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Explosions and Icy Flames

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You gasped in pain when your back hit the hard wall. A hand roughly grabbed your neck and pinned you even harder against it. 

"What's the matter you Runaway bitch?! You asking for a death wish?!" Bakugou tightened his grip on your neck even more that the vision in front of you was getting blurry. 

"I told you to... stop bothering Izu-chan... Katsuki-kun... he doesn't deserve it..." Your voice was hoarse from the choking and you swore that you were about to faint from lack of oxygen.

Bakugou gritted his teeth at the mention of Midoriya. "Do you want to get the hits instead huh?! You stupid bitch, why do you care for that Deku anyways?!" He started burning your neck with his quirk, your eyes widening in panic. You tried to get out of his hold by holding his wrist with both of your hands and kicking him but he only laughed at your lousy attempts. He roughly let go of your neck, the fresh air finally filling your lungs. You fell onto your knees and grabbed your neck, trying to soothe the pain away. 

There were probably going to be some nasty bruises in the morning. 

"You disgust me," You look up at Bakugou to see him looking down at you with a deathly look in his eyes. You whimpered under his gaze, afraid of what he was going to do to you next. "Both you and Deku, you fucking nerds, always protecting each other. Why don't you just quit with all the hero stuff? Your quirk is only good for running away." He turned around and started to walk out of the empty classroom. A couple of minutes later you got up and started walking towards the bathroom to cool down the fiery sensation around your neck.

You applied cold water onto the burning area. The feeling of the icy cold liquid coming in contact with your burned neck made you wince in pain. You looked at yourself in the mirror above the sink. 

I look like shit. 

You  picked up yor schoolbag and the stack of papers that couldn't fit inside it and started heading home. You though about Bakugou's words, when he told you to stop acting like a hero and to stop protecting Izuku. 

That's what you've been doing for the last couple of years. Protecting Izuku from him. 

You, Izuku and Katsuki were childhood friends. The three of you lived right next to each other's until your aunt decided it was time to move away. Your new home wasn't that far away from your old one so you were still able to attend the same middle school and junior high as them. You were the first one who started noticing the changes that Bakugou was going through after his quirk manifested. At first only poor Midoriya was the one who would get beat up because he was just a 'quirkless idiot' in Bakugou's eyes. But after an incident where you were trying to protect Midoriya, you were Bakugou's second target of his bullying. Sometimes you would try to fight back but most of the times you would run away by teleporting a good ten meters away from him.

That was your quirk, teleportation. But Bakugou would always put you down because of it,saying that it wasn't suitable for a hero but only for running away.

That's where you got the nickname Runaway from him.

But you were going to show him that you can become a hero.

That's why you were applying for U.A. High School,a school for heroes in training, together with Midoriya. Even though Bakugou doesn't know that yet (which is better for your well being).

On your way back home you were so deep in these thoughts that you accidentally bumped into someone. Your rear colided with the hard concrete floor, the papers you were holding in your hands scattered all around you.


"I-I'm terribly sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!" You exclaimed, not looking up at the stranger at all while desperately trying to pick up all the papers. You blinked when a hand appeared in front of your face. You looked up to met a boy with half red, half white hair. You looked more closely at him, noticing how stunningly attractive the boy looked. How can someone with such hairstyle look so...


"Are you going to take it or not?" You blushed and looked away from him when you realized how inappropriate you staring at him was.

"S-sorry." You took his hand and he pulled you back up onto your feet. He crouched down and started picking the papers up. You waved your hands in fron of your chest. "Y-you don't have to do that! It's okay, I can handle it." But he already picked them all up and handed them to you. You took a brief glance at his face once more, noticing more intriguing thing about his facial features.

Such beautiful, heterochromatic eyes.

"Can you please stop staring at me like that? You're making me uncomfortable." You blushed once more and literally jumped a step back from him but not before you took the papers from his hands.

He said that with such a straight face.

You started to scratch your neck in embarrassment. "I'm so sorry! It's not everyday that I see someone with such beautiful features." You slaped a hand over your mother. Did you just seriously say that aloud?

He ignored your words, the bruises on your neck catching his attention. They looked pretty fresh and he could notice that they were actually bloodied.

"Are you okay?" He actually sounded worried. You looked at him puzzled but soon got the message when he pointed at your neck.

He must've notice your bruises.

"Oh these?" You gently ran your fingertips over the bruises because they still burned. "This is nothing, it happens a lot." Your wrist watch beeped 7 PM making your heart jump in panick. "Uh-oh. Auntie's going to kill me!" You started to run towards your house, passing by the confused boy. "Thanks for the help. Bye!" You waved at him and left him all alone on the streets.

He looked at your retrieving form and sighed, little less knowing that this wasn't his last encounter with you. 

What a weird girl.

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"Uwaah! I can't believe that we're finally here!" You started to skip towards the huge building. "It looks even taller in person!"

Midoriya laughed at how cute your face looked while you were practically beaming at the huge school in front of you. "Yeah, let's do our best today, [First Name]-chan." You nodded your head happily at your best friend.

A few days ago, Midoriya confessed to yout that not long ago he had acquired a quirk of his own. It sounded unbelievably ridiculous to you since quirks oftenly manifested at the age of four. But since we were talking about Midoriya here, who always kind of lacked physical abbilties, you were conviced easily. None the less you were happy for your green haired friend, since he was with no doubt going to fulfill his dream to become the Number One Hero.

You knew that Midoriya was trying hard for the past ten months. You noticed some changes in his appearance. His build seemed tougher now, unlike the skinny one from before. 

"Out of my fucking way Deku!" You froze in your place knowing oh so well who it was.

Oh no, I haven't prepared myself for this scenario at all.

Midoriya started to frantically wave his hands in front of him, afraid that the blonde was going to shoot fireworks at him. "Ahh! Kaachan, lets do our best today, the both of us!" Bakugou send Midoriya a nasty look and his eyes landed on you. When he figured that it was you, the [Last Name] [First Name], in flesh and bones his eyes widened, confusion and anger flashing through his eyes. 

"What the FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?! " He started walking towards you, fist clenching and with every step he took he raised it even higher in an attempt to punch you. 

You gulped and closed your eyes waiting for the impact but it never came. You opened your eyes and saw that Midoriya was standing in front of you, his hands spread wide in a protecting manner. Bakugou's fist was still in mid-air. 

Midoriya gave him a 'Don' t make a scene here' face. Bakugou growled in annoyance, his eyes shifting from Midoriya's to yours. He let his fist fall beside him, giving you one last glance. 

"I'll fucking deal with you later." He passed Midoriya and leaned his head close to your ear making your breath hitch in your throat. "Don't even try using that fucking quirk of yours to run away." He whispered and bumped his shoulder with yours, like he was giving you a dead serious warning. And with that he walked away. 

You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. The feel of his hot breath still lingered there, making the little hairs on your neck straight up. You knew that something like this was going to happen. The more you stalled the worse. You started to tremble in fear. You knew what Bakugou was going to do to you. You knew how savage he could be. The bruises you had were proof. 

Midoriya looked at you with worried eyes. No, he didn't want you to worry about that, he was going to protect you like all the times you protected him. He placed his hand on your shoulder and gave you a determined look. 

"Let's ace this exam!" Midoriya exclaimed, trying to cheer you up. The moment you looked at his face you forgot about all of your worries. 


Midoriya took one step forward. 

And tripped over nothing.

Your eyes widened and your hand went to grab his arm. "Izu-chan wait!" But he stopped in mid-air, floating just a few inches above the ground.

"Are you alright?" A short, brown-haired, bubbly girl dressed in a school uniform asked the floating Midoriya. You pressumed that it probably had to do something with her quirk.

A gravity manipulation quirk. Pretty neat.

Poor Midoriya's face paled and he started squirming in his state so you decided to help him regain his balance by pulling him back on his feet. "Don't worry Izu-chan, this girl over here helped you to not kiss the ground." You pointed at the brunette next to you. When Midoriya locked eyes with the girl he froze in place.

"Sorry for going crazy with my quirk there. Though it'd be a bad omen if you tripped." She laughed. To you it sounded like a normal laugh but to Midoriya it sounded like an angel slowly walking down the stairway to heaven while playing the harp.

She drifted her eyes from Midoriya to you. "So you're here for the entrance exam too?" You nodded your head. She grinned at you. "I'd love to stay and chat but I have to go. Good luck! See ya!" She waved at the two of you and started walking towards the building. 

You waved back at her. "Bye! Good luck to you too!"

"I talked to a girl!"

You looked at Midoriya with a puzzled expression. "You haven't uttered a word. And what about me, am I not a girl?!"

"Welcome one and all to my live show! Everybody say heeeey!"


More silence.

Midoriya squealed, putting his hands over his mouth. "It's voice type hero, 'Present Mic'!" He started fangirling over Present Mic, earning a sigh from you.

"Shut it." You froze at the voice.

Oh God no, it's Katsuki-kun again.

You looked to your right, staring at the blonde sitting right next to Midoriya. You slided into your seat for him not to notice you. Thank God that Midoriya had thick, curly hair. You heard Present Mic blabber about something but you were too nervous to pay attention. Then you heard Midoriya and Bakugou talk about something, even though Bakugou was just insulting him. 

"[First Name]-chan what do you think about it?" Your face went paler than a sheet. 

It was nice knowing you Izu-chan. 

You slowly straightened yourself in your seat to get a look of the exploding blonde's face. When your eyes locked with his your face went even paler and you internally shrieked. 

Bakugou was beyond pissed and still confused also, but he was more angry. Never in his right mind would he think that you were seriously fucking serious about becoming a hero. Even after he told you a million times to not do it, because... Well, you sucked (his words *cough*). 

Just as he thought. You really are a fucking idiot. 

You awkwardly raised your hand and waved at him, a quiet 'hello' coming from your lips. He mouthed an 'I-will- kill-you', making you slide back in your seat again.

"Now let's move to the main event! Plus Ultra! And may you all suffer gladly to the trials to come!" Present Mic said and everybody started getting up from their seats. You walked behind Midoriya, confused at what was happening. "Where are we going?" You locked eyes with Bakugou's briefly to notice that he was already starring at you from behind his shoulder. He narrowed his eyes at you and you dropped your head down, the ground suddenly becoming more interesting to you. 

Midoriya looked at you from behind his shoulder. "Didn't you hear? We're going for a practice run. It's something like where we test our quirks in combat."

Your face was one of worry now. "Are you okay with that? I mean you just got your  quirk and that, will you be able to control it?" You got out of the meeting room and lost sight Bakugou somewhere in the crowd of people.

That was good.

Midoriya stiffened at your comment. Not sure what to say, he just gave you a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about me, I've been training. Stop worrying about me and think about how you'll pass this." At first you didn't know what to sat to him but at the end you grinned at him. 

You're not the only one that's been training real hard, Izu-chan.

