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A Citizen's Duty

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by wicked17writer


Darcy stared at her summons. It was a little postcard thing, akin to a jury duty summons, cheap and cost effective to produce, she supposed. But this little postcard would determine her future, her children's future, her whole life really. Darcy looked around at all the other women on line with her, dismayed by how young most of them looked compared to herself. She had managed to delay this whole ordeal for 8 years, due to her commitment to higher learning, but it would seem that her free ride had ended. Abruptly. She only graduated a couple months ago. She though she'd at least have until the end of the year until her name got called.

"It's not fair! I don't even like guys! I'm a lesbian. A LESBIAN!" A sobbing girl screeched in the face of the seemingly unflappable man in the dark gray suit who was handing out keys and processing the ladies in her line. Darcy's hand clenched, crumpling the paper slightly, but it did nothing to obscure the words printed boldly on the front.

Service Date: July 28, 2017 Your Group Number is: 002579
By order of the Matrimonial & Population Bureau you are hereby summoned to appear for Citizen Duty at 12:00 p.m., on the date indicated above, in Room 18, 3rd floor in the new Courting Courts Complex.
Darcy Lewis, age 26, Alpha Initiative
Date of Service at the top of page.
Judge will hear excuses --FRI.
July 1, 2017

Darcy hadn't even bothered attending the hearing/session thing that was her only chance to be excused or postpone her date with the Matrimonial & Population Bureau. She read up on the judge that was hearing excuses that day, the honorable Judge "Thunderbolt" Ross. Fucking asshole never excused anyone unless they were already married, medically exempt, or if they fucked him, under the guise of having a private "chat" in the judges chambers, only allowed due to one's excuse containing "sensitive information"; at least that's what some rumors had said on the dark web about the so called honorable Judge.

Darcy sighed, shifting her weight from foot to foot. She hated waiting in line. The sobbing pink haired lesbian had been taken out of the line and was being escorted by security guards to a dramatically red door marked "Treason & Criminal Processing". Darcy dug around in her purse for a stick of gum, popping it into her mouth and throwing the wrapper on the ground, smiling to herself at her little act of littering rebellion. Darcy especially hated on lines that were created so she could get a key and go into a presumably smelly locker room and get naked in front of a bunch of strangers.

Darcy never liked getting naked in direct sunlight or under the glare of florescent light, or you know at all in the presences of other ladies, seriously who ever thought up communal showers for pubescent high school-ers was an asshole. The practice of communal nudity at such a young age had lead to Darcy being targeted for her large breasts and squishy stomach and thighs that touched, gasp the scandal! Since growing up Darcy had matured enough to become comfortable with her body just the way it was, however she still didn't relish the chance to be once again ridiculed or compared to other women physically.

Darcy started at the red door, unconsciously taking a step forward as her line began to move at a regular pace now that the subversive pink haired woman was taken care of. Darcy wondered what the woman would choose as her punishment. Would the lesbian choose to join the army? To serve her country through combat, to be sterilized, to forfeit the money of the "Citizen's Rebate", the "Scholarly Allowance" and the chance to benefit from the Retirement Reimbursement" that was allotted to senior citizens who's offspring could not or would not do their Citizen's Duty? Darcy resisted the urge to shiver, joining the army now a days was like a death sentence. Those who served usually died or were severely maimed in some fashion, and since those who chose to serve in the army were not entitled to any of the government subsidies or monetary incentives for being a good citizen, they usually came home (if they came home), injured, mentally messed up and without a way to maintain a steady job and therefore hungry and homeless.

Darcy took another step forward, there were only a few people in front of her now. Darcy let her gaze drift away from the receding hairline-ed jack-booted thug who was scanning paper bar codes and directing women to their designated locker rooms; and she cast her gaze back to the red door. She wondered if the pink haired woman was dead already. She glanced down at her watch, it had only been five minutes, lady was still alive. But would she remain so? Or would the pink haired lesbian choose death? Darcy, if she was so inclined to rebel against doing her citizen's duty, would personally choose to serve in the army verses pointless boring death. Those who were so morally and ethically opposed and committed to ending the arranged marriage/copulation act that was the main point of the "Citizen's Duty Act" often choose to die by lethal injection on the spot, behind one of those red doors. Death of Dissent and Demonstration™ was a group that promoted choosing death in protest of the Citizen's Duty Act. The website said it was the final act of rebellion, of protest, or in Darcy's opinion of cowardice. On the New York State website for the Matrimonial & Population Bureau, it said that those who chose death were given 10 minutes, an ipad and a real pen and pad, for recording of final messages to loved ones and request for mementos and knick knacks to be willed to heirs and whatnot (the government of course seized all assets and property of actual value from said selfish treasonous individuals). Then those people were labeled traitors in the national populous database, their videos uploaded for loved ones to search for and all to see, they were then sentenced by a judge to die and killed by lethal injection or a bullet to the head, it was the individual's choice as to how they got to die. No trial, no appeal, no pardons. The website had said that statistically most men chose the bullet while women chose the lethal injection, which sounded a little like sexist bullshit to Darcy, but she supposed because of complete government transparency in cases of Triple D Deaths, they probably weren't lying about the numbers. The media had been subtly portraying lethal injection as a wussies way out for the past couple of years, and while Darcy agreed it did seem cowardly, she was still annoyed on behalf of her gender. Darcy thought that the government was trying to promote the bullet method just because they wanted to save money, obviously it cost a lot less to make a bullet than one of those fancy killer cocktails did.

