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Stubborn Flocks

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tipsyGnostalgic [TG] began pestering totalmasterTexdirector [TT]

TG: uuuuh

TG: ngfuck

TG: so uh

TG: this is happening n i thunk u guys need to come ober here n do somewthong

TT: lil rox what are you talking about

tipsyGnostalgic [TG] has sent picture uuhwefoundhim.jpeg

TT: Where are you.

TG: bro dat u

TT: Roxy where are you

TG: fuck it, were at prospit gatdebs

TG: *gardens

TG: were managing in keepin them seperated n all but i dunno how long its gunna last so u guyz gotta be quik

TG: dear gog idfk on wats goin on but SUMTHNGI is going on with dave, bro d hes fuck

TG: you'll see when you get here, word of warning though: the name he has right now or thinks is his is qrow davis and hes acting all weird

TT: what

TT: We're on our way to Prospit, keep them behaved and make sure he doesn't leave the park.

TG: roger dat

TG: roxlal siging off

TG: *signing

"Holy fuck what the shit." breathed D as he stared into his phone and for once not even complaining when his younger twin came to snatch it out of his hands, too stunned at what he's seen before his phone was taken.

It was a picture of one angry and shadeless Dave Strider who was being held back by John and the others, it was slightly blurry but the picture had shown Dave's face clear enough to be seen and that was without a fucking doubt, their little previously deceased brother.

"Dave." breathed Bro as he looked at the picture and asking Roxy where they were before D snatched his phone back to both stare at the picture and reply slightly to Roxy "They're at Prospit Gardens." D told Bro who snatched the phone and quickly replied before shoving it back to D and grabbing his older twin.

"Fucking hell we need to get there now!" Bro urged D who had no complaints, Bro captchalogued his laptop as D captchalogued his phone and instantly they were out the door. Prospit Gardens was near and with the rate they were going at they'd be there soon. Hopefully by the time they got there things would calm down and that Dave was still there.

They would get there brother back and maybe even get some answers to what the hell was going on.

Roxanne hummed as she looked at the box, frowning as she looked over it. It seemed to be an ordinary, wooden box with a touchscreen thingy on the top but she couldn't get anything out of it!

There were no visible locks, the screen was completely unresponsive and it was starting to frustrate her and get on her nerves. She's almost willing to get this damned thing x-rayed but something tells her that won't really work out. She's also tempted to just smash it open but who knows what could be inside and what would happen if she did that, she's not naive and dumb enough to believe nothing would happen and was healthily wary that if forcing the box to open it could very well explode or something.

She groaned as she sat down on her chair, glaring at the mystery chest box from her place behind her private office desk. She was currently in her private personal office in Skaianet labs, where she worked and partially owned the place. She was the head scientist, the big honcho, the cool lady of science, it was her.

Though, that could also be said for Jade and Jake's cool badass grandma Jaiden English who co-owned the company with her brother in law, Jacob Harley. Both were out of country right now on very important business, it was the reason why the hadn't told them yet about what was happening, Jaiden in Japan with Joey while Jacob in Germany with Jude. They were coming back soon of course and maybe then both old timers could help her with the box, that and solve the mystery with Dave.

Not to mention Jude would be all over this with Joey being a theorist and conspiracy nerd like when he was a kid but both would mainly be concerned with Dave and what might be happening.

The blonde mother blinked as she felt her pocket vibrate, it was her phone. She fished it out to find her sister calling her, she brought it to ear and answered.

"Heya Rosie, what's going on big sis?"

"We need to get to Prospit Gardens right now Roxanne."

"What? Why? Is somethin' happenin' there? Something big?"

"Yes, our children are currently facing Dave as of now. Roxy has told Dereck, David and I about the situation. Rose is currently busy in mediating between Dirk and Dave and keep them from physically fighting each other, Roxy has gone to help her and they're doing what they can to stall enough time for both Dereck and David to come."

"HOLY SHIT WHAT? WHY DIDN'T YA SAY SO, I'M COMIN'!" Roxanne yelped as she was already out the door the moment Rosaline told her her kid/s were facing the previously thought dead Strider. She ignored most of the questions that came her way as she rushed out of the building.

"I'm nearing Skaiatech-net Labs, unfortunately Casey is on her day-off and I couldn't ask of her to drive me so we will have to bear with my driving for now."

"Really? That's awesome! You haven't driven in a bit big sis, we'll get there in no time."

