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Stubborn Flocks

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-- roboticAutomaton [RA] is pestering twinArmaggedons [TA] --

RA: You know, I would have thought you would have pestered me now that you knew my name.

TA: oh my god

RA: What is it Captor, embarrassed that a supposedly 13 year old is playing you like a puppeteer?

TA: 2hut up hal
TA: actually that felt kiind of better now that ii know your 2tupiid a22 name
TA: and what the fuck do you mean by '2uppo22edly' iit 2ay2 2o riight here you are a 13 year2 old jacka22

RA: Tsk tsk Sollux, you know how easy the government servers are to hack by geniuses like us.
RA: I will admit though that the name on the file is entirely real, the bio is as bare as I could stretch it, but the age... that's something I didn't choose

TA: what the fuck are you talkiing about, how doe2 one... you know what, fuck iit, ii dont care anymore about the 2tupiid fiile and the admiitiion of you hacking the government 2erver (unfortuntely ii gotta giive the well de2erved praii2e, iimpre22iive move diick head) or your goddamn age. 2tep one, gettiing your 2tupiid name ii2 done, 2tep two ii2 goiing iinto motiion

RA: And that would be?

TA: fiinding out what your face look2 liike 2o ii can fiinally know iit then 2tep three, fiinding out where the fuck you are whiich leave2 u2 wiith the fourth and fiinal 2tep: ***punchiing tho2e 2hade2 riight of your 2tupiid face***

RA: Oh good luck with that Sollux.

TA:2hut up hal
TA: ...
TA: hey 'davii2'

RA: I have a good suspicion on what this conversation will now turn upon but alright, what is it Captor?

TA: that guy, qrow at the park. he'2 your bro.

RA: Yes

TA: how

RA: Well when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...

TA: ***cut the bull2hiit 'davii2' what the fuck ii2 goiing on wiith thii2 whole 2hiit***
TA: ii am not 2ome chump a22 fucktard that 2iit2 on hii2 a22 all hii2 fuckiing life thiinking nothiing about the bull2hiit around him. iim a fuckiing geniiu2 ju2t liike you 2aiid hal.
TA: 2omethiing biig'2 iinvolved wiith thii2, ii ju2t know iit becau2e that ii2 not your brother

RA: Sollux

TA: that guy

RA: shut up

TA: he'2 dave 2triider, diirk'2 bro

RA: Wrong, he's Qrow Davis. My big bro.

TA: oh 2ure he can be that too but he'2 defiiniitely dave 2triider the once ****DEAD**** kiid brother to the iinfamou2 2triider duo and twiin two techno teen prodiigy. empha2ii2 on the DEAD part. what the fuck happened

RA: Nothing happened.
RA: And even IF something did, it is none of your business.

TA: none of my bu2iine22 probably, but diirk ii2 my freiind and he'2 freakiing the fuck over thii2. 2o are the other2 and pretty much me two and thiing2 could be 2o much more ea2iier for everyone iin thii2 iif you would ju2t tell u2 what happened and what the fuck ii2 goiing on.

RA: ...

TA: hal
TA: what the fuck happened to dave

RA: he is not dave strider. He is Qrow Davis, my big brother and we don't know what happened to Dave Strider, ***no one does*** and that's that.
RA: Anyway, looking forward to your next hax bat attempt Sollux, now that you know my name things might even get easier for you in the next time you try at my systems.

TA: hal dont do thii2, dont make thii2 even more diifiicult than iit probably already and totally ii2

RA: I'm not. Everything would be fine if you all would just leave us alone and mind your own businesses. No one needs to complicate things even more, just keep to yourselves and everyone wins.
RA: Goodbye Sollux.

-- roboticAutomaton [RA] ceased pestering twinArmaggedons [TA] --

TA: hal waiit!

-- roboticAutomaton [RA] has blocked twinArmaggedons [TA]! --

TA: you diidnt

Message failed! User has blocked you.

"Thhit." Sollux muttered as he leaned back on his chair. The troubled hacker stared at the screen before giving a near growl and exiting the chat-site of Pesterchum, well that went well, his mind sarcastically supplied as he pulled up the file he had finally found just a few long ass hours ago with the help of Roxy. 

