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The Safeword is All Might

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It wasn't unusual for Deku to get a distant look in his eye. He'd often stare at the chalkboard in the morning before class started, pondering over ideas for honing his abilities or interesting articles about heroes he'd read. Often, this state of being lost-in-thought was accompanied by muttering. Deku's classmates knew better than to approach him at those times. One time, Uraraka tapped his shoulder and he literally fell out of his seat.

What was unusual that morning in particular was that Deku wasn't thinking about heroes and villains, or quirks, or even the list of groceries his mom needed him to pick up on the way home. No, Deku was thinking about Bakugou Katsuki. More specifically, about having sex with Bakugou Katsuki.

Yeah. Um. Not exactly school appropriate. But Deku couldn't help it, he couldn't stop thinking about The Incident (as he had mentally dubbed it).

I had sex with Kacchan.

Deku turned the thought over in his head, rolling it around, mulling over it. It still didn't seem real. Part of him was convinced The Incident had to be a fever dream. Even just hours after it happened— after they had napped and bathed and had a drowsy brunch together, after Kacchan kicked him out in case his parents came home, after Deku finished rolling around in his own bed screaming into his pillow and muffling breathless giggles and sappy grins— he had started to dissociate. Nothing felt real since The Incident. Deku felt like he was floating.

One part of Deku's mind felt distant and hazy, convinced he was in some sort of alternate reality. The other part was kicked into overdrive, churning out thoughts that would have made him blush and hide his face if he stopped to properly think about them.

I'm still kind of sore. I wonder if Kacchan is too. Then again, I was the one, well, receiving, but his muscles still might hurt from all the work. There could also be residual effects from the quirk somehow, even if I didn't notice him acting differently when we woke up. I hope Kacchan's okay. I hope he liked it as much as I did.

It felt so good... no wonder so many people think about sex so much. It's only been two days and I already really want to do it again. But not with just anyone, of course, it's only because it's Kacchan. Oh god, I can't believe it happened. He kissed me?? And cuddled me??? And he was really nice compared to usual when we were bathing and eating???? I think he only called me 'shitnerd' once, but then again he was half-asleep and worn out. No wonder, after everything... He looked so cute like that, though, and it was so domestic, and—

I want more. I just want to be at his side.

But what if Kacchan doesn't want it? He said we could talk but he hasn't said anything yet, was I supposed to approach him first? Would he find that annoying? What if he was just saying that to get me to go to sleep, and he doesn't actually want to go on that date? What if things go back to the way they always are and he pretends it never happened? What if—

The bell rang to signal the beginning of first period. Deku jumped as he was jolted from his thought. He flushed and looked around, praying that no one had noticed and that he hadn't been mumbling.

By accident, Deku's eyes locked with Katsuki's. His heart jumped in his chest. He froze.

Katsuki's eyes narrowed, lidded, and his lips slowly curled up into the most wicked smirk Deku had ever seen on him.

Deku felt prickling heat crawl up the back of his neck before it flooded his face, leaving it stained red to the tips of his ears. Kacchan's giving me bedroom eyes, Deku's brain helpfully supplied, choked.

He turned his head so fast he almost got whiplash, and quickly looked down at his desk. Oh god, he was so weak. Just that look, just that teasing flash of teeth at the corner of Katsuki's leer, and Deku could hardly breathe.  He wanted to throw himself at Katsuki's feet. Maybe he could let Katsuki use his mouth again, maybe Katsuki would call him names again in that way that made his stomach flip-flop, call him his bitch—

Deku yanked his uniform jacket further down his lap and hunched in on himself. He buried his face in his hands, and bit back a strangled noise.

(Across the classroom, Kirishima leaned over, face twisted in a mixture of amusement and concern. "Oi, Bakugou, what the hell was that? I think you broke Midoriya," he whispered.

"Good," Katsuki said, baring his teeth in a grin of savage, sadistic pleasure.)

Before Uraraka and Iida could turn on Deku with their own confusion and concern, their sleeping-bag burrito of a teacher stood up at the front of the class and unzipped himself as per usual.

"Time for class," Aizawa said, sounding like he craved both a bathtub full of coffee to drown himself in and the sweet release of death.

And thus began ninety minutes of suffering. Because, to Deku's horror, he discovered that his usual studious self had been replaced by a sex-crazed imposter. He couldn't focus. In the middle of Aizawa's instructions, he was zoned out, thinking about all the filthy, depraved things he and Katsuki could do together.

Am I... turning into Mineta-kun? Only gayer?! Deku despaired.

Aizawa had them all get changed into their costumes, and then Deku was even more screwed. His eyes couldn't help but keep flickering to Katsuki's bare shoulders, biceps and neck, sloping down to his collarbones, and then the teasing hint of his chest just before the 'v' of his top... Kacchan's costume is too hot, I'm gonna die. Everything about it was so cool and attractive, from the black mask over Katsuki's eyes, to the badass boots. A thought flickered through Deku's head uninvited, making his stomach twist and his face catch fire.

What if Kacchan fucked me while wearing his costume?

Deku tripped over his own feet on the way towards the fields where the class would be sparring.

"Midoriya-kun!" A hand wrapped around Deku's arm, pulling him back to his feet before his face could meet the ground.

"A-ah, Iida-kun, thank you."

"It's no problem. However, maybe you should be paying a little more attention to your surroundings."

"Yeah, you've been really out of it all morning, Deku-kun!" Uraraka piped up.

"Sorry." Deku's face burned. "I-I've just been distracted, I guess." He stared at his feet as they walked, and wondered if they could somehow tell exactly why he was distracted. Some irrational part of him felt like everyone could see it on him, that he'd lost his virginity on Friday.

He probably owed his friends some sort of explanation for worrying them, but that was too much information, right?

"Well, you can't afford to be distracted while we're sparring," Uraraka pointed out with a friendly nudge to his shoulder.

"Right!" Deku's back straightened. His classmates were working so hard for the sake of reaching their dreams, it was selfish of him to get side-tracked. He could talk to Katsuki later, but for now, he needed to focus.

They made their way out to the field, where Aizawa stood in front of them and explained their assignment in more detail.

"You've all heard of the attack that occurred on Friday, haven't you? It was on the news." Aizawa's gaze swept over the crowd of students. A chorus of murmurs stirred up, and many nodded. "Well, just in case, I'll summarize. The police were called by a woman who reported a villain attack. When they arrived on the scene, they found the villain in critical condition. The woman has since stated that she was rescued by someone who fought the villain, but she didn't get a good look at him. The media is working under the assumption that the man is a vigilante of some sorts."

Deku and Katsuki exchanged a brief glance, before looking away.

"Anyway, what I need you all to understand is that this sort of thing cannot happen for a hero. The villain survived, but if a hero were to be responsible for such a thing, it would still leave a stain on his career. And if the villain hadn't survived?" Aizawa's eyes turned steely. "He wouldn't have a career."

Deku swallowed hard.

"That's why today, you all will be practicing quirk control. Each of you will be partnered with someone who will give you a challenge. Your goal is to capture your sparring partner. They should come out as unscathed as possible. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Sensei!"

"Good. Then here are the pairings." Aizawa pointed to a board. Deku scanned it for his name.

Ah, I'll be fighting Todoroki-kun. Right after Kacchan fights Sero-kun.

The students gathered around to watch the fights and ponder their own strategies. Deku was resolved, and yet...

Katsuki's fight rolled around. Deku only let himself pay attention to the battle at first, to their movements and the thoughts most likely going through their heads. He refused to let himself be distracted by the sweat on Katsuki's skin or the fire in his eyes.

But then Katsuki was struggling against tape around his wrists and, oh god, that was a really appealing image. Deku found himself staring off into space.

When he blinked, Katsuki had won the match.

"Uraraka-san," Deku said urgently, "please slap me!"

"H...huh?!" Uraraka took a step backward, her eyebrows shooting upwards. "Deku-kun, are you okay?"

"Just do it. Please!" Deku performed a ninety-degree angle bow. Uraraka flailed.

"Um, okay, I guess! Just please stop bowing!"

When Deku straightened up, Uraraka steeled herself, puffing her cheeks out before she slapped him. Hard. He winced and stumbled back, clutching his reddened cheek. The pain helped, though. It brought him back to the real world.

"I'm sorry, Deku-kun! Was that too much? That was too much, wasn't it?" Uraraka was fretting.

Deku shook his head and held his hands out to placate her. "No. Thank you, that actually helped a lot."

"If you two are done," Aizawa interrupted, "can you get a move on?"

"R-right!" Deku yelped, and sprinted to the inner circle of the crowd where he and Todoroki would be sparring. He shot Uraraka a quick smile and a thumbs-up over his shoulder.

For that brief, blissful period, he didn't think about Katsuki.


Lunch rolled around, and Deku sat in his usual spot with Uraraka and Iida. He barely had time to eat or talk at all, before he heard footsteps. He looked up.


"Oi, nerd. Grab your shit, you're coming with me."

Deku shot his friends a panicked, flustered look, but stood up with his tray. Katsuki grabbed his wrist, and then Deku had no choice but to stumble after him. They made their way outside of the cafeteria into the sunlit outdoors. Katsuki guided them away from the throngs of students already sitting, until they found a secluded grassy area.

Katsuki let go and plopped down unceremoniously, setting his tray in his lap and sitting cross-legged. Deku hovered awkwardly for a moment, before he settled down a distance away.

Katsuki looked up and scowled. "The hell are you doing? We fucked, goddamnit, it wouldn't kill you to sit a little closer." He leaned over and reached out his arm, settling his hand on Deku's thigh and attempting to drag him nearer.

"S-sorry." Deku's face burned. He assisted in scooting over until Katsuki's knee was pressed to his leg. "Don't say that so loudly, though, what if someone heard? It's embarrassing, and we're both boys..."

Katsuki didn't move his hand. Deku could feel the warmth of it through his pants. "If someone has a problem, I'll fuckin' blast their face off."

Of course Katsuki would. Maybe Deku should protest, but it made him feel a little better.

They ate in silence after that. He waited, but Katsuki still didn't explain why he'd dragged him out here.

When it became clear to him that Katsuki wasn't going to say anything, Deku steeled himself. He finished eating, and set his tray aside. He took a deep breath and spoke up.

"Kacchan, um... did you need something?"

Katsuki shot him an incredulous look. "You're the one who wants to talk and shit, aren't you? You've been staring at me all day. So, go on already."

Deku refrained from pointing out that Katsuki was the one who said they'd talk. He stalled for time as he thought about what, exactly, he wanted to say.

"You know, you're really lucky that woman didn't get a good look at you." Deku kept his voice low even though there was no one around.

"Bullshit." Katsuki's fingers found the seam of Deku's pants along his inner thigh, and started to rub at it absent-mindedly. Like he didn't even have to think about touching Deku, it was just automatic. The touch felt possessive, and dominant, and oh god, Deku's head felt fuzzy. He almost didn't hear Katsuki's next words. "She got a damn good look at me. I'm sure she recognized the uniform, too."

"So," Deku was slow to respond, and his voice came out strained, "what, you think she was protecting you?"

Katsuki's fingers dug in a little too hard, causing Deku to suck in a breath, and he shot Deku a venemous look. "Repaying me," he corrected.

"Right." Deku bit his lip. "I'm... really glad you didn't get in trouble, Kacchan."

"Whatever. You gonna beat around the bush all day, or what?"

"Oh... right, um." Deku looked down at his lap. Then at Katsuki's fingers toying with the seam. He couldn't think like this. "Could you...?"

Katsuki snorted, looking pleased with himself, but removed his hand. Deku didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

"You said we could go on a date," Deku blurted.


Silence. Deku waited, but all Katsuki did was sip his strawberry milk.

"Did... you... mean it?"

"Do I say shit I don't mean?" Katsuki snapped.

"Well, you're all 'I'll kill you' during fights and stuff, so... I hope so?" Deku fidgeted.

"Wha— fucking— yes, I meant it. Give me your phone."


"Just hurry up and do it."

Deku pulled his phone from his pocket and unlocked it, before hesitantly passing it to Katsuki. He really hoped Katsuki wasn't about to see the internet history he forgot to clear last night. It, um, involved a lot of blondes...

Deku peered over Katsuki's shoulder and watched as he went to contacts and entered a number. He set the contact name as 'King Explodokill' and found a picture of an explosion online to put as the icon. Deku had to bite his cheek to resist smiling like an idiot over how cute that was. Next, Katsuki went to text himself from Deku's phone. Deku was assuming it was so that he'd have his number in turn.

But he started typing a word that made Deku yelp and make a grab at his phone. "Kacchan, don't! What if my mom looks through my phone and sees or something?!"

Katsuki held the phone out of reach, grunting as he strained to hold it away while Deku practically crawled all over his lap to get it back. "What the hell would your mom look through your phone for, dipshit? You're not ten anymore," he retorted.

"Still! I don't want anyone to think I'd write that!" Deku tried harder to reach, but his arms were just too short.

Katsuki planted his free hand on Deku's chest and shoved him back. Deku was solidly built, so it wasn't like he couldn't resist if he was trying, but he wasn't expecting the shove. He let out an oof as his back hit the grass. He tried to push himself up on his elbows, but suddenly Katsuki was hovering over him. He found Deku's wrists and shoved them down over his head.

The phone was just out of reach in the grass, but Deku forgot to struggle. He stared, wide-eyed, up at Katsuki.

"Say it. Say 'fuck'."


"I've never heard you say it, it's fuckin' weird. I wanna hear it now."

"I don't want to." Deku glanced around, face burning, and hoped that no one could see Katsuki pinning him down like this. There was no way someone could see it and not think the wrong thing. They were probably breaking so many school PDA rules, Iida would be mad...

Katsuki sat up, heavy on Deku's stomach. Deku's brain short-circuited. He had a perfect view of Katsuki's spread legs. He just wished Katsuki's pants were tighter, so he could get a better view of his thighs— oh god he was a pervert. Deku's mom raised a pervert. She would be so disappointed in him.

Katsuki switched to holding Deku's wrists in one hand. Deku tried not to think about how much he liked Katsuki holding him down. His eyes widened when Katsuki picked the phone back up. He typed some more, and then his thumb was hovering over the keypad.

"Say it, or I'll hit send."

"You wouldn't!"

Katsuki smirked. "Oh, I wouldn't?" His thumb inched closer. "I think I would. I might even send it to all of your contacts."

"Okayokay I'll say it!" Deku yelped.

Katsuki lowered the phone and watched, intrigued.

Deku turned his head to the side, chewing his lip. His face was red. "Fff..." he stared at the grass and mumbled, barely audible, "fuck..."

"There, was that so hard?" Katsuki taunted. Deku's eyes flickered back to him. Just in time to watch him hit 'send'.

"KACCHAN!" Deku shrieked, jerking his wrists free and sitting up, beating at Katsuki's chest. "I can't believe you! You lied!"

"I didn't fucking say I wouldn't send it, did I?" Katsuki was snickering, looking pleased with himself. All it took was seeing his grin, and then Deku was laughing too.  

"Y-you're the worst, Kacchan," Deku said, but he was giggling helplessly anyway, tears in his eyes. "You suck."

"Yeah, yeah." Katsuki closed out of the texts between he and Deku, of which there was only one, leaving it for Deku to find later. He hit the power button and shoved it at Deku's chest.

Deku took the phone back and slid it into his pocket. When he looked back up, he lost his breath.

It was then that Deku became aware of the fact that Katsuki was sitting in his lap. Warm from the sunlight, and solid, and so pretty. He looked up into his eyes and felt the tension draw tighter. Deku was... supposed to kiss him, wasn't he? That was what this situation called for, wasn't it?

Would Katsuki even let him? He was like a stray cat, usually all Deku could do was wait for him to come closer, or else he'd chase him away, but maybe... Deku held his breath, leaning closer. Maybe this time, Katsuki would let him in—

The bell rang.

Katsuki jerked backward, falling out of Deku's lap and onto his ass. For a moment, they stared at each other with round eyes, before Katsuki leapt to his feet. "Tell anyone about that and I'll fucking kill you!" He snarled, cheeks staining a cute shade of peach.

"I- I won't!" Deku squeaked. He stumbled to his feet and hurried to collect their lunch trays. He half-jogged to a trash can to throw them away. Katsuki shoved past him. Well, there went Deku's dreams of the two of them happily skipping hand-in-hand to their next class.

"Oi, Deku!" Katsuki stopped to look over his shoulder and growl. Deku jumped.


"We're going on that fucking date tonight. Be ready at four-thirty." With that, Katsuki stalked off.


Deku had to take a moment to lean against a nearby tree and catch his breath, burying his face in his hands. Tonight. Tonight.

He couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the school day.

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Deku had never had a fashion crisis before, seeing as he normally just threw on a hoodie and called it a day, but there was a first time for everything.

Sitting on the floor surrounded by clothes, Deku held his head in his hands and despaired.

It'd been an hour since he'd gotten home and showered, and he only had half an hour left before it was time to go. Deku cursed Katsuki’s vagueness. He hadn't even said what they were doing— probably dinner since they were leaving before they'd get the chance to eat? But what kind of dinner? Should Deku dress nicely, or casually? Well, it wasn't like Katsuki would take him to some fancy restaurant, but still. What if Deku dressed too casually and it looked like he wasn't taking the date seriously? But at the same time, what if he dressed up too much and he looked like he was trying too hard?

