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Arya never would have pegged herself to become a soap star, not that she has anything against them, her whole family was in the business and she had grown up around various different sets. No, she just never expected this to become her life as well, her dreams were different and she had chased them.

An Olympic Gold Medal in fencing last summer was her crowning achievement, and while she had fully intended on returning to training, but she found her heart wasn’t totally committed to it when she went back to the gym for the first time. Then an opportunity presented itself which meant being able to work with not only her family, but also her boyfriend Podrick, and before she knew it she was working as a stunt coordinator for a sword fight scene in one of The Bold and The Restless’ more bizarre and dramatic storylines.

Somewhere along the line she must have impressed someone, most likely Olenna Tyrell or Arianne Martell, because when her contract was over for the sword fight scene, she received a phone call asking her to come in a read for a new role on TBaTR.

That’s how she ended up back on the TBaTR set, with her own little trailer next to Podrick’s, her ass half asleep in the makeup chair as Megga fixed her stage makeup.

“This is wild, isn’t it?” Podrick says, head popping into the makeup room with a grin that takes up half his face.

“Can’t talk. Need coffee.” Is all she says, staring straight ahead towards the giant mirror in front of her, afraid that Megga will take out an eye if she moves her face even an inch to acknowledge her boyfriend.

“Good thing I bought two this morning huh?” Podrick asks, as he walks up behind her and holds out what better be a steaming hot cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte in the most gorgeous white cup she’s ever seen.

Arya reaches aimlessly behind her, trying to grab the liquid gold that Pod brought her, but the bastard keeps moving it out of her way while laughing and goddamit it’s more funny when she’s the one teasing him.

“Kiss me first, then you can have your caffeine fix.”

Arya whines, her slippered feet kicking at her chair while Megga artfully finishes some dramatic cat eye liner thing that she’s seen Sansa do about 36 million times. Her sister tried teaching her once, saying it would be helpful for all those interviews and awards ceremonies she would attend being a world class fencing star, but it was just as easy to hire someone for those things as it was to do it herself.

“Megga just prettied me all up and you want me to ruin all of this,” she says, waving a hand at her face, “for a kiss?”

The makeup girl giggles. “It’s alright Arya. The lid of the drink will ruin your lipstick anyway without a straw. I’ll be able to do a quick touch up before your due on set.”

Podrick gives her a triumphant grin before swooping down to press his lips firmly against her own. She can’t help but smile into the kiss, Podrick has this effect on her normal, stoic self. He leans in to deepen the kiss, but Arya artfully ducks out of the way and grabs the latte out of his hand, laughing at the comical rise in her boyfriend’s eyebrows when he just barely manages to catch himself before he falls.

“Sneaky.” Is all he can say before settling himself into the chair next to her. Megga comes over with a makeup cape for him and says something about needing fresh makeup sponges and being right back before she rushes out of the room.

“Are you excited to film?” He asks while pulling of the knit cap he’s wears, his fingers ruffling the mess of dark hair underneath.

“More like nervous. My family has been on this show for literal decades Podrick, and this is the last thing I thought I’d be doing. I don’t want to screw it up.”

“You’ll be great Arya, I promise.” Podrick tells her as he reaches across their chairs, linking their fingers together and giving her the widest smile she’s ever seen.

She can’t help but believe him.




Varys stands in the middle of his trailer, the 2013 Broadway Cast Recording of Cinderella coming from his Bose surround sound speakers, his silk robe tied loosely around his waist while he waltzes around his room to Santino Fontana and Laura Osnes. That could have been him, he thinks bitterly, he would have out preformed either of those two hacks given the chance.

Varys had a long and celebrated career, an Olivier Award and a Tony Award among his many accolades. How he ended up on some American Soap Opera was beyond him, it just simply went to show that no one cared for good theatre any more. His agent, Illyrio Mopatis, would insist it had something to do with the bag of cocaine that was found on him when he was caught with all those prostitutes a few years back, but lesser actors had come back from similar career missteps. Look at Robert Downey Jr for christssakes, the man was now playing Iron Man for Marvel and the public loved him, what did he have that Varys didn’t?

