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Treaty: Bound

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In the end, his father had been able to do little. The Japanese government was firm on their decision, even though they all knew just exactly why Max Volkov had enough influence and power to warrant being given Light Yagami for his mate, their country’s prized Omega.

Married to the mob…how cliché…

Light crossed his arms sullenly and tried to keep the tears at bay, not willing to show an ounce of weakness to the Alpha’s men, sent to Japan to immediately escort him to London via private plane.  Apparently, there’d been concerns by the Russians that the Omega might slip from their grasp if allowed more time.

They’d taken him straight from school to his home after his parents had broken the news to him.  He’d been allowed only a single bag with enough clothing and toiletries to endure the long flight to London where Max was currently living.  He was told that he would be provided with everything else he needed for his new life with his Alpha once he arrived.  

The men who’d come to collect him for Max were all Betas, possessing smiles as sharp and dark as the suits they wore.  Some of them looked upon him with mild amusement, some with dismissive sneers, a few he caught with an emotion more akin to pity in their gaze. 

He hated it.

He hadn’t even been able to bring his laptop or phone.  All he knew of Volkov was what his father had explained to him in rushed, quiet tones as Light packed.

Max was the leader of the West Bank Syndicate.  A group that had strong ties originating with the bratva in Russia where Volkov’s family was originally from.  They had been nearly decimated when a large number of their top men were arrested years ago, including Max’s father.  This was all due to evidence provided by the world-famous Detective L.  Apparently, most of the men were currently serving a life sentence. 

Of the handful of devoted men and women left in the aftermath of the trials, Max had been the logical heir to the tattered mob empire and over the last several years, he’d rebuilt his family’s influence through both legitimate public endeavors and seedy backroom dealings.  It had made him an incredibly wealthy man and with the money came even greater influence and power.

At least Light could be grateful that the man was apparently not a nasty old geezer.  He was unsure what he looked like, considering he had no internet access and he wasn’t about to ask one of the assholes assigned to be his babysitters if they had a picture of the man.

It doesn’t really matter.  It’s not like I have a say in this whole thing anyway.

Light sighed and looked out the window, pulling the blanket one of the men had given him tighter around himself.  The Beta who had shown such kindness, a man named James, had been one of those who he’d caught eyeing him with sympathy.  At least they’d been told to treat him well on the trip, that was something.  He found his eyes drooping as the long flight went on thinking about what might have been and the life he’d left behind.

He had to stay strong…

Make his family proud of him…

His country was depending on him.

He was thankful that he’d at least been able to grab his suppressants before he left.  They were tucked in a hidden compartment in his bag.  He couldn’t help his frustration at the fact that he’d had no time to obtain birth control.

Maybe Max will be understanding and let me get a prescription.  Maybe if I explain my concerns about being so young and never even had a heat yet-

Yeah, right…who am I kidding?

God, I must be delirious.  Light thought as he rubbed at his temples, the beginnings of a headache creeping around the edges.

“Are you alright? We have some pain med-”

“I’m fine.” Light replied curtly, not even bothering to look up at the other man as he turned toward the window, head resting against the wall as he gazed out at the fluffy white clouds.

“Whatever you say,” The man let out a derisive snort and not a second later, he felt the man’s hot breath against his neck.  Light froze, swallowing back a whimper.  The reality of the situation hit him fully.  He was alone, on a plane, with mobsters and no protection other than whatever loyalty they held for Max Volkov.

“Leave me alone,” Light said firmly, finding his voice and refusing to otherwise acknowledge the man.

“I can’t wait to see your attitude in a month or so…after Max fucks it right out of you.  Probably give us all a turn once he’s through with your precious Omega ass.” Light’s head turned slowly to meet the other man’s gaze, staring straight into the icy blue eyes of the Beta who learned earlier was named Nick.

“Keep dreaming asshole.”

Nick smirked in response and chuckled softly, invading Light’s space as he continued to lean in close.