Deku faceplanted into a pile of shirts and groaned. How did people do this? He didn't know the least thing about going on dates. It wasn't like he'd been on one before.

Maybe he could ask someone… he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts, smiling at ‘King Explodokill’, and pondered who to ask. Uraraka, maybe? But Uraraka would definitely ask who it was. He'd already only barely managed to get her off his back about what Katsuki had wanted at lunch. So, that was a no-go… Iida probably wouldn't know what to do, either…

Deku continued to scroll, before his eyes landed on one contact in particular and he perked up.

Kirishima could help! He was close to Katsuki, right? He'd know what to do.

Deku typed out an SOS.

[Deku]: HELP

[Kirishima]: ???

[Deku]: What do you wear on a date where you have no idea where you're going??   

[Kirishima]: ohoho

[Kirishima]: a date with a certain bakuboy? ;) ;) ;)

[Deku]: Asdfghhjlk

[Deku]: ...Maybe

[Kirishima]: I KNEW IT awwwww thats so gay

[Kirishima]: dude

[Kirishima]: bro

[Deku]: What?

[Kirishima]: i believe in you. you can score the bakudick™

Deku let out an inhuman noise and almost threw his phone. Kirishima definitely didn't need to know he'd already done that, he decided.


[Deku]: AjdlhkejakHdjkfksh

[Kirishima]: hahaha ok im sorry dude ill help

[Kirishima]: you got any tight pants?

[Deku]: Maybe? Let me look.

One time, Deku's mom had accidentally bought him a pair of dark blue super skinny jeans. They'd been put in the wrong section of the store and she'd assumed they were the same as the pair next to them, and grabbed them for some color variety. He was pretty sure he still had them somewhere, maybe? He never wore them, but they were probably shoved into the back of his drawer somewhere.

Deku rummaged through his drawer until he found them. He unfolded them and held them out, staring dubiously. Was it really a good idea to wear these? He'd probably look ridiculous wearing such tight pants. Well, he did trust Kirishima...

After what felt like half an hour later, Deku lay panting on the floor after finally managing to squirm the pants all the way up over his hips and button them. He sat up and took a picture, then sent it to Kirishima.

Kirishima responded with a variety of emojis. Including an eggplant. Deku wasn't sure what to make of this.

[Kirishima]: hot diddly dang midoriya you're like

[Kirishima]: whoa

[Kirishima]: if bakugou hadnt gotten to you first maybe id snatch you up :p

Deku blushed and laughed.

[Deku]: You're just being nice… I look ridiculous in these.

[Kirishima]: no way dude bakugou is gonna be like

[Kirishima]: all over that if you catch my drift

[Kirishima]: if you've got a tank top you should wear that too, show  off them muscles :p

[Deku]: I should have one somewhere, hang on.

Deku looked through the pile until he found a black tank top. He sent a picture of it to Kirishima.

[Deku]: Do you think this would work?

[Kirishima]: YES that one put it on

Deku stripped out of the t-shirt he’d had on, and pulled the tank top over his head. He walked to the bathroom with his phone in hand to survey his outfit. Huh. He didn't really look like himself, he was used to hiding himself in loose hoodies. He looked like Katsuki. The thought made him laugh. Well, it was quite possible that Katsuki was narcissistic enough to like Deku looking like him. He took another picture, trying to get as much of the outfit in the frame as possible, and sent it.

[Deku]: Do I look okay?

[Kirishima]: fffff

[Kirishima]: bakugou is gonna either hurl me into the sun or hug me if he finds out this was my doing

[Deku]: ???

[Kirishima]: nvm lol. you look hot dw.

[Deku]: Thank you for the help, Kirishima-kun!

[Kirishima]: np. go get em tiger

Deku smiled and tucked his phone back into his pocket. And then it occurred to him just how long he'd spent getting dressed. He hadn't even asked his mom yet, crap! He sprinted out to the living room.

“Mom!" He spotted her on the couch, watching some show. "I'm going out with a friend, is that okay?”

“Of course, Izuku— oh, goodness!” Her eyes widened when she looked at him. She stood up and clasped her hands together, eyes twinkling. “Just a friend? Dressed like that?”

“M-Mom!” Deku yelped. His ears burned.

“Okay, okay,” she laughed. “You can tell me about it when you're ready. Just don't keep your poor mother waiting for too long, okay? I want to meet your new girlfriend.”

“R...right.” Deku hesitated, and wondered if he should correct her. “I won't.”

She beckoned him closer. When he stood in front of her, she stood up and kissed his forehead. “Be safe, okay? I want you home by eight.”

“I will, Mom.” He smiled. “I'm off.” Katsuki hadn't specified where they'd meet, but he figured he could at least wait outside on the porch rather than risk Katsuki knocking and giving his mom a shock.

"Take care!"

Deku grabbed his shoes, house key and wallet, and then headed outside. He'd only just shut the door and glanced over, when he caught sight of Katsuki stepping out onto his own porch.

“Ah, Kacchan!” Deku smiled and waved. Katsuki gave an answering scowl and headed down the steps. Deku hurried to meet him halfway between their houses.

“What the fuck are you wearing.”

Deku's smile faltered. “Oh, I, um. Clothes?”

That… that just came out of his mouth. He cringed.

“You getting sassy on me, you little shit?” Katsuki snorted. “Whatever, just put this on.”

Without any warning, Katsuki yanked off the hoodie he was wearing. Deku tried, and failed, not to stare at the skin revealed by Katsuki's t-shirt hiking up.

Katsuki shoved the bundle of fabric at Deku’s chest. Deku stared at him dumbly.

Katsuki cleared his throat and finally offered an explanation. “...My mom forced me to wear that shit cause there's a forty-five percent chance of rain or whatever. I'm too fucking hot for it.”

“O-oh.” Katsuki did always have a tendency to run feverishly warm. Deku hesitantly took the hoodie and pulled it over his head. Maybe it was his imagination, but he thought he heard Katsuki muttering something about fucking ripped and so goddamn distracting.

The hoodie was a bit long on Deku, particularly in the arms. He liked it, though, the sweater paws felt comfortable to hide his hands in. It smelled like foreign laundry detergent and faintly of Katsuki, so it almost felt like a warm hug from him… Deku fought the urge to bury his nose in the fabric.

Katsuki was staring at him a lot. When Deku caught him, he huffed and looked away. Were his... cheeks pink? Maybe it was just from being overheated.

Katsuki started to walk again. “Hurry up, or we'll be late for the train.”

Deku caught up with him. His shoulder bumped Katsuki’s. “Um, where are we going, anyway?”

“Some udon place. Don't remember the name.”

Udon? Deku smiled. He wondered if Katsuki had chosen it on purpose. He was pretty sure he knew what place Katsuki was talking about, too.

They walked in companionable silence. Deku stared at Katsuki’s hand the entire way to the train station.

They entered the crowded station, and were immediately assaulted by a wall of heat, too many odors, and a blur of passing people. Katsuki grimaced and seized Deku's wrist, plowing his way through the crowd with brute force where Deku would normally stumble and weave. Deku stuttered out high-pitched apologies to the people Katsuki shoved past.

They made their way onto the train. There were no seats available, so Katsuki dragged them to a less crowded corner before he finally let go. Deku's wrist felt like there was a burning, tingling imprint lingering on his skin in the shape of Katsuki’s fingers.

They reached for the handrail at the same time, hands brushing. Deku jumped, jerking his hand away and stuttering out apologies.

“Don't apologize for something as fucking stupid as that.” Katsuki rolled his eyes. He grabbed Deku's hand and brought it to the handrail, holding it there.

Deku stared at Katsuki like a deer in the headlights, internally screaming. Kacchan is holding my hand. Kacchan is holding my hand.

He wasn't sure which one of them was sweating, but his hand felt damp. Maybe it was ridiculous to be so flustered, when they'd already done this and more… but that was with feverish, quirk-affected Katsuki. Not normal Katsuki.

Normal Katsuki was holding his hand, like it was normal. Like they did this every day.

It was starting to sink in that this was a date. A date. With Katsuki. Oh god.

Sometime after the doors shut and the train set into motion, they reopened to a stop that wasn't theirs. More people flooded onto the train, crowding it. Deku winced as he was jostled by people making their way past.

“Oi!” Katsuki was snapping at someone. “Watch where you're fucking going, before I rip your nutsack off and shove it down your esophagus!”

At a particularly hard shove from a stranger, Deku stumbled and almost fell. In fact, he would've, if it weren't for the arm that shot out and encircled his waist, pulling him flush against a warm, firm body.

“Just fucking stay here so you don't get trampled,” came Katsuki's low, rough voice right next to his ear, as the boy tucked his chin over Deku’s shoulder. He was nearly pressed up against Deku from head to toe.

“Th-thanks,” Deku squeaked. Okay, if he wasn't sweating before, he definitely was now. His stomach fluttered in a way that both felt tingly and nice, and made him want to nervously barf. He was 99% sure that Katsuki could feel the heat radiating from his bright red face.

Don't get a boner, Deku told himself, squeezing his eyes shut. Don't get a boner.

“You're fuckin’ built, you know that?” Katsuki snorted, breath tickling Deku’s ear, and— oh god was that his hand sliding up the hoodie and over his tank top? Feeling… Deku’s… abs…?

Okay. Kacchan is feeling me up on a public transportation system. Um.

W-well, yeah. I, um, lift?” Deku supplied lamely. Oh god, he couldn't think straight. Probably because nothing about this is straight. Deku had to bite back the hysterical laugh that nearly bubbled out. There were people around, and Katsuki's hand was up his hoodie, and anyone could see if they happened to look over.

At least it's not down my pants? Deku thought, at the same time as he also thought, traitorously, too bad it's not down my pants.

“You can't blame me for half-expecting you to still be a wimpy nerd, what the fuck. Your face lied to me.”


Deku turned his face to shoot Katsuki a confused look. Only to feel something lightly dig into his cheek. Wait— did Katsuki just—

“Your cheeks. They're soft, you've got a fucking chipmunk face.”

“Did you just bite me?” Deku spluttered.

"...No... yes... fucking maybe, fuck off." Katsuki huffed, averting his eyes. He let go of Deku and stepped away.

Deku internally whined at the loss. His hand and back felt cold now. Noo, his brain lamented. Come back, that was nice. I didn't say you had to go, you can bite me some more, Kacchan. But Deku was starting to think that his brain had been addled by prolonged exposure to Katsuki, so he did his best to tune it out.

Thankfully, he didn't have to wait too long before Katsuki was touching him again. The train doors whooshed open and a voice announced their stop. Katsuki's fingers found Deku's wrist and gripped it as he pushed ahead of the crowd.

Their sneakers squeaked on the shiny floor. They headed up the stairs, and then moments later, emerged into scattered sunlight. They breathed in the fresh (well, fresher) air. Deku glanced up at the clouds threatening to drown out the sky. Maybe they'd get home before the rain started. He hoped so; he hadn't brought an umbrella. 

"Almost there," Katsuki muttered.

True to Katsuki's word, they arrived at a medium-sized building after a few minutes of walking the bustling streets. The savory scent of meat and broth drifted from within, tangible enough that they could almost taste it. Deku's mouth watered.

They headed inside and found a place to sit. There, they looked at the menu, though Deku already knew what he wanted. He wracked his head for something to say. They couldn't just be silent the entire date, could they?

“So, um… do you come here a lot?”

“Sometimes.” Katsuki shrugged and downed a ton of his water, that the waitress had brought over. Deku stared at the long column of his throat, transfixed as his adam’s apple bobbed when he swallowed. Katsuki was too pretty. It was unfair. “Shitty-hair and Pikachu like to drag me to the mall and the movies with them. I think we've tried every fucking restaurant in the area.”

Deku couldn't help but smile. “You know, it's cute how you give everyone nicknames.”

“Fuck off! It's not cute, I just can't be assed to remember everybody's names.” Katsuki huffed. “And says the guy who still calls me ‘Kacchan’.”

“You've never told me to stop, though.” Deku smiled wider.

“Whatever, fuck you.” Katsuki looked away and chugged more of his water. Deku guessed it made sense that he had to stay hydrated, what with his quirk being based on sweating and all.

The waitress came over to take their orders. Deku opened his mouth, but Katsuki cut him to the chase.

“He'll have katsudon, and I'll have the curry udon.”

Deku shot him a startled look. Katsuki knew his favorite food? So he really had taken him here on purpose...

The waitress hurried away. Katsuki looked back at Deku and scowled. “What? Stop fucking looking at me like that. I've known you since we were five, of course I know you like katsudon.”

“R-right…” Deku ducked his head. Likewise, he knew that Katsuki loved spicy food, and he was sure as soon as their udon arrived he'd be emptying half the shaker of ground red chili pepper onto it. “I, um, didn't think you cared enough. To pay attention to stuff like that.”

“Well, you were fucking wrong.” Katsuki crossed his arms over his chest. Deku wondered if he had offended him.

Kacchan, you can't blame me. You bullied me back then...

The thought felt like a bucket of ice water being dumped over his head. Reality came rushing back, destroying the giddy, star struck feelings that came with his head being in the clouds.

Deku curled in on himself and dug his fingers into the denim of his jean. He worried his lips with his teeth, staring at the condensation on the glass of water in front of him. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. He wondered why Katsuki had even agreed to this. He didn’t even like Deku, he never had. What good would going on dates do? If all Katsuki wanted was to have sex again, then...

He didn’t feel hungry anymore.

Katsuki’s fingers were curled around his glass. Deku had always liked his hands. Yet at the same time, he knew just how capable of destruction they were. Firsthand.

Deku closed his eyes and for a moment, he was small and teary-eyed and trembling again, standing in front of a boy whose eyes had been crying for help. If you do this, I’ll never forgive you, he’d said. Well, it turned out he could and did forgive Katsuki for hurting him. He wouldn't be able to if he'd hurt someone else.

It was the first and only time Katsuki had attacked him like that. The injuries hadn’t hurt as much as the realization of how cruel the world could be.

It was in the past. They were both different people, and it wasn’t like Deku held it against Katsuki, and yet… could they really have a relationship, after something like that? Did Katsuki even want one? They hadn’t even managed friendship, before Katsuki was struck by that quirk. And now they were jumping headfirst into entirely new territory.

Deku’s hands felt cold. He rubbed them together and started to bounce his leg just to release some of the jitters. This was a bad idea, wasn’t it? A relationship would just distract them from becoming heroes anyway. And Katsuki would never tolerate Deku getting in his way.


Deku jolted, back straightening and his chin jerking up. “Y-yes?” He yelped. Across the table, Katsuki was staring at him with his eyebrows furrowed, a crease between them.

“What the fuck crawled up your ass?”

“I…” Deku’s breath fell short. His eyes flickered back and forth. He was drawing a blank on what to say. The panic was setting in like ice in his throat.

He lurched to his feet before he even realized his legs had moved, fingers gripping the edge of the table. “I have to go,” he whispered.

Deku ran for it.

Chapter Text

The clouds opened their maw, and spat rain.

Deku's sneakers smacked the pavement like the freezing drops were smacking his skin. The rain had just started, and yet it was already turning into a downpour. It was turning into a contest to see which could be the loudest: the rain, his shoes pounding on the ground, or the roaring of his blood in his ears.


Well, maybe those weren't the only contenders. Deku's heart sank. He squeezed his eyes shut and grit his teeth, chest heaving as he pushed himself to run faster.

"OI! I SAID STOP FUCKING RUNNING, DEKU!" Katsuki snarled again, hot on his heels. Numbly, Deku marveled at his lung capacity. He risked a glance over his shoulder, eyes fixing on Katsuki's shoes. There was a good distance between them. He'd gotten a head start while Katsuki sat there in shock.

Deku tore his gaze back in front of him. By the time he realized he was approaching two buildings looming on either side, it was too late to change course.

He ran on, but he already knew it was futile.

It was a dead end.

Deku whirled around to put his back to the wall. To be face-to-face with Katsuki. A pissed Katsuki. His eyes flickered to the buildings on either side of him. For a split second, he debated using his quirk to fling himself to a rooftop.

Moments later, Katsuki's fingers wrenched into the front of his hoodie. Katsuki was panting, as drenched as Deku, and livid. His eyes seared into Deku's.

"Hey," he said, low and dangerous. "Hey, you planned this from the start, didn't you? Didn't you, Deku? You wanted to fucking humiliate me, huh? Make me drag you out here and then run out on me?" He gave Deku a hard shake. "Fucking answer me!" He shouted.

Something in Deku broke. And then he was shouting back, hands finding their way to Katsuki's wrists and clutching them just as hard. "No, Kacchan! You really think I would do that?!"

"Then what the fuck is this if not that?!" Katsuki bared his teeth in a snarl.

"I don't know!" Deku's voice was trembling. "I don't know, okay? This isn't going to work."

Katsuki froze.

For a few moments, the only noise was the rain, messy breathing and staccato heartbeats.

Katsuki's voice stuttered out rough and quiet. "What isn't?"

Deku let his hands fall limp at his sides. He swallowed and averted his eyes. Then, he gestured weakly between the two of them.