He stared at the bare file before closing it again, fidgeting in his seat. 

Everything made no sense. None at all. And genius he was, even the smartest person in the world would be stumped if they had nothing to work on; what he and the others did have to work on was the following facts. 

Dave was somehow fucking alive, after being quite literally dead for years. There could be no faking that brutal death, not when the Striders checked, double-checked, triple-checked, quadruple-checked on the facts that made Dave dead. And yet there he had been, in the park grown in age as if he had never died in the first place. He was torn between facts and decided to leave that for last.

Dave Strider denied being Dave Strider and insists on Qrow Davis. For reasons why, they don't know, and wasn't that an aggravating repeating sequence in all of this?

'Qrow Davis' is trying hard to avoid them all. Okay, Sollux, might make sense of this if it had been a stranger or like an unlikely doppleganger but no, this was Dave Strider in all his non-dead-ass glory avoiding the friends and family he had spent his entire life with. 

Hal Davis insists on Dave being HIS older brother. Whoever Hal was, he was obviously close to Dave, or Qrow enough to consider him as his big brother. Something he says and insists all the time. And by the looks of things, Qrow does consider Hal as a younger brother but how and why? 

Hal stayed hidden while trying to hide Qrow as well. Which perhaps explains on how Qrow managed to avoid being seen all these years? During the years at some point Qrow met Hal and they became close enough to call each other siblings, and for whatever reason Qrow avoided the Striders until recent developements and things escalated from there. 

Sollux brooded and was about to think of another fact when his door was kicked open with a loud cracking BANG.


"M-Mituna?! Dude! You need to thtop breaking into my room like that, did you fucking break my door handle again?! Bro, not cool, and don't jutht do that out of the blue!" Sollux snapped only to pause as he looked at his brother's form. 

Mituna was pale, slightly shaking as he looked at Sollux with pained, confused and wide eyes that showed a massive amount of fear. Sollux sat straighter as Mituna stumbled towards him, practically falling into the lap of his younger brother. "Oh god, MT are you okay?!" Sollux asked frantically as he took in his shaking brother. 

"T-Thollux, oh god I think the otherth and I nearly died tonight." Sollux stilled and demanded for his brother to explain. 

At the end of Mituna's slightly stuttered explanation Sollux was just as pale as Mituna had been when he kicked down the door to his room. 

The Shackled Sufferers. 

One of the top mafia-esque gangs around, rivalling against the Midnight Crew, the Felt, and other high-end gangs out there even though it was only a couple of decades old compared to the other gangs. 

If anything it was mostly an almost vigilante-like organization as they seemed to dislike certain dark stuff that other gangs thrived on, like human slavery, forced prostitution and rape, they despised it and even made a point of having no such thing around the area of their main bases and even sabotaging multiple slave rings, rape gangs and more. But other things like drug smuggling, assassination and murder was alright in their books. 

"I, where'th dad?" Mituna asked hoarsely after his babbling explanation. Looking a bit better as he sat down properly on the floor of Sollux's bedroom. 

Sollux sighed, "He'th out, thome fuck metthed with one of the big therverth at work tho he'th bein uthed overtime to fix the major problem." His dad worked in a place of idiots, well paid idiots but idiots all the same. 

Unknown to them both the work place was a mostly cover-up company that served as one of the Shackled Sufferer's public and hidden investments, and that night he had been at the Davis' base even though yes he did have to check on the servers at the original base to make sure the systems were running as smooth as ever. 

One can never be too careful or paranoid. 

"... Thol, pleathe don't tell dad about thith." Sollux snapped to look at his brother with an incredulous face. 

"Are you crazy?! Dad detherveth to know what the fuck happened to you and the otherth! Won't the otherth be telling their parentth too? Ethpethially Latula?!" 

Mituna shook his head, "No. It wath dethided that no one wath to tell the adultth about it. I don't know why but it thurprithingly enoug it wath Rufioh who told uth to do that." 

