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Stubborn Flocks

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--ghostyTrickster [GT] is now online--

GT: guys, some recent and important information has been discovered and i think we found some kind of lead for qrow and hal

TG: say wut

GG: wait really :o

--timaeusTestified [TT] is now online--

TT: What information.

GT: hold on he's coming online in a bit

--tentacleTherapist [TT] is now online--
--gutsyGumshoe [GG] is now online--
--golgathasTerror [GT] is now online--

TT: Who's coming online?

--carcinoGeneticist [CG] entered group chat Davis Investigation Squad--

GG: karkat????

TG: karkles wtf u doin here man

TT: Vantas?

TT: Vantas.

GT: Well hello there!


GT: guys, karkat's gonna help us in finding out what's going on with qrow

GG: and how exactly is karkat going to do that???

GG: Yes, that is something I want to know as well.


TT: Wait, what do you exactly mean 'your own big brother' is involved.
TT: You mean Kankri Vantas?

TG: tf does mister sjw even have 2 *do* with what the hells been goin on karkles


GT: yeah!
GT: karkat and i recently learned that kankri actually **knows** qrow and his 'little brother' hal!

TT: Tell me everything.

--shackledCrimson [SC] is now online--
--automaticRecreator [AR] is now online--
--aviatingWingspan [AW] is now online--
--psionSteersman [PS] is now online--
--fluidEscapist [FE] is now online--
--leadLioness [LL] is now online--
--stagPioneer [SP] is now online--
--slothVocalist [SV] is now online--

SC: Alright, the Mirthful Church's event is coming close. Avian are you prepared to face their Bard?

PS: thIIs IIs goIIng 2 bee good, II can tell hehehe.

LL: He's ready!

AW: pretty much i guess

SP: 'You guess'
SP: You do know that if you lose this challenge it'll look back on our group?
SP: Loosing is not an option angel boy

AR: Angel boy
AR: Are they still on that theory where bro bro here is an angel sent from the heavens?


AW: ugh

PS: IIts the most famous theory out there, IIts stIIll cIIrculatIIng hotly IIn the rumor mIIll

AW: dont worry about it deer man i got this

SP: You better, that stunt with the Crew, as amusing as it was, reflected on our group. You're lucky that Slick isn't really popular, had you done it to another member or another person that had a good reputation...

SV: tetrarch please calm down, avian and lioness did Xtremely well last challenge

SP: That was because it was a tag team event against the Church's **PRINCE**, he had help from Lioness.

LL: And what's wrong with my help?

SP: Nothing, however this time he *won't* have your help and he's against the Prince's younger brother who although is younger and less experienced do keep in mind that he was recently appointed as their Bard for more than the reason of family business.

SC: Calm yourself Tetrarch, I have faith that Avian will not let us down.
SC: On other matters, how goes the plans?

FE: goin as well as youd think bossman

PS: sal, got any new IInfo from mIIss lalonde

FE: nothing surprising, shes trying to look in with our brothers here, she and the kiddos

SP: So what are we going to do about that? They've already been exposed.

SC: Their existence have only been revealed, they haven't been totally exposed.
SC: Not yet anyway.

AW: that is not in anyway inauspicious or inconspicuous

AR: Well he has a point, we weren't going to stay 'non-existent' forever.
AR: Though I would have liked it if we were more in control of our existence.

SC: Unfortunately it doesn't seem so, at any rate it's too late to stop things now.
SC: Certain things have been set into motion and to stop it now, it would lead things worse than what's up ahead.

SP: Blood powers?


PS: blood powers

AR: A very valid answer.

AW: the most valid answer

LL: Bona fide validity.

SV: you know, for the most part one look at this chat it wouldn't really X the mind that this was a place for most professional business that involves espionage and assassinations

SP: I blame the nonsense that the rest brings with them into this chat, it used to be so much more serious.

FE: besides bossman can always tell us to knock it off if he wants the 'nonsense' to stop, he's done it before

SC: I have, and though it is a serious matter it's not that particularly serious. As long as Avian knows and is prepared for the fight then by all means, continue your 'nonsense'.

AW: like i said, i got this
AW: despite what you think
AW: i havent been sitting around on my ass for the past week
AW: the brat and leo wouldnt let me

LL: Nope! >:3

AR: Love you too bro.