Katsuki surged up with renewed intensity. "Why?! What the hell do you want from me, an apology for everything? It's not like I don't know I went too fucking far, but fine!"  

He dropped to his knees.

Deku's eyes widened, and he nearly choked. He took a faltering step back, only for his back to hit the wall. The sight seemed so wrong. It was unlike Katsuki to swallow his pride. And yet here he was, staring defiantly up at Deku with wetness in his eyes, willingly debasing himself.

"I was wrong," Katsuki said, through his teeth. "I—"

"Stop," Deku choked out. He grabbed Katsuki's arm and hauled him to his feet. "Don't, Kacchan. You don't need to do that. I know you hate me."

Katsuki stared at him like he was stupid. "When the fuck did I say that?"

Deku's shoulders started to tremble, and his head bowed. His stomach and chest felt like they'd been lanced through. It was a familiar feeling: heartbreak. Don't cry. Don't cry, he told himself, and yet he couldn't help it.

"Well, what the hell am I supposed to think?!" he nearly screamed. His voice ripped from his throat before he could even think, like it was pure emotion transferred straight to words. All of those years of pain he'd been bottling up spilled out. The cracking bottle had smashed all over the floor, and it wasn't pretty.

Deku's chest heaved with a sob. Soon he was choking on his cries, barely able to breathe.

"Fuck," Katsuki whispered.

And then he was surging forward. He wrapped his arms around Deku and crushed him to his chest. Deku was soaked and shivering, and Katsuki's body radiated heat. Despite himself, Deku found himself leaning into him. Returning the embrace.

All he could do was let go. Tucked under Katsuki's chin, Deku cried into his chest with abandon. Underneath it all he was embarrassed about the tears, about the ugly noises he was making, and about how he was probably getting snot all over Katsuki's shirt, and yet it felt good to get it all out.

When it was over, and he was all cried out, he kept his face buried in Katsuki's chest and took in one shuddery breath after another.


Katsuki drew back, to Deku's unhappiness, and looked down at him. Deku wanted to keep hiding. He knew he looked like a mess, his face was probably all blotchy and red.

"You're freezing. Let's get on a train."

Deku gave a tiny nod, not feeling up to speaking yet. So Katsuki grabbed his hand and guided them out of the alley.

The walk back to the train station seemed to pass in a blur. Deku was lost in thought as he tried to process what all just happened. Already, it seemed far-off and hazy, like it'd happened to someone else. He was exhausted from the spectrum of emotions he'd gone through, numb, and detached.

Did I really say that? Did I really do that? It all seems so overdramatic, now...

It felt like he blinked, and then they were catching the train. At least it was mostly empty. Katsuki tugged him along until he found a secluded area, then sat down. The two of them dripped rainwater all over the floor.

"Come here," Katsuki muttered. And then he was wrapping an arm around Deku's waist and pulling him into his lap to sit. Oh.

Deku was too tired to protest. He relaxed into Katsuki's warmth.

All the colors and lights were too bright and blurry. The announcer's voice on the train felt like it was coming right in his ears. He closed his eyes and let his thoughts trickle away, as the train rattled to life.

He must've dozed off at some point, because he awoke to Katsuki shaking his shoulder.

"Mmh," his eyes fluttered and he rubbed at them, stretching. "Y'smell nice..."

"Thanks, I guess?" Katsuki snorted. His voice was still softer than normal. "Get up, it's our stop and I can't feel my fucking legs. God I have to piss." 

Deku stumbled to his feet and wobbled. He caught himself, a hand shooting to the railing. He turned his face to muffle a yawn against his shoulder.

They walked out, shoes squeaking on the wet floor. Deku looked around and jolted awake when the realization hit him. This was where they had started.

"Are we going home?" He asked in a small voice. "Already?" They hadn't even eaten. Well, that was his fault...

Katsuki soothed him with a shake of his head.

Deku contemplated asking where they were going, but he felt like if he talked too much, it would break the softer atmosphere they had slipped into. After Katsuki stopped by the restroom, Deku followed him quietly. Outside, it had stopped raining, but the sky was still sleeping under a blanket of white.

Halfway there, Deku realized where they were going. It was fitting, wasn't it?

They set foot onto damp wood chips. Before them wasn't quite the playground from when they were children. It was older. The paint was faded and chipping, the chains to the swings were rusty, and of course there were puddles of dirty water collected on every surface. Still, it stirred something fond and warm in Deku.

Katsuki marched forward and held the chain of one of the swings steady while he brushed off the water on the seat. When he deemed it satisfactory, he sat down.

Deku hesitated, but followed suit.

They didn't swing much. They just idly kicked back and forth, listening to the squeaking of the chains. It wasn't like when they were kids.

Katsuki would always swing the highest, graceful and confident with that big grin on his face. Like he belonged in the sky. Nobody can go as high as me, he'd declare, and yet Deku would try and try and try.

Look, Kacchan, look! I'm doing it, I'm—!

Katsuki's words were harsh when Deku inevitably fell, scraping his hands and knees. Quirkless nobodies shouldn't aim that high. Know your place. (Yet his hands were soft and tender when he took Deku inside, fixing him up with more All Might band-aids than was really necessary.)

"Part of me did hate you, you know." Katsuki said it like an afterthought, quiet and casual. Yet his eyes were averted and his face was twisted, as if speaking left a sour taste in his mouth. "You just had to go and be useless. And yet..." He clenched his hands and finally looked at Deku, shooting him a frustrated glare. "You made me feel things anyway. Me. Towards a quirkless loser of all people, even though I'm the best."

Deku's eyes widened. "Even back then?"

Katsuki clicked his tongue and looked away again, and that was answer enough.

Deku had to bite his cheek from smiling or laughing. This was a confession, and yet... it was so Katsuki. Honestly, it was the worst confession he'd ever heard.

To think, even back then. Is that what they call 'pulling pigtails'?

He couldn't help it, and had to cover his mouth with his hand.

"Oi, what the hell are you smirking about?" Katsuki whipped his head around to glare at Deku with red cheeks. "Something funny?"

"Nothing, Kacchan, it's just—" a giggle slipped out despite Deku's best efforts. "I really do like you too... even if you're a piece of work."

"Huh?! What the fuck did you just say? I'll kick your ass, fucking nerd!" Katsuki snapped and went even redder, if that were possible. His words lacked a real bite to them.

"Whatever you say, Kacchan."

They fell silent. Deku stared up into the blank canvas of the clouds. He wondered when the mixture of envy, awe and admiration he had felt towards Katsuki as a child started to spill over into this.

Deku had been attracted to Katsuki since he was old enough to start thinking about those things. He couldn't help liking to look at the line of Katsuki's jaw, or the slope of his shoulders, or the way his middle school uniform framed his body. But that was only physical. He knew he wasn't like Katsuki in holding his feelings for quite so many years.

There was a squeak of protest from the swing set, breaking Deku from his thoughts as Katsuki stood up. He stared at Deku, waiting, until it became clear to him that he wanted him to follow suit.

Deku stood up, and followed Katsuki to the slide. As kids, it seemed enormous, but they had grown since then. Now it just looked moderately tall.

"You first."

Deku blinked at Katsuki and tilted his head, but began to climb the ladder up to the top. Sliding down into a dirty puddle didn't seem like his idea of a good time, so he simply wiped the water off the top and sat there, waiting. A tiny part of him was almost expecting Katsuki to shove him down the slide.

Katsuki climbed up behind him, and then sat at the top as well. He wrapped his arms around Deku and pulled him back against him. It was a tight fit. They weren't kids anymore.

They just sat there, Katsuki holding Deku with his chin on his shoulder. The view from the top was a nice one. It felt like they could see the entire neighborhood. Like they could own it. Every rooftop, every tree, every stop-sign.

And Kacchan wanted to share it with me.

Deku wasn't sure he'd ever get enough of Katsuki touching him. Maybe he was supposed to be used to it by then, and yet it still made his heart pound and his head feel fuzzy. With how much Katsuki had touched him all day, Deku was starting to think he was secretly clingy. Not that he dared say that to Katsuki's face.

"I used to sit up here and pretend I was the king of the world," Katsuki murmured in his ear, breaking him from his thoughts. The feeling of his warm breath gave Deku pleasant shivers all over.

"Then what does that make me, if I'm up here with you?" Deku couldn't help but tease. "Your second-in-command?"

Katsuki buried his face in Deku's shoulder, muffling his own hoarse voice.

"I always wanted that, you know."

"Me too." Deku wasn't ashamed to admit it. He'd chased Katsuki's shadow for so long. But now, finally, he felt he could start to stand by his side.  As equals.

Deku's hand found Katsuki's and squeezed.

"By the way, don't ever fucking make me do that again," Katsuki muttered crossly.

Deku didn't have to ask what he meant. The image of Katsuki dropping to his knees lingered in his mind. It had to have wounded his pride pretty badly. And yet, he'd chosen Deku over his pride anyway. Deku smiled.

They sat there for a long, long time.


It was late when Deku got home. He looked around, but didn't see his mom. He went to his room to change out of his damp clothes, and into a dry t-shirt and pajama pants. He dropped his old clothes into the washer, aside from the hoodie, which went into the dryer. He didn't want to lose the scent of Katsuki on it.

Afterwards, he busied himself in the kitchen making ochazuke with some left over rice from the fridge. He was just pouring the green tea over it when he heard the sound of slippers on the floor. His mother probably heard him bustling around the house.

She must have sensed how drained he was, because rather than immediately enquiring about the date like she must’ve wanted to, she walked over and wrapped an arm around him. He leaned into her gratefully, resting his cheek on her shoulder and feeling the fabric of her soft sweater.

“I messed it up, Mom," he murmured. "I sort of.. freaked out about something, and it was really dramatic… it’s kind of embarrassing." He let out a tiny, self-conscious laugh and scratched his cheek. He watched the steam rise from the bowl. The scent of tea helped him feel calmer. “But it was nice. He was nice. I think it ended well, at least.”

I didn’t want it to end. Deku thought of the quiet walk home they shared earlier as the streetlights began to flicker to life, mimicking the stars starting to twinkle above through the finally parting clouds. He'd watched Katsuki's reflection in passing puddles lit up pretty in the orange of the sunset. He thought of the way they had lingered around each other before parting ways, before Katsuki finally clicked his tongue and whirled around to stalk off like it pained him to tear himself away.

It had felt like something was missing.

Deku didn’t realize he’d given away part of his secret, until he heard his mother echo the pronoun. “...Does he make you happy, Izuku?”

He didn’t have to think about it for a moment to answer.

“He really does.”

Later, in the darkness of his room, Deku was curled around Katsuki’s hoodie when he heard his phone buzz. He lifted it from the nightstand and looked at the home screen to see a notification for a text.

[King Explodokill]: night, nerd.

Deku grinned and clutched at his chest, where he felt something flutter. He unlocked his phone and went to his texts with Katsuki, of which there were only two messages. He was going to type out a reply, but his eyes landed on the first text. The one Katsuki had sent from Deku’s phone.

[Deku]: fuck me daddy

Deku shrieked.

Chapter Text

“Bakugou-kun is hogging you,” Uraraka complained at lunch, arms crossed over her chest and lips pouting.

It was one of the first days in a while that Deku had finally chosen to eat with them, rather than going off with Katsuki to sit outside. He winced. He felt like the worst for neglecting his friends in favor of his... his... boyfriend? Crush? Well, it didn't matter what Katsuki was right then, because what Deku was, was an awful friend.

At his guilty expression (which was a lot like a puppy that had been caught chewing up the furniture, and was equally adorable and heart-rending), Uraraka's face softened. She couldn't even stay playfully mad at him.

“S-sorry." Deku hung his head. "We sort of… rekindled our friendship?”

He felt bad for not telling them the whole truth, either, but he didn't know if Katsuki would be comfortable with him telling others that they had some sort of thing. Even if Deku wasn't entirely sure what sort of thing it was that they had.

Iida frowned. “I was under the impression that… well, I thought that Bakugou-san…”

“Hated me?”

Iida floundered. Deku offered him a sheepish smile. He'd just been trying to save Iida, ever the diplomat, the time of searching for a softer way to put it.

“Well…” Iida adjusted his glasses. “Yes. He doesn't speak to you very kindly.”

“To be fair, he doesn't speak to anyone kindly.” Uraraka giggled. "He's like a yappy Pomeranian."

Deku nearly choked on his mashed potatoes. He slapped a hand over his mouth to muffle his ugly snort, eyes flickering over to Katsuki across the cafeteria like the other boy could somehow hear them. His gaze moved to Katsuki's hair, and he had to bite back a snicker. Kacchan really does look like a Pomeranian.

“Still, he seems to have it out for Midoriya-kun in particular.”

After swallowing his mouthful of mashed potatoes, Deku straightened up. “It used to be like that.” He rubbed the back of his neck. It wasn't painful anymore. He knew where he and Katsuki stood, now. “But things have changed.”

“Oh, is that so? I see.” Iida hesitated. “I’m… glad for you. I can tell that you care for him deeply.”

Is it that obvious? Deku thought to himself, but it was a rhetorical question. He couldn't help his tendency to wear his heart on both sleeves as well as his pant-legs. Accentuated by LED lights, just in case his feelings weren’t obvious enough. Aoyama would be made jealous by his idiomatic, metaphorical heart-twinkling.  

“Well, he still doesn't get to hog you, Deku-kun! Don't forget about us.” Uraraka smiled teasingly and grabbed Deku’s hands, squeezing them.

It warmed Deku’s heart that his friends were so passionate about wanting his company, enough that he forgot to be embarrassed about a girl holding his hands. He almost teared up. He couldn’t believe how blessed he was to have the friends that he did.

“I won't!” He declared, squeezing Uraraka’s hands back. “Um, I do still want to see him, though…" He pulled his hands away and scratched his cheek. "I'll switch who I eat lunch with every day, okay?”

Uraraka’s face brightened. “Okay!”

Deku was glad that he'd worked that out. He was a little preoccupied with Katsuki, and their… thing, but he didn't want to neglect his friends because of that. They were just as important.

Lunch with Katsuki and walking home together turned out to be the favorite parts of his day, though. It was like he couldn't get enough of being with Katsuki. He was on his mind whenever they weren’t around each other. He was the first thing Deku thought of when he woke up, and the last thing he thought of when he fell asleep.

(Deku still hadn’t given Katsuki’s hoodie back. He slept with his nose pressed into the fabric at night, inhaling the slight scent of spice, smoke and detergent. He was hoping Katsuki had forgotten that he had it.)

The next day at lunch, Katsuki laid back after he finished scarfing down his meal. He dropped his head right into Deku's lap.

Deku squeaked.

“If I fall asleep, wake me up when the bell rings,” Katsuki muttered. He curled up in the fetal position, facing Deku. The grass rustled with his shifting to get comfortable. His hair was a radiant dandelion halo in the sunlight, his skin pale pink porcelain with silver scars dotted here and there, like kintsukuroi.

(Their relationship was like that, too, wasn't it? Repaired, now, and all the more beautiful for the lacquered-over cracks.)

It felt a lot like being blessed by a stray cat’s rarely given affection. Deku reached out without thinking, his hand hovering over Katsuki's head, before he paused. He didn't know if it would bother the other boy to have his hair stroked like some sort of pet. Would he get mad? Would he move away? Would he—

Katsuki blinked at him slow and languid, that same ‘I trust you’ blink of a cat, and reached up to guide Deku's hand into his hair.

It was thick, coarse and fluffy. Deku buried his fingers into it and searched for weak spots to scritch his nails over, ones that made Katsuki’s eyes slide shut and his mouth soften in pleasure. Behind his ears was one spot, and Deku watched Katsuki shiver when he carded his fingers through the shorter locks towards the nape of his neck.

It took a few minutes, but Katsuki’s breath evened out and his face became peaceful. His fingers occasionally twitched in his sleep. His eyelashes dipped over his cheeks, soft and blond and pretty. His lips were slightly parted, and for once, not pulled into a scowl or a vicious grin. His chest rose and fell in slow, calm motions. Deku wanted to rest his hand over it, feel his heart beating beneath his palm.

Katsuki sleeping was the most charming thing Deku had seen in his life. With the existence of cat videos, that was saying something. He couldn’t resist taking a picture and setting it as his new contact photo for Katsuki. He edited the contact name, while he was at it.

[King Explodokill ]

The feelings blooming in the space between Deku's ribs were overwhelming, but in a good way. He felt full. Like instead of air, his lungs were filled up with boundless affection. He didn't quite know what to do with it all. He leaned down achingly slow, and brushed his lips over the sun warmed top of Katsuki’s head. It was a start.

Deku’s heart was like a rabbit’s in his chest. He couldn’t believe he was really allowed to do this sort of thing, now.

He plucked a dandelion from the grass, closed his eyes, and blew. For once, he didn't think the 'I want to be a hero' that he had blown out birthday candles to for so many years.

The seeds floated away on a breeze into the sweet, lazy blue noon, carrying his wish.


They headed past the school gates together after school, as per usual. Some days they walked in companionable silence. Other days, Deku filled it with his chattering about anything and everything, and Katsuki let him know he was listening with occasional grunts and single word replies.