"Yes though I will admit that I am a bit rusty but it shall be good enough, thankfully there isn't much traffic today, alright, I'm outside your building. Hurry

"Gotcha!" Roxanne panted lightly as she finally exits the building and sees her elder twin in her dark pink car, Rosaline nodded at her as she quickly enters the car. "How far are we from, Prospit Gardens? Yeah."

"Not far, we'll get there quick if it continues to be no traffic. Seat belt little sister."

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

"Well said, hopefully our questions will finally be answered with this encounter."

With that, Rosaline drives with both Lalondes on the edge of their seats and anxious to see their children and one dead teen.

Back in the labs within Roxanne's private office, a certain mysterious box lays in waiting.

The screen on the top flickers briefly and displays a red and lime green swirling circle, the box shivers for a moment then stills before the screen returns to a blank screen.

Somewhere in the world, a clock ticks in a broken rhythm and a pair of twins that both hated each other shivered in unison.


"Shit, I wasn't expecting this to happen. Aviator, contact Salamancer and have him drive to Prospit and wait for Avian there." Kankri commanded, slipping easily into Crimson as Hal obeyed without another word.

"Also get track the messages coming from the others, no doubt they would have alerted their guardians now."

"Too late, Roxy Lalonde already told both elder Striders and one elder Lalonde. Her security was good enough to stall me, estimated four adults coming to the scene." Hal told him with a grimaced, tv showing what he was doing as he screened the messages the skilled blonde girl sent towards the adults.

Kankri cursed, "Can you stall them?"

"I can stall the Lalondes, they're driving so I can mess with the traffic lights and stall them for a bit but the Striders are on foot and they'll be there soon enough."

"Why did I have to listen to my instincts? To the damned blood powers? I did not want this to happen to Qrow this soon, I know he's not ready to face the adults yet! The children sure but not the guardians." Kankri groaned as he looked at the open tab that showed the scrambling feet of everyone present and hears the shouting.

Hal shook his head, "I don't know man but with this incident things are going to get hella harder for my bro and I." Hal grunts before smirking as he stalls the Lalondes, spying the frustrated looks on both elder women's faces. "Salamancer is enroute, luckily it was his day-off."

"Good, Salamancer can get Avian out of there the moment he steps out of the park. He's one of our best get-away drivers and I have yet to see him get caught. Inform Psionic of the situation too, he'll help out on what he can for the next month after this."

"Roger that big boss, also someone's pestering you. The boring you."

Kankri blinked before opening his other pesterchum account and groaned as he sees who was pestering him, "I have no time for this." He mutters as he answers.

casanovaAquaguy [CA] began pestering calmingGrievances [CG]

CA: yo chief

CA: uh, you there? i uh, vwanted to talk to ya for a moment

CA: about the vwhole, 'rejection' thing

CA: chief you there

CA: kankri? c'mon don't ignore me

CG: What do you want, I'm currently busy here Cronus.

CA: vwoah, you okay there chief?

CG: I am fine Cr9nus, like I said I am currently very 6usy at the m9ment.

CA: oh, is this about the rejection thing i did because that's vwhat i vwanted to talk to you about

CG: N9, it is n9t ab9ut the 'rejecti9n thing'. H9nestly I g9t 9ver that and m9ved 9n, I truthfully d9 n9t care any m9re ab9ut that and currently am 6usy s9 please g9 away. I have a lecture t9 listen t9 intently and a speech t9 prepare.

CG: G99dbye Cr9nus, we'll speak an9ther time perhaps.

CA: vwait, vwhat

CA: kankri vwait

calmingGrievances [CG] ceased pestering casanovaAquaguy [CA]

CA: dammit, okay fine. later then

casanovaAquaguy [CA] ceased pestering calmingGrievances [CG]

Kankri sighed in relief as he switched back to his other account, at the start he had been 'Crimson Kankri' but quickly switched back to 'Boring Kankri' as his actual friends called it.

"I see it was that guy you had a 'crush' on, what did he say?" Hal asked curiously as if he hadn't even read through his messages causing Kankri to roll his eyes and look at him pointed, "Alright, alright. Why did you choose that guy as your go to crush thing anyway? I know you have no feelings of actual infatuation for him and that it was all part of your civilian roleplay but why that guy of all people? The dude's a greaser wannabe flirt, I mean couldn't you go for, I don't know, the fairy boy? He at least seems cool to 'crush' on."

