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Death of a Great Man

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Shido Itsuka is at school. He says bye to his classmates after the bell, goes to the mess hall for lunch and leaves. Everything in his school life is normal, but his personal life is a different story. Once he's a short distance away from the school, classmates Touka Yatogami and Origami Tobiichi closely follow behind him. They are both Spirits of great power, that Shido locked inside himself. "Shido, what's the rush?", asked Origami. "Are you going to make that special dinner you promised to make?". Touka was excited, but Shido is concerned about something else. "I'm afraid to say, Kotori called about something urgent. I don't what it is, but we need to assemble everybody at home and go see what the problem is". He then takes out his phone, and tries to get Miku Izayori on speed dial. "Oh, Darling! Do you want play dress-up and go shopping this afternoon?" 'I'd love to... someday *sarcastic laugh*, but I actually need you to come to my house now. Don't ask why though'. Miku says OK, then he speeds up and Touka and Origami try to follow him. Little does Shido know, he is yet to be aware of what will happen in the future. Something he will literally die from not knowing.

The three reached the house. All the Spirits are present: Touka, Yoshino, Kotori, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Miku, Natsumi, Nia, Mukuro and Origami. "Kotori, what's happening?" 'We're not sure. In fact, no one at Ratatoskr has ever seen something like this". Shido wondered what she meant for a second, when he suddenly felt something in his heart. *Thuuuuummmp*. Shido fell down on his knees. The Spirits gathered around him, as he held his hand next to his heart. He gasped for air, as if he almost had a heart attack. "Shido? What happened?" This came from someone behind him. His sister Mana had just arrived as well. She was out of breath from running from her own school. "I, felt like.. like something came from a distance and hit me really hard. I'm almost certain I was shot". Mana was concerned for her brother, but the Spirits looked like they knew exactly what he was talking about. "Shido is not the only one who felt a strange thumping sound in his heart, I can confirm I felt it at the same time". 'Same here Yuzuru, and I don't think it's because of us'. "Yeah. I, um, felt like someone just hit me". 'I can't believe it caused this'. Everyone else also felt it, but the Spirits looked more bothered than seriously hurt.

'What caused this?' This was another voice from behind, but this time from the stairs. Everybody turned around to who it was. This person was in the darkness, but stepped out and walked towards them. It was someone they expected to arrive soon: Kurumi.

Mana was just about to jump her, when Origami stopped her. "Wait. I think she's in the loop as well". Kurumi laughed. "No wonder you were never the blood-thirsty one, when you two were at the AST". Shido got up, like nothing ever happened. "Hello Kurumi. I'd welcome you to our home, if you'd give friendly visits more often and didn't look like you were dressed to kill!" Kurumi stepped closer to him. "Heh ha ha ha. Why thank you Shido for complementing me so much. It makes wonder when I'll ever let you seal me". As she was saying this, she stood beside him, wrapping her hand around his neck and almost made lip contact with him. Kotori pushed her away. "You should work on your sarcasm. Anyway, you felt that just now didn't you?" Mana looked back and forth. What was going on? "Hey! Why should I be left out of my brother problems just because I'm not a Spirit!". Shido turned towards her, "Sorry Mana. It appears that we felt the shockwave of a spatial quake". Kotori replied "More than that. It was something worse". But Mana was more confused than ever, "Stop trying to build tension already. Just tell us what 'it' was!" With that, Kotori got out her communication device. With the press of a button, everyone was teleported onboard the Fraxinus EX.

Reine comes to them, as the rest of the crew are typing quickly. On the monitor, is a 3-D image of a sphere high above Tengu City. "We've located a large wave of Spirit energy coming a source in the sky. It hasn't done anything yet, but it's get bigger and bigger and randomly emits shockwaves you probably felt a few minutes ago". Shido gasped, "Is it a new Spirit?" Kozue said, "If it is, there's many of them because we've already identified multiple energy sources inside the sphere". 'WHAT?!' Then, Kyouhei told them the worst part: The sphere is bigger, but the shockwaves aren't. Inside, they get bigger after leaving the sources but once outside they go into a controlled state. Almost as if the energy sources are siphoning their own strength to make the sphere bigger. And *gulp* it's coming towards us. We keep moving to other places, but the sphere turns around and follows us". Kurumi looked unsatisfied. "It appears your going to have more company. And they seem to be familiar with you Shido". Shido sweated a bit, "I don't suppose Spirits have a communication network that's spreading word of me and what I do with Spirits?"

There's a code red alarm. "Commander, there's a wave of Spirit energy from the sphere connecting to us!", said Munechika. "It's trying to teleport something into the ship!" Warned Hinako. Reine turned on all the security alerts, "Be careful! Whatever it is has more strength and intelligence than we anticpated. Be alert everybody!" The Spirits got ready for what was to come, even Kurumi. Shido stepped back, and hoped nothing is coming to get him. A puff of light and smoke appeared near the monitor. The room was filled with smoke for a few seconds, before air conditioning cleared it away. The crew moved away from the mysterious light.

There standing before them, were eleven maidens of various colours. They all wore different clothes, and were about the same age as Shido and the Spirits (even Yoshino). While these girls didn't look like anyone familiar, their appearances felt nostalgic. "Hey, I feel like I've seen them before", Shido said with a concerned face. Kotori said "Your right. It's like they're distorted reflections of someone we know". A girl in black stepped forward. "Your not wrong Kotori Itsuka. 'Huh? How do you know me?' In response to that, a girl in red stepped forward. Kotori looked closely at her, and screamed. "Commander, what's wrong?" Asked Kyouhei. Shido and Touka looked at her, she was blushing. "Kotori? What's got into you? 'Is it that girl?' Kotori breathed in and out, in Shido's arms and calmed down. "It... it's like..*voice squeaking* like she's.. 'the love child of you and Shido?". Everyone was silent for a second, after what the girl in red said. Shido got stepped closer to her, "aah. Please tell me your joking". "You don't have to believe what we say. Just look". The girl in black extended her arm to the other girls, and everyone looked at them. All the spirits screamed, except Kurumi who was more curious. "I can't believe what I'm seeing! They look like each one of us and darling combined!", Miku shrieked. The crew looked themselves, and were confused as to what they were seeing. "Sorry we didn't say it straightaway, but we have travelled from the future. As you now see, our mothers are the Spirits. And, we have the same father: Shido Itsuka".