Sometimes he'd retort to something Deku said that he disagreed with, or chip in with his own brand of snark, but for the most part he was surprisingly quiet. Beneath his explosive exterior and cockiness, Deku knew he could actually be rather reserved and anti-social.

Sometimes Deku wondered if his chattiness annoyed Katsuki.

Today was one of those days that he was running his mouth, speaking his thoughts in a continuous stream. "—and so the article was talking about how they found that women in heroics actually receive lower pay on average, and are taken less seriously than men when first applying to agencies as side-kicks, and that costume designers tend to skew their designs for women towards skimpier, less practical ones, and it just makes me so mad, Kacchan- Kacchan, are you listening?"

"Huh-? Yeah." Katsuki blinked and looked over. "That shit makes me want to kick Mineta in the grapes."

"Mineta?" Deku blinked.

"He's a fucking paragon of lack of respect for women."


Deku started kicking a pebble along while they walked. Katsuki seemed less talkative today, like he was lost in his own thoughts.

"Am I talking too much?" Deku asked, after the third time of taking a breath in to say the words and then faltering. His heart raced at an uncomfortable pace, making him feel lightheaded. Anxiety was the worst.

Katsuki stopped walking. Deku tripped over the pebble as he put his own brakes on in response. Katsuki’s hand shot out to yank him back by his shirt just in time before he fell.

"The fuck?" Katsuki shot him a look that startled him in how affronted it was. As if Deku had personally insulted him by implying that Katsuki didn't want to hear him ramble. "No. You wanna talk? Then talk. You don't, then don't."  

It always took Deku by surprise, how simply Katsuki thought of things. His blunt candor stood in stark contrast to Deku's complicated, overthinking nature. It was comforting.


Katsuki clicked his tongue and looked away, shoving his hands in his pockets. He began to walk again. Deku followed.

"I-I just couldn't help but think that you seem distracted, Kacchan."

For some reason, Katsuki's cheeks reddened. "Huh?" He snapped. He started to walk faster. "Fuck off, I'm thinking."

Deku smiled, and jogged to catch up with him. "About what?"

"Nothing, you nosy shit."

Deku's smile widened. Whatever it was certainly had to be special, if it was enough to fluster Katsuki. "But you have to be thinking about something, Kacchan."

"Come over," Katsuki said, in lieu of an answer.

Deku's thoughts skidded to a halt. His ears went warm, and he stared at Katsuki. He wasn't expecting him to be so forward, even if they had already, well, done stuff. He flapped his mouth uselessly for a moment "...Oh," he finally got out. "So you were thinking about-?"

"Wha-! That's- get your mind out of the gutter, fucking nerd! I meant to study!"

Deku ducked his head and looked at the sidewalk. Katsuki was cute, when he was bristling with embarrassment. It was easy to mistake his expression for anger, but Deku had known him for long enough to tell the difference.

"Sorry, Kacchan."

They were far enough from the school that Deku figured it would be fine. He closed the distance between them and slipped his hand into Katsuki's.

Katsuki said nothing, but his fingers curled over Deku's.

Outside of Katsuki's house, Deku stopped to call his mother. He asked if it was alright if he studied with a friend, to which she agreed. He told her that he didn't know how long he'd be staying, but that he'd make sure to be home before it got too late.

With that settled, they headed inside. In Katsuki's bedroom, Deku hesitated.

He hadn't been there since then.

"Put your bag wherever. I don't care," Katsuki said, slamming the door and causing Deku to jump. Oh. So now they were in Katsuki's room with the door closed. Okay.

Deku gulped. Katsuki dropped his backpack haphazardly so that it thumped down against the wall. So Deku followed suit, and set his own next to it. Studying, he reminded himself. We're here for studying. He knelt by his bag to unzip it and rummage for his homework. Soon, he was sitting on the floor leaning back against Katsuki's mattress.

Katsuki rummaged in his drawers and pulled out a tank top and sweatpants. With no warning, he started to strip. Right there. In front of Deku.

“K-Kacchan!” Deku said, scandalized, and threw his hands over his eyes.

“What? You’ve seen me naked. Not to mention we change in the locker rooms together all the damn time.”


“Suck it up.”

Deku felt something hit the backs of his hands and bounce into his lap. Katsuki must’ve thrown his uniform shirt at him. He kept his eyes shut and pushed it away. He heard the rustling of clothes, and then a soft thump as Katsuki tossed his uniform into the laundry basket.

Deku figured it was safe, so he opened his eyes. To his relief, Katsuki was dressed. To his dismay, Katsuki looked really, really good in the sweatpants and tank top, which clung to his fit body just right and exposed his sculpted arms. Then again, Katsuki would look good in anything.

"Gonna get a drink. You want something?"

"Ah, um... water, please?"

Katsuki walked off. Deku absolutely did not climb up onto his bed in his absence, bury his face in his pillow and guiltily enjoy his scent. (Which was fading from the hoodie, to his chagrin.) No one could prove it, because he was back on the floor by the time Katsuki returned with two mugs in hand. One had All Might on it. On the other one was written, '#1 dad'. The text came to mind. Deku almost choked on his own spit.

Katsuki shoved the All Might mug at his chest. Deku took it, mumbling his thanks. He hid his flushed face by taking a long sip of the cold liquid.

The next hour or so was quiet, filled mainly with the sounds of pencils scratching on paper, and Katsuki crunching on the crushed ice in his drink. Katsuki laid on his bed on his stomach as he worked, while Deku stayed cross-legged and leaning against it.

Occasionally Deku would murmur, Kacchan, did you get this answer for number seven? Or, how did you do this part, Kacchan? And get a muttered response. He liked it best when Katsuki would lean over his shoulder to look at the problem or question he was on, his breath warm against Deku's ear and cheek.

It was nice. Deku liked sharing this peaceful, mundane bubble with Katsuki. Even if they were working on their own things, it felt good just to have him there.

The problem was that being alone with Katsuki in his room was very, very distracting. Deku couldn't stop thinking about the things they'd done in that room, the things they could do—

After the nth time he spaced out halfway through writing something down, Deku groaned and thunked his head back on Katsuki's bed.

"If you need a break that fucking bad, just say so."

"I-it's okay, Kacchan, I'm fine—"

"Either join me or don't, but I'm taking a break." Katsuki stretched. Deku peeked from the corner of his eye to watch how his back curved and fingers gripped at the sheets. His gaze didn't go unnoticed.

"Like what you see, Deku?"

Deku spluttered.

"I- I wasn't- I was just—"

"Fucking relax." Katsuki sat up and rolled his eyes. "I don't care if you check me out."

Deku's face and neck burned. He looked at his lap and fidgeted. "I wasn't," he denied, his body feeling hot and prickly with embarrassment.

Katsuki flicked an eraser at him. It bounced off his head and onto the floor. "You're a shitty liar," he said.

"Am not!"

"Are too."


Katsuki shuffled over and swung his legs over the side of the bed, so that they bracketed Deku's body. Katsuki's fingers curled around his neck, trailed up to his jaw and gripped it, forced his head back until their eyes met. The words died in his throat.

"That's what I thought," Katsuki said, smug.

Deku exhaled unsteadily, eyes fluttering. He wanted to come up with some sort of rebuttal, but his brain had turned to mush. Katsuki crowding in on his space like this and moving him as he pleased, all commanding and dominant... it pressed all sorts of buttons for him.

Deku shivered and tipped his head further back, something in him yearning to submit.

Oh, Katsuki breathed, almost inaudible. The look on his face turned to something hungry and intrigued. His eyes were dark. His finger came to trace over Deku's lips, which softened and parted for him.

He slid his index, middle and ring finger into Deku's mouth. They petted over his slick tongue, curled over his teeth possessively, stroked his gums. They were dry and warm, and tasted of salt and skin. Katsuki pushed them deeper.

Deku’s throat convulsed in a soft gag, but his tongue stayed willing and pliant, never trying to push Katsuki out of his mouth.

Deku couldn't think, with all the blood in his body rushing down lower. His eyes stayed locked on Katsuki's, blown wide til his pupil was a pool of ink, iris a thin green ring around it. He was drooling on Katsuki's fingers. They made soft, slick noises as they roamed the wet of his mouth, claiming every inch.

Deku’s head felt hazy, distant, his thoughts were underwater. His existence narrowed to the fingers fucking his mouth, to Katsuki’s pretty face and the adoration he couldn’t contain for him, to the ache of his cock straining and leaking in his underwear.

Katsuki looked almost as affected as Deku felt. He was flushed and breathing unevenly.

Katsuki's fingers curled up and trailed over the sensitive roof of Deku’s mouth. Deku twitched and whimpered. His hands scrabbled at the carpet for some sort of purchase, some rock in the ocean that he couldn’t quite find.

Slowly, Katsuki's fingers slid back out. A thin strand of drool connected them to Deku's lips. Dirty. Deku's cheeks blazed, and he scrubbed at his mouth.

“I'm starting to think you have a fucking oral fixation.”

Deku tried for coherency, for words, yet the only thing that came out was, “uh.” He felt half-asleep. His head was heavy. He wondered if it was something to be concerned about, the ease at which Katsuki had turned his brain functions into melted ice cream. He opened his mouth, gathered his thoughts, tried again.

“You were… you were the one sticking your fingers in my mouth.”

“Fuck off,” Katsuki said hoarsely, wiping his hand on Deku's uniform jacket and ignoring the plaintive noise he made. “You liked that. Your dick’s hard, you're the perverted one.”

“Can't we both be perverts?” Deku's lips twitched up despite his embarrassment. “Together?”


Katsuki moved away and clambered off the bed. His hands found Deku's wrists and he shoved Deku onto the floor, crawling over him like something from a wet dream.

“Oh,” Deku choked. “I thought we were studying.”

“Shut up,” Katsuki said, and kissed him.

There was no preamble. The second their lips touched, Katsuki was licking his way in. He kissed like he fought, an aggressive whirlwind that stole Deku's breath from his lungs. Their teeth were clicking and Katsuki was kind of choking him with his tongue, but it was okay. Deku liked it. He’d take anything Katsuki gave him. He wanted Katsuki to do as he pleased with him.

Deku tugged at his wrists. He didn't want to get free, he just wanted to provoke Katsuki into holding him down harder.

His hands were slammed back down to the carpet. He earned a bite to his lip, and Katsuki's nails digging into his skin. It felt like a punishment. Deku gasped into the kiss.

Katsuki pulled back and stared. Deku licked his spit-slick lips clean.

“I've been fucking wanting to do that,” Katsuki breathed.

It was nice for Deku to know he wasn't the only one losing his mind thinking about all the things they needed to be doing together right now, immediately. Like making out.


Katsuki didn't kiss him again, though, just stared down at him, eyes tracing over his eyes and flushed freckled cheeks, over his neck where his pulse was jumping, over his rumpled uniform and heaving chest. So Deku tilted his head to the side. Something about Katsuki always made him want to bare his throat, offer himself up.

Go on, Kacchan, eat me whole.

“Fuck,” Katsuki growled. He shifted to pin Deku's wrists in place with one hand, the other shooting to Deku's hair, grabbing a fistful and yanking, forcing his head back even further.

“Ah!” Deku gasped. Well, that went straight to his dick. I didn't even know I like having my hair pulled…

Katsuki pressed his face into Deku's neck. He mouthed at his skin gently at first, experimental, all kisses and puppy licks and soft suckling. The touches made Deku shiver.

He was melting under the other boy, lost in a sleepy sort of arousal, warm and flickering bright like embers. There was no urgency, only heat and pleasure filling his veins like molasses. He wanted to stay like this forever, drowning in sweet sensation, letting the waves lap away at his mind and erode it. No more thinking, only feeling.

And then Katsuki bit, and the embers flared into a wildfire. His teeth stung where they dug in, made Deku's skin ache sweetly, and all he could think was, more. A moan stuttered from his throat, and thank god, Katsuki seemed to get the message.

“Fucking masochist,” he muttered.

His teeth found a place near the junction of Deku's neck and shoulder. It was good, so good, blooming outward from where Katsuki bit down, sharp and stinging but aching underneath. but—

“Ka-ah, Kacchan, harder than that..”

Katsuki looked up.

“Please?” Deku amended.

Katsuki dropped his head and bit down, hard. Deku’s whole body jerked and his breath hiccupped and he couldn’t help whimpering out, “ow, ow, ow—” even as his hips rolled up in desperation.

Katsuki pulled away, and Deku could’ve cried.

“Too much?” He frowned, there was that crease between his eyebrows again, and Deku’s thumb twitched with the want to smooth it out.

“No!” Deku almost sobbed. “Do it again, do it harder—”

“You still fucking want it to hurt more?”

Deku bit his lip and nodded.

“If I bite you harder, you'll bleed.”

The idea shot a dirty thrill through Deku. His hips jerked up again, trying to do something about how desperate and aching he was, but Katsuki’s hand shot down and held them to the floor. Deku nodded harder, eager. “Do it, please, Kacchan—”


Deku’s eyebrows furrowed. He couldn’t help but feel stung, rejected.

“...What? Why?”

“I’m not fucking breaking the skin, dumbass! What if you got an infection?”

“I've had worse injuries than that—”

“I don't want to do this shit if we're not going to be safe about it!” Katsuki sat up, letting go of Deku's wrists, and glared. “I already acted like a fucktard when I choked you, I don't even know if I did it right, I could've seriously fucking hurt you!”


Deku was the one who did that, who squeezed Katsuki’s fingers over his throat, and apparently made him do something he wasn’t entirely comfortable with.

His shoulders slumped.

“I'm sorry, Kacchan…”

“Stop looking like a damn kicked puppy.” Katsuki’s glare softened into something halfhearted. “Look, I know you want this shit, and I do too. I'll look up how to do it right. Just wait until then.”

“Okay.” Deku sat up and wrapped his arms around Katsuki, nuzzling his face into his chest. “Thank you, Kacchan.”

Katsuki flushed and looked sort of constipated, but returned the embrace. “Yeah, yeah, whatever, damn nerd.”

“That felt really good,” Deku murmured, and peeked up at Katsuki. “Can we kiss some more?”


They forgot their homework in favor of making out. Deku had no idea how much time passed. He was in Katsuki's lap sucking on his tongue, when they heard a door opening and closing. Footsteps.

Deku scrambled off. By the time Katsuki's bedroom door was thrown open, he was almost on the opposite side of the room.

“Katsuki, we got takeout— oh! Izuku!”

Bakugou Mitsuki beamed at the sight of him. Deku stared back like a deer in the headlights, tugging at his clothes in an effort to make it seem less like Katsuki had been clawing at them mere moments ago. He couldn't hide his flushed face, ruined hair and kiss-swollen lips, though.

“H-h-hi, Bakugou-san! I'm sorry to intrude!” Deku stumbled to his feet, bowing profusely.

“What the fuck! Haven't you heard of fucking knocking, Mom?!” Bakugou snarled with a bright red face.

“Maybe you should have let me know you were having a guest over then, you damn brat!” Deku smiled sheepishly. Katsuki's mom was still just as reminiscent of him as ever. Or, well, he guessed it was the other way around. Mitsuki turned her attention back to him. “I can't believe it’s really you, Izuku! You've grown so much.”

Deku ducked his head and smiled shyly.

“You wanna stay for dinner?”

“O-oh, I wouldn't want to impose—”

“You're not imposing, shitty Deku.” Katsuki rolled his eyes and got to his feet. He went to Deku, plucked bits of carpet fluff from the boy’s hair, then pulled at his sleeve. “C’mon. Come eat.”

And that was how Deku was roped into staying for dinner with the Bakugou family.

Dinner was made up mostly of Katsuki's parents questioning Deku about his life. How was school, how was his mother, et cetera. He answered politely, and Mitsuki cooed over him. Katsuki, when prodded, occasionally joined in on the conversation. With a lot of grumbling.

Soon it was getting late, and Deku had to excuse himself to go home.

“I’ll walk you out,” Katsuki said right away, standing from the table.

Deku grabbed his backpack from Katsuki’s room, and they stepped outside onto the porch. It was almost dark out, and it was humid. Their faces were lit by the porch light and street lamps.

“Kiss,” Katsuki demanded.

Deku laughed and obliged. This time, it was a soft, chaste peck. Katsuki wrapped his arms around him and squeezed. Deku fit right into his arms like a puzzle-piece.

“When am I getting my hoodie back?” Katsuki said in his ear. Deku tensed. So much for forgetting about it

“I, um. I… don’t know where it is?”

Katsuki snorted. “You’re a shitty liar.” He pressed a kiss under Deku’s ear, at the corner of his jaw. “What, do you huff it while you jack off?”

Deku yelped and shoved at Katsuki’s chest. “N-no! It doesn’t even smell like you much anymore!” He said without thinking.

“Give it back, then, and maybe I’ll give you another one.” Katsuki snickered. He stole another kiss, before letting go of Deku. “Night.”

“Night, Kacchan.” Deku pouted at him. Katsuki was so mean, teasing him like that. He wanted to stay in his arms, though, and kiss him again and again. They said that too much of anything was a bad thing, but to Deku, there was no such thing as getting enough of Katsuki.

Reluctant, he turned and left.

He felt like he was in a daze, drunk off Katsuki’s kisses.


The second Katsuki got back inside, he was met by his asshole of a mother cackling like a hyena.