You looked at the small paper in your hand, looking at which sector you were placed. "I'm heading off to sector A." 

"I'm in sector D." Midoriya replied, giving you a side glance. "Good luck." You gave him a thumbs-up and headed to sector A.

Once you got there you noticed a lot of faces were over there, but no familiar ones. You sighed in relief. 

Great, Katsuki-kun is in another section.

"AAAAND START!" The hoard of people ran through the entrance of the artificial city. You were all the way to the back, but it only made you more determined to get some points. While you were running through the streets of the massive city you noticed that your enemies were actually huge robots. You hid behind a building, scanning one that was passing by. You knew that they were too much for your quirk to handle since your quirk was more defensive than offensive. You were  good at hand-to-hand combat, but you were probably going to break one of your bones or more if you tried landing a kick or punch on that

But there had to be a way.

Then it hit you.

A switch. There has to be one somewhere.

The robot turned his back to you, making you smirk to yourself when you noticed a big red dot at the back of its head.


You closed your eyes, trying to concentrate your mind. The image of the robot's head flashed in your head and in one second you were there. Before the robot even tried to make any moves that could result in you falling off, you hit the button, a loud shut down noise coming from it and in the end it just crumbled down. You managed to jump back in time. You grinned widley at the masterpiece you've done in front of you.

But it wasn't over. You needed more points.

For the last five minutes you've managed to come across with lots of them, mostly the smaller ones. You've repeated the same action over and over again. Using your quirk continously made your body weaker and your head dizzy.

You stoped in your tracks when you saw a robot coming your way.

Shit, it spotted me!

You closed your eyes quickly, an image of the spot behind the robot flashing through your head. You teleported and opened your eyes, but it wasn't the place wherd you wanted to be.

You were standing right in front of it. Mere inches from it. Your eyes widened in realization. 

Oh no. Not this again.

Situations like these happened a lot since you haven't yet mastered your quirk fully. 

Before you could teleport elsewhere, the robot grabbed you by the neck, lifting you in the air. You started to squirm in its hold but to no avail.

One more bad thing about your quirk. When someone comes in physical contact with  you, you couldn't use it. You could only teleport through thin air. 

Everything had its pros and cons. 

The robot aimed his gun-like hand at you, ready to fire a beam at you.

This is it.

But instead of meeting a fire at your head, your neck was met with something cold. You opened your eyes and was met with the robot who was now covered in ice.

The hell? 

The frozen hand around your neck sent shivers down your spine. Scratch that, down your entire core. The robot started to shatter, making the grip on your neck loosen. Your back was met with the cold surface. Was this entire place frozen now?

"Sorry about that," You heard a voice say from behind you, making you turn around. "Wasn't my intention in letting you fall down." A boy whose entire left side was covered in ice walked closer to you. Your body shivered, both in cold and in slight fear. Who wouldn't be afraid of someone whose  left eye was shinning blood red? 

He crouched and placed his hand down onto the ground. Soon, the entire place that was frozen was covered in steam. When the steamy mist disappeared there was no trace of the ice. Like it hasn't been there at al a few seconds ago.

Just what is this guy?

You looked at him again and noticed that the ice that covered his entire left side melted away too.

Your eyes widened.

You knew that boy.

He was the one from the sreets, who helped you with picking up your papers, the dual-haired one.

"Woah..." You breathed in amazment, makimg the boy hum in response. You flushed and looked away from him. You didn't want him to hear how stunned you were with his performance. "Don't you remember me?"

He looked at you, inching closer. A bit too close. You backed your head away from him a little, not familiar with the closeness.

His eyes widened just the slightest. "You're that girl with the..." He cut himself off when he noticed that there were no more bruises on your neck. "They're gone." He whispered to himself but you heard him. 

You gave him a puzzled look but when he pointed at your neck you got the message.

"Oh." You traced the skin on your neck with your fingers. "My auntie has a healing quirk so whenever I get clumsy and fall down the stairs I can count on her. "You smilled sheepishly. "Though I get clumsy all the time." You learned how to keep a straight face whenever saying that so that  you would avoid unnecessary questions. 

His eyes narrowed, not sure if he should believe you or not. Then all of a sudden, a robot came from behind him charging at the two of you. You gasped and on instict your eyes closed. "Watch out!"

He turned around and saw the robot aiming a punch at him. He was about to freeze it but you were way quicker.

You teleported in front of the robot and literally kicked it while in mid air, sending it crashing into a near-by wall. Call it sheer strength or adrenaline, you were able to land a kick. Even though you knew oh so well that your leg was going to hurt like a bitch in the morning. You fell but this time not onto the ground but into someone.

Or someone's arms.

The dual-haired boy, looked down at you in worry. "Are you okay?!" You looked up at him with half-lidded eyes. 

You wanted to answer him, ask him his name, thank him for saving you. You haven't thanked him yet and who knows when you will. You heard him ask you the same question once more, shakimg your shoulders just a little before everything went black in front of your eyes.

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You opened your eyes, trying to adjust them to the bright light. You slowly sat up in your bed, your back leaning against bed’s frame. Bringing your hands to your eyes you started to rub the sleep away. When your eyes were adjusted to the light you noticed that the room you were in was unfamiliar to you but when you noticed that the room was entirely white and that there was a completely white bed next to yours, you were sure that this had to be an infirmary.

How the hell did I get here?

You tried getting out of the bed but as soon as your left foot came in contact with the floor the huge pain rushing up all the way to your abdomen told you that it was not such a good idea. You held your breath at the top of your lungs trying hard not to scream in pain. You grabbed the sheets and pulled them aside. Your entire left leg was in bandages.

Whatever happened I’m going to have a word with myself when I get home.

The sound of the door opening made your head turn. Your eyes shifted all the way down to see a familiar face standing there.

It was the dual-haired boy.

Your eyes blinked in confusion and you asked the first thing that crossed your mind. “Where am I?” His eyes softened a little when he was sure that you were okay in the end. “You’re in the school’s infirmary. I brought you here after the practice run.” He started to walk towards your bed and sat on the chair next to you. “I’m glad that you’re okay. You placed a pretty good kick on that thing back there. Not to mention how fast you were.” You felt bashful at his praises.

You were the one who saved me in the first place.

“I was just returning the favor.” You scratched the back of your neck in embarrassment. No one actually said anything good about your quirk except your auntie and Midoriya. The two of them were the only ones who acknowledged how useful your quirk could be. And now there was this guy.

“Honestly, the first time I laid eyes on you I thought that you were some weird, fragile girl who would never put up a fight. Guess I was wrong.” Your mouth gaped at his comment. You didn’t know if you should feel offended for him calling you weird and fragile, or if you should thank him for calling you brave.

“U-um, thanks I guess.” He hummed in response. “Anytime.” He got up from his seat but before he walked out he felt something tug at the back of his shirt. He turned around, your head was hanging low, your eyes fixated on the white sheets. His eyebrow cocked at this.

You raised your head up to look at him in the eyes. “Your name?”


You gripped harder onto his shirt. “You never told me your name.” You stated firmly.

His eyes widened just the slightest at your sudden demeanor. The corners of his lips twitched up the slightest, your grip on his shirt loosening. “Todoroki Shouto.” He turned around and started to walk out, smirking to himself at how red and surprised your face looked when he smiled at you.

“I… I’m [Last Name] [First Name]! It was nice meeting you, Todoroki-san!” He tucked his hands into his pocket-pants.

What a weird girl.

On your way towards your house you couldn’t stop thinking about the dual-haired boy. You felt glad… no, overjoyed by someone as strong as him acknowledged a quirk like yours. You buried your head into your scarf when you remembered how unpleasant he must’ve felt when you grabbed the end of his shirt. You gave an image of some lost puppy who couldn’t take care for herself when you acted like that.

That’s why his first impression of me was weird and fragile.

Out of nowhere your hand was yanked to the side and your back was slammed against a wall. You opened your eyes, you [Eye Color] meeting with crimson ones.

Great just what I needed.

“Well if it isn’t the great Runaway herself.” Bakugou smirked down at you. “Where are you heading to this fine fucking, evening?” You tried to get out of his grip but he just grabbed your other hand and slammed them both above your head with one arm, his knee going in between your legs. Your face flushed at this. You looked up at his face, noticing that he was totally unfazed.

He is totally oblivious to the position that we are in!

“Let go of me Katsuki-kun. I’m already injured enough.” You knew that this was going to happen, but you weren’t mentally prepared for it yet. He ignored you and started gracing the skin on your neck with the back of his fingers where your previous bruises were. “So, what made you apply for Yuuei, huh? Mind sharing that information with me?” He closed his eyes, a fake smile forming on his lips as he gently grabbed your neck. Your eyes widened at this and you started to push him off of you with your right leg.

 He didn’t seem to like this so he tightened the grip on your neck. Anger flashed his eyes. “Answer me, you fucking bitch! I told you and that fucking Deku to piss off and get the fuck out of my way, yet you still follow me like lost puppies! What, can’t get enough of my hits, angel face?!” Smoke started coming out his palms, he was using his quirk to burn you again.

That’s where you snapped. You side kicked him which made him lose his grip on both of your hands that were pinned above you. You grabbed the collar of his shirt and brought his face closer to yours. He was still holding your neck.

“I’m going to Yuuei… whether you like it or not. Both me and Izu-chan!” You yelled the last part. You knew that he was going to be even harsher now, more savage than before, but you couldn’t care less.

Bakugou’s eyes widened at your sudden outburst. Were you actually putting up a fight against him? You knew that he could beat your face to the ground right now, did you? But when he saw how determined your face was, he just let go of your neck, walking two steps to distance himself from you. He gritted his teeth in annoyance. “Stupid bitch. Let’s see if you pass the exams first.” He commented under his breath and started to walk away from you, his hands in his pockets.

You stood there dumbfounded.

Did Bakugou Katsuki actually spare you?




“The letters are supposed to come today!” Izuku exclaimed while banging his head on the desk. “What if I don’t get in?!” He looked at you with eyes full of tears. You nervously laughed at him. “Don’t worry Izu-chan, I’m sure you’ll get in.”


You weren’t sure if you were going to get in. The written exam was pretty easy, but the practical exam worried you. You weren’t sure if you scored enough points to pass.

You shook the negative thoughts away.

No, I’m going to pass, I know that.

“Quit it with your bitching Deku, no one cares.” Bakugou came walking into the classroom going to his seat. He dropped his bag on the floor, sat on the chair and brought his legs up, resting them on the table while rocking back and forth in his chair.

Ever since that day, he hadn’t lay a hand on you. He would still bump his shoulders with you while you were passing by each other, but no more burning necks or anything.

Though you knew that it wasn’t going to last forever.

You haven’t noticed that you were staring at him until his eyes locked with yours. You quickly turned your head around, your heart skipping a beat at how angry he looked when he caught you.