Sollux sent him a look, "And you all agreed on that? Even Latula? That, wait, why are you even telling me thith then?" And he deadpanned at Mituna's sheepish look. "You weren't thuppothed to were you?" 

"Nope! But... I'm kinda glad I told you Thol, I... needed that calm down before I-well, you know." Sollux softened the look on his face at that and sighed and patted his big brother's scalp. 

"Yeah whatever, but if thith thhit happenth again we are telling dad, no matter what anyone thayth, got it?" 

Mituna nodded in agreement, giving the younger Capter a wide smile before frowning in concern. "You okay there Thollux? You don't look tho hot, even before I told you about the thing. What'th wrong? What happened?" 

Sollux wondered if he should or shouldn't tell his brother about what else was happening, but then again, Mituna was a stubborn brother and would eventually weedle out anything from his younger brother sooner or later and he had a feeling sooner was a better choice than later. 

"Okay, tho get thith..." 

"I do not think this is a good idea at this moment... you sure you're alright bro?"

Qrow sighed, "Yes, I'm good. Just gogdamn peachy Hal, and I won't be gone for long, I just... need to spread my wings for a bit, like usual. I'll just stick to the area I promise." 

Hal sent him a look but sighed, it had been a few days since the incident and the entire time his elder brother had stayed firmly on the ground, even pushing the limits in hiding his wings for whatever reason. Honestly Hal was surprised he hadn't asked sooner since he usually took flight every single day for a period of time, being in the air for Qrow was a sense of freedom and to be frank, Hal had been a bit worried when Qrow stayed in his room within his nest instead of heading out to fly. 

"Alright, but come back soon. If anything happens, press the goggles and I'll answer." Hal had finally implemented the call upgrade that would let Hal's voice be heard from the goggles if the situation needed it, like weeks before during the deal with the Midnight Crew. It functioned just like a phone call, and speaking of the Midnight Crew; he and Droogs finally finished the deal and now Qrow was debt free from the gang of cards.

Though Qrow would have to steer clear from Slick for a while, and probably Snowman but who knows with her, some say she's amused with the action Qrow took against Spades and others say she's annoyed. You can never know with her but it was better safe than sorry. 

Qrow grunted, putting on his coat and scarf and securing the newly-upgraded red goggles on his face. "Roger that lil bro, later." 

Hal watched him take flight, and continued to look his direction even after the windows closed. 

He could only hope for things to go back to normal, though he has no doubt that things won't go back to normal now that their secrecy was being threatened. 

"Aww, did Ravenclaw leave already?" Hal turned to see Nepeta pouting as she strolled in, probably sneaked past Hal's protections. Again. 

He really needed to upgrade the system again didn't he? Last time Nepeta had been kept out quite successfully because of his defences that he and Qrow put up to protect their home base, though time and time again they had to upgrade it or change is some way as Nepeta would go against it at least once or twice before slipping past the security, then again Nepeta was a genius in her own right even though she rarely showed it outside her Lioness persona. 

She was a trained assassin, sneaking past security was part of her job and instinct as her kind stalked in the shadows for the right moment, passing through traps effortlessly before striking ferociously and most of the time, fatally. Still, she helped Hal in pointing out the slips and cracks in Hal's own security. In the physical world at least, digitally, he's second to none and no one could completely break through his firewalls. 

"Yep, but not for long. He just needs to fly for a bit, bird instincts and all that, you get it." And she does, instincts were both a blessing and a curse for those animal-inclined creatures like herself. She was feline-inclined, obviously and had the feline instincts to go with them, she could mostly block them out during her human life, acting out childishly if she had let it built out. 

On the job though, those instincts were a god-send, made hunting for her prey much easier and there was nothing childish during her job where her instincts instantly shift to something more... predatorily. Perfect for her non-human and dark life. 

Meulin also had those instincts, though they were dulled and mostly kept away via their mother. The deadly insincts were buried, locked away unless something life-threatening happened; to keep it buried completely, that was just asking for one's instant demise. 

