, but I guess is enough for both of you fund your plans. And later, the value can rise till, who knows, ten or twenty millions... of course, it depends on how you evolve, gentlemen", explained the mobstress, before handing the checks to Drakken and Doofenshmirtz.

"I-It's..." Drakken was trying to say something when staring to the check before a more than ecstatic Shego took it out of his hands.

"It's amazing! Finally I am... I mean, we are getting the recognition we deserve! Caribbean vacation, here I go!"

"I cannot believe! You are being very generous with us, Venena", replied Heinz.

"Think, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, or well, if you let me, Heinz... think that it's a gift in upfront for what it shall come next"

"Sure is a gift! It's like Christmas!" shouted Drakken.

After enjoying their newfound source of funds, the three villains stood up and went to leave the home, all in delight and praise.

"Thanks, Miss Venena! You are a kind soul! Kind in an evil way to say", said Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

"Hope to see you soon, gentlemen and lady! Wait for news on myself to arrive soon", replied Venena as she escorted them to the outside, where the limo was awaiting them again for driving them home. After saying goodbye, Venena returned to her living room, where Katia was idly.

"Why are you there, Katia?" asked the brunette.

"Why you gave all that money for those bastards?" Katia replied with other question.

"I don't need to explain myself to you, Katia. I have my own reasons for doing that..."

"Sometimes I want to know what kind of reasons you have, Miss Palmer", commented with a tone of 'harsh irony' the Russian, now face to face with Venena.

"Frankly, we are not supposed to have this conversation. The only thing I need to talk with you is that you need to do a favor to me", said Venena.

"Don't tell me you..."

"I need you to call all your contacts back in Europe, Katia. We will need to have many money if we want the project to happen", explained the brunette Mafiosi.

"All the time is the same thing: I have to do the dirty work and you get the rewards", responded Katia.

"Katia, please, don't say that! I do not need all the money, just a part. And anyway, they will be pleased if the results are alright. So as me and you", Venena giggled before giving a little peck on the lips of her companion.

"Don't tease me, Venena!" Katia backed off quickly.

"I am not teasing you. It's just business, and anyway, I guess I will take a nap and then meet some colleagues. I call you when I am back", finished the mobster before leaving the room. Katia stood there thinking that Venena might be playing another of her 'games', and soon also left the room.



"What happened? You did what?! How? How you did it? And did you not get it? Are you thinking I am some kind of clown? We agreed on a deal: do your job that I do mine! Ok? So, next time, finish what you started, capice?" a harsh voice talked on the cellular for a few minutes, to an unknown speaker.

Soon we see a middle-aged man, with grey hair, blazer, tie and trousers, sitting on a chair and who just ended a phone conversation. His name is Rolando Piffium and he is known to be one of the most important liaisons among the villain world. His face wasn't much pleased.

Soon, a woman with long white hair walked on his office.

"Did you want to talk with me, Rolando?"

"Mirage! Come here, I was expecting for you", said Mr. Piffium to the lady, who just had left the occupation of personal secretary to Syndrome, a very influential villain in Metroville.

"I just came here as soon as I got. I am still dizzy with leaving Syndrome and starting a new life all by myself that..." the woman explained until being interrupted by the man.

"No problem! I just had a conversation with one of my clients. Come here, have a seat!" said Rolando, showing a chair in front of his desk, which Mirage sit.

"Thanks, you are so lovely! Well, tell me why you wanted to see me today?" asked Mirage.

"Well, Mirage, honey. The reason I called you was that I have an offer that I believe you can't refuse"

"Tell me and I will tell you if I can or not"

"Well", Rolando explained. "Some of my clients are having trouble on doing their tasks, so I thought I may need the help of someone that can help them to do those aforementioned tasks, and since it's your field of action..."

"You want me to help you to get all them in line?" asked curiously the girl.

"Sort of", answered Rolando.

"Well, this is very hard. I just came out of a job and I don't know if I can take the responsibility of such thing, unless if the conditions are, at least, good to me", explained Mirage, which was unsure on accepting the job.

"If you are worried about this, please don't. It's not a hard task and the financial outcome will be good if you do your job well"

"Just for curiosity, how much will be this 'financial outcome'?"

"If I pay you $ 10,000 to start a job for me now, what do you say?" proposed the liaison man.

"Ten thousand? Well, is a good value, but I think we can negotiate here..." answered Mirage


"Now you talk my language... but I am still unsure"

"Ok, since you said: $50.000! My last offer!" summarized Rolando.

"I agree!" quickly answered Mirage.

"So I guess we have a deal here!" smiled Mr. Piffium, who stood up shaking the hands of Mirage.

"Thanks, Rolando. I think I will be a great add for your company", thanked the girl.

"Well, you will be..."

"Sorry, but now I need to leave. I need to help a...err...friend in need. Can I start tomorrow?" said Mirage.

"No need to rush! I will send you the files so you can work on them this week", explained Rolando.

"Well, thanks again, I appreciated it! Well, see ya soon!" the white haired woman said goodbye to her new boss before leaving the room.




Steps could be heard inside a dark corridor, full of slightly creeping pictures and portraits of people. Inside this corridor, a male figure walked, sweating and with worries in his face.

The man had blonde hair, with a small bang covering his left eye, but the hairdo wasn't so much long it could almost reach the top of the nape. He wore a cream-colored blazer with black pinstripes above social shirt and a maroon bowtie, gray pants and brown leather shoes, shining like new. His body figure seemed of a thin man, with long and poor muscled arms.

He, whose name was Error the Terror, finally reached to his destination by opening a door and going to a room, where he was alone. But not for long. Suddenly he stared to a corridor and a black shadow appeared from nowhere, only with red gloomy eyes and a cavernous voice, impossible to distinguish gender or origin.

"Why you wanted to talk me so much?", asked Error.

"I wanted to see you Error. I got the news. I have to congratulate you on the mission at Alfea", said the voice.

"You don't need to thank. I must say it was piece of cake to attack the school and scare people there. There are so weak and powerless that I could kill all them, but I must say I have also a heart", bragged the blonde man.

"Oh, Error. You are your modesty... I forgot how you seem to see the worse in your enemies."

"Who you talk modest?", replied Error with an angry tone. "You know I have superior intelligence and powers that could put most of the world at my feet!"

"Do you want to challenge me? Who are you to dare to challenge me in the first place?", the voice also showed being bothered with the talk.

"I am Error the Terror, the worst enemy you can challenge", said the blonde man.

The figure felt disrespected by the boldness of Error and aimed a spell against its interlocutor. But Error, also an expert into magic, quickly blocked using his left arm. Part of the spell was absorbed by the mana wonderwall made by Error, while other part was directed to the shadowy figure by the man's finger, but ricocheted in the wall and hit one of the statuettes in a wooden frame table attached to the wall.

"I think you should know that I am an expert in magic tricks", stated Error, smiling wickedly. "Do you think that you could have a piece of me with this?"

"You...!", the shadow figure raised the voice, but the blonde man quickly eased its moods.

"Anyway, I didn't come here for an altercation. You called me here for one reason and I want to hear about it!"

"Yes, I called you, Error. The reason I called you is that I have a new task for you. Well, two tasks", the voice said.

"Tasks? Quite interesting..."

"I got information of two places that seem vital for our plan and I want you to conquer them", explained the figure.

"Conquering? Well, this teases me a lot. Tell me, how these places are worthy of my presence", again bragged Error.

"Pay attention to me! One of the places is the Sultanate of Agrabah, at the Middle East. The place is one of the wealthiest of the world and I have heard to some 'activity' around there, as it happen in the other place, in France, a castle that is surrounded by a small village."

"Quite different places. But why you want me to do that job?", asked the blonde evil man.

"As I said, I found out those two places are strategic for the plan to finding the stone and I want you go there and try to conquer them for me and see if what I've got informed is the truth", explained the voice.

"And what you want me to do?"

"Agrabah is a well-guarded place. Not only the Sultan has a personal army but I also got the information there is a thief that works closest with him and his daughter, and he has a free lamp genie with him", the figure continued to explain the plan.

"A genie? Well, I like the challenge. I never fought a genie before but I am sure he will be no game to me", Error said, again bragging himself, which annoyed the shadow figure.

"Please, let me finish! Anyway, about the other place, I have no much of information, but I know that the prince that rules there has a small army, and the people on the village were trained on battle..."

"Peasants who can battle..."

"And apart that, I want you to stay closely watching these two girls..." the voice said before a foggy screen appeared in front of Error, showing the pictures of two girls. "The one in the left is Princess Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan. She is fierce and independent and is always involved in adventures with the aforementioned genie, her so-called boyfriend, a former thief and her pets. The one at your right is named Belle, she is a village girl. She can look all innocent and cute, but she is very intelligent and also has knowledge of battle.", the demonic voice lectured to Error.

"And why you want me to keep an eye on them?", asked Error.

"For now, you just keep an eye. Later, I will give you further instructions. Now you are dismissed. I talk to you soon", the voice said before disappearing from the room, leaving Error alone, thinking about the mission while he made his way out of the room.

"Well, I guess Agrabah is my first spot. I will take on that genie by myself. And the other place it can wait... or not..."


Vic and Bloom took a separate room, embracing each other at a seemingly never-ending festival of kissing. The Brazilian closed the door for privacy, but didn't expect the redhead fairy had already removed her top, showing her gray cotton bra, and getting ready to unzip her jeans out.

"Seems I got an impatient girl, isn't?", he grinned.

"I am a nymph, and well, that's why we are built for", answered Bloom.

"So you are attending the 'nature call', right?"

"You don't know the half how true is that!", commented the Winx member.

"You must be surprised if I tell you how much I know about you", laughed Victor.

"Really?", Bloom was surprised with what she heard, but soon she got the mood back to herself. "Anyway, let's not discuss that. Let's discuss you and me, right here, right now".

The redhead quickly got her lover in the right mood when teasing him while taking off her jeans, only to reveal she wore black stockings underneath it. Since she knew he had a thing for that, it was a call for him to get hard.

"So, liked it? Bought it last week!"

"They... are... perfect!"

"Sorry, I didn't found a hat to match it...I tried but all of them were all expensive", explained Bloom, before Victor interrupted.

"It's okay. Well, I came here for you...", said the Brazilian, letting Bloom blush.

Then Victor took off his shirts and unbuttoned his pants, being only on boxers. The redhead nymph decided to take the matters for herself and pulled off his underwear, revealing a large and already hard cock, pulsating for some sexual action.

"Wow, you are really impatient!", commented Vic.

"Only when it comes to cock and pussy", replied Bloom, with a wicked smile.

Bloom took a turn to see Vic's package and saw the hunkness she brought to her bedroom. Bloom bent herself on her knees and started to lick the tip of his cock, teasing the Brazilian's balls with one of her hands. Was enough to make Victor let a moan get out of this throat. The redhead fairy used her tongue to tease her boyfriend, going up and down, slowly lapping the head and also the balls, and way back to the head. The procedure worked as Bloom predicted.

"Uhhh... yeah, baby! You're so good, Bloom!"

After licking for a while, the Winx member noticed a strong thickness of Vic's wiener. The redhead nymph decided to get another approach to her man's.

"Time for some milk-squeezing"

Saying this, Bloom grabbed his cock with one hand and put the remaining visible part into her mouth. Victor whispered in pleasure as the Winx member slowly sucked him, using her lips to push his rod inside her throat. Soon, that hand went down to his balls and the fairy alternate sucking and licking in order to tease the male in scene.

"Your cock is so good, Vic sweet! I wonder how I lived without knowing you"

"I am the one doing the....uhhhh... same question right now!"

Bloom kept sucking the Brazilian, watching every reaction of his face and changing the pace of her mouthwork following the feedback. She gone as hard as she could sometimes, but then could go back to a soft and slow blowing move, pacing her fellatio like a very experienced person on that matter.

"Uhhhhh... Suck it! Suck it good!"
Bloom enforced her oral skills so good that it didn't take longer to Victor sweep a small quantity of precum from his genital. The fire fairy didn't bothered with that and tasted the liquid sprouted by her lover with a smile, even licking which was left on her lip, just for the pleasure of his eyes.

"Hmm.... delicious! I should have tasted it the earliest!", grinned the Winx member, clearly in a kinky tone. But before Vic had something to add to her comment, Bloom climbed on the bed, on all fours position, raising her butt in the direction of the South American hunk and using her hands to expose him her loveholes.

"Pick any hole you want! For you, it's lifetime free pass, honey!"

"Sure I do!", Vic said without any hesitation and climbed on bed, inserting his manhood inside Bloom's pussy. The feeling of the tip was enough to make the redhead moan, the feeling increased as the most of it was inside and pumping.

"Ohhh... fuck me, stud!"

To enhance the sexual joy she was feeling, she squeezed her pussy, making it a bit tighter for him to screw. She also moved her waist to be closer to Victor's crotch. The changes worked well, with her lover thrusting slowly and in a paced rhythm into the nymph's ass.

"You are so delicious, Bloom! You're so hot! I wonder how much those girls can't resist with you around!"

"Nymphs have their way....Ohhhhhhhh... and well, ask Stella or anyone about... Ahhhh... how I am in bed!"

Vic enhanced his own fuck-speed, raising with that the pleasure felt by his lover. To even create a naughty environment, he gave a quick but slow slap on Bloom's butt cheeks. The redhead turned his face and smiled with a wicked accent, which meant that he was at the good way. The Brazilian, with that, slapped and squeezed her buttocks, giving Bloom any more reasons to moan.

"Ahhhh! Fuck me Victor! Fuck me! Fuck your hot girl, stud boy! Fuck me baby!"

But as soon as she was getting much pleased than ever, Vic removed the cock from her pussy, which disappointed a little the Winx fairy, but everything changed when, without any warning, his dick went right into her butthole.


At first, the Domino nymph got struck by surprise with the sudden decision of Victor's, but soon when he started to pump his rod inside her butthole, got struck by surprise with the sudden decision of Victor's, but soon when he started to pump his rod inside her butthole, she could give her some of her 'anal aids' for him, using her nymph skills to tighten her asshole enough to give her a proper ramming, giving to both the needed sexual delight for the situation.

"Ahhhhhh! Yeah!!!! Fuck My ass!"

The ass pumping wasn't enough for them so they decided to change places, with Bloom standing herself facing the wall and Vic behind her. There, he decided to take a little 'freedom' on pumping, switching from pussy to ass and the vice-versa in a constant pace, giving the redhead enough reasons to moan harder and louder.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My Gooooooooooooooooooood!"

The appeal of seeing her lover pumping her near the wall gave Bloom new heights in pleasure that were even better as they got to kiss each other frenzily while Victor exchanged holes. And with that, only one thing could be on her reach...

To avoid having an orgasm that she didn't wanted that soon, the fairy employed everything she could to hold off her own feelings, as from just biting her lips to use her hips to be herself on different position or even ask Vic to slow down. It worked for a while, but cumming was something that it was just about to happen to her.

"Oh, My Fucking God! Not Yet! I don't do cum just Not..."


Bloom had an enormous orgasm, ones that might she never felt in her life. She screamt all she could bearing the pleasure and delight Victor gave to her that night. For a nymph, it was surely something that she should be used to, but with a hunk like the Brazil, it was millions of times better.

"Ahhhh! Yeah! Oh My Dear Lord! Oh Yeah! My Goodness!"

Victor removed his dick inside Bloom, pretty much full of her love juices and watched her orgasm. When she stopped, she turned to him and noticed that he was still rock hard. For her, something like that wasn't right.

"Now we're gone to fix your problem, babybums!"

She sat on her bed, bringing along her the Brazilian and quickly wrapped his cock between her tits and started to rub it in a faster way. She watched Victor's reaction in order to know when he was about to cum, therefore going as faster as she could on titfucking before herself putting the cock inside her mouth again and sucking it hard and deep. It didn't take longer for what she expected.

"I... can't... hold it... Bloom....Ahhh....Cummmmmmmmmmmminnng!"

Victor just came inside Bloom's mouth. The redhead felt his hot liquid going down her throat and esophagus. Feeling that she would choke, he took it out of her mouth and sprouted his load on her face. Bloom felt delight on getting hit by his manmilk and also took another 'sip' of it when blowing the squirting rod again.


She smiled after he finished to cum, and then got surprised when Victor decided to help her to clean herself, licking his own cum off her face.

"You are used to lick your own cum?", asked the Winx girl.

"There are some stuff you gotta know about me!", answered Victor.

"I am eager to know more!"

"Well, only if you tell me some of your stuff too..."

"Better if I say that this fuck was by far the best I ever had", said a cheerful Bloom.

"Thanks! With a woman like you, it's a crime not to give pleasure! I hope that will not be the last!", replied Victor in a romantic way.

"Be sure that this is not the last one for a long time"

Victor and Bloom kissed each other and lay on bed, embracing their naked bodies.


Layla closed the door of her room, hand by hand with Merder. As soon as they were in, they embraced in a deep, passionate kiss. Their hands traveled on each other's bodies, making sure the moment was deep and romantic.

"It's been since when we had our last time?", the chocolate-skinned Winx member asked after breaking the kiss.

"I don't know. But I don't want to talk about past. I want to talk about now", answered the Dutchman before kissing again Layla. She smiled but quickly withdrawn herself from her lover.

"Stay just there. I got something for you"

"Is it a surprise? I love surprises!", cheered the young man.

"But just stay there. And don't try to look!", the fairy warned as Merder covered his eyes with his hands, as his eagerness grew with each second of waiting for what Layla was getting ready for their soon to be "night of love".

After a while of waiting, Layla turned back to Merder and ordered him to remove his hands of his eyes, to reveal his lover a naked fairy, unless by a single detail, a pair of green satin gloves, reaching two or three fingers near the elbow.

"So, do you like what you see?", asked the ebony girl to a speechless Merder. "I didn't knew what kind of gloves you like, so I hope these can fit your taste"

"I-I-It's... excellent!"

"So do you like it?", asked Layla

"Of course I do!", answered Merder.

"I am glad I pleased you, Merder honey! I just wanted to make you a surprise, and since you like gloves..."

"I must admit I am very surprised, Layla"

"Well, I guess now I need to show you how much I am pleased to have you with me tonight", said the Winx member before using her hands to remove the shirt, pants and underwear of her man, leaving him naked. Merder was extremely eager to see what she was about to do with him. And judging by his cock, his eagerness was at the peak point.

"My God! You are stunning tonight!", complied the fairy girl.

"It's just I can't resist to a hot woman wearing gloves. Don't know why or when, but gloves always picked my mind", replied the Dutchman, before Layla touched the tip of his rod with one of her fingers, the enough for hearing a brief moan. She pressed it again and Merder answered with other short whisper. Layla felt she was going in the right way.

"I guess you liked my touch. Let me try other things here", thought the fairy, using her index finger to run on his penis, only to see the moans get less brief and also a bit louder than before. She went further doing it, feeling how Merder was rock hard. After the moment of teasing, Layla asked if the Dutch boy couldn't be on the bed.

"I guess I can have a better way to use those gloves", said the ebony female taking her lover to sit on her bed. By his side, Layla sit. She made him sit properly to make him watch better the scene. She positioned his cock upright where she could do what she was intended to.

"Well, now let me take that matter by the hands", Layla played. After that, her left hand grabbed Merder's penis, to another brief moan. She held it not too hard enough to avoid pain, but her grip managed to take a little more than moans from his lover. Then, the ebony fairy slowly slid her hand down the shaft until reaching the scrotum area. Merder seemed he liked the procedure, giving his face and grunts. Following that, the Winx member repeated it, but going up the shaft, again slowly.


Noticing how her love partner seemed to love the gloved action, Layla went further and repeated her action, going up and down on Merder's dick, with slow moves, masturbating the Dutchman. Her slow tempo, plus the way her hands were wrapped on, made the fabric get the maximum of contact with his cock, bringing him to immediate pleasure.

"Uhhhh... yeah! Keep doing it, Layla!"

She observed the reactions every time her hand slid on Merder's phallus. The pleasure felt by her male partner increased with each single move. * Let's try something here * thought, while going a little bit faster on her jerking. Which managed to make the man more pleased. The more the speed grew, more delightful was the situation for him due to the glove material friction against his cock.

"Are you liking, honeybug?", asked the fairy

"Ahhhh....", it was only what Merder could answer at the time.

"Want me to get faster?"

"Ahhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh!!"

Layla surely understood it as a 'yes' and kept wanking the Dutch toonvert, now with fast strokes, but not much faster. The steady rhythm of her gloved hand going up and down his penis brought him to a world of delirious joys. He pretty much didn't even saw what Layla was doing, opening and closing his eyes in a ritual where the only thing he could feel was the most amazing pleasure one man could have. All because of a handgear.

"Uhhhh... God... That is soooooo gooohhhhhhhhhd!"

The speed was increased and Merder was moaning louder than he could. Layla was getting aroused by it, but felt that if, he came, it would ruin all the good time she wanted to have with him later. So, with her index finger of her free hand, she decided to make a test.

"How about if I do...this on you"

The finger went right into the space between Merder's testicles. She pressed quickly the place while raising the speed of her handjob. The reaction was what she expected: moans and contortions of joy of the Dutchman.


Layla decided to keep going and stimulated the scrotum with her glove-covered finger, as much as intercalating quick strokes of her other hand with slow ones, trying to avoid him to cum soon, and also teasing even more her lover. She even feared she would kill him with what she was doing.

"Pffahhhhfggg.... yeah... Use these hot gloves on me! Ahhhh.... Uhhh..."

Pretty much of that action took few minutes before Layla decided to withdraw her hands from Merder's cock, feeling he was about to cum and taking time for him to 'rest', still with his cock rock hard. When it seemed he regained strength, the ebony Winx bent herself to lick the tip of the cock.


She quickly lapped the head of Merder's dick, before she swallowed it with an already eager mouth. Slowly, she gave a first blowjob before returning to lick the tip and tease the boy with alternating quick and slow laps, going from the tip to the balls.

"Your hands are divine, but your mouth is... Ohhhh...", said Merder between moaning

"Your cock is divine, Merder sweetie", replied Layla.

The Fluids Fairy again involved Merder's rod inside her mouth, blowing it. She positioned herself better, with her knees on the mattress and bent to perform the oral action. As soon she got to suck deep and hard, he helped her by using his head to make sure she wouldn't leave.

"Uhhhh...suck me Layla!"

The taste of cock wasn't new for the fairy, and so was Merder's cock. But that night, the whole surprise about the gloves and the job she did before the fellatio was enough to make that different. Merder was feeling stuff that, even to him, were way beyond his thoughts. And for Layla, was a nasty and kinky situation on pleasing the man she loves and also herself as well.

The oral procedures went further with Layla going deepthroat on Merder's cock. The dark skinned girl took much care and didn't went much faster on the Dutchman's to avoid the cum. She alternate hard mouth strokes with a few handjobs and tongue laps.

"I am jealous of the women that can get access to this prime beauty!", praised the Winx member.

"You don't need to be. Perhaps I can introduce you to some of them", replied Merder, which Layla giggled with some 'naughty intention'.

After around 30 minutes or so of blowjob, Layla stood up on the mattress, with the legs surrounding Merder's thighs. He grabbed on her hips and steadily guided her down to sit on his lap, positioning her body in order for her cunt be filled by his wiener. Both had to do a series of changing positions to find the perfect fit.

With his lover facing him, and also with some guidance, Merder started to stick his rod inside the ebony pussy, which Layla answered with a short moan. The chocolate-skinned fairy, on other hand, answered the strokes by 'forcing' her hips to 'follow' the moves of Merder's penis. To put it clear, they would move opposite ways, when Merder gone 'up', she was 'down', and so son, to make the fucking be more pleasurable and the cock be more inside her.

"Ohhhh.... Ahhhh...."

The slow and steady 'movements' of the couple created a sexy and different tone for their intercourse. Both 'fucking' each other, going to some kind of extreme action they wanted. Since Merder and Layla didn't wanted to lose the pace, he embraced himself wrapping his arms on the ebony Winx's back. Layla did the same with Merder, like they didn't wanted to get away of each other.

"Fuck me Merder, honey! Put that cock on me! Ahhhhh! Yeah! God!"

"I love to do you Layla! Ooohhh... You are a gift from gods. Well, in your case... Ahhhhh.... the fairies!"

"So, kiss me! Kiss me!"

Merder didn't wait and kissed Layla with huge passion, lips and tongues quickly going at each other in a naughty frenzy action. Meanwhile, both raised the pace of their mutual fucking, getting enormously pleased. The moans and screams couldn't happen if they kissed, so the tongue moves kinda appeased their urge to loud demonstrations of delight. The Dutch male was completely mesmerized with the skills of the dark-skinned girl. Being himself a fan of the ebony female beauty, it was like Heaven for him. Or even more than the Heaven, who knows.

The same could be said to Layla, a young female that hadn't so far a true love, apart having her friends at Winx Club as often-time lovers. She found herself in the arms of a lustful, horny and always pleased on loving and caring about her. And that contributed for the scene become a festival of lust.

After a while, the couple got enough of riding and sit side by side, in spoons positions. Layla in the front, had her arms placed in a way that Merder, behind her, could slide his dick into the moist vagina of his lover. Quickly after that, the delightful party got back on track, with Merder giving hard and gentle thrusts, providing Layla to moan and squeal as loud as she could to bear the pleasure he was giving to her.

"Yeah! Fuck me Merder! Fuck me! Make me cream!"

"You are so hot Layla! You are so hot and so delicious! Your body is so hot!"

"So fuck me stallion! Pump me! Put your hot dick inside me!"

Merder pumped hard and deep on Layla, giving his lover tons of pleasure. Every thrust he gave to her set an amazing amount of pleasure on both, already engaged in the best sex they could have, until of course the next one. An interracial love that neither civil rights person would dream it better.

"Give me yoooooooourrhhhhhhhhhh....aaahghhhhhhhhhhhhh... Yes!"

A little precum slipped from Merder's cock, enhancing the coitus by letting the cock slippery inside a very wet pussy. The couple was in almost incredible synergy, like they were meant for each other.

"Uhhhh... My God. You are divanaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Layla!"

How much it would last all that fun? Merder and Layla tried more and more as she was in all fours at one point with her lover pumping as hard and deep as he could. Both knew that orgasm was a matter of time, so why not delay a little the fun by changing positioning and trying a few stuff like some mounting and missionary like positions.

"You really know a lot on that, right?", asked Merder.

"I have excellent teachers there!", said a proud Layla.

Perhaps the sex went for one hour or more, even two, till they approached the orgasm lane. Layla seemed to be the first on it, so Merder made it all to make her achieve, by giving her oral pleasure.

"Ohhh... Yeah! Lick my pussy!"

"You so good, Layla, you so good!"

Quick and paced laps brought the ebony fairy close to the Pleasuredom Heaven, step by step. Legs wrapped around his shoulders and everything he could handle at her pussy. The cumming was almost there.

"Ohhh... God... I am clooosssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee, my God! God, I am... I am... Oh my! I am...."

A brief moment of silence.

A full load of female juices 'exploded' on Merder's face at result of the orgasm Layla had. It was so intense that he had to stop drinking her juices and watch for a while to see her reactions bearing the ultimate moment of sexual pleasure that a woman can have. The Dutchman had time to drink and lick everything that Layla could deliver to him, tasting all her love juices while she moaned as louder as she could.

After Layla, it was Merder time to get an orgasm himself and the ebony Winx surely took her time to help him. He jerked off and the fluids fairy treated on sucking him as much as she could, taste again his and her own fluids.

It didn't take too much for her get what she wanted...

"Goooaahhhh..... I'mm...ooohhh....CUMMMMMMMMMMMINGGG!"

The Dutchman blew his whole load of jizz on Layla, that made a small trick to let everything fall on her face and boobs, covering them in white sperm, in the one of the most naughtiest visions one can have in Earth. Or Alfea. Layla took a while to clean her up, while Merder cummed on her till the last drop. Even her gloves got sticky with goo, but she didn't mind to lick it, which let the boy even more excited.

"God, it was amazing! I never want to stop loving you Layla!", said Merder.

"Me too! You are the amazing hunk, babe! You fuck so well!", praised the chocolate skinned fairy.

"Thanks, but you have this delicious and hot body and I cannot stop thinking on doing you all the time!"

"You say that to all girls you meet, right?", asked Layla.

"I hope you aren't jealous, but I do tell, but with each one is special, so as you", said Merder, to make Layla blush.

"Really? Well, thanks, but anyway, I want to meet all those girls you brag about, ok?"

"I will introduce them, no need to be angry. Now I just want to rest for a while. Follow me?', suggested the Dutchman.


Both lay on the bed and slept.


After the couples left the room, the remaining Winx members stayed in the library room, Tecna and Musa were browsing the Internet, while Flora was watching and. Stella, instead, sit on one of the chairs, her hand on the chin and stamping her foot in the table and floor, not seeming too much pleasant.

"How much time they will spend there?", muttered the blonde fairy.

"Why you worry so much with this, Stella?", asked Tecna.

"I am not worried! I just feel bored, just that..."

"Sorry, but I know your tone of voice and it's not boredom I detect", replied Musa. "It seems another case of 'jealousy, Stella version"

"How come you say that, Musa?", said a slightly angry Stella.

"Come on, Stella! I and everybody in this room, in the three schools and the whole Magix knows you have the hots for the guys, and specially, for Bloom... please, hiding that is not what you do best", answered the music fairy.

"You would understand if you became too close with someone after saving its life", replied Stella.

"Stella", Flora approached the Solaria princess. "Listen, there is no way for you to act like that. Bloom still cares about you and likes you. It's just she does like Victor too, as much as she like all of us too!"

"Easy for you. You don't feel that you should be inside that bedroom with them right now!"

"I know how much you are a sucker for both of them, but relax. Bloom loves you and surely when you get alone, will be the turn of you getting together. And, besides that, you two are not exclusive of each other...", explained the flower Winx.

"Well, I do like Vic too, and also find Merder very hot... and anyway, don't get me wrong, but I also do like you all. It's that me and Bloom..."

"Yeah, yeah...I know, you two have a deep connection since you saved her life and brought her here. Yeah, we know that", Tecna also appeared to give her comfort to Stella. "

"Now I feel guilty to make you bothered with my selfish rumbling", said Stella with a bit sad tone of voice.

"No need to", answered Flora. "And you know good that we are inside your heart too..."

"What do you mean?"

Stella didn't even finished to question Flora as she noticed who she winked to Tecna and the two girls started to touch her buttocks through her miniskirt. The blonde girl didn't expected for that, but soon found out that could be good.

"Now that you brought it, well, I guess one of our famous orgies will be the meal of the day", smirked Stella. Musa quickly joined her two friends, not wanting to get behind on the 'orgy train'.

"Who needs males if we can be of a good service", played Tecna, seeing Stella being object of three eager women, groping her ass and her boobs. The fairy gave out a slight moan.

It didn't took any longer for the four girls present at the place build a horny weather down there, with Stella taking turns on kissing her friends. The urge managed to see everyone at the library kissing and groping each other on an interesting build-up to something bigger.

The foursome quickly removed all of their clothes, not stopping on kissing and groping each other. Soon, the four girls split, with Flora having her moment with Stella and Musa with Tecna.

Stella had her back against the wall while the golden-haired fairy girl used her mouth to run all over her body, from the mouth to the pussy, while stimulating it a little with her fingers, of course causing her to moan.

"Uhhh... Ahh... Flora..."

The nature fairy planted her face on Stella's genitalia, and the blonde girl felt the tongue of her friend start to work on her. On other side, Musa laid Tecna on the floor, and with the pink-haired Winx member legs open, made herself into the oral pleasures.

"Ohhh... Ahhh... Lick me Flora!'

"Ahhhh... Yeah! Musa! Ahhhhh!"

With the slight advantage of being against the wall, Stella could bear a little the pleasure released by Flora's diligent work at her pussy, making her outer lips as open as they could for her mouth to feast on. Meanwhile, Musa munched carpet on Tecna, eating the exotic tastes of her friend and lover, lapping and sucking for the sex juices.

"Uhhhhhh... Ahhh... Yeah!"

The noises running around the library mixed with the noises coming from the rooms gave Alfea a very arousing environment. While Flora had Stella still on the wall, giving her the cunnilingual pleasures, quickly Tecna and Musa had other tricks on them switching to a hot and naughty 69.

"Ohhhh! Ahhhh!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.. Yeaahhh!"

It did look that wouldn't stop that early, but Flora decided to give up on licking and go to another approach on her blonde friend.

"Stay right here, I have something to spice this show"

While the blonde girl waited for Flora to come back, she masturbated, watching how Tecna and Musa pleased themselves in the sixty-niner. The technological Winx, on to, munched the musical fairy's pussy and clit deep and hard, as the pigtailed girl did at bottom, with the extra of some ass fingering and butt-slapping.

"Ahhhh... Yeah! Uhhhh... Ahhh..."

Soon Flora came back holding a tree branch, but that only aroused the curiosity of the blonde Winx member.

"I think that is too thin for a dildo, Flora", ironically remarked Stella.

"Not funny, Stella. And this is not the dildo" Flora said before using her plant magic to create a 'plant sextoy' from the branch, mimicking the size and the shape of a normal penis but with the advantage of having some 'features' a sex toy cannot have. "But this is"

"The old trick of 'plant sex'... nicely done, Flora", said Stella, before positioning herself to receive the toy. "So, what about now?"

Flora didn't say much as the tree cock was planted near her pussy, of course giving the other girls free access to her smutty place. The nature fairy then inserted the toy inside Stella, and started to fuck her friend, much for her eagerness.

"Fuck it Flora! Fuck me! Take me to the stars!"

As Flora and Stella were about to have more sex, Tecna and Musa withdrew from the 69 and move to the next level. Musa went outside the library and in a few minutes came back with a purple strap-on with thin straps and a thick shaft, already attached to her body.

"I thought Stella was the eager one, but you aren't far behind", said the pink haired girl.

Musa smiled and proceeded with the action coming close to her friend, with the fake dick near her face. Tecna didn't had other option (and neither wanted one) than open her mouth and watch the music lover stick it in.

"I think it's time for you to suck my cock, Tecna honey", asked Musa.

It became a cock-party for lesbians (or sort of) inside that library, with Flora telling Stella to turn around and offer her butt cheeks to her, while sticking again into her wet cunt. Meanwhile, Tecna had herself sucking Musa's strap-on dildo watching how her lover grinned in ecstasy with such act.

"Ahhhh... Yeah... Fuck me Flora! Fuck Me!"

"Take that cock, you slut! I know you like it!"

"Go on, Tecna, suck that cock of mine....ohhhh yeah... that's good"

Of course it wasn't like the real thing, but for them it didn't matter if it was through toys or not, since lesbian pleasures aren't to be discarded that easy. And, with that, Flora was now banging the butt hole of Stella as now Musa had Tecna laid with her legs wide and, as it can be imagined, doing the technological fairy. And if there was a place that meeting could go, was to a very pleasurable place.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!"

"Ohhhhh.... Yeah! Ahhhhhhhhhhh"

"My God! Yes... Fuck me! Ahhhhh! Uhhhh!"

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck! Yeahhhhh...."

Being four girls at that place, the configurations they could do were countless, and soon all girls had brought their toys to join their fun. Stella was still facing the wall and now Flora were banging her butthole, while Musa went below them to eat the blonde's pussy while Tecna rammed the pussy of the blue-haired fairy.

"That's so much fun, as always! I hope Bloom and Layla are having the same fun as us", shouted Tecna.

"I don't know, but I sure I am having the best fun! This is the best orgy ever!", said Flora.

"Ahhh... Until... sluuurpp... the next one, gals...", replied Musa.

And the lustful moments weren't to stop that soon. The four girls lined up, one behind the other, and slid each other's strap-ons into the pussies or asses of the girl in the front, creating the 'train of pleasure', one of their favorite positions in orgies, where they fucked each other almost simultaneously in order to create a chain of pleasure. As usual, it worked a lot.


'Ahhhh.... Yess! Yes! Yes!"

"Yeahhhhh...Ahhhh..... oh yesssss! Yes!"

"Yessss.... Go for it! Fuck my cunny! Fuck it!@"

"Uhhhhh....Yeah, fuck me, fuck me!"

The trail of pleasure went through for some minutes, with the fake cocks going in and out of the holes with an endurance that would blush even the most experienced porn actor or actress. But the fun wasn't about to end because the girls quickly took off their toys and lay on the floor for a session of daisy-chain licking, to make them all cum together. The order was Flora on Tecna, Tecna on Stella, Stella on Musa and Musa on Flora.

Already in a state of constant pleasuring by lesbian sex, it didn't take longer for them to reach wherever they want, with all the licking. Almost at the same time, the foursome reached to the climax.


"I can't... ahhhhh... hold myself..."

"Me too... I am.... uhhh yeahhhh..."

"Goinggggggggggghhhhhh tooo.."


And so they came... a big orgasm they had. To be true, they came almost at the same time as the other couples inside Alfea did. If they trained that, could be even more amazing...

And after the orgasm, the girls kissed and embraced each other while trying to recover themselves.

"Girl, again another great orgy", said Stella.

"Too bad Bloom and Layla weren't here... they missed the action", added Musa.

"But we all agree they enjoyed a great night tonight", commented Tecna.

"So as us", said Flora.

The girls giggled and vowed as usual to repeat that soon...

Chapter Text

chapter 4


The following morning, everybody appeared at Alfea’s Cafeteria, all dressed and reunited for breakfast. But not everyone was pleased with some of the things involved on that meeting.

“Are you annoyed by something, Bloom?” asked Victor to the redhead fairy.

“Well, I am. I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay! I want to spend the day with you in my room”, answered Bloom.

“I want to stay with you, but I need go to back to work... I know it’s hard, but I really need to go. I’m sorry, Bloom”

“I know”, whispered a sad Domino nymph. “It’s just I wanted to be with you, both of us naked, having the best of sex... you know how much last night matters to me”

“For me too, Bloom, and you know how I like you and how I liked last night. But we have plenty of other nights to do it, I am sure of that”, said Victor, holding Bloom on his arms.

“I will not ask you if you promise me because I know that it’s true... maybe it’s just my nymph mind taking over my being”, replied a relieved Bloom.

“Well, the girls will be around, so I guess your nymph instinct will be fulfilled at best”, smirked Victor before kissing Bloom.

After the breakfast and the usual chat of how the night was (and, well, for them, the night was... unique), they turned on the TV to watch the news and all the local Magix channels had reports about weird fluctuations and creatures appearing from nowhere and causing mayhem at some places. Everyone got worried and curious on what was going on.

“This is so strange. I hope it doesn’t mean the stone is weakening”, said Tecna.

“But we don’t know for sure if it’s the stone since there is no signal the interdimensional flow was harmed, because so far nobody knows where is the real location of the main stone”, added Bloom. “But there are clues on where might be some possible locations”

“Clues?” asked a confused Merder.

“Well, clues. Historically, there were several clues that some places have influence on the location and the strength of the stone. One of those places is the Mouth of Hell, at the Nethercountry”, explained the fire Winx.

