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Severus' obliviation

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A precious secret


5th May 1979:


Regulus looks sadly at his sleeping husband Severus. He loved Severus and their two little boys more than life itself. But he had no other choice if he wanted to keep them safe. During the last few months, Voldemort demanded that his Death Eaters bring him the young prodigy, Severus Snape, so that he will become a part of his fold.


Regulus had been forced to take the Mark, as well as Lucius, after they had turned 18 years old. Lucius wouldn't be able to marry Narcissa if he didn’t accept his place in the ranks of the Dark Lord and had the Dark Mark branded on his skin, as her father was a stout supporter and inner circle member of the Dark Lord. And Regulus had been forced to take the mark as a sign of goodwill from his parents, after Sirius had been disowned for running away to the Potters.


The young Black had sworn to himself, that neither Severus, nor his children, be forced to follow a crazy lunatic and be trapped in Voldemort’s clutches. At the moment only a small group of people knew that Severus was a male bearer. They had tried so hard to keep it under the wraps.


Now, Regulus was forced to do something which he never wanted to do: remove all memories of the magical world from the brilliant mind of his husband and lock away his magical powers; he would have to do the same to his twins.


Kreacher would accompany the trio abroad in their new life. They wouldn't be endangered by this stupid war any longer. Blood purity be damned! He wanted them out of harm's way.


He had already arranged everything with their account manager; a magical will had been written, that on the 1st of August, 1991, would be read at Gringotts in Diagon Alley, and on that day his family would get their magical powers and their memories back, as the blocks would be lifted.


It was just a shame that Regulus wouldn't see them again. After he alters their memories, he would go on a suicide mission. He would try to steal Voldemort's horcrux from the cave at the sea and try to destroy it, so that the dark lord would be mortal once more.


He kissed Severus softly before he embraced him, while tears dripped from his eyes. It was their last night together, and he wished desperately that it would never end. He would like to make love to him again, but it wasn't possible. Regulus didn't want to give them up, but he had to do it.


“I love you so much, my Severus.”, whispered the Black heir.




A few days ago, he had been surprisingly called by his Grandfather Arcturus Black – their head of house. He hadn't been surprised that Regulus had married his boyfriend and that he had already secured their future, but what he uttered next, shocked him.


“I want you to become Lord Black after my death. Should anything happen to you, then the lordship will be handed over to your husband.”, declared Lord Arcturus.


“I do not understand, Sir. Wouldn't my father or even Sirius be the next in line?”, asked Regulus baffled.


“No, Sirius isn't mature enough for this lordship. He had deserted us for a light family and shunned our heritage. And your father isn't suited either – you may have been forced to become a Death Eater.”, began Arcturus amused.


Regulus gasped.


“Yes, I do know about it. But you're not a true one, and your husband isn't a part of his followers either. He had beared your children, am I right, Regulus? Was it natural or did you have additional help?”


“Er, it was natural, my lord. Severus is a Prince. I mean, he is Lord Prince, after the death of Augustus S. Prince, he inherited the estate and the title.”, replied Regulus.


“A rare gift, I do hope that you appreciate it, my son, and that you treat him well.”, commended Arcturus.


“I do. He is the love of my life. I would die for him. I want him to be safe, but I'm terrified. The dark lord has set his eyes upon my husband and wants him at any cost, Sire.”, said Regulus timidly.


“Do you have a plan, Regulus?”, inquired Lord Black interestedly.


“Y-Yes I do have a plan. I will have no other choice, but to seal his and the magic of the twins for at least a decade and to make them forget about the magical world. I will even plant false memories, so that he won’t realise the lie he will be living.”, explained Regulus, while he paced across the room.


“My Kreacher will accompany them abroad and help them with everything they will need. I'm worried Grandfather, I do not want anything bad to happen to neither Severus or our twins, and he wouldn't be willing to leave me, if he had a choice. But I have to do it.”


“Why?”, asked Arcturus.


“The Dark Lord has created horcruxes, at least one, as far as I know. I will try to find this horcrux and destroy it. However, the magical backlash could be too much for my body. I do not think that I'll survive this mission and I do not want Severus nor our twins to grieve over my death, Grandfather.”


