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“Aaaand, ACTION!”

The unconscious woman lies in her hospital bed, only the beeping sounds of the machines monitoring her vital signs making any noise in the room.

The young, pretty doctor walks into the room, slipping slightly on the polished floor, and reaches for the patient notes at the end of the bed.

“H…h…hello, Cat.  Let’s see how you’re doing today.” 

Doctor Margaery reaches for the comatose woman’s hand, and promptly drops the clipboard onto her face.


“Cut!”  yelled Arianne.  “Cat, dear, you’re in coma.”

 “It hurt!” came the indignant reply.

 “I’m so sorry, Cat,” wailed Margaery, wringing her hands.  “I’m such a klutz.”

 Cat reached out and patted the younger woman’s hand.  “It’s all right dear.  Just relax.  You’ll do great.”

 “Margaery, you need to act a little more confident.  You’re a qualified MD, not a student.  Remember that.”   Margaery nodded.  “Ok, let’s go again.  Action!”

 “It’s all looking great.  Maybe today will be the day you wake up.”  No response.  “Or maybe not.”

  The door is thrown open and a glamorous, red-haired woman in flowy red robes strides in imperiously.

  “Who…who are you?” asks Dr Margaery.  “It’s not for family.   I…I mean, It’s only family allowed.”

  “I am Melisandre and I have come to heal this woman with my powerful magic since you useless doctors have done nothing for this woman.”

  “Are you family?”

  “No, but my god, the only god, R’hllor, showed me this woman in a vision in the flames.  There is a higher purpose for her and my god demands I do his bidding.”

  Dr Margaery stands there in silence, either deliberately or trying to remember her lines.

  “Has R’hllor got your tongue?” prompts Melisandre.

  “Oh, ah, you can’t be in here.  Leave at once!” Dr Margaery demands woodenly.  “I will call Security.”

  Dr Margaery strides towards the door, gets her foot caught on the bed and trips wildly into Melisandre, sending them both to the floor in a tangle of white and red robes.



 “God, I’m so sorry again,” wailed Margaery, as she got up and reached out to help Melisandre, who angrily waved off the offer.

 The stage hands rushed to in to help them and straighten up the set, Cat’s bed having been jolted several feet away.

 “We’ll take a five minute break,” announced Arianne.  “Take some deep breaths Margaery.”

 Margaery sat in a chair and shook her head.  She was awful.  She knew it.  She didn’t want to be here.

 “You are not a very good actress,” stated Melisandre, who was having her make-up touched up after the fall.

 “Thank you, Captain Obvious,” retorted Margaery.  “I’m not an actress.  I’m a costume designer for the show.”

 “Then why are you here?”

 “My grandmother.   She wants nothing more for me than to be a star.  She’s already got a shelf ready for all the Oscars she thinks I’m going to win.”

 “Why not tell her?”

 “My grandmother is Olenna Tyrell.”

 “Oh,” replied Melisandre, grimacing.  She’d had plenty of her own run-ins with the old hag.  “I can help with your confidence.”


 “I have very powerful magic.  I can cast a spell that will make you feel invincible.”

 Margaery raised a sceptical eyebrow.  “A spell?”

 “So many disbelievers,” sighed Mel.  “The success of this show is because of me, you know?  I cast a spell on All Hallow’s Eve when I started here.  I danced around the fire, naked as my god made me and sacrificed the blood of a virgin.”


 “Very well, it was my cat.  She was in heat and a virgin.  The spell doesn’t state it has to be a human virgin.  Anyway, the show has rated since then,” Mel claimed proudly.  “Of course, everyone thinks it the actors and writers, but they would be nothing without my spell.”

 “O-kay,”  Another fruit loop, thought Margaery.

 “So I can help you too.”

 “I’m not a virgin.”

 “I believe the coffee-boy, Lancel, may never have tasted the pleasures of flesh.”

 “Ah, no thanks.”  They were being called back on set, much to Margaery’s relief.  “I appreciate the offer but I’m hoping to convince my grandmother to let me quit.  No virgin blood required.”

 “You will come to me eventually,” came the creepy reply.

 “Ok, guys, we’ll shoot that last bit again.  Try not to kill anyone, Margaery,” chuckled Arianne.  “And loosen up.”


 The last scene is re-shot without incident this time. 

  The door opens again and the Security guard, Robb, strides in. 

  “What’s the problem here?” he asks, looking menacing.

  “Th..this woman…person…witch, should not be in here, officer.  She’s not family.  I demand she be escorted from the room and…and premises,” demanded Dr Margaery, raising a shaky hand to the door.

  “Yes, Doctor.   You, come with me,” he glares at Melisandre.