“I’ll be doing a lot more than dreaming to your ass-”


The sound of Light’s palm connecting with Nick’s cheek resounded through the cabin, a low growl rising from the other man’s chest.  Light snarled in response, barely able to keep his own pheromone control in check as he lunged forward, knocking the surprised Beta to the floor.

“Fuck you!  You mother fucking son of a bitch!” Light’s fist swung repeatedly at the other man who seemed to be in shock at the unexpected attack.  “I'll kill you before I let you touch me that way!”

“Yosef!” Nick yelled out to one of the other Betas as he attempted to block Light’s hits.  The Omega was livid and determined to take out his frustration regarding the entire situation out on the easy target beneath him.

Light gasped as his neck was gripped by a firm hand from behind and he was hauled off Nick before being shoved face first into the rough carpet of the cabin floor. 

“Get off me!” He screamed. A sudden, sharp sting at his neck sent a wave of terror through his body.  The young man immediately knew he’d been drugged, but kept struggling in the grip of the men holding him down.  He was unwilling to give up the fight until his limbs stopped responding, heavy and unmovable.  Eventually, his breathing began to slow as well, adrenaline fading rapidly as his eyes fell closed and he slipped into unconsciousness.


Max paced the entry of his home, anxious for his Omega to arrive.  The last thing he needed was for the incident on the plane to become public knowledge.  This was a huge responsibility put upon him by the Russian Prime Minister, an opportunity to gain further influence within both the pack council and amongst the leaders of the Russian government.

This Omega was beautiful based on the image James sent upon finally laying eyes upon Light Yagami in Japan, but he was already turning out to be troublesome.  The mafia leader’s fingers were practically twitching with the need for violence and he was already planning to take it out on one or more of his men once they arrived with his new mate.

The door slowly opened and the men all froze as they entered the foyer, fearful at the heavy scent of angry Alpha pheromones filling the air.  James held the slender Omega in his arms, wrapped in a soft blanket and slumbering quietly.  Max scowled as he strode forward and took in the sight of the harsh rug burn marring the perfect features.

“What part of don’t hurt the Omega did you not understand?” The Alpha hissed out as he snatched Light from James’ hold, body limp and unresponsive in his arms.  “And how much of the sedative did you give him, Yosef?  Jesus fucking Christ…” Max scowled at their incompetence and spun around to head upstairs, his own personal guards following close behind.

The Alpha took a deep calming breath as he strode down the hall toward his bedroom and stopped in his tracks as the most wonderful scent filled his senses. 

Strawberries and vanilla?  Is that his scent?  Max felt a tension leave his body as the Omega’s delicious fragrance calmed any remaining anger he held.  He began to head forward once more, slowly now as he gazed down upon the young man with curiosity and wonder in his eyes.  The small Omega’s head rested on his chest, his long slender fingers had somehow curled up in the fabric of his dress shirt, loosely tugging at it.  Max had to admit that the picture had not done Light justice.  He was quite simply stunning in person and the older man couldn’t wait to see what his eyes looked like when he woke.


When Light awoke he was disoriented as he found himself in unfamiliar surroundings.  He gazed up at the ceiling and blinked hard, trying to find the will to move as the drugs continued to weigh down his body and mind.

What happened?  Where am I?  His head rolled lazily to the side to see a man sitting beside the bed, his face turned away against the covers.  All he could see was dark, wavy raven hair and a pair of strong arms and shoulders, encased in a white dress shirt. 

Pretty.  Light thought dazedly as he managed to touch one of the silky locks, fingers absently sliding along it.  Soft.

The man stirred, raising his head to look at Light.  The Omega knew he should be scared, but the lingering sedative made his usually quick mind slow and unworried.  The scent of Alpha filled his senses, tinged with traces of cinnamon.

“Your eyes…” The dark-haired man murmured.  “They’re even more beautiful than I imagined.”