PS: so avIIans ready, everythIIngs ready, we all ready?


SC: Good, though I would like everyone to regularly check in until the challenge.
SC: Make sure everything is going smoothly and no one is going to provoke the Mirthful Church, *again*. Unlike last time, I doubt that Highblood will let this time slide.

AW: what the hell happened to that guy anyway

LL: He's still in punishment for nearly breaking the treaty and insulting the Church, he's lucky to be alive.

PS: IIdIIot had IIt comIIng

SV: that and times X

SP: Wasn't he the guy that...

SV: ***that and times X***

FE: you know you're a bad person when the most moral of the group absolutely hates your guts XD

SC: Indeed.

Dave took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. "So..." He started, looking uncomfortable as he sat down, "You're... me?" 

"Kind of, but not really." The other, trapped person admitted, curiously poking around. "A part of me is you, and the other is an alien girl from another dimension. Efurrything was, is, and probably will be complicated.

"Oh... That's neat I guess."  

"But hey, that's life and paradox space." They shrugged, settling down in front of them, observing the way their hand was flickering even more than normal. 

Dave sighed, frowning as he tried to bury his face into his knees. His shades, gone, along with the rest of his sanity it seemed as he stared at a different and older version of himself that was... fused with something-one? else. 

Why did he think this was a good idea in the first place. 

He looked back up and stared desperately at them, "Can't you, I don't know... Do something to get us out of here?" He asked. He wanted to go home, this, this was too much. 

They frowned before shaking their head, "Sorry junior, nothin's coming up furr me.Don't worry though, I purromise I'll get you back to your... brothers." They trailed off, an uncomfortable look on their face now.

Dave peered at them curiously, "If you're really me, does that mean you have your own brothers? Or is this some kind of parallel universe thing where in one universe I'm an only child and in here I'm the youngest cub of the pack?" 

It was to hard to really know what they thought of his question, what with the flickering shades and all but Dave could see the furrowed brow and could spy a slight unsure twitch of their mouth. Before they could say anything however, suddenly the room's lights flickered, and Dave could feel the tremor in the ground.

"What the hell?!" 

Davepeta blinked underneath their shades and grinned widely, "Come on kid! Cavalry's comin'!" They laughed, claws emerging from their fingerless gloves. Dave scrambled to their side, just as the wall behind him exploded. Davepeta's wings flapped once and the dust was blown away.


Davepeta laughed in triumph and slight relief, "ARquius!" Dave looked incredulous as a red, ghost, alien? thing with... His bro's glasses? The pointy anime ones that Dirk and Bro prefer to, they were on 'ARquius'' face!

Outside on the other side of the one-way mirror, a manipulator tsk'ed, "Now now... This just won't do~"

It fell apart even more from there.

Qrow shifted and shivered, a chill unnaturally going down his spine and causing his feathers to fluff, much to his and Hal's irritation. "The hell man? I just smoothed those down." Hal deadpanned, literally just finished their regularly scheduled preening. 

The winged-Davis grunted, cheeks tinting in embarrassment, "How the hell am I suppose to know? And don't sass me young man, I will take your arm again." Qrow hissed with narrowed eyes when Hal opened his mouth to retort. Hal huffed but raised both his arms in surrender. The probation was done and now Hal two functioning arms instead of one, which was a relief though Hal made a lot of notes and reminders to upgrade his current arm since it wasn't up to speed as his other one. It was a good start though. 

Hal sighed before shaking his head and starting to comb his robotic fingers through his brother's feathers, again. Gently pulling at loose feathers and smoothing down the fluffed up parts of his wings, Qrow sighed in contentment on instinct, internally cursing the pleasure he got from this and once again cursing the side-effects of being part bird. 

Hal leniently used one hand to continue preening his brother's wings and use the other to observe one of his brother's feathers. 

Qrow's wings were quite bizarre, and according to Kankri and the others one-of-a-kind. No other in the world had bird wings for some odd bizarre reason, and it was food for thought sometimes. 

"Hey bro, mind if I use the leftover fluff you shed for, I don't know yet but like hopy shit we got piles and piles of your feathers in one of my sylladex cards." Hal commented, captchalouging the feather. He had started to collect Qrow's feathers ever since he took in the reins on preening duty, Qrow could hardly preen himself without his sprite tail anymore. 