Kankri shook his head, "It was a spur of the moment, Porrim had cornered me into a tight spot and the words had just blurted out on instinct to preserve myself from her clutches and as for why Cronus specifically, I had been cross with him and he had been on my mind at the moment so when I blurted out my 'crush's' name, naturally his name left my lips." He muttered as he remembered, grimacing. "Though I do regret it, I could handle their 'teasing' as they insisted, before just fine with my civilian persona but the added weight of the knowledge of my supposed infatuation with Cronus had certainly had my nerves fraying slightly at the seams. Cronus did not help with his rejection to my hypothetical feelings, and in front of everyone no less.

"Do not get me wrong, I only see Cronus as an associate at worst and a 'friend' at best but to shoot down my 'feelings' in front of everyone we know? That certainly had me seething for a bit for the gossip and reactions I had to deal with with my 'rejection'. Even my dear brother had something to say about it, going as far as to confront Cronus himself! I have never been so embarrassed as my civilian self as much as the moment my little brother 'protecting' my fragile emotions." Kankri told him dryly

Hal snickered, "Comedy gold." He muttered before shaking his head and focusing on the actual important matter on hand, "So, after this what happens next? Qrow's not going to like this one bit you know. His emotional state and stability had been rocky from the start and the meeting with the Striders will knock him off balance for a while, I don't know what will happen when he gets back..."

Kankri frowned as he looked back towards the footage of feet, easily seeing Qrow's shoes among the the others and it seemed that the shouting had stopped for a moment and everything seemed still and they were talking somewhat normally. He didn't really know the Davis brothers full situation but he knew enough that Qrow would be thrown off his self-built stability with the meeting of the Strider brothers, with the adults just kicking him off of it.

"Chances are he'll fall into recluse and avoid the outside world for a bit with the exception of you of course, I'll give him time to adjust but he can't keep to only himself and you forever. Missions will be piling up with the incoming meeting with the Mirthful Church and Qrow still has to face the Church's new Bard on the demands of the Lord and his Prince. You know of the Makaras and their games, their civilian lives are almost the same yet so very different that even I was baffled to learn of their existence within our world like this back when I was first introduced." Kankri admitted as his mind was thinking miles per second for plans, posisble back up plans and anything else that could help with the situation.

"Well its a good thing that Qrow went shopping for tons of shit yesterday, that and we got the alchemiter if we need anything else that can easily be alchemized or we'll just call you guys for anything else."

Kankri nodded, "Of course, a murderer I may be but I am not uncourteous." He murmured as he looked pointedly at Hal who nodded before cursing.

"Alpha twin Strider bros coming to contact with Qrow, this is going to be messy."

Burning crimson red eyes stared coldly into black ones.

"You cannot be serious Diamonds, we had a deal." Crimson snarled as they stood in the dimness, Tetrarch standing to his left and Salamancer to his right, both standing as tall and straight as their leader but kept quiet on his orders. Across them were the Midnight Crew, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs, standing tall and not faltering at his burning cold gaze and scorn.

"A deal we're upholding, we're giving you two of our best assets in exchange for your support in the next territory war with the Felt." Droogs countered easily as he motioned back towards the two at the side, Qrow stood glaring at directly at Spades as Hearts kept a big heavy hand on his shoulder to stop him from doing anything foolish and besides him sat Hal on a chair, quietly observing the whole event. Both looked tired and slightly bruised and Qrow's face was unguarded by his usual shades.

Tetrarch snarled and spoke despite orders, "Best assets? I see nothing but a crippled child with a teenage boy besides him, best assets indeed." He faltered underneath the warning look Crimson sent him but luckily got no reprimand as the leader was thinking of the same thing.

Spades chuckled, "Look again smartass, the crippled kid's a goddamn robot and a smartass too." True enough with a closer look they could see the augmentations of the younger teen, Hal made his robotic parts glow brighter and showed them his cybernetic eyes on his shades but did nothing else afterwards. "The other kid now... Show 'em what you got punk." He commanded towards Qrow who sneered at him but winced at the tightened grip on his shoulder before he was pushed forwards towards them.

Qrow grunted and glared before shivering as bird-like wings began to protrude from his back, tinted in orange and they glowed softly in the dim darkness. His previously dark red eyes glowed orange with his wings and the three could only stare in shock at the teen with bird-like wings, actual wings for flight were a rare gift in their world and even then there were no reports of any wings being near bird-like at all, only insect butterfly-like.

