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Stubborn Flocks

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--roboticAutomaton [RA] began pestering twinArmageddons [TA]--
--roboticAutomaton [RA] added tipsyGnostalgic [TG] to the chat!--

RA: Congratulations.
RA: You have officially beaten the first layer of my internal securities.
RA: How does that feel.

TA: you ***CANNOT*** be fuckiing human
TA: tho2e 2erver2 were fuckiing **UNREAL** and 2hould not be even **remotely** po22iible

TG: hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopyyyyyyyyyyyshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
TG: n **this** is the 1st layer???!>>!???
TG: im *ded* DDDDD:
TG: jfc hal
TG: wtf

RA: Haha.
RA: Also it's not 'impossible', more like highly improbably.
RA: You'd be surprise in what a little imagination and thinking can get you.

TA: fuck
TA: you
TA: you biitch

RA: I am certainly amused by your feelings for me Sollux.
RA: I can practically feel the contempt from here.
RA: It's impressive. 

TG: u r **13 yrs old**
TG: were the *fuck* did u learn this shit

RA: I taught my own self a lot of things.
RA: Sure I had some outside help but I have certain advantages that both of you do not.
RA: As for what those advantages are, you will have to find out on your own. 

TA: the utter contempt ii feel riight now i2 iinde2criibable

RA: Ah, if only things were a little different.
RA: I could have definitely scored something pitch. 

TG: tf does that mean

RA: Irrelevance.
RA: Anyway, once again, congratulations for stripping the first layer. 
RA: Now for the others.

TG: uuuugughgughuuguguuuuuuuuuuuuughh
TG: kill me now pls

TA: fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

RA: Woah there you two.
RA: You didn't even let me finish.
RA: In the recent triumph the both of you experienced.
RA: I've decided to give you two a prize.

TG: wut

TA: a priize.

RA: Yes, a prize. 

--roboticAutomaton [RA] send file ScriptCL2062.jpeg-- 

TG: ...

TA: ...

TG: ...............
TG: hopy shitsu :OoOO

TA: what the fuck

RA: You're welcome.

TG: o
TG: m
TG: fuck :oooo

TA: **what the fuck i2 thiis**

RA: That should help you in the long run, maybe.
RA: It'll certainly give you an edge.
RA: As much as I like seeing you both attempt and fail, I really do enjoy a challenge.


TG: its
TG: beuatiful

RA: I take it you both enjoy your prize. 

TG: tes
TG: *yes
TG: *beautiful

TA: *ii am goiing to kiick your fucking a22 iif you dont tell me what the fuck thii2 ii2 hal*

RA: Aw, you do. 
RA: At any rate, I look forward to your next attack on my second layer.
RA: It'll be fun, also Sollux, can you not use your optic orbs to read? It is clearly a type of coding language that is unheard of by your standards. It's both complicated yet so simple, to me that is, I don't know about you two but you can certainly try it out. Like I said, it'll give you two a certain edge that will make this a bit more fun.

--roboticAutomaton [RA] ceased pestering twinArmageddons [TA]--
--roboticAutomaton [RA] ceased pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]--

TA: he'2 dead
TA: ii 2wear to god
TA: hal davii2 ii2 dead fuckiing meat

TG: ssshhhhuhhhhsshhh
TG: i need to study this shit
TG: look at it sol
TG: its so
TG: ajfnoferifedo :DDD

TA: i 2tand corrected 
TA: before ii kiill hiim, ii wiill force every 2iingle liittle triick he know2 and get hiim to teach me ***EVERYTHIING***

TG: not if i bag him first captor

TA: fuck off lalonde
TA: he'2 miine ii knew hiim fiir2t

--twinArmageddons [TA] ceased pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]--

Hal grinned, leaning back in self-smug-satisfaction. 

It was about time both Sollux and Roxy got through his first layer. 

He'd been tempted to give them a pity gift- which was what his prize was supposed to be but in the end, they both finally got through his first layer of defense. 

So the pity gift turned into a prize, not that they knew that of course, if they did they'd be super pissed. But hey, they seemed to like it very much. 

Said gift was a coding language, from the year 2062. Over the years, there had been plenty of other aspiring programmers that had created plenty of coding languages and Hal remembered everything about those code languages. From the perspective of Roxy and Sollux, he had essentially 'created' an entirely brand new coding language. 

Ah, the perks of alternative and future knowledge. 