  “I will not go.  I am here to do my god’s work.  No measly, pimple-nosed guard will deter me,” she declared.  “Do you not understand my power?  I will turn you into cockroach.  Iinto an amoeba.  You and your family will be cursed forever.”

  “Yeah, yeah, come on lady.”

  “I am the powerful Melisandre and you will not stop me!”

  A red plume of smoke appears, surrounding the woman and making the doctor and guard cough violently.  When the haze clears, Melisandre is gone.

  “Oh my!  Where did she go?” asks Dr Margaery robotically.

  “I don’t know,” replies Robb.  “Do you really think…”

  Cue the intense stares.

 “Cut!  Ok, that was…alright,” says Arianne, putting down her notes.  “Thought about getting an acting coach, Margaery?”

 “I don’t want to act!  I’ve created some of the most gorgeous costumes on this show.  Remember the lace beaded dress I made for Cersei when she married her fifth ‘husband’?  I nearly won an award that year.  You have to fire me, Arianne!”

 “Sorry, love, but no can do.  You take it up with your grandmother.”

 “What if you kill me off?”

 “She’ll just order us to bring you back.  Look at Joffrey.”

 Margaery’s shoulders slumped in defeat.  All she wanted to do was make amazing creations with fabric.  Was that so much to ask?   What if she put her brother, Loras, in the poo?  Convince Olenna that Loras was so photogenic that women would swoon in the aisles.  That he’d make a much better ‘star’ than she would.  Plus, he was a publicity-whore.  He’d love it.  Hmm.

 Robb walked past her, studying his next scene and she couldn’t help calling him back.   “Robb, what’s that on your nose?”

 Hand instantly went to said appendage.  “What?  What’s wrong with my nose?”

 Margaery leaned forward, squinting a little.  “It looks like you’re breaking out with one hell of a zit.”

 An inhuman sound emerged from Robb’s throat as he frantically searched for a mirror.   Running to an unused monitor, he used the reflection to see for himself.  “Oh, my god!  Oh, my god!  It’s huge!”

 “Pop it!”

 “No!  It’ll leave scarring,” he replied, turning his head this way and that.  “Dammit!  Make-up will have their work cut out for them now.”

 “It’s not the end of the world.”

 Robb snorted.  “Haven’t had one this big in years.  It wasn’t there this morning.  Must be hormones or something.”

 Melisandre walked past the two actors, unnoticed by either of them and smirked evilly to herself.



 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 “Okay, Robb, action!”

 The hospital room is quiet once more after the earlier events.  The door opens stealthily and the security guard walks back in, locking the door behind him.

  He stands by the comatose Cat and is still for several moments.


  No response.

  “I know you probably can’t hear me and I need to speak softly, in case anyone walks by and overhears.  No one knows we’re related.  That you gave me up as a baby to those wandering gypsies.  That I searched for years for my real family and when I finally find you, you’re in a coma.  One day, you’ll wake up and take me in your arms and rock me like you should have back then.”

  He drops his head.

  “In a way, it’s been good as I’ve gotten to know you over these months.  And you’re a great listener.  I feel like I can tell you anything and you don’t judge.  Well, I’ve got quite a confession to make today.  I don’t know how you’ll feel about it.  Maybe you’ll hate me.  I hope not, Mother.”

  Cat continues lying still on the bed, beeping noises the soundtrack of her life.

  Taking hold of her hand, Robb takes a deep breath.  “Here goes.  Mother, I’ve discovered love.  Real love.  The type of love that is written about in fairy tales.  I can’t think or breathe when the love of my life is nearby.  We want to get married.”


  “You’re probably wondering ‘what’s the big deal?’.  Well, it’s a man.  His name is Tormund and he’s the most wonderful, caring, sexiest man there ever was.  We met when I crashed into his car with my patrol vehicle at the entrance of the hospital and it was love at first sight.”

  More silence.

  “There’s more, Mother.  My love for Tormund has helped me find myself.  He has taken me on a journey of discovery, been my tour guide.  And what I’ve discovered is that I’m not really who I should be.  I’m in the wrong skin.  It’s time to peel off that skin.  I was born to be a woman.”


  “I hope you’ll support me in this, Mother. I’m going to become the woman I should have been all along.  And I will marry Tormund and we’ll raise beautiful children together.  And we’ll be happy.”

  “Tormund and I will live as a true husband and wife.”


 Robb shook his shoulders, easing the tension of the scene.

 “Great work, Robb,” praised Arianne.  “You put so much feeling into it.  It felt genuine.  If you don’t get nominated for an award, it’ll be a travesty.”

 “Thanks, Arianne,” smiled Robb.

 “I think you can have an early mark.  You deserve it.”

 “Great.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

 “Oh, and Robb?”  At the question in the actor’s eyes she said, “I’ll get the effects guys to remove that zit on screen.”