Anyway, Nepeta took to visiting the Davis brothers whenever she could nowadays after her... blunder a few days ago. A blunder that the Davis duo thought with wary and confusion, Cans appearing out of nowhere, saying something suspiciously vague; that smelt of time travel to them. Or mostly to Qrow at least, who found time travel a, difficult subject to breach on. 

The two talked but paused briefly as Hal's shades' pinged loudly with Hal heaving a heavy exasperated sigh. 

Nepeta frowned, "Another pestering? Who's it from this time?" 

Hal frowned before smiling, "Oh thank gog, it's just Callie." Lately Dirk and the others have been taken to pestering him for the last few days, after he had blocked Dirk Jane had come in his stead, then Jake, then Rose, then Roxy, both Jade and JOhn have yet to pester him but he knew it was only a matter of time. 

Having Calliope pester him was a good change for a start.

"Oo~ What's Callie say? Also tell her I said hi!" Nepeta said with a grin, she had met, or well talked with Calliope via Hal after he told her about her. She was nice, her brother? Not so much as far as she has heard. 

-- uranianUmbra [UU] is pestering roboticAutomaton --

UU: hello hal ouo
UU: pardon me if i'm interrUpting anything important bUt it's qUite a while hasn't it?
UU: apologies for that as well, things have been certainly... bUsy aroUnd here ;~u~

RA: Hey Callie, it's nice to hear from you again. Believe me it's a welcomed change compared to the rest of the people pestering me for the last couple of days.
RA: Also, busy you say?

UU: ?
UU: welcomed change?
UU: and as for the bUsy part, yes, very bUsy. apparently father is hosting an event soon. i don't exactly know what kind of event it is bUt it seems very important, like UsUal UnU.

RA: I see... Well good luck with that Callie. Anyway, yeah, a welcomed change.
RA: You know how I told you my bro resembles another dude who died years ago?

UU: yes i qUite recall that :u
UU: yoU said he resembled greatly to one deceased 'dave strider'? dirk's brother?

RA: Yup.
RA: And you know the Striders and their friends? Of course you do, well they finally met Qrow and now they think he's Dave back from the dead

UU: oh my...

RA: Mhmm, now they won't stop pestering either me or my bro, who's going through a hard time right now so the timing is not good at all. They won't leave us alone.

UU: oh poor qrow UnU...
UU: i mUst say thoUgh, qrow mUst look incredibly like dave for this to happen yes>
UU: if yoU want, i can speak with roxy aboUt this and try to explain myself?

RA: Nah, bro and I can handle it. You don't have to interfere Callie.
RA: Oh yeah, Nep says hi by the way.

UU: oh alright...
UU: hello nepeta! ^u^

RA: She says and I directly quote along with the emoticons and everything.
RA: ":33< hiya calliiee~!"

UU: 0u0
UU: anyway i
UU: oh blast it all

RA: Hmm? What's wrong Callie?

UU: i'm afraid this reUnion will have to rUn short, i am being called away >:u
UU: it was nice talking with yoU for a bit hal, i can only hope the next time we talk its for a little bit longer than right now. ta~! *kisses* ~3u <3

RA: Same, bye Calliope. Good luck with whatever's happening.

-- uranianUmbrage [UU] ceased pestering roboticAutomaton [RA] --

Calliope sighed as she reluctantly closed her laptop, grumbling within her mind as outwardly she took to an emotionless expression. She stashed her laptop, hiding it away from anyone who would try to find it; especially him

"You were talking to him again, weren't you?! RA!" 

Speak of the devil and he will appear, she thought bitterly to her self as she exited her room. She turned and nearly scowled like her brother who was scowling at her right now, though that wasn't a new agenda, scowls and sneers were almost always on Caliborn's face. He supposedly got that from their father, probably, they've never personally really seen him before so they could only take the word of their caretakers to heart. 

"I do not see why that it would be your business Caliborn." She said cooly, walking past him and making him fume even more. 

Calibron quickly caught up to her, "Tell me who he is, he keeps blocking me. Me, of all people!" He says angrily, though personally Calliope heard it as a whine like always. "He should be grateful I actually lowered myself to talking to him, I'd think that I would have been the better option than talking to you." He continues and Calliope has to wonder if their father was really much of a spoiled brat when he was their age. 