“Katsuki! Katsuki, that poor boy looked like he got mauled by a bear! His neck is more hickey than actual skin!” She wheezed. “His mother’s gonna have a heart attack when she sees her innocent little baby was ravaged, holy shit.”

He wondered if this was karma for screwing with Deku outside on the porch. He couldn’t help it, Deku’s flustered reactions were the fucking best. His entire face went pink when he got embarrassed.

...Not that Katsuki’s blushing was much better.

“FUCK OFF! I’m going to my room!” He started to stomp off, unable to believe this harassment in his own damn home, what a traitor mother, at least his dad was trying not to laugh—

“Wait, you shitty brat,” she said, trying to recover from her laughing fit. She wiped away tears. “Stay there for a sec.”

Groaning, Katsuki stopped in his tracks. His eye twitched. “What.

Katsuki’s mother walked to the hallway closet and threw it open, letting the door bang against the wall carelessly. She rummaged around until she found a box. She threw it right at Katsuki’s face.

“Fuck!” He only just caught it in time before it hit his cheek. “Give me a little warning, would you?!”

“Oops,” she said, without a trace of sincerity.

Katsuki looked down at the box and nearly hurled it right back at her. It was a box of condoms.

“Safe sex is good sex,” she said cheerfully.

Katsuki stalked to his room and slammed the door. ‘Innocent little baby’ his ass, Deku was the one fucking begging Katsuki to fuck him up.

Later, after doing some research, he laid in bed and shoved his hand down his sweatpants to the thought of Deku’s mouth warm and wet around his fingers, how eager to please Deku had been, the noises he'd made when Katsuki bit and sucked on his neck, Deku tied up in ropes, Deku...


Deku was almost to his room, when he ran into his mother.

“Izuku!” She clapped her hands over her mouth.

“M-Mom? What's wrong?”

“Izuku, your neck...”

And then Deku wanted to sink into the floor. His face burst into flames as he became aware of the throbbing in his neck. Oh. Katsuki had left marks, hadn't he? And Deku had eaten dinner with Katsuki's parents, they must've seen, too. He buried his face in his hands and made a noise like a dying animal.

“I know you're young, and you have a boyfriend now, but you didn't need to sneak around and tell me you were studying—”

Deku’s head jerked up. “I was! I promise we were studying at first, Mom, I wouldn't lie about something like that—”

Her face softened.

“It's okay, sweetheart, I believe you. But… you're being safe, right? I don't want you to jump into things.”

Deku's face burned harder, if that were possible. He just wanted this conversation to end as soon as possible. “Yes,” he said quickly. “We didn't even really- u-um, do anything.”

“Okay. I trust you.” She put a hand on his shoulder and smiled gently. “Bring Katsuki-kun over some time, would you? I'd love to have him over for dinner.”

Deku choked.

“Wh- h-how did you—”

“I'm your mother, Izuku.” She laughed. “Of course I knew.”

He looked at her anxiously. He didn't know how much she knew about Katsuki's bullying when they were younger.

“And you don't… mind? Even though-?”

“I trust your judgment. You said he makes you happy, didn’t you?” She squeezed his shoulder. “That’s enough for me.”

Deku's eyes watered. “Thank you, Mom.”

“I love you, Izuku.”

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Deku awoke to the sound of banging on his door.

“Deku! Fucking get up already!”

...What? Was that Katsuki's voice? What was he doing here?

Deku groaned and pushed himself up. His eyes flickered to his alarm clock. A squeak of horror escaped him.

It was past the time he set it for.

Deku scrambled out of bed, spilling blankets onto the floor and tripping over them. “Coming, Kacchan!” He slammed open his closet and snatched his uniform off the hanger, getting dressed at record speed. He didn't have time to waste on tying his tie, so he just slung it around his shirt collar haphazardly. He shoved his feet into his shoes and ran out of his room, throwing the door open and stumbling—

Right into Katsuki.

Katsuki’s hands settled on his hips to steady him. He stared down. Deku stared back. He was close enough to count Katsuki’s eyelashes.

“...Hi,” Deku blurted out.

Katsuki stole an off-center kiss, one that left Deku’s lips curving up in its wake. Katsuki’s kisses always left his lips tingling, and a fluttery feeling in his chest.

“Kacchan, gross, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

“Shut the fuck up, buttercup. We need to get to school.” Katsuki grabbed Deku's wrist and dragged him towards the front door. Deku’s hips felt bereft where the ghost of Katsuki’s warmth had bled through his pants.

“Izuku, Katsuki-kun, have a good day!”

“You too, Mom!” Deku called back. And then they were off. Without any breakfast, to his regret.

Somewhere along the way, Katsuki's hand slipped from Deku's wrist down to his hand. Their hands swung between them as they walked.

“Hey.” Katsuki broke the silence. “Why’d you miss your damn alarm, anyway? It’s not like you.”

Deku looked away, sheepish. “I may have… stayed up late? Doing… research?”

Katsuki shot him a look full of reproach. “I thought I told you I was doing that, you fucker.”

“I know! I just got curious.”

“And?” Katsuki side-eyed him. “What’d you find out?”

Deku flushed. His head swam with terms, new and exciting. Things like dominant and submissive and safeword. He'd read so much information about what sort of things people did in those sorts of relationships, what types of kinks were out there, and how to be safe. He didn't even know where to begin.

“I…” he whispered, “I found out that I want you to do really perverted things to me.” The moment the words came out, Deku felt his cheeks burn. Did he really just say that out loud?

The satisfied look on Katsuki’s face made it worth it, though. Katsuki squeezed his hand.


When they made it past the gates of the school, and were a little less worried about being late, Katsuki stopped and turned to Deku. “Your tie’s untied.”

“Oh, right.” Deku went to reach for it. Katsuki smacked his hands away. He blinked as Katsuki took the tie in his hands and started to tie it in deft motions.

Deku glanced around uneasily, feeling the ghosts of stares boring into his skin. It probably wasn't even that suggestive of a gesture, it wasn’t like anyone cared, and yet it felt like each student passing by was looking at them, what if they saw Katsuki and him holding hands on the way there before he pulled his hand away, what if they were judging—

Katsuki’s fingers found his jaw and dug into it, yanked his head back to look straight at him. Katsuki's eyes burned into his. Demanded his full attention, full devotion.

“Look at me.”

The world narrowed down to only Katsuki. Deku's shoulders relaxed. He alternated his gaze between Katsuki's eyes, and the motions of his hands on his tie. Calm washed over him. Katsuki had such nice hands. He wanted to nuzzle his face into them. He found himself leaning forward, straining closer.

Katsuki finished forming the knot. He pulled, and Deku relished the way he kept pulling a little too tight, until the tie was snug against his throat, until his neck gave a protesting throb—


Deku broke from his spell and stumbled back off-kilter, hand shooting to his neck over the spot where it stung and ached. Oh. Oh no.

He… he forgot to cover up the marks. He switched to covering his neck with both hands. He couldn't believe he hadn't noticed the way his neck hurt with even the slightest of movement or pressure.

“Kacchan! Why didn't you tell me?!” he yelped.

“Tell you what?” Uraraka asked, appearing beside him.

“U-Uraraka-san!” Deku squeaked. She’d come out of the blue more suddenly than anyone who wasn’t Hagakure had a right to. His eyes shot to the soft, navy fabric wrapped around her neck. She was dressed for the colder weather that was beginning to creep up on them, her hair and the tips of her ears tucked away in a beanie as well. Deku’s eyes lit up. “Ah, I-I’m sorry to ask this so suddenly, but can I borrow your scarf?”

“Huh? Oh, um, sure.” She started to unravel the scarf from around her neck. Katsuki scowled. “Why?”

Deku's face burned, but he supposed he owed her an explanation in return for being a lifesaver. He stared at his shoes, inhaled and dropped his hands. He twiddled his thumbs.

“Oh!” Uraraka exclaimed. She started giggling. Her eyes shot to Katsuki. “Bakugou-kun, you dog!”

Deku took the scarf from Uraraka, and was relieved to wrap it around his neck and hide the source of his embarrassment.

“I can't believe you didn't tell me, Deku-kun, how long?”

“A-ah, it's, um, a recent thing.” Deku scratched his cheek.

“I understand. Don't worry, I'll keep my lips sealed.” She smiled and winked. “I’ll leave you be, but you gotta tell me the deets later, okay? See you in class!”

Deku waved to her as she bounced off to class. He smiled. Uraraka was such a good friend.

“You didn't have to hide them,” Katsuki grumbled.

“Of course I did, it's embarrassing.” Deku frowned at him. “Anyway, like I was saying, why didn't you tell me?”

“Why do you fucking think, Deku?” Katsuki leaned in. He was always doing that, climbing into Deku's space like he belonged there, stealing the air from his lungs. His lips brushed Deku's ear and so did his breath, hot and damp. “I like them. And I like seeing you squirm.”

“You're mean, Kacchan,” Deku said, even as his eyelashes fluttered and his fingers clutched at Katsuki’s sleeves for support.

“You like it when I'm mean to you,” Katsuki murmured.

Deku couldn't deny that.

They headed to class. Soon, Aizawa informed them that they needed to change into their gym clothes. Apparently they were going to be practicing hand-to-hand combat.

Deku headed to the locker room, but then groaned as he realized he'd have to take the scarf off to change.

“I'm, uh, gonna go to the bathroom to change,” he mumbled, starting to creep toward the door.

“Stop right there, in the name of the law!” A grinning Kaminari caught Deku's arm before he could escape. Dang it. “What're you hiding, huh? You seem pretty suspicious there with that scarf, trying to sneak off.”

“Yeah, Midoriya.” Mineta approached, frowning, and narrowed his eyes. “You better not have gotten a girlfriend before the rest of us.”

“I-I don't have a girlfriend and I'm not hiding anything,” Deku protested a little too quickly. His eyes flickered around, searching for an escape route. “It’s cold, am I not allowed to wear a scarf?”

“Well, if that's the case, then I'm sure you won't mind taking it off…” Kaminari’s grin turned devilish.

“We're supposed to be changing right now. Midoriya-kun’s business is his own. As class rep, I can't condone this sort of breach of privacy—” Iida started to speak up, bless his soul, Deku was going to feed him cookies later. Deku used the distraction to continue his slow sidling towards the door. And then Mineta grabbed the dangling fabric and pulled.

The scarf came loose, and dropped to the floor. Deku froze.

Kaminari’s and Mineta’s eyes turned to dinner plates.

“MIDORIYA!” Mineta wailed. “You really do have a girlfriend, you liar! It's not fair! Cool dudes like you get all the girls, save some for the rest of us!”

A sea of heads turned to look over. At the sight of his friend’s neck, Iida made a scandalized noise and flushed. He adjusted his glasses and averted his eyes. Somewhere in the back of the room, Kirishima snickered and elbowed Katsuki, giving him a knowing look.

“Jeez, she must be something, to bite you like that.” Kaminari whistled. “That looks like it hurts.”

Deku dissolved into pitiful sputtering. Oh god everyone was staring at him. Even Todoroki looked surprised. Deku locked eyes with Katsuki reflexively, sending him a look that screamed, help me.

Katsuki looked back at him and quirked an eyebrow, as if to say, what do you want me to do about it?

Deku snatched up the scarf and wrapped it back around his neck.

Kaminari nudged him. “Dude, so who is it?”

“N-no one!” Deku said desperately. “It doesn't matter.”

Kaminari’s eyes widened as if in realization. “It isn't Uraraka, is it?!”

Iida’s head swivelled. Mineta wailed even harder. “Midoriya, you fiend!”

“Wha- no—”

Katsuki slammed his fist into the locker. The room went silent.

“I did it,” he snapped. “Deku’s mine.”

Deku's face burned so hot he felt like there was steam coming off of it. He didn't know whether to feel worse, or better now that at least the attention was on Katsuki instead of him. The locker room filled with an uproar of shocked murmurs. Though, several of the boys minded their own business, finished changing and headed out.

Mineta’s wailing stopped abruptly.

“What, so you're gay?” Mineta made a face as if he had stepped in shit. Deku felt his blood turn to ice. “Ugh, I don't want to hear about that kind of stuff, keep it to yourselves.”

Deku felt all at once numb, and like he'd taken a blow to the gut. Mineta had said it like he was going to catch cooties from them, like their sexualities were something distasteful. He told himself that it didn't matter, that Mineta didn’t even say anything that bad, that it could be worse so there was no need to react, and yet it still just… hurt. He wasn't even gay anyway. He didn't only like boys.

Kaminari frowned at Mineta. Kirishima took a step forward and opened his mouth, but was beaten to the punch. Because Katsuki stalked forward with murder in his eyes. He grabbed Mineta by the front of his uniform and slammed him into the nearest locker.

Die,” he snarled. “One more goddamn word and I will end your pathetic existence.” He held out his sparking hand, fingers curled into threatening claws, just to show how serious he was.

Mineta stared, bug-eyed, and let out a pitiful whimper.

There was a series of short, sharp taps on the door. “Bakugou. That better not be you threatening someone in there,” came Aizawa’s droll voice. “Well, anyway, hurry up in there. You're taking too long.”

With a huff and a click of his tongue, Katsuki let Mineta drop to the floor like a sack of potatoes, falling on his ass. He stalked off to finish changing.

And he gets on my case about trying to protect him, Deku thought. The sickened feeling had faded, replaced by relief and affection. He knew Katsuki wouldn't have done that, normally. Katsuki had thicker skin. He would have just ignored the comment, if it weren't for Deku.

Thank you, Kacchan.

They finished changing without any further incident, and headed out to the field. There, they were instructed to pair up for their sparring. Deku knew Katsuki would usually choose Kirishima to partner up with, since his hardened skin could keep him from being seriously injured by Katsuki's explosions, allowing him to go all out. But this was practice without quirks. So… Deku’s eyes met Katsuki's.

Katsuki approached. “We doing this or what, Deku?” He asked, an eager, wild look in his eyes. They blazed with his desire to fight and win. It was nothing short of attractive.

“Yeah.” Deku met his gaze with equal determination. “I won't go easy on you just because of…”

“You better not, or I'll fucking kill you.” Katsuki held his hand up and punched his fist against his open palm. He bared his teeth in a feral grin.

Once everyone had paired up, Aizawa informed them of the usual rules of no serious injuries. Then, he began to count down.


Deku ran through strategies in his head, counters to Katsuki's fighting moves, ways to catch him off-guard. He locked his body in a fighting stance, at the ready to strike, block or dodge.


His eyes stayed firmly on Katsuki's. Katsuki looked like he always did, before and during a fight.


Like he wanted to eat his opponent alive.


They fought, and fought, swept up in adrenaline as they punched and kicked and dodged. Deku took a punch to the face that sent wet warmth trickling down his upper lip. The pain made him feel like a fire flaring brighter, more alive. He retaliated with a knee to Katsuki's stomach that left him coughing.

Deku didn't know how long they fought for. They alternated wins. Sometimes it was Katsuki slamming him down to the ground and sitting on his back, twisting his arms until he admitted defeat. Sometimes it was the other way around.

When Aizawa announced that it was time to change and head back to class, they were panting, sweaty and covered in bruises. It seemed like the rest of their class hadn't gone as hard. The rest of them were mostly unscathed.

Aizawa took one look at the two of them and sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Midoriya. Bakugou. Go get cleaned up. Please learn to spar without damaging yourselves.”

Their injuries weren't serious enough to waste Recovery Girl’s time with. Instead, they headed off to the bathroom. Even pinching his nose to stop the bleeding, Deku couldn't stop grinning. He was on a high of adrenaline. Fighting for fun and training was exhilarating, it left him breathless. The places where he'd taken hits throbbed in the most satisfying way.

He knew, by the gleam in Katsuki’s eye and the curve of his lips, that it was the same for him.

The bathroom door had barely swung shut before Katsuki was dragging him into a stall and clicking the lock. He slammed Deku into the door so hard it rattled. "This okay, Deku?" He growled.

Deku couldn't have nodded any faster.

And then Katsuki was licking at the blood smeared all over his mouth and chin, tongue warm and wet. Deku gasped and clutched at Katsuki’s shoulders. His legs spread automatically, letting Katsuki slot between them like he belonged there.

“Kacchan,” he breathed. Katsuki grunted in response, licked his lips, swept him away in an onslaught of coppery kisses.

Giddy laughter spilt from Deku’s lips like the blood spilling from his nose. He moved his hips against Katsuki’s, relished in the grating friction.

Katsuki ground back eagerly, messily. His hands went to Deku's ass and hauled him up against the door, swallowing his answering gasp. Oh. He wasn't exactly light, with all his muscle. He could feel Katsuki's impressive biceps flexing under his grasp to hold him up, that was hot—

Deku let his hands roam as Katsuki dry humped him into the stall door, groping and petting over Katsuki’s arms, back, sides, up into his hair to run through and grip and tug. They were both sweaty, but it didn't matter. They were too desperate for each other to care. He clawed at Katsuki's back through his uniform and Katsuki groaned appreciatively into his mouth.

The fever was rising, building up, leaving Deku grinding back as much as he could, straining for more. Their kissing devolved into biting and panting into each other’s mouths. Deku knew he wasn't going to last long, not with the rough, fast pace Katsuki was setting their hips to, not with the high already fogging his mind—

The bathroom door creaked open. Footsteps.

