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I Need To Go [But You Didn't Listen]

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This is a load of shit. Taehyung has done absolutely nothing wrong. He was at a bad place at a bad time. What can he say? That always happens. Oh, and let's not forget that his bladder is the main threat. 




"Shut up." 




"What, kid?" 


"I really need a bathroom," he grimaced. "You'll just have to wait." Yoongi conducts. "I can't!" Taehyung yells, making Yoongi lean up in his seat. Yoongi scoffs.


"Officer Jeon? You there." 


"Yes, Min." 


"Good, this kid needs to piss and I don't want him staining my seat."


"Take him to the station, he's probably bluffing." 




Taehyung gulps overhearing the conversation. He surely isn't bluffing and seriously needs to pee. "S-sir, please." He begs. Taehyung feels worthless. He begging; practically on his knees. "Orders," Yoongi firmly sighs. He doesn't even care. Taehyung seals his thighs, and tries to hold himself with the stupid—worthless handcuffs. 


The car ride was silent, and that was no good to Taehyung. 


He did everything to distract himself, from thinking about things he never thought of, to playing songs in his mind. 


Obviously that hat did him no good, considering he was flinching every second. It was until he started to cry that the officer got annoyed. "You're only going to a police station, it's not like you're being executed." Taehyung only shakes his head. "I really need to pee." His thighs quiver, as he feels the liquid press inside him. "If you stain my car I'll make sure you spend the rest of you're life in prison." Yoongi seems absolutely serious, because that only makes Taehyung cry even harder.

"Relax, kid. I'm starting to think we have the wrong person."


"That's because I am the wrong person." Taehyung whines.


"Yeah, sure."




Taehyung was starting to wonder how far the station could be. It felt like they were on the road for hours. He doesn't think he'll last another twenty minutes. He really doesn't. Life is really a bitch, and is granting him permission for death. He needs to ask now. Even if he already has, he absolutely feels likes it's necessary to do it again. "Sir, please, let me go to the restroom! It's a real emergency." He cries, literally. 


Yoongi looks back from his mirror. Taehyung is a sweaty hot mess. His eyes are big and welded with tears, looking genuinely desperate. "Fine, but luckily for you, there isn't a gas station for another 24 miles." Twenty four seemed like the largest number Taehyung had ever head. 


"No, No, No, No, No, I can't wait that long!" The boy scrambles in his seat. "You're going to have to." Yoongi begins to talk to 'Officer Jeon,' again. 


"I'm taking the kid to the toilet. Looks like he's about to piss himself in my car."


"Okay, just be aware. He may be dangerous."


"Yeah, I'm aware. Just not kidding by he's about to pee in my car." 


"Alright dude, be safe."


"You too Jeon." 


Taehyung feels overwhelmed and confused. His bladder feels so distraught and he's doing everything he can to hold every once of liquid inside of him, but of course fails. The urine seems to seep straight in the seat. He stops the short burst, feeling insecure and fearful. "You need to pull over. Please. For the sake of you're damn car!" Pleading does the trick. Yoongi groaned and looks for an open area. He finds one and slowly pulls over. 


He he gives Taehyung more than enough privacy. 


As he gets out the car he opens the back to find a huge stain and a crying boy. "Holy shit, seriously?" 


"I-I'm sorry–I just couldn't wait." Yoongi doesn't give a single caring shit for anything but the seat. "Get out, and don't move an inch." He does as told and the older moves to the trunk only to grab a towel; placing it over the wet patch. "Do you still need to go?" Taehyung proceeds with a small yes. 


So Yoongi guides the kid to a tree and waits for him to finish his business. Taehyung gets back in the car and sits over the towel, muttering apologies. The older man doesn't reply and just retreats to Jeon.


"I need you to put out cleaning supplies on my desk." 


"Did he—,"




"Must be fun, huh?"


"Shut the fuck up."