Darcy made a bubble and let it pop, the girl in front of her jumped then turned around and gave Darcy a nasty look, Darcy raised an eyebrow at the woman in response, not the least bit sorry. Darcy almost wished the government had instituted something akin to "The Purge", instead of this insane match making fuck-fest from hell. A hell that came with DMV-esque lines and emotion-less government drones at every window. Darcy took another step forward, only 1 more person was between her and her "destiny".

At least it was fair, like rich people couldn't buy their way out due to the complete transparency bill that was attached to the Citizen's Duty Act. All medically exempt records were made public, and investigated journalist were encouraged to 'out' individuals who faked or bought off doctors to achieve said medical exemption. And in a way other cultures had been doing this for centuries, the arranged marriage part anyway. The government had made it all science fancy by adding a national mandatory genetic registry. Illegal aliens had caught on real quick that if they wanted to remain in our country it wasn't necessarily a fake social security card or drivers license they needed, but a doctor willing to add them to the genetic registry. Apparently the government now cared more for compliant citizens with good genetic material than where someone was born or if they spoke English.

Participation was mandatory for all fertile citizens, (female and male), of legal voting age. Enrollment into the program was mandatory. All children born as a result of the program were entered into the registry at birth, and all doctor visits and subsequent school testing information was now property of the US government and used to help track the programs success/progress, and improve future genetic matches. Doctor/patient confidentiality was now a thing of the past.

Getting a summons for Darcy was a sad thing, because she knew her 'childhood' was over and her life as a productive citizen was just beginning. Darcy knew already that she would keep the baby. So the summons was also a happy thing.

Women were always given a choice, they didn't have to keep the children that resulted from the government mandated copulation. And of course any and all medical expenses of the pregnancy were paid for by the government, there was even something called the "pickle allowance", an allowance of money just for food during those pregnancy craving moments.
If a woman didn't want to keep the child, the male participates were given the opportunity to claim full custody. If both parties didn't want the child, the baby was put on a baby donor list, the most accomplished of barren couples or individuals were given first dibs at the child up for adoption. But, Darcy read on the website that most offspring's went to one of the two parents, so like the organ transplant list, a spot on the genetically superior baby adoption list was competitive.

Even though Darcy had to be here and the act itself didn't sound all that romantic or comfortable in any way, people couldn't argue with the results of the Citizen's Duty program. The population was getting under control which meant that government resources weren't as strained, women were bearing children with higher IQ's, selective fertilization meant less children were born with diseases, disorders, and/or deformities. Plus, those who chose to marry their match within a year were given breaks on mortgages and other incentives that made it easier to raise a family, and statistically the divorce rate of those genetically--matched/arranged--marriages was insanely low like 2% low.

Darcy had read through thousands of testimonials from women who had enjoyable sexual experiences and gave their babies away and went on to have happy and productive lives, proud that they had done their part and served their country. Women who didn't keep the children they bore were also given bonuses to help them pursue their desired lives, but only the women were given this financial boon, men who just 'came' and left, got nothing but the equivalent of a "I Voted" sticker, but instead they said "I am a Decent Citizen". She read through testimonials of happily married couples and of co-parent teams who decided to raise the resulting child but didn't romantically engage with their assigned partner. Darcy was confident that whatever she and her match became, strangers, spouses, or co-parents, it was going to be worth it, Darcy hadn't had romantic luck, lately or ever really. But she loved kids. And she knew her biological clock was ticking and in all honesty she was excited to have a baby...and finical stability, with the baby came the ability to buy a house and it raised the minimum wage amount she was eligible for.

The only thing that really made Darcy annoyed was the line waiting, the fact that she was being told by the government she had to do this or 'else', and the fact that footage of the act itself would be made public. All of the copulation sessions, were filmed, and preformed en mass.

Darcy had watched hours and hours of footage from the copulation concerts as they were dubbed by the media. The fact that she was going to have to have sex with a random stranger, was not as daunting to Darcy as the fact that she was going to have to have sex next to a lot of other couples having sex and that her every reaction was going to be preserved on film for the use of government study, forever. The ones she watched were all sessions in which every participant had signed a disclosure agreement, allowing their session to be put out in the world for public consumption, to excite, to assuage fears, and for total transparency of what exactly and how exactly everything would happen. On the website their were links like, "Will I enjoy it?" that lead to videos of female and male participants orgasming, and "What if I can't get an erection?" that lead to videos of men wearing virtual reality visors allowing them to play porn of their taste whilst engaged in the act. And while Darcy was glad she was able to research and watch the copulation concerts online, she was also glad that hers was a closed session, meaning it went into the government research vault rather than redtube.

Darcy could feel something like excitement and fear swirling in her belly as it was her time to step up to the little window and receive her locker assignment. And hopefully a peek at her intended match.