“Mouth of Hell? Nethercountry?” Merder asked before bursting a laugh that nobody inside the cafeteria could understand.

“What’s so funny about that?” questioned Stella;

“Well, nothing... it’s the name reminds of a city there I used to live, Helmond, in Netherlands”

“And how did it made you remind of that?” was time of Bloom ask to the Dutchman.

“Well, Nethercounty reminds of Netherlands, since every country is a piece of land, and also Helmond literally translating to English means ‘Hell Mouth’ or sort of it”

“Seems weird, but logical”, thought Bloom before she listened a vibrating sound and a beep, coming from Vic and Murder’s lap.

“Oops”, both said before checking their cell phones “What it is about now?” After checking what it could be a message, the girls went with curious eyes to know what it meant.

‘Sorry, girls, but our little date will have to end. They are calling me at the station to solve some problems”, explained Merder.

“And the agency is calling me. They must be wondering where I am now”, added Victor, much to the girls’ disappointment. They then stood up and kissed the cheeks of the six fairies before moving out of the room.

“Anything you need to tell us, send us a message or you know where to find us. We might come back if we find something new”

“Okay boys, me and the girls will continue the research here and tell you if we find something about the stone or the creature”, said Tecna.

After that, the two men said goodbye to the Winx Club members and went back to their jobs.


Victor parked his ride at a parking lot at walking distance from his Private Eye company and went himself on his feet to his workplace, a few blocks from where his car was, while thinking how his last days were, having sex with two hot women as Frankie Foster and Bloom. Of course, he was singing and cheering everyone that he saw, in a signal of delightful happiness.

With blocks of distance, he saw a white dog with a hat sitting at the staircase in front of a yellow-colored bricked building. He moved himself towards that dog, the famous private eye named Droopy, to talk with him.

“Hey Droopy! How’s been the day?”

“Oh... hey, hello Victor. Been a swell day, just waiting for Miss Whitebotom to appear... how about you?” replied Droopy,

“Been a great day, my man. Just came back from Alfea. You don’t believe how things there are kinda messed up”, answered the Brazilian. “And what kind of things I faced... lucky I am alive”

“I imagine”, pondered the dog. “But, judging for your singing, I guess you lucky last night. It was that redhead, don’t? Or was the blonde? Or the dark-skinned?”

“In fact, two redheads. But they were separate occasions and all I can say for now I had a great couple of days and nights...” bragged Vic. “Anyway, why Dripple isn’t with you?”

“I sent him to buy me some coffee while I wait for my client”

“I see... anyway, tell him that those papers he sent to be analyzed are done and he can pick it up anytime he wants”

“I’ll tell him...” said Droopy.

“Okay...” Victor thought before looking a busty brunette with a tube dress and a purse walking at the other side of street. “Hey, that isn’t Miss Whitebotom right there?”

“Where? Oh, there she is...” the white dog said before removing his hat and combing his patch of red fur above his head.

“I’ll leave you with your client... drop by my office anytime for a drink or two. Bye!” Victor said goodbye to Droopy as his voluptuous client approached his PI agency and the Brazilian took the path for his own.

V2K Investigations and Intelligence Services was the name of his agency, a five-story silver colored building with a big facade with the name of the company and listing its services. It was a dream of Victor to run a private eye office and it started as a small thing, but as days went by, the business grew and he found himself doing stuff other than private detective things. Droopy, which ran his own office with his son Dripple, was his colleague and both helped each other in many occasions, strengthening their relationship.

As Vic walked inside the place and past the electronic identification process, he noticed the place was mostly empty and no work was to be seen. Approaching the reception, he noticed a pigtailed blonde girl wearing a beret, red t-shirt and overalls taking a nap.

“Sandy...” he called for her but she didn’t wake up

“Sandy...” after five or ten seconds he called her again. Annoyed with that, Victor decided to be harsh and punched the table, making Sandy end her sleep quickly

“Err? What? When? Where?... Oh, hi boss!”

“Don’t you have anything to do? Like, being awake if a client walks in”, criticized the Brazilian.

“Oh... ehheheh... I am sorry, Vic. But there is no client here, and you know it’s a bore if there is no work. So I think I ended up taking a nap...”, said a bit ashamed Sandy.

”I know about that, I will not lie that I take naps sometimes in my office. But what if a potential customer comes? How he or she will react if the receptionist is sleeping on the table?”, questioned the owner.

“I said I am sorry... it’s just today is too boring. Nobody appeared and we don’t have even enough employees...”, replied the blonde girl.

“And where they are?”

“I am right here, boss!” shouted Spud. Victor got scared as Arthur Spudinski appeared like from nowhere to ‘surprise’ Victor.

“Spud, dammit! Do you want to kill me?”, argued Victor to him, recovering from the scare.

“No, boss! I saw you and you mentioned about the employees, so I needed to present myself, dude”

“It seems I am not the only one who gets scared around here”, Sandy commented, but retreated after Victor turned to her with disapproval looks about her remark.

“Anyway, why almost nobody is here? And where is Trixie, by the way?”

“Well, I don’t know. Milo is here but he went to check some stuff, and Trixie helped Jake with chores at his grandfather’s store and will only come in afternoon. About the others, Cornelia called and told me that she and Taranee will appear late to work due to school commitments, and the rest, I don’t have a clue”, explained Spud.

“I see... and about those papers meant to be delivered to Dripple. Are they ready?”, asked Victor.

“Yes, dude, they are. And Dripple said he will drop by to get them after he does some stuff with his father”, answered the beanie-wearing boy.

“Good... I’ll be at my office now. You two call me if someone appears or if there is anything I should know, right?”, the Brazilian announced before leaving Spud and Trixie and moving upstairs to where his main office is.


Merder had finally reached his place, the local police precinct, where he worked as a detective of Special Victims Unit and Vice Crimes, the section where crimes from solicitation to hard cases involving sexual exploitation, rape and sexual abuse were to be investigated.

As he reached the place and greeted his police mates, he noticed an officer pointing to him while talking with a shorthaired redhead. Close to her, a pigtailed blonde girl in pink dress and shoes, supposedly mother and daughter. After that, they approached the Dutchman.

“Excuse me, I was talking with that officer and he told me you work for Special Victims...”

“Yes, I am”, answered Merder. “How I can be useful to you, ma’am?”

“I came here to report a crime... is with you that I can report?”, asked the visibly nervous.

“Well, come with me to a more private room and you tell me what is going on...”, said the detective, following the woman and her kid to a room, where there wasn’t a disturbance of the precinct chat.

“Now, we are safe... please, sit here and tell me what crime you came to report”, ordered Merder.

“That’s so gentle of you, Mr...”

“Detective Merder”, quickly answered the Dutchman

“Well... detective... is that... oh God... that’s too hard to say!”, said the woman, trying to not cry.

“Remember, I am here to listen, understand?”, Merder tried to calm the redhead female, while her daughter was at most in some sort of ‘trance’, not talking or anything

“Well...I came to report that my daughter Dee Dee was...Dear Lord... abused!”, said the woman, crying while the kid tried to consulate her mother.

“Abused? I will need you to calm down and tell me everything you can about that...”

“Right...” the woman sighed after crying for a while. “My daughter was abused and we don’t know who did that to her! And even how she got abused!”

“How do you know that she was abused?”, asked Merder.

“Well... it’s just... she said it... and she became so withdrawn, sad, angry, annoyed, sometimes like on a trance like this”

“I see... well, excuse me, that I’ll call my partner to help me with that..”, the detective said before opening the door of the place and calls a name of woman.

“Anita! Anita!”

Soon, a feline cop appeared there.

“Why do you call? I just came here from breakfast!”, complained the girl.

“Ma’am, this is my partner, Detective Anita Slot...she works also in my unit...”, and Merder introduced them to Anita before turning to his cop mate. “This woman said her daughter was sexually abused”

“Really? Poor little... these are the worst crimes...”, lamented Anita.

“Well, I need you to take Dee Dee to the children’s room and try to talk with her about it. And, if needed, do some rape kit on her”

“Rape kit? Was that worse?”, asked the female detective.

“I will only know if this woman explains me, so please take Dee Dee out and try to cheer her up... look how she sad she seems...”, answered Merder, looking the blonde youngster with a sad look on his face.

“I will do what you tell me, Merder”, said Anita before taking Dee Dee by the hand and going with her to the child’s room, where the kids were put to a more friendly environment and be free to talk about their feelings.

“Sorry, ma’am, but I had to separate you for a while, just to avoid her to feel annoyed if you re-tell the story, Mrs...”

“I don’t have a name”, said the redhead, to complete shock of Merder.

“You don’t have a name? How that is possible?”
“Is it possible. I can show my ID if you are with disbelief...”, replied the woman, showing her driver’s license to Merder, where the name field was all blank, and the Dutch cop was struck with that discovery.

“But... how? You must have a name! It’s a legal driver’s ID here!”

“Look, it’s a long story... usually people call me ‘Dexter’s mom’, because of my other son, Dexter”, explained the redhead.

“Dexter? That name is familiar to me...I think I know someone with that name...”, Merder was thoughtful.

“He is my youngest son and he is somehow quite famous, because people say he seems smart and all”

“I see... might be the same or not, but anyway, let’s go back to your case... explain me how Dee Dee was abused and why do you suspect about it”, said Merder.

“Well”, Dexter’s mom started to recall her story “Normally, Dee Dee is a girl full of life, likes to play with her school friends and her brother and also did all sorts of stuff as ballet...but then her moods changed, she turned withdrawn, depressed, sometimes too nervous and even angry with us. She even stopped to do her stuff and locked herself in her room 24/7”

“And that made you suspicious?”, interrogated the SVU detective.

“I tried to talk with Dee Dee to ask what was going on, but she refused to tell me. One day, I and her father went to interrogate her about it and she said she was ‘tickled’. And when we pushed her to talk more about it, she refused to talk, only mentioned she got tickled in her ‘pee-hole’”

“She didn’t even mentioned a name or something?”

“As I said, when we pushed to that answer, she said she couldn’t and refused to give any answer...sometimes I cannot believe that happened with me. Why? Why me?!”, the redhead mother burst on tears as the detective went to consulate her.

“I know it’s hard to admit your daughter has been through that. I’ve seen cases alike or worse than that. Sometimes for a kid it’s hard to tell what happened with her, sometimes even they threaten to kill someone they love to make sure the abuse will be a secret, but you did the right thing and came up to talk about that. And I am sure Anita is doing the best to let your daughter come clean about that”, said Merder.

“It’s just... *sob* too hard to believe that happened with my precious daughter”, replied Dexter’s mom, wiping her tears.

“It’s not your fault what Dee Dee had. In truth, you did the right thing on coming here and reporting the crime. And I am sure that we are to get him or her”

“Now that you said, I am pretty much relieved, detective Merder...”
“No deal... anyway, I need to ask some questions... how your husband reacted when he heard Dee Dee speak about the abuse?”, the Dutchman returned to the interrogation.

“He cried and then he went berserk. He said he would kill the one who touched his babygirl, who destroyed her childhood. He tried to immediately make me go to the police, but I couldn’t go if I wasn’t sure of it”, answered Dexter’s mom.

“Well, he is doing the best to protect his daughter too, so I understand him... and how about her brother?”

“Dexter doesn’t leave much his room and his behavior keeps always the same, but I believe he heard what happened with Dee Dee and I found him crying in his room one day”

“I see... and how about teachers, neighbors?”

“Well, we know all of them and we are sure that they couldn’t do anything like that with Dee Dee... why you ask?”

“Look, ma’am” Merder explained. “Most of the abuse cases happen within the inner circle of the kid, like someone from family, a neighbor, someone who sees him or her in a daily basis. Very rare are the cases of an unknown abuser or even rarer are the cases where the outcome looks like a rape”

“And what do you think it happened with my babygirl?”, asked Dexter’s mom.

“I don’t know. Only with an investigation and also based on what Dee Dee speaks with Detective Slot, we will know for sure what happened with your daughter”, said the detective.

“I understand. Thanks for being so understandable, detective”

“I only do my job... now, I’ll take you to another partner of mine, Eduard Grendel and we are to file an official investigation to your case now. Just remind that you must be ready to tell everything you said to me here”, replied Merder.

“I’ll do it!”, nodded Dexter’s mom. As they were about to leave the room, Merder noticed the fact that the redhead female was sporting a pair of rubber gloves at her hands.

“What happened, detective?”, asked the puzzled mother.

“Nothing... is that... are that rubber gloves?”

“Yeah... they are... I don’t go anywhere without them... I have, err... a little trouble with germs”, explained the redhead.

“So are you a germaphobe?”, asked an intrigued Merder.

“Any problem?”
“None... it’s just... well... I just noticed the gloves and got curious, period”, answered the Dutchman as they went to make the full report of the case involving Dee Dee, still with Anita.
An oasis several miles outside of Agrabah

Error was resting and trying to refresh himself a little as he wasn’t used to this kind of heat. Just before he decided it is time to go he was greeted by a powerful wizard named Mozenrath. Mozenrath greeted Error with “I can sense that you have powerful magic and I can use someone like you”

Error shrugged Mozenrath off and said “Look I don’t work with people who need enchanted gloves to draw magic from. It just isn’t worth my effort.”

Before Mozenrath could say anything Xerxes said “This guy just a coward”

Mozenrath Petted Xerxes and said “you probably are right”

At that Error did a hand gesture and suddenly a gag materialized on Xerxes’s mouth and Error then said “there that should shush your Eel familiar. Bad taste for a familiar by the way.”

That ticked off Mozenrath and while he removed Xerxes’s gag he summoned his first minion to fight a stone hand that stomped the ground around the oasis before reaching Error. Error sat motionless and just before the hand reached him he again did a small gesture when suddenly a storm brew which rendered the hand into dust. After that Error said “too easy. Next time if you decide t summon stone creatures use real ones like Golems or even better a stone Colossus.”

Mozenrath rubbed his eyes to make sure what he saw was real and after establishing that he said “impressive guess you do know about elements but try this on”

Mozenrath tried blasting Error with his glove but Error used his counter magic and blocked it with his left hand. Error smirked when he said “I almost was afraid I’d have to put effort in this”

After absorbing the whole spell he climbed into a tree and plucked himself a coconut almost as if he ignored Mozenrath’s presence. Which enraged Mozenrath and he said “I haven’t used my best tricks yet you buffoon”

Error just laughed and said “Let me guess some necromancy with Skyrim Druagr? No they aren’t from around here. Mushroom kingdom Boo? No those are purely sneak and not from around here either. Hylian Stalfos then? No they don’t have skin to give of a stench. Ah I know it’s got to be Black sands Mamluk’s”

Mozenrath was a bit surprised when hearing that and replied “well yes and no. Also how do you know of the Mamluk’s?”

Error grinned and said “A Wizard is only as good as his knowledge. So did research on most fields of magic including summoning and necromancy.”

Mozenrath tried to get a Crystal of Ixtala. Error noticed and said “Oh please that Ixtala Crystal can barely hold that annoying familiar of yours. Also allow me to shatter it”

After that Error cracked his fingers and casted a spell on the crystal and the crystal suddenly shattered. Mozenrath laughed and said “I can’t believe you bought it. This purely was a distraction so he could attack you.” and pointed to something behind Error.

After that suddenly a gust of wind could be felt. Moments later a wind Jackal lunged at Error and it was about to attack but then it recognized Error’s scent and instead of biting him he started to lick Error. Mozenrath's jaw practically hit the floor in surprise. Moments later Error saw who it was licking him and when he saw the creature and recognized him he said “He Sirocco how have you been. How long has it been? 3 years? No 4. Still in puberty I see.”

After the greeting was done Error stood up and said “Meet my familiar Sirocco the wind Jackal.”

Mozenrath still in shock replied with “A wind jackal with the power to turn a town into dust is your familiar?”

Error just laughed and said “yes. You see I saved their pack. Their alpha was injured and I treated its wounds.”

Even more flustered Mozenrath said “That’s sounds awfully noble for someone that radiates evil like you do”

Error laughed even more and said “I know you see the pack is the reason my home town no longer exists” and started grinning.

Mozenrath didn’t know what to say at something like that so instead of replying he said “Well this match isn’t over yet” and summoned all of the mumlak’s he could with the remainder of his mana.

At that hundreds and hundreds of mumlak’s surrounded the oasis.

Error finally moved from his spot and said “Looks like I do get a challenge after all. Sit back and enjoy my best trick”

Suddenly error conjured up a tiny minuscule orb of magic energy that moved rather slowly at which Mozenrath could help but laughing. At that Error started blasting his own spell at which Mozenrath was even more puzzled. Error even drank some mana recovery potions in order to be able to keep blasting his own spell. Mozenrath was puzzled and managed to recover enough mana naturally to cast a few spells and said “IF you want to destroy your own spell so badly let me help” and he too blasted the orb which steadily moved on without a hint of even slowing down on its already slow pace.

The Mamluk's clearly intrigued by Error strange acts gathered around the orb while still keeping a safe distance from it and the blasts. And not t much later out of nothing a tiny butterfly popped up just in the path of the orb which soon collided with it and a gigantic explosion was where once the orb and butterfly where and it took all mamluk's with it. So now it was raining Mamluk limbs. And about 30 minutes later it cleared up and was clear not all mamluk’s where beaten so those Error hit with a few basic spells.

After that Mozenrath finally could close his mouth after it dropping due to the sheer power of that tiny minuscule orb of magic in the end put out. Before he could speak Error stick out his hand to shake Mozenrath hand and said “Well Congratulations I must say I’m impressed. I never expected to have to use my best trick against someone who needs an artifact for magic. Also I have to say I might have lost this match if a few more of your mumlak’s survived the mana absorption orb I used”

Mozenrath rubbed his eyes and asked “Mana absorption orb? I know of that but why did you blast that defensive spell with your own magic?”

Error laughed and said “to maximize its damage output. You see there are 3 versions of it. 1. The purely defensive orb which after absorbing enough mana is depowered. 2. The lesser know that doubles as offensive magic but with limitations. And 3. The forbidden one I used which had its absorption limit removed and doubles the absorbed output.”

Mozenrath still surprised scratched his head and said “wasn’t that one outlawed because it also drained some of the users life force?”

Error sighed and said “Too true but a good meal, a stiff drink and some bed rest fixes that”

After that both shaked hands and Error said “anyway I’m headed to Agrabah in order to conquer it and certainly could use your help.”

Mozenrath agreed and out of curiosity asked “Why specifically Agrabah as in the 7 deserts there are more enchanted places?”

Error smirked and said “Tactical location and the rumor f a free lamp genie. Piqued my interest as I want to fight it.”

Mozenrath was puzzled again and said “Ok I see well I know of that particular genie. He’s protected by his former master now friend Aladdin. How I hate him as he foiled all my attempts to conquer Agrabah myself.”

Error smiled and said “maybe together we can succeed. If you are willing to aid me and my master that is” and put his hand out in order to form an elegance.

Mozenrath thought about it for a while and realized he’d probably never succeed alone and agreed. After shaking hands both rested in the oasis and walked farther in the direction of Agrabah.


After another loss to the Winx Club fairies, the trio of young witches known as Trix returned to their school of witchcraft. When summoned to the Headmistress Griffin, Icy, Darcy and Stormy reported to the chief of the school.
“Wanted to see us, Headmistress Griffin?”, asked Darcy to a seemingly angry teacher.
“After you recent loss, it’s only that I need to do”, answered the purple-haired female.
“It wasn’t our fault!”, protested Stormy.
“I am just tired to see you three giving me the same excuses every time you lose to those fairies. I sent you to do a simple mission and you come back again in the losing side! And on record time!”
“Bloom again used the Dragon Flame. She is almost invincible when she uses that”, said Icy, trying to disagree with her teacher’s scolding.
“And again, it’s always the same excuses! There is no such excuse for this kind of pathetic exhibition. I didn’t trained you three to became sore losers. I trained you to win and conquer!”, harshly said Griffin.
“Again, it wasn’t our fault! You know we always give our spells and blood to win those Winx, but they manage to win everytime, and...”, replied Darcy.
“ENOUGH! QUIET!”, the Cloud Tower Headmistress shouted interrupting her protégé’s explaining. The Trix quickly stood back, shaking on fear of what she could do to them. “One more of those lame excuses and I’ll make you mute forever”
With her students almost thinking that she would do something really evil, Griffin took a deep breath and turned to her desk, from where she pulled a rock and an envelope from a drawer.
“I could punish you three right now, but I know I can’t. And I think you three deserve another chance to prove me that you deserve to be members of Cloud Tower School”, said the purple-haired female, quickly making the girls less afraid of her attitude.
“And... what’s that mission is for?”, asked Icy.
“Well, I was contacted by someone to do a mission that concerns its interests”
“And this someone is?”, questioned Darcy.
“At the moment I cannot speak who is, because it asked me to be anonymous. But what I can say is that the mission it’s to be done at the Fire Nation”, explained Griffin.
“Fire Nation?”, the Trix said in unison, with surprise tone.
“That person is looking for someone who wants to do some kind of ‘surprise attack’ at their palace, and I told it I had the perfect people for the job.”
“You mean, us launching an attack to the Fire Nation? Why?”, it was the turn of Darcy questioning her teacher.
“Again, I cannot speak to you more, but the only you need to know it’s on this envelope and this stone here”, said the headmistress, showing the objects to the female trio, who quickly got them to their posession.
“And why is this rock for?”, asked Stormy.
“That is other part of the mission. I got this rock and I want you to investigate for what it serves. I found it at one of our latest assignments and still don’t know what is it.”, explained the Cloud Tower teacher.
“And how do you expect, with my pardon, that we know what’s that stone is about?”, questioned Icy.
“This is now your problem. Now, go!”, Griffin ordered as the Trix left the room and went to fulfill their assignment. Outside the tower, Icy noticed the envelope wasn’t open yet.
“She forgot to tell us about the envelope”, said the gray-haired witch. “What’s inside it?”
“Why you don’t open and see it?”, replied Stormy, much to sting Icy’s temper, but she held up her mood and open the helmet, where there was a piece of newspaper with a picture of the Fire Nation Palace and news on it. One of them immediately caught her attention.
“Oh... I guess, now we found our mission!”
“Ah?”, the two other witches asked as Icy shown the paper, pointing to a respective news report there, a social highlight that wrote as it follows.
“AVATAR WEDS TONIGHT. Tonight, at the Fire Nation Palace, the Avatar Aang will celebrate his wedding with Katara, a proeminent leader of the Water Tribe. The ceremony will be celebrated by the customs of the Fire Nation, overseen by the Firelord Zuko. Guests will be awaited at the Palace’s doors. The Avatar will have as the best man Sokka, his brother-in-law and as for bridesmaids are enlisted Toph Bei Fong, from the Bei Fong family in Ba Sing Se, Suki, the instructor of Kiyoshi Warriors School and Mai, soon to be bride of the Firelord.
After reading the news, the Trix finally knew their mission and what to do to achieve a victory for them.
“I guess we have a party to crash”, grinned Darcy.
Arriving Fire Nation, the three girls quickly found themselves the fishes out of pond. Not only their outfits were pretty much away from the place’s customaries, but their looks and attitude seemed to put some fear on the faces of the citizens. The Trix seemed to enjoy it.
“Why those people are looking at us?”, asked a worried Stormy.
“Maybe they are stunned by our looks!”, replied with a joking grin Darcy, which laughed with the commentary.
Walking through the streets, they finally saw the Palace overseeing the city. Icy, Stormy and Darcy went stunneed with the looks and the layout of the castle, standing uphill like the Olympus or something.
“My, it’s... amazing!”, said a astonished Icy.
“It’s like... higher than the school tower!”, added Darcy.
“Larger than entire Alfea!”, Stormy followed the stunning from her two friends.
“It’s huge! Better to be attacked!”, said the slightly green-haired witch as they continued to see the place, before being surrounded by a group of girls.
“My God, your clothes are so horrible”, said one of them, a brunette with a distinct ‘Fire Nation valley girl’ accent.
“Yeah, girl! From where those girls came off, the dump?”, added another of the pack, a shorthaired with auburn hair color.
“And look that make up!”, other of the girls said directed to the Trix, not amused with the encounter.
“Why you don’t mind your own business!”, replied Stormy.
“I think you three should mind your business! This is our hood, and you three are entering without being welcome”, said the leader of the bully girls.
“Who are to tell us if we are welcome or not to a place!”, Icy fired back at the girls.
“Eh, seems we have a case of people who don’t know with who they are messing with!”, said the shorthaired girl.
“Correction, but YOU are the ones that don’t know with who are you dealing with”, replied Darcy.
“Really? And what happens if we do this!”, said the leader as she blasted a quick stroke of fire power against the Trix, which barely avoided being hit. They quickly regrouped as Icy decided to repay with a cold wave, that was lightly defended by their rivals.
“Ice bending? How can she be an ice bender? She doesn’t look like anyone from Water Tribe!”, said a surprised shorthaired bully, which tried to counter-attack on Darcy, but Stormy used a spell of hers to protect her friend and later use another spell to throw her into a wall, Soon it was Icy to try a spell, using a cold breeze to shut the fire blast of the bully leader and also throw her to the wall. It was enough for the group to be scared and attempt a run away.
“Ok, you won! Here, take our money! Please, leave us alone!”
The group ran away scared and shocked with what happened, being defeated so easily by a group of foreigners. The Trix girls looked at the money, also not even having a clue of what they just did.
“What was that?”, asked Darcy
“Well, it seems we got some money girls”, laughed Icy in triumph “I guess we need a time for ourselves”
“Better later”, replied Stormy, looking to the palace. “Now, we have a wedding to crash”

“Aang, please... I am tired, why we can’t celebrate with the people tomorrow?”, asked a visibly exhausted Katara, with her now husband, both having and cumplimenting the atendees of their wedding, both in the customary Fire Nation wedding clothes.
“Just make this sacrifice for us, Katara! It’s our wedding and it’s their first big celebration under Zuko”, answered the bald Avatar.
“But, I am tired! I want to get into the room, get reunited with my husband and finally rest”, replied the waterbender. “You don’t know how this week was tiresome for me”
“For me too, and well... I guess we can stay here for a while before we leave”
As the married couple kept their ritual, they were approached by the Bei Fong family, with Toph being followed by her parents.
“How it’s going, Mr. and Mrs. Bei Fong?”
“It’s being delicious, Katara! It’s been a while we don’t attend a party like that”, said Mrs. Bei Fong.
“I can only ‘blame Zuko. He made all he could to give us an wedding in the customs of the Fire Nation and to pay homage to the Avatar”, commented Aang.
“You are a lucky man, Aang. I wish nothing more than luck and happiness for you and the bride”, said Mr. Bei Fong. “We can only wish that Toph can find the same luck as you two”
“DAD!”, muttered a blushing earthbender.
“Honey, stop forcing the marriage subject down our daughter’s throat!”, reprimanded Mrs. Bei Fong.
“But I didn’t said anything...”
“Don’t worry, Mrs. Bei Fong”, giggled Aang “I know Toph isn’t thinking yet to find someone for her”
“Whatever she decided, we support her 100%”
“Mom, Dad, why don’t you go and pick some drink for me, my throat is dry”, interrupted the blind brunette.
“As you wish, Tophie... good wedding you all! Good luck!”, said Mr. Bei Fong before leaving with his wife. Their daughter seemed relieved as her parents left the set.
“Dear Lord, I thought they wouldn’t leave my foot...”
“I think you can’t say something like that about your family”, criticized Katara.
“I do love my parents, but with you two marrying, they will push me till death to make me marry some of those prissies from Ba Sing Se, sigh...”, complained the brunette.
“Just tell them you aren’t interested right now”, replied Aang.
“But I don’t know how... wish they could understand what I do want, like you do Katara, Aang...”, the visually impaired girl said, doing some sort of grinning look to the newlyweds.
“Please, Toph... not now! Can’t you wait until the celebrations are over to try to have with us”, argued the Water Tribe native.
“I am not even asking anything! And you know how I can make you have good times”
“Katara is a bit tired now, Toph... maybe other day!”, the Avatar tried to cool down the things
“Don’t you come and act like that, Aang... I know what you and your brother in law were up to this week!”, replied Toph in a ‘light threatening’ tone, immediately making the couple back off...
Meanwhile, the aforementioned brother-in-law, Sokka, was having the best of his time, eating all what he would and making his fiancé, the now Kiyoshi Warrior School instructor Suki, a bit embarassed about his manners.
“Sokka, please! Don’t you think that you had eaten too much?”
“And lose free food? No way!”
“Look how people are looking at us! You are embarassing yourself!”, said a worried Suki.
“Let them worry. I want to eat good food and I will not stop until I get full”, replied Sokka.
Soon approached another soon-to-be-wed couple to them, the now Firelord Zuko and his girlfriend Mai.
“It seems your boyfriend it’s enjoying a lot the party, Suki”, commented the former prince.
“He is enjoying the food of the party,as it seems”, replied Suki.
“Ah, Suki... don’t be like that. You know Sokka it’s like that...”, said Mai.
“You heard her”, added the Water Tribe man,with his mouth full.
“Anyway, I came to ask if you are enjoying the party. You know how much is important for Katara and Aang to have their friends here”, explained the firebender.
“Katara and Aang’s wedding we wouldn’t miss for anything in the world, right Sokka?”
“Anything for my sister!”
“Glad you are enjoying it”, said Zuko.
“Well, and as soon it’s over, me and Sokka will bookmark our wedding date, right honey?”, commented the Kiyoshi Warrior, which made the waterbender almost choke with food.
“Come on, Sokka? Don’t you remember that we were discussing our wedding when we came here?”
“But now?”, asked a shocked Sokka, to Mai and Zuko to givle
“Anyway... I guess we are to jump on the wagon and also bookmark my wedding with Zuzu here”, said the brunette blade mistress.
“How about our weddings being in the same day?”, suggested Suki
“It would be wonderful! Hope you don’t mind, Zuzu?”, said a cheerful Mai as Zuko seemed stunned with the suggestion, but soon his mind was elsewhere as he notice one of the door guards approach another one and whisper something at his ear. The Firelord quickly apologized to his friends and went to see what is going on
“I have some bad news for you, Master”, said one of the guards.
“Bad news? What kind of bad news?”, asked Zuko.
“It looks like something is happening down at the gates... I don’t know why, but...”
“What? Let me see it!” Zuko soon approached one of the balconies of the palace, where he had a good view of the whole surroundings. From there, he could see a strange change to the weather and also a few screams and guards running and being thrown away.
“What is going on down there?”
“For what I was heard, there is three girls some weird element bending trying to enter the palace”, explained the guard.
“Who are they?”, asked the Firelord.
But soon the answer would come, as a wave of hard wind, like a cyclone, would come from down to up, with a bunch of guards being carried. The Firelord was amazed and at same time astonished with what he saw. Soon, a blast of wind hit the door of the main room, as it blasted and a few guards being pushed inside with the strenght.
“What it’s going on?”, said Zuko, impressing with what he saw, but not as impressed with what emerged from the wind blown... three young girls, in some triumph posing. Meanwhile, Aang noticed the noises and the guard movement around the door and went to see what was going on with his wife.
“What is that, Zu... WHAT?! Who are you?”, asked an impressed Aang.
“Your worst nightmare, baldy!”, replied a defiant Stormy.
“Those must be the girls that Stella once warned about it...”, said Katara.
“What a cute baldy.... After we are done here, can I keep him as a pet?”, asked Darcy.
“Sure”, answered Icy “I can’t think of any reason why don’t”
“Go away! You aren’t welcome here! There is a wedding going on!”, shouted the captain of the guard, but Stormy used one of her wind spells to throw him away, right at the party room, scaring most of the invitees, and taking attention of the rest of Gaang and associates.
“Wow, more people to the party! I do surely enjoy it!”, sarcastically cheered Stormy.
As Mai, Suki and Sokka were told to tell people to evacuate the place, the remaining benders put a fighting stance to the Trix, but none of them were yet eager to start a fight.
“What are you doing here? This is not your place!”, said Aang.
“And in the future, will be not even yours...”, replied Stormy.
“You wouldn’t...”, the airbender muttered, as he put himself into the Avatar stance, which amazed the three teen witches.
“Dear Lord! He IS the Avatar!”
“And you three be away quickly or you will all feel the power of the Avatar”, Toph challenged the Trix.
“Four against three... it’s seems kinda unfair, but not for us, we are used to it”, talked back Icy Anyway, I guess this place is too tight for a fight. I want to take it outside”
The witch trio flew back to the palace’s external area, luring the four bending masters to follow them, but they were struck by a combination of spells, that were defended by a air blast punch coming from Aang, which barely hit the Trix. Barely avoiding the incoming blasts, Katara and Aang were pissed with that, and used a water-air combination attack to retaliate. Toph and Zuko also used a joint attack to blast the Trix, but Icy used a kind of forcefield to avoid being hit by the flaming rock.
“Is that what you can do, kids?”, teased Darcy, to piss even more the Gaang.
Toph sent a humongous boulder towards the Trix. Surprised by the counterattack the Trix jumped out of the way, only to have the blind earthbender send smaller stones towards the witch trio. In order to evade, the Trix split and flew back to the air, upsetting the brunette, giving her earthbending skills useless with floating people.
“How come!?”
“They have the ability to fly, and apparently they knew how to evade your attack, Toph...”, explained Katara.
“Fly? In the air? Like Twinkle-Toes?”, asked the earthebender.
“They aren’t airbenders as he is. They work with elements in some sort of way as benders do, but they don’t seem to know the skills of bending”
“Shit! I can’t use my earthbending attacks on them!”, lamented a helpless Toph.
“But I can”, Aang said, as he used one of this earthbending defense moves to block a cold spell made by Icy. The Avatar noticed that, much to astonishment of Katara.
“Ice? They can manipulate ice? Are you kidding me?”
Meanwhile, Zuko leaped to one of the towers to have a better view of the Trix, but Darcy ended up noticing the unwanted guest to their level, specially his ‘mark’.
“Ugh... what an ugly scar. And you seem to be very pretty... I may not be able to fix it but let me give you a matching one on your other eye”.
Saying that, Darcy blasted a fog-like spell aimed to the Firelord, but employing his defensive tactics, he managed to stop the ball in thin air, leaving the green-haired teen to make an ‘OMG’ face. And to make matters worse, Zuko blasted the spell back along with a fireball, which almost hit the witch.
“I didn’t knew there was such kind of bending”, said an impressed Zuko.
“Neither do I!”, replied Aang, which joined Zuko to make an air-battle with the Trix.
“You are the ones to be bent, by us!”, Icy shouted in rage, as she used her magic to send several ice-shards towards the men, with ones hitting them, but the most managed to be held by a water barrier made by Katara and that turned back to the Trix as a counter attack. As the blow was close, Icy managed to block it.
“They really know how to block our attacks! I don’t think we can beat them with just simple attacks”, noticed Katara. “The Winx surely warned us good about it”
The others agreed and started using more complex bending-skills to attack the Trix, but they managed to evade the most of it and the few attacks that did manage to hit them barely fazed them. Zuko and Aang noticed how well they were at evading so they diced that they might have more success if they combined their bending in a single attack that could hit the Trix while they were moving.
When the attack was launched, Icy used her magic to create a giant slab of ice to block the fire, resulting in steam which Katara reliquified and used to freeze Icy.
“I doubt it’ll hold her long, but I have an idea... we just need to hold them off here until the sun sets”, said Katara.
Knowing what the Water Tribe member was meaning, the other members of the group, Toph inclusive, kept striking blow after blow at the Trix, that were busy defending and striking it back. The attacks kept on coming from both sides for half an hour, and in the meantime, the sun was finally set and a full moon appeared victorious on the sky.
“The full moon! Now is my chance!”, thoughty Katara, as she stood away from her friends and faced the Trix with a high pose of self-reliance.
“What are you thinking you are doing, girl?”, asked Darcy.
“If I were you, I’d give up right now, because now you will know with who and what are you messing off”
“And what are you going to do, kid? Send more icicles at us?”, laughed Stormy.
“Not exactly...” Katara said as she positioned herself within a distance from the Trix to yell “This is what I am doing to you!”
The waterbender used her skills and bent the Trix’s blood under the light of the full moon and pulled them closer to her and the others. No one of the trio was expecting that their ‘foe’ was capable of that!”
“What is that? Is she doing some kind of weird sorcery?”, asked Darcy.
“I don’t know” Icy struggled to answer. “But I think we can’t control ourselves anymore...”
The attack was effective, but Stormy used an opening she got to try a spell that ended up breaking the blood-bending, and pushing Katara to almost hit the wall, being saved by Aang’s wind mattress.
“What the hell? How they could break Katara’s blood bending?”, asked an amazed Aang.
“It’s not possible... how they could...”, Aang’s wife thought, nearly suprised.
“Bloom surely warned us on how dangerous they were”
The airbender quickly put Katara safe at the ground and came back to the air, where his Avatar state was enhanced to give him the enough skills that he thought could beat the Trix.
“Looks like Baldy has some tricks up his sleeves”, commented Darcy. “And look, his eyes and tattoos are glowing... what means that!”
“I guess he was holding back and saving himself, but he will be going down nevertheless”, defiantly said Icy, trying some icicle attacks to Aang, but the airbender used his best skills to let them fly past him.
Feeling challenged by Aang, Stormy decided to employ a spell to make storm clouds appear on the sky. When the sky was enough clouded, she used another spell which thunder strikes were directed to Aang, but the Avatar used another counter-technique and sent the blast back to its creator, which flew away of it with some difficulty, almost losing her flight line.
“Looks like the ‘avatar’ here is very powerful...”, said the bluehaired witch.
“And I know a way to stop him”, replied Icy.
The three quickly regrouped and planned a way to beat Aang. They opted to try a combined effort on a spell that was enough to break the Avatar’s power. The Trix ended up splitting in two groups, with Icy and Stormy to one side and Darcy positioned behind him, being the one of the teen witches that didn’t used elemental magic. Darcy then used one of her deceiving spells to try to fool Aang, as her two partners created a magic blast aimed to the Avatar.
Aang then fought a ‘holo-clone’ of Darcy, blasting an air-fireball to her, but distracted by the illusion, he couldn’t sense the blast that was incoming his back, hitting him and pushing him to the floor, falling near Katara, which rushed to see if he was okay
“AANG! Aang! Please, talk to me! Are you okay?”
The rest of Gaang went to see Aang and the Trix had a face of triumph on them.
“They are too strong... I don’t know how they could attack like this!”
As they defeated the Avatar, the Trix quickly left the scene, seeing that her work is done and enjoyed the accomplishment of the mission.
“That calls a celebration!”, said Icy.
“How about we eat something?”, suggested Darcy.
“Is there any place that we can eat here?”, asked Stormy.
“Well... we will see...”


At the second floor, there was the main office, where at the basements and the upper floors where the laboratories, the storage, parking lot and other facilities of the agency. Victor was heading to his main office, where he spent most of the days when he wasn’t at service or doing other stuff.