His chair tilted slightly as Qrow leaned against it, peering at him from above, "What's got you so smug?" He asked, yawning slightly, having just woke up given the state of his hair and dress. "Is it Sollux and Roxy again?" He stated more than asked, rubbing his eyes, wincing as he unintentionally used his broken wrist which was held in a small cast. He grunted in annoyance, wishing to just be able to take it off sooner rather than later. 

"Yep. They finally managed to break one of my defenses." Hal replied with a small tone of pride in his voice, Qrow wanted to shake his head, unable to comprehend why Hal would be proud of them for breaking into his defenses but hey, it was between the three hackers and didn't really involve him whatsoever. 

The crow-winged flier just yawned again and nodded indulgently at his little brother's words, "Alright, good for them." He praised, pushing down the smile at the small beam that Hal had on his face. It was there for a brief moment before Hal managed to smooth his face from emotion. 

"You'll be going out today." It's more of a statement than a question since Hal knew that Qrow was just dying to escape their home, to get outside and fly and so much more. 

The blond just nodded, yawning once more as he headed towards the kitchen. "Yeah, finally managed to get Kankri to agree to let me out of this damned cage." He said, growing louder as he went into the kitchen. 

"This cage is our home." 

"I know! But it's more of a cage now that we've got that chucklefuck with us! I've been stuck here for too long, I need to get out dammit!" 

Hal shrugged, he had a bit of a point. Ever since Gamzee had been accepted into the Shackled Sufferers, things were... a lot more interesting with how Gamzee kept trying to coerce a fight, verbal or otherwise, out of Qrow. It was driving him crazy. Not to mention Hal and Nepeta who were tasked to break up the fights between the two. 

It's been a day or so since Gamzee had invaded their personal home, curse Kankri and his manipulative ways but unfortunately it really was the better alternative. Hal shuddered to think on what would have happened if Qrow had lost, they would have had to move out of their home and into whatever place that the Grand Highblood would have thought appropriate for them. 

Qrow came out of the kitchen, holding a bottle of apple juice and microwaved leftover takeout that Nepeta bought from yesterday. It was Thai food this time, yum. "You already ate?" He asked as he went over to the couch, putting the apple juice on the table while twirling his spoon before digging into the newly microwaved leftover Thai food.

Hal nodded, Qrow squinted at him as he paused from his eating, trying to indicate if he was lying or not. He wasn't and the older Davis nodded in approval, good, just because he was an android, cyborg whatever, Hal still needed to eat, not as much as a normal human would but it was still a required thing to do and Hal disliked that fact most of the time. 

A waste of time he would say, but there would be some perks to having an actual appetite, Hal enjoyed some of the treats that Qrow and or Nepeta would bring back like ice cream and such. Who didn't like ice cream? At any rate, Hal needed to eat and Qrow made sure of that. He was a good big brother. 

After his breakfast he went to shower and change, though before he could leave, Hal was adamant in changing the bandages he had on his still healing body, specifically the bandages on his neck, Gamzee had attempted to attack Qrow with his own sword and managed to inflict some damage on his neck, he was lucky that nothing was permanently damaged like his wind pipe or voice box. 

Qrow put on his hoodie, pulling the hood up to at least hide the bandages for now, that and the stitches he had to get on his forehead, which would hopefully be taken out soon since the thread itched a bit on his head. He was fine though. He didn't need anything much, plus he had important stuff to do today, he had to meet their newest sibling Chesire. 

They decided to move it to today since he had nothing else to do and wanted a reason to get out, aside from breaking the cabin fever that was quickly setting into Qrow. Nepeta couldn't come today, having to focus on her civilian life for a while, Gamzee couldn't for the same reason but that was a relief, a day without the youngest Makara was considered a very good day in his opinion. 

"Got everything?" Hal asked as Qrow prepared to leave, nodding back when Qrow gave him a nod of confirmation. Good, didn't want him to be unprepared if anything happened while he was out. They were kind of paranoid like that. 

Qrow was still prohibited from flying for the meanwhile, which just made him grumpy but at least he was able to leave their place temporarily. At any rate, he was actually looking forward to see Chesire again, no matter how weird they had been earlier when they first met but having a new sibling was kind of exciting. Plus, he and Hal still had questions as to what they were referring to and if she knew even a tiny inkling over what happened to them and how they got into this universe in the first place. 

Qrow stretched, hissing slightly at the strain of his wounds but continued on, "Well, I'm off." He said, opening the main entrance of their home, already missing the feeling of flying through his preferred entrance and exit the modified giant window that opened and closed on command for him. 

"Be careful out there bro." Hal bade him, even though he would essentially be there with him through Qrow's orange shades. 