Qrow huffed, "Whatever, do what you want." He muttered sleepily, the second preening session was soothing and was quietly lulling him to sleep. 

Hal smirked as he sees Qrow slowly dozing off, eventually falling completely asleep by the time Hal finished preening his wings a second time. The half-human-andriod hummed as he collected the rest of the feathers that fell off, trying to think of a useful way to use the feather's he'd collected over time. 

He mused creating a little toy for Nepeta, to tease her with with her feline instincts. Then he thought of maybe alchemizing it, combining it with something else to create a new and possibly useful thing. Qrow's wings weren't normal, not with their unusual ability to fuse into Qrow's skin and turn into tattoos, or how sometimes they would glow like they were sprite wings, not to mention how unusual it was that Qrow could fly considering his wingspan and weight. And how Qrow could make sharp turns or do stunts that would be impossible since Qrow had crow wings, and those wings weren't exactly built for the sharp turns Qrow regularly liked to make on regular flights or missions. 

All in all, Qrow's wings were versatile and impressive, almost impossible considering their original nature, the size of the wingspan but somehow Qrow made it work and used them to his absolute best of abilities. 

Hal blinked, someone was pestering him. 

--tentacleTherapist [TT] is pestering roboticAutomaton [RA]--

TT: Greetings. 

RA: Hm? And what's this supposed to be now?

TT: A friendly chat if you so wish, I only want to talk.

RA: Normally I'd say no and block your ass but since you were one of the ones that actually stopped contacting me when I said to, I'll give you one chance. 
RA: And only one chance, after that you will be blocked for a long time along with the others. 

TT: Acceptable terms.  

RA: So, what is it you want to 'talk' about? 

TT: I would like talk about Qrow, now before you go on and block me from continuing would you at least hear me out? I swear I, on the behalf of my friends and I, am being absolute sincere. 

RA: ...
RA: Alright, since you actually got me in a good mood I'll let you talk. 

TT: Thank you.
TT: First and foremost, I and the others would like to apologize for our behavior during our meeting with Qrow at the park.
TT: I had realized too late that perhaps running and screaming at your brother was not the way to go.

RA: No shit.
RA: It freaked him out to the point he didn't want to go outside for a while.

TT: I see.
TT: That is. We're sorry, it wasn't in our agenda to cause him distress.

RA: Maybe, but it still did.
RA: Especially the big dude, the one in the dumb anime shades and cap. He really freaked my bro out, grappling him like a fucking sumo wrestler.
RA: Dereck Strider.

TT: Ah yes, the elder Strider.
TT: We didn't exactly expect him to grab unto Qrow like that, though it was admittedly our fault for calling him in.
TT: A spur of the moment, we truly believed that Qrow was... an old acquaintance of ours.

RA: I know.
RA: And he's not by the way.

TT: Right.
TT: At any rate we wish to make it up for Qrow and to talk with him in a calm and orderly manner.
TT: No chasing, no screaming and definitely no accusations and claims of him being our dead acquaintance.

RA: That is in no way suspicious at all.

TT: It's not.
TT: I promise you.

RA: Hmm...
RA: I'll think about it.

TT: Please do

RA: But don't expect an answer in a week or so.
RA: We're going to be busy for a while.

TT: Busy doing what if I may ask?

RA: No, you may not ask.
RA: Anyway, is that all?

TT: I suppose for now it is.

RA: Goodbye Rose.

--roboticAutomaton [RA] stopped pestering tentacleTherapist [TT]--

"Rose, what the hell?"

Rose looked up towards the others as they gathered around her and her laptop. "What? You wanted me to talk to him and I did." Was all she said as she stood up, closing closing Pesterchum and her laptop to set it on the table. 

Dirk pursed his lips, "I didn't exactly expect for you to say what you said." He retorted, a little bit angry. Ever since his first talk with 'Hal', he hasn't seen the guy in a very good light. Not to mention him claiming Qrow was his brother, that Qrow wasn't Dave but... Dirk knew he was Dave, he could feel it. 

He just didn't know how to justify his feelings. 