"Well you thought wrong then, he obviously finds me better company. And at any rate, I repeat, why would it be your business Caliborn? We've already agreed that the people we talk to are only our business... That is, until you broke that agreement." Calliope said with a downwards curl of her lips, typical of Caliborn, to break agreements and more. 

Appallingly, Caliborn grinned toothily at her, "I did not break the agreement, sis. And it is well my business since I too have talked to RA, seriously what the fuck is this guy's name." 

Calliope glared at her twin, "Oh you most certainly did break the agreement. We agreed that as long as we had our laptops our conversations with certain people we know about are left to ourselves. You broke that, or is your head so miniscule that you cannot comprehend that fact, bro?" A bit crueler than when she usually was but she was in a bad mood, she had wanted to talk with Hal a little longer, was it not their break time? 

Caliborn sneered at her, fury in his eyes, "Oi! Shut your fucking mouth Calliope." He continued, ranting a bit with curses various in his speech but surprisingly enough, calmed down and gave her a nasty grin. "Anyway, back to shit; no, I did not break our agreement because as it was 'As long as we had our laptops our conversations with certain people blah blah blah' was kept to ourselves right? Well, you didn't have your laptop then did you?" He cackled, and the green eyes twin slipped from her facade to growl at him. 

"You and your silly fucking loopholes! That's not--" 


A voice cuts in, feminine but sharp as the twins were just one second away from a full on fist-fight instigated by either twin. Both tensed and looked at one of their care takers who was on their shift for them. 

"I believe I did tell you it was time for lunch yes? Come now... You mustn't dally.

"Yes, sir." Both Calliope and Caliborn grit out, postures straightening properly as they began to walk again. Both twins shared a glance, and in a rare sense of sibling understaning and mutual agreement, they stayed silent for the rest of the day. Not bothering with each other as they were sent back into the loop of their schedules. 

'One day... we'll be free

"What the fuck." 


"No, what in the literal fuck." 

"Hahahaha, your expression is quite amusing!"

"I don't, I, Ro--mphh?!?

"Curious to see you well and whole, Dave, where is your other half?


"Whoops, silly me, my paws are covering your mouth, mew :3."

"How in the fuck.


Hal stared as Qrow bristled beside him, a little not so subtly but he'd let it slide because he himself was not so subtly staring at the... being... in front of him.

"Umm, I don't understand. What are you two talking about, and what are you staring at?" Nepeta asked in wary confusion, taking to their side and looking around in clear confusion.

Qrow turned to her in a flash, eyes wide in shock. "You can't see her?!" He asked loudly. 

"Them. I am a them as I have decided recently, not her, nor him, just them." S-They chirped, waving a transparent pink paw hand at them. 

Hal took a deep breath then turned to his brother, "Alright... What the literal shit bro. Why is there a pink cat-ghost-hybrid-thing of Rose fucking Lalonde in our base.

"I don't know! Don't look at me, I have no fucking idea what's going on!"

True to Hal's words, a certain person-being floated atop their couch, flashing both lavender and pink as well as being quite transparent. Sh-They, had a striking resemblance of Rose Lalonde, who last time they checked, was alive and living quite well as a full human in the Lalonde household. 

Also apparently only the two Davis' could see them. 

"Okay you two, that sounds funny and all but I don't get the joke. What is going on?!" Nepeta demanded, pouting with hands on her hips.

"That is something I'd like to know as well." Hal deadpanned, scanning the impossibility before them. 

Rose? Gave a hearty laugh, so unlike the Rose (and Rosaline) of this world. 

 "Oh this is fun, want me to give you guys a flashback? Sure! Also, tell me Dave, how did you manage to seperate from Nepeta? Also obtain a corporal body like that? Oh, tell me later, we have a flashback to get to! Meow, :3" Rose? Says quickly, plowing before anyone could say anything, except Nepeta who once again asked what and why the two Davis' were looking at above their couch.

"You see, while Dave was out flying, with very pretty looking wings I might add, I popped in!