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The Doctor is In

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“Good Morning Michelle.” Seong Ji-Yeon greeted as she entered the rec room. The Older woman was curled up on the couch, flipping aimlessly through the TV stations. Landing on an infomercial as background noise.

Bomchelle yawned and merely gave a weak wave to the other. She had not yet had her morning coffee and no way is she going to be speaking properly to anyone before then.

Tokki headed to the counter. Bomchelle must have just made some coffee because there is some in the pot with steam coming off of it.
So opening up the cabinet she grabs two mugs. One was blue with a dark gray accent, and the other was white with a green handle.
The Medic poured both of the cups with coffee. The blue mug fills up with a bit more caffeine.

She heads back for the couch. Placed the blue and gray mug in front of Bomchele before Tokki took her seat on the other end of the couch.
With no hesitation, Michelle grabbed for the mug. Not waiting for the drink to cool down before taking a sip.

Seong watched as the other woman drowned the rest of her drink. She hasn’t even tried to take a sip of the coffee just yet, she would prefer to not have the roof of her mouth and esophagus melted.

“Better?” Tokki asks, trying to hold back a soft laugh. Bomchelle placed the now empty mug on the table.

“Yes, thank you.” She curls up tighter into the blanket, looking back at the tv.

“Did you end up sleeping here last night?” She knows it’s never good to ask that question, “You are never up this early.” She finishes. Tokki hopes that she isn’t passing over any invisible lines just for asking a simple question. She is, in fact, the team’s Medical staff after all. So it seems only normal for her to worry about the health of her teammates.

Bomchelle doesn’t reply, but Tokki sees a shake of her head. Implicating that, no, I haven’t slept at all.

“You need your sleep, Michelle.” She says, sipping away at the last of the coffee. 

“Don’t need to tell me twice.” She laughs, but it’s forceful and pathetic.

The two women sit in silence for a while longer. Bomchelle continued to flip through the channels once more before landing and sticking to a home reno show. 

Tokki sighs, pulled out a small bottle from her pocket. The sound of the lid opening draws the other’s attention. She dumps two pills into her palm and places them on the table in front of Michelle before standing up.

“Please try to get some sleep, Michelle.” Those were Tokki’s last words as she exited from the rec room.