Rose gave him a look, "If we keep doing what we were doing we would only drive Qrow away. And I imagine that is the last thing you want to happen." She pointed out, crossing her arms firmly, glancing around the room. They all looked cowed, reluctant but they knew she had a point. 

Chasing after Qrow would only drive him away, just like the two attempts before, three if you counted James' attempt to chase after him.

"Then what do we do?" Jade questioned quietly, looking between Rose and Dirk. 

Roxy spoke in from where she sat, originally besides her cousin with a peculiar cat in her lap, "Didn't you see in the chat?" She inquired, gaining their attention as she petted at their new feline, "Rosie's got a plan." She informed them with a smile. 

"And um, what exactly is that plan?" Jake asked as he sat beside her, Jane sitting on Roxy's other side. 

Rose frowned as she looked at the cat before shaking her head and turning to Dirk, "I've given us a small chance to become close to Qrow." She began, uncrossing her arms, "Should Hal accept then the chance grows slightly bigger. We'll talk with him, like normal people. Find out what we can without pushing too much while simultaneously keeping an eye on Qrow as well as not drive him away." She gave Dirk a firm stare, the orange-eyed boy grunted and looked away but gave a reluctant nod. 

Why did Lalonde's have to be so right?!

John huffed but blinked as his attention is caught by a certain cat that was still enjoying the petting Roxy was giving it, "Hey Rox," He started, "When did you get a cat?" He questioned, looking curiously at the feline that turned to look at him, he blinked as he was taken back by the two different colored cat eyes that peered at him. 

Roxy grinned, "Like her? She's our new cat! Kind of, I still need to ask Mom and Aunt Rosa about her but I have a good feeling that they'll let us keep her!"  She cheered. 

Jane tilted her head, "Those are interesting eyes." She noted faintly, seeing the pink and purple irises and the pointed pupil that were typical for a cat, those eyes turned to her and she felt slightly dazed as she looked into them. 

"I know right? She's really pretty." 

Dirk sighed, "Cat aside, actually, that reminds me. John," He called out, the buck-toothed blue-eyed boy jolted, "Where's Karkat?"

"Where is Karkles." 

John snickered at the nickname before answering, "He couldn't really come today, though he is keeping a closer eye on Kankri today as much as he can." John admitted.

Ever since they found out that somehow Kankri, of all people was somehow involved with the Davis brothers... well they didn't really know how to feel about it. And though the Strilonde family suspected Nepeta knew more than she said, they couldn't really push her and both Rose and Dirk knew they couldn't really push Kankri to reveal what he knew. 

At any point, they were now relying mostly on Karkat to keep an eye on Kankri and tell them what he found out. 

Which was harder than they knew Karkat would growl at them when they tried to grill him information about it all. 

This was Kankri, the Vantas older brother who was a notorious Social Justice Warrior, a die-hard pacifist and infamous for his long on-the-spot speeches and basically driving others away with his drawling tone and feared long-winded lectures. Which... at hindsight, gave him plenty of free time to do whatever he did in his own free time Dirk realized as he deeply thought about it. 

Who knows what he was doing whenever he was on his own.

Meanwhile, Chesire was having a lifetime listening in on the conversation. Purring contently on the lap of Roxy, 'That's it, pay no attention to the pink and purple-eyed cat' Chesire thought to themselves as they enjoyed the petting they got from Roxy and now Jane. 

They were very interested in what was going on, after being shortly captured by Roxy they realized that they had an advantage, somewhat. They could gather information then relay it to Qrow and Hal, and they suppose Kankri as well if their theory of their brothers working with the human version of Karkat's dancestor (who they briefly met from time to time during their bubble shenanigans on the meteor). 

Now they only needed to find a way to contact Qrow and Hal without suspicion. 

Qrow huffed as he adjusted his red goggles, tugging at his scarf while looking over his sylladex. 

"You ready bro?" Hal questioned, rolling into the room. 

Qrow glanced at him and smirked, "We're doing this." 

Hal grinned, "We're making this happen." He continued, going to his brother's side and bumping his brother's clenched fist in a fist bump.  

Nepeta rolled her eyes from her place at the doorway, "If you guys are done being dorks, let's get this show on the road please. Salamancer's here!" She announced with a fanged smirk. 

It was time to go to Church.