Getting close to the place, he noticed the door slightly open. Vic found strange that fact and thought if someone entered there while he was out. As he walked inside, he could hear noises on his chair, which its back was facing him. Stepping slowly to not hinder whatever happened there, the Brazilian reached until his desk and pulled his chair only to see one of his employees, Milo Thatch, masturbating with a porn magazine. When Milo noticed his boss there, he stopped on his wanking.

“Ahhhh...uhh...Oh... Victor...uuhhh....hi boss!”, said a very embarassed Milo.

“I hope you are having a great fun using my porn mag stash for your fun, Mr. Thatch”, replied Victor with a very ‘mad-not caring’ face.

“Uhhh... sorry, boss...I was here to pick up a pen and I saw your mags there, and I was alone, so... sorry, I just felt it and you saw it”, justified the intellectual.

“Milo James Thatch, you are my specialist on ancient cultures and one of my top officers at intelligence skills here at V2K. I know you must feel embarassed but you know that you don’t need that”

“But I entered inside your office and I am naked here masturbating. And I am here without your permission. You should be mad with me!”, said Milo.

“If I was mad about it, I wouldn’t give you all a key to my office for whenever you needed to use it. And I understand you, that’s why all this porn is here, for self-satisfaction”, explained Victor.

“Really? So, you aren’t angry about me being naked in your office?’, asked a puzzled Milo Thatch.

“Not at all! Anyway, you came in the right hour, Mr. Thatch”, answered Victor, before he turned to the door to close and lock it, much to a confused explorer.

“What do you mean, Victor?”

“Milo, how many times me and you had... you know... ‘non-work commitments’?”

“Well, if you talk about sex... I don’t know. I know you a few years and I know you are leaning into bisexuality and bicuriousity, so I must say, a good number of times”, said the intellectual.

“I came back from twenty-four hours when I did two of the hottest women in the world, Frankie Foster and Bloom. I came here to rest a little and find a hunk like you naked on my office. I guess you can figure out what I am doing next”, Victor said before coming to where Milo was, kneel in front of him and put his midly-hard cock inside his mouth.

“Ohhh...that! So go and suck me”, ordered Milo to Victor, who started to give him a blowjob, with the Brazilian going up and down with his head. Milo moaned while his boss was offering him some ‘mouth flavor’ to that meeting.

“Ohhh... yeah, suck my cock boss! Suck it! Complete your day with man flavor!”

Victor sucked a little before he arranged Milo Thatch to sit on his desk. He returned to his position and the blowjob followed on, as Victor now felt his dick getting hard, and in order to get aroused, he took it off and started to masturbate himself while sucking the American explorer.

“Milo... your cock is sooo good! Is divine!”

“Ahhhh... thanks...”

Milo managed to use his hands to guide Vic’s head, moving them up and down as his rod was pushed to his throat. It wasn’t what Victor predicted when coming to the agency, but since he was a man of needs, any man or woman who hits his fancy was enough to make his bi instinct to be shut up at least for a while.

“I know you like cock as much as pussy... please suck it! Suck it like a pro slut!”, shouted Milo.

“So do you and all toon men and women”, replied the Brazilian.

Victor sucked Milo for a while before he withdrew from his now hard-as-a-rock penis and gave the intellectual a big and passionate kiss. Both men holding each other like they were husband and husband or something.

“How about we come to the main show, Mr Thatch?”, grinned Victor.

“As you commands, boss”, answered Milo as the American put his master in all fours on the desk. After his buttcheeks were open, Milo proceeded to use a finger and his tongue to lube Victor’s asshole and give a proper treat before the ‘main show’

“Uhhh.... lick my ass, baby! Ahhh... your tongue is soooo good!”

Milo fingerfucked him for a while, using his tongue as he noticed Vic’s asshole was propely good to fuck. After the teasing was done, he went behind Victor, his cock begging to a hole to be and in position. The intellectual American rubbed the tip of his rod at the crack of the ass of his lover, and without much hesitation, slid it inside.

Milo sweetily put nearly half of this cock inside Victor’s butt and soon started the gay fucking proceedings. His thing went as smooth as possible while probing himself inside the Brazilian bisexual, which was moaning like a babe.

“Ohhh... ahhh... yeah! Fuck!”

His lover didn’t found any trouble on ramming his dick into Vic’s ass, and as soon as it found it’s way in the inner hole, he got a little bit harder at the pumping, driving the PI nuts and with a hard cock. Victor tried to find a way to jack off himself but he almost couldn’t.

“Ahhh.... fuck yes! Fuck yes! Sooo good!”

Milo grinned when he heard Victor moan and beg for cock. He followed his boss’ order and kept giving him a nice anal fuck, thinking how much he deserved to have that. Of course, the answers of the South American only made the intellectual to be more horny and more deep into doing him.

“You are such a slut, boss!”

“It’s that I am not on my slutty mood”

Milo pushed himself closer to Victor’s butt in order to accomodate better his cock inside him. The pumping keep going steadily harder, but both gentlemen didn’t wanted that to finish soon, as the linguist mixed the pace of this cock stabs delivering to Vic much anal pleasure he needed after his redhead girl fuck day.

Soon, Milo and Victor opted to change positions and the Brazilian laid on his side, with the American coming behind him. With help of his hand, the blonde inserted back his cock inside Vic’s butt and returned to pump inside it, and of course, the pleasure noises continued.

“It’s the way you like, boss? Like when someone fucks your ass?”, grinned Mr. Thatch.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... yeahaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!”, it was all that Vic could answer, which teased even more his morning lover.

The American held high Victor’s leg so he could have the full acess to fuck him properly. He couldn’t hide how he felt challenged to do more his male lover while hearing him moan with every stab of his sexual organ inside his boss’ buttocks. It was unbelieavable how Vic would get pleased by anything, being by one end or another.

“Ohhhh God! Fuck me! Milo! Fuck my, my scholar stallion! Ahhhh”, screamt Victor, a man already used to have his office to be a place for his nasty adventures.

But Mr. Thatch decided to have another approach and withdrawn himself again from Victor’s butt. Still on his desk, Milo sit there and guided Victor, still with his back facing him, to sit on his rod. Almost immediately, both started a battle of humping and pumping, with Milo sticking himself against a Brazilian who moved his groin and hips up and down.

At the start, it were slow moves, but as time went by, the humping beating could be heard inside that office. The scholar went as hard as he could on filling Victor with hot dickings. The positioning even allowed the Brazilian to take a time on masturbating himself, so excited to have a lover like Milo doing him.

“Let me see your ass, you slut! Let me show you how to fuck!”, said Milo

“You’re awesome! How you learned to fuck so good?”, asked Victor.

“I had... uhhhh.... a good help down with my group. And....aahhhh... outside assistance is also great to have!”

At that moment, Victor and Milo were going into the ‘orgasm zone’. By the way, they had several kinds of orgasms while doing each other there, but there was something that they did to allow them to keep going until it was enought to stop.

“Ahhhhhhhh.......fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Yes! Victor, I love you!”

“Love you too, Milo!”

But at a given moment of their sex, it wasn’t possible for them to hold their loads inside too much. Changing positions was far too much for them, so they didn’t had other solution but let it go.

“Ahhhh.... it’s so close... ahhhhh.... I am cloooooooooooooose!”

“Ahhhh... Wait! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Milo soon took Vic off his cock and waited him to sit down. His face was close to his dick, licking and sucking the tip of it.

“Cum on my face and I’ll do at yours, ok boss?”

Vic whispered as he jacked himself off to help the cum to be faster to happen. It didn’t took too long to...

“Ah...I cannnnnnnnnnn’t hoooooooooooold! Ahhh.... I ammmmm...aahhhhhhhhhhhhh....”


Soon, Milo’s mouth and face got a shower of white sticky male liquid sprouting from Victor’s cock. He drank all that he could, but some of it it was on his face to stick. Then, the North American stood up and had his dick to be at Vic’s face, wanking himself while the Brazilian licked the tip, waiting for what it was to come.

“Ahhhhh... yeah.......uhhh... I’m....ahhh..........CUMMMMMMMMMMMING!”

As it happened earlier with him, a massive load of goo blown on the South American’s face. And as with Milo, he got to swallow all he could of his lover’s jizz, but also what he couldn’t, he let. After Mr. Thatch finished to cum, both guys laid on the desk, kissing each other and cleaning their faces to remove the remaining sperm that was.

After a minutes.

“Dude, it was great! It was the best manfuck I had this week... well, of today, I mean”, said Victor

“I am always glad to help my boss to get happy”, replied Milo.

“You sure do, Milo. I always knew that you were a good addition to the agency. Not only for your intelligence, but because you are also a raging stallion”

“Me? A Stallion? Oh, no... you are a hunk too, Vic! And I love to have you as a boss and lover, at both ends”, commented the lingust.

“And next time, I’ll want to be in the sticking end”, replied a giggling Victor.

“Ok, You will be. But not Friday. Kida and I will go to the movies to see Hunger Games”

“Good luck with it... I’ll try to find a date for Friday or I’ll keep myself amused with work”, sighed the Brazilian.

“I know that something or someone will make you amused, boss”, cheered Milo.

Both men took a short nap before both had their clothes on again Milo had to leave for his office. On leaving, both men kissed and told each other that they expected to do it again the sooner as possible.

Chapter Text


“Are you leaving right now?” an officer asked to Merder.
“My duty is over. I am going to walk a little and then home”, answered the Dutchman.
Merder was coming to the elevator until he saw Velma Dinkley, standing in the hallway, looking awkwardly anxious and worried about something.
“Velma? What are you doing here?”
“Merder! Glad I saw you. It happened something horrible!”
“What happened?” asked Merder.
“I think someone kidnapped my friends!” said the brunette in nervousness.
“How? What happened? Please, sit here and tell me everything, but you gotta calm down...” the police officer tried to make his friend to get some relief.
“Okay”, Velma sits on a bench to explain her story. “I... We were about to leave for a convention we were planned to do. Soon, we ran out of some stuff and I went to a convenience store to buy it. But, when I came back, the Mystery Machine was empty...”
“Empty? But, empty how?”
“I don’t know. The gang was inside when I left, and it was for a minute or two, and then... poof”
“And how long it happened?” asked the Dutchman.
“Ten minutes ago”, answered Velma.
“Well, they might have to see something, or just went to another place.”
“You know they cannot be possible!” argued Velma. “They wouldn’t leave the Mystery Machine for a good reason, and without me, Jinkies!”
“Ok, I understand”, replied Merder. “But I just don’t get how three people and a dog can disappear in the thin air like that!”
“You can tell me what happened, if that will not ruin your day”
“I am off-duty now, but I can check it for you, if you feel okay with it”, suggested.
“That would be so great! Thanks, Merder, you are a sweet little man!” praised Velma, to Merder to blush, as they went to the crime scene.
Velma and Merder walked to the precinct’s parking lot, where the blue and green van with ‘Mystery Machine’ in orange letters was. The police officer started the investigation, looking at the outside of the van, like the doors and the paintjob.
“No signs of forced entry, none of the doors seem to be pulled with strength”, analyzed. “Very strange”
“I confess myself that I am also creeped with what happened”, replied Velma.
The Dutchman proceeded to observe the van and asked to the brunette to open the doors. The meticulous observation of the seats led to puzzle Merder, since there is no trace of blood or any tissue that might lead to a proper kidnapping. Going to the backside of the van, he verified Shaggy and Scooby-Doo’s normal seats, and even the hidden compartments where they usually put food, to no avail.
“This is starting to mess with my brains, Velma”
“There is no visible sign there of struggle or violence”, explained Merder. “Everything seems so in order and clean...”
“Jinkies! I am now not understanding anymore anything”, said a surprised Velma.
“I don’t know what might have happened here... perhaps if we go to the place that happened. Is that far from here?”
“Its a few blocks. Is within walking distance”
“Ok, so where we go!” Merder and Velma proceeded to lock up the vehicle so nothing could be lost in order to a thorough analyzing and went to the place that the supposed crime happened.
At the parking lot of the convenience store, the police officer made a brief look of the asphalt, and the conclusion gave him more doubt than sureness.
“A few tire tracks here, but none seems to be of a vehicle that could kidnap people and then run off without being noticed”, remarked.
“It’s just creepy. How could they disappear like that? I still don’t understand”, said Velma.
“Maybe a video proof can enlighten us”, replied Merder, noticing that there was a surveillance camera pointed to the parking lot. They went to the place to talk to one of the employees of the store.
“It was you that served this lady?” asked Merder, showing his badge to the store employee.
“Did you notice something weird happening while you were serving her at the parking lot?”
“Let me think... no, I didn’t notice. I saw that she left a van, but apart that, I got focused on the client and her shopping”, said the employee.
“Didn’t you notice someone or something coming across the van she was?”
“No, I don’t... but we have cameras pointed to the parking lot”
“I want to see the footage, please?”
“I can do something better”, said the store manager, as she went to the computer and accessed the camera’s operational system. In a minute, and with a virgin DVD, he managed to make a copy of the given footage. “For what is about, Mr. Officer?”
“Investigation regarding a possible kidnapping at your parking lot”, answered Merder
“Oh”, said the surprised employee. “I am sure that I didn’t see anything suspect, but I hope the cameras got him or her”
“Ok, that’s for all. Thanks for the help!” Merder said as he and Velma went out of the parking lot.
“Jinkies, Merder! You are the best! Now we can know what happened with my friends!” Velma was slightly relieved.
“I am not a police member for nothing... anyway, since you are alone, how about you spend the night at my place? We can review the DVD and you can sleep with protection if any problem appears”, suggested.
“Of course! I would be delighted to it. And at least, I am safe with someone like you”, replied a cheerful brunette.
“I am still sorry that I couldn’t help you further with the case”
“Don’t worry, what you did is just enough to the start” Velma and Merder then took a cab and went to the Dutchman’s place.

“Here is it! Welcome to the majestic Agrabah”, said Mozenrath to Error was they were standing in front of the main gats of the town. The foreign wizard went amazed with how the city looked in his eyes.
“It’s wonderful!”
“And it will look more wonderful when we are in”, added Mozenrath.
They entered the town and, by Error’s request, made a little tour of the place. To Mozenrath, Error was baffled with how the place looked, as he commented that he never saw something like that before.
“From where I live, these kind of things isn’t available at foot distance”, said Error.
“You need to take me to your place one of these days”
“Maybe... if you are kind enough...”
“Well, did you like the city?” asked the Arabian.
“This is my kind of town. I am so glad it will fall at my feet”
“I will advise you that it will be not easy to take Agrabah down. I already warned you about the powerful Genie”, said Mozenrath
“I will have to tell you there will be no such problem”, replied Error. “At first, I was thinking only to conquer this place, but now I think I had changed my plans. I want to see that Genie you told me. I want to fight him!”
“Believe me, I already fought the Genie. You can’t beat him only trusting in your powers. I tried, and always failed...” muttered the desert wizard.
“Don’t worry about it, Mozenrath. I am aware that the Genie from the Cave of Wonders is one of the most powerful entities. Not many deities have more magic than him. And I would like to endure this challenge. I love challenged”, stated Error.
As they walked through the town, they looked to the palace to approach their sights. Error was extremely amazed with that magnificent white and golden palace to surge to his eyes. He knew it was the perfect place to be.
“So, here it is the palace. Home of the Sultan and his ‘family”, said Mozenrath, pointing to the building.
“And how do we can enter there?” asked Error.
“The know-it-all can’t figure it out? Oh, what a surprise!” said Xerxes, just to Error use his gagging magic again on the eel.
“Do you have something against him?”
“His voice and manners annoys me”
Error and Mozenrath tried to think a way that they could enter the palace without being bothered by the guards. Even if this went against Error’s ‘show off’ attitude, they knew it was best to keep their respective interests kept safe until they were about to fall.
Both men found a way to go to the opposite side’s wall. Error tried to cast a ladder spell, but none that he tried were useful. Mozenrath tried to employ also something of his blows, again without success.
“Nothing does seem to work. They had worked the protection in a way that beats me”, sighed the Arabian wizard.
“Well, I have an alternative. But you gotta trust me...”
“What the powerful Error have in his sleeve now?”
Error grabbed Mozenrath by his waist and then took a few steps away from the wall. Without any warning, the foreign shouted RUN and ran the fastest he could, holding Mozenrath, surprised and very afraid of what he was trying to do
“What the hell? Are you insane? Are you going to kill us?”
But before any of these questions could be answered, Error jumped to the wall and, in a blink, they disappeared and then reappeared, now inside the palace territory. When Error stopped to run and Mozenrath finally found himself inside, shock was in his face.
“What the? How did you? But, what?”
“I learned this spell when I was young, but never tested it for real. Now I know that I can cross walls through the magic”, explained Error.
“Next time, just tell me when you are going to do it!” protested Mozenrath;
“And take it all the fun? You should see your face when we ran like maniacs... but okay, I promise next time I will tell you”
Then Error looked to the backyard gardens, and his surprise was even bigger to find that in a place inside the desert. He never could imagine to see trees, flowers and a small pond flowing there.
“The person who did this must be a true genius. Or a visionary”
“I had been here a lot. And indeed it seems great when you aren’t being beaten around”
“Yeah, but we can enjoy this later. Now, we have a palace to take over and a Genie to inherit”, said Error with a triumphant look.


“I cannot believe you are still playing with this crap, Fwad?” said an annoyed Razoul, captain of the Agrabah Palace Guards to one of his soldiers, which was using his cellphone.
“There is nothing to do, here sir. This place is boring for days and I can’t do other stuff than tweeting”, answered the young guard.
“Just shelve this thing off and go check the Northern Wing, now!”
“Alright sir!”, said Fwad, putting his cellphone in his pocket and grabbing his sword, leaving the guard’s meeting room and going to the Northern Wing, where it was the side of the palace that didn’t faced the doorways, and the place that no one wants to work.
“Crap... he cut the only fun I had! And going to the Northern Wing... damn... at least I can check my tweets under the tree”
As Fwad moved into the concourses that took him to the gardens, he didn’t notice anything strange happening. He stepped into his position in order to patrol the aforementioned wing. Indeed, it was empty.
But it was?
The palace guard walked through the paved ways that surrounded the gardens, aware but also trying to find a way to take off his cellphone and getting back to Twitter. The right place was under the big tree near the artificial lake the Sultan ordered to be created for his fun and his pet, Rajah.
“Here you are. You are my last resort!” said Fwad himself looking at the tree.
However, when he was close to sit under the tree, he felt a shadow near his back. When he turned around, Fwad didn’t saw nothing or a clue that someone or something was around. Feeling suspicious, the guard turned to the side he felt that shadow and went to see if some intruder was inside. But nothing could be seen.
Fwad felt again the shadow approach him, and he turned back again to not find anyone there. As he was intended to return to his position...
The guard fell knocked out on the ground, as Mozenrath clinched his fist with an astonished Error looking the whole scene.
“How could you master the Magic Punch? I am still trying to figure out the right amount of power?”
“Let’s say there might be stuff that you might learn from me”, bragged the local wizard.
“I am looking forward to that”, replied Error as she quickly reached into Fwad’s uniform and took out his sword belt and attached it into his waist. “But now, we have more important things to do. And he will not bother if we get his weapon borrowed for a while”
Error and Mozenrath crossed the tree path and found themselves in the middle of the Northern Wing gardens, completely alone, or as they thought. As they moved to the palace, they noticed another guard coming over the place. Both men hid themselves quickly on a nearby bush waiting for the watchman to pass them by. As the guard past, they moved on their target.
“We have to be sneaky. The guards here are very harsh with intruders”, warned Mozenrath.
“They don’t know what means harshness yet”, said Error with a tone of defiance.
The Arabian wizard rolled his eyes after hearing that, but they found their plan was about to get ruined...
“Who are you? Why are you doing here?” yelled another guard, coming from a pathway from their right.
“We came here to make your life miserable”, announced the foreign evildoer.
“Miserable? You’ll see, intruder of the hell!” the guard shouted as he took off his sword and moved to where the duo was. Error stepped in front of Mozenrath, took of the sword he stole from Fwad and dueled with the watchman, which unstoppably yelled ‘Code Red!”However, the sword fight didn’t lasted long, as Error casted a spell on his rival that froze him off he was about to attack him.
“This changes everything. We gotta get into the palace quickly!” said the foreign wizard.
“And how we are supposed to do it?, asked Mozenrath as a bunch of palace guards appeared in front of them, result of that other guard calling for backup corps.
“I have a plan, but again you gotta trust me”
Mozenrath didn’t had the time to even question his teammate, when he grabbed his hand and put them inside a forcefield spell, right before running in zigzag through the gardens, passing the guards barrier and hitting them all to the floor.
The forcefield pushed all the guards they met to the floor as they ran, almost hugging each other. Then Error, helped by his spell, jumped the highest he could and took him and Mozenrath to the palace’s rooftops, where they thought they were out of reach from the watchmen.
“Here we are, safe and alive!” whispered Error.
“Are you crazy? What kind of magic was that?” asked an even more astonished Mozenrath.
“It’s a forcefield magic I created, but instead of just shielding us from the enemies, it can be used as a weapon. It’s the only way I thought to beat the guards and produce enough energy to jump into the rooftops”.
“Is there anything you don’t know about anything?”
“I would like to say that I want to learn more stuff, but if I don’t know, it’s because I don’t need them at all”, said Error.
Mozenrath and Error then looked from the rooftops the floor, where several guards gathered around the palace, trying to find the intruders, much for amusement of the duo.
“And now? What we are going to do?” asked the foreigner.
“I know an easy way to us enter the palace without being bothered”, answered Mozenrath.
Mozenrath stood back from the rooftop’s ledge and stopped from nowhere at a certain point of the roof. The Arabian evil wizard stepped hard on the floor, only to, out of sudden, a hole opened. When Error went to look it, he was surprised with what he found.
“I tried so many times defeating the Genie that I know every shortcut to enter the palace”
“And how did you knew about it?” asked Error.
“It is a shortcut used by the guards to watch the palace outdoors from the roof. I know from there, we can reach to a room inside”, explained Mozenrath.
“Do you mean we have to fight more guards? Hmm... Yeah, I can take the challenge”, replied Error.
Mozenrath and Xerxes went first inside the pass, with the foreigner trying to learn how to do it. Soon, Error entered the hole, following the instructions given by the local wizard.
“Is this shortcut really a ‘short cut’?” asked Error the Terror. “It depends on how you think the meaning of the word ‘short’”, answered Mozenrath.


“Captain, we have two invaders inside the palace!” one guard rushed into the meeting room, where Razoul was.
“Two invaders? How did they broke into the palace”, asked the guard chief.
“We don’t know, but we know that it’s that wizard, Mozenrath, and he came with a partner”
“And why you didn’t stop them?”
“The other man seems to be also a man from the magic. He used a spell and defeated all the guards, and then jumped to the rooftop! We gotta report the sultan about it!”
“Let me report the sultan... gather all the guards and run all over the palace to find those men! Now!” ordered Razoul as he rushed to the sultan chambers to inform him about the danger they were about to meet.
As the guards rushed to find the others, the royal palace’s master watchman went to the Sultan’s throne room, where he was with his former foe Aladdin and the Sultan’s daughter, princess Jasmine.
“Master! Master! *Puffffffffffffffff...*”
“Razoul, you seem tired. What happened?” asked the Sultan
“Mas...*pant* *pat* Master!”
“Calm down, my dear Razoul. Recover and tell me why you just broke inside the throne room all out of sudden”
“Master!” the watchman said after recovering his breath. “The palace has been invaded!”
“Invaded? By who?” asked a shocked Sultan.
“We don’t know, but the reports said it’s Mozenrath. And he is not alone!”
“Mozenrath? That rat!” shouted an annoyed Aladdin. “How did he enter here?”
“He broke into the palace and brought down a few guards trying to get into the building”, explained Razoul.
“Dad, what we will do?” said Jasmine.
“Don’t worry, Jasmine... things will be safe by...” the Agrabah ruler couldn’t finish his answer as a loud explosion could be heard from not far from the room.
“What is that!?”
“Is it an earthquake?” questioned Aladdin.
“Razoul, go check about that explosion!” ordered the sultan.
“I’ll go with you!” the former thief announced.
“This can be dangerous, street rat! It’s not for kids like you”, harshly replied Razoul, much to annoyance of his counterpart.
“Aladdin, go with Razoul and see what happened. I’ll be with Father and keep the throne room safe”, said Jasmine as her boyfriend picked his magic lamp and ran with Razoul to outside the place, as Jasmine and the Sultan, with aid of the Magic Carpet, Iago and Abu, picked a few furniture and closed the room entrance.
“Be careful, Mozenrath can be very tricky and cannot be trifled by anyone”, warned Al.
“Why I should worry about a petty wizard, boy?” asked with a defying tone the guard.
“Never doubt him. If he managed to invade the palace without being announced, who knows what he can do next?”
“Are you afraid of him, Mr. Know-It-All?”
“No, it’s just you aren’t used to fight him as I am”, answered Aladdin.
As they ran through the concourses, both were hit by a ‘wave’ of something that looked like sand, landing against the wall. After recovering from the sudden crush, they tried to figure out who did that, until Mozenrath, with his partner, appearing from the other end of it.
“Mozenrath! And... Who are you?”
“So, you are the Aladdin, the street thief that became friends of the Sultan? I am so glad to meet you...” said Error.
“How do you know my name?”
“Let’s introduce myself... my name is Error the Terror... and we came here for that beautiful artifact you carry in your hands”, explained the foreign wizard.
“You mean the lamp? Sorry, you won’t have it... calling other people to do your dirty job. I never thought you could sink that low...” protested Aladdin.
“That’s why you are very mistaken, my dear. He has his own goals and I have mine, which is destroy you and takeover Agrabah”, said Mozenrath.
“You disgusting trash!” grinned in rage the street thief.
“That’s it! I’ll get them!” yelled Razoul as he took off his sword and went to attack both men, but Error casted him a chain spell that restrained the moves of the chief watchman, to Aladdin’s astonishment.
“Error here is a student of the highest magic codes ever done. None of your fool human tricks can beat his wizardry’s knowledge”, explained a triumphant Mozenrath.
“You two will pay!” Aladdin quickly rubbed his lamp as the Genie, apparently waking up from a nap, emerged, leaving Error extremely amused to finally see that being was real.
“What time is it? Who... Hey, Al! What’s going on?”
“This!” Al pointed to the chained Razoul sit on the floor and to Mozenrath and Error marching at their direction.
“What?! What is that!? Who is the one with Mozenrath?” asked a puzzled Genie.
“He claims himself to be some sort of ‘wizard’ or something...”
“Wizard? He looks like some sort of weenie-meenie for me...”
“Oh, the Genie can make jokes. Very amusing, but you might think twice if you try those tricks again...” threatened Error.
“Genie, do something!” ordered Aladdin.
“And what you want me to do?” asked the blue magic entity.
‘First, remove the chain spell that was casted on Razoul”.
“Don’t want him to stay a few minutes bonded? You know I don’t like his attitude...”
“Ok, ok... let’s untie him...” Genie whispered as he found a spell to remove the chains from the guard’s body. Razoul then quickly recovered his sword and put himself at fighting position.
“Thank you... Sometimes you can be useful a lot...” commented.
“Yeah, yeah... enough with chit-chat. Please, deliver me the lamp with the genie or...”
“We are to put you in a world of pain”, finished Mozenrath.
“Not even in your dreams”, Aladdin assumed a charging instance, as he protected the wizard from the upcoming men. Razoul took the lead to block any attempt of spell or physical violence they could try.
“Genie, I have been dying to find such incredible being as you. When Mozenrath told me that was such a powerful entity that realized wishes from the one that owns you, I got enticed to make you accept me as your master and help me in my duties. My employer will be delighted to see what I brought from this trip”, spoke Error, as she reached at close range to their ‘foes’.
“What he is talking about, Al?” asked Genie.
“He wants to take you away from us, Genie...” answered the thief.
“Take me away? NOT IN YOUR LIFETIME!” shouted the entity before hiding himself behind Aladdin and Razoul, afraid of what could happen next.
“Sorry, pal, but his voice... his tone... it creeps me out!”
“You must be a great master for that genie, Aladdin. For keeping him near you for all this time, you must have knowledge of the amazing power he has...”
“I just gave him the most precious of wishes: freedom”, replied Al.
“Freedom? Its sounds foolish for a genie to want his master to grant him freedom... You don’t know how much power you wasted by keeping him as just a ‘pet’ for your fun, Aladdin”, said Error.
“He is not a pet! He is our friend and deserves respect. And you will never have the pure kindness to have Genie with you!” shouted Aladdin.
“Are you challenging me?” asked with a threatening tone Error. “Do you realize how dumb of you trying to challenge Error the Terror”
“I can realize how dumb you are to partner a loser like Mozenrath”, answered Aladdin. “He lost so many times that it’s kind of ridiculous someone who claims to be a big wizard to befriend someone like him”
“You damn fool! I would kill you if I had the chance!” protested the evil wizard.
“Do you want to have the chance? Bring it on!” challenged Aladdin.
He ordered Genie to be back into the lamp, as he and Razoul charged into fighting stance. Error and Mozenrath quickly gave first blow throwing a weak joint spell, easily evaded by both. Both wizards tried to attack them again, but it turned to be another wasted attack.
“Let’s try to attack them by hand-combat!” said the former thief.
“Who do we get first then?” asked Razoul.
“Both”, answered Aladdin, as they ran into both men, and quickly what it could be a battle between magic and no-magic converted into a fist fight. Mozenrath swiftly dodged the guard’s sword while trying to hit him with some of his magic. Meanwhile, Aladdin and Error traded punches and kicks, with the evil wizard surprised with his foe’s fighting abilities.
“You fight good, Aladdin”
“Thanks. My street wisdom helped me a lot on this”
“Really? Do they prepare you to fight someone like me?” asked arrogantly Error.
“I don’t know... let’s see when you get defeated!”
The fight was ‘fair’ until some point, because the magic tandem used some spells to try to beat their enemies, however it was the weak ones and they came back on fighting. Aladdin was making sure that his lamp was safe enough to avoid being robbed by any of them.
The fighting endured for minutes and Error decided to push them the closest enough to the throne room in order to invade it, using some spells to throw them in the direction of the aforementioned place. Aladdin summoned Genie again and he tried to do some counter-blocking maneuvers, but they were almost useless to the power employed by both men.
“Do you see, Aladdin? Can you handle a strong opponent now?” sarcastically inquired Mozenrath.
“You will see... I’ll defeat both of you, and use your asses as my personal soccer training balls”, replied Aladdin.
“Wow, the boy has surely such a mouth... I could even concede that you can be as self-confident as me, but not at all”, added Error.
Error’s plan was going totally right as their spells not only hurt Razoul and Aladdin, but they were coming closer to the doors, where the Sultan and Jasmine were safe from the intruders.
“Dad, what are we going to do? We have to run away, and I am worried about Aladdin”, said Jasmine.
“Don’t worry my pearl. They are giving those men all they can handle”, calmed down the Sultan.
But right after the Agrabah’s ruler said that, they could feel something hit the door and shake all the furniture they added to prevent any invasion. Everyone inside gathered away from the entrance to avoid being hit by the objects, but that was useless. The strength of their joint magic was big enough to blow the barrier and throw Razoul and Aladdin inside the room, as Mozenrath and Error appeared from the dust.
“Finally, this is the throne room...” said the local wizard.
“Seems a bit kitsch for me, but what I could expect from a Middle East kingdom?” joked Error.
“Who are you and why you want to invade my palace!?” argued the Sultan.
“Oh, you must be the Sultan... I am so delighted to know you, unfortunately to bring you down the knees of Error the Terror”
“Man, you need to stop to talk like a movie...” muttered Mozenrath.
“The pot calling the kettle black... very nice of you Mozenrath”, replied Error, which made the other wizard a bit ashamed.
‘”Aladdin! Are you okay?” Jasmine ran to aid her boyfriend.
“Jasmine... darling... I’ve done all that I could... but they are very strong...” Aladdin said, still befuddled with the blow he just had.
“Grrrrrrh! You two are going to pay! I knew you were behind this, Mozenrath, you worthless piece of scum! You will never take Agrabah, never!”, shouted a very pissed off princess.
“Jasmine, my sweet flower from the desert, this time you are totally wrong. Here, I am just an accessory. The one who you must blame, in fact, is my friend here, Error”, replied Mozenrath.
“Yes indeed. And now, I finally meet the one who is named ‘Jasmine’, like the flower”, said Error, approaching the princess. “When I heard about you, I never believed that there was such a beauty like, but now I am in front of you, I start to realize how wrong I was...”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, my princess”, Error answered before pulling Jasmine with his arm to his side. “I’ll offer you all the world’s most amazing wonders if you stay with me and become my wife. Dear Jasmine, I can offer you what no one could, I’ll be your humble servant in love and I’ll make you the happiest woman in the universe”
“Err... you... well, I am not that interested, and anyway, you are not my type”, Jasmine quickly pulled away from Error and tried to come closer to Aladdin, but the wizard ended grabbing her hand intentioning to not release her.
“Don’t you realize it’s a mistake? How can you trade a man who can give you the world for some piece of garbage like this thief?”
“Let me go! Leave me alone!”
Error tried pull the princess back to himself, but Jasmine kicked below his knee and ran away of Error’s range, finding a resort in Aladdin. Not amused by the girl’s reaction, Error decided it was time to impose himself.
“That’s enough! You will regret for not accepting my offer! Your kingdom will suffer!”
Error first employed a whirlwind spell against them, but Genie, again summoned by Aladdin, quickly sheltered them inside a magic force field, while most of the fortune has been thrown away around the throne. Mozenrath used similar magic to avoid being caught by the spell.
* This genie must be more powerful than I thought * Error said to himself, as he tried a stronger spell, creating a small tornado, but again it was useless against Genie, that created a wall to stop the squall and throw it back in Error’s direction, blasting him close to the wall.
“Thanks Genie!” cheered Aladdin.
“No worries, fella! But that little man here has surely a great power...” said a worried Genie.
“Are you going to stay here or are you going to help me?”, asked an angry Error to Mozenrath, that only sighed before joining his fellow magician on a magical blast, quickly evaded by Al and his friends. Meanwhile, Razoul tried a surprise attack on both, but didn’t count that Error noticed his approach and launched a spell that immobilized the guard.
“That’s what you got when you try to play with Error the Terror”
One man down, Aladdin decided to stand in front of Jasmine and the gang and fight both wizards with Genie’s aid.
“You, run! I’ll take them!”
“Please, Sultan... get Jasmine and the guys out of here to the balcony and close the entrances... go get safe!”
“You can’t do this!” said a concerned Jasmine.
“Go!” the former thief ordered as Sultan, Abu, Iago and Jasmine left the room. Jumping on the carpet, Aladdin and Genie thought on a strategy to defeat Mozenrath and Error.
“Let’s try to divide them. We know Mozenrath has his flaws, and we have to expose it!”
“Al, I am not sure about this...”
“Don’t worry. If you follow my tips, we can defeat them”
Aladdin then surged in the direction of the Duo, but Mozenrath casted a barrier spell that threw Aladdin and Genie far away. After recovering themselves, they started to make some counter-attack to Error’s spells, running all around the throne room and using the carpet to distract Mozenrath, in order to divide them.
Aladdin then opted to run out of the throne room to divert Error’s attacking. For a moment, it worked, but when the villain duo caught them, Genie used another force field spell to keep their attacks away from Aladdin, but they knew that wouldn’t work for long.
“Al, what are we going to do?”
“We have to take them outside, by any cost!”
The Carpet quickly found the way to the frontside gardens, as Aladdin aimed to use the large space to try a strategy to beat Error and Mozenrath at their game. Once there, Error tried to launch an immobilization spell, but Genie counter-attacked it by turning the spell into a pineapple.
“How dare you? How could he do that?” said a shocked Error.
“I told you he was tricky”, replied Mozenrath.
“If he can be tricky, so I can too!”, warned the foreign wizard while casting a few shadow soldiers to help him to take on Aladdin, but the thief had other plans, as he drove the carpet the quickest they could to wrap those soldiers and then Genie casting a rope magic to restrain them off.
Nagged by Genie’s magic, Error summoned more of his soldiers, with Mozenrath adding a few of his, but again it was worthless, with them all bound and without any chance to battle against Aladdin and his friend.
Aladdin then went to the balcony when Jasmine and the Sultan were to evade another Error’s attack. Tired, the former ‘street rat’ found some rest into the princess’s arms.
“Jasmine, I want you to run and find help the quickest possible!”
“No! I am not leaving without you!”
“Please, it’s better for you. Go find help, please! You need to be safe from them!”
“Aladdin, I will not leave you like this. I’d rather give up my safety for your welfare”
“You are the most important thing for me, Jasmine. I would go crazy if something bad happened to you. So, I want you, from the bottom of my heart, to run away from the palace on the Carpet, and fin help...”
“If you want this, I’ll go, but help from whom?”
“Find Sadira, Merder and Victor. They might know how to handle this!”
“Alright then, honey!” Jasmine and Aladdin shared a passionate kiss but they were interrupted by Error, with a triumphant look in his face.
“Look, so beautiful. The romance story of the year: the street bum that married the princess...”
“Now, GO!”
Jasmine ran to the carpet and left the castle without much opposition from Error, that decided to let Jasmine’s conquer for later and the lamp as his primary goal. Aladdin quickly came back at his fighting stance.
“And what we are going to do now, Al?”
“I don’t know, but we have to fight until the end!”
Mozenrath tried to use a caging spell on them, but Genie employed other force field thing to repeal. Seeing that kind of magic was useless, Error decided to use the most spells he could use, trying to wear Genie off and enhance his chances to have the magic lamp. The battle was hard and both sides used all they could to fight the opposition.
“I have to say that you have a great partner with the Genie, Aladdin. You too seem made for each other”, said Error.
“Thanks... you aren’t a bad wizard, but you know that it does take more than silly spells to win the war”, replied Aladdin.
With both sides confident, the battle went for an hour or more, where Aladdin and Genie gave Error and Mozenrath all that they could handle and the opposite side did the same. The brute nature of the fight got too much of them that, at a point, they decided to rely on the ‘heart’ other than the mind.
“Come on, Genie! We can win this!”
“I don’t know, Al... I am getting tired, I don’t know if I can handle...”
“Do your best. We are almost there! We can win them!”
Noticing a possible fatigue from the magical entity, Error invested in multiple sources of spells, aimed to Aladdin and countered by the forcefields. Genie tried all he could to avoid it, but his stamina was getting him tired.
“Can’t you see that you are going to lose, Aladdin? Why don’t you surrender and give the lamp to me?” demanded Error.
“No way! I’ll fight until I’ll die!”
Aladdin’s guts unnerved both evildoers, but they knew if they had the chance to finish him, they had to bet everything on breaking those fields. The fight went longer, but Genie couldn’t stand anymore battles.
“Al, I am tired. I need to recharge myself inside the lamp”
“No, Genie! You can do it! Believe me!” the former thief tried to stimulate his pal.
“No... I can’t... anymore... I am sorry, Al...”
“That’s okay! You done all you could pal... now it’s only me to save the day”, Aladdin said as he saw his friend get back into the lamp to recharge himself and now feeling himself in a dead end, without anything to rely against Error.
“I see you are in trouble, Aladdin... I guess is a good time to think about giving up”, said Error.
“No way! If I go down, better go together with your arrogance!” replied Aladdin.
“You are going to pay for your insolence!”
Mozenrath saw himself as a bystander since the fight went down to only Error and Aladdin. The wizard kept using his spells against the thief but was surprised on how he evaded it, even worked out due to the extenuating fight. Both men knew that, if they had the chance, they had to get it in the right time.
“Surrender, you fool!”
“I will not!”
Aladdin ran all what he could to avoid the attacks, but Error then decided to get tricky and casted a shocking spell against Aladdin’s ankles. When it struck his enemy, the former street bum felt the pain, but resisted.
Aladdin tried to run until the balcony, trying to find a way to evade Error, but he tried again the shock spell, now against his arms, and this time, Al couldn’t resist and dropped the lamp off his hands
“No! The lamp! Must get it!”
The former thief jumped all he could to get the lamp, almost falling on the floor, but his efforts went for nous since Mozenrath picked up one of his spells to create an energy hand to get the lamp and hand it to Error.
“Excellent... the magic lamp... one of the most seek treasures ever, a precious and infinite source of power and magic, now in my hands”, admired Error, seeing the golden artifact on his hands.
“No! You can’t have! Give it back!” Aladdin tried to retrieve the lamp but Error dodged him.
“You had the chance to keep it, Aladdin but now the lamp is mine and the genie will obey everything I tell him”
“He will not! He will not obey a scum like you!”
“Too bad, but now it’s not your problem anymore... now, Mozenrath, I’ll let you do whatever you can do with them... now let me report my employer about the mission”, said Error, turning away of the castle as he went away holding the lamp.
“It’s a pleasure...” grinned Mozenrath, now with Aladdin at his knees.
“You are not going away with this, you bastard!” shouted an angry Aladdin.
“Don’t worry... I will not do any harm on you and your friends. I’ll spare your lives by now, but I’ll come back, and next, everything will be mine...” laughed Mozenrath before leaving a defeated Aladdin with his friends coming close to him.
“Aladdin, don’t worry... the war isn’t over. I am sure Jasmine will bring the help”, said the Sultan. “I know, but how about Genie? Who will help him?” replied saddenly Aladdin.