Other than a full head of hair and being built like a delicious ox, absolutely nothing.

A knock on his door breaks him out of the trance and he can’t help but grumble about being interrupted during Varys time.

“Yes?” He says as he opens the door, a very frazzled looking production assistant at his door. Oh what’s his name, Erryk… Arryk?

“Uh… Mr. Varys, hello. There has been a change to our finale, Ms. Martell and Mrs. Tyrell just made it. I’m bringing you a copy of their statement.” The PA says before hightailing it out of there.

Varys may have thrown a hot cup of tea at one of them once, but they interrupted his daily yoga session and they through off his zen, so the second degree burns the incompetent PA received from the incident we’re their own damn fault.

Varys shuts his door and looks at the notice, hoping, nay, begging whatever omnipresent being in the sky that was listening that maybe this was it. The moment he had been begging the writers and producers to give him ever since he found his way on this nightmarishly laughable television show.

Maybe Arianne and Olenna had finally relented and gave him is big musical number, complete with the shirtless male background dancers in gold lame pants. He knew what the public wanted, his 1.5k Twitter Followers even started a hashtag campaign to let the writers know how much they wanted to see him get the chance to pull out a show stopping number on TBaTR.

His public needed him back on the great white way and he wasn’t letting this minor layover in daytime television stop him.

As he flips through the script he finally finds where his lines have been highlighted in the neon blue he’s insisted on the writers using for his lines, and lets out the highest pitch scream of excitement he’s ever uttered.




Arya Stark stalks into the KLPD headquarters like a woman on a mission, black leather jacket, mirrored aviators and combat boots making a statement of “Don’t mess with me.” Today is her first day as a detective on the force, and she’s to report to the office of Captain Varys to meet her new partner.

Podrick Payne is sitting at his desk, feet up, chatting to Loras at the desk behind him when a slip of a girl… no woman, walks through the door and heads straight back to the captains’s office. He watches transfixed as the young woman lifts her shades and pushes back her hair, running her fingers through her brown curls before flicking her attention over towards him. He’s startled to say the least, crashing backwards in his chair as Loras starts cracking up and the mystery woman doesn’t even crack a smile.

Captain Varys walks out of his office and Loras immediately shuts up and gets back to work before he gets sent to do some unsavory task as punishment from the captain.

“Payne, get off the floor. If you could be so kind as to join us in here.” Varys says with a tilt of his head.

Arya settles herself into one of the leather chairs while she waits for the chief to return. Captain Varys walks into the room just then and Arya jumps to her feet, her new boss followed by the guy that fell out of his chair a few minutes ago. He’s red from ear tip all the way down to where his oxford is left opened, hopefully out of embarrassment and not anger for being partnered with a girl.

“Arya Stark, meet Podrick Payne, your new partner.” The captain says in a no nonsense manner, and the two amicably shake hands in meeting.

“Podrick has been a detective at KLPD for three years now, his former partner, Harrion Celtigar left the department several months ago to start a bakery.”

“Harrion earned the nickname Hot Pie while in academy. He really liked to bake pastries for the guys. It just short of stuck.” Podrick offers by way of explanation.

“Hot Pie? As in Hot Pie’s Hot Pies?” Arya asks excitedly.

“Yeah. You’ve heard of them?” Podrick asks before the Captain clears his throat to draw the attention back to him.

“As I was saying. Arya is a first time detective, a transfer from Braavos PD. Show her the ropes Payne, and by that I don’t mean the ones in your bedroom.” Captain Varys says dryly, dismissing the two with a wave of his hand.

“Uh. He’s making that last bit up. I definitely don’t have ropes in my bedroom.” Podrick tells her as they are walking out of the office and towards their desks.

“That’s too bad.” Is all Arya has to say, a wicked smile playing across her lips.



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