"The kid's a natural flyer, best one as far as we could tell not to mention a good swordsman, good with knives too." Spades said, grin wide with contradicting narrowed eyes that were focused on Qrow who glared at him back. He could do nothing though, not when Hal sat besides Boxcars who laid a warning hand on his head, reluctantly the winged boy stood back and after a moment his wings disappeared back into his back and his eyes returned to red.

Crimson laid a calculated eye on Qrow before doing the same with Hal, underneath his skin and behind his eyes his blood sang and he knew what to do.

"Very well, the deal has been made. Relinquish your hold over the two and we will assist you in the next battle with the Felt." Crimson said and Spades gave a harsh chuckle.

"These two may be yours now you sufferistical piece of shit but they still owe us big time, nothing you can really do about that. We ain't gonna cash in the debt they have for us now but in the future maybe." Spades told them with a wide pleased grin, Crimson knew that the man was speaking the truth and merely nodded shortly.

Soon enough, Qrow and Hal were handed to Crimson and his men and the meeting was over.

In the car both Qrow and Hal heavily stared at him, trying to figure out what he was going to do with them. It was Hal who spoke first.

"So... What now?"

Crimson snorted and gave them a crooked smile after pulling down his face-mask and his eyes glowed crimson, "Now, you're both one of us. Welcome to the Shackled Sufferers."

His blood swirled in his veins and knew that the future was certainly going to be actively interesting.

"That is enough from the both of you!!" Rose shouted as they got both blondes at a reasonable distance away from each other, "Both of you need to calm down right this instant!"

Reluctantly both calmed down, Dirk breathed as he stared intently at Qrow who muttered and shook off John, Rose, Jade and Nepeta and pointedly ignored the slightly hurt looks from Jade and John while Nepeta just silently stepped back. They would both talk about this later, now wasn't exactly a good time.

Rose grimaced at the small hurt looks John and Jade had as Dave shoved them off, his face was guarded stoically and his eyes were an undecipherable storm. This could not be their Dave, their Dave was more open than this and by now would be fuming indignantly like the teenage boy they knew he was even when he was a pre-teen way back then. But then... At the same time, this couldn't be anyone but their Dave seeing as he looked exactly like him from the shade of hair and eyes to body structure.

She cleared her throat, "Alright, now that we've all calmed down now why not just talk things over? Like civilized people in the modern ages. Dave--" "My name is Qrow."

Rose raised a brow at the name, a strange name to bear, "Qrow then." She amended, best to got with it then to go through another fuss which she made sure to send the others a look that said 'just go with it we don't really have a choice'.

"Look, just because I look like your dead friend does not mean I am him. I barely know you people, some of you I recognize cuz I saw you somewhere like in the papers but other than that. Nah, I don't think so." Qrow admitted, making a show of trying to find his glasses that were somewhere on the ground rather than looking at the stunned and hurt faces of his... former friends.

He jolted as his arm was grabbed and turned to see both John and Jade looking at him heartbrokenly, welp there goes his guilt-o-meter.
"That, that can't be true! Dave, don't you remember? I'm your best bro besides Dirk, John Egbert! We used to goof around a-and we played games and pranks and-" "And I'm Jade Harley! Your other best girl friend besides Rose Lalonde! You're Dave Strider our best friend in the whole world! The four of us were our own little group just like Dirk and the others and our guardians!"

Qrow bit his lip and looked downwards as he pried off the hand from his arm and only replies with, "I'm Qrow Davis, not Dave Strider. I'm sorry dude, but I don't really know you all." He turned back around and this time actually went to find his glasses, "Now where the fuck are my shades."

Dirk took a forwards step and was stopped by Jake and Jane from going further, "If you're not my brother then who are you?" He asked harshly, glaring at Qrow who looked at him for a moment, "Why do you look, sound so much like him? Especially with the fucking shades too."

Qrow sent him a look, "I don't know man, the rare genetical coincidence? I'm his doppleganger or something? I have no fucking clue," Liar "As for the shades thing, well sorry if my eyes are too freaky for normal people to handle. Red eyes are not normal dumbfuck and they're sensitive as hell to the light so excuse me for that, I thought you'd know that." 'Since your own brother has red eyes' was left unsaid but Dirk knew and that made him fume more.