“I understand your reservations and I approve your cunning to keep your family safe, Regulus Prince-Black. You're a worthy scion of the Ancient and Noble House of Black. To keep up the ruse, I'll send you one of my young male elflings. He shares the same name as your elf; they can exchange their memories, so that neither your parents nor anyone else of our family will notice the difference. You may go now Regulus. I'm proud of you.”, Arcturus dismissed him after hugging him one last time.


End of Flashback


Alas Regulus didn't consider that he had forgotten his old journal in his room at Grimmauld Place. He had noted everything significant that had happened to him during his Hogwarts years in the green book.


Sirius who had once or twice snuck back into Grimmauld Place, while his parents were out, stumbled upon the journal by accident. Not considering the consequences, he pocketed the book and left the room, after stealing a picture that showed Regulus and Severus at Yule 1975. Severus was smiling and was snuggled into Regulus, with his head resting on Regulus' chest. Sirius felt the old jealousy raising its head; that should have been him, not his baby brother.


But Snivellus has never given him the time of day. Was it a wonder? He tried to get his attention no matter what. Even a glare was better than nothing. In his later teens, he had often had wet dreams about his snake. He had even daydreamed in class of grabbing the smaller teenager and whisking him away; either to the Room of Requirement or to the Shrieking Shack, where he would ravish him until he would agree to anything that Sirius wanted.


Yes, it wasn't one of his brightest ideas to send him to Remus' hiding place, but he did it not to kill him, he wanted to be his knight in shining armour and save him from the werewolf. It was just bad luck that Wormtail couldn't keep his gob shut and informed James.


Sirius apparated back to Potter Manor, where he snuck into his room and tried to open Regulus' journal. It wasn't easy, but after a few hours, he finally broke the enchantments on the journal.


The bold Gryffindor couldn't believe his eyes, as he read the entry.


2nd of May, 1975 – our first anniversary. I can't believe that Severus had deemed me worthy of knowing his biggest secret; he is a male bearer, a long lost trait for which the Prince’s were once upon a time revered and sought upon. Only a small circle of close family and friends had this revealed to them, so that we could use everything in our powers to protect him.


Besides his grandfather, Lord Augustus Prince, the Malfoys and Narcissa, I am the last in the small circle, who knows this secret. Abraxas and Augustus had warned us that this had to be kept between ourselves for Severus' protection; as you can't trust the Ministry. Bad things had happened to Male Bearers, should they have been discovered in the last decades.


Finally, Augustus Prince has given his confirmation, Severus and I are allowed to marry after Severus' graduation from Hogwarts. I already count the days. Severus & Regulus Prince-Black sounds perfect. Severus plans to achieve 3 Masteries - in Potions, Defense and Spellcrafting. He even considered spending a few years at Muggle Universities to get a few PhD's a well. He is my little perfectionist and overachiever, but that's one of the reasons for loving him so much.


I would love to have a few children with him, at least two would be nice. Maybe we're lucky and can stay under the radar. I pray to Lady Magic that neither Dumbledore nor the Dark Lord will ever learn this crucial information.


We will move to an unplottable location after Severus had graduated. At the moment I considering taking my NEWTs early – I'm well prepared and I could take them much easier at the Ministry, or take even more than Hogwarts offered. I do not want to leave him alone for too long, even when he would probably be secluded into his own world once more, after starting his Potions Apprenticeship.


I still remember fondly how he sulked for days when he had learned that in 1974, the most important Potioneer competition between the Magical schools had been held and Severus wasn't allowed to be Hogwarts' champion. He was much too young, this competition is only open for students who have already reached their majority. The first prize was a golden cauldron. Even his grandfather was amused and had tried to calm him down. He consoled him, telling him that there would be other competitions, where he could prove his worth. Severus had muttered, that if it had been one of the Gryffindors, Dumbledore would have bent the rules to allow the early entry.


Sirius closed the journal and hid it beneath his socks. He had to agree with Severus, the old coot would have bent the rules if Gryffindor had a real Potions Prodigy. Everyone who attends Hogwarts as a Gryffindor could confirm how much Dumbledore despises the Slytherins. Merlin's balls, they had often benefited from it. If anyone else dared do such pranks, without being clad in red and gold. The student would have been expelled faster than you can say Quidditch.


A grin was visible on the disowned Black heir – he would hunt down his elusive snake and claim him. And no one, especially not his baby brother would be able to stop it. He only needs something that contained Severus' scent; then Padfoot would be able to find them, no matter where they thought to hide.