Too close.

After school, you parted your ways with Midoriya, because he had and important meeting with his friend. You wanted to ask him with who he was meeting up but he was already gone. You ignored his weird behavior and began walking down the path to your house. This was for the nth time that Midoriya ditched you like this. You actually started to feel lonely because Midoriya was the only friend that you had. And lately he’s been meeting with this unknown person that you didn’t like at all.

You opened the door to your house, taking your shoes off in the process. “I’m home!” You heard something crashing in the kitchen, wondering what it was.

“Auntie, is that you?” You hurried to the kitchen, finding your aunt standing next to a broken bowl of ramen. She was holding a letter in her hand, her mouth wide opened.

“Aunt Manami?”

"It's here." 

You blinked a few times, not getting her message, but when you understood what she was talking about, your eyes almost popped out of your eye-sockets. "D-do you think I got in...?"You were reluctant about taking the envelope, but your aunt handed it to you, your hands shaking with shock. "Go in your room, you'll find the answers inside... Even though for me, you passed!"

You smiled happily. Hopefully you did pass.



You were sitting on your chair, staring at the envelope in front of you on your desk. You were staring at it for the past five minutes, not sure if you should open it yet. You closed your eyes, taking in a long breath.

Here goes nothing.

You opened the envelope, a small metal thingy falling out of it. You raised your brow in confusion and flicked it a few times. Out of nowhere,a small projection comes out of it, showing a man with shoulder-length black hair. He also had a scarf that covered most part of his shouders.

"Do I really have to do this?" There was a pause and you could hear some mumbling in the background. "Ugh, fine." The man turned around, fully facing you. "Greetings, [Last Name]-san. I'm Aizawa Shouta, a teacher from U.A." You nodded our head for him to proceed, even though he couldn't see you since this was just a recorded video.

"I believe you're interested if you have passed the exam. I have to tell you, you scored a good-average on the written test." A smile crept on your face.

"Unfortunately..." The smile dropped immediately. "You scored a 40 on your practical exam, which means you failed." Your breath hitched in your throat. The happy glint in your eyes disappeared. How could you fail...? You swore that you made more points than that. You could feel tears building up in your eyes. 



"That's what I thought at first." You whipped your head back at the projection, your eyes widening in confusion. 


"I have to be honest with you," He chuckled. "You really managed to catch my eye the most." You furrowed your brows in confusion, wipping away a few stray tears that slided down your cheeks.

"I knew that teleportation was your quirk, and noticed that you still haven't fully mastered your quirk. Especially in controling where you want to be teleported at..." You cringed. You knew that your quirk had a lot of holes, but being reminded about it from time to time made you lose your confidence.

"I noticed that you actually managed to save that Todoroki-boy from our robots, impressing a high amount of teachers, including me by your ability and heroic act, because both of us are fully aware of the bone fractures that could be caused by hitting that thing." You sweat dropped.

You don't have to tell me twice.

 "So I decided to add ten more save-points, which means I added you as an extra student in the Department of Heroes," Your eyes widened when he outstretched his hand like he wanted you to shake it. He gave you a toothy grin.

You placed a hand over your eyes, trying to surpress the tears that were threating to fall.

"Welcome to Yuuei, squirt. Your Hero Academia." And with that the projection ended, leaving a crying you in your now dark room. You tried to stop the tears but it was like a waterfall was falling out of your eyes. You placed your head in between your knees, trying to mute your loud sobs.

"Honey?" The door to your room was slowly opened, revealing the brunette woman. Upon seeing her niece curled up in a ball on her chair and hearing her sobs, she quickly rushed over to her. "Is everything okay?!"

You raised your head up, your eyes already swelled from crying. "I-!" You tried choking the words out. "I passed!"

You aunt grabbed you by your shoulders. "You passed?!"

"I PASSED!" She pulled you down by your shoulders, engulfing you in a hug. You sobbed some more into her left shoulder. "They're going to be so proud of you sweetie!"


I'm finally going to become a hero.


Chapter Text


 You panted heavily while running through the massive crowd of people. You would bump into someone here and there earning a yell or a curse about your mother, but you'd just ignore it.

Just great. It was your first day and you were already five minutes late. Curse your aunt for not waking you up in the morning. She was more thrilled about you getting in U.A. than you were. She couldn't sleep the entire night. 

And Izu-chan too. I told him to pick me up so we could walk to school together! 

You thought as you whizzed past the school's entrance. Your eyes darted around your surroundings, trying to find your class. 

Where's '1-A'?!

You panickly thought while running around the halls and up the stairs to thrme first floor. You halted in your tracks and turned to your right. You looked from left to right trying to find the right door. You damned the place for being so huge.

You stopped in your tracks once you spotted a door that had the sign '1-A' imprinted on. You crouched, trying to catch your breath from all the running. You eyed the door from the bottom all the way to the top a couple of times.

This door is enormous.

You grabbed the door knob, twisting it to the right and opened the door.

To be greeted by an empty classroom.

You furrowed your brows in confusion. Was this the right classroom? Or were the classes already finished. You took your phone out of your uniform pocket and clicked the home button.

No, you were only ten minutes late, you had six more hours of school. Remembering that you passed by the school registry before finding your classroom you thought that maybe they could help you with finding the right place. When you turned around you were met with heterocromathic eyes.


You could feel a hot flush running all the way up to your cheeks and ears from how close the two of you were standing next to each other. So close that your noses were brushing.

"Eek! Todoroki-san!" You jumped away from him, hugging your head with your right arm and your torso with your left arm in a defensive manner. You actually didn't want him to see how flustered you looked.

"[Last Name]-san,is that you?" You slowly peeked your one eye to look at him. He was dressed in something that looked like gym clothes to you. You let your hands fall to your sides. Your eyes widen, sparkles clouding your sight.

He actually remembered my name. And he looks so cool dressed like that.

He tilted his head to the side in confusion. "Uh, are you okay?" You quickly composed yourself, not wanting him to think that you're weird. 

Not that he didn't think that already.

"Yes! I was just in a hurry because I'm-"

"Late. Figures." He cut you off, making you wince at how cold it sounded. You actually felt even worse than before. This was really immature of you.

Todoroki noticed the uneasy look in your eyes, regretting how rude it came out. "Sorry." 

He turned around, pointing his index finger at the end of the hallway. "Go all the way down this hall. Then, at your left go down the stairs. You'll see an exit to the school fields outside and that's where we are. We're having a test." He explained to you.

"U-um okay. Thanks." He nodded his head and started walking down the hallway where you came from. "I have to take care of something. I'll be there in five minutes."

You stared at the boy's back and smilled to yourself. "I'm glad that we're in the same class, Todoroki-san!" You yelled after him but he just kept on walking, not budging at all.

He surely doesn't talk much that's for sure.

You turned around and started running to the end of the hallway. When you were greeted by a wall, you turned to your left and ran down the stairs. You ran some more until finally meeting the exit door. Right when you were about to run through the door, someone from the other side just had to open it.

To hell with today!

You tried to regain your balance by flailing with your arms but failed to your dismay. You face planted, thanking God that at least the floor was grassy. You grunted in pain and placed your arms on the ground next to your head. You raised your head up, a red mark collored your entire face from the fall. A foot next to your face blocked the view in front of you, making you raise your head all the way up. Your breath hitched in your throat when you saw the person's appearance. 

It's the guy from the holographic letter. 

You sheepishly smiled and waved your hand at him. 

The man furrowed his brows. "You're late." 

"I'm terribly sorry!" You got up on your feet, noticing that there were a lot of students surrounding you. You bowed your head down, apologizing once more. "I am so sorry! It won't happen again!"

Aizawa scratched his temple in annoyance. "You kids are so trublesome." He gave you a dead serious look. "If you're late one more time, I'm kicking you out of this Department myself." You froze in your place, realization kicking in since he was the one who brought you here as an extra student. So if he had the power to get you in, he could easily kick you out too.

" Y-yes sir!" You exclaimed loudly as your head shot up, earning a few snickers from the students.

Aizawa shoved you some clothes into your hands. "Go and change into these so we can continue with our quirk apprehension test."

"Y-yes sir!" Few of the students laughed at how you totally ignored the word 'apprehension'. You turned around and started walking back to the building, holding the uniform tightly against your chest. You found a bathroom nearby and quickly got in to change into ypur gym clothes. 

You cursed yourself internally. You just had to be late on the person's who set his eyes on you class. Why couldn't it be someone else at the moment? 

You sighed when you looked at yourself in the mirror. The uniform was pretty tight around your chest and stomach, making your bust look bigger. 

I can't go out like this. 

But it's not like you had a choice. Right now you had to get this over with, but after, you'll demand for a looser uniform.

When you got out, you noticed the familiar green-haired boy staring at you with question marks all over his face. You waved your hand in front of your face, trying to tell him that you'll talk with him later.

"Okay, now that we have Miss [Last Name] here with us," Aizawa glared at you his brows furrowing. Your head just hung loosely in shame. "We can continue with the test." He continued to explain. "Softball pitch. Standing long jumps. 50 meter dash. Endurance running. Grip strength test. Sustained sideways jumps. Upper body exercises. Seated toe-touch. These are the activities you know from middle school, naturally. Physical tests where you were barred from using your quirks." He tossed a softball towards Bakugou which the blonde caught with ease. "Unlike middle school, you'll be using your quirks here. Bakugou, how far could you pitch a softball in middle school?"

"67 meters." He replied gruffly.  You remembered that Bakugou was best in your entire generation when it came to pitching. So there was no doubt that he would be now, especially when he has to use his quirk. 

"Try using your quirk this time around." He motioned with his finger at Bakugou to get in the circle from where he was supposed to pitch the ball. "Just don't get out of the circle." Bakugou stretched his right arm taking his stance. "And don't hold back."

"You got it." He muttered. After he was done preparing, with a violent grin Bakugou threw his arm forward, releasing the ball with an explosive propulsion. "DIE!"


The ball shot upwards, looking like it was fired out from a canon, not someone's palm. The ball eventually fell on the floor. The device that Aizawa was holding beeped and he showed it to the class. It read '705,2 meters'. The class looked over at him in awe.

"Before anything else, one must know what they're capable of." Aizawa stated.

"705 meters?! That's crazy!" A boy with spiky red-hair exclaimed from beside you.

You nodded your head in agreement. You knew that Bakugou was going to make a remarkable improvement by using his quirk, but this was just too remarkable.

"Awesome, that looks so fun!"

Aizawa turned his head to look away from his students. "Fun you say? All right then, in that case, here's a new rule: the one who ranks last," He looked back at them, a deadly aura surrounding him. "Will be judged 'hopeless' and instantly expelled."

Your eyes widen at this. Was he being serious? Why would they expell students on their first day? Why even bother recruiting this much if they were going to expell someone? You looked at Bakugou.

