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I Saw You In My Dreams

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The water was dark, it's inky black cold fingers grasped him, pulling him down and down. He pulled desperately with his legs, hands reaching out above his head, struggling to reach the pin point of light he could see but which was so, so far away.

He couldn't breath, couldn't open his mouth or nose, the pressure was building, the burn in his chest, his throat and his head. He couldn't loosen his legs, the tightness gripping him around the ankle.

Oh god, he thought, panic rising through his whole body, tendrils of fear.

'Noooo,' he shouted, anguished mental screams flooding out into the ether. 'I'm not ready...I'm not ready to die....I can't....not yet....there's too much to do, too much to see, to....I have to fight...I can fight...for my country...for.....I just found him......please God.....'

The grip was too tight though, the water wouldn't give way and he could feel his strength leaving his body. He was cold, he was tired, his breath was gone.

He opened his mouth, the burn too much to bear anymore and immediately the water flooded in, filling every last part of him.

'I'm sorry," he sobbed, 'I tried....I tried....'

'God forgive me.....'

'Let him live...'



The rush of breath entering his lungs, was painful and sharp.

Green eyes shot open as he bolted upright in bed, covers falling away from sweaty skin as his chest heaved, pulling in desperately needed air.

One hand was outstretched in a claw shape, fingers shaking as they reached for something outside of his awareness.