Is this Max? Light’s brow furrowed and he tried to speak, to ask…but found his words wouldn’t come at his command.  All that came out was a soft whine of frustration.

“Shh, it’s okay,” The other man assured him as his soothing pheromones surrounded Light.

Yes, it’s okay.  Light thought tiredly.  Wait, what am I saying…

“I’m so sorry for what happened on the plane.  My men should’ve been able to handle the situation with more care for your well-being and safety.”

So, he’s definitely Max then.  Light thought as the Alpha picked up a small container from the bedside table and dipped the tips of his fingers inside, gathering some kind of ointment on it before setting it aside once more.  Light watched with detached interest as he brushed it along one side of his face.  The Omega winced slightly at the sting against the abrasions on his cheek. 

Oh, the plane, yes…  Light had a brief moment of panic as he remembered what had happened before his thoughts grew jumbled and fuzzy again.  He couldn’t seem to focus on any one thing for more than a few seconds at a time.

“There we go.  You’ll be good as new in no time.”

Light’s eyes slid closed and no matter how hard he fought, he couldn’t force them open as sleep took him once more.


“Bring someone down here to clean him up.  I don’t want to see him here for at least a week or two, Anna.” Max spat out into the phone tucked up between his ear and shoulder as he wiped the blood from his hands, ignoring the pained whimpering from behind him where Yosef was strapped in the chair.

“Yes, sir.  I’ll see to it.” His assistant, Anna, assured him.  Max hung up and tossed the phone on the table with disgust before he spun around to return to the other man, glaring down at Yosef as he pulled the tape off his mouth.

“Are we now crystal fucking clear on my expectations when it comes to my Omega?”  Yosef nodded, tears spilling down his cheeks.

“Yes,” Yosef choked out with a jerky nod of acknowledgment that caused blood to drip off his chin to join the red mess already splashed across his shirt.  “I’ll be much more careful in the future.”

“Good, because I really do like you Yosef and would prefer to keep you alive.”

“Thank you,” Yosef breathed out, eyes lowered submissively. “I will not let you or your Omega down again.”

Max let out a soft grunt and turned to leave the black room, his own tailor-made punishment chamber in the basement of his home.  He was eager to check on Light, see if he’d come out from under the drugs that Yosef had administered when he’d roughly held him down in the plane, marring his pretty face.

The Alpha considered the right to mark or discipline Light his alone.  He was surprised at how possessive he felt and chalked it up to instinct as he strode upstairs to change his shirt, grimacing at the blood at the cuffs.  He was usually more careful, but he’d gotten a bit carried away…

Max gave a brief nod to the man guarding the door as he entered his bedroom.  He glanced to the bed and saw that Light was still asleep.  He let out a huff of annoyance, cursing Yosef once more for using too much sedative.  The doctor who had looked him over once he’d passed out again assured Max that Light would be alright as he inserted an IV in his arm to flush the young Omega’s body of the drug.

The Alpha opened the dresser across the room and pulled out a long sleeved black tee, tossing it atop the dark wood surface as he began to unbutton his dress shirt.


Light’s eyes fluttered open to view the room around him in confusion before he recalled where he was and breathed in the scent of Alpha that rose around him from the bedsheets and pillows.

Is this his room?  My room now too I suppose…

A shuffling sound drew his attention on the far side of the room as he watched Max drop his shirt to the ground before grabbing a black tee sitting on the dresser and pulling it over his head.

Well…at least he’s not an out of shape old man like I was worried about.  Light considered dourly as he watched the Alpha’s muscles ripple beneath the smooth tanned skin of his back.  Definitely not out of shape…

Fear spiked at the core of him as he realized that this man was much larger than him, stronger…and there wasn’t anything he’d be able to do to stop him physically from taking exactly whatever he wanted.

Calm down…just think for a minute.  He closed his eyes and evened his breathing as the man turned, not ready to face him quite yet.  The Omega considered his options and tried to assess what he knew of Max so far.