They both froze. Deku broke the kiss to shoot a wide-eyed look over his shoulder, as if he could see through the door. He held his breath.

They heard the person shuffle over to a urinal and unzip. Deku only caught the twitch of Katsuki's lips from the corner of his eye. It was too late.

Katsuki pressed his face into Deku's neck, sought out the place where the bruise bloomed the deepest purple, and bit.

Deku cried out before he could stop himself, hips stuttering forward. Katsuki dissolved into snickering, his body shaking with laughter. He was the actual worst. Deku shot him a red-faced glare.

“Are you guys diddling?” Came Kaminari’s incredulous voice. “Dude, people pee in there! I'm never using that stall again. It's been defiled.”

Deku was still mortified, but at least it was Kaminari. It could've been worse. He dropped his feet back down to the ground and stood on legs that felt like jelly. Katsuki opened the stall door and strutted out to flick Kaminari off.

“Suck my dick, Sparky. I'll diddle my boyfriend wherever I please.”

Kacchan,” Deku complained, blushing and unable to look Kaminari in the eye. He stopped short when the words sank in.




Okay, well, you should probably get back to class before Aizawa-sensei sends someone to come get you,” Kaminari said.

Katsuki tugged Deku over to the sinks. Katsuki started rinsing his bloody knuckles, while Deku rinsed his face. At least his nose had stopped bleeding. When he was done washing the blood from his face, he dried it off with some paper towels. Katsuki kissed him chastely.

“What are you smiling about, huh, nerd?” Katsuki pinched at his bruised cheek and tugged it, making him wince and laugh.

“Nothing, Kacchan.” He smiled until his cheeks hurt even more, unable to stop himself. “I'm just happy.”

“You guys are disgustingly cute.” Kaminari eyed them.

Katsuki switched to flicking Kaminari off with both fingers, and moonwalked out the door.


Deku was becoming more and more aware of how ridiculously clingy Katsuki was. He was an actual cuddleslut. Not that he minded at all.

They were at lunch, and Katsuki had Deku in his lap. Normally Deku would be more self-conscious about it, but most of the students had flocked indoors due to the cold. His arms were wrapped tightly around his waist and his face was buried in the back of Deku's borrowed scarf. Nuzzling the sliver of skin exposed above the fabric.

Deku felt like he was dreaming.

“Hey. Shitmunch.” ...Okay, except for maybe that part. Same old Kacchan. At Deku’s answering hum, Katsuki said, “I sent you something in class. Did you get it?”

Deku pulled his phone out and checked his texts. Katsuki lifted his head and peered over his shoulder.

[King Explodokill]: read this and fill it out

Katsuki had attached a file. Deku opened it, and waited for it to load. At the top, in big, bold letters, was written..

‘BDSM Checklist’.

“Oh,” Deku mumbled, flushing.

Beneath the heading were instructions, and then further down was a list of various sexual activities. Next to these were spaces to score from 0-5, and spaces for additional comments. He scrolled back to the instructions. Apparently he could put ‘no’ for things he wouldn't do in any circumstance, 0 for ones that he didn't like but would do if he had to, and so on up until 5 for ones that were wild turn-ons.

“This kind of shit is your thing, right?” Katsuki’s voice startled Deku out of his focus. “Charts or whatever. This way I know what you like and don't like. We don't have to do anything right away if you don't want to, but just so we know in the future.”

“Are you going to fill it out too?” Deku peeked over his shoulder.

“Nah. I'll just tell you what we both like when you're done.”

Deku looked at the list again. There were so many kinks, and he hadn't even heard of a bunch of them. He'd definitely have to do some research.

“And we need a safeword. It's for—”

“I know, Kacchan, I read about it.”

Katsuki's fingers found his side and jabbed it, probably for interrupting him. Deku bit back a giggle at the ticklish sensation. “Then hurry up and pick a word, fucking nerd.”

Deku blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“All Might?”

He blanched, immediately regretting it. He didn't want All Might associated with his kinky sex life. He backtracked at the speed of light. “W-wait, nonono nevermind that's weird, he's our teacher and—”

“Nope. No take-backs. It's done.” Katsuki smirked.

“Kacchan! You're so mean,” Deku whined.

“And you fuckin’ love me anyway, so who cares.”

Deku ducked his head. He didn't deny it.


Hours later, Deku was sitting on his bed after having gotten his homework done, looking up definitions from the checklist. He’d already gone through and marked off the things that didn’t apply to them, and then ranked his fours and fives that he knew he liked already or was pretty confident he was into based on his own fantasies and porn he’d watched.

He paused to text Katsuki before he looked something up.

[Deku]: I’m so confused. Is watersports what it sounds like? Playing games in water? That’s so weirdly specific asdfjskajh should I be concerned about getting people hot and bothered the next time I’m splashing friends at the beach?

Deku nearly dropped his phone at the sudden incoming Skype voice call. He fumbled it and hit the answer button.


“I’m not even gonna tell you, just- just fucking look it up.” There was laughter in Katsuki’s voice, making Deku’s eyebrows draw together in suspicion. Still, he searched the term.

“Oh. Ohh.

Okay, well, that wasn’t as bad as he was expecting. He heard Katsuki’s soft snicker over the phone.

“Couldn’t they have just called it a pee kink?” Deku kept his voice low just in case, though he doubted his mom could hear him from wherever she was in the house. Katsuki was always loud though, so he grabbed his earbuds just in case and plugged them in, sliding them into his ears.

“You’re not fucking two years old, you can say piss, y'know.”

“Pee,” Deku repeated stubbornly.




“Piss- wait. Kacchan! You tricked me!”

“You fall for that every damn time.” Katuski snorted. It was true, Deku remembered him using that trick on him when they were kids. “Hey, I might as well just stay on the call with you. I don’t want to miss your reaction to some of these, it’ll be fuckin’ priceless.”

Deku could hear him shifting to get comfortable in the background. He liked the sound of his voice in his ear, close and intimate, even if it was tinny through the phone.

“Well, I was gonna look up what ‘scat’ is next…”

Katsuki made a choking noise, then cleared his throat. Deku looked it up. He yelped.

“KACCHAN! That's a kink people have?! Why?!”

Katsuki lost it, bursting into wheezing laughter.

“That’s so unsanitary,” Deku whined. “But, well, at least I know what those mean now.”

“So?” Katsuki asked, once he recovered.

“So, what?”

“What’re you putting watersports down for?” There was unmistakeable curiosity in Katsuki’s voice.

“I don’t know.” Deku scratched his neck and bit his lip. Heat bloomed in his cheeks. At least this wasn’t as embarrassing as talking about this sort of stuff face-to-face with Katsuki. “I mean... in my mouth or, um, on my face, I’d find that kind of gross… but, um—” he curled in on himself a little and admitted in a smaller voice, “I… wouldn’t mind it if you did it anywhere else?”

Okay, ‘wouldn’t mind’ was an understatement. The thought of being degraded and marked like that was… really appealing.

There was a beat of silence that left Deku’s heartbeat quickening and his fingers feeling cold. What if Kacchan thinks I’m really gross and weird now, what if he doesn’t want to be with me anymore because I’m into really weird things—

“You want me to piss on you?”

“I… well, only if you’d want to.” Deku chewed his lip and swallowed. He wondered if it was just wishful thinking that he thought Katsuki’s voice sounded huskier, there.

“I’d want do. I mean I want to. Fuck.” Katsuki blurted. “Shut the fuck up,” he said, before Deku could say anything about his rare occasion of stumbling over his words. Not that he was going to in the first place.

Deku cracked a smile and relaxed. He knew Katsuki probably wanted to immediately fall into the role of some smooth, perfectly confident and unfazed Dom, but to be honest it was comforting knowing he wasn’t the only fumbling, flustered teenager between the two of them.  

“Four, then. Wait, no, should I put it as a three? I’m more into the other fours I put, but three seems kinda low, I don’t want to make it sound like I’m not into it, but I don’t want to make it sound like I’m more into it than I actually am-”


“O-oh, sorry.” Deku winced as he realized how he’d started to ramble.

“Stop stressing out. It’s not that big of a deal. This shit’s just so we can figure out what you’re into and what you’re not. Who fucking cares if you put a three where it’s actually a four or some shit?”

“Right. Okay.” Deku didn’t mean to get so hung up on the numbers. It wasn’t like he could be entirely accurate anyway, since a lot of this was guesswork. He didn’t have experience with 95% of the things on the list. Maybe some things would turn out to be less hot in reality than they were in fantasy.

“Tell me what you’ve got so far.”

Deku glanced at his closed door, then scrolled back up the list. “Um… I put biting as a five—” that earned him a snort and a mutter of, no shit, Sherlock, “Bondage is a four—”

“Fuck yes. I wanna tie you to my bed.”

Deku had been a little hard all this time just over the excitement that came with looking into all this, and thinking about it. At those words the heat in his body burned hotter. He pressed his hands into his thighs and squirmed.

“What kind of bondage? Arms? Legs? Rope or handcuffs?” Katsuki demanded eagerly.

“Yes?” Deku answered, laughing sheepishly. “I think it’d be fun to try the complicated full-body stuff, too.” He thought of something and giggled. “You know, kinbaku sounds kind of like your family name.”

“I guess.” Katsuki snorted. “So, what else?”

“W-well, choking’s a five, but you knew that. And… well… collars… four,” Deku admitted shyly.

“Oh, fuck. You'd look good in a collar,” Katsuki rasped. Deku swallowed and gave a wobbly smile at the praise. He was glad Katsuki sounded as affected as he was. He was glad that he was on board with everything so far. “Go on.”

“F...f.. Kacchan, I can't say it, it's embarrassing.” Deku whined and grabbed his pillow, pressing it to his burning face.

“How do you fucking expect us to do this shit if you can't even tell me what you want?”

“I know, I know.” Deku huffed and dropped the pillow from his face in favor of hugging it. He inhaled. Best to just spit it out. “F-facials. Four.”

He heard Katsuki make a soft noise, a pleased one, like he was sinking into a hot bath. It made Deku squirm more.

“You want me to come on your face, Deku?”

“Mhm..” Deku sighed breathily and rubbed the heel of his palm into the front of his jeans. “Or anywhere on me. Everywhere.”

Katsuki swore, and Deku heard shuffling on the other end. His cheeks darkened and a thrill ran through him. His stomach was antsy with butterflies.

“Are you—?”

“Yeah,” Katsuki rasped. “Keep going.”

“I… like having my hair pulled, but you know that too. Four. And, um, praise is a five.”

“No shit. You fucking lost it that time, ah, that time I called you a good boy…”

Deku sucked in a breath and bit at his lip. He could hear Katsuki grunting and moaning, could imagine him sprawled on his bed with one hand down the front of his pants. He tried to reconcile himself with the fact that he was on the phone with his boyfriend… who was jerking off while Deku told him all the dirty things he wanted him to do to him. Nope. Still didn't feel real.

“I guess I can mark phone sex down as a three now. Does this count?” Deku laughed nervously. “Um…” there wasn't much left that he'd marked with a number. “Scratching is a four.”

“Just receiving? Because I wouldn't mind if you scratched my back up while I fucked you.”

Fuck. Deku shivered and slipped his hand down his pants. “Mmh. Kacchan, how am I supposed to finish if you're being so distracting…?”

“You really think I can just sit here and not get off while you're telling me this shit?” Katsuki chuckled. It was punctuated by a ragged intake of breath. “C’mon. Tell me more.”

“I… I want you to spank me, Kacchan.”

“Mmh. Yeah? Want me to bend you over my knee?”

Deku's cock twitched. He let out a strangled, “mhm,” and stroked himself quicker. He was already embarrassingly desperate after the day's events, pent up after that scene in the bathroom. “That's- that's it so far, Kacchan, other than verbal humiliation, but I think you know I like that.”

Deku pressed the earbuds in further, wanting to hear Katsuki's panting louder in his ear. His own breathing trembled as he rubbed at the head of his cock.

Katsuki made a throaty noise. “Yeah. Fucking love it when I call you a slut, don't you?”

“Yeah…” Deku laid back and pulled himself out. He let a generous amount of spit fall from his lips to his palm, then wrapped his hand back around himself and stroked. Slicking himself up, wet and messy and good. His thighs spread and his teeth sank into his lip, head tipping back into the pillow.

There was a silence, a silence when it came to words at least, and Deku wondered if he was expected to fill it. His mind went blank and his teeth worried his lip. What if he said something stupid, what if he messed it up?

“I-I’m not good at this,” Deku blurted. “I can’t think of anything sexy to say.”

“It’s fine.” Katsuki grunted.

Deku thought he could hear Katsuki’s bed slightly creaking, more than it would if he was just using his hand. His face burned hotter and his stomach flip-flopped. Did Katsuki like to hump the bed to get off, or his pillows?

The boy’s low voice interrupted before he could get much further into that train of thought. “What’re you thinking about?”

Deku hadn’t really gotten into any one fantasy yet. He’d just been letting flashes of appealing ideas run through his mind. It was easy to think one up, though. His mind went to their date, to Katsuki’s hand skimming his tank-top, to how he’d wanted it somewhere else.

“You, you behind me on the train.” Deku closed his eyes. “Touching me. Gr...grinding against me, slowly, so nobody will notice. Trying to keep quiet.”

“Doing it in public, huh? Dirty fucker,” Katsuki’s chuckle was a soft huff. Deku hadn’t ranked exhibitionism yet, because he didn’t know if he had the guts to do it in reality. “I’d make you come in your pants for me. And I’d drag you off to the bathroom. Fuckin’ finger you with your own come for lube ‘til you’re crying ‘cause you’re so goddamn sensitive.”

Deku’s breath hitched. He was imagining it now, imagining Katsuki’s fingers in him like that time.

“And then I’d fuck you like an animal until you came a second time,” Katsuki panted, groaned in a way that had Deku’s hips bucking up and precome beading at his tip, “and you’d have to put your clothes back on and walk around with my come dripping out of you, and you’d like it, ‘cause you’re a dirty fucking whore.”  

Oh god. Deku’s free hand clawed into the sheets, his toes curled. “Kaa-Kacchan, I want—”

“What do you want, Deku?”

“I- I wish you were over here, I want, I wanna—” the words were spilling out breathlessly, beyond his control, he was gasping and sweating and rolling up into his hand, “I wanna be yours.

“You already are.”

Deku didn’t last much longer after that.

In the aftermath, after Deku cleaned himself up with tissues, he laid in a melted puddle on the bed and tried to catch his breath. His chest swelled with sleepy, blissed out affection for the boy on the other side of the call. He wished he could cuddle up to Katsuki.

Through the earbuds, Deku heard Katsuki make an almost pornographic noise. His dick gave a feeble twitch. The noises Katsuki made were always so hot.

“Did you come, Kacchan?”

“Yeah.” Deku heard him slump and pant. “That was fucking good.”

They laid in silence for a while, basking in the afterglow. Deku hugged his pillow and nuzzled it, pretending it was Katsuki.

“I should go,” Katsuki said to Deku’s disappointment, yawning. “Got homework and shit to do. Lemme know when you get the rest filled out, ‘kay?”

“I will.” Deku smiled. “Bye, Kacchan.”

“Wait. Here,” Deku heard a soft smack of lips, and then a weird noise as if the phone was jostled or something was rubbed on it. He hazarded a guess.

“Did you just… kiss your hand and wipe it on your phone?”

“My middle finger, actually,” Katsuki said smugly.

“Oh my god.” Deku laughed and shook his head fondly. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Kacchan.”

“Later, nerd.”

Chapter Text

It took Deku the rest of the evening to finish the checklist.

He couldn't help it. It was a long list, and he wasn't sure how he felt about a lot of things on there. Plus, despite his promises not to get caught up in the numbers, he wound up waffling back and forth anyway.

The checklist resulted in some... new discoveries about himself, though. Deku had to brace himself, and give himself a miniature pep talk about how Katsuki was his boyfriend and wouldn't care what he was into, even if he didn't share all of the same kinks. Once he finally worked up the courage, he hit send. He rolled over and did his best to sleep despite his racing thoughts.

The next day, Katsuki shoved his phone in his face with the checklist open.


“Y...yes, Kacchan?”

“What the fuck.” Katsuki pointed. Above his finger was ‘knifeplay.’ Ranked as a 3. “You’d let someone take a knife to you?”

That… wasn't what Deku was expecting Katsuki to take issue with.

“Not someone.” Deku shook his head, frowning. “You.”

“You trust me that much?” Katsuki’s eyebrows furrowed, like he didn't know what to do with that information.

“Well, yeah.” Deku had thought Katsuki would’ve known that by then.

Katsuki tucked his phone away and began to walk, hands shoved into his pockets. “I could kill you, you know. If my hand so much as fucking slipped at the wrong time.”

“We don't have to do it, Kacchan. I'm just saying it's on the table.”

Katsuki went quiet for a while, eyes burning holes into the distance.

“If… if I made you bleed,” Katsuki finally said, “I'd rather do it with my teeth. I don’t know about knives or not. Give me time to think about that shit.” Katsuki pursed his lips. “We couldn't do it right now anyway. I can't hurt you that much when we've got school.”

