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“Kiss me Rodd.” Sansa purrs into the man’s ear as she runs nimble fingers through his hair.

It’s all the invitation her new lover needs as he pulls her forward and latches his mouth with hers, his free hand pulling apart the low knot she wears her hair in, while her deft hands start unbuttoning his oxford. Rodd eagerly pulls Sansa to the bed, pulling her on top of him while she kicks off her high heels and he toes out of his dress shoes. Rodd finishes taking off his shirt while attaching his mouth to Sansa’s neck as she shimmies out of her skirt and pulls away from him in order to peel her blouse off as well.

They fall together in a heap on the bed, hands tracing every outline of each other’s bodies while trying to learn their new lovers form. Rodd grabs Sansa around her waist and pulls her underneath the satin sheets on his bed, where he settles between her long legs.

“Wait, I need a condom.” Rodd tells her as Sansa eagerly wraps her nimble legs around his waist.

“No. No no no. I’m covered. I just want to feel you.” Sansa practically pants into his ear, wrapping her arms around Rodds neck as he kisses her one last time.

It’s slow and languid, the way these two make love to each other. Sansa can’t help but moan low in the back of her throat with every single thrust and Rodd groans in pleasure when she runs her nails down his back. Finally, the two reach their peaks at the same time, with Sansa giving a sigh of pleasure and Rodd ducking his head to Sansa’s chest while his body still atop hers.

Rodd rolls over to the side of Sansa and runs his fingers through her hair.

“You could stay the night.” He offers, but she just crinkles her nose up at him.

“Next time sweetling. I have a late dinner meeting with Daenerys and Viserys at TMM I should be heading off to, but we can definitely do this again.”

Rodd watches from the bed as Sansa pieces her outfit together again, and then walks her to the door of his apartment where they share one last kiss before she leaves. He pads his way over to the kitchen where he pulls a beer out of the fridge before he starts working on a late dinner of his own. Rodd picks his head up when he hears the sound of keys rattling outside the door and grabs a second beer bottle out of the fridge.

“Have a beer brother!” Rodd calls out while he gets back to work on the dinner he’s working on.

In walks his identical twin brother, Robb, who looks a little more flustered than normal, but there’s excitement in his eyes and his twin eagerly awaits the news.

“I’ve found her brother, our mother Catelyn is her in Kings Landing. She’s in a coma, but she’s alive! Isn’t that wonderful news?” Robb exclaims as he grabs his beer bottle.

“Yes, excellent.” Rodd concludes, smiling widely for his brother before turning away and his face turning into a more concerned look before letting out a small sigh and going back to work.


“Cut!” Arianne calls from the set, getting up from her chair and walking over to where Robb awaits her.

“Fantastic job Robb, correctly portraying both Rodd and Robb is really demanding work but you’re pulling this off flawlessly.” The director proclaims as she turns to thank his body double, Richard, for all of his hard work too.

Playing two characters is rough, but having one of them be in an on screen relationship with his real life sister is the worst.

“You would have thought you’d actually fucked your sister before with how well you pulled that scene off Stark.” He hears Theon tease from the sidelines.

“Shut up. I need a shower and about 700 breath mints. Care to join me?” He says as he loops his arm over his shorter boyfriends shoulders, Theon reaching up and planting a kiss on his cheek.

“Only if you brush your teeth first and you scrub my back for me.” His boyfriend agrees, dragging him away to where his trailer is.


Dickon Tarly often wonders how he got in the business of soap opera scenery. He’s worked with wood all his life, spent years creating and building beautiful pieces out of nothing but natures greatest gift, yet Master Carpenter of The Bold and The Restless was never his life’s goal nor something he ever had in mind. He’s just thankful he gets to do what he loves full time, and is making a pretty decent living at it.

He knows Olenna Tyrell is dying to get him on screen, given his appeal to all the woman and most of the men on set, but he’s no actor. Working with his hands is the only thing he’s ever really known, and he’s going to do it as long as his body allows him too.

“Hey Dickon!” Sansa Stark shouts out to him as she passes his workshop, flashing him her million dollar smile before hurrying off to her trailer.

A few years back, before they casted Sandor Clegane on the show, Dickon and Sansa had a mildly flirtatious relationship that ended before it even had a chance to take off. They went on one, maybe two dates before Quentyn dubbed them Dicksa, and the whole cast and crew had taken up the moniker. Unfortunately, that was the driving point that made Dickon end the relationship, there was just too much pressure sounding them to be a real couple and that wasn’t what he was looking for at the time.