He seemed to want to take care of me earlier, maybe this is as simple as manipulating him to get what I want.  Light had done that time and again after all, gaining plenty of practice over the last couple of years working his second gender to his advantage whenever he went to visit Shu at Club 40 to pick up his suppressants.

I’ll have him wrapped around my finger in no time.  I just need to carve out a place in this world and find a way to survive with the hand I’ve been dealt.  That’s my only option.

Light felt the other man’s footsteps draw closer and forced himself to retain the appearance of sleep, even as the bed dipped when he sat on the edge and brushed his hair from his face.

After the way I behaved on the plane, I’ve got a lot of work to do to come across as sweet and innocent.  As Light felt the man’s thumb brush along his cheekbone he swallowed down the unpleasant thought that he now belonged to this man; a notorious criminal beneath all of the glossy public veneer. 

Instead of catering to the wave of revulsion that flowed through him at the entire situation, he leaned into Max’s touch and slowly opened his eyes, giving him a sweet, shy smile.  The Alpha’s sharp intake of breath was all the confirmation Light needed to know that he was on the right track.

“Are you Max?” Light murmured, letting out a gentle pulse of his scent, making sure to keep it minimal to seem like an unconscious reaction to the other man.  The last thing he needed was Max finding out about his scent control abilities.  He’d keep that to himself for now.

“Yes, how are you feeling, Light?” He grasped the younger man’s hand and lifted it to show him his arm.  Light’s eyes widened at the sight of an IV.  “My doctor thought this would help flush the sedative out of your system faster.”

“Thank you…I’m feeling better,” Light softly responded, casting his gaze down submissively, wanting to play the adorably clueless Omega card for all it was worth.  “I’m sorry if there was any trouble because of me,” He whispered, peering up shyly at the Alpha from beneath thick honeyed lashes.

“This is all just so overwhelming…a-and scary.” Light allowed the tears he’d been holding back for the last 24 hours spill forth.  Damn, I’m good, giving me a mother fucking academy award. 

“It’s okay, shh…I’ll take care of you, baby,” Max gathered Light up into his arms and held him close as the Omega scowled secretively against the man’s shoulder.

Baby?  Seriously…  Light rolled his eyes and played along.

“Thank you, Alpha,” Light sniffled quietly.  The scent of protective, soothing Alpha pheromones washed over the young man and he grinned where he hid his face from view.



Light wasn’t sure how much longer he’d be able to hold Max off from…consummating their union.  It had been a little less than a week and the Alpha’s hands were always on him, touching him without asking.  He’d tried to convince the older man that he was nervous and shy, being in a new place and trying to settle in.  But he could tell that Max’s patience was wearing thin by the hungry look in his eyes that became less and less veiled with every passing day.

Light pulled on a soft, burgundy cashmere sweater and sighed as he caught his dour expression in the mirror at the dresser.  He forced a cheery smile on his face, mask in place and ready to confront the world outside their bedroom.  Max pretty much let him wander anywhere he wanted on the first floor but had restricted him to the left wing of the upper, saying that the right wing housed guest rooms and servant quarters.  He didn’t want his employees or visitors disturbed when at rest, which Light could understand.  He spent much of his time in the large library or the study, curled up with a book.

He was bored out of his mind to be honest, and growing weary of putting on a happy face for others.  Especially that asshole Nick.  The Beta was there almost every day, doing this or that for Max.  Light steered clear of whatever ‘business’ Max was attending to, not wanting to get involved.

Today, Light found the situation unavoidable, as Max seemed to want him by his side non-stop.  Light politely sat down in a chair that the Alpha led him to beside his own in the study.  The older male retrieved a soft blanket and tucked it around him before they started to discuss any issues of the day.  Max had been petting his head frequently and Light had given him a sweet smile every once in a while in response, acting as if he didn’t understand a word of Russian as they spoke before him, believing him to be oblivious.