I know who'll be topping first...

Bakugou glanced your way, catching you staring at him. He knotted his brows, looking at you in harsh scrutiny, before tearing his gaze away from you. You blinked in surprise.

That was weird. Usually he insults me in some way.

You decided to ignore it and proceeded with watching the other student's results, as well as trying to give your best at every test.

You just couldn't let yourself fail now.

All in all, you managed to get good results. You scored a 5,10 in the 50 meter dash by teleporting at the finish line when you just needed ten more meters. The seated toe-touch was also good since you were pretty stretchy. You actually placed second to last. Midoriya being the one who was last.

But you were amazed at how he managed to score a 705,3 meters at pitching. Though you were pretty concered about his broken finger. But still, he managed to get a bigger score than Bakugou! 

Which the latter was not really happy about it. It wasn't hard to notice since he was literally fuming.

And now it was your turn to pitch the ball. You walked towards the circle, standing in the middle of it.

"Come on squirt," Aizawa tossed you the ball that you caught with ease. "Show me what you got." 

You took a deep breath. You had no idea how you were going to pull this off, since you could just throw the ball. You quirk wasn't useful in this one at all. You exhaled and turned your head around to look at the group of students. Your yes landed on Midoriya, who was giving you a thumbs-up. You smiled at your best-friend. You eyes tried finding the dual-haired boy and you caught him looking at you. The moment your eyes locked he just turned his head the other way, making you blink in confusion.

"Come on, I don't have all day!"

You took your stance once more until finally throwing your arm backwards, shutting yur eyes closed.

Here goes nothing!

You threw your arm forward, concentrating your strength at the tip of your index finger and gave it a a throw full of force. You opened your eyes and looked up at the sky to see where the ball was.

But the sky was clearer than a baby's but. Not a sight of anything flying.

The hell...?

Aizawa's device beeped, making your turn your head to look at him with confusion written all over your face. Aizawa's eyes widened, but his surprised face was replaced with an amused one. He showed the device to the class. Their mouths gaped when they read the score.


"She managed to score a better result than that Bakugou guy!"

"And the ball wasn't even flying!" 

You looked down at your hand in confusion, ignoring your class's chants. What the hell was that just now? You never managed to do that in your entire life. If this had to do something with your quirk then this was your first time experiencing something like this. 

Maybe you were able to teleport more than just yourself. But the range was almost ten times higher unlike when you were the one being teleported.


Your entire class together with you stiffened at the sudden outburst. You turned your head to the side. Bakugou was marching towards you, anger flashing before his eyes, his hands tightening making his knuckles turn white. He stopped right when he was in front of you. He sneered down at you.

"Oi, how did you manage to pull that off right now at all times?" He went to grab you by the collar but out of nowhere most parts of his body were wrapped in some kind of cloth that resembled bandages, restraining him to do so. He tried to wriggle out, but tono avail.

"Jeez, don't make me use my quirk so much..." You looked at Aizawa who was holding onto the other end of the cloth. His eyes were bloodshot and his hair looked like it was brushed back. "I've got dry eye, dammit!" He let go of Bakugou. "We're wasting time, let's continue on with the trial."

You and Bakugou locked eyes. You knew why he reacted like that. You scoring at something better than him hurt his pride. You were always just another pebble on the road.

Until now.

You took two steps back from him, giving him one last look before continuing with the trials, which made him go wild inside. It wasn't the look you used to give him beore. This one was different.

This one held less fear towards him.

What the two of you hadn't noticed was that your little scene hasn't gone unnoticed by a certain dual-haired boy.



At the end, you managed to place 15th. Maybe your quirk wasn't so bad as you thought. But the thing with the pitch was pure luck, you had to investigate more on how you were able to do that. Today you learned that you'll need a lot more than you thought to get the hang of your quirk. 

At the end Aizawa explained to you that the entire 'expulsion' thing was a lie, which made your heart feel at ease since, thank heavens that Midoriya wasn't going to get expelled. You looked at the dual-haired boy who was passing by you. "Todoroki-san!" You called after him, trying to get his attention. He looked at you with those heterochromatic eyes of his. "Congratulations on placing second." You smilled at him.

He just turned his head away from you, walking away. "Thanks."

Your eye twitched. This guy was cold as ice. And no pun intended at all. It was real hard getting through him. Even though he did smile at you once, but it doesn't matter!

I should go pick up Midoriya from the infirmary and head home.



"Aizawa, you liar!" The said person stopped in his tracks, his head turning to his left to get a better look at the person who called for him. It was none other than the former Pro Hero himself. "Oh, All Might, it's you. So you were watching it, I take it?"

All Might pointed an accusing finger at him. "'A logical ruse'? April fool's was a week ago!" He recalled this morning when he was going through some files of the last year's students. "You expelled an entire class of first-graders last year!" He gave him a smug smile. "You felt it too, right? Midoriya's raw potential!" 

Aizawa raised an eyebrow. "He's just above the 'zero' mark." He rubbed his temple. "I'm more interested in that [Last Name] girl." He furrowed his brows while thinking. 

All Might gasped dramatically. "Aizawa... don't tell me... that you're interested in underaged girls?!" 

Aizawa's eye twitched in annoyance. "Says a guy who has his eyes on a boy who's the same age as her."

"You're sick."

"You started it."

All Might shook his head when Aizawa proceeded to walk back to his office. But Aizawa was right: neither All Might just couldn't shake this feeling off that he's already seen the same quirk as yours a long time ago.

Chapter Text

The next morning you were lying in your bed, thinking about the events from yesterday. You surprised yourself when Aizawa-sensei and the whole class announced that your score was better than Bakugou’s. It didn’t surprise you at all when he tried to pounce you. Thank God Aizawa-sensei was there to help you. You sighed, pulling the blankets up to cover your nose that was slightly red from the coldness. It was Spring, but you felt chilly most of the time.

You alarm beeped, signaling that it was time for you to get ready for school. It’s been a while since you woke up before your alarm. You removed the covers to the side and straightened up, your feet dangling mere inches from the carpeted floor. You stretched your back, arms and legs, trying to shake off the sleepiness.

You went on with your morning routine from brushing your teeth to changing in your uniform. You pulled up the knee-high socks, wishing that you hadn’t thrown away your old  leggings since you felt pretty uncomfortable in such clothes that exposed some parts of your body. Your ears perked up when you heard the front door to your house opening. Your eyebrow rose at this. Your auntie was at work for an hour already, it couldn’t be her. 

“[First Name]-chan? Are you still here?” 

It was Midoriya.

Why is he here? He told me last night that he won’t walk to school with me this morning. 

You quickly grabbed your bag and sprinted out of your room and down the stairs. You looked at the green-haired boy, who was startled when you jumped over the last five stairs. He grabbed his chest, trying to calm his heart down. “Jeez, you almost gave me a heart attack.” You giggled. It was so easy to scare the boy. 

You walked towards the door and opened it, waiting for Midoriya to step outside before you so you could lock the door behind you. 

“What made you change your mind?” You shoved the key through the keyhole, not looking at your friend. 

The boy looked at you in confusion, not understanding your question. 

“I mean, last night you told me that you’re heading to school earlier,” you grabbed the door knob, checking if it was locked. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad since it’s been a long time the two of us went together liked this.” You smiled at him. “I’m not going to ask why. I bet you have a good reason for it.”

The boy looked at you wide eyed. This was unexpected, even from you. You really caught him off guard. He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I really am an awful friend, aren’t I?” The two of you started to walk your ways towards school. 

You shook your head at his words. “No, I don’t think that, you said it. Plus, you got some explaining to do with that quirk of yours,” you pouted your lower lip. “You even managed to surpass Katsuki-kun yesterday.”

He gulped. 

No, he wasn’t ready to tell you. 


He wanted to tell you, you are his best friend. 

But not yet. 

“I’m sorry. I’ll tell you when the right time comes.” 
You weren’t sure what he was talking about, but you smiled nonetheless. 

“I understand.”

I don’t. 

He didn’t notice that this distance was actually hurting you. 

But I want to. 



When you entered the classroom you were greeted by the bubbly girl with rosy cheeks you came to meet at the entrance exam. “Hi, Deku-kun! How are you feeling? Does your finger still hurt?” She inched closer to him, invading his private bubble. 

You couldn’t help but raise your eyebrow at the nickname. 

Deku? Wasn't that an insult? 

“Ahh! Uraraka-san! Don’t worry, I’m feeling fine, thank you!” You laughed at his lousy attempts to put some distance between him and the brunette, but she would just come even closer to his face. She must’ve heard you laugh, because all of her attention was now directed to you. 

“You’re the girl that I met on the entrance exam! [First Name] right? You did pretty good on the yesterdays test! You even managed to beat that Bakugou kid!” 

You scratched the back of your neck. She was flattering you even though you thought that you hadn’t give your all. “Thanks, um…”

“Oh, how silly of me, it’s Uraraka Ochako!”

“Nice to meet you, Uraraka.” You smiled at her. You saw Todoroki walking into class from the corner of your eye. He seemed to notice you too because he was looking at you from the moment he entered the class. You nodded your head at him. 

“Morning, Todoroki-san.” You greeted cheerfully, but he just ignored you and kept walking towards his seat. 

Your eye twitched. 

First he comes saving you and acts all nice and dandy towards you and now he’s giving you the cold shoulder. 

His personality  is literally a reflection of his quirk that’s for sure. 

Suddenly the classroom door burst open. 
“It’s me! Through the door like a normal person!”
You looked back and found yourself staring at the number 1 hero himself. Your eyes were wide, not able to hide the shock from your face. Midoriya on the other hand looked absolutely elated. 

“I can’t believe All Might is going to be teaching us!” Some of the students exclaimed. 

“Foundational Hero Studies! For this class we’ll be building up your hero foundation through various trials!” He announced. “Let’s jump right in with this!” He held up a large card that said ‘BATTLE’. “The trial of battle!” 

“The trial…” You breathed out. 

“Of battle!” Bakugou who was sitting on a seat next to yours finished with a wicked grin on his face. You sweat-dropped at this. 

Of course that he’s going to be the most delighted one about the trial. 

The whole class was chanting until All Might started speaking again. “We’ve prepared the gear we had you send in requests for to match your quirks!” 

“Our costumes!”

Your face sparkled in excitement. You couldn’t wait to se how your costume was going to fit you. 

“Everyone change and gather at ground β!” Everyone started rushing towards the dressing rooms. 

“And don’t forget,” All Might smiled mischievously. “From now on, you’re all officially heroes!”

I can’t believe it… 

You thought while starring at the costume in your hands. You gripped harder onto it. 

I’m finally going to wear it… I’m… finally a hero. 
You quickly started to change into your battling gear. 

After you changed into your costume… the outcome wasn’t quite like you expected. 

