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With A Few Good Friends

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‘Primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can't help but I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise and fall,’

~Marina and The Diamonds


You were a cop. A bloody good one, too. You might not have as much experience as your peers, but no one doubted your ability after the saw they way you handled your first major case, two weeks after joining the Nine-Nine.


That had been just over a year ago. But you still remembered your first day as if it were yesterday.


Terry had been the first person to greet you at the elevator door. He was warm, and welcoming, and told you over and over that you could come to him with any problem, at any point. And you believed him. He had taken you to meet everyone, one by one.


Gina had certainly made an exciting first impression. Wild and eccentric, her energy was something that wasn’t present in you old precincts, and you loved it. Even though she had described herself as being on a higher plane of existence. She still ended the exchange with a handshake before bouncing off.

You could tell immediately that Amy was somewhat of a teacher’s pet. But you found it somewhat endearing. She was sweet, and unassuming, and was pleased to hear that you didn’t hate paperwork. You sensed that you’d become close friends, and you had.


Rosa offered nothing more than a nod in your direction, and you had been offended until Terry said that it was the warmest greeting he had seen from her toward a stranger. She’d warmed up to you since. Or, rather, as much as Rosa Diaz could warm up to another human being.


Charles was full-on, and definitely the most eager of the detectives you were meeting on your first day. He kept throwing about terms like ‘it’s an honour to meet you,’ And you laughed and told him you could be a huge asshole, he had no clue. But he laughed, shook his head, and told you he could sense you weren’t.


You didn’t meet Scully and Hitchcock formally that first day. You were going to, but they were doing… something involving ears and a torch. Terry simply waved his hand in their direction and said, ‘Not today,’. And you had already met Captain Holt during a meeting to make arrangements for your transfer. The nature of why you were transferring was a serious one, and it needed to be discussed with your new Captain at a very high level of discretionary.


Jake was the person you met last. He had came in late, hungover and full of excuses. He looked like he slept in his clothes, he was gripping a coffee with all his life and he looked slightly dead both inside and out. He was incredible. If you weren’t nervous before, you were now.

When you were kidnapped, you kept rethinking your first day at the Nine-Nine over and over again. You wanted to be back in that moment so desperately.