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dutch courage

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"Why- do you- keep-- drinking so much- when you know you're- such a-- lightweight?" Jungkook grunted as he helped a giggling Jimin get out of the elevator in his apartment complex. They usually took the stairs but seeing how drunk Jimin was now, it was an emergency. "How are you going to take care of yourself if you're this wasted?"

"That's why you're here, silly!" Jimin giggled a little louder. "And don't tell me you're not even at least slightly tipsy, alright? I saw you doing those shots."

Jungkook rolled his eyes as Jimin leaned against the doorway of his apartment, taking his time and fumbling with the keys which Jungkook suspected was on purpose just to get him riled up.


Jimin was right, though-- he was tipsy. Just a little bit. It was worse when they were at the bar but then he and Jimin had to go home but couldn't drive so they had to walk. The cool breeze seemed to have helped him sober up a bit.

They were drinking to celebrate the engagement between two of their closest friends, Namjoon an Seokjin. They had been together since forever and Namjoon finally gathered up the courage to take their relationship a step forward. It was a happy and interesting night of drinking for everyone, not just for the band of friends but even for the people they didn't know at the bar because Taehyung and Hoseok usually got too noisy and friendly when they were drunk, so they managed to turn a quiet celebration into a half-scale party in just a couple of hours. The party was still in motion, actually, but Jungkook, being more tolerant to alcohol, realized that Jimin had had enough to drink already, judging by the way the older was clinging to him, and needed to go home. They bade their friends goodbye and found themselves drunkenly walking and talking as they got home.

Then Jungkook realized that he had to be the one to tow Jimin into his own room otherwise the elder would wake up sore all over, lying face down on his living room floor.


Nanny McKook at your service, once again. He sighed.


Before Jungkook could snatch it out of his hands, Jimin finally found the right key and they were able to get in. When Jungkook turned to lead Jimin to the sofa, like he always did when he helped drunk Jimin get home, Jimin shook his head and said, "I wanna sleep on my bed."

Jungkook huffed out an "okay" before trudging them towards Jimin's bedroom. It was easily the most pleasant room in the apartment for Jungkook because it was where you coud practically see Jimin's personality-- clothes strewn on the chair in his room near the mirror, a portable CD player on the floor near the bed, his collection of BIGBANG albums on the shelf near the closet, just to name a few things. They'd been best friends for years already and he knew Jimin was nothing short of organized, except for his clothes.

"Aaahh, thank you, Jungkookieee~" Jimin cooed as threw himself onto his bed. Jimin continued to shuffle to make himself comfortable, making his shirt ride up in the process. Jungkook's eyes widen in realization that it was his cue to leave, he had to go or else--




Jungkook's racing heart skipped a beat. "Yeah?"


"Can't you stay for a while?"


Jimin was already craning his neck in what looked to be an uncomfortable way so Jungkook started making his way to the other side of the bed. But, really, in all honesty, when did he ever say 'no' to Jimin?



Jungkook stopped beside the bed and looked over at Jimin. The latter smiled and patted the space on the bed beside him. "Come on, get in."

Reluctantly, Jungkook followed.

It should have been hella awkward, he shouldn't have felt so comfortable where he was, but he did, and he didn't ever want to leave.

When he got into Jimin's bed, Jimin immediately turned to face him and Jungkook did the same. They locked eyes and when Jimin smiled at him again, for the first time that evening, Jungkook returned it.


It felt like all was right with the world.


Then, Jungkook started laughing.


"What are you laughing at?" Jimin asked as he started laughing as well.

Once Jungkook calmed down, he said, "Ah, I just feel stupid."

"Oh yeah?" Jimin asked, amused. "Why?"

Jungkook felt like a dam was filling up and he had no idea how to prevent it from spilling over. "I want to kiss you."

Jimin's smile dropped, surprise evident on his face. "Oh."

"Yeah." Jungkook rolled onto his back, staring up at the ceiling.


A heartbeat.


"Well..." started Jimin. "What's stopping you?"


Jungkook's head snapped in Jimin's direction, their gazes locking onto each other's once again, Jimin's brown eyes looking more and more enticing each passing second until Jungkook couldn't handle it anymore. He turned and faced Jimin once more.

"I want to kiss you... but I want to hug you, too. I want to cuddle with you, I want to make you smile and feel your smile on my lips, I want to breathe the same air you do and be as close to you as physically possible." With a huff, Jungkook finishes. "It's driving me nuts."

Jungkook could see the sparkle in Jimin's eyes as he asked, "Then why don't you do it?"

"Because I want to do it sober." Jungkook's heart was already pounding uncomfortably in his chest but he couldn't stop talking. "That way you won't think I'm only doing it because I'm drunk."

"Isn't it just because you're drunk?"

In a bold move, Jungkook reached over and cupped the side of Jimin's face, stroking the latter's cheek with his thumb. "Of course not. I'd never do that to you."

Jimin's hand reached up to hold Jungkook's hand in place, his head already spinning. He squeezed Jungkook's hand and asked, "Why not?"


Jungkook paused, searching Jimin's eyes. "Because I think I'm in love with you. In every way possible. And, to be honest," he chuckled, "if I weren't drunk, I don't think I would have had the guts to tell you that."

Jimin's grin was so wide it made Jungkook's heart skip another beat and race a little bit faster when he saw Jimin's gaze shifting to his lips. "It's a good thing we went drinking, then."


He doesn't know who leaned in first, but he soon found himself wrapping his arm around Jimin's waist, pulling Jimin closer and kissing him the way he's been wanting to for so long. Jungkook's chest felt like it was about to explode and when they broke away, Jungkook was so pleased to see that he wasn't the only one racing to catch his breath.



They smiled at each other and Jungkook thinks he heard Jimin say "finally" before he pulled him in for more.



Seemed like repressed sexual tension, requited feelings, and dutch courage was the best combination of all.