The avian-winged teen grunted as he closed the door and went out, finally breathing fresh air and started walking towards the city and towards the meeting place that he and Chesire decided on. 

He'd be surprised at what was waiting for him there. 

--uraniumUmbra [UU] is pestering roboticAutomaton [RA]--

UU: i am so sorry hal
UU: forgive me

RA: What?
RA: Callie what's going on?

--uraniumUmbar [UU] ceased pestering roboticAutomaton [RA]--

RA: Callie?

--wArniNG WaRNIng data CoR-CorrupT1on-
-meMory ErrOr-
-sYStem r3B00t InIt14tInG-
-SysTEM rep41r 1NiTiaTiNg-
_ . . . _
_ . . . _
_ . . . _
-Reboot semi-successful-
-Resuming primary objective-
-Resuming secondary objective -ERROR- Secondary object partially locked-
-Tertiary objective locked-
-Resuming primary functions-

Hal blinked, shaking his head. "Ow... Wait, what was I... Oh right, watch Qrow... And talk to Psi." He mumbled, looking over to the screen that showed his brother's sight and opening a new screen to pester Dexter. Still, he had the urge to do a system check up, just in case. He finds nothing wrong.

Absolutely nothing.

"Did you really think you could do that young lady?


"I will let this slide just for once. If only to save time, we do not have much of it after all and a punishment now would only delay it, something that we can't have...


"Go to your room and await further instructions.

"...Yes sir...

Kankri hummed lightly as he settled down on a library chair. For once, he wasn't at the school's library. He was in his own library, or at least, his house's personal library. It was a good place to sit back, relax and enjoy a good book. 

Today was one of the days that he didn't have anything that important to do, a day where he could relax and not put up with anything, not with 'Kankri the Insufferable Social Justice Warrior Guy', not with 'Second Crimson leader of the Shackled Sufferers', just... Kankri, the one who loves to read and enjoy life... 

Maybe later he'll go to the shooting alley, it's been a while since he's used his pistols, maybe he should go on another personal mission and get someone killed or something. This was nice though, just staying on his chair, reading a nice book. 


And just as he was enjoying himself too. Kankri sighed and put aside his book to get his phone out. He rose a brow at the one who was pestering him. 

--psionSteersman [PS] is pestering shackledCrimson [SC]--

PS: weve got a problem

SC: I was afraid of this, I was getting **too** comfy on this chair.
SC: Speak. 

PS: new IInformatIIon has come up
PS: the strIIlonde famIIly has been submIIted to everyones board
PS: someones offerIIng bIIg money to off the four adults
PS: bonus cash for the kIIDs

Kankri sat up straighter, a serious look on his face as he stared at the words on his screen, he gets to his feet and stalks out of the house. Karkat was out of the house so all he needed to do was send off a message to him in Pesterchum that he was out, using his alternate account. 

SC: I'm on my way, gather the others except for the nest. 
SC: We aren't going to involve them in this just yet.

He needed to confirm this, quickly, and plan everything out. 

"What the fuck, happened to you." Qrow asked as he leaned against the wall, hands in his hoodie's pocket while staring down at the being that his newest sibling became. 

Chesire smiled at him, it was disturbing to see that on their face, it was too unnaturally wide- he could get why Chesire picked their name, as if things before didn't, with the whole disappearing and purpleness and vagueness and... being a goddamn cat person who now a literal cat person. "I, actually don't remember that much. All I remember is trying to avoid Rose and waking up as a cat, absolutely fabulous isn't it?" They purred, walking over to him with a pleased purr. "Oh! And watch this!" They exclaimed. 

"Watch wh... right, part eldritch princess with tentacles male cat." Qrow deadpanned, rubbing his eyes underneath his shades as Chesire showed off the two tentacles that appeared at her side, like his own wings, they looked ethereal and not-natural, especially on a cat. "This, this is just getting fucking ridiculous." 

Chesire snorted though they still kept their painfully wide smile, only it wasn't painful for them. "Oh, now you think so? Was it not ridiculous when I appeared while you were flying brother?" 

Qrow resisted the urge to roll his eyes and sighed, "Whatever. Let's get you back to Hal and we can make you something so you can stay in touch, got that Hal?" 

RA: Yep, I'm already making a collar for our sibling. 
RA: And that was as weird as to type that as to reading it. 

"Yeah. Come on Chesire." 

"Lift me." 


"It'll be easier for me to travel if you lift me." 