Thankfully neither was she, and honestly it all worked out in the end. Sandor was cast about a year later and after a bumpy start Sansa and he were practically one complete person now. Catelyn was surprisingly devastated that Dicksa was never going to be a thing, she had encouraged both to go on their first date and was clearly invested in a potential future between the two, though she has grown to appreciate Sandor in a similar manner over the years.

“What’ya thinking about big guy?’ Comes his most favorite voice of all time.

“Sansa Stark.” Dickon replies, because that is what he was honestly thinking about.

Ygritte Wilde smacks his arm and gives him a huff as she rolls her eyes and turns away.

“Not like that babe. You know we were kinda a thing in the past. I’m just thinking that if we had never broken up, you and I would have never had a chance.”

Which is 100% correct, Olenna had hired the younger woman to help him in the workshop and there had been an instant connection between the two. His brother Samwell tells him it’s love at first sight, but Dickon isn’t so sure he believes in all of that.

“Nah, you would have met me and left Sansa Stark in the dust.” His fiancé says with an air of confidence he strongly admires.

“Aren’t you two great friends now?”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t change the fact that you would have ended things with her to get on with me.” Ygritte says with a devilish smile as she pulls him into a kiss.

True enough.


Hot water pours down Robbs back as he attempts to wash away all the thoughts of today. It’s not that filming a sex scene with a woman was difficult, he’s fucked girls before, it was the fact that the girl in question was his actual sister and from the looks of the scripts, the half-sister of his character. The writers did a lot of fucked up things on this show, but this has to be one of the worst.

Theon taps on the glass door to the shower, motioning for Robb to scoot over and make room for him under the steaming hot shower head.

Theon was unexpected, but the chemistry between the two was instant, and while Robb never thought he was into dudes as well, all of that went out of his mind after Theon gave him the best orgasm he’d ever received from a hand job alone.

Robb stares down at the shorter man, and he cant help but admire the lines of muscle and the way the water trails down the planes of Theons muscles. He’s never really been one for shower sex, but he can’t stop himself when his cock begins to twitch and his impulse to kiss this man ferociously starts to over takes him.

He pushes Theon up against the glass door of the shower, but not so hard that he’ll break the glass and have to explain to Olenna just way the door is broken in his shower, and rains kisses against the jawline of his boyfriend.

“I thought we were here to shower Stark?” Theon half says, half moans against his temple.

“We are. But first I’m going to suck that pretty cock of yours alright?” Robb replies while grinning into Theon’s shoulder as he feels the aforementioned member begin to stir against his thigh.  

He takes his time making his way down Theon’s body, pressing kisses and sucking blooms across his chest while running his hands up and down his boyfriend’s thighs, pressing his fingers deeply into the divots of his hipbones but narrowly avoiding the area that’s begging for the most attention.

Robb sinks to his knees and stares in wonder at the cock in front of him, before grasping it firmly with one hand and giving in a firm tug. Above him, Theon moans out in pleasure and attempts to grind himself deeper into Robbs hand, but Robb pulls away before Theon has the chance to get any more pleasure from his palm. He did say he wanted to suck him off after all.

Kissing the head lightly first, Robb licks a firm path from tip to base while holding Theon firmly in place. He takes the head of Theon in his mouth, suckling lightly as he tastes the salt of precum and skin, before bobbing his head down for more.

The noises coming from him are obscene, as he sucks and licks and jerks Theon’s extremely stiff dick in his shower, but the moans and groans from his boyfriend keeps him there on his knees, teasing and tasting the man he’s pretty sure he’s in love with. Theon grabs a fistful of Robbs curls to keep his mouth firmly in place as he cants his hips up, up, up and into the warm wetness of Robbs mouth, fucking into it as his orgasm starts to wash over him.

Robb greedily sucks at Theon’s cock, swallowing the load of cum down his throat before giving his cock one last kiss and rising off his knees.

Theon wraps one arm around Robbs neck, pulling him into a kiss while his other arm snakes down the front of him and his hand wraps firmly around Robbs own cock. Theon jerks him to completion quickly, Robb being as turned on as he currently is, while their tongues rediscover every nook and cranny of each other’s mouths. Robb comes with a load groan and bites Theon’s lip as the warm liquid from his cock leaks down between them and onto the shower floor before reluctantly pulling away and grabbing one of the loofas from the shelf.

“Turn around love, I have a back I promised to scrub.” Robb says in a low voice to Theon, who just smiles and happily obliges.