After his sex session with Milo, Victor resumed his activities inside his office, taking a rest from his busy day. Still feeling some pain from the thrusts made by the intellectual, he didn’t properly sit at his president’s chair, trying to avoid the maximum of contact to his aching anus.

Soon his peace was about to be broken, as he heard some steps running on the corridors approaching his room. Those steps belonged to two young girls who worked in his agency as ‘interns’, namely Cornelia Hale and Taranee Cook. As they approached the door, they got pretty much stuck together.

“Hmmmmhhhh... get out, Taranee! Let me in!” protested Cornelia.

“No way! You are the one that don’t let me in!” replied Taranee

“Girls!” Victor entered in scene. “You know I don’t like running in the corridors”

“It’s her”, said the blonde girl. “It’s Taranee who started!”

“How come I started? If weren’t by you and your screaming pace, we wouldn’t be stuck”, back talked the ebony girl.

“We are stuck because of your fat fuck body!”

“Fat fuck body your ass!”

“Ok, ok... girls, please... stop that! Just stop playing and come here, please”, ordered Victor to the girls. Cornelia and Taranee quickly left the door and approached their boss desk.

“I bet you have a great explanation for all that running”

“We just had a silly math test today and the classes sucked, as usual”, stated Miss Hale.

“And we were such in a rush to come here and...” Miss Cook explained before being interrupted by her boss.

“I know. Anyway, I still don’t like running without reason around here. So, try to be on a slight pace next time”

“Ok”, both girls said before noticing Vic’s awkward position in the chair.

“Can I make a question?” asked Taranee.

“Sure... if you have the time”, answered the Brazilian.

“Have you had sex? You always sit that way when you have your ‘male meetings’”

“I think the answer is right in your eyes, Tar”, said Victor.

“I can see... I can even smell it!” said with some ‘sarcastic tone’ Cornelia, to give Victor a little ‘offense’ on him.

“If I did, and in this case yes, it is none of your business at the moment”, answered Victor, before fully turning the chair to face them. “But, anyway, enough with this. I have a very important task for you two”

“Anything you say, boss!” said an attentive Cornelia.
“What’s the case now?” asked the blue-haired girl.

“It’s not yet a case. I want you two to make a research about me about the Transdimensional Stone”

“The Transdimensional Stone?!” both girls said surprised.

“Yes, the Transdimensional Stone”, calmly answered Victor.

“Why you want to know about the stone?” asked Taranee.

“In the moment, I cannot allow myself to tell the reason”

“Why not?” asked a bothered Cornelia. “How we will know what to look for if you don’t say us what to look!”

“Cornelia, I cannot say anything about it because I am also looking for the answer, but you gotta research everything you two find about the stone and deliver to me”

“If you don’t even know...” Taranee commented, but Vic firmly hit his desk with the hand to interrupt and take back the voice.

“Listen, I am your boss and you two have to follow my orders. You two have to find and gather this information to me. When and if I have a clue of the matter, I will inform the entire agency. Do you understand?”

“Yes...” both girls said bowing their heads almost in ‘shame’, leading Victor to feel awkward about how he treated them.

“I know I am harsh here, but I think it’s a matter of life and death to us. And anyway, depending on how the research goes, you there is always a prize to come”, said Vic, putting some ‘lewd’ tone in the final sentence.

“You mean...” said Taranee “Well, anyway, you know how we are great employee’s boss...”

“Yeah! Me and Taranee will do the maximum to fulfill your wish, boss!” added the blonde girl.

“I know you two can... anyway, you may leave now. Please tell everyone to do the research too. And don’t forget the clients!” told the Brazilian.

“Right on, sir!” the ebony female cheered as she and her friend left the room right to their offices and desks. With the empty room, Vic stood up and looked for his cell phone, where he found Tecna’s number in the memory list and pressed the button for the call.

After a few seconds...

“Hi! Oh, Hi, Victor!”

“How is it doing?”

“Well, we don’t have anything so far. We are making the research but we didn’t found anything worthy here!”

“Really? I just told Taranee and Cornelia to find whatever info of the stone they may gather”

“That’s sweet!”

“And how about the guys and the teachers, nothing yet?”

“Nothing so far... we are still looking for them, but no clue!”

“Ok... don’t worry, if I have something here, I inform you about it”

“The same for us!”

“Ok, see ya!”


After he turned off the phone, Victor returned to his desk to have a well-deserved rest, as his agency waited for the clients to come.

Ingeborg walked into Madame’s bedroom in order to waking up her boss. Madame, a very famous opera singer and actress that went into a double life of spying and investigation, had spent the night in a party, where she would gather information for an investigation was performing to V2K Investigations, their employer. Ingeborg was her assistant, working since long time with Madame, and also sharing a ‘personal relationship’ with her. Bottom line: both were lovers.

“Look at her... every time is exactly the same...”, though the blonde girl as she approached the woman lay in bed, trying to wake her up.



“Madame? Are you awake?”


“Madame?! Please, they called from the agency. It’s time to get up. We need to go to work...”

“Inge, please... just 10 more minutes...”

Ingeborg went somehow pissed off, but didn’t showed it

“Madame! Please! Wake up!”

After some minutes of rambling, Madame finally surrendered to Inge’s call and woke up, wearing nothing but a black gown, one of her favorites.

“If you keep being difficult to wake up after your ‘fun’, it will be hard to finish that investigation”

“Please, don’t start it... I just need some medicine, my head is killing me”, lamented the dark-haired woman. “Bring me the pill, Inge, please...”

Ingeborg offered Madame a pill for her headache. As she sit down on the bed, Madame started to review the happenings of the night before, the drinks, the roulette, the gorgeous men and a 5-male gangbang she had with possible suspects of being tied to a ring of human and weapon trafficking belonging to the Caucasus.

“That night was zany...” commented Madame. “I can’t believe I survived”

“I cannot believe you had the guts to go with those filthy men to the bed, they smelled nasty and all had bed demeanor... yuck...” said the blonde woman.

“I did it all for the investigation. We are just close to find out who is the ringmaster”

“You could have better company for this...”

“Sorry, Ingeborg. You know that the body is one of the most powerful weapons, and you know how for our work we need to use the best weapons we have available. I agree those men aren’t the best male specimens in the world, but I know and you know that if we need to use it, no matter with who, we have to”, explained her boss.

“I know, but you must agree that there were better options if you wanted a happy hour, of both genders”, said Inge.

“Unfortunately, they weren’t at the reach for my investigation...”

After Madame had her hygiene obligations, she put one of her favorite dresses, a dark gray one, with a long skirt, but enough to make the package very sexy. Then, they went to take their breakfast, but Madame noticed Inge looked her at some ‘weird way’

“There is something bothering you, Inge?”

“Bothering me?” asked back the blonde.

“Don’t hide, Ingeborg! I know you! I know when something is not right you... please, do tell”

“Ok, if you want me to tell... I am very worried with your behavior in the past days, Madame”, explained Ingeborg.

“About what?”

“You know. This ‘party-all-the-time’, the whole things you are doing for the investigation and not...”

“Please, Inge, we will not start on this again”, said a slightly annoyed Madame.

“I am not. It’s just... well, since you got this trafficking ring investigation, I felt that you put me somehow left out...” sighed the blonde.

“Oh, it’s that! Inge, you know I love you and you are the most important person in my life...” said the dark-haired lady.

“But every time you go at those missions, you put me away for those slugs...ugh...” argued Inge.

“Inge, please! You know that I do it for our good! It’s just a job...” replied a somehow annoyed Madame.

“Well, but I am not like your job!”

“Ingeborg, calm down... I do care about you. I love you, you are the person I care the most. I wouldn’t do anything that could let you down at any moment”, said Madame, trying to ease the anger of her girlfriend.

“But this case is messing you up! I don’t care if you like to hangout with other people than me, but you are really digging yourself in dirt”, replied the blonde female.

“Look, Inge. I know I am getting into some not so pleasant business here, but my dedication to this and any other task doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. Believe me, I do. I do care about you a lot. Ingeborg, I love you and I would be so destroyed if something bad happens to you...”

“You say it just because I got angry about you”

“No, I don’t. I will say that to you always. I love you Ingeborg, and there is nothing that it can end that...” said Madame, making the head of Inge rest on her shoulder.

“I will believe in you this time”, replied Ingeborg.

“Anyway, we are late. Victor must be pissed off right now”, said Madame, calling her assistant to finish the preparations for them to leave for agency.

“Don’t worry. He must be looking anything to amuse him”, added Inge.
“Well, maybe we can help him to find something, if he wishes... and maybe I can give a little treat for you, Inge, if you promise to behave”

“Well, so I must behave the best!” played the blonde girl as the two girls went to pick up their transportation for the agency.


*phone rings*

“Raitor B.V’s Office, Soraya here, how can I help you?”

“I want to talk to Mr. Raitor?”

“Who wants?”

“It’s me, Baroness!”

“Sorry, but Mr. Raitor cannot speak right now... he is at a very important business meeting. Want to leave a message?”

“No, I want to talk with him!”

“I am sorry, madam, but Mr. Raitor cannot talk with you now, but you can leave a message to him that he will return as soon as he can”

“I cannot wait! I need to talk with him now!”

“I am sorry, but Mr. Raitor can’t leave this business meeting just to talk with you, madam. You have to wait for him or, as I already said, leave a message”

“What kind of person are you that won’t let me talk with my lawyer?”

“I am his secretary, and again, Mr. Raitor cannot speak at the phone. Are you going to leave the message or call this conversation over?”

“I want to talk with Mr. Raitor, now!”

“As I said, he can’t speak. Or you have to wait for him to come back later, or leave a message or wait for your next meeting with him. I suppose you have a scheduled time with Mr. Raitor, right?”

“Next Friday...”

“So, next Friday you will meet him and talk whatever you wish to”

“But I want to talk now! It’s important!”

“I am sorry, ma’am, but Mr. Raitor will not speak with you until your meeting or when he comes back, and now I grew tired on you, so I am going to end up this conversation, alright?”

“How dare you say that I am... Hello?”


“What a bitch... how could she do that? Turn off the phone in my face!”

Chapter Text


“Here we are, your temporary resort”, said Merder after opening the door to Velma and himself, introducing both to his apartment, which Velma knew very well. A fancy and spacious apartment, surrounded by Kenyan styled decoration, and seemingly ‘almost neat’ for a single man’s place.
“I still don’t know if it’s a good idea for me to stay here with you. And if the gang comes back?”, asked the brunette nerd girl.
“Don’t worry. If they appear, they might call you. I know they aren’t capable to put you left behind”
Despite still worried about everything, she put a word of confidence at his friend’s advice. Velma watched while Merder cleaned the couch and made his DVD set ready for watching the parking lot footage.
“While you are with me, Velma, I promise you will be 101% alive. Do you know how much is 101% alive?”
“Wrong mathematics and bad use of percentage?”
“Also, but it’s one hundred percent plus one. It’s more than one hundred just. Virtually impossible to break it down”
The couple sit on the couch while Merder put the DVD at the tray and pushed the eject button. Quickly, he found the right point where the footage started, but he pressed fast forward as hard he could until Velma pointed the Mystery Machine parking at the front of the convenience store, finally showing the part of that DVD.
“Here it comes…”, said the Dutchman.
Apparently, it showed the Mystery Machine parking for a while and Velma leaving the van heading to the store. The footage went well until something strange happened with the image, like static, for some seconds and then vanishing altogether with the image. A few seconds after the screen got blank, the footage returned, with Velma outside and trying to look where her friends were.
“Jinkies! What is this?”
“Must be a problem with the DVD set. Let me check it”, replied Merder, looking to his DVD reading device. After seeing a possible problem, they watched again the footage, and the same thing happened.
“It’s impossible… it cannot be… is there something with the footage or the DVD?”, sacredly asked the geek amateur detective.
Merder saw the DVD’s media side lots of times but didn’t detect any scratch or damage that might caused the image to blur. He looked to the footage many times, and at that same point, the image blurred until disappear, only to return with Velma in panic.

“Jinkies! What is going on?”
“I don’t know… I begin to be very worried about it…”
“How?”, asked Velma.
“I don’t know, but all that could serve as a clue or even solve the mystery lies where the footage can’t show us”, explained the police officer.
“This is so strange. Now we will never know what happened with the gang”, the nerd girl sighed bowing down her head and feeling herself depressed. “I guess we will never know what happened…”
“Calm down, we will find them”, Merder patted his back and moved her head to his shoulder. “I promise I’ll go to the store tomorrow and see if there wasn’t a problem with the camera or the recording device”
“It will be enough?”
“I will do the best I can do to reunite you with the Mystery Inc. And what we need to do right now is to discover if there is footage from the moment your friends disappeared”.
“Let’s pray for that”, sighed again the brunette.
“Please, don’t be sad. I don’t like when friends get sad”, the Dutchman tried to comfort his neighbor. “Can I offer you a drink and my friendship?”
“I am sorry, but I’ll have to decline your request. I’m not in the mood for anything right now”.
“I insist”, Merder said raising her face to look at his smile. “You know I hate to see a nice lady like you sad…”
Velma looked at her friend for one moment, thinking on his proposal. She couldn’t resist to the smile and the convincement tactics of a guy she had a major crush on and was one of her most steady lovers, at least after a few seconds of tempting reasoning.
“OK, you convinced me, I will take your request. But I would like to have some coffee. I am not in the enough mood to get drunk, even if I am too sad and worried”
“Well, then coffee will be!”, yelled the European guy, as she jumped from the couch to see if there was remaining coffee. Luckily there was an almost full jar that he used in two Starbucks like cups. Merder used the microwave to make the beverage feel hotter than it was.
“Want sugar?”
“Just a little”
“Ok, here it is! Hot coffee to the nice and intelligent detective”, the police detective brought with care the two coffee cups and handed one to Velma. “And the other for me”
Velma quickly took a liking on how Merder seemed to care about her given her friends were lost and she didn’t knew where they were. The brunette knew that he was the kind of man that does everything to lend a hand to anyone who needs help, and thus, she was on good hands.
“I would have asked for an inebriating drink, but my mood tells me otherwise”, commented the geek girl.
“I understand, but we all know that you have a strong love for alcoholic drinks and their glasses”
“I am, but I am trying to hold off a little now. You know, just drinking it socially and with a good excuse for that”
“By the way, you drink like a sports fan, but I never saw you drunk to the point of wasted ever”, said Merder. “It’s to think about a girl like you have such a resistance on being drunk”
“I have had my hangovers, but I like to control myself and keep it decent. I am not like Daphne that loses easily her self-control and falls into the ridiculous point”
“Yeah, it’s true! Do you remind Shaggy’s birthday, two years ago?”
“How I can’t not remember? We still pick fun of her because of that ‘undies’ incident… and the best is she doesn’t have a clue of what happened that night!”, giggled Velma when reminding the story.
“Really? So typical… Daphne seems to be the typical ‘drunk with a mission’. Everyone has a story about her falling to the alcoholic temptation”
“Like… that day where Victor called us for a party at his agency. I am still stunned to know she didn’t destroyed the place after her ‘little meltdown’”
“She only didn’t ruined Vic’s workplace because he was quick enough to make Ingeborg and Micky take her to the bathroom. But he told me that he had to close that bathroom for two days given how wasted she was”
“And I am still puzzled on how Victor still has a thing for her after that…”
“He would have a thing for anyone that winked at him and wore a sexy underwear and ‘head accessories’”, said Merder, making him and Velma giggle.
“Yes, you are totally right!”
“And why I wouldn’t? Well, he is not that far from me, you know well”
“Oh yeah! That thing you have with gloves… I can’t understand why both of you feel so damn connected with pieces of clothing. Sometimes I think you two are one of those sick fetishists that pop anywhere”, said Velma.
“I can tell you none of us are. We just find those pieces at least ‘entertaining’. And, anyway, it’s not anyone and anytime we resort to such tactics. It has to be the perfect match between piece and girl to set the mood perfectly”, explained Merder.
“It explains a lot”
The chat went for minutes, perhaps an hour or two, where Merder and Velma talked about the most different subjects, from their jobs to TV shows. The police officer quickly noticed how the amateur detective soften herself, apparently not feeling worried about the possible destination of her Mystery Inc. colleagues or if they were alive or not. The worst that could happen to a girl like Velma was to feel anxious about that and try to wander around the town in a fruitless search for her friends.

“Wow, look at the time!”, Velma looked at her watch. “For how long we’ve been talking?”
“I don’t know, I just know I feel tired… it was a hard day, you know…”, replied Merder, stretching himself on the couch.
“Well, maybe it’s about time for us to take a rest. Again, thanks a lot for being so helpful with me in such moment”
“There is no problem with that! You know that anytime you want, I’ll be there for you”, said Merder, patting her back
“I know…” Velma whispered before putting the hand on the Dutchman’s thigh, while staring at him. “Guys like you are rare in this world…”
Merder watched how the nerd girl rubbed the palm of her hand on his leg. For a moment, both stood there, sitting and looking to each other speechless. Seeing that her neighbor wouldn’t react, Velma decided to take a lead and put her lips closer to Merder’s.
“I believe this is the time where we kiss in the movies”
“But I wouldn’t be taking advantage of you?”
“In this moment, it’s me that takes advantage from you…”
As it couldn’t be stopped by anything or anyone, Velma and Merder’s lips finally met each other in the halfway. Having both crushes for each other helped them to cut their worries off and surrender to the passion, with their lips and tongues dancing and wrestling against themselves. As the brunette geek kept using her hands to rub Merder’s pants, he did the same, touching her thigh and going underneath her skirt, close enough to feel how her pussy started to ‘burn’ for him.
When they finally broke up the kiss, both stared to each other for a while, not trying to hide how good was the kiss. But Velma Dinkley surely wanted more from her ‘special friend’.
“The same good kisser as always!”, wickedly pointed the nerd detective.
“You stole the words from my mouth”, replied the police detective.
“So, want to continue this in your room? I don’t want to spend the night alone”, proposed the brunette.
“Are you sure of this, Velma?”
“I cannot be as damn sure as I am now, Merder. You know you are in my heart and in my panties too”
“Just don’t want to screw up with you. You know how much special you are to me”, said Merder.
“And you too, but the only thing I want now is to be with a man that can take care of me for the night. And that man is you. But, anyway, want to do here or in your room?”, said Velma.
“I prefer taking you to my bedroom. It’s even more romantic there, you know”
“You darn nasty guy!”
Velma and Merder kissed again, as they slowly went, hand by hand, to his bedroom. Her day, which started as the worst of her life, would finish with better memories than it would.
“Jinkies!”, was the phrase Velma uttered when entering into Merder’s bedroom, noticing the spacious place where her boyfriend lived.
“Why are you so surprised?” laughing asked Merder “ It is not like you haven’t been here before, you know”.
“I know but…”
Before she could finish the sentence, Merder placed a finger on Velma’s lips and brought her body closer to his again.
“Shh! We don’t need to talk anymore about anything else”
The couple engaged itself in another kiss. Both minds worked with the most deviant and romantic ideas a man and woman could get.
“Remember the first time we got together?”, questioned the brunette.
“That time at the beach? I remember that every time I am with you. But why do you ask?”
“Nothing. Just that now I got memories of how good it was”
“Well, every time we are together it’s good for both of us, so I do have memories about us all the time”, Merder said.
“You little rascal!”
The Dutchman helped the amateur detective to get rid of her distinctive orange sweater, throwing it to the floor. Merder was amazed to see his girlfriend wasn’t wearing no bra at all!
“What did happen to you? You never are without your bra”
“I didn’t have one that was fitting for me to use, so I am with bare breasts now. Did you liked?”
The question was answered when Miss Dinkley saw something of a bulge form into Merder’s pants. She smiled and rubbed it, trying to make his cock get hard as fast as she would like to.
“Seems someone likes what it sees, huh?”
As Velma rubbed the spot, Merder found himself getting aroused and the geeky girl enjoyed how his penis was getting erect. To help that process to be accomplished, she quickly helped her lover to get rid of his clothes.
“How did that happen? I am naked and you not?”, asked Merder.
“It’s what YOU think, fella”, Velma answered as she bended over and lifted her skirt up, showing she wasn’t wearing panties. And again, even if he was used to situations like that, surprise arose inside his mind.
“I hope you didn’t made up all this ‘friends missing’ just to get laid with me, Velma”
“Merder, you know very well I am not using underwear too much”, said the brunette.
“Even better”, replied the Dutchman as he told the amateur investigator to turn around. Velma tried to take her skirt off to help him, but her boyfriend stopped her.
“My mood says I want to have sex with you with your skirt on”
“I thought you had a soft spot for gloves and not skirts”
“You still gotta learn a lot about me, darling”
With her ass to the hair, Merder went behind Miss Dinkley and quickly her pussy fell to his tongue’s charms. Velma gave up a few moans as she felt his mouth make good use of her genitalia.
“Ahhhhh…. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
However, Merder was interested in other hole and after he pleased a little her pussy, his tongue found home at her butthole. Quickly Velma answered his request with the usual moaning.
“Uhhhhhh… ohhhhh yess…. Ahhhh!”
Liking what he saw and heard, the police detective kept her ass moisten, getting her ready for whatever it would come up next. Not enemy of the anal desires, the nerdy girl hoped the Dutchman could make good use of it.
“Oh… it’s good… Jinkies… ahhhh…”
Already naked and with his cock begging for a hole, Merder decided to add his rod the game, rubbing against Velma’s butt crack. Added with some fabric touching, it was what he needed to make his girlfriend want him.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! I want your cock, Merder! I want it now!”
The police detective teased her for a minute or two, even more. Nothing but highly excited and eyeing her ass, Merder helped the girl to be on all fours and rammed his cock in her butthole. Struck by the surprise Velma let out her usual “Jinkies!” exclamation in ecstasy.
“Ahhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!”
Slowly pounding Miss Dinkley, the Dutchman decided to have another kind of fun as his hands went right to her breasts. Without even asking, Merder pinched and twisted the girl’s nipples, giving Velma a mixture of surprise and pleasure
“What are you… ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee!”
“I know you like it, Velma. You know you can’t lie to me”
Indeed, Velma couldn’t lie to him, as he confided him her kink after one of their ‘casual meetings’, an euphemism for the usual casual sex both engaged. Having her ass filled and her nipples ‘fondled’, the Dutchman got hold of the situation.
“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssssssssssssssss!”
“Ahhhhhhh Velma! Uhhhhhh Yeahhhh!”
Hearing Velma’s moaning, Merder focused on plowing harder his girlfriend while pinching and twisting her nipples at the same time. He wasn’t one of those sadists, but sometimes he attempted to add new features to his relationships.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh! My Asssss! Fuck my ass! Stretch my butt, you son of a…!”
That went further for minutes until the Dutchman felt he was getting close to his peak. Merder quickly withdraw his dick from Velma’s and sat on the bed. The move disappointed an already hooked Velma.
“Why didn’t you finish me off? I was trying to get an orgasm!”, the brunette mildly complained.
“Who says we are done already?”, the police officer answered in a cynical tone.
Looking Merder sitting on the bed and his cock still at position, the nerdy girl smiled and slowly moved her face closer to his cock. She knew exactly what he wanted, but before giving her lover, she decide tease him a little.
“I don’t know if you deserve this or not”
“B… B… But…”, said a slightly staggered Merder
“No buts!”
The detective could feel intimidated by her attitude, but he knew her since older years and he always knew she had a dominant side under the always intelligent and shy travelling investigator. Merder enjoyed Velma a lot to feel anything bad against her.
“Look, I think you deserve a special reward for helping me in the hardest moments of my life”
Again, she moved the closest enough of his rod and gave a good look, then Velma started licking it while she used her right hand to rub herself.
Merder started moaning with Velma’s skilled tongue as she started licking the tip of his cock. Soon, she opened her mouth and took the tip in. Quickly, she swallowed part of this manhood, taking turns on sucking and licking, rising the pace of her right hand as her pussy got stimulated to follow her moves.
Then, Velma wanted to use her left hand to touch Merder’s cock, but her boyfriend stopped her from it, again upsetting the geeky girl.
“Why you did that?”
“Sorry, but I feel that something is missing when someone touches me there barehanded”
“Not again!”, complained Velma. “You must stop being so obsessed with gloves!”
“But I like when a woman wears them for me. I don’t know why but I feel weird when my dick is touched by someone without them”
“Look, I just can’t wear them for you now. Maybe another day, but now you must take the whole package or leave”
Merder couldn’t say a word to reply her demands. He liked her so much and even if he was a ‘glove crazy’, a man that loved being touched by a woman with proper handgear, he understood she was horny enough to not be upset with that.
“Ok, you won! You can touch my cock, but I don’t guarantee it might change my mind”
Velma took the cock back into her mouth and returned to rub her pussy , sliding two fingers inside, feeling she started to get moist down there. She then reintroduced her left hand to Merder’s weiner and gently squeezed it while her blowjob went deeper
The brunette slowly moved her left hand over the cock’s shaft and took more of it inside her mouth, leaving little space for her hands. She could see on Merder’s face he enjoyed her touches.
“See, barehanded touches are nice too.”
“Yeah, they are, but it can’t match a gloved hand’s touch”
Feeling defied, Velma went further until she saw on his face he was about to shoot his load. The brunette nerd wouldn’t finish that night without teach her lover a lesson or two.
“Just know I am going to tease you a little and not swallow your jizz, sweetheart”
Merder could get upset, but the geek detective decided to change his mind as she squeeze his penis in a way she could see him trying to hold his cum. Wickedly smiling, Velma teased him to ‘pay back’ his previous pinching.
“Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! I… think….uhhh… I can’t hold it anymore…ahhh”
“Just a little more, darling…”
The brunette brought her breasts closer to his dick as she was doing her last jerks. The European held for a while, but it was enough for him. He let a large moan out of his throat as he shot his load on her breasts. Well, first it was on her breasts, but she had a partial change of mind, and also took his cum at the face.
After loading his jizz on Velma, Merder took a glance at her face and wickedly smiled with the results.
“What I wished… cumming on your freckles”
“You perv!”, replied the amateur detective. “You are unbelievable”
“You say like we are both strangers”, said Merder. “And we are not over yet here”
“You need to cum as well. No couple can be happy when only one gets an orgasm”, said the Dutchman.
“And what you have in mind, lover?”
“You will see…”, Merder answered as he pushed her back on the bed and started licking the outer rims of her pussy. Soon, Velma started randomly moving herself, showing how close she was getting.
“You rascal! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh!”
Merder took the time to taste her womanhood, hardening his tongue and sliding it in. It didn’t took much longer before his girlfriend reached her peak, letting a loud scream of delight come out.
“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Merdeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

After the sex, the couple rested, now between Merder’s bed sheets. It looked like the day who started grim for the girl ended in a high note.
“Thanks for the fuck. You really know what a woman needs”
“You are welcome, but I would be greedy if I were the only one to cum here”
“Always the altruistic…”, giggled Velma.
“Sorry, but I can’t bet the only one to get pleasure here”, said the Dutchman. ”Specially with a woman like you”
“Stop! You are making me blush!”
“And am I lying?”
“I won’t argue about that now. I just want to forget the day I had. Well, at least until before the sex…”, gloomly whispered the nerdy girl.
“Don’t worry…”, said Merder before kissing her cheeks. ”I will help you to find the gang. I will put all the effort I can to bring back to you”
“You don’t need…”
“I do. Friends help each other, remember?”
“You are so sweet”, smiled Velma before engaging in a passionate kiss with her lover.
After a time for resting, Victor got himself to work, checking his e-mails and the files for the cases the agency was working on. Soon, Ingeborg appeared and knocked at the open door.
“We’re here, boss! Sorry if we are late, again…”
“Well, you two never come in time, so I am not surprised or angry on that matter, Inge”, said Victor.
“I am sorry, Vic, but last night was rough…”, Inge started to explain.
“Madame again, right?”
“Sort of. You know very well that when Madame lights up, it’s very hard to extinguish it”
“And you know very well as me that we both enjoy that quirk from Madame”, replied the private investigator, making the blonde woman blush.
“But I didn’t had time to enjoy it, but surely all those men in party certainly did”, added Inge.
“Ok, talk about that. How many this time?”, questioned Victor.
“Five…”, pondered Victor. “It’s her number”
“Har-Har-Har… so funny of you… Five it was all that I counted that entered in a room with her. I don’t know if she did anyone else, but I know that I was the only excluded”, said Ingeborg
“You say that sex with men is not your taste”
“Well, not all men… you know that very well, Victor”, Inge said with a seductive tone, prompting Victor to blush.
“And how I know it… anyway, where is Madame? She is already at her office?”
“She didn’t wake up very well and she went there for a rest. Our party lady”, commented the blonde.
“I see. And by the way, you two got what you were looking for?”
“Right on track, boss. We are close to get that info for that case we are working on, and we are about to check more now”.
“Beautiful! That’s why I can count on you… now, get to the work”, said Victor.
“Ok, Vic. If I need something, I call you”
“Idem”, replied Victor, as Ingeborg dismissed herself to the office. The Brazilian got back to his daily ordeals, imagining that day was another ordinary day at the PI agency. Little he knew that something was about to come…
It was about 10:30am, and everything was running good at the agency, but out of sudden, Caleb appeared running into the place, visibly nervous, and going to where Cornelia, his girlfriend, and Taranee were.
“Caleb… hi! What is going on? Seem like you say a ghost…”
“Hello, girls. Is Victor here?”
“Yes, he is at his office. Why?”, answered Taranee, noticing the Meridian rebel’s face. “It happened something?”
“Not yet, and that’s why I have to talk with him”, replied Caleb.
“You came warn him of something?”, asked Cornelia.
“It’s a matter of life or death, girls. I need to meet Victor, he has to know about the great danger that might arrive to the world”
“Ah? What kind of danger you mean? Don’t you tell me that Lord Phobos or Nerissa are doing something?”, inquired the pigtailed girl.
“Much worse than any evil that appeared in this world, Taranee”
Cornelia and Taranee went worried and curious at the same time, trying to know what kind of ‘evil’ he was referring. Victor noticed the loud voices from outside his office and went to check it.
“What is going on here? Caleb?! What are you doing here?”
“It’s good that you are here, Victor. I came to warn you about something”
“About what?”, asked Victor.
“The worst threat to humanity has ever met”, answered Caleb.
“How? What kind of threat is this? It happened something?”
“Not yet, but it’s about to and I came here to warn you, my friend”, firmly said the brown-haired boy.
“And what is that? Any new enemy? A bomb threat? Some awaken demon?”, questioned the Brazilian.
“Much worse than any of these. He is the worst enemy humanity and magical beings can even think of”
“Caleb, I am confused. What kind of evil threat that is ‘worse than anything” is that?”
“That’s why I am here. I need to talk with you privately. What I have to say is extremely important to the world, and I am one of the only that know about that”, said Caleb.
“Right, we can go to our office. Care if I call Cornelia and Taranee to it?”
“It’s ok to me”.
After requesting a glass of water, Caleb followed Victor, Taranee and Cornelia to his office, as the rebel was about to speak his message.

“Now you can tell me why is this all about?”, demanded Victor, once inside his office, to Caleb.
“Right… What I have to say to you it’s very important and I want you to pay all the attention you can. It’s a very important issue and the world might depend on it”, sternly warned Caleb.
“Alright. You can tell me. I will pay only attention to you…”
“Here is the thing… I got the information about a danger that looms around the world. A danger that can put everything and everyone at the highest risk. Something that can end humanity easily”
“And what that thing is?”
“He is named Error the Terror. He is the worst and most vile man ever to inhabit this universe”
“Error the Terror”, analyzed Victor. “The name sure fists for a threat”
“I am not joking!”, the rebel answered a bit harshly “It’s damn serious! He possesses a power that only few people dominate and he won’t hesitate to use that power to hurt anyone who crosses his path!”
“Is he some kind of sorcerer or a magic student?”, asked Taranee.
“He is a free student of magic. All this time, he collected an immense range of knowledge on magic spells and creatures that almost outclass anyone. But, instead of using this knowledge for good, he decided to do it for his own profit”
“And how do you know all that about him?”, asked Cornelia.
“He grew up in my village. We were childhood friends, but something made him take the other path and we stood up on opposite sides”
“Reasonable”, pondered the private investigator. “But, what this Error is planning to do that is so dangerous to the very existence of the living beings?”
“I am afraid to tell you that I don’t know…”
“And how did you know that Error is about to do something?”
"He told me. Well, he didn’t told me, just warned me that I should take care because something could happen and, when it happen, might shock the entire world”, explained Caleb.
“So this guy you told us about might have a plan that can destroy the world or not and, so far, the information you have is that he might be around planning something? Caleb, dude, I know it might be bad to hear that, but so far, I don’t know how to help you for the start”
“So it does mean that you didn’t believe a single world that I said?”, angrily reacted Caleb, to the apparent rebuttal of his message.
“I didn’t say that, man. Look…”, the Brazilian put his hand on Caleb’s shoulder. “I am your friend, right? I know you long time enough to know that you are one of the people that I most trust. I did believed on what you said, but so far, what we have is just an ‘if’, and we can’t work much based on an ‘if”
“But how many times you made a case with nothing than possibilities?”
“Caleb, honey…” Cornelia intervened. “Victor has a point here. We can’t do anything if we don’t have a strong and solid thing to connect him to a possible attack that we don’t know what could be”.
“I do believe you, man, but first we will need a little more information about Error and try to elaborate a profile”, added Victor.
“Let’s see if the databases can say something about him”, Taranee said as she sit on the office’s desk to use the computer, checking the agency’s own database on villains and criminals to see if Error was part of one of them. “Strange… no one of your databases has him… let me check the bigger one… crap, the search didn’t showed any results!”
“Have an idea. Use the International Criminal Database. They have all data about any listed criminal ever”, suggested Victor.
Taranee followed the suggestion and looked for Error. Luckily, he had a profile and Victor requested to be shown at the big screen TV. When the blue-haired girl put Error’s mugshot and profile, Victor marveled to see that the ‘big threat’ Caleb announced seemed to be someone with a frail appearance.
“Is ‘he’ the big threat to the world? Now I realize why he decided to study witchcraft”
“Don’t be fooled by his looks. It’s only a natural decoy to people not know how dangerous he is”, answered the brown-haired man.
“It’s just it does not look like the man that will break havoc in the world”, commented Cornelia.
“I have to warn you many people thought they could defeat him and ended up in the rough side of the line”.
“Let me see…”, Victor said, reading the criminal record and the news reports. “Wanted in 51 countries, charged with terrorism, murder, destruction of property, murder attempt, illegal use of magic abilities… and the list goes on!”
“I told you”, replied Caleb.
“I never doubted of you, Caleb. But I just wanted to see who this ‘threat’ is so I can give my own opinion”
“So, if this guy is so dangerous that he is wanted in so many places, how no one could arrest him?”, asked Taranee.
“He is vile and artful. Error is not a man that can give himself the luxury to lose. He always seem to know how to fool the law and run away unscathed”
“Now, we know who he is and how he does, but still is impossible to take an action if we don’t know what he will do next”, said Victor.
“It doesn’t matter. What it really matters is that he is ready to do something and we must have the maximum of awareness we need to when it happens”, replied Caleb.
“You know that I trust you a lot, Caleb. Sorry if I made you thought that I didn’t believe a single word you said, but I had to do it”
“There is no problem, Vic”, the Meridian rebel patted the back of the detective’s shoulders. “I know that. If I were at your place, I would doubt at first…”
“So, what we do now?”, asked Cornelia.
“All we have to do is wait and see, maybe Error will attempt to do something or not… as Caleb said, we need to be aware”, Victor answered.
“The goal is wait here almost powerless until he comes and spreads Error around the globe?”, questioned Taranee.
“If this can give us a real measure of what Error can do and think a way to possibly stop him, so it’s what we need to do”
Caleb, Victor, Taranee and Cornelia, looking to Error’s mugshot, now puzzled what they should do to avoid a possible attack. But something in the air could say that information was about to come to their door very soon…

Sokka lay on bed, patiently looking to the roof, trying to forget what happened at the entire day. The water tribe member couldn’t stop thinking on how the most important day of his life so far, his sister Katara’s wedding was abruptly interrupted by the victorious attack of the ones called as ‘Trix’.

Still feeling disappointed for not giving his friends a lending hand to defeat the foreign threat, he became to worry about his sister’s health and mood after seeing her husband, Aang, handed a shocking loss, even being the Avatar, one of the most powerful beings to exist. He didn’t wanted, but Sokka was upset. Terribly upset.

While trying to forget the day, he waited patiently for Suki, who stood with Katara along with Ty Lee and Toph to help her cope with her husband’s defeat. Sokka worried himself about his sister’s state and hope she didn’t felt crushed by what she saw and the way it happened, not being able to do much to save the airbender.

