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Completely Transparent

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When Clark gets the letter, he first thinks he's being pranked. "Congratulations", it says. "Please let us know if we need to reschedule", it continues. "Non-transferable," it says in small print.

"You won the meet and greet with Superman?" says Lois, picking it off his desk.

It was for charity. Something fun. He'd only entered as Clark because everyone in the office did.

"Yeah, but I can't make it. I, uh, have to be in Smallville that evening."

"Kent. It's a weeknight."

"Yes, but—"

"Oh. You're nervous. You don't have to pretend, I've already figured it out."

Clark pauses. "Sorry, Lois?"

She huffs impatiently. "Your crush on Superman."

"My— My what?"

"You are so completely transparent, Kent." She begins ticking off points on her fingers. "When you lost your memory he was the first thing you remembered. You were so upset about him leaving Metropolis you were going to move back to Smallville. I've had actual boyfriends that weren't worth that."

"It's really not like that, Lois," says Clark, getting desperate.

"It's the 90s, Kent. You don't have to stay in the closet anymore."

"Lois, please."

"I'm your friend, Clark." She pats his shoulder.

Clark is in so much trouble.