The clothes that you wanted for it to be a little looser felt like you were wearing a diving suit. It was now a orange jumping suit that you were wearing. At least the big, black stripes that formed an sign ‘X’  that went all the way from your shoulder blades to your hips were just like you imagined. And the white running shoes along with your goggles were included also. 

I can’t breathe. 

You noticed Midoriya was talking with Uraraka. At least you weren’t the only one with a tight costume. You noticed that Midoriya’Shes face was red as a tomato’s, probably because how close Uraraka was standing next to him. Especially in that gear. When you noticed how funny his costume looked like, you tried desperately to stifle your  laughs, not wanting to upset the boy. “Izu-chan you look-!”

Like Bugs Bunny’s evil twin brother that’s ready to devour the souls of innocent children. 

“-like All Might!” You said the most positive words that you knew would make the boy relax more. 

“And you’re-,” Midoriya’s eyes traveled on your form, from head to toe. His face flushed again. 


You smiled sheepishly. “They made it like this, but maybe I can use it as an advantage in battles.”

“Okay you embryos, show me what you got!” Your little chit-chat was interrupted by All Might. 

You turned your head to All Might who had begun speaking. “Alright kiddies! Let me explain you the rules. I’ll separate you in teams of ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ for a two-on-two battle!”

“In this training,” he continued. “The villains will be guarding a nuclear weapon they intend on deploying. The heroes must stop them before it’s too late. If the heroes manage to capture the villains or reach the nuclear weapon before the time runs out, they win. If the villains capture the heroes or manage to keep the nuclear weapon for the entire time, they win.” He explained. “Also, for this battle the teams will be chosen by lottery!”

All Might started assigning teams. You were assigned for team A together with Midoriya. The two of you locked eyes, smiles plastered on your faces. 

“The first two pairs to do combat… pair A will be the hero group against pair D who will be villains!”

You heard a nervous gasp come out from Midoriya. You followed his gaze, trying to find out who pair D was. It were apparently the glasses guy and… 


Oh boy… This is going to be one hell of a ride. 

“We’re going up against Kacchan…” You could feel Midoriya shaking next to you. 

You looked at him with worried eyes. You too weren’t excited about fighting with the explosive blonde. But you had to be strong, at least for Midoriya. You grabbed his shoulder reassuringly. He looked up at you. “Don’t worry, Izu-chan. I won’t let us lose!” 

He smiled at you and nodded. The two of you anxiously waited for the signal of the start of the battle. Finally, you heard All Might announce. “Let the first battle trial begin!”

You ran into the building. The building consisted of many narrow hallways with much more turns and twists. You both quietly moved through the building until a figure jumped out from around the corner. You quickly reacted by pulling Midoriya and you behind a corner. You tried to steady your racing heart, but it felt like it wanted to jump out of your chest and let you die on the spot rather than to deal with him. 

“Fucking Deku, stop dodging me!” Bakugou spat angrily. 

Midoriya gulped. “Figured that Kacchan would be after me. You’re lucky [First Name]-chan.” He wiped the sweat from his brow. 

You poked Midoriya on the shoulder gaining his attention. “I think it’s best if you leave me to him.” You turned your head to the side to look at him. “I’ll distract him so you can go where the nuclear weapon is.”

Midoriya’s eyes widen at what you said. “But, [First Name]-chan…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” You reassured him. “Besides, you get severely hurt when you use your quirk.” He gulped. “But, it’ll be hard for you to fight him alone.”

“Are you ignoring me you fucking nerds?!” Bakugou lunged at the two of you but you had the time to teleport behind him. You jumped onto his back and pinned him to the ground. 

“Izu-chan go, we don’t have much time left!” Midoriya nodded his head and started running to find the place where the weapon was stationed at. 

“Get off me, you bitch!” You managed to jump away in time, putting some distance between you two. 

He eyed from head to toe, his brows furrowing. “What the hell do you want? Covering that nerd, huh?” He smirked. “You always liked getting the hits first, that hasn’t changed at all!” He propelled himself towards you with his explosions. He tried hitting you with his fist but you managed to teleport behind him and land a kick to the back of his head. Though that didn’t stop him at all since in less than a second he turned around and grabbed your neck. He pinned you to a wall. You bit your lower lip in an attempt to keep your screams deep in your throat. 

“Hah…” You breathed out and grabbed Bakugou’s forearm while trying to pry him off you. 

He looked down at you murderously. “What the fuck is your problem? You’re the one who got involved in the first place ages ago. I don’t get you,” He tightened his grip, making you shut your eyes firmly. “Why the fuck are you protecting that piece of shit?!” He raised his voice at the final words. 

“B-because…” You managed to choke out. “Izu-chan is my friend. And you… were my friend also…” He looked you puzzled, not sure what you were going on about. “What the fuck are you trying to say?!” His eyes furrowed when you managed to pry his hand off your neck. 

“It means that I want to show myself, show you that someone like me, who you always put down for years… can truly become a hero!”

“What can a weakling like you do?” He glowered. “All you can do is run from your enemy and hide.” He started to charge a blast from his palm and aimed it at you. 

“That’s not all I can do.” Right before he was about to blast you to oblivion, you kicked his hand and teleported away. He winced in pain at the sudden move and retreated it, but it resulted in him blasting himself off. 

Guess even you managed to trick him in the end. 
You heard him coughing through the smoke. “YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH.” He said through gritted teeth and launched himself at you. 

He just doesn’t know when to quit , huh? 

You went to teleport behind him, put at the end you accidentally teleported right in front of him. Since he was still launching himself at you, the two of you bumped into each other, with him falling on top of you. You rubbed your head wherebit hurt from the impact. 

What the-? 

You looked up to see Bakugou lying on top of you. He had a visible blush on his face but you were too shocked and scared to even notice. 

Uh oh, goodbye sweet world

“Team A wins!” You gasped at All Might’s announcement. That means that Midoriya managed to retrieve the nuclear weapon. 

Bakugou hurriedly got off you. “I lost… to Deku.” 

You couldn’t hear the blonde at all since you were too lost in your head, celebrating your victory.

Chapter Text

You sighed as your feet dangled from the infirmary bed. You traced your fingers over your left elbow. You hissed in pain at the touch. You hadn’t even pressed your fingers onto the wound too hard and it still hurt.

The fight with Bakugou wasn’t that devastating you though it was going to be. You even managed strike a few hits.

Your head shot up to the sound of the door opening. Your head shot up, [Eye Color] eyes meeting heterochromatic eyes. Your brow rose, not expecting him at all. “Todoroki-san?”

He was holding a tray with food and some medicine. He closed the door behind him with his foot and started walking towards you. “Recovery Girl asked me to bring these to you,” He placed the tray on the nightstand. “That guy could’ve kill you if you made just one wrong move. And to me it looked like he wanted to do that.”

You looked down at the wounds on your palms. “Katsuki-kun and I go way back. We’ve known each other since we were kids,” You furrowed your brows at the memories. “His biggest dream is to become the best and to surpass All Might one day, so that’s why he has a killer aura around him.” You cracked your knuckles, carefully choosing your words.

Todoroki noticed that something was wrong, but he didn’t want to pry into other people’s problems. “I understand.” He turned around and was about to leave until you stopped him. “Did you finish your battle? Or you’re still waiting for your turn?”

He kept quiet not answering your question which really started to annoy you right now. “I get what you’re trying to do and let me tell you that I’m not here to be buddies with you,” He looked at you from behind his shoulder. “So I’m advising you to stop with that.” He walked out, leaving you with a shocked expression.

Something was certainly bothering this boy and you wanted to know what exactly.

After Recovery Girl told you that you were good to go (with a good fifteen-minute scolding) you were walking to your class to pick up your stuff. The second you walked into the classroom, you were engulfed into a hug. “I was so worried about you!”

You smiled sweetly. It was none other than Midoriya.

He broke the hug but was still holding your shoulders. “I am so sorry for not running to your aid when Kacchan started to get serious with you!” He started shaking you while you limply rocked back and forth in his hands. 

“Izu-chan, I’m going to be sick.” Your other classmates sweat dropped when Midoriya let go of you and started bowing his head while still rambling some apologies at you. 

“Oi! You really did a number on Bakugou out there! I’m really hapoy that you managed to win in the end!” A boy with spiky red-hair placed a hand over your shoulder. You smiled sheepishly while scratching the back of your neck bashfully. “Thanks, I thought so too.” This was the first time a group of people praised you for something you’ve done with your quirk. 

You felt accepted in this school, just like you dreamed of. 

But something just wasn’t right. 

“Hey, where’s Katsuki-kun at?” You looked at Midoriya who gave you a puzzled look. “I don’t know.”

“Oh, Bakugou?” Uraraka responded. “He left just while ago. He was silent all the time, not saying a thing.” 

“Kacchan…” Midoriya murmured. He stood in his place for a while before quickly turning on his heel and speeding out of the classroom. 

“Izu-chan?” You turned around to catch him but damn he’s really gotten faster in one year. You eventually found them near the school’s entrance. You jumped behind a bush and from that position you could clearly hear their conversation.

“I bet it was fun tricking me all these years, huh, you asshole?!” You heard Bakugou exclaim.

“N-no… it’s not like that, you’re wrong.” The freckled boy stuttered. 

“How the fuck am I wrong?!” 

“Kacchan, I think that I need to tell you all of it,” Midoriya inhaled sharply. “I obtained this quirk from someone else.” Your eyes widened at his confession. 

Someone else? Is that even possible? 

“I can’t tell you from who it is! But, remember this, one day, I am going to beat you with this power of mine!” His eyes widened, surprised by his own words. 

Your eyes widened even more. He just declared war on Bakugou Katsuki. 

You weren’t the only one surprised. Bakugou was literally fuming in anger. 

Let me just go get a shovel. 

“Obtained it from someone else huh? How long are you intending to make a fool out of me?!” He clenched his fists and lowered his gaze. “Have you seen that Ice-guy?! Fuck he’s so strong, I’d probably lose to that asshole!” 

Your brows furrowed. He was right in some part. Todoroki indeed was strong. But you still though that Bakugou would beat him up, ut's just how he was. 

“Hey, Deku! You listen here!” He raised his head up and you could clearly see the tears forming in his eyes. “I’m going to be number one from here out on out!”

He turned around and added. “And don’t you dare get the idea that you’re going to beat me ever again!”
You took a few seconds for all the information you just heard to sink in, before you decided to stop hiding. 

Midoriya looked at you walking out of the bush. “[First Name]-chan?! D-did you just… hear all of that?” You nodded your head. “We’ll talk about that later.” You turned around and sprinted towards Bakugou. 

“Katsuki-kun!” He turned around, narrowing his eyes at you. “What the hell do you want now?! Came here to rub the fact that you beat me in my face?!” His eyes were still red and puffy from crying. 

