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Blue Bird and the Dragon

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So I haven't played Dragon song yet, I'm waiting for my sis to buy Stormblood for my birth so I can continue on. (yes I know I can continue on but being DPS and it taking 30mins-1h to get into dungeons I need all the EXP I can get.) I was told that Aymeric and Estinien are basically childhood friends but I'm like w/e with that. The setting is still FFXIV but doesn't follow canon at all. They're 25 and both fresh at their posts. Again, the game might or hasn't given us any information on when Aymeric became Lord Commander and the same about Estinein. I'm sure Estinien was probably going to be the AD from birth but like, didn't officially fill the role until later, so we're going with 25 and fresh babies with their roles.

Also forgive my summaries, I'm terrible with them.



Ishgard was a beautiful city. Tall buildings surrounded by soft white snow. The city itself was grey but there was something about it, that even growing up in, Aymeric loved. He loved walking through the streets looking at the people about their business day by day, he enjoyed just sitting around under the soft snowfall as he watched children play on the grounds, their cheeks and noses rosy red from the cold, smiles spread across their faces.

This morning however was a completely different situation for him. He got up, still incredibly unused to sleeping in new chambers and got dressed. His new attire drastically different from what he used to wear. It was heavy, fancy, showed his rank. To say he was nervous would have been an extreme understatement. Today he was starting as the new Lord Commander of the Temple Knights, a position that he worked his ass off to get. He had to birth rank, to right to this command. He worked day and night to get a position where he could do some good for Ishgard, to be able to help the people and the city he loved so dearly.

It was hard to say the least. Ever since he was a boy he was always looked down upon, the rumor that he was the bastard son of the Archbishop - while not wrong in any extent it was never confirmed and truly never would be- followed him everywhere. He was positive that most people thought that he was given this position simply because of his birth, however; if that were the case then he would not have had to work so hard to work his way through the ranks. Taking on mission after mission, risking life and limb for his city, for his people. It didn’t matter much to him though. He had his accomplishments to back up his credibility of being Lord Commander and if people were going to look down on him, then he was only going to have to work harder to make sure that he proved to them that he was here for the people and not merely for the rank, or the title of Lord Commander.

He took one last glance in the mirror to make sure that he looked proper and exited his chambers, a temple knight waiting outside to escort him to his new office.

“Good morning Lord Commander, I hope sleep found you well.”

“As well as it could when my mind was burdened with making sure that I do my job to the best of my ability.”

The knight smiled at him as they made their way across the city.

“I have a feeling you will do just fine.”

Aymeric had gotten familiar with the temple knights over the last few months. There were few who trusted that he could be a Lord Commander worthy of the title, but there were also a handful who he could say he actually befriended, the knight before him being one of them.

“I thank you for your kind words. I am just very aware of the amount of people throughout the knights and city that still believe that I got this title because of the rumor of me being the Archbishops bastard.”

“People will believe without conscious.”

“I need only to ensure that I do what I can for the city. People with believe, and I hope within a fortnight those same people with believe due to my accomplishments and not mere words that are spoken on the wind.”

Aymeric looked up as they neared the Congregation of our Knights Most Holy, the place where he would sit and plan, the place where he would hopefully be able to gain the trust of the citizens. The knight before him swiftly pushed the doors open, motioning him inside. He stepped past the thresh hold as every knight standing kneeled with purpose, their heads bowed to him as he entered. He stood still as his gaze trailed over each head that bowed to him.

“Stand my knights. I am not one you need to bow before. We all risk life and limb for the same city, the same people. My rank does not deign you to bow, despite what code may require. I hope that we all can become people that our city looks to, to protect. I also ask that you might forgive any mistakes as I get used to this.”

Aymeric crossed his right arm over his body, his fist coming to rest upon his heart as he bowed towards the knights that looked on him. He stood back up straight, resting his arm on his sword.

“Now, back to your stations. Simply because I am new does not allow you all to slack off. I except good work from each and every one of you. If you are in need of me, you know where to call for me.”

Aymeric looked back to the young knight who led him here and nodded, the two of them heading towards the lift that would bring him to his office. Once inside and the doors shut he let loose a sigh, running his hands through his hair.

“Lord Aymeric, I mean not to speak above my station but you do realize that they were actually supposed to bow to you.”

Aymeric just waved his hand in dismissal, shaking his head.

“I was not born a noble, most of the people who work under me have more a more noble bloodline than I. Society dictates that highborn does not bow for lowborn. Regardless, we are all working towards the same goal, I just tell them what to do.”

The knight chuckled, shaking his head.

“You have got to be the most pragmatic Lord Commander we have ever had the pleasure to work under.”

“Does not mean I am any less strict.”

“We expect nothing less.”

The rest of the day was spent in his office, signing page after page of approval and meeting those few high-ranking officials that worked under him. He wanted nothing more than to go and explore the city, to speak to the citizens. However, his current duty would not allow him to leave his post in his chair. Eve fell before he knew it, his duties as Lord Commander coming to an end. He signed the last few papers on desk and stood, stretching his stiff muscles. He grabbed his sword from its resting place before donning it and heading out into the city to do what he desired the entire day.