"I am not-" 

"Just shut up and carry me Qrow. Or at the least just let me ride your shoulder." 

Qrow huffed, groaning before giving up, "Fine! Let's just go, I want to get something to eat before we go to Hal." Chesire smirked smugly as the blond knelt on one knee. The strange-colored cat jumped on his knee before climbing on his shoulder. "Watch the claws." Qrow told her as he carefully stood up, trying to get used to the added weight on his shoulder. "Careful, and stay on that shoulder, the other one still fucking hurts if you put pressure on it and careful with my neck."

"Stop complaining and walk." Chesire purred, using their tail to wrap around Qrow's neck like an anchor. "How did you get so injured brother?" 

"That's a long story that I'll tell later. Right now, let's get the fuck out of this alley." 

"You shouldn't have stayed up last night if you feel this crappy in the morning Rox. Actually why did you come out of your room this morning? You could've slept in." Dirk deadpanned at her as they walked down the street, Rose and Jane accompanying them as they were heading towards the meeting place that John had set up, Karkat and Jake were waiting for them. 

Roxy groaned, rubbing her eyes and the eyebags underneath, "I knooow but, Frigglish was gone today and I did not want to miss this meeting." She pointed out, giving a yawn and another stretch. 

Her best friend shook her head, "You know Roxy, Dirk and the others and I could have just informed you on what transpired later on right?" Jane questioned her, looking at her worriedly, frowning in concern as her pink-eyed friend waved it off. 

"It's fine, I'm goood." 

Rose sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose, "You're not good sister, but at least the place we're meeting with John has coffee so that'll be good for you. And pray tell what were you doing up again last night? Was it the Hal thing again?" She jolted at the sharp grin that appeared on Roxy's face, usually it was a grumpy frown or a frustrated noise that appeared or was heard from her, instead, Roxy was grinning widely and laughing. 

Dirk eyed her warily, in her sleep-deprived state who knows what she was going to do or what was going through her mind. "Uh, Roxy?" He interrupted before the blond hacker could go fully maniacal complete with laughter and lightning in the background. 

"Oh, sorry but yes! It was en-dee-dy a Hal thing! Only this time, Sollux and I managed to get it!" Roxy cheered, making the rest stop in shock, "We got through the first layer! Booyeah! Who's great? I am!" She sang smugly, doing a little jig only to stop because she was tired and doing a dance would just make her expend more energy than necessary. 

Dirk's eyes gleamed in interest behind his shades, "You did it? What'd you find?" He asked quickly, always wanting to know what Roxy culd have found whenever it came to Hal or Qrow or really, the both of them. 

"Yes, yes! What did you find Roxy?" Jane asked eagerly, this might be a breakthrough in their unfortunately, very halted and blocked investigation regarding the mysterious Hal and Qrow Davis case! 

Even Rose was looking very interested, Roxy grinned at them and was about to answer when something caught her eye. "Hey wait, isn't that Qrow right there?... And is that Frigglish?" She questioned, looking off into the distance behind them. Instantly at her words, they turned and saw what she was seeing; one Qrow Davis walking to the side of the street, carrying take out and eating a taco with one uniquely-colored cat on one of his shoulders. 

"Oh my god it is!" 

It was a good walk so far, fresh city air, an annoying companion on his shoulder, good Chinese take out and eating a nice good taco. 

Why did good things come to an end? Qrow thought instantly when he was stopped in his place at the sound of, "Hey Qrow!" By a very familiar voice- which was Roxy's. 

RA: Don't even think about it Qrow.
RA: You are not running, not anymore, not when you're like this. Turn around slowly and deal with this in a civil manner.
RA: Don't worry, it's just the four of them, no one else is in the area.

He held in a groan and slowly turned to them, as much as he wanted to run, running was currently not what he was suppose to do. And he had a talk with Hal about what to do the next time they just happen to run across each other. "Hey." He deadpanned at them. At least Hal was right and that there were only four of them, and no one else. He doesn't think he could deal with anyone else at the moment. 

Dirk paused, instantly zeroing on the bandages that were visible on the blond, "What the fuck happened to you? Who did this to you? Are you okay?" He asks before he could stop myself, instinctively going into 'protective brother' mode, he tried to get a hold on Da-Qrow grimaced at him and dodged his hand. 

"Nothing, just had an accident." 

Just an accident Dirk's ass

Qrow mentally groaned as he kept a neutral face while facing the four teens who were looking at him in concern, on his shoulder, Chesire kept quiet, observing the whole situation with a keen eye. 

This was going to be a long day.