After a few hours, Suki walked into the room, to Sokka stand up and rushed to see his girl and know the latest.

“Finally, you came! So, how Katara is? Is she okay?”

“Totally devasted”, said the Kiyoshi warrior with sadness in her voice. “Poor little, she cried all night. The climate in her bedroom feels like someone is dead…”

“Now I feel bad that I can’t go there to help her to recover”, lamented the water bender.

“Don’t need to worry… I don’t think anything can help her right now…”

“I see, and how Aang is?” asked Sokka.

“He is in the hospital and will spend the night there, but is recovering very well, even asked how Katara is…” explained the girl.

“No wonder. He is the Avatar…”

“Zuko also let us be informed that the security around the palace and at whole Fire Nation will be reinforced to try to stop any attempt of a new attack and to chase those girls to arrest them”

“I don’t know if they can. Remember that Bloom told us that they are tricky and can escape difficult situations?” thought the boomerang handler.

“But what can we do? Let them leave and hope they can’t attack us again?”, questioned Suki.

“We couldn’t do anything when they first attacked us, so we must keep them away from the palace and this nation!”

“I understand you, Sokka, but I guess this is not the time to discuss that nor here the right place to it. I am tired and just want to forget everything that happened today”

“You are right, sweetheart, I am sorry”, Sokka put his hands on Suki’s shoulders and kissed her forehead. “Let’s put this all behind us”.
Suki smiled and kissed Sokka, this time in the mouth, where the coupled embraced itself in passion, even if the situation wasn’t one of the best for romantic demonstrations.

“Suki, while I was alone, I thought so much about the fear of losing you…”

“Please, don’t even mention it!”

“I want you to know that I will protect you, no matter what happens. I will stand by you, whenever you want!” asserted Sokka.

“Sokka, I love you… I love you so much… but you don’t need it. You are very precious to me and I can’t stand losing you”, replied Suki, with eyes drenched.

“While we are together, I will make sure nothing bad will happen and we will stand together”

“Oh, Sokka!”, Suki kissed her boyfriend again and the couple threw itself on bed, kissing and rolling in passion, like it was the last time they would see each other. It didn’t even look like they were target of an attack that could even ended their lives.

On top of her boyfriend, the Kiyoshi apprentice put her hands into Sokka’s pants-covered crotch. The water tribe member answered the gesture with surprise.

“Don’t you think that this might be not much the appropriate time for that?”

You, refusing sexual contact, Sokka? That’s new for me…”, laughed Suki “Anyway,
we need to live our lives the fullest, right?”

“Er, I guess”, said Sokka.

“Well, let me take the control and you will only worry on how you are going to cream me and where”, the brown-haired girl replied, taking off his pants, with his cock, still not erect, in hand. She smiled to her boyfriend, cooling off the climate and making the ‘battleground’ ready.

“Uhhh… ahhh… you’re so good Suki!”

With his dick at a considerable hardness, the Kiyoshi warrior changed her approach by taking it in the mouth. The water tribe warrior moaned the single movement of her mouth on blowing his rod.

“Suck it, Suki! Suck me! Ahhh!”

With each positive answer of her boyfriend about her blowjob, the fighter went further and her mouthwork increased the intensity. To keep things smooth, Suki took his cock off her mouth and licked the top and played with the testicles, returning after for the blowjob.

“Uhhhhh… Suki…uhhh”

The Kiyoshi warrior felt how much tension she released from Sokka’s as his body looked like he was into a day of laziness. But, fortunately to her, his cock wasn’t, still hard and accepting very well the mouth blowing.

“Please, just don’t sleep while I am doing it. It’s not educate”, reminded Suki.

“And how I could sleep with those divine lips doing what they do?”

Suki went until she found the water tribe man’s rod was lubed and ready enough for the next round of fun. She quickly took off her clothes, and rubbed her crotch against his standing up pole, just for the teasing.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh… Suki! Ahhhhhh!”

The female fighter could feel her moisten cunt while rubbing herself against her boyfriend, soaking his rod with her own juices, anticipating what was about to come next.

“Now, just let me take care of this, and everything will be alright…”

With all the care, to avoid any genital injury because of Sokka being laid on bed, Suki slid herself to his cock. When pretty much of it was inside her, the Kiyoshi warrior wiggled her hips attempting to accommodate the dick in her pussy. When she felt it was okay, she begun to slowly move her waist and hips up and down.

“Let’s see if you can keep up with me, Sokka!”

Suki didn’t restrain herself to moan, as in the first moves of Sokka’s dick inside her, the pleasure was clearly seen. The water tribe member quickly put the hands on his girlfriend’s hips, aiding her to keep the balance while moving up and down.

When she tamed her own moves, Suki started to employ humping of her own rhythm, bouncing slowly, but making a few noises due to touching Sokka’s thighs. The Kiyoshi warrior finally surrendered to the pleasure as her boyfriend’s rod went inside and outside her drenched slit.

“Uhhhhh… Ahhhh! Sokka… ahh…. You’re awesome!”

Despite being mostly a ‘reciever’ of the action, the water tribe male controlled the situation with his hands going around Suki’s hips and thighs, keeping her position safe of any accident. Watching his girl moan while moving her waist up and down pleased the young man, even if the whole situation wasn’t the best for such action.

“Ohhhh… Suki! Delicious! Oooooooooohhh!”

“Sokka! Yeahhhhh! This is so great!”

The girl fighter bent over her boyfriend and they kissed as she humped and wiggled her cock-filled ass. The lustful setting wasn’t capable to eliminate any trace of romanticism sexual relationships between two people who love each other seek. After the kiss, Sokka told her to turn around and sit again on him, but now he would be only seen her back, as she repeated the same approach from the start.

“Uhhhh… Ah…. Your cock is so delicious Sokka!”

“Thanks for the preference!”

Suki’s boobs bounced while the Kiyoshi warrior sped up the hip bouncing, driving the couple to moan louder and hold the grip of the action. For now there wasn’t no Trix, destruction, a ruined wedding or the defeat of their Avatar friend, but a man and a woman in a moment of love and delight.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes! Fuck it! Yeah!”


After a while, Sokka thought Suki had enough of humping him and it was time of the male ‘getting back the control’ of the action. He lifted Suki and asked her to lie sideways on the bed. From behind, the water tribe member made his girlfriend’s legs open and slid his dick inside her pussy, and then, the fun begun again.

“Now, let me do something for you, sweetheart!”

“Oh, Sokka!”

Sokka started slowly but as soon his pole accommodate itself inside his girlfriend; he vigorously pounded her, holding her legs close to her body so she could sustain the rhythm of his strokes. Suki tried to hold her mouth shut, but it was unbearable to keep all that pleasure inside her mind.

“Ahhhhh! Fuck me Sokka! Uhhh! Mmmm! Ahh!”

With the fighter’s guidance, the Water Tribe member used all of his youth to give her all the joy she could handle, moaning as well while his cock got stimulated by the inner walls of his girl’s pussy. One could say if Sokka was like a never-ending stream of sexual energy servicing the woman he loved.

“Do you like it, Suki?”

“Yessssssssssssshhhhhhh! Fuck me, Sokka! I love it!”

The Kiyoshi warrior wanted and asked for more, and so her boyfriend followed, ‘popping’ his hips against Suki’s butt with the strength of his fucking. She was marveled with how her boyfriend seemed to get the grip of the situation.

“Wow, Sokka! Your skills are amazing today! Been reading books lately?”

“I did read some, and also got some important advice…”

“I want to…ahhh… know what kind of…uhhh… advice you got”

“Let’s just say I know people that have experience in it, and they have a lot to learn”

Suki wondered if one of the boys or the girls taught him about it, but soon these thoughts disappeared as Sokka pounded hardly his cock into her cunt, squealing because of the pleasure given by his manmeat being all inside her. Will this end soon? Or Sokka had other thoughts for the night?

“Oh, Sokka! You are so great! Your cock is awesome!”

“Your pussy is also awesome, Suki! How I love you!”

The two gave a brief kiss followed by a little tongue-wrestle and the sex seemed to be forever, as Sokka never seemed to feel tired and Suki never let the mood drop on the bed. What started as a special day and turned into the most terrible attack Fire Nation suffered from foreign invaders, at least for those too seemed to finish in pleasure.

“Suki, lay down, please! I want to give you orgasm like this!”

The warrior laid on her back and Sokka fixed his crotch between her thighs, Suki’s legs wide and partially around her boyfriend’s body. With ease, the Water Tribe member made himself again inside Suki and his cock again to work.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sokka! Ahhhh! Fuck yeah! Make me cum, dammit!”

“I will make you cum like you deserve, Suki! Uhhnnn…”

Sokka went hard as he could in Suki, of course without hurting his girlfriend. His sweaty body mixed itself with hers, creating one of the most romantic/arousing scenes one could witness inside a bedroom. Even if both had done it for long, the couple was surprised on how that specific sex was turning into one amazing moment, something like those mystical stories. Maybe the turnout of that night wasn’t bad after all..

“Uhhhhh! I’m so close! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Yeah! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Suki!”

Suki even tried to hold off for a while, but it was impossible, or almost. The powers that be inside her body worked for her to cum at that right moment. And, as the girl wished…

“I can’t……..uhhhhhhh…ahh… hold on anymore…ahh… I’m…ahhhh…”



It was like God offering the Heaven in her mind. Without backing off on the fucking, the Water Tribe man watched Suki surrender herself to the orgasm, perhaps the best she ever had. At least it was what she was thinking…

“I am cumming, Sokka! I am cumming! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My God!”

“Ohhhhhh! Ahhhh! My God! Yeah!”

Her sweaty body twisted in bed while she recovered the breath, bearing the orgasm he boyfriend just gave to her, and still moaning since her pussy was still sensitive due to Sokka’s dick stabbing.

“God, Suki… You... Oh My goodness…”

“Sokka”, Suki said trying to recover herself from the orgasm. “You were… wonderful!”


“This orgasm was the best! I never felt so much pleasure like this in my entire life! You are awesome, honey!”

“If you say so…”, blushed the boomerang boy, with his cock still hard and not seeming to be ‘finished’

“Well, but now let’s take time with your little friend here, okay?”, smiled the Kiyoshi warrior, as after gaining back ‘herself’ turned to her boyfriend’s dick and started to masturbate him, with fast and paced strokes.

“Sokka, sweetheart… I want you to cum in my face. I want to feel your hot goo all over my face. I deserve it; I am your naughty girl…”

It was enough to turn Sokka on. He felt his sperm quickly arriving to the boiling point, and despite he tried to hold for a while, a man with his needs couldn’t keep himself like that for long.

“Yeahhhhhh! Yeahhhhh! I am… Ahhh….. CUMMING!”

As she wished, Suki’s face found itself covered with manmilk, pouring from his boyfriend’s cock. The Kiyoshi warrior expressed joy while feeling the hot and sticky sperm wave all over her face, as Sokka grunted while pouring his liquid on his girl, watching how much she loved it.

“Cum on me, Sokka! Shoot your milk on me! All of it!”

The cum that appeared around her mouth Suki had no problem on tasting it, and what she could, she let on her face before cleaning it with her hands and licking what was still available. When the Water Tribe member ended his unloading, he took a deep breath while seeing part of his girlfriend’s face dirty.

“Wow, that one was big!”

“You can bet on it”, said Suki, smiling, before cleaning most of her face and jumping on her boyfriend to kiss him.


“Sokka, that night was fantastic! You were amazing, honey!”, praised the young fighter.

“It’s what I say. No one can deny the good ol’ Sokka”, bragged the boomerang boy.

“I don’t want to know who could deny you…”

“I will never deny you too, Suki. You are the love of my live and I am ready to be with you for the rest of my life”

“Ah?” Suki turned herself to her boyfriend caught on what he said “Come again, honey?”

“I thought better, and I am ready to take a step further in our relationship”

“So, it does mean…”

‘Suki”, Sokka said before kneeling on bed, in front of his girlfriend and have her hands on his. “I want to marry you. I really do”

“Ah? What? Sokka…”

“Please, Suki. I almost saw my friends die today, and I don’t want to spend another minute not doing what I have to”, the Water Tribe leader stated, looking to his warrior girlfriend’s eyes and showing everything he was feeling deep from his heart. “And I want to be your husband”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel uneasy because of what happened today”, questioned Suki.

“I am so sure that I want to marry you the sooner I want. Don’t want to wait any minute for that”

“Oh, Sokka…” the Kiyoshi warrior then hugged her boyfriend, trying to hold her tears in his eyes, full of emotion due to Sokka’s wish. “I don’t know what to… say… it’s… just…”

“Just stay with me, Suki. Just stay…”

“I will stay with you until the day I die, Sokka. I won’t let anything bad happen to you, I swear”

“Suki, I love you…”

Chapter Text


“Don’t you tell me that you spent the whole night looking for information about that damn Stone...”, said Stella as she entered the study room of the school alongside Musa and Flora and saw Bloom and Layla reading books and Tecna still using the computer.
“We just had a nap and now got back to look about the stone, but so far nothing”, said Tecna, sipping a cup of coffee meanwhile.
“But so far we didn’t found anything new. All these books tell us is what we already know about it”, muttered Bloom.
“I told you that search is fruitless. We just read all the books here and there is nothing that can indicate a true clue about the stone’s whereabouts”, said Musa.
“Yeah, but I am talking here with some people that might give me a clue about a good source”, added Tecna.
The three girls joined the other three at the table, as they helped Layla and Bloom with the book reading, but paying attention if the pink-haired girl would find out anything valuable for the search.
“Do you think the guys had better luck than us?”,questioned Flora.
“Neither Vic or Merder called on us. Maybe that means they are as stuck as us in the mess…” answered Layla.
“Last time I talked with Victor was long time ago and he was at work, then I don’t know if he got anything better than us on it”, added Tecna.
The six-piece fairy crew re-engaged on the search for a while, taking coffee as they read again all the books the school’s library where they could find information about the Transdimensional Stone, trying to catch something that might escaped their eyes during the search.
“I cannot believe the school has millions of books and nothing about what we are looking for”, complained Flora.
“Let’s just keep searching. Maybe something slipped off the radar and we didn’t noticed yet”, said Layla.
It seemed fruitless, as nothing could indicate that they would find better information about the stone pieces or anything related. But soon Tecna would give them a ray of hope.
“Girls! I found something!”
The five other fairy students gathered together around the laptop to see which discovery was made by the pink-haired technological fairy.
“I think I found something that can help us to find the stone or know more about it”
“What it is?”, asked an anxious Stella.
“A guy in the book network told me about a book named ‘The Legend of The Transdimensional Story: Truth or Not?’, written by someone named Josephus Barberus. He told me it has everything we wanna know about the stone and its powers”
“Great! I have to always thank God and the nature spirits because of the Internet!”, cheered Musa.
“Yeah, but there is one little thing…”, Tecna said not showing much happiness. “It seems the book is very rare and not many copies are for sale or available at main libraries”
“Crap!”, muttered a disappointed Bloom. “Is there any way to find that book or it’s again a fruitless search?”
“Let me see… I know a few search engine that will allow me to find it…”, replied the technological fairy as she clicked into a few links. Minutes later, the answer arrived to the hopeful group.
“There! I found somewhere that has a copy of the book!”
“Where it is?”, asked Layla.
“Well, here it points that one of the owners of the book is a certain Prince Adam, who lives in a castle at France. It says he is a well-known book collector and it got a copy at an auction”, explained Tecna.
“Prince Adam? Let me see… Oh My God! I know who he is!”, said Stella with shock as she saw the prince’s picture on screen.
“Do you know him?”, asked a baffled Flora.
“Not personally, but he is very famous because he reverted a curse that transformed him into a beast in the past, with the help of the girl that is his girlfriend now, Belle”
“That Belle? The one that everyone deems as the ‘bookworm princess’?”, asked Bloom.
“That one. Have seen her with him a few times. Guess they are very close, if you know what I mean”
“And which girl isn’t close to Victor?” joked Musa, provoking a giggle on the other girls.
“Girls, please… we gotta find that book. Stella, do you know where she lives?”, Tecna questioned to the Solaria princess.
“My father visited her sometimes. I will ask him the address”
“But how they will allow us to enter the castle? It must be protected by a full array of guards… and she doesn’t know any of us”, pointed a worried Flora.
“We can say we are Vic’s friends. Maybe that will help us to go there and ask her about the book”, answered the blonde fairy.
“I think it’s a valid point”, Bloom agreed to her BFF. “If we mention him, she might be helpful to us. And, anyway, the only thing we can do now is try it”
“Bloom is right. We can give it a shot… the only thing guaranteed is that she might say ‘no’ to our plead”, said Tecna.
“So, we are agreed that we are going to that castle and ask about the book?”, pointed Layla. “If yes, we can go as soon as we have the directions”
“I will call Dad and ask him about it. And let’s try to find other sources in between”, answered Stella.
Now knowing that they might have found a new clue about the Stone, the Winx girls were eager to see if Prince Adam and Belle could help them on that matter. Would they find another hurdle or the world saving would get easier after that?


Before attempting to have his first sip of coffee, Error felt something on his pocket. It was his cellphone and when he saw who was, a mix of satisfaction and annoyance came into his mind.
“My Dear Error! I heard about the news! Good job in Agrabah”, the voice from the other side congratulated
“Hearing that from you is an omen that good things will come out soon”
“I must admit that I thought you fail with your mission… but what I heard was fantastic!”
“Learn one simple thing: Never doubt of my powers”, bragged Error.
“Well, I am eager to see if I got the lamp. When do I can see it?”, the voice asked.
“Pardon, but in the moment, I am here in France for my next task. And first, I will need to test that thing a little before handing to you”
“What do you mean? I told you to bring the lamp to me! It was what I asked to you!”, the person at the other side yelled to an undeterred Error.
“I am sorry, but I need to play a little with that lamp before I give to you. Or do you want me to give you something that is worthless”
“Are you disobeying an order? Is that what I am hearing?”, the voice raised its anger against the wizard.
“You know what you cannot mess with me and you were the one who hired me to do that. You depend more of me than I depend on you, then it’s on you if you want to pick a fight with me”, said Error.
The voice silenced a little after Error’s explanation and then backed down on his complaints.
“It won’t be wise to have an argument with you right now, since I might need you in the future”
“Wise decision”, Error wickedly smiled. “But I don’t want you to be sad so I will take you the lamp and the rose for you and then we can play together with them”
“I think it’s fair enough. We need to see how powerful are those artifacts before moving on”
“About the rose, I am going to that village pretty soon. You will hear from me in the next days and will be good news”
“How do you know it will be good news?”
“Again, you should think a thousand times before you ever doubt of me again”, Error warned.
“I am not doubting of you. I am just trying to be sure about it”
“You won’t need to think about it. I will bring what you want and the deal will be sealed”
“As you demand, Error… see you soon”
The call was over and Error managed to return to his coffee as he read a map about the village he was going to find his next priced treasure, with so many thoughts about what that cursed flower could do for him and his contractor.
“Those peasants will learn about Error the Terror’s power. And not in a good way..”


“Please, Mom! Why you have always to use your powers when the job can be done without them perfectly”, complained Violet Parr to her mother, Helen, who used her own powers that allowed to stretch her own limbs to move the boxes and put everything where it should be.
“And why I should not use my powers to help someone, Vi?” questioned the mother, pretty much ignoring the protest of her daughter, both members of the family superhero team internationally known as ‘The Incredibles’ and once called when young as ‘Elastigirl’.
The whole argument can be explained if the context is told as well. Violet was moving from her parents’ house to start a new life as a college student at the Helandre International University. And she decided to rent an apartment for herself finding that option better than living inside the campus. To help her with the bills, Violet’s girlfriend Mirage, the once-assistant to the megavillain Syndrome, decided to live with her.
“You ALWAYS use your powers for that, Mom! Can you try to be just like… uhh… a regular mother?”
“ You know that I can’t be a regular mother nor you a regular daughter. We are superheroes and if we aren’t able to use our gifts to make live to us and the others better, I don’t know what else we would do with them?”
“Perhaps save the worlds from megavillains and terrorists?”, questioned Violet with some sarcasm at her voice.
“Don’t even begin! I know you use your power to do stuff that isn’t saving the world, Vi!”, replied Helen, still ignoring her daughter and stretching her limbs now to put glasses and plates at the kitchen.
“This is different! Sometimes I need some privacy!”
“Want to have the same talk you had to your father last week, darling?”
Violet mumbled a few words and pretty much quit arguing with her mother because she knew that it would happen the same that happened when she talked with her father, Bob ‘Mr. Incredible’ Parr, about a similar issue, and they argued until they found each other tired and pleading for peace. Then, the longhaired girl decided to pick up some boxes and go to her bedroom to tidy up the stuff there.
“Am I interrupting something? Or did I came too late?”, Mirage appeared at the door, knocking it before Helen stopping her job to greet the silver-haired female with a brief, sealed kiss.
“No, Mirage! You came in right time! You need to put some judgment at Violet’s mind!”, said Helen.
“Well, I don’t need even to ask what happened, because I smell that my Vi again argued with you, Helen. Am I correct?”
“I just don’t care about it anymore. It’s the ‘process of becoming a mature person’ that people keep talking about and Violet is going through that”
“If you talk moving with your girlfriend part of this process, then I am becoming mature day by day”, said Violet after leaving her bedroom with a smile by seeing Mirage there. The superhero hugged her girlfriend and gave the usual kiss that two women in love like to share.
“See you two are spending a good day without me. And I can see the job at the apartment is almost done!”
“Well, my mother enlisted herself to help and I have to admit that she makes things happen really fast”
“So I don’t know why you complain about? It’s always good to have another hand, or hands, to help you. And if they are attached to arms that can stretch like rubber, it’s even better”, the silver-haired pointed.
“I keep telling Vi about it, but you know those kids of today… all independent-willing and stuff”, pointed Helen Parr.
“I know, Helen… that’s why girlfriends are here… to level the head of young girls that are stubborn as hell!”
“Well, and day by day I am becoming more convinced that you are the one to do it, Mirage”, said the mother.
“When are you going to stop treating me as a child?”, Violet asked with a grumbly tone of voice.
“Mother will never stop treating their children like they were kids, Violet. You will learn when it becomes your turn to be a mother, if you want to be one… but, well, I think I need to go. Dash needs me to see his homework and I need to make dinner ready”
Helen said goodbye to her daughter with a kiss at her cheek, which made a girl a bit ‘mad’ with her mother, but soon smiling as she knew Mrs. Parr did that only for her good. When it was her turn to say goodbye to Mirage, the kiss was at mouth. And in a way that made the ‘official girlfriend’ of the silver-haired woman blush.
“Do you need to always kiss my mother like that?”, the young superhero showed some approval of a ‘unneeded kiss’.
“It’s not my fault! She is the one who always kisses me like that! And you know that you are not the only Parr I sleep with”
“Alright, let’s not make a fuss about it… well, tell me Mimi… where did you went that you took so long to help me?” Violet asked.
“I am so sorry, sweetie. I had to visit an old friend in need… and then I needed to set the things for my new job. I spent the whole day seeing and doing things…”, Mirage explained.

“And one of those things included come up with dinner? Well, I don’t think so…”, said Violet when noticing her girlfriend’s hands were empty.
“If you want, we can finish up the moving procedures and then go out for a dinner. I know a nice restaurant downtown and is not that expensive for two girls that need for now to control their spending”
“Do you think you can win my heart with food?”, sarcastically asked Ms. Parr, only for Mirage to smile back at her and then the longhaired girl give up with her argument.
“Come on, pick up your purse… we are going to share this one tonight!”
“I bet sharing is a thing we are going to do pretty much from now on”
“Well, and I feel that you aren’t talking about the restaurant bill on this”
Both women giggled as they again kissed each other and went to be ready for their date at the restaurant, as Violet shared about her day and wondered about the next steps of her life, that was about to change. HELANDRE’S PRECINCT
After days of trouble business, Merder finally could return to his regular job, making and checking reports of cases, waiting for any clue that could lay a solution for any open one. And, of course, drinking some coffee.
Soon, his ‘peace’ would be interrupted by Anita Slot, who checked into his desk and watched him for a while do his job like if nothing else was happening in the world.
“Are you just watching paint to dry or will do something today?”
“I am just doing my job. There is nothing else to do now”
“Well, you know we do and this is why I came to talk with you”
“If we do have something, what it is?”, the Dutch policeman questioned.
“Have you talked with the parents of that little girl that was abused… Dee Dee?”, asked Anita.
“I didn’t have the time to do it, I had so many things to do… why? Did they make contact?”
“They called us at least two times to know if we had something that could lead to who did that to her”, the policewoman explained.
“What about the rape kit? This was under your charge... Did you have the results?”
“Yep!”, Anita said with the results on her hands. “They are here, but I guess you will like to hear the story...”
“Oh, here it comes...”
“Well, the results are here but it seems there is no evidence on who did it”
“Ah? What? How that is possible?”, Merder got a surprised eyebrow lift when Anita mentioned that.
“Well, the results show no sign of fluids in it. No sperm or anything”
“So, he must wore a condom, the logical choice”
“Na-ah”, she nodded in negative way. “No sign of rubber or any physical evidence that can lead us to find who did that”
“What? Let me see that!”, the police officer asked his partner to see the results of the rape kit and his eyes got somewhat big as he looked at them.
“It’s impossible. I cannot believe... it’s like the perp is a shadow or something like that!”
“I told you...”
“Well, that makes us now rely even more on getting them to talk about it”
“I told them we were to call them to talk about what happened as soon as we got the rape kit results”
“Guess we can go there tomorrow or the other day”
“Will be very tough to say that we don’t have nothing to start with...”, Anita said with a moot tone of voice.
“Let’s try to retest it and maybe the girl can give us a better view of what happened with her than the kit. I know very well that nothing beats the experience”, pointed Merder.
“If we can make the girl speak before she enters at shock...”
“That’s why you are going to talk with her. I am going to talk with her parents and perhaps her brother, who knows what he has about it, or even worse...”
“Don’t even think about that, Merder! One case at time!”
Anita left the desk as she went to hers to make the arrangements for them to talk with Dee Dee’s family. That case was only at the beggining...


Giacomo Giarolamo Casanova returned to his mansion after a night where he had another of his adventures, usually involving seducing and laying women. He took a well deserved rest and then went to do his usual stuff, usually having breakfast and checking the mail.
“Bills, bills and more bills… they are so unnerving and bothersome”
Even a man with immense wealth like him was bothered to have so many bills to pay. But one of the letters ended up getting his attention: a letter without a sender address, pretty much akin to a letter from an anonymous fan. Being a man known for his traits with ladies, Casanova garnered a large list of fans and a not small list of enemies. Could be an usual letter of someone who wanted help to date someone or another of the several times he got berated for being ‘a pervert bastard’.
When Casanova opened it, he a few pictures that made his eyes open. They were from one of his adventures with two regulars he liked to sleep with, Sylvie and Diana. Those pics depicted them into lesbianism acts and even cross-dressing, something that he wasn’t too new to, but not the kind of thing he was into at first place. With those pictures, a terrifying message.
The pictures weren’t to dismay the world’s finest seducer, being himself a newfound fan of the action between two ladies or even someone that liked to do stuff only to please the women he fucked. The fact he also owned a blog where he talked about his adventures in bed did not contributed for this action, but the message’s content was enough for him to get wary. Casanova was being blackmailed by someone and the publicity of these pictures would make his discrete life into hell on Earth.
But blackmailed by who? At first, the Italian didn’t want to bother to the origin of this letter, trying to calm himself and think about a solution. First, he didn’t want to tell Catalina, a Venetian woman he ended up marrying and who usually joined his adventures due to their open relationship and who was away to meet relatives. At least, not at this time, since she was always worried about her husband to slip into a trap due to his crowded sex life. He tried to call or send a message to the two women portrayed on the pictures, but either Sylvie or Diana answered.
The anonymous trait of the letter made it hard for him to try to locate the origin of the blackmailer, but the postage stamp pointed him to a direction, since it showed the letter went through the post office of Helandre, a city near his estate. Any chance of trying to know who was the one behind that, it road went to that place.
“I don’t have other choice. I know I’ve been blackmailed before, but this one is different… I don’t know why… I have to go to Helandre, this is the only option I have. Nobody messes with Casanova and gets away with”
Casanova then called a taxicab to pick up at his home and take him to Helandre. During the trip, the cab driver was more than happy to know that he had a celebrity at the back seat of his car.
“I cannot believe I am driving Casanova! I’ve been following your tales for a long time!”
“It’s always good to find out a fan...”
“Well, I always thought you had a car of your own or a carriage, like all of those rich people”
“I prefer to support the local businesses, just a matter of choice”
“Well, it’s very good to have someone like you in my cab. You must have a very dangerous life, doing all those women and stuff”
“A man has to live the way he is supposed to live”
“Well, I do not have much of this stuff you live. First of all I’m not sexually attracted to women. And second, I am very happy as a married man”
“That’s amazing! You must know that I am not too foreign with pleasing the needs of other men…”
Fascinated by meeting a gay taxi driver, something that is not much usual, Casanova and the man talked a lot during his ride, as the professional seducer shared a few of his tips for the driver to enjoy a happy sex life with his husband, being the man that always loved to help a significant other to fuck his or her partner better.
Casanova pointed to a plaza square at the financial center of the town and told the cab to stop there. He handsomely paid the driver his fee, even with a large tip for being someone who made him forget for a while of his issues. As he saw the car leave the place, he asked for directions and was pointed to the police precinct, located a few blocks away from where the cab dropped him.
When arriving at the precinct, he found out there it was the workplace of Eduard Grendel, an officer he knew since his childhood. Casanova was a friend of both of his parents and even became Eduard’s grandfather. When he saw his godson, he was even more thrilled when he found out that the officer worked at the department that would help the seducer to solve his problem.
Casanova handed Eduard the letter where the message and the pictures were. The vice cop looked at it for a while and then gave his view about the matter.
“Well, first I need to say that it’s kinda uncommon to see a blackmail letter to get sealed and sent through post office…”
“And am I not used to that?”
“I know, but thinking about that and the fact the latter hasn’t a return to the sender address, it might be a little difficult to try to find who did this to you, Casanova”
“What do you mean? There aren’t things like forensics, DNA and that stuff to find out?”, questioned the Italian.
“We aren’t the CSI here” replied Eduard with a laugh before explaining. “There is a chance we could find out the author of the letter through stuff like comparing handwriting and even checking the seal or fingerprints, but none will be conclusive enough to get a clue”
“Then I came here for nothing?”
“Not at all! It’s really good that you came over here and told us about what is happening, including bringing the letter, but we have to speak the truth and, so far, there is no way that we could make a quick identification of who is behind the blackmail”
“But there is one thing you know: the letter was send through the post office of Helandre”, pointed the Italian playboy.
“Yes, it’s true! It sure has a meaning, but we need to verify first if the Post Office has something about who sent it”, replied Eduard.
“I understand…”
“You don’t need to feel sorry about us not giving you the name and the address of the blackmailer; I guess a man like you knows about it”
“Well, I think I need to apologize to you… It’s this letter… I don’t know why… It got me”
“There is nothing you need to feel sorry about”, said the cop. “Even us have to deal with tricky stuff in order to solve our cases”
“And what am I supposed to do? Do you have any option, my dear Eduard?”, Casanova asked.
“Look, what you need is a second opinion, someone else that might have better tools on hand to help you”, Eduard said.
“And do you have anyone who can bring me a ‘second opinion’?”
“A few blocks down, there is an private investigation agency. The best in town. Believe me, if there is anyone who can help you with that, it’s them!”
“Hm… private investigation agency... this is an interesting idea! And it’s pretty much different a police officer telling someone to look out for a private investigator”
“It’s not really strange. One of my colleagues is friends with the owner and they collaborated many times with police in investigations”
Eduard’s suggestion was quickly taken by Casanova, who asked the directions of the agency. Would they be the ones that could give him a sign of light to discover who was behind the letter?

Casanova went to the V2K agency with intention to find a way to solve his blackmailing problem. Reaching there, he did not found the owner (Victor), still in Agrabah, but was greeted and taken to the office by the threesome who ran the company at his absence, namely Milo Thatch, Madame and Ingeborg.
The Italian stud then presented the letter to them and explained his previous trip to the police precinct, expecting the answer of all of his issues. But after a few minutes of observation and deliberation, he found out the questions weren’t supposed to be answered that quickly.
“Mr. Casanova, I think what I have to say to you it’s not what you want to hear, but I think I am going to agree with the police on the evaluation of this case”, said Milo.
“What? So that means that nobody knows who did that?”, asked an annoyed Casanova.
“Well, we could find all ways to find it through the letter itself but it would take a while and the system is always possible to fail”
“Pardon me, Mr. Thatch, but I am here to see if anyone can get that bastard and throw him or her into the jail and I will not rest without doing it!”
“It’s not like it’s impossible to know it”, Madame intervened. “But with all you gave to us, it would take some time and also other sources of research to know where to start”
“We understand you must be upset with being blackmailed and the fact you fear some of your secrets would be shown to the entire world, but it’s not that easy. The fact that there is no sender address complicates even more”, added Inge.
“And the seal and the post aren’t enough for finding it?”, asked the nobleman.
“We can try to, but since is not that much common to do that, we need to be sure that if it’s the culprit who did it or if isn’t someone from the office itself or anywhere else who did it”
“Now you just confused my mind. I went to police, I went here and nothing…”
“Look, what I recommend you is to wait. It’s usually a typical ‘warning’ letter, a regular scare tactic that the blackmailer can use in order to make its victim to get afraid and comply with anything he or she wants from the one he is blackmailing”, said Madame. “The only think you need now, Mr. Casanova, is to wait. My intuition says soon he or she will be in contact with you again”
“I never thought about that. I don’t know why this letter is messing up with me”, sighed Casanova.
“Sometimes, is what they do with people, Mr. Casanova. Even the most prepared of them fall for any trick one can throw at his or her sight”, replied Milo.
“Well, I am still puzzled and I did not made my choice of whether I will ask your help or police’s. So, I am going to take some time to think about before I make my decision”, said the playboy, as he was intended to leave the office.
“Don’t worry, even if you don’t take us to do the service, you’ll be always welcome here”, greeted Milo. “And, by the way, Victor would love to have you as a client. He is a major fan of yours”
“Really? Now it made me curious to know about him…”
“He is currently away on a trip to solve a few problems with a friend, but I know Victor would be thrilled to discuss the case with you!”
“Well, I’ll leave my phone to him and maybe someday we can have a chat”
Ingeborg was Casanova’s company, following him to the door as he left the office. Madame was there and when he cleared her vision, the professional private investigator was gone and the horny fangirl was in.
“Oh My God! He is a hunk! He is everything they say about him!”
“A man dressed like that and boasting money like he does, it’s not hard to feel horny for him”, replied a seemingly jealous Milo.
“Please Milo! You are hot too! But him… he is a stud! I have fucked lots of men but him… we need to get this case! I want so much to give my rewards to him”, the brunette French investigator whispered with lustful ecstasy.
“Well, be sure that if we get this case, the reward is going to be bigger. I bet Victor would do everything to convince him to choose us!”, pointed the scholar.
“And he is not here when this happens! How ironic…”
Ingeborg returned to the office after Casanova was left. When the door was closed, she also submitted to the Italian seducer’s charms.
“I think my panties are so damp right now… we need to fuck him!”
“You two can fuck him a lot, but I am only interested if we are picking the case or not”, said Milo as the two ladies gathered each other to talk and daydream about the hunky male they met that day.

It took two days for Casanova to make a decision about where to start an investigation. He pondered about the advantages and disadvantages of any of the choices he had. One would give the privacy he wanted, avoiding to leak details to the always hungry gossip press. But, in other hand, the possibility of needing unorthodox ways (and that aren’t 100% foolproof) to solve the case could undermine to know why he was being target of a blackmail.
The other option had him to work with a established arm of the law and having all the devices to make a proper investigation and prosecution of the blackmailer by the law. However, the press, if they found out that Casanova was being target of a lurid plot to destroy him, wouldn’t leave him in peace. And having a wife that love degrees of discretion was Catalina ever was, it was the last thing he wanted to endure.
Casanova thought a lot about it, weighing about which option he was to take. In the end, he picked up the phone and dialed to the one who would end all his problems.
“Eduard? It’s me, Casanova. I’ve made my decision. I want you to bring this bastard down!”

