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Fucking Lucky

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Shouto was told by millions of omegas that he was lucky. The bi color haired boy never believed it until he saw how some omegas were terribly abused by their Alphas.

Some were killed for the littlest things, some are raped daily whenever their alpha comes home, some are cut with a knife for not having dinner ready, and some were starved or beaten for back talking to their alpha. Izuku Midoriya didn't do none of that.

Sometimes Shouto wonders why Izuku chose him out of all the other omegas. The bi color haired boy had brain damage making him unable to do anything. He couldn't speak well, he couldn't read, he couldn't write, and the list goes on. He was as useless as they come. If he was someone else's omega, he wouldn't last long.

He remembered all the past Alphas that had rejected him.

"I can't get through to him!"

"Even when I beat him he can't learn shit!"

"I don't want him anymore!"

"I should've left him there!"

All the hurtful things they said about him didn't matter to him anymore. He was better off without them wishing them the best.

He remembers the first time Izuku introduced him to their house. The bi-color haired boy was trembling and hyperventilating. He was afraid that he was gonna be sent back to the shelter in the next day or that Izuku was gonna beat him. Either way he wasn't looking forward to any of them. The green haired boy embraces him into a hug placing soft kisses on his forehead.

"I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you ever again. I won't let them lay a hand on you." Izuku had murmured stroking the bi color haired boy's back.

Shouto started to breathe normally again letting Izuku hold him like a baby.


Another thing he remembers was when he woke up in the middle night to a severe thunderstorm. Izuku slept soundly under the covers like a log. He didn't want to wake him up but if he didn't get some type of comfort he was gonna panic. The bi color haired boy couldn't help but whine like a puppy raising the blanket over his head. He knows his whines can get pretty annoying but hopefully Izuku will hear them.

Izuku groans sitting up on the bed.

"Shou-chan, what's the matter?" The green haired boy groggily asks rubbing his eyes.

The bi color haired boy shrieks as a bang of thunder literally shakes the house.

"It's okay, sweetie. It's just a storm. It's not gonna last forever." Izuku says pulling Shouto into a his lap.

That night Izuku sings to him draining out the noise of the thunderstorm.


Shouto recalls the first time he had his heat. He tried his best to hide the smell with perfume and air freshener but Izuku smelled right through it.

"You don't have to be scared of me, Shou-chan." Izuku kisses his nose."I told you I'm gonna take care of you. Please don't hide your heat from me."

"Hu-r-r" The bi-color haired boy tries to speak but Izuku silences him with a kiss.

"It's not gonna hurt. I promise." The green haired boy assures."I'm gonna make you feel good."

After the sex Izuku spoils the omega with a spa bath. Shouto loved playing with the sparkly blue bath bomb Izuku had put in the tub. He also loved the feel of Izuku's hands massaging his arms, tummy, and legs. Shouto actually felt wanted and loved for the first time.


Finally Shouto remembered the time he felt traumatizing fear. A fear far greater than being abused and being unwanted.

Izuku and him were out grocery shopping for the weekend. The green haired boy treated the omega with his favorite treats such as chocolate chip cookies, chocolate kitties, and strawberry flavored ice cream. Izuku also bought them a fire red bath bomb for tonight.


On their way home they run into a scary ash blonde in a blank tank top that showed off his defined muscles and camouflage cargo shorts.

"That's a nice omega you got there." He comments to the alpha.


As Izuku tries to walk away pulling Shouto with him the ash blonde steps in front of them blocking their path.

"I'll give you one thousand for him." He states crossing his arms against his chest.

"What?! No!" Izuku glared up at the man.

"Five thousand."

"No! He's mine! Find someone else to mess with!" The alpha snapped.

"Give me your fucking omega or I'll kill you!" He growls igniting flames from the palm of his hands.

Shouto whimpers trembling behind Izuku. He'd rather die than be sold to this scary alpha.

"No! I'm not selling him! No matter how much you have to offer!"

"He's mine if I kill you."

Izuku didn't want to fight him but there was no one around to help them. Shouto was stressfully whining in his ears. Being a grass user really sucks when you're against a fire user. He had to do whatever he could to protect his omega even if he was to die. He wasn't gonna let this alpha take Shouto away from him.


"Let's do it." Izuku glares into the alpha's scarlet orbs.

Shouto wanted to scream and yell at the other that he was making the worst choice of life but the words wouldn't come out.

No matter how many vines Izuku shot towards the ash blonde he'd burned right through them with his explosions. Izuku grimaces at his scratched hands.

The attacker threw a punch at the green haired boy but he retaliated with his thorns. The ash blonde didn't even flinch from the sharpness of the thorns. It's like he didn't feel them puncture his skin.

Izuku Midoriya really was no match for him.


Shouto couldn't take watching the ash blonde burn his Alpha with explosions anymore. Without even thinking he sprints towards the attacker jumping on top of him.

"Stop, Shou-chan! Get away!" Izuku yells.

The ash blonde chuckles at the bi color haired boy's attempt to hurt him. He shrugs the other off with just one push making Shouto fall onto the ground.

"Why don't you sit back down and watch your alpha get beaten to a pulp?" He orders grabbing Shouto by the collar of his shirt.

"Don't fucking touch him!" Izuku screams running towards the ash blonde.

He smirks before blowing an explosion right in front of the green haired boy's face and he falls with a thud.

Shouto lets out a cry trying to reach Izuku but the man stomps on his hand.


"You're mine now." The ash blonde states sneering above him.

"Hell." The bi color haired boy sputters.

"What?" He raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Go hell!" Shouto spat glaring at the ash blonde.

"You little-"

Suddenly his shadow was gone. Two police officers had handcuffed him.

"Shou-chan." Izuku mumbles beside him.

Shouto crawls over to the bruised green haired boy before crying into his chest.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." Izuku sobs biting his lip.

But Shouto thought wrong. Izuku did everything he could taking all the damage. He was a hero in his omega's eyes.


Now, the alpha and the omega were safe back at home recovered from their injuries. Izuku brought his mother to live with them and he also brought in a pair of guinea pigs as pets. The green haired boy was the best alpha Shouto ever had and he wouldn't change it for anything or anyone. He was indeed fucking lucky.