You shook your head in disagreement. “No, I just wanted to tell you something.” You inhaled sharply “You don’t have to feel like it’s the end of the world because you lost today,” You fiddled your fingers nervously while looking down at the ground. “Before, you would always win against me in anything, video games, sports you had better grades than me also,” You looked up at him. “But they gave me a chance here, to become what I always wanted, some of them noticed my potential,” Your fists clenched and brows furrowed. “So don’t think that I’m going to lose against you anymore! From here out on, you’re going to acknowledge me and my power, sooner or later!”


Bakugou looked at you in bewilderment, but his confusion turned into anger again. “The hell is wrong with you two losers today?! You beat me once and suddenly you get all high and mighty!” He pointed his index finger at you. “I’m never going to acknowledge that excuse of a quirk of yours! And just you wait for the day where I’m going to pulverize you! And that fucking Deku!” He turned around and started walking away. 



Did I just declare a war against Bakugou too?


Chapter Text

“We had this apprehension test and all of them have pretty strong quirks. And today I was paired with Izu-chan as the hero group and we had to protect this ‘nuclear weapon’ from the ones that we're on the villainous team,” You put a shrimp in your mouth. “It was unbelievable!”

Your aunt slapped your hand. “Don’t talk with your mouth full, it’s not lady-like.” She scolded you.

Your aunt was rarely home since she always had so many business trips she needed to attend. This is the first time you saw her since your first day of high school and she told you to tell her what you think about it.

“Sorry,” You smiled apologetically. “But, I'm really glad that I’m in the same class as Izu-chan,” Your happy face slowly turned into a frowned one. “Even though he’s always hanging around with these two classmates.”

“Oh,” Manami smiled at you slyly. “Is that jealously I can hear?” She laughed when you answered by shaking your head quickly. “No, it’s not anything like that, it’s just,” You tried to put your thoughts into the right words. “He already managed to make new friends, while, I’m not really that good at it. Maybe I thought that it was always just going to be the two of us, even when we entered high school.” You rested your chin on your hand, picking another shrimp with your chopsticks and putting it lazily in your mouth.

 Manami’s face held a slight tinge of sadness at your confession. “What about Katsuki? Isn’t he one of your friends too?” 

“Umm, not really, Katsuki-kun and I aren’t on such good terms.” 

“What do you mean?” She started. “I thought that boy had a crush on you ever since you were kids.” Her eyes widen in shock when you started to choke all of a sudden. “Jesus Christ! Here drink this!” She handed you a glass of water which you gladly took. “Was it something I said?”

You chugged the entire water from the glass, taking deep breaths to calm your beating heart from the shock you just went through. “No, it’s fine, I was just being careless.” You got up from the table. “I think I should go to bed, I had a rough day.”

Your aunt eyes you skeptically. “Okay… Well, good night then.” You returned the favor and continued walking towards your room. She sighed, her lips forming into a soft smile. 

“She’ll find out eventually.”


You were lying in your bed thinking about what your aunt said earlier. How were you supposed to tell her that Bakugou has been bullying you all of these years? 


Likes you? 

There was a bigger possibility that you were going to see a flying pig than that happening. 
Your eyes slowly started to close and you soon fell into a comfortable slumber. 



The following day you were at class waiting for Aizawa-sensei to arrive. You had bags under your eyes from lack of sleep last night. You still had bruises from yesterday’s battle trial. 

“[First Name]-chan,” You looked up to see Midoriya standing next to your desk. “Are you feeling better?” He looked concerned about you and you couldn’t help but giggle at him. “I’m fine, thanks for asking,” Your gaze fell on the bandages around his wrist. “Are you feeling any better?”

“I am, this is going to heal faster than you think don’t worry,” He smiled reassuringly at you. “Umm, do you want to have lunch with me later maybe?” He asked, scratching the back of his neck. 

You knew what he wanted to talk about. 

You nodded your head and smiled. “Of course.”

Finally, Aizawa-sensei entered and began class. 
“Hope you rested from the yesterday’s battle trial,” He began. “I took the liberty to have a look at your marks and evaluation. Bakugou,” He pointed at the ash blonde. “Stop acting like a seven-year-old. You’re wasting your own talent.”

The said boy burrowed his brows and pouted. “I know.”

“And you,” He pointed at Midoriya next. “Are you always planning on destroying your arm, Midoriya?” Midoriya tensed up nervously. “If you keep going ‘I can’t adjust my quirk, I have no choice’ you’ll never get terribly far. I said it before, don’t make me say it a third time. Once you’ve cleared that hurdle, you’ll be much more flexible,” He grinned at him. “So I need to see some sweat out of you, Midoriya.”

Midoriya nodded. “Yes sir!”

His expression turned back to his usual one. “Now let’s get on with homeroom. Today, I’ll have you…” All of the students were sitting at the edge of their seats in anticipation. 

“Pick a class president.”

Oh, well that sounds surprisingly normal. 

Everyone started to raise their hands, yelling that they should do the job of being class president. 
“Oh I want to do it, pick me!” Kirishima exclaimed while raising his hand high in the air. 

“My manifesto as president: all girls must expose 30 cm of thigh!” You already know who this is. 

“Oh, you mean the position that exists for me.” A blonde guy said, his chin resting on his hand. 

Who the hell is he? 

“So loud.” Todoroki that was sitting next to you, not even bothering to raise his hand up. 

You slightly smiled at him. “I see you’re not that thrilled about this?” He turned to look at you, his eyes meeting yours. His gaze turned back where it previously was. “I just don’t see what the big deal is.”

“I agree,” You looked at your classmates. “But I think it’s kind of fun, doing something school-like from time to time.”

“I think it’s a waste of time.” You looked back at him, his expression was stoic as ever. 

So you decided that the best thing was to end your conversation there. 

When the voting was over, you were surprised that someone, no, two people voted for you. And now, you and Yaoyorozu were tied, but since you weren’t interested in being the vice president, you decided to leave the role to her. 

Oh and Midoriya became president, yaaay. 
When the bell rang signaling it was lunch time, you were surprised when Yaoyorozu approached you. “Hey,” She smiled brightly at you. 

So pretty. 

“H-hey,” You greeted back timidly. You always got kind of awkward when meeting new people since you weren’t quite used to it. 

“I just wanted to thank you for what you did, you don’t see people giving up such things to someone that easily.” You scratched the back of your neck in embarrassment. “You look more suitable for such a role, so why not?” 

She suddenly grabbed both of your hands. “Thank you so much, do you maybe want to have lunch with me?” Your eyes widened for a second. 

Is she being serious? 

But then you remembered that you promised Midoriya that you were going to have lunch with him. 

“Oh, maybe tomorrow? I have something I need to talk with Midoriya.” The smile from her face fell and you kind of felt bad for rejecting her offer. “It’s okay, we can do it tomorrow,” She smiled at you again and let go of your hands. “See you after lunch then.” And she was out of the class. 

Maybe this was just a start of a good friendship. 



You were sitting on the table with Midoriya, Iida and Uraraka. Iida was talking about his family and how his brother was a famous hero. 

“Wou,” You almost chocked on your food. “Ingenium is your brother? So lucky.” You cried fake tears, your eyes sparkling too. 

“Yes, and I aspire to be a hero like him one day!” He pushed his glasses back. “As such, I think picking Midoriya as president was the right choice in the end.” Iida smiled. 

You knew how much Iida wanted to be class president and yet he admits that Midoriya would make a better leader. And you had to admit that that was the cutest thing ever. 

You blew your nose with your school uniform’s sleeve. “I bet you’re going to be a great leader one day too Iida!” 

“Hey, [Last Name]-san, why are you crying?!” 

“[First Name]-chan, don’t blow your nose with your sleeve. Tissue!”

A loud siren was heard all of a sudden, making all of the students wonder what was happening. 


Security level 3 has been breached. Students please promptly evacuate. 

“What’s security level 3?!” You asked out-loud in panic. 

“It means someone has infiltrated the school grounds!” One of the students answered your question and suddenly a large mass of students came running behind you, pushing you to the exit. You tried to break through, but to no avail, there were so many people that you got separated with Midoriya and the rest. 

Suddenly you felt someone grabbing you by the back collar of your uniform shirt, yanking you backwards. Your face collided with something hard, but soft at the same moment. You raised your head up, your breath hitching in your throat. 

It was Todoroki. 

“Stay still, the enemy could still be here somewhere.” You couldn’t help but blush when his grip just tightened onto your waist. 

If anyone saw you in this position they wouldn’t think that he was protecting you. The only sound you could hear was yours and his heartbeat that were in rhythm. His body was so warm despite his quirk being ice, he was so-


You didn’t realize that you just snuggled closer to him, but he also didn’t seem to notice that. “Um, Todoroki-san,” He looked down at you. “I think that it’s over now, you can let go of me.” He looked to the side, noticing that the students have calmed down. He looked back at you and removed his arm that was around your waist. “Sorry.” He started walking away from you. 


This was the second time he came to your aid. 

And he was ignoring you (kind of) again. 


He sure is an enigma. 

Chapter Text

You walked towards the class, still confused about what happened yesterday in the halls. Did someone really tried to attack your school? It should be expected since your school was one of the most prestigious ones, but if someone managed to get in, who knows what could've happened. When you arrived to class you were greeted by Aizawa, who was already in the middle of lecturing. His head turned to the side to look at you and by the look he was giving you, you'd rather be six feet under the ground. He sighed. "Does me scolding you even change anything?" Your gulped loudly, an embarrassing smile forming on your lips. "Just take your seat so I can continue what I was saying." You quickly nodded your head and went towards your seat.


"As I was saying," Aizawa continued. "It was decided you'll be supervised by a three-man team composing me, All Might and somebody else." 


It has to be an important case if it was decided by them.


"Sensei! What'll we be doing?!" One of the students asked eagerly. Aizawa held up a large card that said 'RESCUE'. "Be the hero everyone needs, whether it's a flood or any other disaster."


"A trial of rescue!" All of the students said in unison.


"Trial of rescue... sounds a bit difficult this time around," Kaminari said.


"C'mon dumbass, that's what a hero's whole job is!" Kirishima exclaimed, tapping the blonde on his back excitedly.


"The training session we'll be having today is fairly far away," Aizawa explained. "So we'll just go there by bus. Everyone go change and get ready."


"I think I'm gonna be sick," You held your stomach as you walked towards the changing room with Momo walking next to you. She looked at you worriedly. "What's wrong [Last Name], are you alright?" You looked up at the pony-tailed girl. "This is just too much. I did know what I was getting myself into once I applied for this school, but this doesn't look like a school to me at all."


Momo lightly laughed at your answer. "Why do you say that?" She asked as the two of you entered the changing room. "Because we have these trials everyday, I feel like I'm going to die here before I even get the chance of becoming a hero, " An image of a certain ash-blonde passed through your head. "I wouldn't be surprised if it were by his hands." 