Chapter Text


“Well, there is the palace over there, but I don’t know if we can get in by the usual way”, said Victor as he gazed from a safe distance the main gate to the Agrabah Palace.
“I heard Mozenrath sometimes put his own magical creatures to guard the palace and even convinced in a way or another the guards to work for him”, explained Sadira.
“So, how do we get in?”, the Brazilian asked. “You are the specialist to find sneaky places to get in it here”
The street thief looked to the palace before she remembered of a side entrance she knew. Taking Vic by her hand, she used all her tricks to keep the royal guard away of them before they found the entrance.
“Not even in my hardest jobs I done stuff like what I am doing now”, pointed Victor.
The duo found them an already rot by termites wooden door, which Sadira explained was a former entrance for the guards before they built others around the walls. The dark-skinned lady punched the door and took Victor with herself in, them now located at a section of a lateral garden wing. Being used to sneak to the palace to visit her friends when she didn’t bother to use the main entrance, Sadira used her knowledge to guide Victor to the throne room.
“Do you know exactly what are we going to, Sadira?”
“Relax, Vic. I know this place with the palm of my two hands… Will take you to meet that scum in a while”
At the throne room, Mozenrath found himself bored, without much to do after the imprisoned the Sultan and his entourage, including his mortal rival Aladdin. Dressed with a cloth similar to the Agrabah’s ruler, he sit at his throne, wondering if there was something else to do.
“I never thought being a Sultan would be so boring… I don’t even know how that fatass enjoyed being sit on a throne without doing anything”
“Why you don’t play with the prisoners for fun, master?”, asked Xerxes.
“I would like to, but they make me feel even more bored than I am right now. And I don’t even have the will to strike an attack against those peasants…”
“You are the Sultan now. You have the power to do everything…”
“Well, let me think… oh, everything would be easier if that bastard didn’t left with the lamp and the genie”, pointed the evil wizard. “He should have came back with it already”
“Let him play with it for a while, sir. He will bring it back when he feels bored with that”, said the flying eel.
“And meanwhile, what am I going to do sitting here. It’s so boring being the sultan…”
“Maybe you should start to get your butt off here and leave. You look so tacky dressed as a sultan”
Mozenrath noticed the familiar voice and soon put his eyes at Victor and Sadira, now inside the throne room after past by so many guards and using her tricks to reach to the room in total safety.
“Look who is here… a thief and an unwelcomed person”, the wizard joked.
“Unwelcomed person fits more to you, Mozenrath. Even better than these clothes you are wearing”, Victor replied.
“I don’t even know what the two of you are doing here alive. I thought some of my guards would take care of you if they found your presence at the palace”
“If you want to blame someone, blame me… I don’t apologize for trying to put down a scum like you”, it was Sadira’s turn to answer Mozenrath’s comments.
“Why I would try to have something with a street rat like you? You are worthless”
“I can remember one or two instances that I wasn’t that worthless to you, darling”
Before the dark-haired evil sorcerer went to extend his discussion with the thief, he decided to pull back and inquire the foreigner trespasser about the reasons that brought him to Agrabah.
“I imagine you didn’t came here to mock the way I dress, Brazilian fool”
“Even if I love to mock you, I do not want to partake on that, at least for this moment. What I want to know it’s what are you doing here? You aren’t even the sultan…”
“Pardon me, but now I am the sultan. The one that you might be mentioning right now is currently put away for some… err... transgressions”, Mozenrath grinned while explaining his view of the current affairs.
“I heard something else from other people, pal, and it’s not putting you under a good light”
“I don’t care what those fools told you about, I am now the Sultan of Agrabah and you are not a welcome person here”, said the evil sorcerer.
“First, you are not the sultan nor you will be during our entire life, imposter. Second, you must free my friends from jail if you want to keep yourself respectable”, replied Victor.
“And who are you to tell me what I should do?”
“I guess you remember the Sultan appointed me as a ‘foreign consultant of affairs’ some time ago after that time you almost wiped the country from the maps. And my occupation does give me some immunity that includes any kind of harassment by any member of the government or their security forces. If you say that you are the Sultan like you told me now, putting the hands on me will be a fucking trouble for you, Mozenrath”
Mozenrath tried to spill some anger at the visitors, but he knew what Vic said was the truth and he probably put Sadira under his protection, which meant he extended his immunity to her. But even with that, releasing the Sultan and his entourage wasn’t what the wizard had in mind.
“Well, now are you going to release my friends or not?”, asked Victor
“You heard what he said… if you mess with him, you mess with me too”, added Sadira.
“I appreciate your worries about them but I guarantee that I will have mercy on them by keeping them alive for a while”, answered the dark-haired Arabian.
“It looks like you are getting the bragging rights about that, dude. What I heard is that you needed a help to overthrow them”, pointed the Brazilian.
“How do you know that? Well, nevermind! Let’s say that the help I needed was something I had to do in order to fulfill my plot”
“That you accomplished your goal, I can see. But, answer me one thing my dear Mozenrath… where is the magic lamp who houses the powerful genie of Agrabah?”
“If you really want to know, I will have it in a while after I take care of business here”
“It looks like the guy who got the lamp fooled you, pal”, Sadira jokingly remarked to the wizard’s ire.
“Nobody fooled me! Nobody fools Mozenrath!”
“Please, I know you and what you do. It looks like by the first time, it wasn’t the ‘good people’ that fooled you. At this time, he should be playing with the lamp and enjoying it”, said the female street thief.
“ENOUGH! I do not want to hear you again anymore! You are not welcome in my palace!”, protested the evil sorcerer.
“And what you will do with us? Remember you cannot put is in jail”
“It’s true, I can’t. But I can throw you both out of the palace and that’s what I am going to do. Guards, put these two unpleasant guests away of the castle!”
Soon, two guards, apparently magic-created, took the two invaders and quickly thrown them away of the castle through the main entrance. After they finally stood up, both wondered if the mission worked.
“It seems we need lot of work to do to free them”, Sadira commented.
“You are right, but I do not think that Mozenrath will keep them jailed for long”, replied Victor.
“And why do you think he will release Al and the guys soon?”
“Well, I know that it takes much time to build a relationship and less than a second to destroy it, so… we will see how he will handle it…”
“So, what are you going to do now?”, the brown-haired street woman asked to her foreign friend.
“So far, my mission here is done. I will have to go back to Helandre and think what I can do next”, replied the Brazilian.
“If this is what you have in mind, I wish you all the luck”
“In this case, we need to wish ourselves all the luck, Sadira. Because I want you to come with me”
The proposal got Sadira by surprise. No one asked something like that, even Aladdin and Jasmine, who they knew from their adventures together. Why Victor would ask her to follow him back to his hometown?
“W-What are you talking about? Do you want me to go with you?”
“Yes, this is what I am asking you. I want you to come home with me”
“B-But why I should accept it? I don’t know… it’s too… “, Sadira was so confused but Vic had his hands on her arms and looked deeply into her eyes.
“Sadira, listen. You are one of the most important people in my life, I don’t know what I would do if I hear that Mozenrath harmed you by any reason. I love you and I want you to be safe. Please, come home with me…”, Victor explained.
“You said you love me… do you really love me? You know, I know you are not that monogamous, but…”, the ‘street rat’ was still mind-dangling with what Victor told her.
“I love you the way I love the people I care and cherish. I want you to be safe from Mozenrath’s rage and the only way I can find is that you come with me to Helandre”
The brown-haired Agrabah girl looked at Victor’s eyes and took a deep breath, trying to think about his request. Even if her ties to the Sultanate’s streets were larger than her own life, she could not have any excuse to say no to him.
“A part of me wants me to stay here but there is other that wants to come with you, Vic. And I think the latter is winning the fight… I will come with you to Helandre”
“That would be great… and don’t worry, I will put you in a hotel that a friend of mine runs. You are going to be treated like a queen; I will make sure of that”
“Really? Well… I never was treated like that before and no one told me that I would be a queen…”
“I never let my friends behind, be the ones I sleep with or not”
The couple shared a passionate kiss under the moonlight of the desert, setting a romantic tone to the day that started rough for both. Later, Victor called the airline company to separate another ticket for his guest to come home with him. The battle was lost but the war only begun…



Inside the office room, Belle looked at some papers in the desk while doing annotations in a small notebook with a pen. It was one of her usual rituals since she moved on with her fiancé, Prince Adam, who was away in another castle visiting a friend.
Between her household deals, the readings and other stuff, the brunette started to take care of his business, checking on what could’ve been happening with his properties and his assets. It wasn’t a pleasant job, but it made her busy for the days she had nothing else to do.
Soon that peace of mind would be somehow disrupted. The door opened and Lumiere knocked on it before talking with his bosslady.
“Pardon, Mademoiselle, but there are some girls that want to talk with you”
“Girls? I did not invite nor expected anyone to come… Do you know why they are here, Lumiere?”, Belle asked turning to where the chief homekeeper was.
“They said they wanted to talk with the Prince about something ‘urgent’”
“Yes, Mademoiselle. They also said they are friends of Victor as well and they want to talk with you about something of his interest as well”, answered Lumiere.
“Victor?!”, the ponytailed girl jumped from the chair as she heard the name of their common friend “Do you mean they know him? Please, tell them to come over…”
The house keeper left the door and after a few seconds, the six Winx fairies arrived to the office to meet Belle and continue their quest about the book.
“Princess, I am sorry for entering your place uninvited, but we need your help”, Bloom, the first to enter the room was also the first to talk with Belle.
“What is so important that took you girls to come here for it?”, the French girl questioned.
“We found out you have something that interests us a lot, princess”, answered Flora.
“And what it is?”
“A book about the Transdimensional Stone”
“You mean that book about the Transdimensional Stone? Yes, I did ordered it to complete my collection about ancient magical legends… but why this book interests you? ”, Belle again asked to the girls.
“Please, princess. We do need to find it. The world depends on us to find that book!”, Tecna said in a way to convince Belle that they were talking the truth about it.
“Well, if you are telling the true, I think I could help. The Prince is away on a business trip but I can help you with that”, the French girl replied as she invited the girls to her library. “I will take you girls to the library then…”
“Thanks, princess! I knew we could count on you!”
“I am someone that helps the ones who need it… but before we move on, could you tell me from where you know Victor?”, the princess said before leaving the office room followed by the young fairies.
“We are good friends of his since long”, Layla informed.
“Seems he still likes to make friends, huh?”, Belle commented with a hint of ‘sauciness’, quickly understood by the girls.
“He will never change, and that’s good!”, pointed Stella.

“Here it is, the library!”, Belle opened the doors of her library and just seeing it made the girls’ chins drop. It was a large room with lots of book case rows, filled of books and books and more books. A heaven for the entire world’s bookworms to live in.
“Oh My God! It’s twice the size of Alfea’s library!”, Musa shouted. “And might have the triple of books we have there!”
“What can I say? Books are one of the things that make me happy. I spend many hours here reading them, if I don’t order many more”, said Belle.
“It’s really large… I wonder if we can find the book”, Bloom thought as she set herself to look all the bookcases.
“I remind to do a whole retooling months ago. I reorganized it using colors to separate the subjects of each book… let me see… I think the magic books are all at the Row A”, the former villager said, pointing to a bookcase row to their left, the closest to the walls from left to right.
“Let’s go find them!”, Stella yelled as she and Flora went to the row and picked one of those wheeled staircases commonly found on libraries. Quickly the found the ‘magic section’, with a wooden bookcase painted with the purple color, as many other sections had different colors, like cooking being ‘sky blue’, world history ‘maroon’ and art history ‘dark gray’.
“Try to see from the upper row to the bottom!”, warned Flora as Stella looked for each book at the upper row. No sign about the transdimensional stone one was found. Next, the row below it, and the blonde fairy after a minute or two of search, finally found their prized goal.
“Here! I found it!”, she shouted while pushing the book, with a hard cover and apparently looking very old from the book case. She threw it to Flora who shown the book to her friends.
“The Legend of The Transdimensional Story: Truth or Not?, by Joseph Barberus… that’s it, we found it!”, Tecna said making Belle and the other fairies gather around her.
“Finally! Let’s see if this book can help us to save the world!”, added Bloom.
“This book must be so important for you to treat it like something that could save the world”, Belle remarked, still puzzled with the whole situation.
“Believe me, princess. The world needs us to find that stone… there is something really big happening and we need to guarantee the safety of this world”, Musa explained.
“I understand… I can help you with anything you want, if you girls wish as well”, Belle put herself to help the girls’ search.
“We would be delighted if you did, princess…”, the blue-haired fairy answered.
Soon Belle joined the fairies on reading the book and to discover whatever things Mr. Barberus wrote about the Transdimensional Stone…



“Alright, wait a minute! I am coming!”, yelled Frankie Foster as she walked in direction of the door, pretty much annoyed for being alone, since her grandmother left to the city for business and shopping, and she was left with most of the work to do.
“Every time, I am the one who does everything there… what’s the point to hire interns if I am still doing their job? Pfff…”
The annoyance of Frankie lasted until she opened that door and a young man with a rugged overcoat and brown hair, Caleb, appeared in front of her. Then, the young redhead’s eyes were impressed with the handsomeness of that man.
“Excuse me, but I want to talk with Foster. Is he here?”
*He is so handsome!* thought Frankie as she looked the guy for a while before Caleb asked her again.
“Do you know if Foster is here?”
“Ahh… what… ah, well… who are you and what are you doing here?”
“My name is Caleb and I came with a very important message for Foster. Is he here?”
“I think you must be talking about my grandmother”, smiled Frankie. “Sorry sir, but she is not here, she went to the city but won’t take much time to come back. If you want to come in and wait…”
“If you are her granddaughter, that makes you a Foster, correct?”, asked Caleb.
“Well, see you are very smart, Mr. Caleb. Come one, make yourself confortable”
Frankie opened the door wide for Caleb to walk in as she admired the looks of the Meridian rebel, wondering the reasons of he trying to talk something with her grandmother.
“Sorry if I did not introduced myself. I am Frankie Foster and this is the Foster Home for Imaginary Friends. Are you here after an imaginary friend or have one that you can send here?”
“Er… well… this is nothing that I have in mind, ma’am. The subject that I came to talk is of a very important thing to happen”
“What? How? I don’t understand?”, the redhead was surprised with Caleb’s remark.
“Listen to me carefully and relay this information to your grandmother, Ms. Frankie”, the brown-haired boy said with a very serious tone of voice as he grabbed her arms close to her shoulders. “This home might into a very dangerous situation to happen”
“Ah? What?”
“There will be an immense danger incoming to this place sooner or later. And I wish everyone who lives here to take care and be guarded from this evil that looms this house”
“Excuse me, but I do not understand a single word that you are saying. What is this big evil you are talking about? And why this house?” questioned a puzzled Frankie.
“Listen to me carefully. I can feel something very dangerous approaching this place. I don’t know what it is or how it will be but I know for sure that this place will be target of a very dangerous attack”, said Caleb, more serious than he ever was.
“Look, if you came here to my home to say such stuff, you should at least say that it’s some kind of joke you are playing with us or even tell which kind of ‘evil’ is this”, replied the redhead, annoyed with the ‘esoteric’ speech of the male.
“Sorry, I cannot say. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel it. And I want you to get warned about it. It’s very important”
“And also it’s very important to me to know what the hell you are talking about”
“I apologize, gentle lady, but I cannot. I only came to give you the advice and tell you that you will go under very danger”
Caleb parted his hands from Frankie’s shoulders and took a deep look at her eyes before he took the direction of the door. The redhead was even more tricked about the message she was given.
“Hey! Where are you going? Please tell me which kind of danger it is!”
“I just have to say to you to take care and find a way to be safe, that’s it ma’am”
The Meridian rebel did not listen to Frankie’s pleads to return and explain her what he came to do at her place. She just watched the man vanish into the streets before she closed the door.
“Immense danger? What the hell? Why the cute guys must be always mysterious… this house only attract people like that… mff..”, muttered ht redhead before she returned to her chores.
“Peasant life… how I despise it!”, muttered to himself Error while sitting at the border of the fountain while watching the village life pass through his eyes, with people coming and going and talking and doing their own daily affairs. That vision somehow left him nauseated, probably reminding of his not so heralded past.
But that village had a reason to be the place where a powerful and arrogant wizard had to be. It was the closest populated place to the castle of Prince Adam, his next target, where a cursed rose and more awaited to be grabbed to please his mysterious contractor. At the fountain, he just put his thoughts on line, most of them criticizing and loathing the country life.
“Look at this, these people makes me feel sick! I need to find that castle before I can go nuts”
As he left the fountain and went to his targeted place, Error threw a suspicious light at anyone who could spot him at the crowded streets. His clothes weren’t of a villager, being with suit, trousers, all in dark tones. His always serious look also was an exception from the seemingly happy local.
Maybe the disgustingness Error felt about those people distracted him sometimes from the way and he ended up bumping into someone.
“Oh! Damn!”
Whom he bumped was nothing more than one of the villager’s most famous names, Gaston, who reacted on his usual manner after falling on the rough road, aided by his loyal mate Lefou.
“Can’t you see where are you going, you fool?!”
“You supposed to be the one who you should look the path you are taking!”, Error answered.
“What are you trying to say? You are the one who bumped into me!”, said an angry Gaston.
“I could avoid it if you weren’t as distracted as I was, peasant!”
“Peasant?! Are you calling me a peasant?! You don’t know to who are you talking about!”, protested an offended Gaston, now standing up and gearing up to confront Error.
“Sorry, but I don’t have the time to talking. I need to do something important now”, Error downplayed the muscly hunter’s threats.
“Be sure that no one challenges Gaston like that and runs away unscathed! Not even a weakling like you!”
“Yes! No one challenges the great Gaston!”, added Lefou.
“Are you trying to challenge me for a fight? Are you insane to take a brawl with Error the Terror?”
“He is challenging you, sir! I think you must show him that you are the man here!”
“That’s what I am going to do, Lefou!”, Gaston rolled up his sleeves as his throbbing biceps became visible. The villager tried to punch Error, but the wizard just skipped him only to reappear behind him.
“But?! How?! How do you do this?”
“Are you willing to learn that you are no match to me?”
“You!”, the Frenchman tried to go after Error, but again his skipping magic deceived the muscly hunter from grabbing him. The evil magician stated to enjoy to trick Gaston, skipping nearly every attempt to punch him.
“You bastard! Are you a witch?!”
“Beat him, Gaston! Beat him!”
“I am still waiting for you to give up before it’s too late. I warn you!”
Error just quit the playing and decided to at least show that he wanted to take the fight seriously. Gaston then armed himself a punch but again the wizard’s tricks came aboard and instead of Error’s face, the bulky man ended up punching his own!
“OUCH! What the-!”
“I told you so!”
“I am going to get you right now!”, and Gaston again tried to punch Error, but instead Lefou was the one who got hit by his fist. The wizard tricked him in so many ways, skipping his attempts to punch him only to make them look ridiculous ways to hurt himself or Lefou. Error somehow started to like to inflict pain as punishment to the poor man.
“Are you ready to concede the defeat? Or do you want to suffer more?”


“Never! I do not surrender!”, the muscly man shouted as he tried to kick the wizard’s face, but again another trick made him to ‘trip’ and fall on his back, feeling the ache when his butt bones hit the floor
Lefou tried to go after his master but Error decided to have a little bit of fun with him as well and made a magic where he tripped on his own shoes and comically fell on Gaston’s, adding insult to the injury.
“I’ve fought many people in my life, but no one is such as a Neanderthal like you are!”, Error said to Gaston, who attempted to lift himself from the road.
“You will see! When I am getting up, I am going to kill you!”, the bulky hunter yelled in deep anger as he felt himself defeated by a frail man without even hitting him.
“You don’t need. I am willing to left this behind and ask for peace. This definitely amused me at this boring place”
Error offered his hand to Gaston and Lefou, who refused at first, but seeing that the magician was trying to be at least polite and that sometimes such encounters happen, they decided to accept his offer and were brought back to his feet.
“You are a very feisty and stubborn fighter, sir. Too bad that you cannot fight my mind and skills”, said Error.
“If you didn’t move all the time, I would have beaten you till whatever!”
“ Come on, now this is past, my dear Gaston. And as a way to show how much I won’t hold a grudge against you, I want you to help me to find Prince Adam’s castle”
“Prince Adam? That bastard! What you want with him?”
“Oh, seems that you hold something against him, don’t you?”
“That hairy beast stole my woman! This is what he did against me! That jerk stole my woman!”, Gaston complained.
“Oh, really?”, questioned Error, noticing that the legend of the Beast could be accurate. “What a shame! With a body like yours, you could have any woman you want”
“Yes. He did steal his wife and now has her in his castle”, added Lefou, trying to add some inaccuracy to Gaston’s accusation.
“Well, seems the prince is not your best friend?”
“I am not a friend of a beastly demon who steals someone else’s woman!”
“Well, maybe I think I can help you with your little trouble if you can help me with mine”, Error suggested to his former foe.
“And what you can do about that?”
“You can take me to his castle, where I need to solve a few… ahum… affairs with him, and then I can see how much I can do to take back your woman from him”, said the wizard.
“Seems good, but why I would expect the help of someone that just beat me?”, asked Gaston.
“Because I am the only one who can give you what you want and you are the only one that can help me to find the castle. Enough for you or need more words?”
Gaston thought for a while, even if thinking wasn’t the best of his activities, talked with Lefou and realized that he had to help the unknown man to reach the castle if his woman, Belle, were to be his.
“If you want to see the castle, come with me, but I am warning you he is a very dreadful beast and he is very dangerous”
“I thank your cooperation, but I think I am able enough to beat such dreadful beast”, Error replied.
Soon the three took the road to the castle, as Error expected to see his mission to be fulfilled and so as Gaston. But would they accomplish it?


“Damn... you all know that I hate to get those cases involving these fancy people and stuff”, lightly complained Merder as she walked the front garden of the home belonging to Molly Pritchard, daughter of one of richest families in Helandre, owner of everything from banks to restaurants and whatever else they could.
“Remember those people have problems as well... And you gotta help them as much as the other ones”, commented another cop, who was the first to let the Special Victims Unit and Vice Cases detective enter into the luxurious mansion.
The thing was the police was informed of a home invasion at Molly Pritchard’s place. She was supposed to go to a party thrown by a friend as fundraiser for several issues. But Merder had to wait to be there to get the full briefing of the case.
“What is this case that I had come over here, Esteves”, asked Merder to a cop standing close to the mansion’s front door.
“Miss Pritchard told me that she was taking a shower and get ready herself for a party she had to go and felt a shadow close to the bathroom curtain, but she thought it was her fiancé. Then, she heard a noise at her room and when she came in, her underwear was on the floor and the perp jumped the window to run away”, the cop explained.
“So this is a case of a daring Peeping Tom? Well, that is new for me”
“I don’t think it’s new, but I guess the way the perp was inside the house is pretty much what intrigued us”
“And where is Miss Pritchard?”
“She is at another room, we’ve put a few officers to keep her calm, and she was bursting in tears. For now, I’ll take you to her bedroom”
Arriving to Ms. Pritchard’s bedroom, a few cops and forensic personnel were there taking pictures and checking if they didn’t left anything behind. The window was still open and Merder went to see the outside of the mansion, noticing the walls were higher enough for someone to be attempt a quick entry and escape from the place and wondering how the perp got in and left. On the floor, panties, bras, stockings and everything else.
But it wasn’t any of these pieces that caught the attention from the valiant detective. The one was a pair of gloves above the clothes cabinet. White, seemingly from some silky material. Merder approached those gloves and looked them with extreme attention.
“Excuse me… are these from the victim?”
“Yes, they are”

The information was enough for the Dutchman to keep his eyes on the gloveset, himself a fan of the handgear, for a while. Afterwards, he checked on the clothing laid on the floor, trying to see if there was some sort of contact between both parties and the reason those clothes were off their drawers.
“Looks like this perp likes to have souvenirs from the victims”, pointed Merder.
“Or this or he likes to smell these… I’ve seen lot of these cases in my life”, said one of the forensic people, a 45 year old man.
While he checked the underwear, Esteves came into the bedroom and summoned Merder to see Molly. He took the detective to the guest room, where he found a brunette woman with long hair, a long black dress with a well-detailed bust part and a long pearl necklace and white gloves (the same model Merder saw at the bedroom). She was sitting at a chair, being comforted by a female cop and crying.
“Ms. Pritchard. Detective Merder here, he came to talk about what happened”
“Oh, Mr. Officer! It’s shameful! I cannot believe that happened with me!”, Molly jumped from the chair and grabbed the detective’s shirt, still with her face in tears.
“Ms. Pritchard, calm down… we are here to investigate what is going on… there is nothing to feel ashamed about it”, the Dutchman said, patting the heiress’ head.
“It was horrible! He saw me having a shower! He messed up my underwear! He violated me!”
“I understand your concern and the awful situation you passed, but you gotta calm yourself a little. You don’t need to worry…”
“I am sorry detective, but when it happened… I didn’t know what to do and my fiancé wasn’t home…”, said Molly.
“Now we are here and we are going to get that bastard, but for now, relax a little and please tell us what happened and do not save details. Those can be important for the investigation”
Molly sit down again, wiped her tears with the gloves and took a deep breath before telling to Merder and the officers nearby the same story she had told earlier. Everything she remembered she told it to them, from the moment she noticed someone at the bathroom while she was showering herself, mistaking the person with her fiancé to when the brunette finally saw the perp at her bedroom taking a look and a sniff at her undercloth and running by noticing the heiress.
“Ms. Pritchard, this is the classic case of the ‘peeping tom’ that decided to take too much the peek”, Merder explained. “This is not an uncommon thing to be given to us”
“And I thought I was safe here… my parents hired the finest security company ever and even a state of the art electronic security device, but it seems it didn’t worked”, said a sad Molly.
“Unfortunately these things happen, miss. But you must be assured that we are going to do the best we can to put the one who did it in the jail”
“I want whoever did that in the jail more than anyone! He might saw me naked! He sniffed my underwear! Pretty much he violated me, only he did not touch me!”
“And this is why you got to find a safe place to sleep tonight. Your bedroom is a crime scene now and I don’t know when we are going to make it free for you to return”, Merder advised.
“Well, I have my parents’ home; it’s close to the city limits. I think I can spend the night there, but I don’t want to tell them what happened…”, replied the heiress.
“Don’t feel ashamed to do so. Support from the family is the rule number one to ensure you will have the proper help to recover from such scare”, said the detective. “Don’t worry, Ms. Pritchard, we are going to get that person. We will do our best”
“I know I could count with the police for this. I know you are the best on bringing those freaks to the justice”
“Well, I can’t qualify the perp as a ‘freak’ but we are going to get him, no matter what and how”
Molly smiled to Merder after he saw that, noticing that he was a brave Special Victim/Vice squad standout and that his words would be followed until the end. Merder returned the smile and once more assured the heiress that she had nothing to feel ashamed or fear about what happened before instructing her to go to the precinct the next day to file the complaint so the investigation could properly start.
After that, another officer told her fiancé was there and she ran in tears to see Norman Wright, son of the Wright family, who made its wealth through the hotel and real estate business, among others. Norman and Molly were engaged for a while and were about to decide the date of their wedding and his presence now, comforting his soon to be wife, opened a breath of relief on her.
“Detective, I am Norman Wright, Molly’s fiancé. I heard what happened and I hope you can get this freak off the streets the quickest possible”
“Mr. Wright, as I told your fiancé, I don’t know if the person who did that falls into the definition of ‘freak’, but be sure Ms. Pritchard shall not worry anymore about that”
Merder then told him the same instruction he gave to Molly, so he could be at the precinct the next day to be near Molly when she filed her complaint. He took his statement (Norman heard about the case as Molly phoned him after she called the police) and left the fundraiser to be there for his sweetheart.
As Molly and Norman left the mansion, Merder turned to another cop and told him the next path of the investigation.
“For now, let’s have a talk with the security personnel. This one might not come in and leave without being noticed… Let’s see what we can discover from them”
“Alright, Merder”

Chapter Text

Once returning from Agrabah, Victor left Sadira at a safe place close to the Agency while thinking about somewhere else better to be her ‘new home’. He quickly went to his place to get a rest and remove some of the jetlag from the long plane trip.
The next day, he ordered Milo (who had the keys of the agency) to open the business for him as he was slated to start his job a little later to take a better and well needed rest. When he was about to leave the Yensid Gardens condo, something else was about to stop him.
A crack at the cemented entrance floor was there and with enough size for someone to trip on it if he or she wasn’ t paying attention with their walk. And the private investigator would be one of them, as he pretty much slipped his sneakers and was about to fall.
However, something else stopped him to do it. When he noticed, his legs had stopped into a wall of rocks that kept him standing. Before he could even ask what or why that happened, he looked at his side to a familiar brunette girl, smiling at him like she did something really ‘naughty’ that moment.
“Boy, if it wasn’t for me, you could have fallen in a comical way!”
When Victor regained his full balance, he noticed it was his good friend Toph Bei Fong, the prime blind earthbender in the world. And this made him even more puzzled about everything that just happened.
“I did not expect your visit, Toph. Are you coming for Helandre hospitality or you are so eager to see me?”, asked Victor.
“I think I’ll go for the second option, but I am not here to get cuddly with you”, Toph answered. “We have a giant emergency for you. Of catastrophical proportions”
“Catastrophical? But how?”
It wouldn’t be the earthbender who would answer that, but when he took sight to the poolside, there was Appa parked by there and also a small group, with Aang, Sokka, Suki and Zuko, all departing from the flying giant bison’s back to join Toph to talk with their good friend.
“Wow… what brings you all to my humble condo? Judging by your face, I believe it’s not for a good reason, unfortunately”, the Brazilian stated, noticing the not so happy facial expressions from them,
“You are right, Vic. We’ve been attacked!”, said Aang.
“Attacked? But how? Who did that to you guys?”
“It’s hard to explain. We were celebrating Aang and Katara’s wedding and then these girls appeared and started to attack us and…”, Sokka started to explain.
“They started to target Aang. We tried to help him but their power was too much for our bending and then one of them attacked him by behind and…”, Zuko added.
“This can’t be possible! It’s unbelievable! No one can beat the Avatar!”
“I know, and they attacked the Fire Nation Palace and… it’s so hard to speak about that. Don’t want to even remember about it”, said Suki.
“Let me try to understand what you all talking about: these girls attacked the palace during Aang’s wedding and then they managed to defeat him out in the blue… these girls must be really powerful…”, thought Victor.
“I tried to use my Earthbending to attack them but they could fly and that stopped me from defeat them! I knew I could!”, Toph said with a tone of disappointment.
“It wasn’t your fault, these things happen… but, you said that these girls could fly… let me try to think about it…”
“On what are you thinking it about, Vic?”, the shortsized brunette asked,
“Let me see… how many girls were at the attack?”
“Three”, Sokka answered.
“Three? Well… and those three girls had their eyes with a lot of make-up and one of them sported a long ponytail?”
“Yep”, Aang nodded his head. “Why? Do you already know them?”
“I would be happier if I didn’t knew about them… Guys, you were attacked by three vicious witches that live at Magix dimension, they are well known there by being one of the highest brand of evil and they call themselves the ‘Trix’”., the private investigator explained.
“What? We’ve been attacked by witches?”, Toph, as much as the rest of the group, was appalled to know about their attackers.
“Yep, you were. They are very dangerous and pretty mischievous. They know how to use their powers to deceive and humiliate whoever they want to defeat”
“I knew they weren’t from any nation! Their powers were so much different and their stances as well!”, said Suki.
“And since you know them very well Vic, you know any way to help us to defeat then?”, questioned Aang.
“Look, my dear Avatar. I know a few people that deal with them in a daily basis, but for that, I need to bring you to my agency so you can explain everything that happened with you guys to my team. I am going to ask help as well, because I’ve a bad feeling about this…”, suggested Victor.
“What kind of bad feeling?”
“I don’t want to say it now, but I don’t like the way things are happening these days… anyway, since you mentioned your wedding, what about the bride? I don’t see Katara with the group here”
“She went to get help from the girls. She must be talking with them right now”, Toph explained.
“The agency is already open, so I guess she must be there… well, let’s go then?”
“You don’t mind to get a ride with Appa?”, asked Sokka with a bit of joke in this words.
“I don’t mind, but you all know that sometimes I have the fear of falling”, the Brazilian warned.
“And since anyone of us fell from that?”, questioned Zuko.
“I don’t know… well, nevermind! Let’s go to the agency then…”
Victor joined Toph and the others at Appa and they took the direction of his agency. During the flight, the private investigator engaged on a small chat with Aang,
“By the way, you didn’t invited me or anyone to your wedding, Aang…”
“I am sorry Vic, but we wanted to do something for the family and the people of the nations”
“I am not complaining. It’s that I must say that I love to go wedding receptions…”
“Well, mostly for food and any attempt to get someone to fool around but they are very cool…”
“Again, I apologize”
“Nevermind, you are my pal and I should not be mad with you!”


Close to one of the staircases that led to the upper floor, Cornelia and Taranee were talking about their usual stuff, like clothing, studies and past cases. Soon, another guest would be ‘invited’ to join the chatter by the stairs.
That person would be a friend of their and fellow W.I.T.C.H. team member, Will Vandom. The redhead walked into the main office hall carrying a couple of grocery bags and quickly walked to where her teammates and galpals were.
“Hey girls. Anything cooking down here?”
“Hey Will! Well, I don’t know, I bet you are the one that will do cooking here”, pointed Taranee.
“Ah… these… well, it’s my mother again! She told me to do the grocery shop for her…”, Will explained
“Well, we already told you to get a job here, if you want. We always need an extra pair of hands…”, said Cornelia.
“I am enchanted by another of your invitations Cornelia, but no thanks”
“Well, you are out of a job… maybe this is the reason behind you are always doing stuff for your mother Will”, commented the pigtailed ebony girl.
“It’s the perks of life, but so far I am not complaining. At list, Mrs. Susan Vandom is not picking on me and Matt spending the night together and this is the most important feature of the deal”, replied Will.
“Good job then, sis”
“You are really a lucky girl, Will… if my mother actually allowed me and Nigel to be at the bedroom while she was around or even when she is not around…”, Taranee kind of lamented.
“I think there will be a day that we all are getting our day with our boys. And well, so far they do not have much suspicions of what we the girls are doing when we are together alone”, the redhead commented.
“Gosh, I pray for that. I don’t want my mother with that face if she sees us doing each other”, replied Cornelia.
“Me either”
The chat became then about their sexual adventures, with each other and their respective boyfriends, with sometimes Cornelia and Taranee reminding of stuff that happened during their detective missions or regular days of boredom at the agency.
But that talk was about to get interrupted by a matter of life and death.
The three magical guardians saw someone walking into the agency’s main hall. That person was Katara, visibly tired and with some of her garment ripped. She quickly approached the trio, trying to muster any energy she had left to inform them about her ordeal.
“ Girls… I need your help… please!”
“Katara? What happened? What’s going on? Why are you like this?”, asked a worried Will.
“Is there something wrong?”, Taranee put her hands at the waterbender, trying to hold her balance and avoid her to fall.
“My land is being under attack… We were attacked!”
“WHAT? What happened? Who attacked you?”, questioned a shocked Cornelia.
“I need to talk with you girls. I need help. We all need help!”
“Who did that to you?”, it was now Taranee’s turn to ask.
“They are evil…”
Katara nearly fainted while held by the three Guardians. They tried to look if someone was coming but the three found out they had to get the help needed.
“Let’s take her to an office and call Victor!”
“He said is on the way!”
“Fine! Let’s get her an office room and help her recover!”
“I am going to drop these at my mom’s and then will come back. Please call the girls and whoever can help!”
Nearly panicking with the waterbender’s state, Cornelia and Taranee carried her to an office as Will went to drop her mother’s groceries before returning with help. They knew it was too important to not care and they hoped Victor could be the one to help Katara to tell what happened.
“I need your help. I need you to help our people…”
“We are going to help them”, assured the blonde.
“But first, we need to help you”, added the ebony girl.


The first thing Casanova did after coming back from his Helandre visit was try to get into contact with Sylvie and Diana, the two ladies that appeared at the pictures used to blackmail. He left voice messages, text messages and even online calls at their social networks, always saying just these few words: ‘ We need to talk’. All what he could do is wait for their answer.
Only early in the next morning, his phone rang.
And it was a call from Diana, the redhead of the duo. A woman from Dutch origins, she loved when the Italian womanizer used words in her language to seduce him. But this time, his words weren’t of someone who was interested in an intercourse.
“For the sound of your messages, you were too interested on talking with us, but I guess it’s not the kind of thing you would love to talk, correct?”
“Wish I had a more enjoyable reason to call, liefste”
“Gosh, you really sound THAT worried, Casa! What happened, my beer”, asked Diana.
“Did you receive something in your mail today?”
“If I received something? Not that I am clear about. Why, is this something that you need?”
“Ask if Sylvie got it”
“She went outside and perhaps the mailman might come and deliver our letters… why are you so interested in that?”
“I don’t know if I can’t talk about that here over the phone, but if you do, please tell me. It’s a matter of urgency for me and you. It’s for your security”
“Casa, please, you are making me tremble and it’s not in the good way!”
Diana tried to make Casanova talk, but he was evasive and afraid, something that was uncharacteristic of his, to talk about the blackmailing pictures and messages. He was silent for a while and took a deep breath and was about to tell, when he heard from the other side of phone.
‘What happened?”
“It was Sylvie! Hang on a second, beer”
The scream was enough for the Italian loverman to worry if the blonde woman found out about the pictures. The other side of the telephone was silent for a while, except for noises that were apparently screams, cries and words in Dutch and some other language.
“When and where do you want to meet us?”
“Don’t worry. Will send a messenger instruct you on what to do. Till then, be careful and don’t do anything without telling me!”
A courier sent Sylvie and Diana a message where they received instructions to meet Casanova and carry ‘the letter’, as he knew that they had received the same blackmailing message as his but he didn’t want to talk about that on the phone. Three days later, the couple went to the Majestic Eagle Hotel, one of the most expensive in Helandre, and followed thoroughly the instructions given by the Italian to them. The hotel bellboy took them to a suite, where Casanova awaited on an armchair, but without making the traditional seduction face.
“I wish to be with you in a warm hug, but the situation don’t allow us to do it”
“Why did you pick an hotel and not your place?”, Sylvie asked.
“Before that, I need to see if you two brought the envelope I told you to do”, replied Casanova.
The blonde looked to her redhead partner, who was with the aforementioned envelope, handing it to Casanova. It was the same kind of handwriting, the same message and the same pictures of them having sex… was that person trying to frame them both?
Next, Casanova handed his envelope to the ladies, who were shocked seeing that Casanova got the same threat through mail. Who was the one who would do that to them? For which reason?
“How did you got this message?”, shouted Diana
“The same way you two got it”
“B-But how?! Why? Why you and us got the same letter, the same pictures, the same threat!”, the redhead was shocked and puzzled with the whole situation.
“I don’t know, but I do believe there is someone spying on us!”
The mere thought of someone spying on them in order to blackmail made the girls spine shiver. The thing is not everyone knew they were together and there were many people that would love to put them apart, then the fear of having those pictures come public.
“You know that we don’t want everyone to know about us!”, said Sylvie.
“I understand your pain, ladies, and this is why I summoned you both here”, replied Casanova.
“Are you care to explain why you called to us to a hotel room in Helandre, Casa?”, questioned the redhead.
“Look”, Casanova took a deep breath before going to explain his reasons. “I have many suspects, which only grow daily, that the origin of the blackmail comes from this city. I don’t know if the blackmailer is from here, but the first clues point here”
“And do you need to call us here just to say that you have a clue about who the blackmailer is?”, asked Sylvie.
“Anyway, I decided to look for someone here in Helandre that could help with that and managed to make the local police department start an investigation about that. It’s still on first steps and I haven’t any news since I talked with them first time, but I feel that something promising might come from that”, the Italian lover said,
“Police? Did you involve the police on this?”
“I also tried to look the services of a private investigator as well but it was the cops who offered me what I wanted, the thorough investigation of who is trying to extort me plus a note of discretion and assuring they will employ all the ‘official’ ways to make that happen”
“You know that we can’t go to police! And what if the press knows and publishes that? We are ruined!”, protested a scared Diana.,
“My parels, I won’t involve you two on that. This is my side of investigation. I will not involve you and Sylvie on that. I can give you the card of that investigator if you want”
The two ladies gathered, whispering to each other for a second after Diana nodded to her lover and got the card handed to her. She looked at the name of the agency and number, and the first impression was to not fully trust on that option.
“Are you sure this can suit us to find who did that to us?”
“Private eyes are known for being discrete at most. If you to keep your investigation without calling much of the media, this is the best choice”
“So, do you know this… Victor? Is he good?”, Sylvie questioned.
“Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet the owner himself as he was in a business trip. But I saw some of his team and they look pretty serious to me”, replied Casanova.
“I think we can give it a try. At least it won’t kill”
“Women, learn something. Nobody messes with Casanova and stay good for long. Nobody!”
The avenging ‘threatening’ words were what the Italian nobleman gunned to do since the first time he saw those letters. He wanted to give that person, whoever it was, a bad time for trying to ruin his sexual escapades. And also bring other worried to his mind.
“You didn’t talk with Catalina yet?”, asked Diana.
“No! She is still in Venice and I do not want to harm her visit”, said the loverman
“What if she ends up learning through other people?”
“She won’t! I am going to tell her everything first time she comes home”
“And until that, what are you going to do, Casa?”
“My dear ladies, it won’t be a blackmailer that will stop my life to be what it is. I will keep doing what I do and I advice you two to keep doing as well. I will contact all the others so they are at least all warned about that”, said Casanova as she stood up and faced both ladies before he kissed both girls’ cheeks. “And I think it’s better if you two go”
Without any chance of doing otherwise, the couple left the hotel room with the agency card and thinking if it was a good idea to call their help. Meanwhile Casanova stood there, imagining if the police help would bring him the perpetrator of the crime. But only time would tell him…


With the shinning sun of a glorious Sunday morning, Robin paid attention to the radar monitor. Alone, the leader of the group known as the Teen Titans looked for any trace that led to the whereabouts of Slade, his and the Titans’ most mischievous nemesis, who they had a battling exchange the other day.
As usual, Slade used his newly minted minion army to wreck havoc at Jump City, but the young hero team appeared in time to save the world. After a long battle, Robin had his one-on-one with the masked rival, but after another game of hide and seek, the Wonder Boy was left alone, without a chance to do what he missed the most: finish Slade.
Looking at the radar, he tried to predict where Slade and his army would attack next, obsessively thinking about meeting him again and finally having their final battle. His thoughts ran with ways to beat Slade for the last time.
“This time he won’t run away. I promise”
Robin didn’t notice that his teammates appeared behind him to see what was going on, worried as usual when the dark haired former acrobat thought about the masked villain.
“Nothing on Slade?” asked Beast Boy.
“Unfortunately, nothing. I think I lost his track, but will find it…”, Robin replied.
“He didn’t go too far. He will eventually appear if he wants to keep up with whatever he’s up to”, commented Cyborg.
“This time we can’t sleep on it. If we lose him once again…”
“Dude, you say it every time Slade’s run away from you! Cut it off!”, the green shapeshifter pointed.
“Beast Boy is right. You can’t spend the day here thinking about him. He must be hidden somewhere and we shall not get worried about it, man! Let’s go outside and hang out”, the black human-robot merger added.
“Sorry boys, but I cannot leave. Slade must be anywhere and I want to get him”
“Seems clear that Slade is in your head right now”, said Raven.
“What do you mean?”, the Titan leader asked to the Azarathian young witch
“Robin, you are obsessed with Slade and you know it”
“I am not obsessed with Slade!”
“Raven is right. Always when he appears, you become somebody else. You are not yourself when you are battling him”, Starfire agreed with her teammate.
“You know that it’s not true. You all know it! I am not obsessed with Slade!“, the Wonder Boy tried to convince the Titans of what he said, even if himself and the others didn’t believed in any word .
“Please, Robin”, the Tamaranian princess put her hands on his shoulder and told her side of the question. “I know Slade is a terrible villain and we must defeat him, but you cannot push yourself away from us and the world because of him. I don’t want you to become a sazbraje”
“You don’t need to worry about me, guys” Robin said before moving his shoulders away from Starfire’s hands. “I am okay. I am the same Robin of everyday. I am still the same person you know…”
“I know you are the same guy, but you gotta keep your thing with Slade out of your head. Or you are going to be crazy”, replied Cyborg.
“I said you don’t need to worry about me. I am alright, and I must stay alone. I want to be here when the radar points out Slade’s next appearance”.
“Oh, Robin…”, Starfire whispered with a sad face
“Come on, let’s go out! Let’s eat a pizza, go to the park, watch a movie… or something! I don’t want to be stucked here with a sun like that outside”, complained Beast Boy.
“If you want to go out, that’s okay to me. I just want to say here”
“You know what they say about people who get obsessed too much about something”, Raven give a piece of advice to Robin.
“For the last time, I am not…”
Exactly when Robin was to made another point to deny his obvious ill feelings about Slade, a red light buzzed within the room, along with a noise and a voice saying ‘Alert’
“The radar! He must be around!”
Robin looked at the radar to find out from where the alert came from. Right when he found out the place, he already knew who was behind that.
“It’s Slade! He is back! We must go!”
“We have no time to talk. Titans, let’s go!”
Robin left the room running, followed by his teammates, aware that this time they could give Slade and his team another beating. For now, the whole talk about obsession had to be put aside.