“Shu called earlier and said he brought you a couple of his usual, uh…presents.  He’ll be here in an hour or so, their flight from Tokyo was delayed, so they just arrived in Heathrow a short while ago.  Apparently, they’re completely pure and un…”  Nick’s amused voice trailed off as Max’s hand tightened briefly before releasing Light’s hair from his grasp with an annoyed huff. 

“Max?” Light glanced at the other man, feigning confusion and concern.

I hate doing this, but if it keeps him off me, I’ll suffer through it.  Maybe one day I’ll learn something that could put him away in jail and I could go on living my life again. Maybe…

“Nothing to worry about, baby.”  He replied in English before turning his attention back to Nick.  Light returned to faking his immersion in the book before him as they continued to talk.

“Put them in one of the secure guest rooms and provide Shu with the adjacent one,” Max informed Nick with a dismissive wave of his hand.  “We can decide whether to pimp them out or provide them as a reward to a few deserving members of our organization to take home after the party.”

Light’s eyes widened slightly as things that Max was saying started falling together in his head.  He focused even harder on the copy of Great Expectations in his grasp. 

Human trafficking?  Am I really hearing this?




His less than reputable suppressant dealer was a known pimp of Omega escorts in addition to his black-market dealings in drugs.  There wasn’t anything in the file he’d dug up on the Alpha to indicate he was involved in human trafficking.

It couldn’t be-

“Do you mind if I have a taste if you aren’t interested in sampling the wares?”  Nick asked with a dark smile.  Max simply shrugged in response.

“Just don’t break them or mark them up too much, alright?  I’d prefer to keep any virgins he brings intact for the value of them.  You can fuck their mouths though and let me know if any of them are worth gifting.”

Light’s stomach roiled at their cavalier discussion of using another person for their own sexual satisfaction, buying and selling their bodies…

But was it any different from how he’d been treated by his country.  Essentially being sold to secure relations with Russia without his consent?

No.  Light told himself firmly.  I am Max Volkov’s Omega and husband.  I’m not…I’m not like…

“Darling?” Max’s hands wrapped around his own smaller shaking ones.  “Are you alright?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t feel well,” Light murmured.  “I think I might have a fever.  I’ll go rest, okay?”  Max nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

“Do you want me to help you to our room?”

“No, please…I don’t want to interrupt your work.” He replied with a weak smile and squeeze of Max’s hand before he released it.  As he walked toward the door, Nick began to speak once again in Russian.

“Maybe he’s finally going into heat.  About damn time, eh?”

As soon as the door closed behind Light, his hand flew to his mouth to stifle a sob.

My suppressants!  If it really is Shu, he’ll recognize me and probably tell Max about them!  Light swallowed down his fear and marched up the stairs with determination in his gaze.  I have to hide them better.


Light’s fingers twitched ever so slightly where they rested in the crook of Max’s forearm as they strode forward into the party.  It was the only sign that his nerves were frayed and raw around the edges.  The Omega was otherwise impeccably composed in his tuxedo, which had been rapidly altered and fit to perfection by Max’s tailor over the last few days.  His husband looked very polished as well, and as much as Light hated to admit it, very handsome in his tux.

This is my life now.  He thought dimly as he took in the crowd of faces he didn’t know, dressed in their finery to impress both each other and the notorious mob leader in whose home they now stood.  Light put on his game face as they met couple after couple, lords and ladies, an earl or two, and several celebrities. 

Their guest cooed about what an adorable pair they made and he caught Max beaming proudly at him several times before he leaned in to place a gentle kiss on his lips.  Light figured he must be doing something right at that point.  It wasn’t exactly hard to do, Light had been putting on a show like this for years back home.

The perfect son.

The perfect student.

And now, the perfect piece of Omega arm candy for Max to dangle as proof of his influence.