"Nothing, nothing. Just talking to myself." You said as you took your school uniform off and started putting your hero costume on. "Why is this so tight, ugh," You groaned as you wiggled your but in the jumpsuit. "This thing is going to kill me one day." You breathed out when you finally managed to put it on. "Yayorozu-san, can you please help me pull this zipper up -" You turned around, your eyes wide as saucers when you took in her entire appearance. Her breasts were almost sticking out of her outfit, hiding just the few parts of her upper body.


Yaoyorozu looked at you. "Hm? Did you say something?" She had the most innocent look ever, but you couldn’t help but blush at the sight before you. plus her cluelessness was making her look even more adorable than she was.


"I d-didn't." You cursed yourself in your head for stuttering like that. It wasn't like Momo had anything that you didn't. Maybe she was a bit bigger,  but still.


After you were done changing you were walking towards the front school yard where the bus was waiting for you. You slowly moved your head around, trying to find the familiar mop of messy green hair. When you found it, the ends of your lips twitched up a little into a small smile. "Izu-chan." You walked towards the boy, who was previously chatting with Uraraka about something. Your eyes blinked owlishly when you noticed something different about his outfit. The mask with  what that resembled those two bangs pointing out like two antenna All Might had, weren't there. "What happened to your outfit?"


Midoriya owlishly blinked his eyes at you. "Oh, they still need to repair it from yesterday's battle," He took what resembled a mask to guard the bottom parts of his face that was hanging from his neck in between his fingers. "But I have this for now, at least." He smiled sheepishly. 


After walking into the bus 'in a calm and orderly fashion' (how Iida said it) you tried to find an available seat, but the only available one was next to Todoroki... who was already sleeping. You sweat-dropped at the image in front of you.


So fast...


On second thought, maybe sitting next to him wasn't such a good idea. Ever since you met him, he never wanted to interact with you that much, just outside of school. Not even outside of school, he only talked to you before you entered high school. Which happened to be two times, but still. What if he told you to get out of his sight or, to not try to be-friend him again. While these questions were swirling inside your head the bus jumped a bit, probably driving over a rock or maybe the road was the bumpy. Either way, you started to lose balance and the impact send you flying forward. Your eyes closed immediately, but you thanked the heavens when your head landed on something soft, but freezing cold. Your eyes shot open in horror when you realized that this something was actually the dual-haired boy's lap. You raised your head up, eyes locking with his cold stare and you felt quite frozen under it.





You smiled awkwardly and waved your fingers at him slowly. "H-hi, Todoroki-san..."


His stare narrowed at you. "Can you please get off me?" 


You did what he said, quickly composing yourself. Your eyes roamed around the bus, sighing in relief because no one seemed to notice your little awkward scene you just had since they were to busy making fun off Bakugou. When you realized you actually landed in between his legs, your face exploded in embarrassment. You grabbed your face with your hands, trying to shake the thoughts away. Then it struck you.


You weren't siting next to the window.


It felt so weird for you, because you always sat next to the window, if you hadn't you would get nauseous easily. And you could already feel the morning's lunch coming back, even before you entered the bus. By the time you get to your destination you were going to feel the lunch that you hadn't even eaten yet also. Your eyes occasionally shifted from your lap to Todoroki, which the boy seemed to notice. "Do you need something from me?"


I'm such an idiot.


"It's nothing," You turned your head to the other side bashfully. "I'm kind of used to sitting next to the window." You said as you felt your stomach do flips, much to your disappointment. Your stomach started to hurt even more, your shoulders tensed as you tried hard not to let it show. You flinched when something icy touched your shoulder, your head whipping to your right to find Todoroki staring at you. 


"Take my seat, I don't mind." He said coolly and you just couldn't help but make a surprised face. You vigorously nodded your head and got off your seat as he did the same. You sat in your seat and looked out of the window, feeling that your stomach already started to calm down. You sighed in relief, a small smile on your lips. "Thanks-" You turned your head at Todoroki, but he was already sleeping. Or maybe he was pretending?


But you still felt happy because of his kind gesture, despite how he always tried to make some distance between the two of you. And every single other student. You smiled at how peaceful he looked while sleeping and how his chest heaved while breathing in and out. 


"Thanks, Todoroki-san." Those words passed through your lips as a whisper as you turned your head to your right, admiring the scenery from the window.



Looking around the place you just entered, you couldn't help but stare, turning your head around to inspect every corner of it in awe. It had many land slides, flood wrecks, fires, icy lands, boulders, everything disaster a hero could find themselves in. It was just magnificent to say the least.


"Is this U.S.J. or something?!" One of the students exclaimed while some of the others agreed with the question.


"This a particular training area I created," A person in a fairly bug astronaut suit said as they walked towards the your group. They had a black helmet covering their face and you couldn't tell if they were female or male, since their legs were pretty skinny and they gave off a girly vibe, but hey, who were you to judge? 


"To simulate all kinds of disasters and accidents,"  They continued. "And I call it... The Ultimate Space for Jams!" They announced thrillingly as you and some other people blinked in surprise. 


So it really is U.S.J. ! !  


You poked Izuku's shoulder. "Hey, isn't that 'No.13'?" You asked and the look on his face warned you that he was about to start his fangirling fit. "Yes, yes it is!" 


"Wow! I've always liked No. 13!" Uraraka jumped in excitement next to Midoriya and you just swat-dropped at her bubbly behavior. Knowing so much about many heroes wasn't quite your thing, but since you had Midoriya as your best-friend for the last ten years, you knew every, and I mean every, hero. They were so good with their quirks and here you were, trying to find more about your own. And this was the perfect place for you to see if you really were able to teleport objects like what you did at the apprehension test. 


Aizawa looked around, like he was trying to find someone. "Hey 13, where's All Might? He should be here too." While all the others students were whispering one to the other about how they can't wait to see All Might, you were thinking about how funny it was to notice the height difference between Aizawa-sensei and No. 13 as the two chatted. 


That's actually kind of cute. 


"Okay," Thirteen turned their attention back at you guys again. "Before we begin, just one thing," They lifted their one finger, and then the second one. "Or two," They lifter a third and a fourth one. "Or three, or maybe even four..."


They're just increasing... 


Your head subconsciously turned around to look at Bakugou's way. He was standing right behind you, his arms crossed firmly over his chest. You were curious about how he was going to take this trial rescue-as something important or was he just going to think of it as a waste of time and fail miserably. The breath you were just taking hitched in your throat when his ember eyes locked with yours and you quickly whipped your head to the other side. You swore that you could feel him glaring holes at the back of your head as how you could smell something burning up. Thank God Aizawa was there if he intended to do anything bad to you. 


"That is all! You have my gratitude for listening to me so intently and patiently!" Thirteen said as they bowed their head at the crowd of students. Everyone thanked them while you cursed yourself mentally upon realizing that you hadn’t heard anything of what they said now. 


Dang it, do I always have to doze off during important, motivational  speeches?! 


Aizawa looked at the time on his wristwatch. "Okay, first thing's first..." He cut himself off when he heard something rustling from behind him. While everyone else was chatting you seemed to notice the look at Aizawa-sensei's face, that something... didn't seem right. You followed his look, your eyes widening while staring at the fountain in the middle of the training ground. It wasn't the fountain, no. 


It was the mass of people who suddenly started getting out of what seemed like purple and black portals. "You guys..." You nudged Midoriya's shoulder, trying to get his attention. You successfully caught his attention as he was looking at you questioningly. "What is it, [First Name]-chan?" 


"HUDDLE TOGETHER AND DON'T MOVE!" Aizawa's loud voice rang out through the entire building. "No. 13, protect the students!!" He ordered at the Space Hero, and they just vigorously nodded their head.


"What is that?! Is that like a training pattern like at the entrance exam?" Kirishima asked as he placed his hand on his forehead so he could get a better look. 


When you looked at how Aizawa was putting the goggles over his eyes, you knew that crazy shit was about to happen and that those people certainly weren't the part of your training. "DON'T MOVE THOSE ARE VILLAINS!!" 


At the hearing of the word villain you started to sweat uncontrollably. So yesterday what happened at school, when the emergency alarm was set off, it was probably their doing too. But there were so many people out there yesterday so maybe they thought that making a ruckus like that was just going to expose them. And now, that you were all alone, with only to pros by your sides, they took it as a perfect opportunity. But, how did they found you? You could feel the nauseous building up in your stomach again. 


"Sensei, what about the intruder alarm sensors?!" Yaoyorozu's voice brought you back to reality. Your teeth gritted, She was right, what about them? 


"Of course we have some set up, but-!" 


"Is this the only part of the campus they infiltrated, or are they attacking the others too?" Todoroki questioned. "If they are, then they must have someone with a quirk that can do that." Your eyes widened at his words. He was right, they couldn't have burst in that easily. The teachers and the rest are always highly prepared for situations like these. 


"They must have some solid objective. This isn't an ambush without some carefully planned scheme behind it." You finished his words at which he just nodded his head in agreement. 


"No. 13, evacuate the students, and try calling the school! Kaminari, you too, try contacting Yuuei with your quirk!" Aizawa ordered and his gaze fell on you. "[Last Name], can you try to teleport out of here?" You bit the inside if your mouth, your head dropping low in insecure. "I can't, not while I'm not in an opened place." Aizawa shook his head and you couldn't help but feel your insecurities rise even more in your chest. "Don't worry, don't feel guilty, there's nothing you can do about it now, just evacuate with the rest." He turned around facing the villains, and you got the message clearly. "Sensei, you're not going to fight alone... are you?!" 


"Even if you suppress all of their quirks, there's so many of them!" Someone exclaimed at the back.


Midoriya exclaimed next to you. "The battle style of 'Eraserhead' is to capture all of the villains, after erasing their quirks. Which means the battle starts now.." His voice calmed down at the end when he realized that Aizawa indeed was about to fight them  all on his own. 


Aizawa's fists clenched at his sides. "A hero always has more than one trick up their sleeves!" He said as he fixed the goggles that were covering his eyes. "No. 13, I'm counting on you!" And with that, he jumped down at the mass of villains. You let a quiet gasp when he jumped, not able to hide your how surprised you were by what he did. You watched the battle in front of you in awe, especially at Aizawa-sensei style of fighting. How quickly but gracefully he was moving, like you were watching a ballet show. 


"I-incredible!" Midoriya watched the battle with amazement like you did next to you. "I forgot that one-on-one battle was Sensei's specialty!" You nodded your head, but instantly shook it and grabbed on Midoriya's arm. "Yeah, it's's great, but we don't have time for this, we need to evacuate!" You started pulling him away towards the group that was already running for the evacuation door. 


"I'm afraid I can't allow that." The whole of you stopped in your tracks when a mass of shadow appeared in front of you, a head popping out of it. "Greetings, we are the Villain Alliance." It started to talk. "I apologize for the presumption but we took it upon ourselves to enter Yuuei Academy, the base of heroes." 