“God, it’s a fucking huge book!”, Stella commented while Tecna randomly read the pages in search to anything they could deem important about The Transdimensional Stone.
“Do you think that they would write stuff about the stone in a comic book?”, Tecna replied with hints of irony.
“Stop fighting! We need to know if this book is the right one!”, Musa argued with the two fairies.
After the random browsing, Tecna, the other fairies plus Belle started to make a closer look to the contents of ‘The Transdimensional Stone: Truth or Not?’. The pink-haired fairy had a small scanner where she could copy the book pages to a tablet-like device she built to gather information for school projects and other stuff.
“So, there is something you need here?”, asked Belle.
“So far, the book is pretty much talking about magical stones, powers and something else. Maybe if we keep reading, the book cuts to the information we need”, replied Tecna.
“I hope this book is not a farce! I would be so pissed off if someone wrote a misleading book”, pointed Flora.
“Guess it isn’t. Look, Chapter 02 is about the ‘legend of the Transdimensional Stone’”, the Zenithean girl called the other girls to attention.
“At least it didn’t took that much!”, said a relieved Layla.
“Let me see… well, wow… it does say that the stone probably was made when the world was created!”
“Really?! So that means that the stone created the world as we see?”, Musa asked.
“It doesn’t say it, just say that it originated with the world’s creation… and look at that! Irt says the stone pretty much helped to create every dimension in this and other worlds!”
“Well, guess the name says it so”, pointed Layla.
Tecna then proceeded to read to the girls the contents of the book, who told the entire story of the legend of the stone, how it was made, their powers, and how it was spread around the globe.
“My God! This stone is really important for you all to need to know about it”, Belle said.
“Maybe, but we will only know if we know the reasons the stone exists and why there are people in need of that”, replied Bloom.
Their reading wasn’t interrupted for a while, but outside the castle, danger lurked. And it wasn’t just a regular danger. It was a ‘ Terror danger’.
“So, this is the Castle, huh?”
“Yes. It’s where that malicious Beast holds my darling Belle as hostage”
Gaston words were more wrong than ever, but it was actually the place that hosted the magical gift Error wanted. He needed to go there to find the rose and please again the one who hired him for the job.
“I still remember like if it was today. I almost died when they threw me from up there…”
“You must have bad memories about this place, don’t you?”
“I would have better ones if that beast would be dead…”
“Now it doesn’t matter. Come with me, we have a job to do!”
Error obviously knew of Gaston’s bias, being the one who is extremely obsessed with Belle to the point to use his own words to talk about the ‘vile beast’, but he actually knew the story of the prince cursed by a witch to become a beastly animal that was saved by the love of a village girl. At that point, however, he didn’t care about that.
Halfway close to the main gates, the duo noticed guards protecting. But it wasn’t a pair of security crew soldiers to stop them from goal.
“You go ahead Gaston!”, Error demanded
“Why? They always do bad things to me when I come here…”, replied the muscled man.
“It’s not time to make complaints! Do what we did planned!”
Error pushed his partner to the forefront, where he would have clear path to the main entrance. Gaston, then, picked his best act of ‘pseudo-friendly looks’ to try to win the guards trust.
“Hello, gentle people. Could I have a talk with you two?”
“Gaston! You again? How many times we need to tell you that you are not welcome!”, said one of the guards.
“Oh Please… let’s make amends. I guarantee that I am over with all your attempts to keep me away from the castle… I really got over the pain…”
“You’re such a liar… how do you think we can trust you?”
“Well, I don’t know, but surely I know someone who does”
As if they planned it with years of rehearsal, Gaston made way for Error throw a spell that KOed the two guards. It was everything done without planning, but the thing went as good as it could be.
“How did you do that?”, asked a jaw-dropping Gaston.
“They say a magician don’t tell secrets, don’t? I am not a magician but won’t reveal mine”
With the path clearer, Error used another spell to cause a explosion that could open the door. That done, he and Gaston walked into the castle and noticed another pair of guards, awakened from a nap with the explosion. Another spell and there was the knockout again.
“Stand back, because this will give them a nice boom”, warned Error.
The pair of evil wizard and ‘muscle buff’ walked through the corridors meeting guards and any member of personnel they could, as they all found their fate to be falling without giving any resistance.
“Tell me, do you know where the room which has the rose is?”
“Sure… Sure… come with me, please…”
“Darn!”, Tecna uttered
“What it happened?”, asked Musa.
“The recorder’s batteries went off!”
“Oh crap!”, Stella sighed in disappointment.
“And the worse is that I didn’t bring the recharger with me today… Darn, I didn’t reach halfway the book!”
“But what do you have isn’t enough for us to do the research?”, asked Layla.
“I don’t know. This book is so big and guess there might be lots of stuff that we will miss”
“Don’t worry, I know how to fix it!”, Bloom talked with that ‘I have an idea’ face in mind.
The redhead fairy took the book into her hands and went to Belle where she could make an offer that the nymph thought could save lives.
“Princess, I wish to ask you something”
“Well, I don’t know if we should, but I would like to ask this book borrowed for a while”
“I don’t know…”, the brunette thought.
“Don’t worry; we are going to give it back to you. We just need it for the research and I believe that having the book in hands will make it better than other method”
The princess thought for a while, but it wasn’t something that warranted a ‘no’.
“If you girls need the book so much, who am I to stop you?”
“Yay! Thank you, princess! Thanks for your help!”, Flora cheered.
“I am glad to help you, girls. Anything you want, I am here”
Soon, what it seemed to be a explosion could be heard, but it was too muffled by being far from the library, but enough to get the ponytailed brunette’s attention.
“Did you hear that?”
“I don’t know. I thought I heard a noise…”
“Maybe we can check it out”, suggested Flora.
“Guess it was just the people moving the furniture downstairs. They do it all the time”, replied the princess.
But another sound, this time with intensity, was heard. It looked like that ‘moving furniture’ might be going too far…
“What is this?”, said Layla.
“I don’t know. It looks like someone is throwing bombs inside!”, replied Stella.
“I think I’ll give it a check”, Belle went to the door and called Cogsworth to see what was the source of all the noise, with another muffled ‘boom’ coming in between.
“Cogsworth, please, can you see from where this noise comes. We’re starting to get worried here”
“Yes, princess!”
As her employee left, she returned to where the Winx were, and two other explosions could be heard. Without a clue about what was going on, all what they had to do is to wait. And, in case of Tecna feel.
“I don’t know about you, but I feel there is a strange power close to us”
“Strange power?”, questioned Bloom.
“Yeah. It’s really strong and really darkish… I can feel it like if it is inside this room”
The rest of the girls widened their eyes when the pinkhaired Zenithean said that. What was that power Tecna sensed and from who? They were sure no one followed them to the castle or that someone empowered like that was near. From where that feeling came? And, the most important, from who?
The explosive noises were getting less spaced and more intense, like if it was approaching from the library. When Cogsworth returned from his mission, his exhausted and scared face showed that something serious was about to happen.
“Princess! My God… we got to leave! Now!”
“Why? What’s going on, Cogsworth?”
Before her employee could say anything, he collapsed from the long race to get his boss lady the information. The girls were about to transform, but decided to take the princess to check on her own account the reason for the noises,
“Princess, come with us! We are going to see what is happening”
Stella and Musa protected Belle closely as the other girls surrounded her and got her to a place where she could be comfortable. Tecna still sensed the powerful thing she was earlier with each step.
“It’s getting closer, it’s really strong…”
They reached to a big living room, where sometimes Prince Adam and Belle rested after long days. Opening the doors, Belle asked for a guard to search and bring her trusted servants to the room before they got caught.
“I think here we are safe”, Layla whispered.
“For how long? We don’t know from where this noise comes from”, replied Stella.
“I feel we are about to know…”, said Bloom as she looked through the door to see if no one followed them there.
A large line of fallen guards marked Error’s way to the Rose. But now without getting the wrong way for a couple of times, thanks to Gaston, who thought he knew where the room was, but went other ways. It was pretty much the first time the magister doubted about the intellectual effectiveness of his partner.
“I really hope that you know what you are doing Gaston”
“They must be wrecked this place only to confound me! That vile bastard!”
The muscle man’s anger and confusion was evident and Error decided not to care about. But, there was the right door for them to enter. And when it was found, the prized artifact was there for him to gather.
“So… this is the rose that cursed the Prince?”
At a podium and protected from strangers with a case of glass, Error’s new finding was steps away of his hands. At the very first moment he saw it, his mind had so many ideas of what he would do with that. And how the person who paid him would use it.
“After this entire journey, finally the rose is mine! Mine!”
Error used a spell to see if there wasn’t any security threat to stop him from his goal. The magic didn’t show anything and the evil magister walked to the place where the prized gift was, with Gaston watching the door to see if there wasn’t anyone following them. Calmly, he removed the glass dome and the rose now was at his reach.
“Finally! It’s mine…”
He touched and grabbed the rose, but didn’t sense any kind of magic with it. At first, the wizard did not bother with that, since he thought there was a way to make it work. That moment, the most important was to have that rose.
“Do you see it, Gaston? See what do I have?”
“I don’t understand why a man is so obsessed with such silly flower”
“You don’t understand, huh? With this in my hands, the possibilities I can find in magical practice are infinite!”
Baffled with Error’s huge interested in that rose, Gaston watched the man put the artifact inside his pocket as he turned to him, now with his mission accomplished.
“If it wasn’t by these silly guards, I could be here easier!”, the magister protested.
“Ok, so you got that rose! And how about me?! Where’s my woman?”, the ponytailed brute asked.
“Well, my friend, if everything goes right, you will be dancing with her by the moonlight!”
The just mention of that made Gaston’s eyes bright with joy and happiness, as he actually started to dance like if it was doing it with Belle, in his crazy mind still his wife to be. But his ‘goofiness’ ended up causing something that made Error regret to have him as a ‘partner’.
The muscle buff stumbled during his dance at the door, opening it and then rolling at the floor and breaking several stuff inside the rose room. And, of course, the noise was heard at the room where Belle and the Winx were.
“This noise! It doesn’t look like a explosion!”, said Musa.
“Oh God! It comes from the rose room!”, said Belle with awe.
“Rose room?”, the girls asked.
“I will explain later…”
Belle ran to where the room was and the fairy six followed the princess. When Belle noticed the door open, she started to think many ‘oh no’s’, fearing if the worst happened. When they arrived, they noticed the door open.
“But what the hell is going on… GASTON?!”
Gaston didn’t notice the voice of his darling as he had a pile of bricks above him after he fell at the floor and hit a cabinet. When he saw Belle was there, his eyes again gleamed with happiness, but she wasn’t too much smiling to see her suitor.
“Belle… er… well… I was here, and he was there, so…”
Soon, a cold breeze took over the room and Error finally left a shadowy point at the room, where he finally met the princess and her guests. With a wicked smile, he made his introduction.
“So, you are Princess Belle… I must admit that you look prettier than what people told of me”
“Who are you? And what are you doing here in my castle? And why that man is with you?”
“Well, I think I can answer some of your questions, dear princess. My name is Error the Terror and I am here because you have something that should belong with me”
As Error took the once cursed rose from his jacket, the girls went shocked. And even more Tecna, who finally found out the source of the dark power.
“This power… it’s him! He is the source of all power!”
“And who are you and your friends?”
“We are the Winx and we came here to protect the princess. Please return the rose to her and we will allow living unscathed”, said Bloom.
“How dare you! How dare you challenge Error the Terror!”
The evil magister, in his turn, also scanned the energy coming from the six-piece team. And when he realized with whom he was talking about, his face turned into disgust and contempt.
“What the hell! Fairies!? The weakest beings in all magic nature trying to challenge me!”
“Talking bad about us?” Stella wasn’t the only one to be pissed off with Error’s remark.
“What’s your problem? Don’t you like fairies?”, Musa asked.
“Your powers are in the inferior scale of everything I know in magical arts. Fairies only deserve to be stuck with kindergarten spells and not challenge real wizards!”
The Winx were all angry with Error’s contempt over about whom they were, mostly because it meant he had a lot of prejudice over fairies. And Belle went on their defense.
“Give the rose back! It’s not yours!”
“I am sorry, but it’s mine now, princess. Or, I mean, the magic contained in it is mine”
With a laughter, Error angered the girls even more and Gaston, now recovered, went close to the princess to, finally show what he was intended to do.
“Obey the man and let him have the rose! And come with me, where we can be away of the vile beast that kidnapped you!”
“So, you are with him? I knew you were the kind of person who would sink lower, but even for you, this is the lowest I ever saw!”
“She is so…”, the brute giggled as trying to put some weirdness in the ponytailed girl. “She is so pretty that even when she is mad with me she looks beautiful”
“Give one good reason so I can’t throw you in the prison!
“Er… that I am the man of your life, I am handsome and a hunk?”
Every single girl and even Error raised eyebrows to his reasoning, but Gaston wasn’t much aware of that (as pretty much he was never aware of anything). And the magister tried to walk to the door, but the Winx stopped him from evading the place.
“I do not have time to play child games!”
“You will not leave until you give back the rose to the Princess”, said Bloom
“And what you will do if I refuse to?”, Error asked.
“Since you asked…”
Bloom used a midly powerful spell to hit the wizard, but it seemed it didn’t hit him, since Error backed away and returned to defy the fairies, now angrier than he was minutes ago.
“Insolent! How a child like you challenged Error the Terror?! You will play”
The evil wizard used his arms to produce a wind blow that pushed the girls around the rose room. Belle was saved at the last moment by a spell from Tecna to hit the wall. The answer from the frail man infuriated the Winx.
“Please, princess, you must leave the castle”, Musa ordered.
“I can’t! The rose is still with him!”
“It’s for your own safety. Tell your servants to leave and to go to a safe place”, added Flora.
“I can’t!” replied Belle. “Adam is not here and in his absence, is my duty to defend the castle!”
“Do I have to ask again? Let me leave, NOW!”
“No Fucking Way!”, Stella yelled.
At the very moment, the six girls transformed into their Winx forms. Error was baffled to see the ritual, as it seemed that they were just ‘children’ to them and they were now in a mission to save the castle and the princess no matter what.
“Tecna, Stella and Musa, please remove the princess and the servants safely. We will meet you outside”, said Layla.
The three Alfea school students nodded as they took Belle, against her wishes but understanding the risks of the situation, out of the room. Bloom, Layla and Flora lined up to fight Error, but the sorcerer wasn’t willing much to take any challenge.
“I already told you that I am not here to fight children!”
“I have to warn you that we are far from being children…”, Layla said,
Error decided to use another wind spell to take the fairies out of his way, but their wings managed to keep them at ground. Flora employed first an attack, but missed the magister for long. Bloom and Layla attacked later, to minimal or none damage.
With a counter-attack, Error hit the girls easily, only for them to respond with spells of their own powers, again not causing any damage to him. The evil wizard found it was enough and used a powerful spell that threw the fairy trio to the ground and allowed him to escape the room.
“Don’t let him run away!”
Rushing through hallways and corridors, Error found himself followed by the Winx, who kept using spells to hit him but mostly failing to do it, only for him to reply but also find the girls were using a pretty good spell defense.
“You are not running away!”, Bloom yelled.
“Leave me alone!”
The castle suffered damage wherever the fight past, but it wasn’t a large one. Finally, Error decide to use teleport magic to hide from the girls, who were puzzled when he wasn’t found inside a room!
“Dammit! How did he escape?!”
“Wait…”, Layla used an energy scan spell . “He is… outside!”
Now outside the castle, Error gave a last look before he was intended to leave forever, but little he knew that the fairies also knew how to teletransport and appeared in front of him the very moment he turned his back at the castle.
“Where are you thinking you are going, sir?”, Flora asked.
“This is impossible! How did you managed to find me! My teletransportation spell is the best!”
“Let’s say the children here learn since first grade how to do it”, Bloom replied.
“Give the rose back and we will spare you”, Flora warned.
“I am sorry I can’t obey a woman like you…”
Another wind-based spell and the Winx had to keep themselves again at the ground, but this time a combined attack hit the magister, even if it was minimal damage. Error counter-attacked and Flora was caught by that, but replied with a leaf-powered spell that hit again the foe.
The fight start to go on and the magister went to find out that it was effortless to evade the scene without having a battle. In his mind, even if it was worthless to fight with such ‘children’, it was a nice way to train with ‘cheap sparring’.
Stella, Musa and Tecna were at a small hill top close to the castle, where Belle and the castle servants could see a full view of the battle happening. They were protecting the people from possible side effects of the ‘war’, but they were wondering to be there and help their friends.
“With the way he attacks, three against one is become difficult to handle!”, said Musa.
“We need to be there!”, said Stella.
“No! We’ve got to protect the princess!”, Tecna rejected Stella’s plead to help.
“Please, go there. Your friends need you. I would do the same if I was one of you”
“Do you will be okay, princess?”
“Don’t worry”, Belle made a restrained smile. “I am fine, I can take care of myself. But, now, it’s time for you to answer the call for your duty”
Since a world from royalty is hard to be refused, the other three fairies joined their friends and surrounded Error. The now six-against-one war could be unfair for some, but for Error, the more the merrier to defeat!
“To wherever you look, a fairy will be at your vision. Please, give us the rose!”, pleaded Layla.
“Not in a million of years, kid!”
A lightning kind spell went at Flora’s way, but the fairy of nature evaded it. The magister tried to do it at the other fairies, but they all ran away of the beam. Being used to fight Stormy every day was anyway worth of something, they thought.
Then the evil wizard employed another tactic to attack and used a higher pressure lighting spell that this time, barely hit the Winx, who took the damage and counterattacked with another spell, that also hit with minimal trouble for Error. It was a back and forth brawl between the sinister magister and the fairy team, with Babette and the others making sure their phones would record the battle in video and pictures.
“Don’t you have better things to do than challenging someone better than you?”, asked Error.
”Actually, we do have: to defeat you!”, Stella replied at her spunky brash way.
The blonde princess employed a sunlight spell to try to blind Error for another attack, but he evaded with a mist spell, that enabled him to ‘disappear’ for a few seconds before reappearing with a bigger counterspell who had to be defended by Musa and Bloom together. Another charge of lightning-kind spell by Tecna went at his direction, but the wizard again moved away before time.
“We need to find a way to hit him hard!”
“But how?”
If their battle went as far as it seemed, fatigue could become an important part of the strategy and Error counted that the Winx were inexperienced enough to take a long fight as he was. But, as the magister would see later, he again underestimated his rival.
“I am advising you, girls! Surrender before you pay!”
“No fucking way!”, Layla yelled.
“I think just single attacks won’t work as we thought”, the fairy of Music analyzed.
“What do you mean?”, Bloom asked Musa.
“We can work better to defeat him if we team up, two of each. I think we can be better at attacking if we combine spells”, the Melodian explained.
“Good idea!”, Tecna nodded.
“But, how are we going to do this?”, questioned Flora.
“Well, let’s scramble and see what we can do”
The fairies then moved from her original alignment to scramble to find ‘pairs’ to fight Error, with Bloom pairing with Tecna, Musa and Layla and Flora and Stella. Error was so absorbed on trying to use his not-so-best spells to attack them that he didn’t noticed their strategy to defeat him.
“Let’s combine spells and attack by turns”, Flora said.
Flora and Stella were the first, as they used a joint attack to hit Error, but they missed. However, the next one was a bit stronger than the first one and caught him by surprise.
“What the hell! Playing of spell combining? Where did you learn that, third grade?”
“Let’s agree you are not the best teacher”, the blonde Solarian again answered at her own way, which delivered an attack, blocked and answered with another, that again took the magister in a way he could not make much defense.
The next pair to attack as Musa and Layla and their magic got effective as they managed to make Error’s counterattack lightining spells less damaging to them. When it was time for Bloom and Tecna to go, he finally got a piece of one of the most powerful spells ever.
“Time to be introduced to the Dragon Flame!”
The Domino Nymph’s most prized spell went combined with a Tecna’s charge spell and it surprised Error. In his mind, he already knew that was something different in the air but the Dragon Flame revealed that there was a power that he wasn’t prepared to. Yet.
“What the hell! What is is spell…”
“Take it again, you fool!”
Another mix of Tecna’s own power with Bloom’s had another considerable damage to Error’s spell. Mixed with a strike by Flora and Stella it was a somewhat devastating blow to the magister and all what he could do was try to defend it the best he could.
“How could it be?! I am getting sweaty by children from kindergarten!”
The fairies amped their power and Error as well, as their attacks and counterattacks were frantic. Error was forced to use some of his own better spells to defeat the six girls but they were tireless and their now dual attack was more effective than their one by one earlier approach.
But the frenzy ‘magic war’ had an unintended consequence that might hit the evil wizard hard later. As he tried to move to attack the teams, the rose escaped from his pocket. Layla noticed it and sneaked a spell to retrieve it before her nemesis got knowledge of that.
“I have to admit you are tough, girls. Never knew that kindergarten was too evolved these days”
The girls started to scramble into other combinations of pairs when Error evened his powers with theirs. The back and forth nature of the battle was enough for them to get a little bit tired and even miss sometimes their attacks.
“No way!”
And so the fight went until Musa, Bloom and Tecna used a Dragonflame powered spell to hit really big Error. The magister tried to block but it was enough even for a powerful being like him. When another blow by the other trio formed by Stella, Layla and Flora got him at the follow-up, it as majorly enough him to think about quitting. But he was too stubborn and arrogant to do that. Unless if it was a ‘gently retreat’.
But when to do it without looking that he was running away? He had to try to hit them at a moment where they were distracted. It was difficult to find one such moment and the options waned.
“I don’t know until when we are going to deal with him!”, shouted Flora.
“We must resist! We must fight!”, replied Musa.
“Flora is right! I am getting really tired!”, said Bloom.
The Winx tiredness was the point Error found out to attack them and finish the battle quickly. Their attacks weren’t as effective as they were and the evil wizard had the perfect opportunity to land the ‘final ones’.
“I am deeply sorry, but I think I am getting tired of playing with you, kids!”
Error reunited a bigger stroke of magic power to and beamed in direction to the fairies, nearly blinding them and all the people at ground. When the light faded, the magister wasn’t to be seen.
“What? What the hell!”, Flora was baffled
“How did he!”, Bloom joined at astonishment.
“He fooled us with this trick and ran away. What a coward!”, uttered Tecna.
“And right when we were going to beat him!”, pointed Stella.
“Girls, now we don’t need to think about him. We need to check how the Princess is”
The Winx flied to ground and went to the top of the hill where Belle and the castle workers were, as pretty much shocked to see the pyrotechnic escape from Error.
“What happened? Where did he go?”
“I don’t know! He used some sort of illusion spell and then vanished”, Musa explained.
“So that means he ran away?”
“I am not sure. But let’s not worry about him, princess”, said Bloom.
”Well, but now he evaded with the rose and soon Adam might come back”
“Don’t worry, we found a way”
Layla said it before she showed the rose the slipped from Error’s possession during the battle. Relieved and happy with her ‘souvenir’ was retrieved by the Androssian princess, the ponytailed French girl received it and handed it to Lumiere for him to take care
“I believe we need to take you somewhere else. It’s too dangerous for you to stay here, Princess”, warned Tecna.
“No! I Can’t leave my people! And what if he comes back?”, said a worried Belle.
“I am sorry, princess, but this is the reason you need to find some place to be, at least until we know that Error isn’t pursuing you or anything you own”, Bloom explained.
“If that is needed, take me to Victor! He knows what to do!”
Belle, who had given the book to someone else before the battle as it was handed by the fairies, handed it back to Bloom who became her escort alongside Musa and Flora. Stella, Tecna and Layla stood at the kingdom, helping the workers and waiting for the Prince to come. When the portal opened, it was the end of a battle. But not of the war itself.

Chapter Text

Chapter 6.5

To Victor, it wasn’t the first time he took a ride on Appa, but given there weren’t any flying bisons in Helandre made the situation still different to him. Before they landed, they tried to find a place where the transportation animal couldn’t be spotted by the other people and that could be easy to reach to the agency.

Followed by the ‘bender troop’, Victor walked into the agency, and found everything working as normal there. When he saw Milo, the private investigator went to see if Katara already reached the place.

“Where is she? Katara is there?”

“Yes, it is! Cornelia and Taranee took her to their office”, it was actually Trixie who replied.

He rushed to the girls office and knocked at the door. When open, she saw Cornelia talking with the waterbender as she had a glass of water and Taranee explaining what happened to her boss. Then, he hugged the waterbender and smiled to her as he meant ‘don’t worry, we’re here’.

“Aang and the guys told me everything already. How is she?”

“She is better now, but when she arrived, Katara was a wreck!”, explained the ebony guardian.



“Aang told me what happened. But I still don’t understand. How that happened?”

“I don’t know how to say… I already told them but everytime I remember, I feel like my mind don’t want me to recall that moment…”, the waterbender explained.

“Okay… let’s do this. I will fix my things in my office and I will call you girls there. Better let her talk without having any kind of distraction”.

Vic was intended to go to this office, but something stopped from doing. Right in front of that, at the top of the stairs, a portal opened with Musa, Bloom, Flora and Belle appearing from there.

“Girls, what is going…. BELLE!”

Just to see the French princess made his heart race and the Brazilian ran to her, as he hugged her and noticed her nearly crying eyes and a somewhat confused look, like if she was taken out of some sort of war.

“Oh, Victor! It was terrible!”

“Don’t worry, you are with me. You will be alright”, whispered the Brazilian at the princess ears, stroking her hair as he let her cry a bit and sigh due to the battle she witnessed and he wasn’t aware of.

“It was terrible, Vic! Horrible!”, Bloom said.

“Please, tell me, what happened?”

“There was a guy, he attacked her castle. We were there to find a book about the Transdimensional Stone and this man he started to attack and use magic on us and…”, the redhead explained.

“A man? Why he wanted to attack the castle?”

“Apparently he wanted to have the magic rose she had at the castle. And he battled us until he decided to live. It was a rough battle…”, Flora told.

“He was terrible, he tried to get me but I ran away!”, Belle added.

“Have you heard about someone named Error?”, asked Musa.

When Victor heard the name of the magister, he just stopped for a while and started to realize that everything that happened wasn’t just a lousy and unlucky sequence of events. Something else was into the deep of it and he had to investigate.

“Did you said Error? The name Error?”, the Brazilian asked.

“Yes, this is what I asked you, Vic”

“Why? What is going on? Do you know something we don’t?”, said Bloom.

“Well, I think we are in a middle of something that I am afraid that it will hit us all. The destiny of this and any world will depend on what we do from now on”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand…”

“I think we need to have a talk. Everyone!”, said the investigator as he ordered to Taranee to take Katara and the others to the meeting room, as the other members were instructed to do so along with him, Belle and the fairy trio. The other W.I.T.C.H. members would arrive later, as the other Winx Club teammates.

Meanwhile, Victor messaged Merder, Sadira, Jasmine and Caleb for them to come to his agency to have a urgent meeting. He didn’t talk the subject of that but he let on each message that they needed to be there ‘for the balance of the world’.

“I fear that we are going to fight a long war. And we need to get together to fight it…”

Before leaving his apartment, Merder picked up a bunch of files containing papers and information about cases he investigated or he asked someone to do it for him. He put them inside his backpack and started his trip to the precinct where he worked.

Stepping his feet outside the apartment, he saw Velma with some bags, closing the door to her apartment. Curious to see what the nerdy sleuth was about to do, the Dutchman rushed to the brunette.

“Are you going to move and you didn’t tell me?”

“I am just staying the night or two at a friend’s home. She offered me the place and I decided to get out from my apartment for a while”

“And what about the gang? If they call or even if someone has news about their whereabouts?”

“Don’t worry, I am with my cellphone… and I won’t leave forever, just want to be out for a while or I will go nuts staying all the time inside home!”, said Velma with a dead serious tone. “And seems you are pretty busy as well, Merder”

“Ah, that!”, the detective replied as he noticed she took a glance at his backpack. “Well, it’s stuff for cases I am investigating. Including yours, by the way”

“Really? Are they good or bad news? I wouldn’t even worry for bad news, just want to hear some news!”

“Let me tell you in the way. Well, if you allow me to”

“I am not against having company for a stroll… but isn’t forbidden a police officer to share information about ongoing cases?”, asked Velma.

“In fact, yes. But since you are also an investigator and making your own inquiry, technically this is ‘information sharing’ and if I declare we are working together in this case, it won’t be trouble to any of us”, Merder explained.

“If it’s what you say… I will believe it. You are the cop and I ain’t”

“Well, do you want to know what is going on at he missing gang case or…?”

“Go on, sire. I am all ears to you”

“Right”, Merder coughed before both took the elevator down. At the building’s lobby, he could explain to her his findings and even have a pleasant chat with his sometimes lover.

“Well, let’s start from the beginning. The forensic lab gave the the results of the test they did at the local where the Mystery Machine vanished. You know, to find traces that can lead us to find what happened”

“And what did you found, CSI?”

“Har, har..”, Merder took lightly the nerdy girl’s remark. “But I think you will get intrigued with the finds we got from the tests”

“And what did you found?”

“Mostly nothing out of the ordinary, except some sort of dust we found at the store’s parking lot and which kind intrigued me”

“How?”, asked the sleuth.

“It did show that the dust material isn’t at any database known. I could not find what it was because every time we checked it said that there was no entry for that material…”. Merder explained as he looked the papers containing the test results

“I don’t understand. So that means…”

“So far, it doesn’t mean anything, but it still puzzled me. It’s like the best clue we can find we cannot link it with anything that exists! It’s like it came from nowhere!”

“Jinkies… I don’t know why but I feel that I am into some sort of Twilight Zone episode”, commented a puzzled Velma.

“Anyway, I will give the samples to a lab outside the town at another precinct. The guy is my friend and they have better equipments that we do”, said the officer.

“Thought you would give it to Vic. We know that his agency has state of art stuff in his lab!”

”I could, but this friend owes me a favor and I already phoned him about it…”

“Hope he can find from where is that dust is. Only to think that might be something supernatural behind it…”, Velma shuddered.

“Maybe it’s something new that it’s not yet catalogued or element contamination or something else. Anyway, I will send the samples today and wait for the results”

“And while we wait, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, why not”


“Does you unit has sniffer dogs?”, Velma questions with curiosity.

“Every united does have, I think. But why you want to know about them?”, Merder ‘bought’ her curiosity.

“It’s that I have some clothes and stuff the folks left at my place. Perhaps if one of them sniffs it at the place where the disappearance happened, it might be easier to find at least where they probably went”, suggested the amateur detective.

“I know where you want to go Velma, but it doesn’t work that way. We don’t know where they went, if they went near or far from the crime scene or even if they are around”, explained the Dutchman

“Are you telling me that it won’t work? Even if it wasn’t even tried?”

“Velma, please… I know you want the guys to come back, but you gotta think. We don’t know a thing about what happened to them except for them disappearing out in the blue. Outside that, we don’t know anything and we don’t know if that will work”, Merder noticed the subtle desperation at the girl’s voice.

“But can we try? Even it fails; it won’t be bad to try. I know they must be somewhere!”

“I am not saying that it won’t work. But the thing is that we don’t clues, leads or whatever that can give us a proper start. Only what we have is circumstantial stuff that might lead or not to where we want. I am not saying we can’t try. Just to say that I want you to not feel disappointed if it doesn’t work”, the police officer explained looking right on Velma’s eyes, with the tone of voice he always employed when people in verge of getting broken needed a ray of light, a hope to solve their cases and fix up their lives. The Mystery Inc. member was one of them and being a good friend of her also increased the amount of worry he was about

“I know… but… I am sorry, it’s that been a while and nothing happens, they don’t come back. And everything happened too sudden…”, a saddened nerdy brunette replied.

“Don’t worry. I know what you feel. Saw in too many people… nobody deserves to suffer like you or them do”

“So, are you going to try the sniffing dog thing or not?”

“Let’s see… if it can work, we can see. But first, let’s test that mysterious dust and get more results from the crime scene and the video”

The chat climate when lighter and they had a bit of discussion about the case before Merder approached his precinct and saw the chief standing at the door. He said goodbye to the brunette, who went to her friend’s place, which was closer to the police. But when he was about to enter, after saying hi to the brass, a message arrived to this cellphone.


It was from Victor’s and noticing the tone suggested seriousness, he went to answer as the detective walked the PD and went to see the investigation of the day.



Quickly, Victor gathered his PI team and the rest of his ‘visitors’ inside the ‘war room’, the name he used to call the large meeting room, which looked like a college classroom, with the desks coming from the upper wall to the floor and the another desk, the ‘teacher’s one’, at the other side.

One by one, the other ‘guests’ summoned themselves to the room. First was the remaining members of Winx Club, who joined Musa, Flora and Bloom, to then Hay Lin, and Irma, followed by Caleb. Merder was the last one to join, having to bring Jasmine off his apartment.

“Why did you took so long?”, asked the private investigator.

“Sorry. I had to do some job stuff before I could bring Jas here”, the police officer explained.

The climate inside that room could be called as ‘dead serious’. The tension was broke when Belle saw Jasmine and the two hugged as they cried.

“What happened with you?”

“They attacked my castle!”

“What? What happened? How it happened?”

“I was with the girls looking for the book they were in need and then… I don’t know what happened… this guy just came and tried to attack me and the girls… He tried to steal the rose and…”

“If you feel that you can’t talk, we will respect”, said Victor, patting her shoulders.

“No problem, Vic. I can talk about it…”


“There was a battle outside, the girls fought him until they got exhausted. Thank God we managed to get alive, but the castle was partly damaged due to that…”

“That’s terrible… who could do something like that?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know this guy! I mean, that bastard Gaston was with him… I remind he said his name… Error or something like that”

The mere mention of Error’s name by the French princess was able to make at least Caleb, Victor, Merder and Jasmine awe. How it was possible the same man that attacked the Agrabah Palace be also the one who attacked her castle?

“Wait… did you said his name was Error?”, questioned Jasmine.

“Yeah! Why?”

“It’s… well… I believe that you were attacked by the same man that attacked the palace and stole the lamp”, said the Arabian princess. Belle was shocked when her friend revealed and so was everyone there.

“How? I mean… How that can happen? Error was after you too, Princess?” a puzzled Caleb questioned.

“Do you know him?”

“I wish not to have known him, but yes… I do…”

“Wait a minute! So, the same man that attacked me attacked you as well?”, Jasmine was as shocked as she could be, wondering if there was something behind all that.

“Okay, maybe there is something behind all that”, Victor tried to contain the awe inside the ‘war room’. “If the same man attacked the palace and the castle, the only thing I can think it’s that he is after something. Clearly”

“But what?”, Merder asked.

“Based by that the princesses said, I think he is after things that have magical powers”, replied Caleb. “Totally his thing! If there is something that he loves to own is magical artifacts”

“Well, it was luck that the rose fell from him and he didn’t take it away. But, even if he got it, that rose already lost its powers…”, the French princess explained.

“Really? No way!”

“It lost the power when the curse was broken. Now it’s pretty much ineffective. I guard it as a way to keep how me and Adam came together. It’s ironic of sorts that he left the thing that doesn’t work and kept what still works”

“But the attack still destroyed the things there!”, said Tecna.