Jane gave him a look and went to calming him down as Jake noticed a certain pair of orange aviators on the ground near him, as well as Dirk's own pair of shades. He first picked up Dirk's shades before picking Qrow's, "Here uh, Qrow? I think these belong to... you?" He noticed something weird about the eye-wear, more specifically behind the orange lenses, it looked like... A mini screen of a computer? "Wha..." He jolted as the shades were snatched from his hold and back into Qrow's hands. 

Qrow coughed and stiffly nodded at him, "Thanks, these are the only pair I got on hand." He quickly puts them on and is instantly hit with a wall of red text. 

RA: I'm so fucking sorry about all this, actually Kankri is too. 

RA: We're both so fucking sorry about all this. 

RA: We did not plan this through and going with plan made it worse and about to get even more worse. Roxy spilled the beans.

RA: Salamancer is coming and will be waiting for you outside the park, he, he did say he was going to be a he the next few days right? He should be able to provide a good get away when they come and boy are they coming. 

RA: You know exactly who I'm talking about bro and we're both passing out apologize like cheap cigars here, Kankri's willing to give you time off but we both know that's not going to last forever and then there's that thing we gotta do with the juggalo people and shit.

RA: I've stalled the Lalondes but the other two are going on foot and I can't do much about that so brace yourself captain, this is going to be a hella hard and bumpy ride.

RA: I'd suggest running now and fuck the pleasantries, come home and we can both ignore the real world for a limited amount of time and deal with the repercussions at a later date and just watch SBaHJ films all throughout the fucking week.

RA: Bro you gotta unfreeze and leave now if you don't want an encounter wit

RA: Fuck, too late. They just entered the main park entrance and heading towards your current location. Go for one of the side entrances or exits, Salamancer's circling the area now.

That had Qrow going to a start. 

"Shit, I gotta go. I got something I need to do." He says in a bit of a rush, anxious to leave right at the moment and it shows as he shuffles on spot. 

It had been concerning when the moment D-Qrow put on his orange sunglasses that he froze for a moment, the concern was still there but turned to suspicion as he made a poor excuse to leave looking antsy and shuffling on the balls of his feet. Roxy narrowed her eyes in suspicion, he couldn't know that she contacted their guardians right? 

"Look, it was somewhat okay meeting you all and whatever and I'll let this whole thing slide under the rug and be forgotten and maybe try another time to be more acquainted but I left my little brother at home alone and knowing him he's going to do something stupid or something soon so I should go. That and I need to go shopping for shit that we need and all that." Qrow rambled, turning around and heart thudding the moment he sees two figures bounding towards them from a distance. 

"See ya later Gryffindor, Equius let's do this again inamonthorso!" He rushed as he starts running for his life just as he hears two voices shouting for him over the sound of protest coming from the others. 


"Qrow, hold up!"

"Wait, where are you going?!"

Last week before he had been getting some sweet cardio with all the running he did, and looks like he was going to get some more sick cardio today. Jokes aside for the real heavy hearted shit, he just can't keep doing this every time they show up

But he couldn't face them, face him. Not now, maybe not ever but definitely not now. Maybe he could've faced Dirk and the others better than he would have now with the on-the-spot plan Kankri had him pull but right now for the elder Striders? That was an early grave for him.

Qrow panted as he headed towards the exit, running as fast as his legs could allow and that was quite fast with the amount of exercise he's been focusing for his legs specifically at the start and the training Crimson had put him through. He could probably stand great against Nepeta on a good day in a race but still lose because Nepeta was built for speed and agility, the perfect one-hit assassin. 

Unfortunately he wasn't really fast enough on foot for one Bro Strider, who quickly went further than him and blocked his exit. "David Elizabeth Strider!" Bro roared and he flinched, unused to Bro being so loud and open and ohgodnonotnowplease. He skids to a stop before quickly turning back only to see Alpha Dave with Dirk and the others coming towards him at a fast pace, he yelped as he was grabbed by behind by strong arms that held him in place and he was somewhat semi-hugged from behind.

"Got ya you lil' shit." Said a gruff voice and Qrow was a thread away from breaking, "Fuck, it really is you isn't it?" Bro asked shakily, which was wrong oh so wrong Bro's voice should not shake, would not shake, not unless he was dyi-- Qrow's breath hitched and threw the memory away along with the sentence before struggling with fervor. 

"Let me go asshole! Shit, fuck, this is molestation! Cops, anyone, get this creep off of me!" Qrow shrilled, starting to panic and panic badly. The others closed in, a flurry of concern and voices everything was too loud and he was trapped

He had no other choice. 