Light grit his teeth and smiled at everyone who crossed his path, dancing beautifully with whomever of Max’s acquaintances asked.  He couldn’t help but note the possessive hunger that rose in Max’s gaze every time he was brought back to his arms from the dance floor.  He wasn’t sure how much longer he’d be able to hold him off in the bedroom. 

How much more patient could the man be before he just…snapped? 

At least those looks of desire helped Light discount the words that Nick had said to him on the plane about sharing him with others.  Max did not seem like the sharing type and Light was confident that if he continued to prove his loyalty, he would gain a bit of freedom, even if it was just to go walk in a park with bodyguards or maybe have a laptop that was monitored.

“Well, if it isn’t little Kira,” Light plastered on his smile as he turned with Max to face Shu.  The dark-haired Alpha smirked at him in response.  “Oh, wait, it’s Light Volkov now, correct?  Formerly Light Yagami…hmm?” His voice lowered further, only for the three of them to hear.

“I must tell you Light, that it was very interesting to read the paper this afternoon.  I never expected to see my favorite former customer’s face there.” Shu grinned and turned to Max.  “Did you know that-”

“That Light used to come to you for suppressants?  Yes, I did.”  Shu’s face fell in surprise at Max’s response.  Light shot the man a smug smile when Max wasn’t watching.  Shu’s eyes narrowed in frustration, clearly aware that he’d been out maneuvered.

“That’s all behind me now.  I can’t wait for my first heat with my husband.” Light managed not to choke on the words as he nestled in closer to Max’s body and gaze up at him lovingly. 

“Thank you so much for helping me out all of these years.  I don’t know if I would’ve been able to maintain my safety or save my purity for my mate if I hadn’t been able to suppress my heats.”  Light batted his eyelashes innocently at the Japanese Alpha.

“I appreciate everything you did for Light.  Who knew we shared this connection between us?” Max’s tone was jovial as he extended his hand to the other Alpha.  Shu shook it as he gave Light an assessing once over.  Amusement filled the other man’s gaze as he shrugged in a good-natured manner, apparently willing to let it go at the moment.

“Well, it just would’ve been nice to know that I was helping the son of the chief of police,” Shu wagged his finger at the younger man before looking to Max again.

“Be careful of this one, he’s a sneaky little Omega.” He shot back, playful tone laced with an edge as he turned and left them standing there.

Asshole.  Light seethed at the last second jab but decided to see if he could use it to his advantage as he turned to Max.

“Do you think he’s jealous?” He asked with a worried expression on his face.  “I always did wonder if he was pining after me.  Now that I think about it, I did turn down his advances quite a few times…”  Max’s eyes lit up with anger at the words, but Light could already tell it wasn’t directed at him. 

As the Alpha’s emerald-hued gaze swung toward Shu’s retreating figure, Light knew he’d ruined any trust that Max had in the Japanese Alpha. 

Game, set, match…bitch.  Light chuckled internally.

“I need to have a word with him,” Max muttered, pulling Light’s body tightly to him and kissing him hard.  The scent of cinnamon washed over him and he grew pliant in the other man’s embrace, surrendering on instinct to the tongue that delved into his mouth as pheromones demanding his submission overwhelmed him.  He couldn’t help the soft whine that spilled from his lips, hand clutching at the Alpha’s jacket.  Light’s eyes were hazy by the time Max released him, panting quietly as he sought to catch his breath.

Wow…that was actually really…wow…

“I’ll be right back,” Max whispered in his ear as he placed a final kiss on his cheek.  Light nodded wordlessly as the other man glanced over his shoulder and beckoned someone over.

“Nick, keep an eye on him for me, okay?”

“Sure boss.”

Light barely managed not to roll his eyes and forced a smile on his face, reminding himself that he should leverage every opportunity presented.  He gently smoothed out the small wrinkle from where he’d grabbed Max’s lapel and looked up at him with a perfect imitation of warmth and affection in his gaze.