Right. They were both serious about becoming heroes, and Deku didn't need any injuries getting in the way of training for that. Besides, the last thing he needed was someone seeing any marks on him, be it his mom, his classmates, All Might or Recovery Girl, and jumping to conclusions.

“Mm. We'd have to wait for break… Kacchan?”

Katsuki looked over at him. Deku held out his hand and wiggled his fingers, giving a tentative smile. Katsuki huffed and snatched up the offered hand. He rubbed his thumb over Deku’s knuckles.

“Do you want to come over today? My mom wanted me to invite you to dinner with us. M-maybe you could sleep over.”

“Like old times.” Katsuki snorted.

“You always took up the entire bed.” Deku smiled at the fond memory of Katsuki sprawling out like a starfish. “And you'd kick me in your sleep.”

“Yeah, and you mumbled in your sleep and drooled all over my pillow, you fuck.”

Deku rubbed the back of his neck. Okay, he still drooled in his sleep sometimes. He couldn't help it. He didn't know whether or not he still mumbled, though.

Katsuki looked over at him after they had walked in silence for some time.

“The knife shit wasn't all I wanted to talk about, y’know.”

Deku tensed and averted his eyes. He was tempted to One For All himself towards the school to escape this conversation. “What… what is it, Kacchan?”

“What do you think, Deku?” Katsuki shot back, face twisted into something unreadable. “You have a fucking daddy kink.”

All the blood in Deku’s body rushed to his face. He continued to look anywhere but at Katsuki. His palms felt sweaty.

When he first saw it on the checklist, he was confused. It was one of the things he had to look up to find out what, exactly, it entailed. At first, he thought there was no way he'd be into that. But the more he read up on it, the more appealing it began to sound, and then he watched some porn to see if he was into it, and, well.

“Is that…  a problem?”

“I just don't fuckin’ get it. I was joking when I sent that text. And you want to— to what, pretend I'm your fucking dad while we're doing the nasty?”

Deku made a choking noise and wrenched his hand out of Katsuki’s. “What?! No! Gross, Kacchan! It's not like that!”

“Then what is it like?”

“I-I just—” he didn't know how to put it into words, the appeal. He walked in silence for a while, thinking.

To his relief, Katsuki gave him that time to get his thoughts in order. He couldn't help but feel kind of attacked, with the way Katsuki had approached him over something so vulnerable, but he did get the feeling that Katsuki really did want to understand.

“It’s just another type of dynamic, like how some people like the master and servant stuff. I guess it appeals to me because it makes me feel like… like you would be taking care of me, keeping me safe, and have authority over me, except it'd be in a more… loving and gentle way, I guess? And I, I want to feel little.”

Deku waved his hands nervously as he spoke in a rush, still avoiding eye contact. “I-I just don't know if I'd want to call you ‘master’, that feels weird and impersonal to me, so it's sort of like a similar alternative, and it really doesn't have to do with real incestual stuff to me, Kacchan, I promise—”


He finally looked up. Katsuki's face had softened.

“Okay,” Katsuki said. “Can I have your hand back now?”

“Oh, um, right.” Deku smiled sheepishly and laced his fingers back with Katsuki's.

“Look, I don't think I could stay hard with you calling me that. My dick would die a fucking miserable death. It's just not my thing.”

“R-right, and that's fine, I wasn't expecting you to be into all the same things—”

“Fucking let me finish,” Katsuki complained. “I was going to say I'll call you ‘baby’ or whatever shit you want, if that plays into your kink.”

Deku's cheeks burned and his brain stuttered to a halt at the sound of the word ‘baby’ coming from Katsuki's mouth. His mouth flapped uselessly.

Katsuki smirked. “...I'll take that as a yes.”


“Midoriya-kun!” Iida said at lunch, bowing. “I would like you to know that I support your relationship wholeheartedly! Mineta-kun’s behavior the other day was inexcusable.”

“Huh?” Uraraka looked up. “What did he do this time?”

Deku flailed his hands. “Ah, um, no, it was nothing.”

“He was disrespectful and a hypocrite,” Todoroki cut in, appearing next to Deku with a suddenness that had his pulse skyrocketing.

“T-Todoroki-kun!” Deku yelped, clutching his chest.

“Oh,” Todoroki blinked. “I startled you. I'm sorry.”

“It's okay.” Deku gave a shaky laugh. “Gosh, maybe we need to put a bell on you…” he trailed off as it occurred to him exactly why someone would learn to move silently. He tried not to follow that train of thought too far.

Deku scooted over to allow Todoroki to sit. Usually the boy sat with Yaoyorozu, but ever since the Sports Festival, he would occasionally sit with Deku and his friends.

When Deku looked back at the table, Uraraka was glaring across the cafeteria with her fist clenched. “Why, I oughta teach that little punk a lesson,” she said, voice almost a growl.

“Th-there’s no need for that!” Deku flailed. “Kacchan already threatened to kill him. W-well, maybe not threatened, you know how Kacchan is about saying he'll murder people, he's probably not serious. Probably…”

“Speaking of Bakugou,” Todoroki caught Deku's attention and met his eye. His eyebrows were furrowed ever-so-slightly. “Is he treating you well?”

Deku almost couldn’t believe the question. Couldn’t believe the slight suspicion behind it. He smacked his palms down on the table, back straightening and mouth twisting into a frown. “Of course! Do you really think Kacchan would settle for being anything but the best, even when it comes to dating?”

Todoroki rubbed the back of his neck and looked away. “Ah… sorry. I didn't mean to imply…” his voice faltered.

Todoroki looked like he felt genuinely bad. Deku’s shoulders relaxed, and he felt the prickle of embarrassment. Okay, he’d kind of overreacted… “It's okay, it's okay,” he said, softer. “Iida-kun had concerns too. I appreciate it.”

His friends couldn’t help it if they didn’t understand his relationship with Katsuki, or how he’d always been Katsuki’s number one fan. He didn’t blame them for it, even if they didn’t like Katsuki. Deku knew he could fight his own battles and earn his own admiration. He’d earned all of Deku’s from the very beginning, after all.

“I might’ve worried too, but they're surprisingly cute together.” Uraraka giggled. “You two should've seen Bakugou-kun tying Deku-kun’s tie for him.”

“Ah, so that's why his tie was tied properly,” Iida mumbled, enlightened.

Deku went pink in the cheeks. “W-well, that's enough about Kacchan and I! Um, how are you doing today, Todoroki-kun?”

The conversation moved to other things, bringing him out of the center of attention, to his relief.

Halfway through lunch, Deku couldn't shake the feeling that he was being stared at. He looked around, until he locked eyes with Katsuki. Who looked… irritated? He was scowling, and digging his fingers into his pants. When Deku caught his eye, he looked away.



“What was that at lunch, Kacchan?” Deku asked as they walked home from school.

“What the fuck are you talking about,” Katsuki grumbled flatly, but the way his pace picked up speed told Deku that he knew exactly what he was talking about.

Deku didn't say anything, just waited, let the silence pressure him. They were halfway home when Katsuki broke.

“You were all over that Half’n’half fucker at lunch!” he burst out. “You were practically sitting on him, and you kept smiling at him like the sun shone out of his fucking ass!”

Oh. So that was what this was about.

“You’re jealous,” Deku said, biting back a smile. He knew it was kind of awful of him to be happy about it when Katsuki was genuinely upset, but..  he couldn't help it. He liked the affirmation that he was special .

“No. Yes. Fuck.” Katsuki groaned and dragged his hands down his face. “I don't want to be one of those controlling assholes who are pathetic excuses for boyfriends, I just,” he ground his teeth and turned his head, looking down. “I fucking hate the way I feel when you…”

“It's okay, Kacchan.” Deku took his hand and squeezed it. “I feel the same way sometimes, when I see you and Kirishima-kun.”

“Seriously?” Katsuki shot him an incredulous look. “You get jealous over Shitty-hair?”

“Well, you two seem so close! And you know how affectionate he is.” Deku laughed and scratched his cheek. At least Katsuki looked like he felt a little better now.

“Dumbass. Next time you're feeling insecure over that, just come sit in my lap or some shit.”

Deku’s stomach twisted with mortification at the thought. As if he'd just walk over and sit on Katsuki in front of his friends, in the middle of the cafeteria or the classroom. Still, he appreciated the thought that he was allowed to, what, stake his claim?

“You too, then. I-I mean, maybe not sit on my lap, but you can come kiss me if it helps?” Although Deku was pretty sure Katsuki’s claim was already well staked, considering the bitemarks and the declaration in the locker room.

They split ways at their houses, so that Katsuki could pack a sleepover bag and Deku could let his mother know. Even though it was only a brief separation, Deku kissed Katsuki goodbye anyway. He tried to keep it brief, but, well, Katsuki didn’t really do brief. After Katsuki had his fill of ravaging Deku’s mouth, he leaned in and murmured in his ear.

“I’ll be over in a few, baby boy.”

Deku’s knees went weak. He stared after Katsuki, wide-eyed, as the boy sauntered away looking like the cat that got the canary.

He was pretty sure Katsuki was going to be the death of him.


Several hours later, they were sitting on Deku’s bed arguing over the pronunciation of an image format. Deku couldn't even remember how they'd gotten on the subject in the first place.

“It's fucking GIF, Deku, not ‘JIF’. It stands for Graphics Interchange Format. What the shit are you trying to say, dumbass, Jraphics Interchange Format?”

“But it's an acronym, Kacchan, there’s no rule saying that you have to pronounce the letters in acronyms like the words they stand for! For example, lol stands for laughing out loud, and the o when you say it is pronounced completely different from the o in out—”

“Who the fuck actually says l-o-l out loud?!”

“Todoroki-kun,” Deku said solemnly.

Katsuki stared.

“Teaching him text lingo was a mistake.”

“Nevermind fuckin’ Half’n’half, it's still pronounced GIF.” Katsuki leaned over and flicked Deku's forehead. He winced and batted at Katsuki’s hand.

“No. I can pronounce it how I want to.” Daringly, Deku stuck his tongue out.

“You little shit!” Katsuki lunged at him. Deku shrieked and darted away, laughter skipping from his lips. Katsuki stumbled off the bed in hot pursuit. Deku seized the opportunity to dash back to the bed, snatch up a pillow and brandish it like a fluffy shield.

“You think a pillow’s gonna stop me from killing you, fucker?!” Katsuki was grinning, teeth bared like a snarl as he backed Deku into a corner. He yanked him closer by the pillow, spun him around and pulled him into a headlock. Deku yelped, dropped the pillow and struggled as Katsuki started noogying him.

“Fucking admit that it's GIF!”

“Never!” Deku screeched in defiance, clawing at Katsuki’s forearms and helplessly giggling. He was pink in the face and breathless from their play fighting.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Yeah?” Deku called, laughter trailing off, though he couldn't help a lingering smile. Katsuki dropped his hands and pulled away, just as Deku’s mother cracked the door open and poked her head in.

“I'm going to the store to pick up groceries for dinner, did you boys want to come with?”

Deku only barely resisted the urge to exchange a glance with Katsuki. If they didn’t go, they’d be home alone. Free to do whatever they wanted.

“I think we're good here,” he said, hurrying to come up with an excuse that didn’t sound suspicious. “I, um, still need to finish my homework.”

“Okay. Katsuki-kun, is katsudon okay with you? I know you never minded it when you were little, but it’s been a few years and I just want to make sure nothing’s changed,” she wrung her hands, smiling a bit nervously.

“Yeah, sure.” Katsuki shoved his hands in his pockets, slouching. Deku peeked at him from the corner of his eye and admired, well, everything. Sometimes it caught him off-guard how pretty Katsuki was. “You got any ground red chili pepper?”

“Ah, um, I don’t think we do, but I can pick some up at the store.”

Katsuki nodded. “Thanks.”

Deku barely resisted the urge to turn his head and stare. It was rare to hear Katsuki thank anyone.

“You're welcome! I'll be back in a bit.” She gave them a parting smile and shut the door. They heard her footsteps shuffling away.

Moments later, arms wound around Deku's waist, pulling him back into a warm, firm body. A startled noise escaped him as his back was suddenly pressed flush to Katsuki's front.

“Where were we, Deku?” Came Katsuki's voice, low and gravelly in his ear.

“Uh,” Deku replied intelligently, his head going fuzzy and his body melting back into Katsuki.

“You were being a little shit,” Katsuki reminded, hands sliding down and fingers teasing ever-so-slightly up the hem of Deku's shirt to rub over the outline of his hipbones, trace absentminded patterns with fingernails. Pleasant shivers ran through Deku. It felt like even the hair on his head was standing up.

“You know what mouthy little shits get?”

“...Wh-what, Kacchan?”

Katsuki raked his nails down Deku's abs, leaving sweetly stinging pink lines in their wake. Deku's breathing hiccupped and his stomach jumped.


Katsuki scooped him up, dumping him on the bed before sitting down on the edge. “Come here,” he demanded, spreading his legs. “Over my knees.”

Deku practically fell over himself to comply. Then he was laying face-down over Katsuki's lap, burning face pressed into cool sheets. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach. He didn't think that this would be happening so soon. They hadn't even finished going over the rest of the checklist. Not that he minded, he was really excited about this, even if he was kind of nervous too, and his face was so red from this position, and if he knew Katsuki was going to be doing stuff with him he would’ve showered right before—

“Stop fucking muttering.”

Oh… oops.

“What’s the safeword?”

Deku's eyes flickered up to the posters lining his walls. He averted his eyes, and said a silent apology to his mentor and idol. “A-All Might.”

“Good. Lift your hips.”

Deku lifted them. Katsuki unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and shoved them down along with his underwear so that just his ass was exposed. With a firm hand, Katsuki coaxed his hips back down.

Katsuki's hands didn’t go to Deku’s ass at first. They petted over his hair, the back of his neck, his shoulders and the curve of his back. Finally they explored lower, stroking and squeezing soft cheeks. Deku could feel what blood wasn't in his face rushing down. He wanted to squirm, rub himself into something. But something in him ached to be good and hold still for Katsuki.

He waited, anticipation making his blood thrum and heart thud, threatening to break out onto the sheets. Katsuki's hands only soothed over his skin, bringing none of the pain he was anxious for.

The first strike caught Deku by surprise. It was the sound that made him jump at first, before the sensation caught up with him. It stung, but not as much as he was expecting.

A second smack came, on his other cheek. He was ready for it, this time. The soft stinging almost frustrated him. Katsuki knew he could take a lot more than that, had seen him break himself because of his quirk.

“How many do you think I should give you, Deku?” Katsuki’s hands soothed over the sting.

The gears in Deku’s head grinded at having some sort of control thrust back at him. He reeled. He didn’t know what was a standard number. What if he suggested something too high? What if he suggested something too low and disappointed Katsuki?

“I… I don’t know.”

“Ten, then.”

Deku jerked his chin up, looked over his shoulder to protest before he could think it through. “I can take more than that, Kacchan! I’m not weak, you know I ca— nhf.”

He was cut off by fingers shoved into his mouth. Katsuki grabbed a fistful of his hair and yanked, ‘til his head was tipped back and he was whimpering a muffled ah around the obstructions on his tongue. His cock dripped against the front of his briefs.

“I said,” Katsuki’s voice rumbled low, gravelly, like a warning growl, “ten.”

His fingers slipped free, trailing down and wetting Deku’s chin with spit, sliding to his neck and giving the barest of squeezes and then—

Katsuki’s hand came down on his ass. Hard. Deku choked on a sharp inhale and jerked. It throbbed in the wake of his palm, sharp and hot and pulsing, deeper than the previous hits.

“O-one,” Deku murmured. He pressed his face back into the sheets, spine arching and ass pushed up lewdly for more.

The second smack came hot on the heels of the first, bringing the pain to his other cheek. He let out the breath he’d been holding and melted. Katsuki caressed and kneaded where it hurt, and maybe it wasn’t the right time but Deku felt like giggling into the bed, because he was all giddy and high and breathless, like he was on a rollercoaster ride. It was fun. He wanted, craved more.

“Two—” another spank came without warning, and Deku lurched, gasped, “three!” like it had been knocked loose from his throat.

Maybe the pain wouldn’t catch him if it weren’t for Katsuki rubbing his cheeks between hits, if it was just one strike after another, but like this he didn’t have a chance to acclimate, to go numb, it hurt anew and climbed to new heights every time—

Katsuki’s hand came down on the other side, spreading fresh burning throughout. Deku moaned softly.

“Four…” As Katsuki stroked the marks he’d left, Deku slumped from the tensed position he didn’t realize he’d taken. He was hard and aching, dick straining against the front of his pants, but he could hardly pay it any mind compared to the throbbing further back. Katsuki’s knuckles rubbed over the knobs of his spine through his shirt, soft and comforting.

Another smack, sudden and harsh and thudding.

The stinging flared up hotter and brighter, and Deku curled his fingers in the sheets, barely managed to gasp, “five,” before Katsuki hit him even harder on the other cheek and he was crying out, “si- six, ” his hips stuttering, chasing something before he even realized he was squirming.

It hurt more than he thought it would, a constant pulsing onslaught leaving him confused on whether to push into it or pull away. It was intense and it hurt and yet it was so satisfying—

Katsuki’s hands met Deku’s hot skin, and despite the gentleness of the touch, he hissed and curled his fingers.