What do they even want from us mere students?! 


"In order to engage with Mr. All Might, ' The Symbol of Peace'. We were wondering if we had the opportunity to extinguish him, you see." Your brows furrowed at his words. So that's what they are after. You looked back at where Aizawa-sensei was. 


Aren't they aware that All Might is going to pulverize them to dust? 


All of a sudden Bakugou and Kirishima jumped at the villain, startling him, but mostly you and your entire class. Bakugou sent a combustion of explosions at him as Kirishima tried to slice him off with his hardened hand. "Bet you didn't think we'd able to do you in before we got the chance!" Kirishima grinned, but it faltered as soon as the smoke cleared out, and the villain was still standing there in one piece. 


"That was quite perilous." He commented as shadows started to engulf the two of them, and what you didn't notice was that they  soon surrounded all of you. Because a red alarm fired in your head and you quickly teleported next in front of Bakugou and Kirishima to push them aside. "Watch out!" You placed both of your hands on their chests and was about to push them, but the darkness took you in. As if he knew that you weren't able to go somewhere and fight alone, which is what the villains probably prepared for all of you, Bakugou grabbed tightly onto your wrist, letting the darkness take him in also. 



Chapter Text

You groaned loudly when your back hit the floor hard. What made it even worse was when another pretty heavy weight landed on you. A hand was still holding your wrist tightly and you could also feel something wrapped around your waist. Probably the same person's other hand. Your eyes slowly fluttered open, [Eye Color] orbs meeting fiery red ones.


"Katsuki-kun?" Your eyes were wide as saucers when you realized the position the two of you were in. His nose was brushing against yours and you could literally feel his breath fanning against your face. One of his hands was holding your wrist while the other was wrapped around your waist, making your bodies flushed even more. You actually felt more scared than embarrassed to be honest.  Once he too realized how inappropriate the position you were in looked, he quickly got off you, trying to hide the red hue on his cheeks with his forearm. "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM, YOU IDIOT?!" He yelled at you, while you just stared at him dumbfounded with your head titling to one side slowly. "YOU COULD'VE DIED BACK THERE! YOU KNOW DAMN WELL THAT YOU CAN'T LAND A HIT ON ANY VILLAIN!" Okay now you were confused. 


What's his problem, why does he care all of a sudden?


You got up on your feet all the time not breaking eye-contact with him. "And you care because why...?" An irk mark appeared on his forehead, visibly irritated by you, but it was replaced with a wry smirk. "Because then I won't be able to kick your ass properly and make you witness the moment I become the best fucking hero there is, got it, fuckmunch?!" You sweat-dropped at that. 


Wow, how surprising. 


You heard someone groaning close to you and you turned around,  finding Kirishima laying on the floor face first. "Kirishima-kun!" You quickly ran to his aid and crouched down. "Are you okay?" You grabbed his arm to help him get up. He slightly straightened up in his position, holding onto his head with his left hand. He looked up at you, his eyes squinting to get a better look at you. "Am I in heaven?" 


"No," You deadpaned and inspected the place around. "I think that we're in the Ruins Zone. That guy must've warped us here." You stated the obvious, earning an irritated dumbfounded look from Bakugou. "No shit Sherlock." 


Suddenly one of the villains came running out of the door at the two of you. "Kirishima-kun, watch out!" The villain was about to attack you and on instinct you raised your leg up to knock him out, but someone grabbed your shoulder from behind and pulled you back with force. 


You reeled back, your head kicking hard against the floor. Your head started spinning from the sudden impact. The view in front of you got blurry, but you could picture out that Bakugou and Kirishima were fighting off some villains. It was hard for you getting up with one hand supporting your weight and pushing you up while you rubbed your eyes with  the other. "What the hell...?" 


Bakugou was literally fuming in front of you as he banged another villain's head against the floor so hard you could hear the sound of his skull breaking. The sound made you shudder, you knew how brutal Bakugou could be, but this was even too much for him. "Get the fuck out of my way Extra! This isn't a place for you to fight!" His words were directed at you. 


You sweat-dropped at this. "But... I'm not an Extra."


"Shut up! Do you like being called Extra or Runaway bitch more?!" 


"Whatever floats your boat." You raised your hands up in defend. His words kind of struck you. You weren't that incapable how he impersonated you. 


"Damn, give her some slack," Kirishima breathed out as Bakugou blew another wave of explosions at one of the villains, his grenade like glove falling off. "Is this all of 'em?" Kirishima asked the other spiky male.


"Man, they were so weak." Bakugou threw the villain at the side. You were staring at them in awe. They managed to take out all of those villains by themselves. They were too strong for high schoolers.


"C'mon! We gotta go save the others! I'm worried for the ones who can't use their attacks in a battle!" Kirishima wiped the sweat from his face. "If sensei had been able to suck up that black mist, things wouldn't turn out like this! As men, we need to take responsibility-"


"If you wanna go, go by yourself!" Bakugou interupted him. "I'm gonna murder that Warp Gate motherfucker!"


"HUUUH?!" You and Kirishima exclaimed. You got up from the floor and walked towards him. "That's something what a little kid would say in situations like these, you can't rush in head first! And physical attacks against that guy-!"


"SHUT IT!" You yelped and hid behind the crimson haired male, holding onto his shoulders for support. He just eyed you quizzically and turned his head back at the ash blonde. "She's right dude."


"You shut up too!" He warned him with a death glare. "He's the enemies's escape and entrance hatch, the revolving door. So when the chips are down, I'll pin him down so he can't escape!" As he explained, a villain that came out of who knows where ran straight at him. Your eyes widened and you were about to warn him, but he grabbed the villains head on time, knocking him out by sending numerous explosions at his head.


"I mean," He continued, your breath hitched in your throat when you saw his calm face. "If he assigned these useless mooks to us, it oughta be fine."


His reaction time is nuts. And is that even Katsuki-kun? I never saw him this calm while fighting someone...


"You mean that's why you're so calm? Wow, pal..." Kirishima was surprised as you were. "I thought that you were more like..." Images of Bakugou yelling 'die, die, die' while having the craziest, murderous face floated in yours and Kirishima's heads.


That ticked Bakugou off. "I'M ALWAYS CALM, YOU SHITHEADS!" He yelled as he flipped the two of you off. 


"Ah, there it is!" You and Kirishima said at the same time.


"Just fuck off already you two, seeya later." Bakugou fixed the grenade armour on his wrist and proceeded to walk out of the Ruins Zone. "Kirishima, take care of her, she doesn't know how to protect her shitty ass by herself." Your eyes widened at his words. Should you feel offended or creeped out? He insulted yet he started to show this caring side towards you.


You placed your hands on your hips. "Who the hell are you and what did you do to Katsuki-kun?"


His head snapped at you. "Huh, what the fuck is that supposed to mean?"


Your eye twitched. "Are you really going to play dumb with me? What's the sudden change of heart? You never cared about me before."


Bakugou gritted his teeth in annoyance, his eyes widening in surprise. "The fuck you talking 'bout?! I' m not caring about you at all! I already told you! You're going to see me become the bes-" He was cut off when you approached him and poked the tip of his nose playfully.


"Oh spare me the lies, you're finally starting to realize how wrong you were all these years and you're trying to apologize like this." You said with a prideful smile, but it was soon replaced with a frown when Bakugou grabbed your neck and pulled your face to his. You were dangerously close to him, so close you could feel his hot, angry temperature burning from his body. 


He sneered at you. "Are you trying to pick a fight with me?" The smell of something burning instantly alarmed you, but before you could do anything, Kirishima pulled Bakugou away from you. "Dude, I think that's enough. You stay here, [First Name]-chan and I will go find the others." Bakugou clicked his tongue and turned his back to you. You grabbed your neck to see if any marks were there or burned skin, but thankfully there were none. God bless Kirishima for reacting on time.


Bakugou stared at you for a while but in the end he just turned his head to the side and clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Do whatever the fuck you want."


Kirishima grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the Ruins Zone. While he was dragging you away, you still stared at Bakugou's back for a while, wondering about why he did that to you back there, even after he stopped harming you. You turned your head to look at the path before. And you were just  findind yourself to forget and get over for all the stuff that happened in the past. Not all at once, but little by little. Guess he didn't even want to become a better person like you thought. 


"[First Name]-chan, are you okay?" You were brought back to reality by Kirishima's voice. You didn't even notice that you stopped running for a moment. He slowly raised his hand and your eyes met with his. You looked back at his hand, he was asking permission if he could see if Bakugou hurt you anywhere. You slowly nodded your head, your cheeks flushed when his fingertips gently touched your neck.


This is so awkward.


When Kirishima noticed that you had no scratches he pulled his hand from your neck, relieved that you were fine. "Damn, what's his problem all of a sudden?" 


You smiled at the red-head. "Don't worry, I'm fine. Katsuki-kun gets like that sometimes."


"Yeah, but that you were friends," He furrowed his brows lightly. "Or was I mistaken?"


You averted your gaze to the side, grabbing a lock of your hair and twirling it between your index finger nervously. "We're more like... childhood friends, we were never really fond of each other that much. When we were kids we hung out together, me, Izuku-kun and Katsuki-kun, but as we grew older, we grew distant. Better say Katsuki-kun didn't want to hang out with me and Izuku-kun anymore." You explained to him. Suddenly you slapped your hand over your mouth, startling the red-head boy. "I'm sorry! I was rambling too much, just forget what I said."


"N-no, it's okay! You weren't!" He reassured you by putting a hand on your shoulder. "I kind of have a feeling that this isn't the first time Bakugou did something like back there, huh?" Your eyes widen at this.


He can't know.


"It is." You stated, turning your head to look back at Kirishima. "Katsuki-kun never did something like that to me. I really believe that right now he is too scared and he just wanted to protect me, and it surprised me, because he never cared for me before. And maybe, he just got angry because I didn't listen to him right away and he reacted like that. But Katsuki-kun never hurt me before, he doesn't have a reason to do so." You hated yourself so much for lying right now, but you didn't want anyone from your class to know, except for Midoriya. This was supposed to be your new start. Getting stuck in your past is just going to slow you down from reaching your goal. So you mustered all of your strength and pulled off the most fake smile you could. "Don't worry Kirishima-kun, I already forgave him for what he did."


You were telling the truth, you forgave him, but you didn't forget. You will never forget.


Kirishima was reluctant about trusting your words, but the way you smiled looked so honest. "Don't worry I trust you." He patted your head. "But that was so unmanly from him, I'm going to tell him two or three words about it, I promise you that."


Kirishima-kun, you're just too precious for this world, you know that? 


"Yeah," You firmly nodded your head. "Thank you, Kirishima-kun, for caring like that."


And sorry, for hiding the truth from you. You just can't know.