“Don’t be long, alright?” Light murmured, biting his lip and glancing away coyly.  Max chuckled softly and pressed a kiss atop his head.

“I’ll be right back, baby.”

He strode away and Light turned to face Nick.  The man had a bored look on his face, sighing as he pulled out his phone and proceeded to ignore Light.  The young Omega knew that having Max’s right-hand man as an ally would only benefit him, so he decided to try and bury the hatchet with the Beta.  Light reluctantly swallowed his pride in favor of the advantages of getting along.


“What?”  The other man gruffly responded, not even looking up from his phone.  “You need to go to the bathroom or something?  Fuck, I hate being on babysitting duty,” He muttered as he continued to tap away at his phone.  Light felt a wave of anger rush through him.

How dare he treat me so dismissively when I’m trying to-  Fuck this!

“I think I can take a piss all by myself, but thanks.” Light replied, voice dripping with sarcasm as he spun on his heel and marched away.

“M’kay princess,” Nick called out with a chuckle.  “Don’t fall in.”

Fucker.  Light thought as he wove his way through the crowd of people in the ballroom.  I’ll take a minute to gather my thoughts.  I can’t let someone like Nick get to me like that.  I must just be tired.

“Light.  Light Yagami.” A voice murmured behind him.  He ignored whomever it was, not wanting to socialize as he continued forward.  Then the person continued to speak…in Japanese.

“Your father is Chief Soichiro Yagami of the NPA.”

“Yeah, that’s what they say.” Light snarked out, hoping it would deter the other man from continuing to follow him.

“Your respect for your father is matched only by your strong sense of justice.”

Who the hell is this guy?  Light stopped in his tracks and turned to face the other man.  He had dark raven hair that was styled so that it was smoothed back from his face and large dark charcoal-hued eyes that startled Light with the depths of intelligence they held.

“Do I know you?” Light asked in confusion as the man extended his hand and gestured to the dance floor.  The Omega was intrigued and accepted as they flowed into the sea of couples already dancing.  Maybe he’s been sent by my father to make sure I’m okay? 

“You were planning to go to To-Oh and join the police agency when you graduated,” The man continued to speak softly as they danced.  Light caught sight of Max speaking heatedly with Shu across the room and was relieved that he was occupied for the moment.  He wanted to hear where this man was going with this.

“And you already had experience, considering that you helped the police solve a number of cases in the past.” 

Light gasped softly at the man’s admission.  No one was supposed to find out he was involved.

“H-how do you know that?” Light almost fell out of step but was guided firmly by the other man around the floor.

“I’ve worked with your father on several occasions and I’m here for multiple reasons.”  The man’s cold confidence was unwavering as he continued to speak.  “One being that I’m impressed by your abilities and your sense of justice.”

Who is this man? Light wondered.  As they whirled and turned with the music, he caught sight of Nick frowning at the edge of the dance floor, clearly not happy that his charge was dancing without permission from his Alpha.  He knew he didn’t have much time before they were interrupted.

“If you promise not to tell anyone about this, I have important information concerning your new mate’s illicit activities.  Your father said you would be receptive to providing assistance in an investigation and I agreed that you are in an optimum position to gather intel, should you be so inclined.” 

Light’s heart felt like it was about to beat out of his chest.  Is he referring to the human trafficking?  Something more?

“What exactly do I get out of this if I help you?” The Omega’s eyes narrowed at the other man.  “I’m sure you can understand the precarious position I’m in.  I would only consider this if I knew it would gain me my freedom from this life and I doubt you can promise me that.”  Light muttered quietly as he saw Max making his way over from across the room.  

The raven-haired male smirked in response as he spun him round, deceptively strong arms holding him close as he dipped Light, blocking them from sight amongst all the bodies on the dance floor.

“Of course I can, Light,”  His lips brushed against the Omega’s ear as he whispered.  “Because I am L.”