Quickly Qrow thought on his feet, he brought his foot up and hit Bro's forehead, narrowingly missing from hitting the shades full on but knocking them off along with Bro's hat and then swiftly elbowing Bro in the stomach as hard as he could. Bro grunted and wheezed in pain, his grip and hold on the blonde loosened and suddenly he disappeared from in front of Bro to behind him in a blur. He was actually faintly surprised he managed to flash-step away like that with his mind all jumbled up and panicking, but that was not really on his mind right now and quickly he made his escape. 

"Holy shit, what!" 

"Oh my god Bro, are you okay!?"

"How did he!?

"I'm fine! C'mon, he's gettin' away!" Bro groaned as he rubbed at his forehead and ignored the pain from his stomach, waving off the concern and urged his brothers and the others to follow Qrow. They could think later when Dave, Qrow, fuck the name he goes with for now, his little brother was with them and explaining everything! Never mind the pain, never mind his shades and hat! Though he sees little Jane picking them up at the corner of his eye and mentally thinks to thank her later. 

Qrow panted and wheezed as he was finally out of the park and by the road, he looks around quickly and looks for Salamancer. He doesn't have to look for long as he hears the loud car honk and sees a familiar large dark blue and black car coming in bound from the corner, "YO FEATHER FER BRAINS!!" A loud familiar voice bellows and Qrow faintly grins as the door of the car opens and a dark yellow gloved hand is hanging out for grabs. 

"Get in brat, we're going shopping." He hears Salamancer's muffled yell from within the drivers seat as the car comes closer, skidding to a stop for only a moment but that moment is enough for him to grab the hand and get pulled into the vehicle. 

"Boy am I glad to see your old face again." Qrow laughs at him, if a bit hysterically. A dark purple visor glows at him in greeting accompanied by a toothy sharp grin, "But I thought Casey was the one pickin' me up." Blue eyes underneath a black hood greeted him and met his shaded gaze briefly from the rear mirror. 

"I am but I was with the old coot when I got boss' orders, your lucky I was on my day-off and somewhat close to Prospit." Casey snorted, "And it's Salamancer on the job kiddo. And I'm a boy for the next few days remember? With the exception of my job as Miss Rosalina's chauffeur of course." 

"Yeah, whatever..." Qrow sighed before jolting as the car engine revs and the vehicle moves, he's bumped back much to the snickering of the older man beside him but he's not paying attention to him as he makes the mistake of looking back towards the park exit. 

A very bad mistake indeed. 

He sees everyone looking at him, or more really the car, and looking so sad and betrayed and... Fuck, Bro was missing his shades and his hat

Their gaze met unknowing for the other but Qrow's breath stuttered and his heart stopped for a dangerous second, honey-amber meeting shaded red and it brought unwanted memories

He'd seen those same -butnotsamefuck- eyes dull and lifeless -likeashittasspuppet- facing towards him. Dull and lifeless, unguarded by black pointy shades which were covered in blood and somewhere that was not on his brother's face

For an instant he's not Qrow but Dave and he sees his brother's corpse on Beat Mesa in the doomed timeline. 

For an instant he's not Dave but Davesprite and he sees his brother's corpse on LOWAS in the alpha timeline. 

For an instant he's not Davesprite but Qrow and he sees his brother's corpse, just his brother's corpse, his brother's corpse on the ground and dead. 

He's gone and dead and dead and gone and... 

He remains silent for the rest of the trip, unresponsive to the worried and concerned talk of Psionic and Salamancer even when the Lalondes are apparently on their tail but are successfully lost and they're heading back to home. 


Hal grimaced as he jolts back awake in his brother's sleeping hold, it's been a rough few hours since he'd came back. Pratically unresponsive to anyone else but himself, he'd done what he could in comforting the elder Davis and now he had calmed down enough to sleep and had fallen asleep while having Hal in his arms as comfortably as both could get with his wings out and covering them both. He had been nearly falling asleep when he had gotten pestered by someone, well multiple someones but as he glimpsed on who it was he straightened and nearly woke his exhausted brother from his sleep and stilled.

timaeusTestified [TT] started pestering roboticAutomaton [RA]

TT: Who the fuck are you to Qrow Davis.


RA: What.


RA: Wait, who is this. Who gave you my chumhandle.


TT: I asked the questions here asshole, now answer it.


Hal grimace grew darker as he stared at the pesterlog, well shit, this was going to be pleasant.