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Unearthed Secrets & Repercussions

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Basic Human Passion

He didn't know what made him step forward and volunteer when Borchert told them that a "blast of human passion" could get through Raquel's emotional components, but he was the first and only member of their group to step up to the metaphorical plate.

He started toward the community college founder with extended hand, "Gimme those."

He heard his own words echo in his head and around the room. He didn't even have to look at the rest of them to know that this was one of the last things they expected as well.

"All of you go over there," he motioned to the other 5 with his index finger after putting on the ridiculously large headphones that looked like they belonged back on the set of a sci-fi show that Abed may or may not be a fan of.

"And turn around." They started questioning why this was necessary before he finally spat out, "Just do it. I was under the impression you guys wanted to save Greendale!"

Without further argument, they faced their backs to him and waited to see what would happen next.

Jeff let out a deep breath. He didn't know how to go about this, mainly because he wasn't a big emotional person… but it was too late. He offered to do this and he didn't want to disappoint them. He started on the end with the Dean.

"You're here to save me too; right, Jeffrey?" His voice sounded in his head and he realized this must be the work of the headphones. However, the wall hiding the door remained as shut as it were 5 minutes ago.

He moved down the line to Shirley.

"Jeffrey, I just wanted to let you know that no matter what happens to Greendale we'll always be a family. And also, 'Big Cheddar' is proud of you." Her words sounded genuine but didn't do anything to change Raquel's frowny face displayed on the screen adjacent him.

"Looks like you can't 'Winger speech' your way out of this one; but hey, we still have each other and after this it'll all work out for the best." Britta's words hit home for him because he relied so heavily on his power of speech and his persuasion abilities to get whatever he wants. But in this scenario, they're less than useless. His eyes darted to the wall, which remained motionless and unyielding. This was the last thing he wanted or expected. If anything could blast the mainframe, it would be something like the mere mention of his weekly speeches or an upcoming wedding should Greendale be sold to Subway. He let out a sigh, believing Britta's words were going to be the ones to free them all. He couldn't sulk though, that deal would be going down within the half hour and they had to get Borchert up there to halt it.

He continued down the line.

"Jeff, I know you had us turn around so you could look to us individually and hopefully remember something powerful enough to get Raquel to open the door. But in the majority of sitcoms I come across, they always have a situation comparable to this where, in our case, it's looking for a 'blast of human passion' but really it's looking for 'who do you love more?'. It's a way to finally resolve the whole love triangle cliché without actually having everyone involved about the feelings being processed. And it also helps the audience pick who they ship more. With that said, I'm probably not the reason the door will open, but I just wanted to let you know something that I told you the first day we met. I see your value now. You brought all of us together despite our different backgrounds and we became a better family than our actual respective ones. And even now, you're the glue to this little group and the reason we'll make it through this too."

Jeff had to suppress a laugh at how Abed could be so meta without even realizing it. I mean, 'shipping'? The concept itself seemed ridiculous until he remembered Abed showing him a fan forum on the Harry Potter ship wars from the last ten years or so. He couldn't believe some of the things people were called over not shipping Hermione and Ron. "Their ship name is Romione. I don't care for them either. Oh well, I've been called worse in my life than delusional." They never mentioned the term again until just moments ago.

He mulled over what he just described and it actually made sense. Not like they were the average Thursday night comedy or anything, but Abed sure made it seem like they were and went out of his way to enhance 'plots' and 'developments', hoping their next adventure would top the last. But if what Abed has just said was true, they may be in trouble. Jeff Winger doesn't do the 'L' word. He nearly corrected himself, saying he meant 'Love' rather than the actual Showtime series, since he was looking to Abed and his endless supply of knowledge on anything and everything film or television, but suppressed it realizing so long as he didn't direct his thought to him, it wasn't necessary in the first place.

He shook himself from his thoughts and moved on. One person remained in line. The one he didn't want it to all come down to. The one who just made a Winger speech of her own. Realizations weren't too frequent in his life but her words struck a chord in him. He just didn't hope it was true. Their relationship was already complicated enough. He shifted his head so he was now looking toward the brunette who had sat just to his left these past couple of years.

Unlike the others where he waited to respond to what they said, he wanted to see if this would work the other way around. He maintained eye contact with the back of her head and aimed his thought her direction.

"Milady." He started their usual back-and-forth in this manner and she would normally reply with one word herself. He stood silent, weary that it made its way to her.

Then he finally heard her voice resonate in his. "Milord." It was then he noticed Raquel's face now forming a smile (as best a computer could) and the door appearing once more. He heard gasps and cries of glee from the group once they figured out Jeff's plan actually worked and they could go stop the sale of Greendale.

"What'd ya do?" Borchert nearly screamed, finding it hard to believe someone has stronger feelings than him when he rubs his nipples.

"Don't worry about it. We've gotta get you up there to make sure Greendale stays out of Subway's control." Jeff said seriously, while taking off the headphones. He didn't like how the Dean gave him a wink in a knowing way; it gave him an uneasy feeling in his gut wondering what he could possibly be thinking. Nevertheless, he started toward the exit.