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Hallowed Shapes: Monday

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Hallowed Shapes Prologue


A Damage Control Fanfiction by WritingManiac


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the following except for my original character.


Please enjoy,thank you for reading, and please have a nice day!



How do you describe a person?

By height?

What if you can’t reach a sign or for the stars up above? Or so tall people gape and stare and all you want to do is hide and run away?

By weight?

What if you look in the mirror and try to tell the voices you heard earlier that they’re wrong and you’re beautiful but you can’t? Whether you’re too thick or too skinny? What if you feel pretty or handsome and the world keeps saying that you’re wrong?

By size?

What if you’re perfectly healthy but the eyes never stop following you, no matter where you go? You try to say it’s all in your head, but the voices keep saying that they’re still watching? Too big, too small, too wide, too thin…

By color?

Too dark, too light, not enough of either? Aren’t people a spectrum, part of flurry of colors like the world that surrounds them? No one person is one color no matter how much they say or pretend. We are all part of one another, even when we’re angry or scared.

What if they can’t see? 

You hear of so many wonderful things around you but you can never experience them. You’re alarmed by the confusion that goes on. You wonder what people speak of so easily or why some things seem so important to them.

Their voice?

Is your voice so deep you scare children because you remind them of thunder? So high that people think you’re a squeaky toy? Do you croak like a frog? Do you gasp for air, wishing you could breath like everyone else when you’re fighting to survive?

What if they can’t speak? What if they can’t hear?

Do people look at you strangely when you give them a flurry of hands or write things down? Do they think you’re rude for the smallest of things? Do you struggle communicating with people who just don’t understand?

Their touch?

What if you’re numb? What if you’ve been burnt so that when new skin grows what’s underneath can hardly sense a thing? Or injured to the point where your hands shake against what you will if at all? Or so sick where you’re weak and can’t move though you want to breathe and feel the sun without pain?

What makes a person? How is someone defined?

Is it their actions?

What if someone is cruel outwardly, but you learn they’ve been helping you all along at their own expense? Do you know what they go through to make you happy? Or someone seems kind but has been manipulating you all the while? Do you realize how much they don’t care or want to hurt you?

By their choices?

What if you were young? What if you were fooled? What if you were taken advantage of? Choices can be mistakes, errors and lapses in judgments, regrets that remain for the rest of your life. Decisions that you barely understood.

By their pasts?Their childhood?

Can we control where we are born? Who we are born to? The way it happened or why? Or even if it happens at all? What about the circumstances surrounding where we grow up? How much can we influence? How much power can a child have in a world they are still learning in? How much can be taken away or never be given a chance?

Their feelings?

Can you really control how you feel, even if you can choose what you show? Can you stop the way it hurts when someone wounds you? Can you stop your tears when your loss is too great, even if you’re stronger than you or anyone thinks? Or the joy you may feel at a moment that someone offers you? If only briefly? Or even the emptiness you may wish to drown in to block everything else out, or to be freed of?

Their thoughts?

Can you control your mind and where it wanders? Can you control when a song gets stuck in your head? Or when you go to places that you dread? Or the memories that you wish would fade so it no longer hurts?

How do you choose who to trust?

Everybody lies and sins at some point in their lives. Friendships break all the time. Families can turn their backs on you for not meeting their requirements. Allies choose their allegiances based on benefits. Yet, enemies can have honor. Enemies can keep promises even if you hate them. Enemies can hurt and burn you, but they can hold you and comfort you in your darkest hours. All make you question between right and wrong.

Their beliefs?

Do you decide what gives you strength to move on in your darkest hours? We’ve all fallen onto to our knees at some point in our lives, physically or metaphorically. Whether it’s to a God, or gods, or someone dear to our hearts who gave us hope. We’ve all been desperate. Hasn’t there been someone who gave you strength, even if it was belief in yourself? Sometimes the person who gave you hope was someone who spread lies and falsehoods, making you lean against them, and another was someone who taught you to stand on your own. Perhaps, that person who taught you to stand, may even stand beside you.

So what makes the people, whatever forms they take, of the worlds we survive and thrive in?

How do they come to be?

Do they decide to be who they are, are they born that way?



In this tale, you decide what makes these Hallowed Shapes.