The silver haired male sighed as he walked towards his home, his armor clinking with each step he took. Today was tiring to say the least. His first day under the official title of Azure Dragoon was filled with scouting missions and making sure that there were no attempted assassinations on the newly appointed Lord Commander. He knew that he should have gone to introduce himself to the young lord but he hadn’t the time. By the time his duties were finished he figured the Commander himself was finishing up and getting ready to retire to his chambers, he’d meet him another day perhaps. As he walked towards the small house near the end of the noble district his pace quickened, rather excited to see his brother again. He gently opened the door, stepping inside.

“Alphie, I’m home.”


A small boy, no older than eight ran up to him. He chuckled and picked up the boy, hugging him.

“I sense someone missed me.”

“I always miss you when you are not home. It’s so lonely here.”

Estinien set the boy down before taking off his helm, heading towards the small room in the back of the house that housed their beds and wardrobes.

“If I could stay at home with you and be able to provide for you, you know I would. Give me a moment to change and I’ll start on dinner.”

He heard the small boy hum in confirmation as he closed the door, unfastening his armor and placing it on the stand he had made for it. If he was being truthful he wanted nothing more than to wash and sleep, but he had a younger brother to take care of, someone who he had to make sure he fed. Their parents both passed away when Alphinaud was just a toddler, the younger barely remembered them. It left Estinien to figure out how to provide for a three-year-old and take care of himself. He didn’t mind it though. Alphinaud was the reason that he got up every day, the reason that he worked so hard to make sure he was someone who could protect without dying.

Alphinaud was a bright child, incredibly kind, and loving to a fault. He was positive the boy had a brighter future ahead of him, and of course the younger had goals of his own. He knew without a doubt that he would destroy the world if it meant that he could protect Alphinaud. He donned a pair of grey trousers and white undershirt before he exited back into the main room, Alphinaud sitting patiently at the table.

“Esti, what are you making for dinner?”

“Something simple. I haven’t the energy for anything more to be honest. Today has been rough and I only expect similar in the future. Perhaps I should start teaching you how to cook.”

“Oh, would you?”

“If you can show to me that you can work around knives and fire without hurting yourself, then I shall deem you worthy to make dinner if it ever gets too late.”

The smile that spread across Alphinauds face nearly made Estinien just let the boy cook dinner without any form of instruction.

“Come, your training starts now.”



Aymeric stormed through the doors to the Congregation, startling the few knights whose duties led them through the main room. Many of them raised an eyebrow at him but he currently didn’t deem them worthy enough to even look at. His gaze landed harshly on the lift operator who scrambled to open the lift, Aymerics foot tapping incessantly on the ground, his arms crossed. He was positive that those that were currently witnessing his fit of rage were rather curious as to who incurred such a wrath on their Lord Commander. In the past week, there hadn’t been a single person that was able to upset the Lord Commander, no matter the news and no matter how badly they messed up. He seemed to be the most level headed person they had ever come to know, and yet now he was storming through the Congregation with a fury that they knew to stay away from.

When the lift came Aymeric boarded and told the guard to not let a single soul to his office unless Ishgard was being attacked or the city was burning to the ground. He didn’t have the patience to deal with anyone right now and just wished to be alone with his quill and the endless amounts of papers that he needed to read and sign for. Back inside his office he sat down in the chair letting out a rather exasperated groan. He was tired, frustrated, and horribly angry. In the past week, he couldn’t even keep track of the number of sneers and looks he got as he walked through the town. Apparently, no matter what he was to do people would look down upon him.

If he could, without incurring the wrath of his father he would scream atop the highest roof in Ishgard that yes, he was the Archbishops bastard son but that didn’t mean that he got this title because of that. He was born and his title stripped away from him, he shouldn’t have even been here in the first place. He worked his way up through the ranks to get this damned job and he had the accomplishments to prove that, even though he was indeed born with a silver spoon in his mouth, that was ripped away from him moments after.

He knew he shouldn’t be as frustrated as he was, he swore to himself that he wouldn’t let this get to him, he had been living his entire life like this. It just seemed that the fact that he earned this title, he worked for it, slaved for it practically and people didn’t seem to acknowledge that, it bothered him, it really and truly upset him. He didn’t know what he could do to get the people to trust him. The Brume was a different story, barely anyone there trusted him because he had a status. He could have been born in the Brume, raised in the Brume, then handed a status but the people would only learn to distrust.

From them he didn’t so much care, he was working on that situation but the high houses and every damn noble in this place seemed to think that if you weren’t born with noble blood then the brume was exactly where you belonged. Didn’t matter than many froze or starved to death, less people they had to look at. No, no the nobles are what bothered him. They knew of his accomplishments, knew how hard it was for him to get here, they just didn’t seem to care. It was true that people believed without conscious. Whatever was the majority believed people tended to side with them, even if they at one point thought differently.

He knew that there were knights who worked under him that believed in him, that knew he was going to be a good commander and that he was honestly trying to better Ishgard. Those knights, those few people in the city that believed as well, those people are the ones he tried to remember in times like these. It just got to him after a while, no matter how hard he tried, no matter how much he told himself it didn’t matter, it did. How could he be a good Lord Commander if the townspeople didn’t trust him? He couldn’t, and that was a fact. If no one trusted him or believed in him, then no one would follow him, and all his hard work would have been for naught. It just meant he would have to work even harder, to prove himself even further. Sitting up straighter he grabbed his quill and began to work, his resolve renewed.