“I understand that, but first we need to think why this Error wants all those stuff? Is he already trying to steal something else around the world? What is his goal?”, Merder questioned.

”I think now the best thing to do is to keep the girls safe and wait if he is coming back or turning his mind into his next prized possession”, said Victor.

“Do you think he is coming back?”, Madame questioned.

“I don’t know. At least the girls will be safe here with us. Let’s try to see if Error will try to attack them again or has other ideas on his mind. I know you two might feel uncomfortable to be away from the ones you care and your lands, but we can’t play coy with it”, Merder pointed;

“If this is the best thing to do, there is nothing else we can do about it”, said Jasmine.

“At least this problem seems solved by now. However, we need to care about others as well”, said Victor

“What do you mean?”

He looked at Katara, who did some sort of ‘who, me?’ face. Victor called her to the center of the ‘stage’ where she could talk about her ordeal with the Trix.

“You don’t need t do it if you don’t feel good about it”

Aang and her friends nodded at the waterbender’s face, as they wanted her Avatar’s wife to go through and relive the moments of the defeat against the witches.

“It will be hard to me to speak, but I have to. I have to say it. I don’t want to remember, but I won’t forget the day they ruined my wedding reception”

“Tell everything. Don’t be afraid to share any detail…”

Katara started to speak about the attack. The Winx were briefed about the Trix attacking, but until that, they weren’t revealed about whom they attacked or the details. Victor wanted the waterbender to share everything when they were fully available to do it,

“I really don’t understand why the Trix decided to attack your land? We all know they are treacherous and stuff, but they don’t have any rivalry with the benders”, said Tecna.

“We are still as puzzled as you are”, pointed Sokka.

“It was so sudden that we didn’t have time to even think why they tried to attack us. And I don’t have any theory for that for now”, added Zuko.

“Knowing them so well, I bet they were bored or someone told them to do it”, said Layla.

“And who could be the one to tell them to attack the Avatar at the wedding day?”

“It’s a mystery we are all interested to solve”

“Anyway, what also puzzles me is how they defeated Aang? He is one of the most powerful people in the whole world?”, questioned Merder.

“We tried our best to defeat him, but we couldn’t, their powers were so much, even for Aang’s”, Sokka said.

“Besides the attack they did behind his back. They took him without notice”, added Toph.


“I knew it!”, Musa harshly protested about the waterbender’s tale ‘They never fight fair!”

“We decided to try the help of you guys because we don’t know what to do. We don’t know if we are under threat from them or this was other kind of job”, Zuko explained.

“I am still intrigued that those witches came to pick on you!”, Stella said with surprising shock.

“Do you think that both attacks have something in common?”, Caleb asked to Victor and Merder.

“I don’t know, Caleb. Everything I know from each attack seems that they might be coordinated or just one-off. However, we can’t assume anything until we investigate further about it”, the private investigator replied.

“And what do you think we have to do?”, was Merder’s turn to question his friend.

“Let me see… maybe we can make some brainstorming to think about it”

Nearly everyone had their turn to give brainstorm and talk about what happened. In the end, it was agreed that the Winx and the W.I.T.C.H. teams would go to Fire Nation to investigate the Trix attack. Cornelia and Taranee went on behalf of the agency, as it was coordinated action from all camps. Meanwhile, Belle and Jasmine would be hosted by Victor and Merder while Sadira would be moved to an hotel.

“Remember. Let’s investigate these stuff and be careful if any other attack of this kind carries on. But we need to live our lives. Not living them is to make the enemy win. Let’s keep the things normal here, but still aware about everything and anyone”

When everyone agreed, Vic dismissed the meeting and later would make individual remarks with each part present. Later, it was just him, Bloom and Belle at the ‘war room’ and the redhead fairy carrying the book about the Transdimensional Stone.

“With all this frenzy, I forgot to tell you about the book”, the Domino nymph handed the book to the Brazilian PI.

“Don’t worry. You did an amazing job. And you can keep it, you there have better equipment to make the research than I do”

“If you say so… When I and the girls are back to Alfea, we are going to devour this book”

“Please, be careful with the salt. And the ink”, joked Victor making the two girls giggle.

“Only you to crack jokes at a dreadful moment like this”, Belle commented.

“One of my mottos is: Any joke can break any awful moment”

“Let’s hope this moment is over quick”

“Me too… But I am afraid that it’s only the beginning…”

“Do you think?”

“I can’t say, but I have the feeling that we are at the top of the iceberg. And I don’t like to think about it…”

“Everything is going to be alright, Vic!”

“I hope, but let’s not lose our focus. Let’s find what is in this book and see if it has the answers we need. Maybe if we can decipher that, we can find a way to get out of this confusion”



King Arthur wandered at the castle, but this trip that night had a major reason to exist. He was about to see his good friend and counselor, the powerful wizard Merlin, who locked himself inside his room for at least two days without leaving. Not even the meals of the castle, which he loved, were capable to take him away from his retreat.

Knowing Merlin’s usual distraction on locking his door, the English King did not knocked, an habit he had given the fact they knew each other for so long. Entering the room, he saw the old mage sitting in a chair, doing whatever he was with books, possible potions and formulas.

“Merlin, are you ok? It’s been two days that you don’t come out. I am worried about you, my friend”

The wizard did not answered and Arthur, even used that sometimes he could be so disconnected while doing his potions and studying magic that he would lose track of time. The king then went to where the old mage was sitting and called for him one or two times, to no avail. Now, close to him, he patted to Merlin’s shoulders. But it wasn’t a wise decision.

Quickly, Arthur ducked when Merlin turned his back, apparently to try to throw some spell at him. But it seemed only a threat, as the ‘spell’ was pretty much innocuous and failed to hit the walls. Qhen the old wizard noticed his pupil there, he knew something was going on.

“Arthur, my dear… I am sorry, I didn’t knew that was you”

“You don’t need to worry, my friend. I am alright. But the only one here that needs to be worried about is you”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been two days that you get stuck into your ‘lab-room’; you don’t go outside for anything. Not even to walk or try some potion in the gardens… please, tell me if there is something wrong with you”

“It’s not… No, it’s not. With me, not, but…”


Merlin left his chair and started to walk around his ‘office’. Sometimes he did wandered when he felt something odd in the air, something that really caught the King of England.

“Arthur! Please tell me what’s going on?”

“I can’t tell you Arthur! But I feel something really bad is coming over!”

“How so?”

“I just feel it, this terrible and dark energy. I can feel it. I just can feel this noxious and dark energy”

“Dark energy? What it is? It’s something coming to Camelot? Who or what it is?”

”I just don’t know…”, Merlin said, putting his hands close to this shoulders like he felt a gush of cold air. “But I have to tell you Arthur, my boy… I fear something really bad is about to happen, if it’s not already happening”

Arthur knew that Merlin would never fake something as serious as that, it wasn’t of his own. He was worried as well with the words his counselor spoke. And he asked him what kind of troublesome days were to come.

“I see it… I see the evil, the plundering, the dark magic… see artifacts being stolen, lives ruined, pain… everything you know it’s evil and repulsive, Arthur”

“But do you know what it is? Or who is behind that?”

“I don’t know, I cannot see is or her face. But I do know it’s something perverted and dangerous. A danger that the world must know about it!”

“If you don’t even know who this evil is or even if it’s real or not, how you can warn the whole world, Merlin?”

“I don’t know how, but when I know who this evil is, I will! Even if it cost my whole life”

“Merlin, I think you should calm down… I know how it’s important to you to destroy this evil you talk, but you can’t stay locked here. It’s not good for your health”

“Arthur, I know you since you were a kid. I saw you becoming a king, not only by title but by vocation. You know you trust me in every way possible. And I ask you to trust me once again… I know something unbearably mean is about to come! I can feel it. See, I am old wizard and all that I do is to help the people of England. And what I am doing will help them and the whole world as well”, the wizard explained.

“I am not telling you should not be concerned about. Just want you to not get crazy because of that”

“I am not getting crazy! You will see it!”

Merlin took a little ‘offence’ with the King’s remark, but it wasn’t Arthur’s intention. And the offence was little, as Merlin pretty much returned to his studies like nothing else was happening around the world.

“I am sorry if I told you were crazy, Merlin… I didn’t wanted to…”

“Don’t worry, my man. I know you are worried about me. Now go to sleep. You will be better safe at your chambers, Your Majesty”

Arthur wanted to stay, but he knew that convincing Merlin to do something when he had all the reasons to keep his attention at his own stuff was useless. The king then left his room but he didn’t kept thinking for days about which evil was that one the old wizard mentioned. It was something to get concerned with or just one of the many times the mage had feelings that were just misjudged thoughts.

Little he knew that something was about to come…

Chapter Text

After the busy and confusing day that it was, it was time for everyone to take their time to leave. Victor, Merder, Belle and Jasmine closed the agency and went back to Yensid Gardens. The princess from Agrabah, as expected, went to spend another night at the police officer’s apartment. Belle was about to the same, now temporarily in exile at Victor’s.
“Here you are! Safe and sound!”
“Easy for you to say!”, Belle said with a really tired tone.
“Please, don’t even begin! I spent the last days going here and there without having much time to rest. Let’s not make a game of who suffered more”, replied Victor.
“Between you and me, I endured a bigger threat than you did”
“I am not diminishing what you endure. I am just saying that, in different ways, we had rough days. Just that. Nothing else”
“Sorry Vic, I think I still can’t believe yet on what happened”
“You should not worry about that Belle… We are here, you are alive and nothing bad happened to you. This is the thing that matters right now”
It wasn’t time for arguments or complaints. Both were so stressed and tired that they didn’t want to remember the ordeal and decided to have a reset. The private investigator ordered a meal to them. During the dinner, they tried to not talk about the attack to her castle, but it was impossible to avoid the vivid images of what happened to her.
The princess cried as she remembered how her castle got torn apart by the evil Error and how the Winx tried to battle him. The Brazilian offered his shoulder for her to cry on, trying to raise her mood and make her forget the moments she thought everything would be lost.
“It was terrible… I miss the people already…Babette, Cogsworth, Lumière… Adam…”
“Don’t worry, everything will be good. We are going to make you safe and reunite you with your people…”
Soon, they changed the subject and they spent some time talking about other stuff. The French princess was still torn by the attack and tried to forget it. It was almost impossible to, but she needed to do it or Belle would go crazy.
By midnight, the two decided to sleep. After Belle took a shower, she noticed Vic picking a pillow, some sheets and a blanket as he readied his couch.
“I will sleep here. You will sleep at my bed”, said Victor.
“You don’t need to do that, Victor. I can sleep in the couch”, replied the brunette.
“No way! You are a princess and princesses always need the best facilities to live”
“Don’t start with that, Vic! You know pretty well that I’ve slept at every kind of place”
“But will be better if you sleep there. I am going to sleep here, Belle”
“Don’t try to pamper or patronize me!”
“I am not trying to do any of those things. I am being a good guest and I think that if you sleep at my bed will be more comfortable than here in the couch”, Victor explained. “And I am sorry if my words sound like if I am patronizing you, It wasn’t my intention”
“I know. You are trying to be gentle. I am the one to feel sorry, I think what happened with me messed with my mind at some point that I am not acting like myself”
“Belle…”, Victor smiled to his girlfriend. “You don’t need to feel sorry. It wasn’t your fault”
She smiled and then helped him make that couch and later his bed, now her ‘makeshift’ room. Victor arranged her some night clothes for her to use and before she went to sleep, they had their last chat of the night.
“I need to thank you for all the things you did to me. Well, not only you, but you understand”
“You don’t need to. Having here safe and alive is the best thing that needed to happen”
“I am sorry if I felt like I was grumpy earlier. I didn’t meant to”
“This is another thing that you don’t need to. Only if I can apologize to you if I kind of patronized you or tried to show that you were powerless”
“So, are we even?”
“If you want…”
Victor and Belle gazed at each other’s eyes and the private investigator kissed her forehead and cheeks before he smiled to the Frenchwoman the way that clearly showed that ‘everything is alright’.
“Don’t worry. We are going to get that fool and make him pay for what he did to you”
“I hope so… but I don’t know what to do. I don’t have any fighting ability or…”
“You will help the way you can. You don’t need to know how to fight or call spells to help”
“You are right...”
“Now, we need to rest. Today was a busy day and tomorrow is the same”
The two went to sleep, finishing a night of calm after the storm. Or it was the calm before the storm?

It wouldn’t be a blackmail enthusiast the one who would make Casanova stuck inside his manor. He returned to Helandre and decided to take a stroll around the city. The world’s most dauntless lover didn’t want to spend the night wondering about being targeted by someone that seemingly had the hates for him.
But what to do to forget about his enemy or enemies? He didn’t know if it was just one or more, a he or a she or even they. Or if he was subject to a prank from someone without any kind of sensitive sense of humor. Or whatever it was, it was eating him inside and Casanova wanted to get his mind clean.
He wandered without a real destiny, just to get his mind off it. But then, a sound could be heard. And the Italian gentleman paid attention to it.
“This is noise… what it can be?”
Each step in the city he could hear that noise becoming bigger. Curious as only a human being can be, Casanova decided to follow the noise, bigger and louder each second he came closer to the source.
And the source was a local park, the Takeuchi Park. Named after an important person of Japanese colony, that park was set to a benefit concert dedicated to an organization who takes cares of ‘one day flies’. Casanova saw the park, the stage and a number of people around to see the artists who would be there.
Being a free event, the stallion had no problem to be in, even if had to navigate through a few people to come closer to the stage. There, the festival showed a large number of artists that were hits in past, but now were between the ‘one hit wonder’ and the ‘washed up’.
“My God! Why are these people gathering here? To see this?”
A fan of classical music and similar genre kinds but without losing a knack for contemporary pop music, Casanova felt bothered with the multitude of artists that were successful many years ago had so many enthusiasts even if they didn’t have hits for long. But it wouldn’t hurt to be there and enjoy the show.
“And now, our next presentation. The one who took, tamed and broke hearts in the 80s, the red muse, the one and only… LINDANA!”
And then there was. Casanova immediately went mesmerized when she saw the redhead woman who took the stage to sing ‘I’m Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun’. It as a middle-aged woman, long and very up hair wearing typical 80s pop singer attire. Something so ‘anachronic’ but for an audience extremely attached to nostalgia.
But for Casanova, those details weren’t at his mind now. He liked that song on stage, one of those not operatic things he liked to listen once in a while. But it was the singer the one who caught his mind. She was the kind of woman he liked, and that Italian man was already fascinated by her looks, her hair, her body and her voice. There was what he was looking for the night.
“She is so… beautiful. I must have her!”
Indeed he wanted to have Lindana, but with hundreds of people around and perhaps a big security team to avoid anyone who could bother or hinder the concert, what to do in order to get a fuck?
Being the one used to sneak into and out of homes, he devised a plan. Using his skills and expertise, he managed to get into the restricted areas around the stage when Lindana show was over. The Italian lover had to be quick.
“I must have her! She will be the one to clear my mind!”
Evading security and else, he spotted the redhead. In his mind, ideas ran from the moment where he would meet the woman until the moment they had their millionth orgasm. But when he noticed again, the singer vanished.
The desperation took inside his mind and he tried to look for her, but their meeting would happen. And destiny would play it to happen breaking and of his plans, when he was almost quitting his search…
The two bumped each other, falling with their butts on the ground. When Casanova looked, there was Lindana. The woman he wanted, the one he desired right in front of him. Inside his head, the only things he heard was ‘its her! Calm down! You are going to get her!”
“Watch your way, sir!”
“I am sorry, ma’am. I didn’t see you. I apologize”
“No, you don’t need to apologize”
“But I must. Etiquette says a person should apologize when putting a lady into distress without intention”
“It’s okay!”
The redhead singer looked at Casanova’s eyes and found him a little bit familiar, but her mind did not yet associated the face with a name. Indeed, she found the man’s charming looks and accent interesting. It seemed that, without much effort, his seduction skills started to work.
“What are you doing here? It’s a restricted are and I can’t see your id. Or your uniform”, Lindana asked.
“Er… well… is that I was trying to find the bathroom and I got lost. But now I found myself, thanks to you, Lindana”, Casanova said as the one hit wonder singer blushed.
“Oh, please. You don’t need to thank me…”
“Casanova. Call me Casanova”
“Casanova… No! No! You mean, that Casanova!”
When she realized she was facing the most famous lover in the world, the redhead woman jaw dropped. She knew he was familiar, but only when he identified himself and smiled when he asked about if he was ‘that Casanova’. Never in her life would she meet a man like him.
“I know. I knew plenty of women that felt just like you, Lindana”
“Please, call me Linda. Lindana is only my stage name”, the redhead said like a whisper
“Alright, Linda…”
“What a man like you is doing in this park? Are you interested on the ‘one day flies?’ cause?”
“Well… I guess I was around and, as I said, I lost myself here. But when I found you, I found myself again”
Bingo! No right words could be told to make a woman fall for a guy. Casanova pretty much caught Lindana/Linda’s attention with his charms. They had a nice and pleasant talk that only assured the stallion that the redhead was falling for him.
“Have you done your donation, Mr. Casanova?”
“My donation? Er… I mean… oh…”, the Italian blushed as he couldn’t find a way to lie.
“Oh…”, Linda giggled. “You should not worry. I believe a generous man like you have a gorgeous check waiting to be handed”
“I’ll see what I can do”
“Well, you seem to have so many stories with yourself. I would love to hear them”
“Linda, I will share as many stories as I can if you let me enjoy the pleasure of your presence at at a more disclosed place”
“Well, we can go to my trailer then. There, no one will bother us”
Was it that easy? Not actually, but he was halfway to the end of the mission. Casanova knew he was about to make a move to bed ‘Lindana’ and he had to make the best move in order to finally get relief after being target of some nasty criminal
They walked around the trailer zone until there was a flashy green one with ‘LINDANA’ in glossy letters at the door. Her trailer was the smallest of them, likes some sort of small Old West movie carriage and the Italian gentleman was shocked and dazzled when he saw.
“What the hell!? Lindana stays in this tiny trailer? What a shame!”
“Shame? You should not judge a book by its cover, Mr. Casanova”
When he stepped inside the trailer, astonishment was on his face. It didn’t even look like it was smaller! It looked like he was inside the living room of a mansion.
“What the!”
“I told you so! I need to introduce my son to you, Mr. Casanova”
“Your son?”
“Yes. He was the one who helped me to tidy this trailer. Isn’t really neat?”
The world’s amazingiest lover got even surprised to see that actually a kid was capable to turn a really tiny trailer into something like that. Linda told about the things he did with his half-brother Phineas and the shenanigans about their sister Candace. Casanova was always in favor of having affairs with married women, many of them were sources of his best stories.
Both shared their own tales. Linda talked about her short musical career that turned into a hobby when it petered out and she turned into a devoted wife and mother. Not until she decided to dust up the mic and try a successful comeback, but instead of the pop charts, nostalgia parties and festivals.
In Casanova’s turn, he shared some of his best adventures in love. Linda was astonished to see how much that Italian man endured to get into the pleasures of love. And even if he was as well a married man, his life was still committed to live the pleasurable things in life. And how his wife, Catalina, agreed and took part in those games.
“Gosh! You surely have the best stories I ever heard! And I thought the ones my neighbors talk were interesting”
“And this is only the tip of the iceberg, ma’am”
“Well, I will have to admit here that I am very devoted to marriage and motherhood, but I won’t lie that I let myself prove other kinds of fruits on the road”, Linda said like a whisper, only to tease Casanova.
“I have to confess that you are not the first woman to make such confidence, Linda”
“Well, we are two married people. I think we should do something married people do…”
The two looked each other for a while before the kiss. And it wasn’t surprise that they didn’t act like they were doing anything their marital vows would stop. Even if married, they weren’t stranger to affairs and what else to do in a night like that other than enjoying each other.
“You kiss better than my husband… way better”
Casanova grinned and soon the kiss turned into a sensual embrace between Linda and him. Her hands grasped on his jacket, as she wanted to take his clothes and have him all to herself. And him tried to take her outfit down as well, showing how much they were into each other.
“If I were one of those housewives with guilty complex, I would be restraining myself over doing you”
“The best housewives are the ones that are dames to the rest of world and whores to their lovers”
“Do you want me to be your whore tonight, Mr. Casanova?”
And the smile became bigger, as his dick got hard when the redhead let him take off her clothes. Linda also undressed the Italian stallion, both taking each other’s outfits with the ‘rage’ of the ones that would be having sex.
“I want so much to fuck you, Lindana!”
“Let’s say tonight, you’ve got two for the price of one! You do Linda and Lindana as well!”
The couple easily surrendered to the flesh pleasures, as they kissed each other and finally were without their clothes. Linda kissed and licked her lover’s body, a well-built man even if he wasn’t the most caring about fitness. In return, Casanova licked the redhead’s neck and whispered dirty words to her ears.
“Ohhhh… Casanova!”
“Lindana, I am going to make your hear spin. You will be the slut of the sluts.
“I want to be your slut, Mr. Casanova”
Taken by the lust, Linda put herself around Casanova’s body, rubbing her naked body against his. She could feel how his dick was getting hard while she did and the Italian did anything else than rubbing his manhood against the MlLF’s body, as both moaned in a crescendo of delight.
“Want to come to my bed, Mr. Casanova?”
“As you desire, my dear Linda”
She took her new lover to the bed, one that, well, wasn’t fully impressive as the deceiving size trailer one. It was an oversized single bed, but enough for two to sleep in it. The redhead woman sit on it and started to stroke and kiss Casanova (who was standing in front of her)’s dick.
“Oh… Linda! Your hands are so sweet!”
“It’s because you ain’t seen how my mouth is!
With kissing and licking and stroking, the redhead one-hit wonder made sure that her lover would be ready for its ordeal. Next, Lindana started to suck his manhood. Needless to say thatr she was really impressed by how his dick was. Perhaps the biggest cock she ever or one of the biggest she ever saw.
“My Goodness! It’s really big! I hope it does fit!”
Linda began her blowjob gently, as she tried to find how much she could take from the Italian’s cock. But it didn’t took long for her to start to show that, under the guise of popstar and mother, there was a lady that liked sex as many others do.
“Ohhhh! Lindana! Ahhhh! Heavens!”
Casanova could not resist when his redhead paramour started to suck his dick. And she didn’t disappoint during her oral action, him being very careful when evaluating the skills of each woman he slept with. Linda could be head to head with many of the ladies he had his best adventures.
“Your mouth… ah… it’s like angels are touching my cock”
“I am a kind of dirty angel, Mr.”
The redhead MILF kept sucking Casanova’s dick, while also kissing and rubbing it against her lips and face. She was completely aroused in a way that even surprised her at some point. Into her mind, she thought to do with him things she wouldn’t even dare to mention to her husband. The powers of Casanova revealing themselves to work again.
But it wasn’t only her to please the lover. Casanova next kissed ‘Lindana’ from top to bottom and found himself licking and kissing her tits for a while, to produce loud moans from the redhead. Next, the gentleman found the direction to the ‘river of dreams’, where his oral skills could be better shown.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! My God! You eat pussy better than my husband!”
Well, indeed Casanova did that better than any or almost any guy on Earth, alive or dead. And this is what he did, as he knew every existent way to please a lady and even the ones who don’t knew he invented.
“Lindana… you have a pussy that is a meal for the lovers!”
“Wish my husband…ohhhh… he said those things to me”
“I don’t believe how a woman like you is married to someone who do not pleases you as you demand”
“I love my husband, I really do! I just wish him to do the stuff you do, Mr. Casanova”
Even if it was bothering sometimes, he loved to hear wives complain about how their husbands did not give them the pleasure they wanted. That gave him the bigger push to fill that job and fuck them as they deserved. And Linda was one of the women that surely did need a ‘life-altering’ sexual intercourse.
Casanova ate her pussy the way he saw Linda attempt new kind of ‘music tunes’, the erotic ones, through moans and squeals. She asked for more and more and was eager to receive what the world’s most famous lover had to give her.
“Hmmm! Lindana!”
“Ohhhh! Casanova…”
The European man mounted on the 80s pop singer and quickly began to show why he was who he was. Linda didn’t resist from the very first second while Casanova provided his world-famous cock stabbing inside her moisten slit.
“I will make you happy in the way no man the world will, Lindana!”
Casanova loved so much the sound of the name ‘Lindana’ that he used it alongside calling her by her Christian name. She didn’t mind with that, because she knew that many had the fantasy of doing a popstar and, for that moment, she wanted that to happen.
Linda had her arms around her lover’s back and kissed him in a nasty and romantic way. The Italian gave all in with his effort in sex and that only had to produce to wished result: Linda was fully at his clutches
“Ahhhhhhhh! Casanova! Fuck me! Fuck me more! Do your Lindana!”
“Lindana! I want to fuck you in every way possible. I want to possess you”
“Ahhhh! Possess me, Casanova! I am yours! I am all yours, stallion”
Being the hunk he was, the Italian gentleman easily found Linda to be ‘on her knees’. She loved how he pushed his ‘piston’ deep and hard into her pussy, wishing, asking and begging for more. Nothing that it wasn’t too predictable.
“Ahhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!”
“Lindana! Lindana!”
Then it was the turn where Casanova had Linda all in fours. The folly continued frenzy and amazing with the stallion fucking the MILF singer with all the vigor he had. He grabbed, touched and slapped her butt the best he could, tireless as usual.
“Oh… Casanova! Uh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
“Ahhhhh! Uhhh! Yeahh! Lindana! I want you!
“Do me! Do me! Fuck me! Fuck me dirty!”
They were married people, but Lawrence and Catalina were taken to a ‘drawer’ and stuck there as they wanted to make that moment last. Before anyone asks, it lasted. And how it lasted!
“Your ass is heaven to me Linda! You have the greatest ass, Lindana!”
The world’s most famous lover wasn’t a man shy about asses. He liked to stare, do and spank them, as it was one of the most prized women’s body places. Linda, who only once in a very while could enjoy the ‘out of ordinary’ things with her husband, was engaged into, perhaps, the best sex of her life.
Anyways, they fucked in all fours until Casanova told if she liked to ‘ride’. Linda positively nodded and there was she ‘riding’ his dick and feeling the familiar beat of her buttocks and thighs against his. He was pretty much falling for her skills, always the one who knew that ‘not so well-cared wives’ become wild when meeting this cock.
“I want your cock, Casanova! Please! I want more!”
Ask and you will get it. And she got more from his cock. Furiously, but without rough violence, she humped the Italian good and also revealed herself as a good fan of anal, given out of the blue, she decided to see her little lovehole be stabbed by his ‘sword’. Without even lubing it in the first place. Daring woman that Linda.
“What the! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”
“I always wanted to see how it is take in the ass from Casanova”
Curious housewives, as he always said, were the best if he wanted to do something ‘wild’. Unlike the common sense, married women not always were the ones who did not ventured into ‘different’ kinds of pleasure making. Many of them are naughty as any lady, but what if their husbands weren’t ones who liked that and tried to dissuade them? There was always a Casanova in every corner waiting for them to liberate them.
“Ohhhh! Fuck my ass! Ahhh!”
He also fucked her ass in all fours and other positions he knew, as he returned to do her pussy meanwhile. He was so crazy for his ‘Lindana’ that it seemed that he wanted to everything and anything to please his superstar.
“Ahhh! Lindana Uhhhh!”
How much time they spent inside that trailer? Guess no one noticed the time flying as they fucked and sucked and screwed. Linda lost the track of time and even lost the track of what was going on around her. All she wanted was to be fucked in everyway possible by Casanova, who tried every single trick he knew on her. To name one, Casanova stood with a foot on a chair and the other on the bed. He was behind Linda where he could anally bang her in a way he could sustain himself without risk of falling and so was she.
If you want others, well Linda even licked and inserted a finger at Casanova’s butt. Well, she heard about stories that sometimes women weren’t the only people his ‘sex radar’ chased. And she was thrilled to hear that the Italian stallion also had a ‘bi heart’. Given the fact he told her about that and it seemed his bunghole had into some use judging by the slight easiness her finger was in.
And when they came? Well it was impossible to set a time using our traditional way to see hours and minutes. With Casanova, the metrics of time weren’t to be applied, since the pleasure was so big that one could lose the track of time or even where the person was sometimes. The only thing that does matter is pleasure and more pleasure.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I ammmmmmmm Cumming!”
“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Me too, Lindana!”
Probably countless were the times where they came. Casanova was amazed to see that a woman like Linda to cum like that. He wondered if the poor woman never had the caring she needed with her husband or with someone during her road trips. And how ‘Lindana’ made him as many orgasms as well.
Climax after climax, the couple rolled and entangled themselves in the bed sheets of sweaty delight. They kissed each other and slept together like husband and wife. And when morning came and her trailer had to take a ride away, guess a seed was planted.
“I have to see that you are the best sex I ever had, Mr. Casanova”
“Isn’t like I don’t have any modesty, but I know I can leave that impression on women”, Casanova said.
“You should not feel modest, sir. And by the way, before I forget, here is my phone number if you want a ‘private show’”
Linda handed a paper with her phone to the Italian lover as they talked a little bit before she said goodbye as her tour would land in another city. He looked to that paper and took his cellphone to add her number to his list.
“I am sure we will see each other again, Lindana”

At the docks of Gotham City, a encounter was about to happen. There, perhaps the most trustable broker among villains and evildoers around the world, Rolando Piffium, was about to meet another of his good friends and clients…
Piffium is the man that, if you want something, he finds a way to make you have. Need henchmen or henchwomen? He knows one that can help. Weapons? He knows the right dealers. Evil plans? He can help. Vehicles? He knows where to get. Anyway, if you are a villain and have the needs to succeed, he is the man you must call.
And at Gotham, he was not only in search of a good deal. He came to meet perhaps one of his finest clients. No one but the Clown Prince of Crime, the city’s main man in craziness and villainy. No one but himself, the Joker.
The Joker called Mr. Piffium for a meeting in order to remember the ‘old times’ and try to get new tricks to defeat his biggest nemesis, Batman. Living the city where the Dark Knight hunted the evildoers and mob bosses as his ‘dinner’, a dealer was a welcome trick.
For nearly one hour the crazy clown made Rolando wait. When he appeared, followed by a number of henchmen, he was all smiles as he tucked his trademarked purple suit.
“Rolando! My Friend! Long time we don’t have a talk!”
“You don’t even contact me! I thought you dumped me to find another middleman”
“Stop talking bullshit! You know you are my only one, my dear”, Joker said before cracking his usual laughter.
“If only you knew how much I heard that…”
“Well, we didn’t came here to talk about frivolities. Let’s talk about business!”
Rolando and Joker went to an ‘office’ the Clown Prince of Crime set close to the docks. But that ride wasn’t out of the crime boss’ usual practical jokes, many at expense of Rolando and Joker’s own team. And many of them involving weapons and bombs. But none deadly, because business you know…
At the ‘office’, located inside a container and with lots of toys prepared to be weaponry and pictures of Batman with darts and fake blood in it, the two evildoers resumed their deal.
“It’s really been a while. Didn’t hear about your antics for a while. What’s going on? Got tired trying to wreck Batman’s mind?”, the broker asked.
“Batman?! Oh… Batman! That silly fool… Flying like a dragon with that silly cape. And, well, I you didn’t hear me because I decided to ‘lay low’”, Joker explained.
“Lay low? You? No, it’s not possible! The Joker can’t just ‘lay low…”. Do you know who you are?”, the villains’ favorite middleman was shocked to hear that.
“But everyone is doing that here in Gotham. Batman is really screwing us over here. That freaking Batjerk… Darn, see what it happened? I just lost all my mojo talking about him “, said an unusually bothered Joker
“You were more the kind who cracking jokes when talking about Batman. I am very worried about you, my friend Joker”
“What else can I do? It’s been years that I am trying to beat that bastard!”, yelled the evil clown.
“Well, if that is your problem, I think I have the right medicine for you, my dear”
“What do you mean? Are you going to kill Batman for me? It would be delightful! Delightful!”, Joker laughed.
“I didn’t come here to kill Batman. But I know for sure some ways that can make your life against him less troublesome than I think it is judging by your complaints”
“And how are you supposed to do that?”
“I don’t know exactly how, my friend” , Rolando got his sparkling leather suitcase and took a few papers from hit “But, as a first step, guess you need the help of entire Gotham City’s criminal community to help you”
“Are you telling me to ally with everyone else just to beat Batman? Don’t you think that I tried!? And you know what happened!”
“I suggest you to try it again. Maybe this time it might work. And if you still need help, I know exactly of what and who you need”
During Joker’s laments, the middleman wrote something in a piece of paper. Turning to the blank side, he gave it to his client. When Joker saw what was written in it, his eyes widened and he pretty much thought to himself ‘Why didn’t I thought on that?’
“Rolando! You are… a genius!”
“I am not a genius. But thanks for the compliment…
“No! You are! You definitely are, my friend! How could I not think on this before?”, said a very, very surprised Clown Prince of Crime. “I could use a lot of help from this”
“Be sure you aren’t the only one that finds problems to fight their ‘good’ counterparts. And since I know you and the entire Gotham villainy in its struggles to fight Batman, guess this might be the start of a good plan”, the villain broker said.
“But this is fantastic! Don’t tell me that all these ones have troubles as well?”, asked the evil clown.
“You know I can’t lie. Well, I actually can but, in many ways, wouldn’t be fit for my job to lie…”
“If this is what can make me finally crush Batman like a fly, I surely can pay you handsomely”
“Nah… now you don’t need. Unless if we need new tools, weapons and outside assistance. But we can discuss with splitting a nice lunch and wine”
“You always hungry, huh?”
“Actually I am. And I think we need to leave. This place stinks as fuck”
“What else can I do? It’s the only place police bastards can’t get me. You cannot believe how much their act like fools when chasing me. While I am right before their eyes!”, Joker laughed almost uncontrollably with this remark.
The two shook their hands not before Rolando got a little shock as Joker decided to employ that old trick of putting a device at the palm of his hand. The two decided to get into a fancy place they knew to talk about business.
“I just advise you that I won’t be your companion when you got to Apollo’s”
Mr. Piffium got a bit offended by the remark, but did not made any answer. It was commonly know that he was gay and he took many ‘not so good’ remarks with ease, but when it crossed the line…
But that one wasn’t the case and they left the makeshift office, along with Joker’s henchmen to the restaurant. But, what was that plan Rolando wrote and gave to Joker? Would be Gotham City’s next mystery? Or it was something bigger coming? The answer might be delightful or not to wait…

After doing some of her tasks for the day, Frankie was in her way to the kitchen, to maybe have a glass of water and a snack before Mr. Herriman appeared with another set of tasks to her. Just the usual day at the mansion.
But her day was about to get a little worse. Everything because, in the middle of her way, she bumped into someone. Well, not only ‘someone’. When she looked, there was Baroness and her usual ugly mug and unpleasant demeanor.
“Look at where you walk, girl!”
“Great… you! I thought you left forever the house, didn’t see you in days”
“I am doing all the legal work so I can sue you and your house and get the hell out of here!”
“Ah, what? Are you suing Foster Home?”
“Yes. I’ll denounce you for mistreatment of imaginary beings, bullying, harassment, abuse. I will write about everything just done to me”
“Ahhhhahaha” Frankie started to laugh. “Really? How do we mistreat you? We even do more than you actually deserve!”
“Pulh-ease!”, the imaginary friend replied with her snobby tone. “Do you want me to see all the objectification, the humiliations I’ve been subject by you and the denizens of this place!”
“If anyone was around to hear you say this, we could make a river of laughter. Seriously, you should attempt a career as a comedian. Your ugly face is just a part of the show!”
“See what I have to deal!? This won’ t last, little girl! Soon, I’ll have my revenge and I’ll be leaving this place and you will feel sorry for losing a spectacular imaginary friend, who’s everyone wants to be around!”, said a defiant Baroness.
“Whatever… or you can just open the door and leave, you know”
“Outrageous! When my lawyer learns about what you said, you will be so in trouble, miss!”
This is was how the chat ended. Frankie rolled her eyes, thinking on how she deals daily with her. ‘God, what the fuck I am doing with that bitch!’, the redhead thought before reaching the kitchen.

“Ahhhh... my back!”, Darcy complained while she and her two partners walked to Headmistress Griffin’s Office. “I can’t believe running could be so painful”
“We could use a few other hours with that gal. Girl, she was hot!”, replied Stormy.
“Indeed. I never fucked someone like her in my whole life. She is a bombshell”
“Me too! And you know I didn’t had much boyfriends in my entire life…”
“Do you want to stop babbling about frivolous stuff?”, Icy interrupted her friends talk in her regular harsh way. “Gosh, that irks me…”
Stormy and Darcy sighed with the gray-haired witch’s interruption. They were at the door of Griffin’s office. Just one or two knocks, and ‘it’s open’ could be heard from inside. Walking inside the room, the chair faced the wall, as usually the headmistress did when waiting for her students’ return.
“Mission complete! We just took care of the Avatar”, said Icy.
“Well done girls”, said the voice. Immediately the Trix noticed something was different. “I heard about what you did”
“I hope you liked. We did the mission pretty well”, pointed Darcy.
“Be sure you will be compensated accordingly”
The whole situation was odd. They were reporting themselves to the Cloud Tower’s boss, but the answer wasn’t the one expected. Was that some sort of ‘trap’ or…
“Are you doing well, Headmistress?”
“I am pretty well, young lady. And in more ways than you will never know...”
The air was getting odd, but Icy noticed fast that something was more than just odd and decided to see what was going on.
“You are not Headmistress Griffin! Please, turn on! Show who you are and where she is”
When the chair turned to face the Trix, the young witch trio became shocked. And this shock wasn’t any kind of understatement. Their jaws were dropped as they finally saw who it was there. Instead of Griffin, not anyone else but the daughter of the former Firelord, the one who deemed to be hidden somewhere or dead. Princess Azula herself.
“What happened? Did something scared you?”
“B-But.. y-you…”, Stormy was pretty much shocked to see Azula at the chair Griffin usually sit.
“Did the cat ate your tongues?”, the princess taunted them.
“W-We thought y-you w-were dead… or a fugitive”
“People talked a lot of crap about me these days… they don’t know anything!”
“I think now you know who is the contractor, girls”, said Griffin as she left a dark corner at the office. Again, the Trix were shocked and speechless, not understanding what was going on there.
“What!? Headmistress Griffin?!”
And them, afterwards, another two figures came from another dark corner. Those came from the land of Meridian, Prince Phobos and Nerissa. And the witches trio were more confused as they were seconds ago.
“Can anyone tell us what is going on here?”, said Stormy.
“Sorry for not telling you, girls. But I had to conceal the identity of our contractors to not hinder our plan“, the Cloud Tower boss said
“Plan? What the fuck is going on here? Can you tell me?”, it was Darcy’s turn to try to get answers from the headmistress.
“I cannot believe she didn’t tell you about our alliance”, Nerissa commented.
“I think we need to have a talk, girls. We have so much to talk…”
The mysterious tone at Griffin’s voice made the three girls worried. Why those people were there with their school’s headmistress? And what was this talk about an alliance? Questions that would be answered pretty soon…