The break was shorter this time, Deku was even less prepared for it when Katsuki slammed his hand down. His entire body jumped, and when his mouth caught up a guttural moan spilled out, loud and visceral and startling even himself

His mind started slipping away into a haze, his thoughts fragmented and blurry. It was a relief to not think anymore, only feel, to lose himself to the physical. He was floating, lost in a trance. He was aware of the sensations of his body, and yet at the same time, he was distant from them.

Katsuki paused, and Deku caught his breath.

“Number, Deku.”

Deku stared at the colors and shapes beneath him, tried to make sense of the words that seemed like white noise for a moment. The meaning sunk in, and his lips parted on an oh. “…?” His lips were clumsy around the word this time, as if he was relearning how to use his mouth.

He earned the other cheek’s spanking. The impact flooded through his body like a tidal wave, savage pain rippling outward and licking him up like flames, he was burning, drowning, “Kaa-Kaccha—” he nearly sobbed into the sheets, clawing at them, “eight—”

The ninth came and the air seized up in his throat, he wasn’t even breathing, something escaped him but he didn’t know whether it was the number or Kacchan or a cry, oh god his ass was on fire.

Maybe Katsuki was being sadistic, or maybe it was just in his head because it was the last one, but the tenth felt the most brutal. Deku let out a broken whimper at the spank and rocked his hips in desperation. “Ten! Kacchan, please, please, please—”

Katsuki swore, and then he was flipping Deku over, manhandling him to lie on his back on the bed. At the contact of his ass with the sheets, Deku hiccupped and twitched, pain rippling through him.

Katsuki yanked his pants further down to expose his cock, coming to lie between his legs, seizing his thighs and dragging them up over his shoulders. He sucked Deku into his mouth like he was just as hungry for it, grunting and gagging as he slid deeper, wrapping a hand around the base and squeezing.

Deku cried out. His hands shot to Katsuki's hair and gripped it, his thighs squeezed and his toes curled and, oh god, he could feel it building up slow and agonizingly delicious, Katsuki was blowing him all messy and desperate, slurping on the head and lapping up his precome and—

“Ka-Kaccha—” he tried to warn, but Katsuki didn't pull off, just kept sucking hot and wet and dirty—

Deku fell apart in his hands, clenching and shuddering and throwing his head back. It was one of the most intense orgasms he'd ever had.

He blinked back stars from his eyes and panted, chest aching from how his lungs had seized up. Everything hurt when he slowly relaxed, fingers and thighs going loose and pliant, but it was a good kind of hurt.

Katsuki carefully dropped Deku's thighs back down to the bed. He crawled up and leaned over him, eyes glassy and face flushed. He cupped Deku's cheek and kissed him, tongued his own come into his mouth.

“Mmh,” Deku sighed. He wrapped his arms around Katsuki and idly swapped the come back and forth between their mouths, tongues caressing each other sweet, warm and slick. It tasted salty and weird and not quite pleasant, but it was worth it for how hot it was, and how he could feel Katsuki trembling with need against him.

He felt Katsuki shift, and he automatically knew he was shoving a hand down his pants and stroking himself to their filthy kissing.

When he came, it was with a muffled moan into Deku's mouth.

Deku sighed and carded his fingers through Katsuki's hair. He swallowed the come, and Katsuki broke the kiss. He collapsed next to Deku and rolled onto his back, settling with a satisfied sigh. He wiped his messy hand off on Deku's sheets. Deku was too exhausted and blissed out to care.

At Katsuki's coaxing, Deku rolled over to cuddle into his chest so that his sore ass wasn't being aggravated by the sheets.

“You good?” Katsuki asked, lidded eyes peering down at him. Deku liked post-orgasm Katsuki. His face was soft and pleased, and he was melty and loose-limbed and radiating satisfaction like a cat stretched out in a puddle of sunshine. Deku could feel his voice rumbling from his chest beneath him.

“Really good,” Deku answered. He smiled, and felt his chest swell with emotion. He bit his lip to keep from tearing up. “Kacchan, I…” his voice faltered under the weight of all he wanted to express, feeble and weak compared to the intensity and power of his feelings.

“I really, really..” he barely bit back another L word, scared it was too much too soon, that he'd scare Katsuki off, “like you, you know that, right?”

“Mm.” Katsuki shifted beneath him, leaned down and brushed soft lips over Deku's forehead. A strong forearm looped lazily over Deku’s waist. “I know.”

They laid like that for a while, cuddling half-asleep. Katsuki finally sighed and lightly tugged at a lock of Deku's hair to get his attention.

“C’mon. Dunno how long we have before your mom gets home, and I gotta take care of you. You got any lotion?”

Deku stretched and yawned. He pushed himself up on his elbow. “Somewhere in the bathroom, I think,” he slurred drowsily.

Katsuki instructed him to lie on his stomach, so he wiggled into the warm spot Katsuki left when he got up.

Katsuki sat behind him once he found the lotion. He uncapped it and got some onto his fingers. Deku jumped at the first touch to his tender cheeks. Even though Katsuki was being gentle, it stung like hell. He bit his lip and tried not to hiss while Katsuki worked.

When Katsuki finished, he carefully, slowly pulled Deku's pants and briefs back up. Just in time for them to hear the sound of the front door opening and bags rustling.

“Ah, we should go help her with the groceries.” Deku stumbled to his feet, though he wobbled on them. Katsuki steadied him.

Later, when dinner was ready and Deku's mother called them down for it, Katsuki shot a glance at the table and then at Deku, frowning slightly.

“Can we eat in the living room?” Katsuki asked her. For a moment, Deku was confused. And then it occurred to him that he was going to have to sit on his sore butt, and he found himself smiling at Katsuki's concern. “I've got bruises all over from hero training, don't really want to sit in a hard ass chair.”

“Oh!” She put a hand over her mouth. “Gosh, they push you kids so hard… of course, let me just move the dishes out there.”

Katsuki and Deku helped take the bowls and glasses to the living room and set them on the coffee table. They sat down to eat, and Deku carefully masked his wince. He did his best to keep the weight on his thighs instead, tucking his feet under him.

After dinner, once they had cleaned up, they settled back in on the couch to watch TV. Deku's mother stayed with them at first, recommending one of her favorite dramas that was currently on. She watched with her wide eyes fixed on the screen and occasionally her hand over her mouth. Meanwhile, Katsuki angrily muttered at the characters for being dumbasses. Deku found himself snuggled into Katsuki's side, with Katsuki throwing an arm over his shoulders.

Deku's mother eventually left the two boys be, and then the show changed. Deku wasn't even sure what it was anymore, he hadn’t been paying attention.

He was trying to stay awake and focus, but he was just so… sleepy… his eyes were heavy and stung when he kept them open, and his head was a weight tipping further and further towards Katsuki's shoulder by the moment…

(Later, when Inko came to check on them, she found the two boys fast asleep, Izuku with his head on Katsuki's shoulder and Katsuki with his cheek resting on Izuku’s head. She smiled, and brought out a blanket to drape over their laps.)

(She was glad her son finally had someone to protect him.)

Chapter Text

Deku blinked his eyes open in the dark room. He was warm, sleepy and confused. Had he fallen asleep…?

His cheek was resting on soft fabric with firmness underneath, and he could feel something heavy on his head. He inhaled smoky spice, and immediately knew, Kacchan.

“You awake?” Katsuki murmured.


“Thank fuck. I can't feel my arm.” Katsuki lifted his head, and once Deku sat up he stretched, rolling his shoulder and attempting to rub feeling back into his limb.

Deku's head tipped back against the couch. He yawned. His eyes watered, so he rubbed at them. “Time’s’it?”

Katsuki slid his phone from his pocket and turned it on. The pale blue glow illuminated his face.

“Two in the fuckin’ morning. C’mon, let's get you to bed.”

Deku didn't wanna move. The couch was swallowing him, sticking him to the sofa crease with mysterious sofa magnetism. His spot was warm and comfy and his body was leaden. Besides, the floor at two in the morning would be a cruel and unusual torture to walk on, with how freezing it'd be…

Katsuki glared at him, but it wasn't his angry glare. It was his ‘Deku-you-fuck-why-do-I-even-like-you’ glare. Deku was an expert on the fine nuances of Kacchan glares.

“Fucking useless potato,” Katsuki grumbled, and leaned down to scoop Deku into his arms.

Deku latched onto him, legs wrapping around his waist and arms around his neck. He tucked his chin over Katsuki's shoulder and giggled at the absurdity. “‘Useless potato’, Kacchan?”

“It's fuck-o’clock in the morning, shut up.”

Deku hummed. Katsuki carried him to bed and laid him down slow and careful. His butt still hurt, especially with the movements jostling him, but it was tolerable. He'd had much worse. Katsuki undid Deku's pants and pulled them off, dropping them on the floor.

“Gonna get some water. I'll be back in a sec.”

“M’kay…” Deku yawned again and rolled onto his side, curling up. He listened to the sound of footsteps padding away. He could hear a light flick on, and then the tap running. Something about it pleased him. Maybe it was the domesticity of having Katsuki in his home, helping himself to what he needed as if it were his own.

Despite his lethargy, Deku couldn't find it in him to fall asleep without Katsuki there yet. Besides, the trip from the couch had woken him up some more.

Katsuki came back. He shucked his shirt and pants and crawled into bed behind Deku.

“Y-you sleep in your underwear, Kacchan?”

“I sleep naked,” Katsuki said in his ear as he settled along his back, wrapping an arm around his waist and tucking the other under his neck. “But I don't want to give your mom a fucking heart attack if she comes in here.”

“Oh…” Deku flushed at the thought of Katsuki pressed up against him like this naked. There was already a lot of bare skin pressed to him right now, oh gosh. His pulse was running a marathon.

Katsuki was so warm and close, though. Deku sighed and let out a pleased hum, snuggling back into him and pulling Katsuki's arm tighter around his waist. He had to sleep hugging something, so he grabbed his extra pillow and tucked it between his legs, curling around it. That was better.

“Good night, Kacchan.”


Deku closed his eyes, ready to sleep.

Except… that was when they discovered how hard cuddling actually was. Maybe five minutes had passed, and Katsuki kept shifting.

“Fuck, do you have to sleep under fifty goddamn blankets?” He muttered.

“Four,” Deku corrected. “I get cold easily… you can turn the fan on and lie on top of them?”

“Don't wanna get up,” Katsuki complained. He moved his arms and wriggled his way out of blanket hell on lie on top. Deku missed the way he had slotted perfectly behind him, but at least Katsuki could still put an arm over the shape of his body through the blankets, put his arm back under his head and nose into his hair.

Problem solved, they relaxed and prepared to drift back to sleep.

...Ten minutes later, Katsuki huffed. “I can't fuckin’ do this.”

“Mmh?” Deku groaned and blinked his bleary eyes open. He was left bereft of cuddles as Katsuki pulled away and sat up, swearing.

“Again with this shit, I can't feel my arm!”

“I could try ‘nd be big spoon?” Deku offered, yawning.

“You? No fuckin’ way, you're too short.” Katsuki crossed his arms over his chest.

Deku ran through a mental catalogue of cuddling positions. “Um… I could lie on top of you?”

“Fine. Let's try it.”

Katsuki rolled onto his back, and Deku shuffled over to settle on him. He was reluctant to give up the pillow between his legs and the fortress of blankets up to his chin, but at least Katsuki was naturally warm. He pressed his cheek to Katsuki's bare chest and smiled at the sound of his heartbeat. Katsuki hugged him loosely and exhaled his tension.

For a while, Deku thought this was it. They could finally sleep.

Except that he couldn't find a comfortable position for his head. Katsuki's chest was hard, and it was hurting his cheekbone and neck to have his head turned. He tried scooting further and laying his face against Katsuki's neck instead, but even that still hurt his neck.

A frustrated growl rumbled from Katsuki’s throat. “It's too hot, ” he snapped. “Why is this so hard? It's just fucking cuddling!”

It really was irritating. They’d slept fine after The Incident, cuddled close to each other and exhausted after… after everything. Why did it have to be such a problem now?

“Maybe we should just sleep without.“ Deku sighed. He gave up. He rolled off of Katsuki and wiggled his way back under the blankets. It was more comfortable, but he did miss all the contact with his boyfriend.

They laid in silence.

Then: “...I'm too awake now to sleep,” Deku groaned.

“Fucking same.” Katsuki rolled over to face Deku’s back, propping himself up on his elbow. He eyed Deku consideringly. When Deku turned his head and looked over his shoulder, he could just barely make out the way his lips curved up in smug amusement. “I could read you a bedtime story. I have one in mind.”

Deku weighed the pros and cons of asking after whatever was making Katsuki smirk like that. He sighed and gave in, mumbling, “what.”

“Once upon a time, King Explodokill was going to tell his boyfriend all the kinky shit he was into.” Katsuki jabbed Deku’s cheek with his finger.

“Y-yeah. Okay, good story, continue,” Deku said a little too quickly. He turned onto his other side to face Katsuki. He was even more awake after that. His face burned, but the familiar embarrassment did nothing to dull his eagerness, or the rush of tickly feelings in his stomach.

The blanket of night made this feel easier at least. It was just them in this quiet bubble of darkness and bedsheets, barriers broken away by their half-asleep state. Words could spill out with ease here, like they were just dreams that wouldn’t affect tomorrow.

Katsuki grabbed his phone and turned it on. The brightness made them both wince. He turned it down to the lowest setting. He opened the checklist back up and peered at it. At the top of the list was three categories of anal plugs: small, large, and in public under clothes. Deku had given them all high rankings.

The familiar sight made Deku’s stomach flutter a little harder, his blood run warmer. He wondered, with equal parts amusement and mortification, if he’d accidentally conditioned himself to get hard every time he looked at the checklist.

“Fuck yeah to anal plugs. In public, too, Deku?” Katsuki smirked. Deku liked the casual, sleepy slur of his voice. Liked the way his eyes were hooded and his face was soft. “You really are a pervert.”

Deku ducked his face to hide most of it in the pillow he was hugging. Katsuki scrolled and continued stating the ones that Deku had marked highly that he was also into. “Begging and blindfolds, yeah. Tying you up’n blindfolding you’d be hot. Cock rings and cock worship, same.”

Katsuki continued on to tell Deku that he was also into face slapping, gags, and gun play. It was an overload of information that had Deku squirming, face going redder and redder at each appealing mental image that flickered through his head.

Katsuki paused.

“I'm not really into lingerie. I'm fucking gay, so,” Katsuki said upon seeing that Deku had marked it with a three.

“But they're just clothes, Kacchan. They don't have a gender.”

Katsuki appeared to ponder this. “Fuck, okay, true,” he muttered. He eyed Deku consideringly. “Still not into lingerie. But you'd be hot in stockings if you shaved.” He paused. “And a skirt. I would fuck you in a skirt.”

Deku flushed and cracked a smile. “Thanks?”

Katsuki continued on, saying that he was also into orgasm denial, orgasm control, sensory deprivation, and wax play. And then he’d reached the end of the list. (To Deku’s disappointment. He wanted to hear Katsuki listing off more dirty things in his gravelly voice.)

“So… are you into anything I didn’t put a three or higher on? Or, um, anything that isn’t on the checklist?” Deku asked, unable to restrain his curiosity. He had to admit, part of him wanted Katsuki to fill out a list of his own, just so he could get a better idea of what he liked and disliked and analyze it.

“You know the master/slave shit you were talking about?”


“Yeah. I’d get off on it if you called me ‘master’ or ‘sir’. But you said you’re not into that, so.”

Was that… sheepishness, on Katsuki’s face? Deku fought back a smile twitching at his lips. Aww. It was good to know he wasn’t the only one nervous about sharing his kinks.

“No, um, we could try it at some point?” Deku offered, biting his lip. “I’m not really opposed. I think I’d just have to get used to it.”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes. “Don’t force yourself.”

“I’m not! I really don’t mind. I… I want to make you happy. Making you happy makes me happy.”

Katsuki stared at him.

Deku stared back.

“Stop being so goddamn sappy, you little shit!” Katsuki growled, dragging Deku close and squeezing him aggressively. Deku felt a light sting, and... did Katsuki just bite his cheek?

“Hey!” Deku laughed and shoved Katsuki. A brief struggle ensued where they fought like children, more slapping at each other’s hands than anything. Everything was funnier, because Deku was tired. He couldn’t stop snickering.

Katsuki shut him up by mashing their mouths together.

“Rude,” Deku complained as he pulled away, wiping the spit from his lips. It’d gone dark by then, Katsuki’s phone falling asleep, so his aim was off. He grinned and leaned forward until his nose bumped Katsuki’s cheek, then blew a raspberry. Katsuki made a noise of disgust and lazily batted Deku’s face.

“Go to sleep,” Katsuki said.

They both relaxed, the last of their energy drained by the talking and play fighting.

“No, you go to sleep...” Deku couldn’t help but mumble, snickering. Katsuki seemed to decide that ignoring him was the best course of action for dealing with Deku’s half-asleep shenanigans.

It worked. For a little while, at least.

Everything was calm and quiet. They drifted further and further to sleep.

“ useless potato,” Deku slurred, drooling on Katsuki.